he is only 16 here!

A Change of Heart Commentary

A long day and now for a commentary.

1. Good girl, Aph.

2. Your stomach says otherwise.

3. Kai… Our hero perhaps? I mean, besides Aaron.

4. I forgot about you, Blaze. Another potential hero.

5. Is Patrick doing an Irish accent? Sounds like it…

6. Poor Daniel…

7. She didn’t, Blaze. It was Ein.

8. That would be one strange paradox, the Alpha and the Omega being one and the same.

9. Aaron, the Ultima, was the Omega… Ironic.

10. Good boy, Aaron.

11. Woah… It has actually happened before. Alpha and Omega one and the same..

12. That is something that Ein would never do.

13. This Ein we are talking about, Blaze.

14. Should have seen those puns coming.

15. An evil one, Blaze.

16. Here he is now.

17. If only you were with your father Dun in the Nether, you bastard!

18. Focus, Blaze!

19. Oh, so Kai must be the HSBF!


as requested - nick nelson’s style!

nick likes quite sporty clothing. he likes bright, happy colours but nothing too garish. he doesn’t like wearing very tight jeans or trousers (he finds them v uncomfortable!) so he is most often seen in joggers or loose jeans, and he owns far too many raglan tops. he’s a big fan of a pair of very nice white trainers, but loves Vans as well. his favourite brand is adidas. charlie loves seeing him in a bomber jacket.

i drew him a little older than he is in @heartstoppercomic - he’s more like 20/21 here, while he’s only 16 in the comic at the moment. and i used references from the ASOS website!

The Dragon and The Fox


Lying was laid atop the old well, glittering moonlight spilling over him and the surrounding graveyard. Moss was laced between the cracks in the perfectly smooth stone lid, like nature’s attempt to keep whatever was down there sealed away. Lying may only be 16, but he had already spent many a night laid here, and tonight was special, for the full moon was out; and he relished basking in its silver glory.