he is only 21

Just some Punk Andrew things
  • I love this hc you can prise it from my cold dead hands so here we go
  • (modern day) Punk!Andrew only listens to 21 Pilots while he bench presses his body weight at the gym
  • The only bands you will find on his phone are edgy pop punk/alternative/indie rock and he is a pretentious music lover you know it
  • He has a secret love of Nirvana that no one can ever find out about
  • Punk Andrew never leaves the house wearing anything less than his most hardest of core combat boots, his sleeves and sheathes, and usually his torn black singlet which shows off his buff biceps
  • because he worked hard for those guns the world needs to see he can punch them the fuck out
  • he has eternally tousled hair, cut closer on the sides and windswept on the top so he can maintain that gutter trash vibe
  • when he goes out (mostly just to clubs) he wears smoky black eyeliner he’s a beautiful man
  • sometimes he wears skinny jeans so damn tight that Neil’s (and everyone else’s) attention tends to drift southwards (anterior and posterior) and Andrew thinks this is hilarious, people are so stupid and predictable
  • it’s also deeply satisfying because no one is going near that ass (or that dick) unless he lets them and that’s very powerful
  • also 90% of his jeans are ripped
  • Neil thinks that they’re defective so Andrew has to explain the very cool punk thing that is stylish ripping (Neil will never understand he’s so confused)
  • Whenever the sun isn’t trying to emulate satan’s fiery wrath on earth, he is permanently attached to his leather jacket
  • he has a bunch of pins with varying political statements and insignia on it
  • Neil and Renee are responsible for this
  • Pin giving becomes an annual christmas tradition (and a competition to see who can find the best ones that Andrew will actually wear, because Andrew is a fashion snob)
  • (One year Neil bought him a rainbow with ‘Here and Queer’ written under it, and Andrew actually wore it on the day that Neil dragged him out to pride it was a solid character building moment)
  • He has two leather jackets, actually- one pretty standard leather one, and another with spikes on the shoulders
  • he loves both equally
  • Neil fucks with him one year, after figuring out what the style Andrew goes with is called, and gets him a cool muscle tee with ‘PUNK’S NOT DEAD’ written on the back of it
  • Neil thinks it’s hilarious
  • Andrew is Not Amused (he still wears it tho)
  • Andrew, exceptionally well balanced Andrew, learns skateboarding for the purpose of furthering his punk identity
  • He’s doing tricks within weeks this boy is a fast fucking learner
  • He and Neil chill at the skatepark at obscene hours of the morning, Andrew just being obnoxious with his tricks and Neil just watching and holding his burning cigarettes
  • Andrew is too old to be this young
  • he gets some piercings, probably a septum maybe an eyebrow? That’s a punk thing right? What would the Exy people allow? Will Andrew give a fuck about those regulations? Who knows
  • And of course by this point he’s covered in tattoos
  • he’s a scary sight, this tiny man dressed all in black with piercings and tattoos and scary leather jackets, riding his skateboard and glaring murder
  • young and wild and free
  • One time when he and Neil get drunk he gels his hair into a mohawk
  • it is the most ridiculous thing that either of them have ever seen
  • Neil laughs so hard he cries and the very drunk Andrew actually cracks a solid smile and maybe he giggles a little maybe he does idk
  • they never speak of it again though
  • some punk things were never meant to be

James Dunsmuir and two girls, Victoria BC, ca. 1905

James “Boy” Dunsmuir died in 1915 aboard the Lusitania, when it was sunk by German torpedoes. He was only 21. Boy was crossing to join the British army, the Royal Scots Greys specifically.


On Friday the 13th of November, 1992 three young girls from Alcasser, Spain, were heading to a disco in the town of Picasent, when they were picked up by a car. From that moment, Miriam García Iborra, Toñi Gómez Rodríguez and Desirée Hernández Folch were never seen alive again.

Their corpses were eventually found by beekeepers two months later in the town of Tous. They had been beaten, raped tortured and eventually shot. One girl had her nipple cut off while still alive and another had her vagina mutilated. The remains were in an advanced state of decay and two of the corpses were found buried in a big hole inside a carpet, with their skulls separated from their bodies and their hands tied.

Two men were found guilty of the crime: Antonio Anglés and Miguel Ricart. Miguel was sentenced to 170 years in prison although he only spent 21 years. Anglés somehow escaped to Lisbon where he hid on a ship headed to Dublin. One of the biggest controversies in Spain’s criminal history emerged after he was found: Although only Ricart was found and jailed, he was allegedly the one who just hid the corpses, while a third suspect, and the biggest perpetrator of the crime, remained at large.

