he is one of us now

My favorite thing is percy’s new friends witnessing how done percy is with the gods. It happened a lot in son of neptune, like when Mars showed up and percy was just like totally ripping him a new one and hazel, frank, and all of camp jupiter was like “p e r c y stop it he is literally about to kill you,” and it happened like 12 times with hera when percy was just like disrespecting her to her face and everyone was just like “P E R C Y.”

All these demigods are used to praying and being respectful to the gods, and then theres percy that’s like “ what the fuck do you want now,” whenever he sees a god an the people around him are like :0

It’s just so funny because percy gets away with so much stuff. All the gods 100% would love to smite him because he just dares to curse out the gods 24/7 but Poseidon won’t let them.

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Draco dying his hair light blue

Harry can’t stop staring. His breakfast is forgotten. Malfoy’s hair is blue.

“Harry! Harry? What are you – “

“Malfoy.” Harry answers Hermione without looking away.

Ron pauses midway through a mouth of potato. “What?”

“Malfoy,” Harry explains again, “He – Look what he did.”

Hermione’s eyes remain fixed on Harry. “Don’t you think you need to stop obsessing over him? The war is over. We’re all on the same side.”

“No, look what he did to his hair!” Harry all but shouts. MALFOY’S HAIR IS BLUE.

Hermione and Ron finally follow Harry’s gaze to the Slytherin table to Draco Malfoy, blue hair and all.

“Bloody hell.”

“That is surprising,” Hermione admits.

“Maybe someone cursed him?” Ron suggests.

“I hope not,” Hermione frowns. “Like he doesn’t have enough to deal with – his mother is being retried this week.”

Harry’s chest constricts. “That’s this week?”

“Yes, Harry. I thought you were the one stalking him?”

“Well he has been sadder than usual. He’s been eating cereal since last Friday which is odd as he almost always goes for – what?” Harry stops at the looks Hermione and Ron are giving him.

Hermione shakes her head. “I was being facetious, Harry. I can’t believe you’re stalking him again.”

“I’m not stalking,” Harry clarifies, focusing his attention solely on Hermione and Ron to prove his point. Which is difficult when MALFOY’S HAIR IS BLUE. “I’m just observant.”

Hermione smiles wickedly and Harry already knows he’s stuffed before she opens her mouth. “Okay, then what do I usually eat for breakfast?”

Harry tries to eye her plate discreetly but she already has her hand covering it. He desperately tries to remember what she’d been eating only seconds earlier. “Uh….uh…”

“That’s what I thought.”

“I’m not stalking Malfoy,” Harry tries again.

Ron sniggers into his morning omelette. “Sure, mate.”

Hermione rests her head in her hands (revealing her breakfast of poached eggs). “Why don’t you go over there and ask him?”

“Ask him what?”

Hermione closes her eyes in obvious exasperation. “Why his hair is blue.”

“I can’t – “

“Mate, just go,” Interrupts Ron, now with a mouthful of tomato. “You’re going to be like this all day if you don’t.”

Malfoy looks up in surprise as Harry approaches, his cereal spoon hovering above his bowl. “Potter?”

“Malfoy.” Harry nods. He tries not to stare so openly at Malfoy’s hair but…it’s BLUE.

Malfoy drops his spoon and pushes the cereal away. He stares at Harry suspiciously. “Are you lost?”

“No, I – why is your hair blue?” Harry blurts out, unable to hold it in any longer.

One of Malfoy’s hands automatically jumps to his hair, as if he’d forgotten the colour for a moment. After the initial surprise, Malfoy’s turns defensive. “You got a problem with it?” He asks.

“No, not at all. It’s just – never mind. Forget I asked.” What was he thinking? What were Hermione and Ron thinking sending him over here? He turns to leave.

“it’s poetic, Potter.”

Harry turns back to Malfoy. “Poetic?”

Malfoy shrugs, and looks down into his cereal bowl. “I’m feeling blue. I dyed my hair to match. It made sense last night after the second bottle of firewhiskey.”

Harry considers this. “Your mother?” He asks, softly.

“Yes,” Malfoy says into his cereal.

“Do you – I mean, would you – would it help if I came with you?” Oh Merlin, did Harry really just say that?

Malfoy looks up, sharply. “Why would you want to do that?”

Harry feels his cheeks reddening. “Your mother saved my life,” he offers, which is true at least, but only a small part of his real motivation.

“Of course,” Malfoy says with a polite nod. Is Harry reading into it or does he seem…disappointed?

“And you might need…support.”

A small smile plays on the corner of Malfoy’s mouth. “I have friends, Potter.”

