he is one year older

shoutout to george, fred, and especially ron weasley for realizing that harry was stuck in abusive and unhealthy household and, in spite of the massive trouble they knew they could get in, taking immediate steps to personally see him removed from that environment, something no adult in harry’s life did.

You met a friend who can grant wishes at the cost of his life span, the greater the wish, the older he becomes. One day a 87 years old man claimed that he is your friend, who was 16 years old when you met him yesterday.

This one came in as a proper ask before Jas and I closed the ask box, but when I started to work on it, I accidentally clicked “respond privately” instead of “save to drafts” because I derped. So I told @dalishelves to go ahead and send it as a fanmail so I could finish it. This is probably the only incident where we will accept a fanmail request, due to the circumstances. With no further ado…

Cassandra: She pauses, wipes off the snow, and smiles at them as she tosses a snowball back at them. They’re a bit surprised that Cassandra is game, but they giggle and reach for another ball, and a fight ensues. Cassandra laughs as they do, and fights surprisingly hard and well with snowballs. When it’s done, both are covered in snow, and she’s smiling brightly.

Blackwall: The snow sticks in his beard, and he grins. “If that’s how you want to do this, so be it.” He says before engaging in a drawn-out snowball fight. Several of the others join them, and Blackwall is, for once, laughing and grinning, even as he takes a snowball to the face.

Iron Bull: The Inquisitor knows better than to go after the Ben-Hassrath with a mercenary group alone. So they gather the other companions who will fight with them– Cassandra, Blackwall, Sera, Cole, Harding, and after a bit of persuasion, Dorian– and they throw the first shot. As expected, the man grins and wipes off the snow, enthused. “If you want to play like that, Boss– game on. Chargers, assemble!” With that, a large snowball fight ensues, as both sides vie for victory. Bull has the time of his life.

Varric: He groans and grumbles as he brushes the snow off. He hates snow. It never snowed in Kirkwall. “What is this white bullshit falling from the sky?” he had grumbled just before he got pelted by a snowball. He picks up a snowball and throws it back at the Herald before retreating back inside to a fireplace.

Sera: She smirks and cackles. “Oh, it’s on now, Herald!” She grabs her own and throws it at the Herald, and a long snowball fight ensues. Both laugh and laugh the whole time, and soon more people join into the fight, no one on anyone’s team but their own. They settle later in the tavern with a cup of something hot and giggle. “That was good. You’re not so bad at snowball fights.” Sera compliments. “Next time, let’s aim at some noble nobs. Or Cullen. Or both.”

Cole:Cold, icy, but no malice. Fingers prickling from the cold, but not minding. A war with no death or anger or hurt. Okay!” He throws a little snowball back at them, because they want to play, and as they laugh, he feels happy because they’re happy.

Solas: When the snowball hits him on the back, he stops short for a moment as the Herald laughs. He slowly turns to stare at them, and then a smirk graces his face. Magical snowballs pull up from the ground around him into perfect balls, and that is the point the Inquisitor realizes they fucked up. They laugh and scream as they are pelted with the snowballs, and they try to fight back in one of two manners: if a mage, they summon their own snowballs, since Solas changed the rules, and fight back. If not a mage, they duck for cover and scramble to make their own snowballs to throw back at him.

Dorian: He sputters in surprise at the Herald, as in disbelief that they actually did what they did. There is a moment’s pause, and then it happens. “As you wish.” Like Solas, he summons several snowballs from the ground and fires back, resulting in a miniature snow war. He regrets it later as he shivers inside the library.

Vivienne: Her magic stops the snowball in its place. It floats for a split second in the air before being hurled back at the Herald, and it hits them square in the face. Vivienne gives a tsk, a smirk, and shakes her head at them. “Darling, you thought I wasn’t prepared for that? Bastien would try to do that to me every time I was home and it was snowing.”

Leliana: She stares at them for a moment, and after a moment in which they realized they fucked up, they flee before they see the spymaster smirk. For the rest of the day, snowballs hit them at random from various locations, but they can never find the perpetrator. In the war room later, Leliana is trying not to laugh as they walk in covered in snow. “That was fighting dirty.” they scold, and she just snickers and tells them they need more practice before they come after her.

Cullen: He groans as the snow gets caught between the feathers on his coat, and wryly shakes his head at the Herald. He’s too busy to fight back proper, but he does return the strike with a snowball. “We’ll have a proper fight another time, perhaps.” he says.

Josephine: The Herald does not hit her with a snowball while she’s working. They know she probably wouldn’t care much for it in her current outfit, but if ever an appropriate opportunity arises, Josephine is surprisingly good at dishing out snowballs, with remarkable aim.

