he is pensive

“Pensive” - Digital Oil Painting

Because “Time Lords don’t get jealous. I’m being… pensive.” Strikes me as something Eleven might say! But you’re looking pretty jealous there, Doctor. Sometimes the domestics your companions get up to look pretty good, don’t they?

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48% (I'm on mobile so it doesn't show the decimal) Magnus taking Alec clothes shopping for a formal event?

between the warm wood, the soft glow of spotlights, the bustle and murmur of the store outside these walls dampened by a heavy curtain across the doorway, alec couldn’t put a finger on how he felt. all he knew was that as he stood there slowly buttoning one of the shirts magnus picked out for him, he couldn’t stop staring at him in the mirror.

magnus was leaning up against the wall, his hands in the pockets of his pants and he had a pensive look on his face. his lips were pursed, his dark brown eyes catching some of the light, lit up at the sides showing just how rich that brown was. he was so stately always, he fit right into a place like this, with his fitted waistcoats and his beautiful button up shirts. he looked like a gentleman, like a tailors dream and he knew so much about all of this.

alec could remember the last time he had gotten fitted for a suit and the memory turned his stomach. the dread that had twisted his insides as he stood like this, but instead was staring at the impassive calm of his mother in the mirror, knowing that when this suit was done he was going to wear it to an event that might as well have been his funeral.

which was why when magnus brought it up, he hadn’t been too keen. 

but this day had been nothing like that. this day had been warm and full of laughter. this day had been magnus pulling him in to show him fabric and pressing cufflinks into his palm. this day had been magnus circling him as they took his measurements and winking, laughing so big and bright every time alec beat him to an innuendo. this day had been nothing like any of the other suit fittings he had ever been through in his life.

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Just wanted to talk about this underappreciated scene.

I think the morning scene of Viktor looking at his ring by the ocean is a really significant one, and provides a deeper insight into his psyche.

First off, we have Viktor contemplating his ring. He seems almost… pensive. But why? 

It can’t be that he doesn’t want to be with Yuuri. As other posts have pointed out, it’s likely that Viktor had also intended to give a ring to Yuuri, and he had prepared his ring ahead of Yuuri’s little display at the church.

Then… Why does he seem so unsure?

He finally smiles a little, but immediately loses his smile when Yurio kicks him. Even so, the look on his face is one of indulgent exasperation at his friend / son / little brother. He’s not angry, he’s just like, “Now, why is Yurio mad at me again?”

Viktor is no longer amused. 

It is obvious that this hit a chord in him. He looks somber, somewhat nettled, even a little shocked and, dare I say it, worried or scared. 

Crap, Viktor’s hand is actually shaking.  Calm, laid-back, nothing-can-ruffle-my-feathers Viktor is actually so worked up, he’s shaking.

If this isn’t the face of a man who is barely suppressing his rage, I don’t know what is.

So, this is how I see it. Viktor has been neglecting other parts of his life except his skating for the past 20 years. Even Chris once said, that Viktor lived for a life on the ice. After centering his life around skating for most of his life, I do not believe for a moment that he has not wondered.

If you take skating away from him, is he worthless?

That’s why, when Yurio said that Viktor Nikiforov had died… It was like Yurio was vocalizing his deepest insecurities and fears. THEN, when Yurio insulted Yuuri, the one whom he had uprooted his entire life and identity for… It was as though Yurio had rejected his entire being. That’s why he was so pissed off. It was an anger born from fear.


When he stares out at the ocean that reminds him so much of his and Yuuri’s home, the anger, the doubt, the insecurity fade clean away from Viktor’s face. He looks wry, but content.

Change IS scary, and it’s also highly possible that Viktor had to sacrifice the rest of his career (one year out of competition + his age = difficult to get back into competition). 

But, I think this is the moment that blows away any doubt in Viktor’s mind that he was glad that he took that crazy leap of faith, to chase his heart and become Yuuri’s coach / lover. 

Yuuri wasn’t the only one transformed by love in their time together. 

Viktor was, too.

“That homeless guy on the bench?” I asked.
I took a breath and said, “There’s a big yellow exclamation point floating over his head.” After a brief pause I added, “I’m not crazy. My mother had me tested.”
Michael sat back a little on the bike’s seat and rubbed at his beard pensively. He missed the reference. “Hmmm. Odd. Does that bring anything to mind for you, personally?”
I snorted. “Yeah, it’s what every NPC in every MMORPG ever looks like when they have a quest to give you.”
"There were a great many letters in that, and not much that I understood,” he said soberly.
—  Waldo Butters and Michael Carpenter (Day One by Jim Butcher)
So we talked about Yuri's perspective a lot but can we talk about Victor for a sec?

He’s just trying so hard to be a good coach and it melts my heart!
He KNOWS Yuri is nervous af and gets quite nervous himself (if you noticed he gets really pensive).
He TRIES to calm Yuri down by isolating him for awhile so he doesn’t make himself go insane while watching the other competitors.
When Yuri takes off his earphones Victor is all HOLY SHIT DON’T LISTEN YOU’RE ABOUT TO BREAK PLEASE BE STABLE WHEN YOU PERFORM HOW CAN I HELP and covers his ears.
And Victor makes the very stupid decision of just breaking Yuri entirely (which then again kind of saved the day).

Victor came to coach Yuri while probably thinking of something like, I can totally nail this shit, but then realises he’s not perfect at all.