“Right, I didn’t mean to say – it’s just – I’d like to be there. For both of you.”

Malfoy tilts his head and looks Harry over with a curious gaze. This only makes Harry blush harder.

“Okay,” Malfoy finally says, “You can come.” He picks up his spoon and returns his attention to his cereal.

Harry can’t stop staring. His breakfast is forgotten. Malfoy’s hair is green.

“Go ask him, already.”

Malfoy looks up. This time he doesn’t seem surprised. “Potter. What brings you here?”

“You know what.”

Malfoy smirks. “Enlighten me.”

Harry stares at Malfoy’s hair. “Why green?”

Malfoy shrugs. “Just felt like it.”

Harry frowns. He wonders whether Malfoy’s being entirely truthful. “That’s not very poetic,” he points out.

“His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad,” Malfoy whispers.

Harry blinks, processing. “What?”

“His hair is as dark as a blackboard. I wish he was mine, he’s really divine, the hero who conquered the Dark Lord,” Malfoy continues with a shy smile. “Poetic enough for you?”

Harry feels himself blushing again.

“Maybe I should have gone pink to match your face,” Malfoy suggests with a wink. Merlin, Harry might melt.

“You remembered the po – “

“I wrote the poem,” corrects Malfoy.

Harry frowns “But I always thought Ginny – “

Malfoy shakes his head. “Nope.”

“Does that mean you – that you used to – “

Malfoy interrupts with a roll of his eyes. “Like you?”

Harry gulps. “Yeah.”

“I thought that was obvious, Potter.”

Harry feels like his knees might buckle at any moment. This is really happening. He runs a hand through his hair nervously. “And now?” he asks.

Malfoy raises his eyebrows, a playful smirk on his lips. “I thought that was also obvious, Harry.”            

And just to be an infuriating bastard, Malfoy chooses this moment to dust himself off and leave the Great Hall, with one last wink at Harry.

Harry wants to follow but he thinks his legs may have turned into jelly. He has to grip the table tightly just to keep himself standing.

Harry can’t stop staring. Breakfast never stood a chance.  Malfoy’s hair is pink.

He doesn’t even bother to take a seat at his own table, instead heading straight over to the Slytherin side of the Great Hall.

Malfoy watches him as he approaches with a smug smile. “Pot – “

Harry interrupts by leaning down and smashing his mouth onto Malfoy’s, his hands reaching out to finally run through that gorgeous hair. The entire Great Hall is watching and Harry’s face is on fire, but none of that matters, because Draco Malfoy is kissing him back.

And his hair is bloody pink.

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Quick question: is the Philippines mythology really that gay? Because, if the answer's yes I need more of it in my life asap

Let me tell you about the God of Death, Sidapa. He used to be a sky god, handsome and tall, but for some unknown reason, he went to live on earth, on a very tall mountain. On earth, Sidapa’s priestesses were called the “babaylan” (or Catalonan)
the babaylan usually comprised of Trans women, but occasionally, a cis woman may become a babaylan.
Sidapa was very merciful, despite being the Philippine equivalent of a grim reaper;
He was known to extend one’s life every now and then.
Now, when Sidapa was not performing his duties as a death god, he was staring at the sky, because there were 7 beautiful lunar deities who performed a dance above the earth. (Dare I say.. he was mooning over them? Hahahaha just kidding, I’m sorry.)
The moon deities were so beautiful, many other gods were in love with them, including a sea goddess called Luyong-Baybay. This goddess tried to sing songs to them, trying to wheedle them from the night sky. Sidapa thought, if she can do it, why can’t I? So Sidapa started asking the mermaids to sing louder and more sweetly, asked the birds to fly higher so their songs could reach the moon, he asked the flowers to bloom, and he asked the fireflies to guide the moons to him with their lights. Eventually, one of the moons, a boy called Libul an, went down to earth for a visit. Sidapa fell in love with him.
As I mentioned before, many gods and goddesses were in love with the 7 moons, but more than gods did these lunar deities attracted. There was a giant sea serpent, who crept to the sky. He was called Bakunawa, the moon-eater. Bakunawa either wanted to devour the moons, or make one of them his spouse, but Sidapa was having none of that;
He went up the heavens, slew Bakunawa and rescued Libulan.
And yes, Sidapa and Libulan got married. Libulan crept down from his cosmic abode to live with Sidapa in his mountain.

Dark Lovers [5]

An AU Series

Character Pairing: AU!DemonKing Steve Rogers x AU!Demon Bucky Barnes x AU!Angel Female Reader

Word Count: 3,422

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Explicit Smut! M/M/F Threesome, blindfold, sensation play, fingering, oral (female and male receiving), choking, gagging, unprotected sex (sheath the meat before you beat), dirty talk, language, and NSFW gif in the middle.