There are two types of men : One who if he loved you, made you a little girl running in the jasmine fields. And one who if he loved you, made you look 100 years older.

هنالك نوعان من الرجال : رجلٌ إذا أحبّك جعلكِ طفلة تركضين في حقولِ الياسمين. ورجلٌ إذا أحبّك جعلكِ تفوقين عمركِ بمئةِ عامٍ أو أكثر
—  Nizar Qabbani
Headcanon #7

Leo’s family is HUGE. Like, he’s the third of 7 with an older brother and an older sister, 27 and 23 respectively. He has one niece (1 year old), the daughter of his older brother, and 4 younger siblings, 13 (brother), 11 (sister), 6 (sister), and 3 (brother). He always gets put in charge of the kids, and there are a lot because there are also cousins that haven’t been mentioned yet, during family get togethers. 

Because of this, and because Guang-Hong’s family isn’t that big, he’s been nervous to bring his boyfriend to any big family get together but, well, Guang-Hong’s in America over his older brother’s birthday and it’s a short break in the ice skating season and Leo’s ENTIRE family has been DYING to meet the cute little Chinese boy that Leo’s been Skyping all night recently, so Guang-Hong gets to meet the de Iglesias. And is promptly overwhelmed because how do you fit that many people and that much food into one place? Like seriously??? 

The kids all love Guang-Hong and the family’s very accepting, even if the older members (Abuelitos) don’t always understand what he’s saying because they speak more Spanish than they do English. He ends up having a great time and is excited to visit again, maybe with his family next time. 


the baddest of asses.

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Carded a man when he bought cigarettes and he starts ranting that 'he's been buying cigarettes since before I was born he shouldn't have to show ID'. He was born in '92. He's 24. ONE year older than me. Dude when I was born you were still shitting in diapers, sit down and stop making a damn fool of yourself.

ok so yesterday I started working at the bar and one of the bosses came with friends and one of his friends is EXO Suho’s older brother~ and they say that Suho will come to our bar sometime this month as well omo

Hancock & Sole interactions/relationship

We know that Hancock is a man about the town.  He’s had several relationships in various forms but I don’t think he’s ever had a ‘meaningful’ relationship. 

By this I mean that Sole is probably the first person he’s ever truly loved romantically.

Sure he’s probably had his first crush and infatuations with people but given the type of person Hancock is I imagine these have all ended more or less the same way;

- He’s gotten bored.  

In his youth he says himself that he’d “go on these wild tears.”  Not just chems in my mind but drink, gambling, wild parties, one night stands & sometimes keeping a lover around for a week or two at most. 

I think he’d be too busy exploring life and trying to find any point to living to be able to settle down with any one person in his ‘human’ years. 

As he’s gotten older and especially after he’d risen to power in Goodneighbor he could no longer rely on his good looks but he still had a lot to offer;  A smooth tongue, wealth and influence. 

At this point I can also see a pattern arising in that people would want to be with him selfishly.  They’d be the luxury seeking or power hungry socialites hoping to gain benefits from being with the mayor. 

‘If you love me you’ll do this for me,’ types were probably a sad reality for him.

I say this because he has the line “You want me to take the emotion out of a relationship? I’ve never been the one not doing the askin’ before..” Leaving us in no doubt that he’s broken up with people who’ve gotten too attached to him before now.

Looking at Sole this is someone with pre-war values and who is completely unprepared for life in the Commonwealth.

Survival mode gives us a bit of insight to what life would be like in a ‘real world’ in that we can get ill, poisoned, negative effects from not sleeping or eating properly etc. 

Ignoring the given backgrounds for Nate and Nora even if our oc/sole survivor was based on Bear Grylls they are still utterly and completely unprepared for this new post-apocalyptic world. 

Radiation pollutes everything. Deathclaws, Super Mutants and Feral Ghouls litter the dead landscape and the only recognizable crops are corn and carrots.

My first thought upon leaving the vault in my very first play through was ‘what is this bloodleaf I just found and is it poisonous?’  

An average person that had a Mr Handy robot to cook & clean for them has little chance out there.

“Are you kidding me?  You looked like you’d fallen out of the Vault that day.  I thought I’d see you picking your teeth out of the gutter by sun up.”  

Hancock wasn’t kidding either.  This lost and bewildered little lamb walked into Goodneighbor and he immediately steps in to try and give us a break and a head-start in his town because at first glance he knows sole doesn’t have a foggy clue how politics work, gangs work and later on he expresses genuine surprise that sole can even hold their own in a battle. 

- “Never thought you’d be such a scrapper.”

But through all of this, sole has a genuinely good heart and wants to help people.  I think he is increasingly drawn to this aspect and all the while his respect grows for them as they overcome the brutal chaos the Commonwealth throws at them.

