he is perf and his back is nice

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If it's okay, can I have a scenario where MC is a pizza delivery girl with pining RFA members?

the only thing that got stuck in my head after this is that one fcking song Jonas Brothers sang


• pizza isn’t really what he usually have on his food lists due to many reasons and he have kept a good tab on not eating take-out unless its a salad or smth really healthy

• but with his fridge empty and a late day of practicing for a upcoming play he decided that yeah, one day of junk food isn’t going to ruin him. He’ll just run it off and work it out later- no prob bob

• what he least expected was to be met by a really charming pizza deliverer that had his heartbeat go up a bit faster than usual 

• had a bit of a small talk after them kinda recognizing him from somewhere, he low key tells them about said upcoming play… maybe they wanna come?? oh ya they do

• smooth af zen, you go u bad boi. Now his stomach is full and happy but so is his heart. He is very much looking forward to see them again.


• he had a sleepover with his friends from college- to study you know? aka to play games and sleepovers need to have some kinda junk food and pizza is perf 

• so after deciding to call after the pizza they play a good game of Mario Cart and the one who loses has to get the pizza and pay lala all that shazaam.  

• Yoosung lost greatly as he fell victim to the blue shells one to many times, such defeat. You will be remembered great shooting star

• but it turned out to be a blessing because holy fck pizza deliverer is honestly super nice and polite and just… wow great. He kinda stammers and blushes as he pays and goes back to his pals

• they tease him the whole night about it, he was red as the tomato sauce on the pizza! said pizza person may and may not turn out to be going to the same college as him wink


• totally exhausted after work and crashed on the floor after she entered her house. one hour turned to 5 hours and wow it’s already 1AM. she is very hungry and she was supposed to buy groceries…. but slept

• so she decides for some take-out and remembers a pizza place one of her co-workers recommended and they also deliver late at night so, NEATO BURRITO

• works through some documents while she waits for the pizza to be delivered since she did miss out some precious time to work

• when the doorbell rings she hurries to the door and is met by the sweetest smile ever and she has to blink once or twice like wow is that an angel. They make a bit of small talk since pizza delivering person is super nice?

• she totally tips because they were really quick and?it’s so late? uncomfy working hours probably and she knows about that. Very charmed by them and think that pizza wouldn’t be bad to eat tomorrow as well


• the day mister jumin han decided to have pizza was a strange day… And especially having it delivered to the penthouse since ya know… He has a chef

• poor pizza delivering MC was absolutely terrified walking into this fancy ass building dressed in their pizza uniform… “who the actual fuck is this person” they wondered

• when they were met by this tall dark haired man they were nonetheless pretty intimidated but hey, a job’s a job. Here’s the pizza dude! hope you’ll enjoy it! 

• he kinda stares at them long enough to make it really fckin awkward mostly because he thinks they’re cute af and he can’t cope. Gives them a tip that’s way off the charts

• as he was munching on the pizza he thought of two things: one, pizza isn’t that bad. It’s pretty good. and two, that pizza deliverer was quite charming


• he thought to himself that he should try to be a little more healthier! Yay Seven! So instead of eating just chips al lá soda- he decided to buy pizza- 

• all the nutrients you need right, such healthy! 

• he decided to wait outside because the whole security measurement would probably scare off the pizza delivery-person 

• and said pizza delivery-person turned out to be absolutely gorgeous in his eyes and he just had to word vomit all over because he was nervous around them good game god seven

• there was something about them he couldn’t help being drawn to, he was definitely buying more pizza now vanderwood was not amused by the pizza containers everywhere