A/N: As always, thank you to the superb @apolla62200 for her wonderful ideas and help in bringing this story to life! I’m so sorry this took so long, but life is funny sometimes! 

One - Two - Three - Four


“Where have you been sneaking off to every day?”

Wanda turned and looked at Rumlow as he approached her. She rolled her eyes and continued walking.

“Hey,” he said catching up to her. He caught her forearm and swung her around to face him. “Come on, you can talk to me, we’re all friends here.”

She laughed with a sneer, “You don’t have friends Brock.”

He backed her against the wall, eyes turning red. “Do you want to be my friend?”

Scoffing, she brought her hands to push him away. “Leave me alone.” She tried conjuring her power, but was blocked.

Brock’s smile was twisted. He lifted a demon inhibitor collar up and twirled it around his finger. “Wouldn’t this be fun to wear for me?” He leaned closer to her, his voice dropping low, “To be completely at my mercy without your magic?”

A sliver of fear raced down her spine, but she squared her shoulders and pushed against him with her all her might. He backed up a couple of steps and she moved away from him. “If you leave now, I won’t tell Bucky and Steve about this.”

His eyes shone bright, the red hue flashing across her. “They don’t scare me.”

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Fluff fluff fluff for days! :3

RFA + Saeran and V cuddling


  • If he could, neither of you would ever leave the bed
  • You would just stay there, wrapped around his strong arms and playing with his hair
  • But since it’s not possible, lazy cuddling sessions after you guys get home from work or from working out
  • You try to stay away because you’re all sweaty, but  buddy… your sweating smells like honey to him
  • So he glomps you, plopping with you on the bed and laughing from your attempt of looking angry when you’re clearly just flustered
  •  He hums random songs while rubbing your back gently
  •  You guys are so tired you usually end up sleeping like this.You can always take a shower tomorrow morning. Together.


  • Bed? Check! Couch? Check! Counter while one of you are cooking? Check!
  • He used to be all shy and awkward at demonstrating affect first, then he found the power of cuddling and now he’s a changed man
  • Because all it takes is wrapping his arms around you and nuzzling in your hair.
  • Then you’ll hug him back and snuggle in his chest and BOOM! There’s nothing to bring him down today.
  • Unless… something bad happened during the day, then cuddling will be a way of comforting
  • He’ll be there venting while you stroke his hair, legs and arms entangled
  • Both end up sleeping like this. Tomorrow will be a new day and he’ll be ready after recharging like this.


  •  It took a while for her to enjoy cuddling, it wasn’t something she was used to.
  • So at first was a little awkward. You’re tackling her, but your advances are very lazy, nothing too bold, so she’s not sure of what you want
  • But as time passes, she gets so sure of what you want she initiates the cuddling session these days, being the big spoon and everything
  • Bringing you closer by the waist and stroking your hair while she hums some Zen song or talk about her plans for the future
  • Yes, talkative cuddling for days
  • Because talking to you is so easy and makes her feel so light and good, she’s comfortable to talk about whatever with you.
  • And then she just stops… noticing you fell asleep when you roll over to snuggle in her chest
  • Yeah, she gets too excited talking to you, so she just chuckles and kisses your forehead, wishing you’ll have sweet dreams. As for her, this is sweet enough.


  • You have an option: will Elizabeth join you guys or not?
  • If she does, you’ll have her between you guys, you patting her while he pats you
  • If she doesn’t, he’ll be on top of you, burying his nose in your hair
  •  And you stroke his, finding out he shivers easily when you play with the hair next to the nape of his neck was such a happening!
  • Now you giggle everytime he tenses up a little before relaxing to your playful touch
  • And he narrows his eyes at you so you think he doesn’t like this, but who is he trying to  kid?
  • It’s a little awkward because most of the times he comes late from work and just plops on the bed still wearing his suit.
  • Cue you getting red eveytime you ask him to take it off before coming to bed. He knows what you mean, but teasing you is just too good.


  • Cuddling prince
  • It doesn’t take much from you, you can just pass by him and mess with his hair a little
  • He’s going after you and dragging you to the bed, couch, computer chair, doesn’t matter where
  •  He messily nuzzles in your chest, reveling to the sound of your giggles eveytime he does it
  • Then he’ll roll to have you on top, asking for kisses all over his face
  • Take his glasses off before going for the kisses and he’s gone!
  • He’s squinting his eyes since he’s not seeing a thing, then he’ll get super flustered by the way you squeal and tell him how cute he looks
  • But it doesn’t last long, because he’ll roll again to stay on top, telling you he needs to remind you who is the real cutie here.