Travelling together I think these two would lapse into an easy relationship.  Hancock tells us in his affinity talks what he gains from their relationship (friendship or romanced) but there is a lot he has to offer sole that he probably doesn’t see since he’ll take it for granted. 

Things like basic survival skills that every child learns as common knowledge those days; 

‘Don’t eat that.’

‘Keep warm at night by doing this.’

‘This will make good shelter - that looks like it would be good for shelter but don’t go there because it’s layout means it’s likely to be full of ferals/molerats.’

‘This is how you start a fire.’

‘This is how you read your surroundings because x, y & z are the most common habits of the dangerous folk out here.’

‘That’s how you get yourself killed.’ 

These are things that literally everyone who has ever left the settlement they were born in has had to learn in order to survive.  But Sole has never needed to survive like this before.  All of this knowledge is new to them. 

Hancock would earn a place of friend, confident and teacher without even knowing how crucial his passing comments and thoughtless lessons are to Sole.

He would become that firm pillar of safety and security that sole needed in their life at that point and because giving these little lessons or doing these common place chores is so effortless and normal to him it would feel like Sole asks for nothing from him.

This would be an unexpected and pleasant change to a life where everyone has only ever wanted him for caps or to be able to run to him to ‘take care’ of someone that’s causing them trouble. 

- “Nice to not be the only muscle for a change.”

 And I think for Hancock a step back from the party and social life to settle into a more domestic pattern would indeed bring him that peace and purpose he’d be hoping and looking for.    

Suddenly he doesn’t have 100 voices from every angle complaining, bickering and asking/demanding that he sort out their petty differences.  

Instead he sits at an open fire cooking a stew he learned to make at his mother’s knee for this absolute novice because they can’t even tell what herbs will kill them.     

Suddenly he isn’t drinking with a group that called him over because he has to keep up appearances or get in with the right crowd.

Instead he’s inhaling some jet on his own terms listening to his companion tell him what the star constellations back in their time where in comparison to the ones he has learned from his father to use as navigation on a cold night.

All the while they are still helping people and making their mark on the world.  

“Suddenly things just feel.. ‘right’.”  

I think this one of the most interesting relationships in the game but Hancock, unfortunately, seems to be one of the more overlooked characters (in-game) in my opinion. 

I say this because his affinity talks are on the same level as most of the others for backstory and character exploration but he is one of the few characters who doesn’t have a personal quest.

I think there are lot of skeletons in his closet (will explore this in another post) but for the most part I think he is a perfect companion for Sole at this time of their life. 


Psychoanalysis of Horror Icons:
What happens if we analyze the psyches of fictional characters as if they were real? What is it about horror icons Michael Myers of the Halloween film franchise and John “Jigsaw” Kramer of the Saw series that captures our attention and fires our imaginations? Forensic psychologist Dr. Clarissa Cole pries open the lids and pokes around for us.

Horror Icon Michael Myers—Halloween Film Series

A young white male, named Michael was born into a comfortable middle-class family on October 19th of 1957 to Ron and Edith. He had one older sister, Judith (11 years his elder) and eventually one younger sister named Laurie. His upbringing was supposedly very quiet and normal in the suburban town of Haddonfield, Illinois. 
However, by Michael’s 6th birthday, it was obvious that he was having some adjustment problems. From around April of that year (1963), the young Michael had stopped communicating verbally (selective mutism). This worried his parents and his teachers, but they hadn’t yet referred him for psychological treatment, preferring to think of it as “a phase.”

Then, on the evening of October 31st (Halloween), after participating in his school’s costume contest, Michael went out trick-or-treating with his friends. This proceeded without incident until Michael came to his own house to receive candy from his older sister, who was handing out goodies at the door. Upon seeing that Judith was not alone–as she was intended to be, while babysitting their younger sister, Laurie–Michael experienced a very strong negative reaction. He was infuriated that Judith was spending time with her boyfriend and ignoring the needs of their sister, so shortly after Judith’s boyfriend vacated the residence, Michael went to the kitchen and retrieved a large kitchen knife. He proceeded to stab Judith viciously until she was deceased while wearing the clown mask from his school Halloween costume.

Michael was subsequently admitted to Smith’s Grove Mental Hospital, where he spent the next 15 years. Unfortunately, after a decade and a half, the 21-year-old Michael Myers escaped the sanatorium on the day before Halloween to continue his murderous spree.


Beginning in Mr. Myers childhood, he was showing signs of trauma, most prominently evidenced by selective mutism. This disorder (usually seen in early childhood) is often the result of the child feeling overwhelming anxiety upon speaking. This can occur because of an expressive language deficit (like a lisp), but can also result in response to trauma. Given that Mr. Myers did not experience a language problem prior to age six, it stands to reason that his selective mutism occurred in response to a stressor of some kind. This stressor was significant enough to render him mute in most situations for the better part of six months. Whether or not the stressor was internal (burgeoning psychosis) or external (abuse) is not known.