Friends to Lovers with Kun
  • omg i love kun so much i’m so exciteddd
  • lately i’m so soft for him i’m in love 
  • kun’s really underrated, he deserves more love for being such a precious human
  • aLSOOO!!
  • i want to see how much his korean improved!!
  • but anyways let’s start this rn
  • okay so
  • even if i see this baby being a shy and introverted person,
  • if there’s someone who really caugh his attention i’m a 100% sure that he would be brave enough to go and talk to that person
  • so as soon as this lil baby sees you he’s already planning how he should go and talk to you
  • both of you were in a park or something
  • and when he saw you walking towards one of the benches that were in there
  • he copied your action and started walking over there too
  • and he was like (◕‿◕✿) what a coincidence am i right
  • and he didn’t plan to bump into you but oops
  • but it actually made things easier for him
  • because when you accidentaly bump into each other, the book that you had in your hands fell and it started a really interesing topic of conversation
  • “oh, i’m sorry”
  • “no, it’s fine”
  • and both of you made eye contact oH MYY
  • he probably already knows that he has the most beautiful smile in the whole world 
  • so he would smile widely at you and jfc
  • you were shooked by his A++ visuals
  • “i’m really sorry, here’s your book”
  • “what’s your name?”
  • and you tried to sound the more natural as possible but you were already nervous as fuck
  • “i-i’m y/n”
  • he found your stuttering so adorable and he smiled at you with that angelic smile
  • and you were like leT ME LIVE
  • “y/n, is nice to meet other person who enjoys literature”
  • “umm, wait a second here”
  • he came back with drinks for both of you anD ISN’T IT CUTE
  • both of you kept talking the whole day about books and oh my god that’s so adorable
  • you spent the rest of the day and thinking about him and his cute smile and those pretty brown eyes that he has
  • oh, and y’all exchanged numbers that day, so you continued texting each other non stop
  • you got to know him a lot better through text
  • he was so sincere and funny and adorable
  • he’s so perf i want 2cry
  • y’all probably had ur first date one or two days later
  • and it turned out so well!!
  • he talked with you about china and his family a lot
  • he even showed you some pictures of his phone and l o v e d your reactions
  • and you were like woah¿¡¡
  • “wow you’re,, so handsome¡?? like?? so photogenic¿? look at you!¿”
  • “aw that picture is cute”
  • “awwwwEeeE y’all r holding hands!! is he ur boyfie¿ please say yes”
  • lmao
  • and yes, i was talking about sicheng
  • they’re so cute i need to see them together again
  • anyways, what i’m trying to say is that he was so caring and sweet
  • so when he asked you to another date oF COURSE YOU SAID YESSSS
  • and he probably confessed in the third or fourth date
  • and you had feelings for him too
  • he was so respectful and would always hear anything you want to say
  • you could be your true self with him and never feel like he’s judging you
  • and that’s exactly what you needed
  • his confession was really simple but a 100% sincere
  • so u were a couple now aw <3
  • and y’all had the cutest first kiss
  • you feel in love with how soft they were and you were internally dying
  • your heart was beating super fast and when you hugged him you discovered that his were super fast to!!
  • i don’t think he’s a clingy person, but he probably loves cute and inoccent skinship
  • like holding your hand and kissing your cheek
  • and he loves it when you hug him and caress his cheek
  • but he always show you how much he caress about you with those actions and his sweet words
  • he’s just an angel and he would never want to let anything happen to you
  • basically, if you get to date this cutie you’re the luckiest person alive
  • but anyways, the end i guess
Date night!? Date night! (Closed with Omnifantrolls)

True to his word, an hour later, Kai literally bounces back to Sapients hive. He’s extremely excited that he’s getting to go out on a nice date with his matesprit! Its been quite the while since they have had a relatively quiet evening to be able to go out.

He finally got everything he needed to done, as it was a surprise. He hopes that what he’s planned will be good enough and that Sapient will like it.

He got dressed in something a bit more nicer, but not extremely fancy. He had nicer pants on, along with a nice purple tinted button up shirt. He had debated for a while about what to do with his hair, and he decided finally to leave it down. He kept a ribbon to tie it up with just in case.

Kai was happy with how things were going so far. Great actually. He was extatic! He grinned largely as he made his way up to Sapients door, and knocked “Sapient? Babe? Its me! I’m back, are you ready to go?”


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Wedding Prompt #19, Rumbelle. Belle is the one being hired, please.

19. “i need a date so i’m hiring you off criags list, please don’t be a serial killer”
I need to take a moment to just really express my love for this prompt. That is all

Sometimes, Gold hated his status.

It was true that while owning the sleepy town of Storybrooke in middle of nowhere Maine might not have been an impressive feat, being the second half of one of the best lawfirms on the easy coast was. Back in the day, Midas and Gold were a force to be reckoned with. With Gold and his team in Custody and Divorce and Midas and his team in Small Claims and Federal, they were nigh unstoppable. Everyone either wanted to be them or be the one to take them down. Now, it was just Midas running things, with Gold having retired to a small-town pawn shop years ago.

And yet, he still had to make an appearance every now and then at a business party or two, which was all fine and dandy, until he had to bring a date. A date. That was a laugh. Milah had left him and their young son years ago, and he shuddered at the thought of even inching a toe towards Cora. The problem was, when he looked back at things, those were his only options. He barely talked to any other women, unless one counted Granny at her diner (he didn’t) and Madame Mayor (ew) he simply didn’t talk to any other women.

Good lord he was hopeless. But image was everything, and Gold simply could not afford to look the way he felt. He’d spent years building up his reputation and he’d be damned if he was going to let going stag to a party tear it down.

But what on Earth did people even do in this occasion? Perhaps one of his friends knew someone. Then again any woman Jefferson knew was bound to be as eccentric as he was. He could always hire someone. But ordering and Escort was far too expensive for one appearance at a party, and he’d rather not go through the awkwardness of explaining that no he in fact did not want sex. What he needed, then, was a professional fake girlfriend.

Completely hopeless.

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