  • No. Get away. 
  • He would pry your arms away everytime you even tried. No, sharing the bed is all he can handle and sometimes it can be too much.
  • Until one night, when you were tossing and turning, mumbling in your sleep
  • He has light sleep, so he promptly woke up, you looked agitated, as if you were having a nightmare
  • He called you and shook you a little to wake you up, which led to you hugging him in your sleep.
  • He was all weird and uncomfortable, but noticing you calmed down, he brought you closer by your shoulders, smelling your hair.
  • You woke up first, recovering from your sleepy state when you noticed how you were basically leaning on him like he is a pillow, and tried to pull away, he stopped you by holding you tight
  • He told you that you could stay like this, as long as you get to be the pillow for him next time.



  • Cuddling session? More like a praising session where he lists everything he loves about you
  • He makes you straddle him, he runs his long slender fingers up and down your back
  • Then you’ll both lay on bed and he’ll hug you tightly, kissing the top of your head
  • Might ruin the moment saying he wants to grab his camera to take some pics of you like this
  • He has no chill when he’s the one to initiate the cuddling
  • But if YOU are the one to start, he turns into this dork getting super red by the way you plant smooches in his face
  • But he’ll be comfortable soon, chuckling and telling you how good you make him feel
  • Though he will pretend he’s still a little flushed so you will keep calling him cute

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About the gendering stuffies/toys, I had a lot of stuffies and I would usually just refer to most of them as 'they' and I had a couple that would change genders then I had this one dragon that looked male and I used he/him Pronouns but after I found out about lgbt and stuff, I made him a demiboy with they/he pronouns. 1/2

Also when I played with barbies I only had 1 Ken doll and he owned a bright pink tuxedo but I didn’t like him in a relationship all that much so I would have him raising a daughter by himself with the help of 2-3 lesbian couples, now that I look back, Ken was aroace 2/2

I really enjoy the aroace Ken co-raising a child with a house full of lesbians

Lotor’s S/O gets Hurt

Request: “OKay so I saw you wanted Lotor requests im CRYING honestly I’m so happy you’re back I love you. ANYWAYS I was wondering about how Lotor would react if his s/o got injured?”

A/N: ah im glad im back tooo, and also lotor is my boi and i would proabalby die for him

  • Let’s get one thing out of the way: if someone hurts you, he will destroy them
  • He will make their life hell if they even try to touch you
  • Like a galran soldier goes a little too rough while sparring? They’re now demoted and relocated to the worst and farthest place away from you
  • An enemy kidnaps you to use you against him? Dead, slowly and painfully, too
  • He knows that you can handle yourself, and he’s completely willing to just watch you give someone hell, but if you try to brush it off, or you can’t hurt them back, he will beat them to the floor, no mercy
  • Before he lets loose Hell’s fury, he assesses your injuries. If you need immediate attention, he only trusts himself or one of his generals to help you. Then, if you’re fine or if you’re getting treated, he briefly debates a suitable punishment. He usually settles for a harsh beating and some sass
  • After justice has been served, he’ll find you, and he makes sure you’re alright (again)
  • Then we get about as soft as Lotor gets outside of a locked room (that’s more sfw than it sounds i swear) he’ll give you a light kiss on the forehead, and whisper something along the lines of, “they won’t even think of hurting you again, not while i’m around”
  • Later, probably at night, the two of you will be in your quarters. He’ll lay a soft kiss to every bruise and scratch, to every sore muscle. He wraps you in his arms, and holds you tight until you fall asleep.

The day my heart stopped forever

It was inevitable, but that doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking

She lost a child. One of the only children she will ever have. She watched his blood rain from the sky and the ice shatter as he hit the ground and sank into the water. And now she’ll have to use her other two children to fight him while he is ridden by something pure evil.

Im not prepared to see her face when that happens.
When she sees Viserion, her dead child, with those bright, blue, souless eyes. Mounted by The Night King.
When she realises her own child is being used to destory the world she means to change.

Game or Thrones, why

So, I kinda HC that when Keith debriefed everyone about the Blade of Marmora trials (in as much detail as he was allowed), he remembered his conversations with Shiro and his father’s projections basically word for word (esp. Shiro’s because they’re so close and it must’ve been painful).

So when Shiro goes missing and Keith needs to be comforted again, Lance remembers that “Hey man” (either from being told in the group or one-on-one with Keith because we don’t know what happens) was a safe introduction for the conversation with projected Shiro.