What is known is that Mr. Myers seemed to develop a strong and overtly violent reaction when confronted with anything sexual in nature. Upon seeing his sister kissing her boyfriend, he felt extreme rage. This pattern reproduced itself in several instances (victims who had been engaged in the act of intimacy). Mr. Myers also appeared to be fixated on eliminating members of his family, stopping at nothing to eradicate his bloodline.

In conclusion, it his hypothesized that Mr. Myers experienced some severe form of sexual abuse in his childhood, either inside the home, or at the hands of a person close to his family. His helplessness and anger eventually escalated to a breaking point that pushed him over the edge into psychosis. He was subsequently unable–or unwilling–to cease his activities, favoring instead to give in to his delusional and violent mindset regarding the Myers clan.

Diagnoses: Schizoaffective Disorder, continuous; Antisocial Personality Disorder; Rule/Out Childhood Sexual Abuse


Summary: While going on a hunt y/n gets possessed and tells things to Dean and Sam that were never meant to be said in the first place. This takes a toll on Dean. 

Warnings: Talks about Self harm and depression. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

This Fanfic is based off a dream I had I added some extra details so that it could make more sense. 

You met Dean and Sam when they were the new kids at your school. You got along more with Dean since he was in your grade and was closer to your age he was one year older then you. you still got along with Sam just not as close as you did with Dean. Dean was in a few of your classes and you got to know him. He was pretty cute and of course all the other more popular girls would go to him and try to either get his attention or try to hook up with him which would make you jealous because you liked Dean a lot but you wouldn’t show it. Dean would pay little attention to the other girls which surprised you since he could have any girl under his arm in a second. You got to know him over the two weeks that he stayed since he told you that his dad traveled a lot and that caused him and Sam to move around a lot. On his last day at the end of the day at school he told you the truth about what his father and him did which was hunting. you were shocked but intrigued “why are you telling me all this if you aren’t supposed to?” You asked curiously asked wanting to know “because………I feel like this isn’t going to be the last time we will see each other” and he was right. You found his phone number written in your notebook and decided to text him. From there a friendship started. That’s how you also got into the hunting life. When you turned 18 you decided to leave your town and start hunting. You had told Dean and Sam about this and they were worried so they decided to take you in and now you worked with them. 

“so what do we have on our hands today?” you asked the two brothers as they walked back from checking out some books. “a demon” Sam said as he sat down “okay then lets go!” you said ready to take this demon down. “I think you should stay for this one” Dean told me “why? its just a demon we’ve taken down a lot of these before” you said not knowing why he was acting up since you guys had taken down demons before. “This demon is very powerful y/n more powerful then the ones we’ve taken down before” Dean said in a serious tone. “yeah hes right just go back to the motel and we will meet you there after” Sam said “come on guys let me go i’ll be fine I promise” I said to them. after a lot of begging they finally let me go with them mostly because I was annoying them. “its in their” Dean said looking out the window of the car. Getting in was pretty easy….too easy “don’t you think it was…too easy to get in?” I said to Dean and he turned around since I was behind him. “ yeah it wa- Y/N LOOK BEHIND YOU” you turned around and stabbed the demon right in the heart. “nice” Dean said “yeah” Sam said as well you were behind them both so their back was facing you and with your gun you hit them in the head and with that they blacked out. You decided to tie them up 