Let’s just appreciate how Victor is struggling to live up to Yuri’s expectations, as well!

Both are adjusting to one another. Not only one person is doing all the work but they’re meeting in the middle. IT’S A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP.

A Dan and Phil Bedtime Poem:

In a small London flat

Live two fun, cool guys.

They write, and they joke,

And they’re famous worldwide.

The first is Amazing,

And Phil is his name.

He loves lions, and space,

And when Christmas time came.

He started his channel

A long time ago,

But its growing and growing!

Phil watches it go!

Phil’s best friend is Dan.

And Dan is on fire.

He’s pensive and antic,

And his jokes never tire.

Dan’s often quite awkward:

Things fill him with dread.

Like Nietzsche, and people,

And dumb things he’s said.

Dan’s also creative.

And he’d say with a grin:

“It’s the whiskers, you know,

That come from within”.

Dan and Phil are quite busy.

They have lots to do!

Like play games or make snacks

Or art projects too!

They have so many friends,

Like Simon and Dil.

They pull pranks and do shows:

The fun things that thrill!

Their days are quite fun,

But everyone sleeps.

Dan and Phil go back home

And begin to count sheep.

The clock then chimes midnight

And soon all is still.

“Goodnight” says Dan.

“Sweet Dreams” says Phil.


As soon as I laid eyes on @ask-royai-lty piece with Roy and Riza as Fuhrer and First Lady I had  to write about it. omg. It’s a lot longer than I thought it would be. But it’s fluffy and cute. and I hope you like it! 

“I don’t understand why I have to wear a suit and tie.”

She arranged his bowtie as he fidgeted uncomfortably. “Because you happen to be the highest ranking officer in the country and, sometimes, you have to look nice.”

“I look nice in the standard uniform, as well. All of this would look better if we weren’t in the picture at all. I bet that stunning dress looks more stunning on the floor.” She forcefully nudged his shoulder.

“Please behave. This is what you wanted,” She said, smirking at his immaturity.

He looked pensive. “I recall you wanting this too.”

“For you.”

”Us.” He emphasized, nodding. “Yes, I wanted to lead the country, give hope, and help the those who are looked down on. But I didn’t mean taking stuffy pictures for fluff pieces in the paper and sitting still for a portrait to go up in Central Command.”

“It’s part of the job description. As usual, you didn’t read between the lines before you signed.” She reminded him mockingly. “Fluff pieces are great way to reach out to all the citizens of Amestris who don’t live near Central, or so says your public relations officer.”

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Harry spent the first couple years after the Battle researching, archiving and collecting information about both Wars, trying to put together a comprehensive story about what happened. 

He collects old letters, timelines and maps, newspaper articles and annotated book pages, in addition to whatever memories people are willing to give him for his War Pensive. He finds out a lot about his parents, and about himself. This is the first time he’s been able to solve a mystery for himself, without a literal deadline, and he enjoys the process. He’s always been something of a detective. 

Hawke’s Wedding

Waaaaay in the future. Fenris’ daughter asks a serious question. (this is maybe 4 years after the end of Inquisition, and a little over 10 from the end of da2)


“Hey, Da?” Rinna asked, and Fenris lowered his book to look at his daughter.

“Yes?” He replied. Rinna had a pensive look on her face that reminded him starkly of her mother. Barely 8-years-old, Rinna leaned towards her father’s features; Green eyes, dark skin, she even had the same coarse hair, though hers was as black as her mother’s. But there were times such as these that Fenris was reminded of how much Rinna took after her mother too.

“You an mama aren’t married…” Rinna frowned at the floor. Fenris put the book away.

“Ah,” Fenris said, uncomfortably as he glanced over to his… His Hawke.

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  • Dave: [sits at kitchen table motionless bc coffee machine is broken & he doesn't kno how 2 function]
  • jack: look at him. how beautiful. how pensive. he doesn't need the coffee, unlike me who is weak. he's probably mediating. what a brilliant man. healthy mind and healthy body. what am I doing ? I'm standing here like a fool while David takes initiative and is in touch with his mind and his intermost thoughts. why is he dating me ? an oaf. but he's mine. I'm so lucky. God has blessed me with this man
  • Dave thinking: motherfuckingbrokenasscoffeemachinewhatthefuckamisupppousedtodonowmotherfuckingshit

also i headcanon alfred as kind of adopting his cocky, loud, at times obnoxious persona as a bit of a performance. like, it is part of his personality, but at the same time, he does intentionally ham up this veneer of obfuscating stupidity whenever he wants people to underestimate him. the way i see it, as a child, he was more quiet and pensive, and y’know, actually quite openly intellectual- the boy who gobbled up all that Enlightenment literature, Hobbes, Locke and whatnot about the rights of men. (i mean…the revolutionary war? definitely shaped by these political theories developing American political consciousness).

he grew into his more cocksure, smug self much, much later on- and in many ways, that confidence is natural, came about from him growing older and becoming more sure of himself. but the infuriatingly ignorant, oblivious, ‘can’t-read-the-atmosphere or find myself on the map’ persona imo, is a lot more of an act he puts up for convenience, or maybe sometimes, just to infuriate others. yes, there is a certain narcissistic arrogance he has when he does like to think things revolve around him. but i like the idea that in reality, he hasn’t actually changed all that much from his younger self- he’s capable of being serious, he’s not oblivious but very intelligent (and calculating).