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Title: Distance

Word Count: 5000+

Pairing: Steven Stone/Cynthia

Rating: T (implied sexual themes)

Summary: For no matter the fact that they could not see each other too often or embrace in public as other couples could, they knew they would still be there for each other, in the end.

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anonymous asked:

First off, your blog is amazing! You've written some of the best theories I've ever read. I've been dismissing the excessive concerns that Lexa will die for months now because I thought it unlikely. Then they killed Brenda Strong, I listened to a podcast where Jason promised that Clexa fans will be upset this season, and he alluded that Clarke will be the ultimate person in charge. But that's Lexa right now?! I just don't see a world in The 100 in which Clarke and Lexa live happily ever after.

Hey, thank you very much. I know I’m late answering this but here we go.

Okay, I never said in any of my analysis that Clexa is going to live happily ever after. I hope it is the case but I never said it, only thought. The only thing I did was explain why I don’t believe that Lexa is going to die. The link you make between Brenda and Alycia doesn’t work for me. Nia had to die, her end-game was quite clear since the beginning of the episode “punishment for your crime is death”, “someone has to die today” “and all in all her death was very important for several reasons (character development, plot development). But let me break it into a few parts so you can get an idea and understand why it was so important for the Ice Queen to die so early and why her death cannot be connected to Lexa in the sense that she might die this season as well.

Reason 1: Lexa’s fighting skills

I don’t know why most people thought Lexa was going to die during the fight but I guess it was because 1.) they had never seen her fight and 2.) because of this particular scene:

Here is the thing about Lexa as a fighter:

  • She is accutely aware of her surroundings. She observes it all the time.
  • She uses weapons; always with different techniques
  • She uses her body. Her voice is loud, her face very expressive, her movements precise, fast and very fluent, like a dance; she pushes back; hands, legs, and feet are always involved
  • She has extremely good reflexes and coordination
  • She uses self-defense (It’s hurt or to be hurt): Lexa knows which body parts are sensitive, where you can make the most damage and she hits these pressure points.

Let’s look at this scene from a different perspective:

Obviously Roan is the attacker and Lexa the vulnerable one. Or so he believes. Roan makes a mistake, he miscalculates and thinks that he is on control, but Lexa never even lost it. Depending on the position of Roan and how close he is Lexa can determine where she can strike him and which body part she is going to use for her attack. She lies there and waits (her patience is out of this world) until he is close enough. Look how her legs are spread. This is to her advantage because in this scene she kicks him with her back of her foot right there:

The result is that Roan loses his footing and literally falls to the ground for a second. That is enough time for Lexa to get up again and jump far away enough. He can not throw the spear this way because she is too close but he also can not strike her with it because she is far away enough. And after that she keeps attacking his pressure points, this time with the spear she takes from him:

Hits his leg, he falls again, and this time Lexa is too fast, he can’t get up so he has to defend himself by using his arm

He forgets about one thing though, and this is why the spear is a huge advantage for Lexa in this particular fight:

The spear is a long weapon made out of wood. You can throw, thrust, club it or force someone onto their knees with it (Lexa does all this mmmygod). It is a lethal weapon and Lexa uses it with such grace. Roan does not consider this and then Lexa hits him with the other side of the spear with a force that she directly applies to another sensitive body part:

1:0 for Lexa.

Roan never had a chance. Lexa possesses all important principles of combat. Roan miscalculated everything. He thought as long as he got a weapon he will be on the safer side. I’d like to call his moves fatality. This is just one of the many great things about this fight. I would analyse this even further for you but let’s move on.

Reason 2: Lexa’s highthinking skills

I love how complex her mind is and how simple she makes it seem. Her cognitive process is extraordinary to say the least, and here is why:

  • She can analyse a situation and create something new out of it within seconds
  • She can apply these new creations/ideas immediately
  • She gains new knowledge about the world and about herself within the process and understands them
  • She can always look back on her own calculations and re-use them if needed because she remembers them

Thinking about how she killed Nia and how she actually got there is simply a masterpiece, you just don’t know when that plan was actually formed. She pulls you into the event where you just end up thinking “what the fuck, wow”. Literally, Lexa’s skills are a perfect equilibrim between mind and body, detail and speed. It’s true, her technique’s are based on her personality, so it’s hard to know what she will/could do next.