And when Lance wants to be comforted by Keith:

he starts the conversation the same way. So, he learned something about approaching Keith in a caring way and likes to use it now and I kinda want it to be a thing for them.

As we know, Keith doesn’t really have a way with words, but I’m kinda hoping he can continue with that phrase in S4 and initiate a conversation with it himself.

anonymous asked:

(anon about alec's line from earlier) i just kinda wanted to explain my thoughts more cuz i think using 'creepy' gave the wrong impression. the reason the line didnt sit well with me is b/c we have seen suicidal!alec as canon (literally he tried to kill himself) and magnus was the one who saved him, and for the most part the show ignored it except for like one scene. and while i am a big fan of the show, that's always bothered me so fucking much because i've loved people who thought their (1/4)

lives were worthless and so were they and it’s fucking terrifying?? and if the show were to actually talk about alec being suicidal and not just make it an intense plot moment for 3 seconds, i think magnus would still be terrified over that too. so (and i know this wasnt the show’s intention) alec saying ‘i dont think i can live without you’, if alec being suicidal wasn’t just to spook the fans, would scare the fuck out of magnus. and i love malec so much!! they mean so much to me,(2/4)

and i always thought i could count on them as being a healthy lgbtq+ ship, but with this line it terrifies me that the show is just gonna reduce magnus and alec into drama involving their relationship and ignore them as whole characters.i love them, i really do, but alec saying he can’t live without magnus is not only ignoring his shit ton of emotional problems, but it also reduces him to loving magnus and only magnus. he has his entire family, and yet with that line it seems like they just(¾)

threw that out and pretended like the only person to ever actually matter to alec is magnus. and same w magnus when alec asked him for help to close the rift, magnus made it seem (at first) like he couldnt care less about the rift & demons escaping and killing people just cuz he was mad at alec. and i know eventually he gave in, but that was only after alec talked to him for awhile, which is annoying and gross b/c i dont believe magnus would ever hesitate to do something if it saved lives.(4/4)

again, i know this wasn’t the show’s intention, but these scenes being written this way makes it seem like the only reason magnus and alec exist is to be malec. (and there are good scenes that counteract my argument, but it still bothers me that the scenes i am talking about are written this way) anyway. i know this is all me just reading way too far into stuff, but i’m just worried that i’m gonna have to see this ship burn because it’s being written like this. (5/4 miscounted my bad)

Ok, nonnie. First of all, I don’t want to sound like a dick but I disagree with you completely, like I understand what you are trying to say and every single one of your points, but I really disagree with all of them, and I understand why you are scared about this becoming an annoying or bad on screen relationship but I just don’t see it that way.

Suicidal!Alec is canon but like I said before I don’t think alec said it in a “If you don’t get back together with me I’m gonna kill myself” way, I think it was more in a “you are always gonna be a part of me” way. I think that, yes, Magnus hearing Alec say that may scare him and make him think that he can’t leave Alec but Magnus is not with Alec just because Alec can’t live without him or because Alec is forcing him to stay by emotionally manipulating him, Magnus is with Alec because can’t live without him either.

Now, what you are saying about the show reducing Alec and Magnus to only malec and giving them drama about the relationship….. yeah….. no… the “drama” we’ve seen on screen is literally not like anything I’ve seen on screen for relationships. It isn’t “I’m jealous because this person suddenly started talking to you” “I’m gonna cheat on you because I thought you were cheating on me” “You told me one small lie that didn’t matter so now I’m mad at you and I’m gonna forget you exist”, it’s not silly relationship drama for the sake of drama, the multiple arguments they’ve had is around one thing and one thing only, the fact that Alec is part of a privileged group and Magnus is part of a group that is being oppressed by them, it all goes back to that. 

They are a healthy relationship because even after all the problems, they always talk and go back to being ok, it never piles up, they have great communication and their relationship keeps growing. 

The “I don’t think I can live without you” is giving their relationship more development than taking it away. And not just their relationship but also Alec as a whole character, he went from “Am I gonna give up my life for you?” to telling Magnus he can’t live without him.

Also, what you said about the line making it seem like he doesn’t care about his family because it makes it sound like he only thinks about Magnus……… Alec has always been shown as someone that protects the people he loves (that’s literally what his name means) and it has been shown how much he loves his family. At the beggining he was shown as a very cold person but did you see the way he smiled and hugged Izzy, the way he smilles at Max whenever he sees him, the way he comforted Jace even tho he didn’t know what was happening, the way he knew when to start treating Clary with kindness because he knew he cared about her enough? 