A disturbing theory that surrounds the crime is that the girls were the unfortunate stars of a series of snuff movies and other depraved actions, involving several important personalities of that time, including politicians and members of the Church. This is supported by forensic evidence after mitochondrial DNA from 7 different people apart from acused was found at the crime scene. Many people still believe that the murders were covered up by the church, and that they had some involvement in this.

Friendly reminder Steve Rogers is one of the youngest Avengers out of the group.

Friendly reminder that Steve Rogers was only 21 when he went through the super soldier experimentation.

Friendly reminder that when Steve Rogers was awoken in the modern century, for him it had only been a few weeks since he had lost Bucky.

Friendly reminder that Steve Rogers is only in his mid-twenties and still does everything he can to take care of those around him. 

Friendly reminder that Steve Rogers has PTSD and severe depression, as shown in several of the movies and comics per his suicidal tendencies. 

Friendly reminder that almost everyone Steve Rogers knew in 1943 was dead when he woke up, and he was faced with the ideal that he had outlived everyone he loved.

Friendly reminder that Steve Rogers still needs to make mistakes and be selfish, and still deserves to be loved and cherished. He isn’t like Iron Man or Hawkeye, he’s not lived any sort of life only battle and carnage. He deserves to have someone look after him everyone once and awhile. 

his mother killed herself when he was twelve
his father was shot in front of him the first time they met each other
his girlfriend was murdered
his other girlfriend has cheated on him
now he died and he was only 21

dont you ever dare to think your life hates you unless you are wes gibbins

also he was called waitlist from his own friends

Site Write Feb ‘17: Entry 21

Fandom: Voltron
Prompt: 21st: Write about a memory related to a holiday.
Summary: Katie didn’t come to the Galaxy Garrison Academy to make friends, but it seems like she’s made one anyway.

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as requested - nick nelson’s style!

nick likes quite sporty clothing. he likes bright, happy colours but nothing too garish. he doesn’t like wearing very tight jeans or trousers (he finds them v uncomfortable!) so he is most often seen in joggers or loose jeans, and he owns far too many raglan tops. he’s a big fan of a pair of very nice white trainers, but loves Vans as well. his favourite brand is adidas. charlie loves seeing him in a bomber jacket.

i drew him a little older than he is in @heartstoppercomic - he’s more like 20/21 here, while he’s only 16 in the comic at the moment. and i used references from the ASOS website!

One Minute Pt.2

(A/N) This took like three days to write and it sucks, fuck my life. 

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beautifulwonderlandpizza- *I need part 2*


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Calvin couldn’t believe his eyes, he was going to be a father. At only 21. “Holy shit.” He whispered. How long had the tests been there? When was she going to tell him? He didn’t know how to feel. The boy had always told himself he never wanted kids. that he wasn’t cut out to be a dad. He would always scoff when he posted a picture of him and (Y/N) on twitter and someone would jokingly ask when they were going to have kids. He thought they were annoying and gross. But now, now he was conflicted. Knowing that she was carrying his child made him feel different. Huffing he threw the tests back into the bin and exited the bathroom.

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anonymous asked:

I remember seeing a video of Michael (most likely his snapchat) in the hospital getting an IV banana bag that you'd get with alcohol poisoning. He needs to not do that kind of thing routinely. He can mess up his liver badly and he's only 21!!


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Do you have any HCs for Hoffman?? I lowkey really like him even tho he was only in 21

Never thought about it! I suppose, I do have a few~


-Hoffman is a single father and lost his wife when his daughter was born

-He’s currently dating around and trying to find an appropriate woman to raise his daughter with him

-His little girl is his WORLD

-Hoffman is a policeman that was told to investigate the Bakers swamps. It may be a closed case, but there’s always something off in the swamps.

-The man has been tased too many times to count. He sometimes blanks out from the electric shocks, but he is immune to the electric current

-He had actually found a safer job for him, which meant it was his last week as a policeman, and it was a work-at-home job.

-Hoffman begs Clancy to let him live as he wants to see his little girl one more time

-He can’t let her grow up an orphan

-In an uninfected world, Hoffman quits the police force and works as an at-home banker. He raises his daughter and he eventually finds the right woman to marry.

-He is a happy man with a great family and ends up having two other children

-Still, for some reason or another, he can’t go near buzzsaws or chainsaws without feeling faint

Did you guys know that Jordie Benn is an amazing defensemen?? His TOI was hella low tonight, at only 13:21 (and we won’t get into how mad I am about that) and he still lead the team in blocked shots tonight? He had 5 blocked shots in only 13:21. I’m such a proud wife??? My hubs is amazing and under appreciated and I wanna fight Lindy Ruff