Dean and Sam woke up after a while “look who decided to finally wake up” You said to them showing them your black eyes “ you aren’t y/n” Sam said “ Don’t you think i already know?” You said to them “ Get out of HER”  Dean said “woah calm down big boy” you said while laughing you started telling Dean all these mean and awful things “Its your fault your dad died” “ you should of stayed in hell” the real you inside your body was trying to shout out that you didn’t mean it but the demon was too powerful. “Shes begging me not to tell you all this because its true” the demon said all happy. what you didn’t know was that Sam had a knife and used it to cut off the rope. your back was facing them so you couldn’t see them get up. Sam helped Dean get out of the rope. That’s when you turned around and Dean was pointing a gun at you. “get out of y/n NOW!!” Dean said angrily “ You wouldn’t dare hurt poor y/n” the demon said “don’t test me” Dean said confidentially “ You wouldn’t….I mean why would you when she’s already hurting herself” The demon said smiling. “oops guess I wasn’t supposed to say that…sorry y/n” the demon said in a teasing voice. “what are you talking about?” Dean asked confused. That’s when the demon pulled up your sleeve to show a bunch of cuts that you made on your skin “oh my god” Sam said speechless looking at your arm. Dean had watery eyes trying to hold it together. Dean and Sam were never supposed to find out you self harmed at least not this way by a demon that was using your body. You had been suffering from depression since the 6th grade and started cutting since then. It would be an on and off thing. Sometimes you would stop for one maybe two days but some times you could go up to three weeks but you would always end up doing it again because you would feel numb after not cutting for a while and you just wanted to feel. “this is all your fault Dean” the demon said “ you say you care about her and that you love her and what not but how come you never noticed this? you have been around her for what 3 years now and you never noticed? maybe if you would of noticed sooner she would of already stopped.” the demon said trying to get at Dean which was working because he already had tears rolling down his face “Don’t listen to her Dean that’s now y/n” Sam said trying to get Dean back from the words that the demon said. Then Dean started to chant words and you felt extreme pain then you saw the black smoke get out of your body and you went crashing onto the floor. Once you hit the floor Dean went out of the building to get fresh air. You started crying because of what happened and Sam held you “its okay” Sam whispered to you. Sam lead you to the car and you went in “i’ll be right back I’m going to go talk to Dean” and with that he went to go see how he was doing. “ you know its not your fault right?” Sam said in a soft voice to Dean “ its is….that demon was right I’m so STUPID for not realizing it sooner I could of helped her Sam but me being my stupid self didn’t.” Dean was loosing it “DEAN!! it’s not your fault okay. We need to head back to the motel and just get some rest.” Sam said to Dean trying to get him to snap out of it. “okay’ Dean said. The car ride was quite no one spoke. you went into your room since you had your own. you were panicking about what you were gonna say to them they probably didn’t want anything to do with you they probably thought you were crazy and you didn’t even want to think about what Dean thought of you now that he knew the real you. Then you heard a knock at your door you opened it seeing Dean standing there. “can I come in?” He said and you let him in he then sat on your bed you also sitting down. “why didn’t you tell me?” he said in a sad voice “ I didn’t want you guys thinking I was crazy or something and I thought you guys wouldn’t care since everyone else apparently doesn’t care so I didn’t want to wast your guys time” I said looking down “ we do care especially me, I care about you a lot” this made you feel happy since no one had ever really told you that before “how long have you been doing this?” Dean asked “ since the 6th grade” you replied sadly “why??” He asked sadly “I do it for a lot of reasons….I feel worthless I feel like no one cares about me and if i end up trusting someone they always stab me in the back and turn on me and its like everyone’s playing with me. I feel ugly I know I’m ugly I don’t like the way I look I wish…..I looked prettier I wish I was different.” You said with tears running down your face. “Don’t say that..I know how you look into a mirror and hate what you see you are the prettiest girl I have seen. a guy would be lucky to have you, you are perfect just the way you are you can trust me with anything and everything I’m here for you y/n don’t ever forget that.” and then he kissed you on the lips “what was that.” I asked with a half smile “I’ve been waiting to do that for so long I can’t see you cry because that makes me sad I just want to see you smile” this just made you smile even more “we will get through this okay” he said while hugging you. It felt nice to have someone you could count on and that had your back.


You walk out of the Arrow Cave, focused on the papers in front of you. Unbeknownst to you Cisco, a friend of your brothers, was watching you leave. His eyes traveling up your legs as you sway side to side, and a smile tugs at the corners of his mouth.

OLIVER: Don’t even think about it

Cisco snaps his head up, stunned at the sudden gruff and mildly terrifyng voice.

CISCO: Think-I wasn’t-what do you mean?

Oliver shoots Cisco a glare. One he’s mastered through years of being a the older brother of a hot sister. One that puts more than fear in the hearts of men.

CISCO: So stay away, is what you’re saying. Got it.

And despite him saying this, no one in the room really believed him.


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Fake Weddings and Real Dates

Santifell AU

For my amazing girlfriend @protectraphaelsantiago. Inspired by this prompt.

Titles are’t my forte, sorry about that.

While working on a cruise ship, Raphael is asked to pretend to marry someone in order to prank their friend. But Raphael finds that he likes the friend a lot more than his fake fiance.

Raphael had lost count of how many cocktail glasses he’d cleared away from the same table, and yet the guy drinking them seemed totally unaffected by the alcohol. Raphael guessed he was only one or two years older than he was himself, but in terms of lifestyle they were oceans apart. The guy was rich, Raphael could tell by his lavish clothing and jewellery. His tolerance for alcohol was a giveaway too. He had probably had this cruise paid for him by his parents, whereas Raphael was here to work, a summer job he had been very lucky to get. All of his wages were being send home to his mother and brothers.

As Raphael collected up another empty glass from the table, the guy smiled at him. His eyes were clear and bright, almost golden.