He has always been shown as a guarded person, the only person he has shown complete affection, kindness, sweetness and even weakness to is Magnus, because Magnus is the only person he has an intimate relationship with, the only person who has even gotten him to open up emotionally, and the only person he trusts with his emotions. That’s why there is a difference between his platonic and familial relationships and the relationship he has with his partner Magnus.

And are you really telling me Magnus Bane wouldn’t have saved all those lives if it weren’t for Alec telling him people were gonna die? Af it weren’t because Alec talked to him? Magnus bane would never. I know you are saying the writting made it seem that way… but really? is that really how you are gonna leave? thinking Magnus would?. He would have probably shown up at the Institute anyways to see how he could help. In my house we treat Magnus Bane with the respect he deserves.

And lastly i do understand what you are trying to say but everything about their storyline as individuals and as a couple has been great I don’t think there’s anything we should be worried about really. I’m sorry if i sounded rude or harsh  with everything I explained above, but really, everything is fine my dude.

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Do you know what episode it was of Wind Waker when Danny is talking about naming yourself in Pokemon and he goes "I'd like to use my own name please; Scrotal Lozenge" ?

I do remember this vividly, but I can’t seem to find it. I have a really strong feeling it was the really long one, but I just don’t have the time to look through it all right now. If someone has the time, could you please reblog/message the person asking with the time/correct episode?

CLF: Pas du Tout I

A/N: I’m gonna say this right now:


WARNINGS: Swearing, character death, the Winter Soldier is activated.



SONG TRACK: Let Me Out by Hidden Citizens

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Ms. Franklin: I’ve noticed recently that your assignments are coming out to be very similar. Even the math is worked out the exact same way.

Josie: Well, you did teach us how to work out problems, why wouldn’t they be the same?

Sera: Well… I usually divide differently because the common core way confuses me…

Ms. Franklin: Yes, and you both use the old way, no one else in the class does. I’m not going to accuse either of you of cheating now. But if this continues, I’m going to have to send you both to the Principal so he can figure out who is doing the cheating.

Sera: O-okay, Ms. Franklin.

Josie: *sigh* Whatever.

Thrashing the world (if only for us) 04

Chapter: First | Second | Third | Fourth 

Phone Call

The sound of a phone woke Alaude. He sprung out of bed, glancing at the clock. Just half past seven. Everyone would be waking up shortly for breakfast.

He answered the call, half expecting it to be one of his subordinates with the information he had requested yesterday.

“Alaude, speaking.”

“Hello Alaude.”

Alaude gripped the cellphone, nearly crushing it in his hand. A hot white anger burned. He knew that voice. Never forgot it. “Tsubame. Why have you called now?” he demanded. Nine years. Nine years and he had nearly given up searching for her. Nothing ever turned up and aside from the continuous gifts that Kyoya received that he was certain were from her, he had no proof that she even alive.

Tsubame laughed weakly, a touch hysterical. “I wanted to talk to Kyoya.”

“Why should I let you?” Alaude demanded. Knowing Kyoya, he probably wasn’t even interested in hearing from a woman he never met, the mother who abandoned him.

“Please humor the dying request of the woman who gave birth to him.”

That knocked the breath out of Alaude. He staggered, sinking down to sit on his bed. Dying?  “Tsubame?”

She just chuckled again. This time he heard the sorrow in her laugh.

“Why did you leave us nine years ago?” Alaude asked, softer, gentler.

“I had to be sure,” Tsubame said.

“Sure of what?” He didn’t like where this conversation was going.

“That they would never touch Kyoya. That meant eradicating them off the face of the earth. It took nine years and my life, but they will never crawl out of the hellhole I threw them in. They will never hurt Kyoya or you and for that, I will gladly die with a smile on my face.”

What. Alaude’s heart squeezed tight. There was a threat against his son and threat he didn’t know about? And Tsubame went up against… alone?! His emotions conflicted, mixing between outrage, fear, anger, and confusion. He ran a hand through his hair.

“Tsubame,” he murmured, half pleading for her to make sense. He took out paper, jotting down a note.  

“Let me speak to Kyoya, please,” she asked, breath wispy.

If she was truly dying, Alaude didn’t want to be responsible for denying that from her. He flung open the door, nearly running into the maid. Alaude handed her his note, stalking towards the dining room where the kids and the others were most likely were.

“I hope I’m not interrupting breakfast,” Tsubame said mildly. “It is breakfast right? Must be, the sun has risen.”

Alaude categorized that, mentally filing it away in a desperate attempt to find where she was. If the maid was swift enough, they could get a trace on his phone going and pinpoint where she was calling from.

“Does Elena still make pancakes?” Tsubame asked.