This woman is so full of surprises, and I’m so whipped.

Reason 3: Lexa avenges Costia and makes Roan the King of the Ice Nation.

I think this is the part where two very important different things mix very well together. Obviously, Nia was the one who cut off Costia’s head in the past, not Roan. She killed her. Nia doesn’t fight Lexa herself though, but uses her son instead - which is amazing because it would mean it is a fight against a man and a woman.

Case and point. Clarke sit down.

I love that Lexa gets to kill Nia for her people and for Costia.

This sentence is very important because it shows the difference between these two almost same things: avenge vs. revenge.

Lexa avenges Costia. She gets justice for an injury or a wrong that Nia did to her years ago. She frees herself and Costia in this process.

If Lexa were someone who would take revenge she would have killed Roan in the fight. It would have been personal retaliation in the sense that she would have taken something away from Nia that is “dear” to her, it would have been an action that involved anger and resentment - two things that don’t fit Lexa at all. She is the Commander, someone who cares for the safety of her people, such personal acts simply don’t fit her. So she doesn’t kill Roan but Nia. My babu ain’t about that “revengooo” life.

And honestly, this is just another magnificent characteristic of Lexa that I’m so thankful we get to experience. Nia dies, Costia is avenged, Lexa defends her title and Roan becomes the King of the Ice Nation. This also opens another storyline for us; what will happen with the Ice Nation now?

Reason 4: Lexa proves herself as a Commander and doesn’t fear death

Anyone who ever doubted Lexa and said that she would be “too weak”, here is some news for you; Lexa is awaiting your presence on her balcony on a Tuesday.

I love so much that this show is examining what weakness is and how most people misunderstand it when in Lexa’s case it’s just a different type of strength. 

This fight was important on so many levels. Lexa throwing that spear into Nia’s heart is easily one of the most mesmerizing, fierce and shocking things I’ve seen on this show. Her being able to defend her title as the Commander, kill Nia, avenge Costia, make Roan the new King of the Ice Nation is not just an implication of Lexa’s true power and that people miserably underestimate her, but also a total game-changer for Lexa’s character and her significance to the overall importance of the storyline. Lexa is fearless. And while I want to pour out my feelings and write something really poetic about her being damn fearless all I’m going to say right now is; if you see Lexa, take your L in advance, you don’t want to fight her. Ever.

Her being fearless also connects really well to the theme of “death”. Lexa has learned from a very young age that death is something that is frequent in her life. Not only because it will happen to the people around her, but also because she has to consider her own death at any given moment. It’s not just a reality but it is always there, always present. It’s a very sad present reality that she has learned to expect and accept without having a moment where she can think about it and cry, mostly for those she has lost (Costia, Anya, Gustus and even Clarke). She is so used to think of her own death as something normal that she is very plain about it. Simple, cut, dry, truth. She doesn’t know anything other better than that. She is the Commander, she has a duty. Do it, fulfill it, and die.

The most interesting part about this talk of death is during this scene:

The most interesting part of their interaction to me is the actual cold, unfunny truths that get spoken. Lexa doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable topics like the fact that she awaits her death at any moment. And it is rather fascinating how Clarke reacts in the most amazing way possible when she acknowledges the truth of that statement and changes it into something that Lexa can smile about. I don’t think she ever smiled about that. This is a grand gesture. An act that proves that Clarke does not worry about Lexa dying so she makes a fucking joke out of it. She doesn’t want to think about Lexa dying. Lexa has only just escaped death today, no way in hell is Clarke just going to sit there and watch her die. She is the only person stepping up for Lexa and that’s literally what she does here. I love them both so much.

Reason 5: Lexa being the human version of a Venn Diagram

Alright, we all know by now that Lexa’s character is connected to ALIE’s storyline. We got different hints in the show and theories.

How is Lexa important/special?:

There are two sets: Virutality and Reality. The virtuality represents the people that live in the City of Light and the reality represents the people that live on planet earth. The combined area is Lexa which represents an union of virtuality and reality. The union in this case represents Lexa as someone who is able to exist in both dimensions. Lexa’s special ability is that she can exist in both worlds.

There is a special articulation between the infinity symbol and ALIE/Lexa.



ALIE’s infinity sign is complete while Lexa’s is not. More about that in a minute.