‘Magnus Bane,’ he said, holding out his hand.

Raphael raised an eyebrow at the extended hand. He didn’t usually take kindly to new people, but this boy was being friendly and if Raphael did not respond in kind it was very likely a complaint would be made about him and he would lose his job. He therefore shook the boy’s hand. ‘Raphael Santiago.’

‘I have a question for you, Raphael,’ Magnus said. He gestured towards the empty seat opposite him. ‘Have a seat.’

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Sibling Love | Newt

A/N: another original of mine! woo! I feel like if i told you guys the prompt, it’d give it away! there’s some smut?? not really?? anyways just enjoy the story and love newt.

Pairing: Reader x Newt

Warnings: suggestive language/actions. some nudity. heavy drinking.

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 2540


“Loser alert! Loser up ahead!” you screamed out as Gally was walking ahead of you.

“Oh drop it, Y/N” Gally huffed as he suppressed a smile.

You’re probably thinking: omg you and Gally are a thing now?

That, my friend, is where you are wrong. Like, super, wrong.

Gally is your brother, a very annoying one too. You came up the Box before him, even though he was one year older than you. Which was funny too, considering the fact how you guys found out you were siblings.

It was when one Gally came up the Box, and every month they throw a party for the new arrival. Your were third in command, so you had to show him around. On the that day, the two of you hit it off amazingly, to the point where people thought you were going to become an item. Alby, of course, wanted none of that and strictly said that no one was to interact with you. Gally immediately took at it as a challenge and tried his very best to grab your attention. Which did work, but then came the funny part. When you and Gally were talking, an apple fell from the tree, smacking Gally right in the face. You thought he was passed out cold, but he shot right up and said, “my name is Gally!” Everybody cheered and congratulated him, but them he spun around and said, “and you’re my sister!”

After that, everybody never did let go what happen that night. You laughed your ass off and Gally, red as a tomato, stormed off. You remembered Newt telling you, “he holds the exact same qualities as you.” Which made you made and you stormed off as well, laughter heard from behind.


“Hey Newt! How’s it going?” you chirped as he walked into the Med-Jacks hut.

You decided to take this job because you would see Clint and Jeff do their jobs, and they weren’t the best. You didn’t know your past life, but something told you that fit more in that section. It came in handy too, with your precision , injuries would heal faster. And the Deadheads became your outdoor pharmacy. Which is the very reason you were third-in-command. That and because Gladers sometimes feared you; you were not to be messed with.

“Oh, the usual, people working, Chuck annoying everyone, Gladers keeping a safe distance from you,” Newt chuckled.

“What do you mean, keeping a safe distance from me? Did I do something?” you asked, offended.

“No! No, not at all,” Newt interjected, “It just that… uh”

“Uh what Newt?” you fumed.

“Y/N! Get your ass over here, you slinthead!” Gally yelled out.

"This is not over yet, Newt,” you spat, “you better speak up tonight or else.”

"Suit yourself,” Newt smirked.

“Cheeky,” you announced as you walked out to meet Gally.

The Gladers all went out to see the new Greenie that arrived. As you made your way through you heard Frypan say, “Cross your fingers it’s a girl this time, Y/N!”

“Thanks for the support,” you chuckled.

As the Box opened, Newt came from behind you and pinched your butt and you let out a screech.

“Cheeky,” Newt said suggestively.

“Oh, shut up, will you?” you huffed, “you’re not getting a hold of me what so ever.”

“We’ll see about that,” Newt whispered next to your ear.

You whipped around to face Newt, giving him a good stare and a slap in the face.

“Hey!” Gally shouted, “No flirtin’ in the back!”

“No promises!” Newt yelled as you smacked him in the arm and he made his way to the front.

A bunch of Gladers (including yourself), went to lift up the doors of the Box, and see a young an of about 16 looking frantically everywhere.

“He looks like he’s about to klunk his pants,” a Glader named Logan said behind you.

“He would never stand a fight” another shouted in front of you, “especially against Y/N!”

That earned a bunch of hoots and claps, and a furious Gally saying, “Slim it, you shanks!”

As the Greenie climbed out of the Box, you took a closer look at him. He wasn’t ugly, but he wasn’t the hottest either.

He’s a-okay, you thought to yourself. Ugh, why am I even checking him out. I’ve got better things to do.

Then the Greenie started running away from the group.

“We’ve got ourselves a runner!” you and Zart roared as Gladers cheered on.

Well the sprint didn’t last long until Greenie face planted on to the ground.

Roars of laughter was heard and Newt walked up to you and said, “looks like you’re giving that shank the tour this time.”

You groaned as chuckles were heard, “I am really not about that life, Newt. I’m really not.”

