he is perfect in the role

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If Lions mirror their paladins, do you think Blue ever feels insecure?

I don’t think entirely!

Because I do think that the Lions and the paladins are very similar people, but they also come at it from different life experiences, so they’re not going to be a perfect one to one match of every issue.

Blue and Lance are very similar, but I think Blue is sort of like… a version of Lance who is older and wiser and has worked through some of these issues. Lance’s insecurity I think is really rooted in the idea that he sort of doesn’t know who he is. He hasn’t felt like he has a role that’s his and valuable, and that nobody else could do better.

Blue already has, and has had for a very long time, a place in the team with a very well-defined role. Red, Yellow, Green or Black couldn’t do her job for her. She knows herself, and she’s more certain in that knowledge. The whole pride knows each other as well, so there’s more external support.

Lance hasn’t gotten there yet, but he will. So I feel like on that particular issue Blue knows how that feels, but she’s also had more time to work on that. She knows better than to just hand Lance this idea of importance, because… well, we see in s2e2, when the mermaid freedom fighters suggested they thought Lance was the savior of their people, he didn’t exactly take to it on a deep level.

Lance needs to find his own sense of importance, and we’re seeing him work on that, and where he stand with the team. And Blue is supporting him the best way she can, by continuing to stand by him. She chose him, and she knows why that is.

But as far as Blue’s history, I wouldn’t be surprised if this might suggest that Blue had some initial difficulty finding her place in the team. 

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After reading the article you link about itb, I wondered if Harry auditioned for Sunny since he did cthd2 with master woo-ping. Can't imagine it now though, Daniel Wu is perfect!

It’s possible! There aren’t a lot of openings for Asian actors in general so I’m sure he must have auditioned for a bunch of stuff to see what stuck, tho I think they would have needed someone with far more martial arts experience. Considering Daniel Wu only finally took the role because they couldn’t find anyone they felt was good enough to handle it, I suspect they had some pretty high standards for Sunny (for good reason).

it would be super cool to see Harry on ITB at some point in the future though; I’m pretty much hoping ITB eventually collects all the Asian-American actors out there. that would be awesome.

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I cleared the 999 voiced remake and as I diehard Zero Escape fan I HAD to tell you that the voice you had for Santa was.... Well... Santa. It captured the character so well your voice WAS the character. It was perfect! For a game so text heavy, a voice has to be really really good. And oh god, it was so good to hear all those lines go off so smoothly, especially all the ones that carry so much weight. I just have to thank you for how perfect your role was to a character who I love so much.

Santa was really fun for me because while my track record in voiceover includes plenty of self-absorbed assholes, Santa really captures the kind of humour that I practice a lot, which is more focused on observation and dry wit. Outside of his attitude he’s probably the closest character representation of me I’ve yet performed, and so his inflections and mannerisms were particularly easy for me to fall into.

…except those later scenes. You know the ones. I can’t say I’ve lived out those scenarios before.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: wHY the fuck won't they make an obi wan kenobi spin off movie starring EWAN MCGREGOR who was the fucking star of the prequels, the man who really fucking wants to be in another star wars film, a man who is a GREAT actor and a person and is so passionate about acting and loves star wars and just please give a man a chance and it'd be perfect he's in his prime, his age is perfect for the role of obi wan between ep iii and ep iv and NOBODY could play the role of obi wan better than him and HE DESERVES IT and the fans deserve to have this movie !!


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Just dating Ignis Scientia things:

  • Oh man. Dis mofo slick. I mean you can’t tell me you don’t get even a little bit giddy seeing him be a professional. Don’t fall for the trap of thinking he’s just an empty suit. A lot of people think he’s all work, no play, super boring, but those people are so wrong. Ignis is great and gets better over the time you get to know him. He is loyal, diligent and suave with very little of the vanity and ego of the other three guys. He’s witty, knows the best time to drop jokes and puns and and clever little jokes and observations. Ignis Scientia is just the absolute worst because he’s perfect; good looks, good heart, great smarts. You’ve got no chance if he decides he wants to woo you.

  • Like with Prompto and Gladio, you have to understand what Ignis has been groomed for and that’s supporting Noctis, the royal family and Insomnia pretty much first and foremost. His role is critical when it comes to any kind of success. Understand that during moments of crisis or urgency, your boyfriend might have to postpone his time with you. Don’t ever assume he does this easily. It breaks his heart every damn time. He knows how difficult it is to be with him, someone who has so much responsibility. Every time he disappoints you, Ignis is scared you’re tempted to leave him. Prove Specs wrong and support him as much as you can.

  • Ignis never leaves you wanting for anything. If he can look after three man-children, one of which is a picky pretty-boy prince, he can bloody well look after you. He treats you more like royalty than he does with Noct, to be honest. Ignis is also very observant when it comes to your well-being and he takes care of you without really saying anything. If you’re looking cold, suddenly his jacket is around your shoulders. If he’s seeing signs of you getting hungry, there’s suddenly a delicious meal within your grasp (sometimes it’s your favourite depending on how cranky you’re getting). If you’re working hard and looking exhausted, but you need to push on for deadlines, you’ll have coffee, you’ll have snacks, you’ll have whatever you need to keep going. Ignis just knows how to take care of you without being overbearing or intrusive. He saves that shit for the three man-children.

