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Old Friends [j.j]

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Title: Old Friends
Fandom: Riverdale
Characters: Jughead Jones x reader, Archie Andrews, mentions of Betty Cooper, mentions of Veronica Lodge, mentions of Jason Blossom
Warnings: None
Word Count: 2,237
Requested: Yes, by anonymous.
Short Description: After an argument regarding all the time Jughead spends on his writing, you want nothing more than to go to your ex-best friend Archie for advice.
A/N: Thanks for your request! I’m glad you enjoy my other story and hope that you like this one too x

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name
[Y/L/N] = your last name
[Y/F/M] = your favourite movie

The first time that Jughead brought his laptop to your Pop’s date, you didn’t object. Jughead was, in his own way, an artist. He had a visible impulse to create, which you could undoubtedly understand. So when the both of you ordered your food, you were okay with Jughead typing away on his laptop, humming in agreement every few minutes as you talked. It was evident that he wasn’t paying attention; that he was enticed by his own thoughts as he attempted to put them to paper. And that was tolerable.

But it had been a few weeks since Jason Blossom went missing at Sweetwater River on July 4th, and Jughead had yet to spend some real time with you. Everywhere he went, that laptop was beside him and he whipped it out whenever he could sit down.

“Hey Jug,” you instigated as you were both sitting in the projection booth of the Twilight Drive-In. It was your one year anniversary with Jughead and you had resolved that you were equipped to tell him that you were in love with him. Of course, it was somewhat noticeable to anybody who knew you that you were completely smitten with Jughead. But the both of you were still young and so saying those three words could theoretically alarm Jughead. So, you had picked out your loveliest dress and styled your hair in neat, loose waves for the special occasion, letting Betty and Veronica help you with your choices, and put your big girl attitude on. You could do this. But your confidence had completely wavered when you arrived at the drive-in, only to see Jughead already on that laptop of his. “Why don’t you pick another movie if you don’t like this one?” you suggested, as he had devoted the entire time writing instead of watching Y/F/M with you.

Jughead neglected to glance up from his screen as he replied. “No, this is fine.” You frowned at how nonchalant he was being. He clearly didn’t care at all that the occasion seemed special to you.

 “Fine,” you echoed inaudibly to yourself. “I’m glad that it’s… fine.” Of course, Jughead neglected to hear you mumbling to yourself so he just hummed in agreement before going back to typing, eyes narrowed at the laptop in front of him.

So, you sought to converge on the movie. Y/F/M was a film that could continually put you in a good mood, but it seemed that its charm had worn off, as your enthusiastic mood was reduced to ashes. You glanced down at the bucket of popcorn that had been utterly untouched between you and Jughead, hoping that it might interest you now, but the buttery goodness still didn’t feel very appetising. “Jughead, we really don’t have to watch a movie.” You tried, feeling terribly secluded despite how romantic and intimate the setting was. Your boyfriend said nothing, so you shifted your body to face him and placed your hand on his shoulder. 

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swagness2001  asked:

Have you ever thought about writing something where Rock Lee time travels? His lack of chakra or however you choose makes him the safest option or something. And he claims to be Gai's brother or something. I don't know. I just figured you would get a kick out of it.

“Excuse me,” Tenten says with chilling sweetness. “You want to what?”

It says something about how many times Tenten has kicked his ass in sparing, Shikamaru thinks in amusement, that Naruto twitches back out of range of Konoha’s Weapons Mistress with just as much speed as he uses in getting out of Sakura’s range.

“It’s the best solution,” Naruto says, and if it’s a little weak that can probably be excused given how Tenten’s eyes are flashing dangerously. “It won’t work if the traveler’s chakra shifts at all during the trip, and Lee’s the only one we can be certain will manage that. I’d send Gai, but—”

“So,” Tenten interrupts, and Shikamaru takes a discrete step out of range. When Tenten abandons politeness, especially to the Hokage, it usually ends with someone being turned into a pincushion. “You’re going to send Lee back in time to lie repeatedly to everyone he knows in the hope that he can stop Madara from coming back to life for a second time.”

“…Yes?” Naruto asks tentatively, and Shikamaru closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose.

Tenten goes for a scroll, and Shikamaru ducks for cover behind the desk as Naruto starts screaming.

By the time he surfaces several minutes later, the office is peppered with kunai, shuriken, and various other well-maintained weaponry, and Tenten looks satisfied as she looms over her cowering Hokage, rerolling one of her scrolls.

“Not alone, you’re not,” she says decisively. “I’m the only one in Konoha good enough to completely seal my chakra away. You’re going to send me, too.”