Everyone knows about the black blood too. Lexa’s blood is black, as seen in 3x04. She tells us that it goes back to the first Commander. Every child that is born with black blood will be sent to Polis to start their Commander training. We don’t know too much about it yet but the black blood seems to prevent ALIE to take control over the minds of those who possess it and pass their Conclave.

Lexa passed hers and became the next Commander.

So, back to the infinity sign. Why is Lexa’s not complete? In the Venn Diagram Lexa represents an union between two sets. Lexa’s tattoo to be incomplete could mean that she tries to prevent that union. Because of Lexa’s existence ALIE is unable to fulfill her plan and make the City of Light the new real world.

How does this connect to Clarke and what you said in your ask ““he [Jason] alluded that Clarke will be the ultimate person in charge. But that’s Lexa right now?!”

Ultimate charge: break that utterance into 2 simple words and connect them to Clarke.

Ultimate: Clarke being the elemental, essential, fundamental character in the show

Charge: Clarke is the power button of the show.

Lexa might be the one who represents the wall between virtuality and reality but she needs Clarke. Clarke is the ultimate force to win against ALIE. In conclusion: for us to see Lexa fight is very important because we now know that she is both phsycially and mentally strong. She represents a kind of power that no one else has on this show. How does this connect to Clarke’s behavior in 3x04? Clarke backs Lexa, she stands and steps up for her. She is the one breathing new life into Lexa’s world. And this will be an essential factor once they fight against ALIE in the final together, they will guard and save each other. No death for Lexa.

Reason 6: How the first 4 episodes affect Clarke’s character and why she is still the main protagonist

Alright, I don’t know which podcast you’re talking about (I don’t have time to listen to them unfortunately) but I never heard someone talk about that podcast you mentioned. If you’ve read my Chess Analogy analysis I have already mentioned that Clarke is indeed going to be the person in ultimate charge and - oh wait a second - she never left that position! Huh?!

Okay here is the thing, I’ve seen a lot of people comment on 3x03 or 3x04 (especially those episodes, you know why) saying that these episodes did not Clarke justice, because apparently Lexa takes over the role of the main character, or that Clarke was either OOC or sidelined and - excuse me but, LMFAO.

I don’t understand why people think that when once the focus is on another character for just a moment that the main protagonist falls back and gets forgotten, takes over roles like “the girlfriend material” or “the useless one” etc.

Clarke is never just the girlfriend material nor useless.

Let me break it down for y’all who think she is.

Clarke at the beginning of season 3:

Clarke’s introduction into the third season is extremely different from what we have expected: the first scene is her fighting/killing a Panther. If you compare that to the last scene of her in season 2 you will be confused. Most people probably expected some sort of Jasper-esque character. The 3 months that she has spent in the wild now is taking root over her body, it covers her entire being and unables you to recognize her. Which is the goal. Clarke doesnt want to be recognized. She doesn’t want to be neither Clarke nor Wanheda. She want’s to be no one. This is enstrangement at its finest. And it’s so interesting to see because for her to start the third season as a Grounder who has the ability to fight for herself and masters the native language so she can blend in with the others is not only a cover because of the Bounty, or because she wants to separate herself from her old self. It is simply her being a Mastermind once again. She is like a chameleon in the beginning of season 3. We know nothing about her life she has spent these 3 months alone, but she is still the same sharp mind and still possesses a razor tongue.

And Is she good at it? Yes. Is she good enough? No.

People can see past her (Niylah, Roan). Clarke wears her heart on her sleeve right now and she hates herself for it. She doesn’t want to feel, so she goes and let’s the forest swallow her up. This way she is not noticeable, not traceable, lost and alone. Like she thinks she deserves.

Is this all to her advantage? Not at all. Being alone takes it’s toll on her. She has nightmares.

The feelings that she is able to repress when she is active haunt her when she is passive. Clarke being active means always being in movement, wandering, learning new things, keeping yourself occupied and distracted. Clarke being passive means haunting dreams of all the things that she condences and displaces when she is awake. The raw images of the events in Mount Weather enter her mind when she is uncouscious and pull her back to reality. And because she is alone she has to deal with this alone.

Clarke is in a constant battle between being someone else and dealing with her herself/past > changing colors like chameleon.  And the connection she makes between her actions and her thoughts are mind-blowing - The “If I do this then I can do that.” mentality. She thinks inside and outside of the box.