  • Affection with Ignis is just… beautiful. It’s got a classic romantic flavour, it’s sweet, it’s mature. It’s a lot of little things he does to show that he cares a lot about you. Lots of hand holding and gentle kisses against your palm. Ignis is 100% the kind of guy to hold your hand while driving, by the way. The guys give him shit for it, but they might be kind of jealous. You’ll get random gifts sometimes, out of the blue without any words just a sweet, knowing smile. Sometimes you’ll have flowers sent to your work or something. Ignis does all of these things because he love that shy grin you get when he does this stuff. Your blush is the cutest. Smooch Iggy as much as you can to reward him <3

  • Okay, so you’re right in thinking that Ignis isn’t petty, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t got the ability to be. Though when he’s petty, it is fucking savage. For example, one day the guys are just absolutely unbearable. Sometimes it gets like that over stupid shit. Usually you can step in and calm everyone down, but they’re beyond help. Ignis, being clever and straightforward, decides he’s had enough. He very loudly declares, to your embarrassment, “We fucked in the Regalia once.” There is a deafening silence as Ignis takes you by the hand and leaves without any explanation.

    Ignis is a genius because the boys immediately stop bickering. Was he joking? Wait, when did you fuck in the Regalia? When was there time? The boys are hardly without either Ignis or the car, so…? WHEN? HOW? Were they in the car after?! Oh god, was it front seat or backseat? They freak out over Ignis’ declaration. The perfect part of this whole ordeal is that eventually one of the boys thinks ‘maybe Ignis is joking, he probably is, we should ask’, but neither you or Ignis confirm or deny if he was telling the truth.

    The boys are kept in perpetual suspense. At this point, they don’t even care if you guys had fucked in the car, they just need to know if it happened or not, but they will receive no respite. Ignis keeps his lips sealed, as do you. The boys are kept in a state of limbo regarding answers and they are reminded of that dreaded, possibly true, declaration every time they see the Regalia.

    Noctis is the Lucian King, but Ignis Scientia is the fucking King of petty when the situation calls for it. 
Yuri Plisetsky and a Lesson on Emotional Range

As someone from the social sciences, I just love, love, LOVE Yuri Plisetsky. He is a precious emotional goldmine. If there is one character I would like to narrate my life, it’ll be Yurio, because you KNOW he’ll come up with out of this world creative ways to tell you how you are the piece of shit who matters and deserves to be happy in life.

Here are the conflicting (but perfectly healthy) and beautiful smorgasbord of emotions I imagine this precious boy has for certain characters of the show.

Yuuri “Katsudon Piggy” Katsuki

Same name, interesting | good step sequence, I want to see him do a perfect skate | WEAKEST PERSON I KNOW FUCK | want to beat him | shit want to beat him in everything | can’t take him losing to others | PROTECT HIM AT ALL COST | gay disgusting Russian-hero-stealing fuck | fuck this guy | sorta fond of him | talk about him to Grandpa all the time

Viktor Nikiforov

Role model | person I admire the most | but I have had it up to HERE that he wins all the time | he even got Katsuki wtf is nothing sacred | isn’t he old enough to die yet JUST FUCKING DIE ALREADY | but thanks for the record-breaking choreography, I guess | will surpass him someday

Otabek Altin

Most okay guy I met | appreciates how great I am, which is pretty cool | can be trusted | will cheer for him, I want him to beat everyone else | still want to beat him in competition, though | and he better want to beat me, too

BONUS: Mila Babicheva

Slut | sister I never had

Lol, who/what did I miss?

Fun fact! Apparently, ever since Daveed Diggs left Hamilton they haven’t recast the role of Lafayette / Jefferson, and it’s currently being played by alternating stand-bys / understudies. The performance I went to had Andrew Chappelle, which I was super happy about because a) I remember him from various Ham4Hams, and b) he has amazing hair. 

Anyway, he was fantastic! Funny, over-the-top, with oodles of charm and a very engaging stage presence. (He did fumble a bit during “Guns & Ships but hey, who’s perfect).

Anyway! Here’s a Chappelle!Jefferson.


Though he became known more widely as Pitch Perfect‘s magic-wielding Benji, Ben Platt had already made an impression on theatergoers with his turns in Book of Mormon and Caroline, or Change, and he was Pasek’s first choice for the anxiety-riddled Evan. Greif was a fan as well — Platt had auditioned for Next to Normal as a teen but was too young at the time. Now 23, Platt jumped at the chance to have first crack at a character. “To be originating a role is a lifelong dream,” he says. “This is something I needed to invest my time in, and I’m very glad that I did.”

You know, that part [Luke] wasn’t necessarily the inevitable love interest for Lorelai that it became.  He was simply Cute Grouchy Diner Owner in the beginning, and it could have gone in any number of directions, but Luke took on a more important role because of Scott’s special sexiness, which was mixed with a gruffness that was the perfect contrast to Lorelai’s chirpy cheerfulness.

Lauren Graham - Talking As Fast As I Can