“She does,” Alaude asked. Elena was pancake duty nearly every week, making all sorts of combinations. Kyoya secretly loved her blueberries ones though he rarely ever asked her to make them for him.

He stopped outside of the dining room. For once a deep uncertainty settle in his stomach. “Come back,” Alaude whispered.

“If I could,” Tsubame answered.

He would move mountains to ensure that she could. Alaude entered the dining room, seeing everyone had arrived, spotting Kyoya. He switched on speakerphone, placing it in front of Kyoya.

“Tsubame is on the phone,” he announced.

The room went silent. The adults stared at Alaude while the kids looking at Kyoya. Kyoya merely frowned.

“Kyoya doesn’t have to talk you you meanie!” Hayato exploded first.

Tsubame’s warm laughter came over the phone. “That sounded like a young G. Did G have a kid? I sincerely hope he is as explosive as G is.”

“Hey!” G and Hayato protested together. Lavina merely covered her mouth with her hand, hiding her wide smile.

“Why did you want to talk to me?” Kyoya asked, cutting off any further reaction from them. He stared down at the phone, gray eyes piercing.

“I see you’ve picked up Alaude’s blunt and direct manner,” Tsubame said. “I just wanted to hear your voice. So say whatever you want. If you hate me, your favorite things, what you did yesterday, any questions you have for me.”

“You gave me a pair of tonfa,” Kyoya said.

“I thought it was a nice compromise. It wasn’t a bladed weapon, still close combat enough for Alaude to teach you without using something like handcuffs and wasn’t a gun,” Tsubame said. “Did you like them?”

Well, that confirmed each package was from Tsubame. And there she went teasing him about his handcuffs again too. She had laughed somewhat hysterically the first time she saw him use it and never gave him a reason why she found it so funny. Even Daemon’s reaction had been mild and mocking in comparison.

Giotto sent Alaude a look, quietly questioning and full of concern.

Alaude tilted his head, sending a message that he would explain later. Giotto nodded, intently listening as Tsubame exchanged words with Kyoya. The kids fearlessly interjecting and squabbling over what was said.

“I want to know about you,” Kyoya said, voice quiet but firm.

Tsubame fell silent. “Well,” she finally said. “I don’t like lilies.”

Alaude didn’t sputtered, though it was nearly so. “You love lilies,” he said. She was carrying lilies the first, second and third time he had met her. He gave her lilies many times, saw the fond smile that spread across her face when receiving them. How could she not love lilies?

Tsubame’s laugh was slightly bitter. “I just didn’t correct you. For the record, I don’t like coffee either. My favorite color is purple though.”

Their time together was so short that Alaude had very few solid concrete facts about her. It was unsetting to find out that two of those facts were in fact not true. Why would she not correct him about those?

“The tea set I sent you is my mother’s. You and I get our coloring from her. My temper runs deep, even if you can never tell looking at me. My favorite flower is myosotis. I love the sound of the ocean. Meeting your father and having you are my happiest memories.”

“Then why did you leave?” Kyoya asked.

Alaude winced. For all that Kyoya said that he didn’t care, the question still weigh heavily on his son’s mind. Tsuna wrapped his arms around Kyoya, squeezing tight and it said much that Kyoya didn’t even grumble over it like usual.


“Tsubame?” Kyoya asked.

“Hm? Ah, my apologies, it’s getting hard to focus. I don’t think… is Giotto around?” Tsubame asked, voice growing softer.

“I am,” Giotto said.

“I know Alaude is tracing this call. So when you arrive here, there might be two boys about Kyoya’s age in the area. A brunette and a blond. Or they might show up at Vongola’s mansion. Please don’t turn them away. They can tell you more about why I left the way I did,” Tsubame said.

Giotto jolted in alarm, sending a look at Alaude. The pieces of why this conversation was happening and now, sliding into place for him. “Tsubame, are you-”

“Kyoya, are you happy?” Tsubame asked, cutting Giotto off. “With your father, Giotto and the others. Your siblings sound wonderful.”

“Yes,” Kyoya said, answer firm and unwavering.

“Good. That’s all I ever wanted for you,” Tsubame said. “Hey Alaude, I got one more selfish request. Bury me by the sea?”

The phone line went dead.

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BTS—Love Yourself “起承轉結”

“起承轉結” — beginning, development, twist, conclusion.

The video is the combination of all the parts of the story. The conclusion is simply Jin catching the vase.

The vase is holding the flowers that were originally knocked over in the “twist.” I believe the flowers are white cala lilies. Cala lilies can be used for marriages, but also for funerals.

He saved them from falling. He’s changing the fate he once had. He changed his clothes. Everything is in reverse.