“That’s dangerous,” Shikamaru feels the need to point out, and when Tenten turns to him and raises a pointed brow he lifts his hands in surrender. “We have no idea how long the trip will be, and too much time with your chakra sealed will kill you.”

“I know.” Tenten meets his eyes squarely. “But I’m not letting Lee face that alone. He’s one of the best shinobi in the world, but he’s also my teammate.”


“How troublesome,” Shikamaru mutters, watching the world turn to sunsets and crashing waves as Lee throws himself at his genin teammate. Tenten manages to set her feet enough to keep from being bowled over, and even though she rolls her eyes as she pats him on the back, she looks distinctly fond.

“Your youthful spirit of friendship has moved me to tears!” Lee sobs into her cheongsam. “The spirit of our teamwork is too mighty to ever taste defeat, Tenten! Together we will save the world!”

“Yes, yes,” Tenten sighs, though she’s smiling. Over Lee’s shoulders, she meets Naruto’s gaze. “Naruto, if anything can contain Madara for the rest of eternity, it’s the Treasured Tools of the Sage, and I’m the only one in the world who can use them. Besides,” her voice is wry, “Lee can’t lie to save his life. I can.”

Naruto picks himself up from the weapon-littered floor, wincing a little as Kurama’s chakra takes care of most of the wounds. “All right,” he says finally. “Lee, you’re sure you want to do this?”

“Yosh!” Lee salutes him enthusiastically, offering Tenten a beaming smile. “I will tell Gai-sensei I am his long-lost brother!”

If there’s anyone who will believe it, it’s Gai, Shikamaru thinks wryly. He glances at Tenten, raising a brow, and she crosses her arms over her chest, scowling at him. “Uzumaki Tenten, at your service,” she says primly, and casts a glance at Naruto. “If you don’t object?”

Naruto’s grin is practically blinding. “I’ll adopt you into the family and make it official!” he agrees, bouncing on his toes. “You’re definitely good enough at sealing to be an Uzumaki anyway, believe it!”

Lee flashes into a victory pose. “Team Gai will save the world, have no fear!” he cries.

“What he said,” Tenten agrees cheerfully, and reaches out to grab the kunai that Naruto just pulled out of his shoulder. “Hey, don’t just drop my favorite kunai on the ground! That’s rude!”

Naruto splutters. “Rude? You’re the one that threw it at me!”

Well. Shikamaru looks them over, Lee with his flailing enthusiasm and Tenten locked in her argument with the Hokage over her beloved weapons, and snorts quietly to himself.

Madara won’t even know what hit him.

Don’t You Know How To Knock?

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Part 1 of 2

Warnings: Adult Content/Smut

“Goodnight, Joonie!” you called as the two of you went to opposite sides of the apartment.

“Goodnight, Y/N”.

A night out with your roommate was just the thing you needed after a long, stressful week. Namjoon was always down for a good time plus you liked going out with him because it warded off unwanted attention from potential creeps. Everyone always just assumed the two of you were together.

At first, you were nervous about your current living situation. When Hoseok told you his friend was looking for a new roommate, you immediately jumped at the opportunity to get out of your shitty apartment.

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The Blue and Gold

Request: 37 with jughead but like maybe the reader is the one who says it because she gets jealous

37: “When I said you’re mine, I meant it.”

Requested by: anonymous.

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by alinok

He was spending so much damn time in that damn office with Betty. It’s not that you hated Betty, no on the contrary she was one of your best friends along with her whole group of friends. But when Betty had asked Jughead for help with the Blue and Gold newspaper that’s all he ever did now.

It annoyed you to no end.

He start cancelling dates, started to ignore you during lunch and no longer did you got to Pop’s after school everyday. You were extremely angry. So when he started cancelling dates, you stopped trying to make them. When he started to spend all his time in that office during lunch, you stopped visiting him there. And when he no longer met you at Pop’s after school, you found new people to go with. Archie and Veronica being two of them. Even Cheryl a few times.

You’d resorted to completely ignoring him. You were just so angry. You didn’t know if you to would ever work out your issues, you didn’t even know if he noticed.

Though you were proved wrong one night after school, when walking home through the hallways you were yanked into a classroom and the door shut behind you as you leaned against it. You’d gasped, scared on who it was before you saw Jughead’s familiar hair and had sighed, annoyed.

He had you pinned against the door and you couldn’t move, but that didn’t mean you would just submit. No instead, you crossed your arms, glaring at him. “What?”

He was angry too apparently, glaring at you. “What? What do you mean what? Where the hell have you been the past two weeks?” He asked, annoyed.