“Well, you haven’t done any of your work, so you have to do .” Newt ordered, “Unless you want… a different task.”

“Oh no,” you started, “Never in a million years. I’d rather give the Greenie a tour than do your dirty little job.”

“We’ll see about that,” Newt said as he walked away laughing.

Just then, Gally walked up to you, “was that shank causing you trouble?”

“Eh,” you shrugged, “he could’ve done worse. Now, if you’ll excuse me: I’ve got a loser to give a tour to.”


“And that over there is the Slammer,” you said nonchalantly to the Greenie, “and by the looks of it, you’re gonna be there often.”

“Why?” the Greenie said, terrified.

“My point exactly,” you chuckled as Newt waved the two of you over, “see that shank over there?”

“Yeah,” Thomas said.

“That’s Newt, he’s second-in-command” you explained as the Greenie shook his hand, “although he shows zero qualities of being in command.”

“I show better qualities than you,” Newt challenged as you snorted.

“As if! You’re always trying to one-up me and you always fail,” you teased.

“Tonight. At the bonfire. One on one. You up for the challenge?” Newt asked, with the Greenie looking on, fascinated.

“Game on,” you said as you shook hands with Newt, “Greenie, you will not be disappointed.

As Newt walked away, the Greenie just stared at you in awe, “Is he like your boyfriend?”

That’s when you busted out laughing, “Wow Greenie, you never cease to amaze me! I would never go out with that slinthead! And even if I did, and that we be never, Gally over there wouldn’t let me. He’s my brother and he’d banish the poor guy.”

"If you say so…” the Greenie laughed.

“We’re gonna be great friends, Greenie” you said, patting his back, “this is gonna be the start of a new friendship.”


“Alright, shanks!” Gally boomed, “final round: loser drinks two cups of my drink!”

It was late at night, and the whole Glade was having a blast, more than it had in the past 2 months. First Gally insisted that he gave you a piggy-back ride, while you threw leaves at the Gladers. Next, you got to play some music with some of the Gladers, and getting to play the bongos. After that, the Greenie got into a brawl with Gally, which was amazing because he beat your own brother. Plus the Greenie remembered his name, and said it was Thomas. You congratulated him, and started having more fun.

Now you and Newt were surrounded by Gladers, all watching you both have an arm wrestling match. It’s been going on for 15 minutes, and everybody was getting a kick out of it.

You were now tied with Newt, and you obviously did not want to lose.

“Okay here’s the deal,” you started, “If I win, I get bragging rights for two weeks, plus I get to boss you around.”

“And if I win, I get bragging rights for three weeks, plus a kiss from you.” Newt said as he smirked.

"Fair enough deal,” you said with confidence.

But, the kiss has to be 10 seconds long, and I will cater to your need for 5 days,” Newt finished.

“Oh hell no,” you and Gally screamed.

"Take it or leaving,” Newt cautioned, “or I’ll get bragging rights for the rest of the week. I’ll make it the most miserable week you ever had.”

“I’d rather piss my pants right here than ever kiss you,” you retorted.

“How about a kiss in the Deadheads!” Thomas insisted, receiving wolf-whistles from the crowd.

You thought about it, then let out a long sigh, “fine… but ten seconds. And that’s final.”

“Oh, it’s on” Newt agreed.

Gally started to argue with you, but he was drowned by the hoots and holler by the rest of the Gladers.

It was neck and neck, and you were about to win Newt, when suddenly from behind bumped into you and dumped drinks all over you and Newt.

“NO!” you cried out.

“Fuck yeah!” Newt cheered, “serves you right for trying to mess with a man.”

Silence fell as you turned around to face Gally, “May I?”

Gally then got the memo and handing you his drink, “my absolute pleasure Y/N.”

And with that, you splashed the drink all over Newt, causing Newt to throw more drinks.

Causing everyone to throw drinks and food around.

Food fight!” you heard Minho and Zart yell.

In the mist of chaos, you broke into a run to your room, ending up covered in mushed up food and Gally’s special drink.

You rummaged through your small wardrobe and got a random shirt and started to undress.

“What a view,” you heard next to you as you yelped and started punching everywhere.

“Ow! My balls!”

“Newt?” you fumed.

“I’m fine… I’m fine.” Newt groaned, “just peachy.”

“That’s what you get for not having manners!” you scorned.

"Sure, I don’t have manners,” Newt concluded, “but you don’t either, since you’re still topless, and all.”

You look down, and sure enough, you’re topless. You screamed even louder which cause Newt to throw a pillow at your face.

“Alright that’s enough!” Newt demanded, “do you want us to get caught?!”

“Be my guest,” you smirked, “Gally’s gonna think you were doing some shady things as of right now.”

Right as you were going to put on your shirt, Newt came from behind and chucked it to the outside of the room.”