This whole thing is about how the present (what is now the past) has this much of an impact on the future. One, single change can alter the fate of others and Yourself. He changed his hat, he didn’t meet the girl, she’s safe.

“Though many seasons pass, there are places that cannot be reached.”

The past cannot be reached, once something happens, there is no going back to a moment.

Once you grow up, there is no going back.

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Imagine Endverse!Cas getting high and having hella bad munchies and wanting pizza rolls but there's no pizza rolls in the apocalypse so he starts crying simply because there's no pizza rolls and Dean is just like 😑

listen, no one would ever judge Cas for craving pizza rolls 
Dean secretly wants them too 

Multiple Characters Imagine

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You walked on the set of your little brothers movie and people just watched you walk. It did feel weird but then again not the first time. Tom had asked you to visit him, since he was filming in US and you were there too, for a while so a visit was what you both needed. Many years ago you and Tom weren’t that close, especially when you two were very young, you two used to fight all the time, but now you are very happy to have him as your friend and not just a brother. 

As you walked around you could hear your brother laughing around the corner. When you walked closer and now could see him, Tom had his back turned to you. But the people who he was talking to were looking right at you, and slowly their months were hanging open. Tom didn’t turned he looked at Sebastians and Anthonys faces 

“By the look of your opened mouths I’m guessing my sister is here” he turned around to see he was right. He came up to you and gave you a big hug. You two stood there talking for a while. When both man who still couldn’t believe what they were seeing came closer to you two 

“You’re his sister?” Anthony asked pointing at Tom, in total disbelief. You nodded with a small giggle. This was very funny to you. “Man, you just became like 10 times cooler” Anthony said to Tom, but never stopped looking at you. While you tried to talk to your brother who you had missed so much, Sebastian and Anthony had many questions for you. They wanted to know everything. From your work to your personal life. 

“Loving the attention just not the invasion of personal space” you said tilting your head back and slowly pushing both man a bit away from you. From all the excitement they had moved very close to you, pretty much right in your face. 

“Hey guys” Tom tried to say something but they didn’t listen. Sebastian started to flirt with you. His pick up lines weren’t that great and you weren’t the one who was going to hold her tongue about it. 

“Really Sebastian? Where did get your pick up lines from a 70s tv show?” Sebastian laughed, it looked everything you said he found very funny. They kept on making jokes and hitting on you, while Tom stood in the back smiling. He then slowly walked around them, next to you and spoke up louder. 

“Hey guys” they looked at Tom who had the most smug look on his face, you had ever seen. “I’m sorry to burt your bubble, but my sister. The girl you’ve been wildly hitting on. She’s has been dating the king of Wakanda for 3 years now.” he stood there watching as Sebastians and Anthonys looks went from happy/flirty to miserable/angry. 

“You’re dating Chadwick?” Sebastian asked, with a slightly shaking hands. You just nodded. “This is the worst day of my life.” 

“Oh man. This seriously sucks.” Anthony said stomping his legs and swearing under his breath. Sebastian looked at him 

“Dude, you’re married” just then it hit Anthony what the real life was looking like. Everyone just looked at him and waited to see what he’ll say now. 

“I know that” he said with a nerves laugh, then turned around and about to walk away but you could hear his last words “oh man, I am married. How did I forget that” 

You stood there now just laughing your ass off, while Tom just smiled looking very happy about what was going on. He even did a little dance, then hugged you 

“I’m so happy you’re my sister” rest of the day you spend with Tom and Chad, Sebastian and Anthony tried to stay away for the bigger part of the day, but soon they got over what happened and you all could hang out together. Since you and Chadwick are very honest with each other you told him about what had happened but he also found it very funny. 

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I wonder if the reboot are going to reference the triplets' dad. It can be use as a joke, or a drama moment, cause he was used as a one time gag back then for Uncle Donald to take in the boys... and has since became a faceless mystery. All we know is that the last name is 'Duck'. Damn, now that I think about, he might be trying to find Della and put his children in Donald's care in the meanwhile.

The triplets’ dad is an even bigger mystery than Della. At least we know what Della looks like, her relation to Donald and what her job is in general canon.

The closest thing we have to an image of the father is in a pretty old family tree by Barks (but actually drawn in the style of another artist - Mark Worden). We don’t know what he does or where he is, so fans speculate and come up with their own theories.

It’s still too early to know of he’ll be mentioned or given a cameo in the new series, because the series overarching plot may be focusing on Finding Out What Happened to Della, specifically. Which is not at all a bad thing. Who knows, maybe the dad is meant to be explored in another time or medium.