And that’s not all. In episode 2 it gets even more interesting. We get to see the new character that is Roan who seems to have many similarities to Clarke: both are resourceful, stubborn and manipulative.

And it is not surprising to see how much Clarke wants to live when she realizes that Roan wants to take her to the Ice Nation where she thinks she will die. She is weak but she does not surrender.

Once again she uses her Mastermind: “Whatever the Ice Queen is giving you, my people will offer you more.” I love her bluff.

Roan doesn’t take the deal. Clarke fights against him. She is constantly trying to get out of his grip, attacking him, playing dead. This is so vital for her as a character because it shows that deep down Clarke has not given up yet. She still holds that fire within herself that we know she has. And when her world clashes with Lexa’s once again, everything that she’s tried to kill inside herself bubbles up into the surface again and make her explode. Clarke is a ticking time bomb this season, a fucking minefield that you have to be so careful with because if you make one wrong step you will blow up.

In episode 3 everything turns into a fucking supernova.

Before I talk about Clarke’s and Lexa’s very explosive reunion I need to add these particular scenes:

Everytime before Clarke interacts with Lexa her back is turned towards her. (Except for the second scene, that’s the scene where she interacts with Roan but her back is still turned to Lexa/in this case the Tower. There are two important factors that lead her to do this:

1.) Clarke is always in motion. She is constantly observing, analysing, planning this entire situation that she finds herself in. Questioning things, trying to make sense of everything.

2.) Nonverbal Communication. Clarke’s message is clear, she is struggling with Lexa’s presence, fighting against her feelings. She is keeping herself away from Lexa like this, a safe distance.

And it is so interesting because every scene with Lexa she has in 3x03 starts like this (except for the Ceremony scene) and everytime she ends up facing Lexa. The first time (first pic) she tells Lexa to kill her and then walks away leaving Lexa alone. The second time (third pic) she is the one trying to kill Lexa but ends up crying and pushes Lexa away because that’s not what she wants and stays, even makes a new offer. The third time (last pic) she offers her hand and helps Lexa up after she bowed and vowed to Clarke.

While Clarke is fighting with her emotions she can keep her rational thoughts intact, she doesn’t drift, doesn’t lose balance of the situation, always finds the solution she needs in these specific moments. Throughout episode 3 she is regaining back her strength.

And then we have the last episode. And I have to ask you people who say this all the time: How is Clarke not the main focus or useless in 3x04? I just don’t fucking get it - someone please enlighten me. Without Clarke there would be so many things that could have not been prevented or even invented/introduced:

  • stopping the unanimous vote
  • figuring Roan out and saving his life in the process
  • introducing Ontari into the story
  • similarities between Clarke and Lexa
  • learning about forgivness and trust
  • all in all an extraordinary representation of Clarke The Mastermind™

Sorry but, Clarke is always directly involved in all of this. She is the one moving the pieces. Without her this story simply can’t move on. Also, to say that she doesn’t act like the main protagonist would mean that she doesn’t have enough screentime but we are never not without her, she is always there. She is still the one exploring, progressing and learning - alone and not alone. Clarke is healing this season, she will learn how to begin anew and move forward, she will go from weak to extreme strength - become the ultimate person in charge. This is Clarke’s journey back to the real world, not just in the sense of ALIE but generally, she is broken and she will exist in one piece again and be stronger than ever before. I mean, look at her evolution from 3x01 - 3x04:

Clarke is becoming her old self again.

And Lexa is very very very important for Clarke to be able to do that because she understands Clarke like no one else - she has been/is where Clarke is. She can guide, teach, share and do so much for Clarke to get back to where she once was. There is so much they learn from each other. This is a very special bond they have. Lexa is the catalyst for Clarke’s fall and she will be the one to rise again.

The representation of the human spirit and artificial life/intelligence and how it is a complicated and never-ending process is heavy and truthful and simply immense and exciting as well. And Clarke is the one linking all of this together.

Clarke has always been and always will be the main character of this show. And no one can change that. But I don’t see the problem for Lexa to be her partner and fight along her side. There will be a time where they are both in charge together.

Anyway, I’m sorry that this is so long, but I just had to make sure people understand.