‘Well then,” Newt growled, “let me throw some at you?”

You decided you had enough, and you pushed Newt out of the way.

“The exit is right there,” you said as you it your lip.

“I know that look, Y/N,” Newt guessed, “I told you: I’m irrestable.”

“You look exactly like a Griever: disgusting,” you snorted.

“That’s not what your tits are telling me,” Newt pointed out.

You punched Newt in the arm as you covered yourself with your shirt, “you’re an ass… but kiss me you fool.”

Newt raised an eyebrow as he pulled you closer to himself. He started to passionately kiss you around the neck, giving you goosebumps. You moaned slightly; slowly tugging at Newt’s hair.

“And I thought you weren’t a softie,” Newt chuckled into your ear, “I must be magical.”

“God, you’re so lame,” you laughed as you kiss Newt on the lips.

“I’ve waited all day for this,” Newt groaned as he started kissing you more, “that competition has had me going.”

You smirked as an idea formed in your head. You took off his shirt and started tracing patterns over his stomach. Newt picked you up and took you towards your bed. You sat on his lap and started to kiss each other more, hands roaming around each others’ bodies.

You were about to unbuckle Newt’s pants, when there was loud banging on the door.

“Y/N! Y/N! Y/N are you in there?!” a voice yelled.

“Holy shit,” you whispered as you put on a random shirt, “Newt! hide in my wardrobe, quick!”

Newt did as he was told, carefuly trying not to make any noise.

You tiptoed to the door and swung it open, while covering your chest at the same time.

"Gally! Minho… Thomas! How are you guys,” you said in shame.

“Oh nothing much,” Gally commented, “Since you left so suddenly back to your room, I thought you were sick. Plus Newt’s gone missing and I didn’t want him getting the wrong idea.”

“Good point,” you blurted, “he’s been up to no good, that’s for sure.”

“Uh, Y/N” Thomas whispered from behind, “Why is there a foot peeping out from your wardrobe??”

Once Gally heard that sentence, he stormed to it and swung it open, revealing a blushing Newt smiling from ear to ear.

You started blushing a deep red once Gally stood you and Newt together.

“I suppose there’s some explaination for this,” Gally gestered to the two of you.

"Gally, I can explain!” you stammered.

“Nope, I told you not to do any funny business!” Gally emphasized.

“We weren’t doing anything!” you cried out, “i just came in to change my shirt because it got soaked!”

“Then why aren’t you wearing a bra?” Minho mumble, earning snickers from Thomas and Newt.

“You better stop that or I’ll banish you, y’know,” Gally warned.

“Don’t worry Minho, I’ll tell you how well she stripped for me,” Newt whispered.

Stripped!!” Gally exploded.

“No! No Gally It’s not what you think!” you protested.

“Well I don’t believe you: you’re in trouble!” Gally said.

“You can’t do anything to me!” you yelled.

“I will: for 2 weeks you will be under my supervision!” Gally ordered, “And as for you Newt, you best stay away from Y/N or you won’t live to see a another day.”

And with that, Gally stormed off, with Thomas and Minho walking behind him.

“A+ tits, Y/N!” Minho yelled as he and Thomas laughed harder.

“Shut up, you slintheads!” you heard Gally shout as you snickered.

“He’s right you know,” Newt murmurmed in your ear.

“Oh, no” you cautioned, “I’m not playing any of your dirty tricks,”

“Fine,” Newt huffed, “but at least let me treat you to a nice dinner tomorrow night.”

“But that means you’ll win!” you said, “and I want to win.”

“Fine, you win but I get the dinner. Deal?” Newt asked with pleading eyes.

“Fine,” you agreed as you gave a kiss to Newt on the cheek, “now go get a good night’s sleep Newt. I know you have your ways.”

“Like I said: I’m irrestable,” Newt announced.

You closed the door behind him and started to change into your pajamas when you heard newt yell out:

“Who wants me to give them a description of Y/N’s tits!”

As if on cue, you and Gally screamed out, “Shut the hell up Newt!!”

“I’m so gonna get him tomorrow,” you mumbled as you tucked yourself into bed.

and the last thing you heard before going to bed was:

“Newt I am going to kick your ass if I hear a peep from you! You’re so going to die tomorrow!”

Siblings: protecting you since the dawn of times.

“Good night Gally!” you sang as you drifted off to sleep.

“No shenanigans, Y/N! I mean it… love you too.”

Brothers are so annoying, but they do come in handy.

A/N: oh wow this was super long I’m so proud. I’m sorry for those who thought there was no smut! I’m sorry! I’m not comfortable writing that… yet. Thanks so much for your support! I’ll see you guys in the next imagine! Cheers! - Mayra xx