he is perfect :(


Before, when you all confessed your feelings to me… I took advantage of your kindness and made all of you wait for my answer. But… I finally realize what it is. To think it took all of this for me to get it… I hate how clueless I was, but… I finally know now. I love Mutsumi-senpai.

Everyone is Obssessed with Archie, Reggie and Jughead and I’m like yeah they’re attractive and stuff, but like, have you seen my Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome Bae Sweet Pea? cause if you have you understand my struggle of comprehending how he can be so fucking imperfectly perfect, BAE is a solid 100/10, if I knew how to write a fucking sonnet and align the sun to revolve around this man I would.

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he is a fucking god okay? mhmmm


Story time:
So I give this to the handler who smiles and gives it to Jensen. I kid you not he held up the line because he took a whole minute to talk about taking this picture. When he did it and what day it was. Then he stops Cliff and asks him if he remembers him taking it. And to top it all off he asks “who is colinmorgasms?” He says that’s an awful name. I was dying. My knees may or may not have given out as I walked away. Best auto experience ever!!!