You opened your mouth, shocked. “Where have I been?” You pushed his chest, making him falter slightly. “Where the hell have you been?” He opened his mouth to answer before you interrupted him, “no wait. I know. In the blue and gold with Betty, for more than two weeks actually.”

He sighed, suddenly understanding why you were so mad at him the past few weeks. “That’s why you’re mad? Y/N, I’ve just been helping Betts.”

“Betts?” You rolled our eyes. “Yeah, helping Betts and cancelling all our dates.” You sighed, leaning back against the door in frustration. You wanted to cry but pushed away you’re tears, opting to stare angrily at Jughead but failing.

“You’re jealous?” He asked and you shook your head but didn’t actually say no. He walked back towards you, grabbing your face before pressing his lips against yours. “You don’t need to be jealous, Y/N/N. Betty’s just a friend.”

Sighing you uncrossed your arms and wrapped them around Jughead’s neck, kissing him again but more forcefully. “When I said you’re mind, I meant it.” You growled against his lips.

You felt him smile, “i’m all yours.”

When the Movie Ends (Harrison Osterfield)

Originally posted by just-us96

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x Holland!Reader

Warning: Cursing

Summary: Y/n starts off the day late for school, but is saved when Harrison takes her on his way to the store. He acts odd with her for the first time in a long time and Y/n seems suspicious of his behavior, especially when her brother can’t accompany them on their regular movie nights.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This fic was requested by the lovely @onlyalittleteenwolfobsessed who said, “Hey, so I just read through all of your imagines and let me just tell you, YOU ARE AMAZING. Anyway, I was wondering if I could get one with Harrison where you and he are best friends(and toms little sister if you want) but you and Harrison have feelings for each other and then you and Harrison have a movie night and accidentally say feelings. In the end, you and Harrison are making out and Tom walks in all awkward, please thank you so much!!!!!”

Masterlist Request a Prompt

“Thomas Stanley Holland! Harrison whatever the fuck your middle name is Osterfield!” You screamed. “I know it was you that put plastic wrap on my car!”

You stormed out to your backyard, you keys in hand and invisible smoke coming out of your ears.

“Hey, sis.” Tom said with a wave as he and Harrison did flips and tricks.

“Thomas Stanley Holland, I swear to God that if it was you that put the plastic wrap on my car I will gut you with my keys.” You threatened as you approached him and Harrison.

“It wasn’t me!” Tom exclaimed. “Why do you assume it was me?”

“Hmm, let me think.” You said, tapping your chin. “Let’s see, you changed my shampoo to hair dye, you moved all the furniture in my room two inches to the left, not to mention the time you changed all my lightbulbs to those black ones and let’s not forget the time you put a piece of plastic wrap in the doorway so I’d run into it. And that was all in the past two months.”

“Hey, don’t give Tom all the credit for those. Some of that was my brain child.” Harrison joked.

“Well, do you want to take the blame for me being late to class?” You asked in a snarky tone.

“No, ma'am. I’ll just blame Tom for this one.” Harrison said, his arms raised in mock surrender. “Sorry, mate.”

“It was Harry. He’s still mad about you dyeing his t shirts pink.”

“That was an accidental mishap with the laundry!” You exclaimed. “That boy loved revenge a little too much.”

“Do you need a ride to class?” Harrison asked awkwardly. “I was just about to head out to the store to get stuff for movie night. I can drop you off on my way.”

You took a glance at your watch. “I mean, if we leave now, I’ll only be twenty minutes late instead of just not going entirely.”

“Then I’ll take you to class. I’ll meet you at my car, okay? I just need to grab my stuff.”

“Thank you, Haz.” You smiled. “You’re the best!”

You turned on your heel and walked back into the house and out to the front to wait at the car.

“How do you even have a crush on her?” Tom asked Harrison as he put his things together.

“She’s amazing, Tom. You just don’t know cause you’re her older brother.”

“No, I know she’s amazing, but she’s absolutely insane.”

“You’re just jealous that you’re not that cool.”

“You do realize you’re supposed to be my best friend, right?”

“Well, as your best friend, I’m supposed to tell you you’re not as cool as your sister.”

“And this is why you should have never told me you liked her.”

Harrison showed up at the car, his things in his arms as you walked up to him and took some of his things.

“Could you have taken any longer?” You asked as you climbed into the car.

“Hey, don’t insult the one who’s taking you to school.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry.”

“Why do I have a feeling you don’t mean that?”

You laughed. “Because I don’t.”

Harrison dropped you off at school, only twenty minutes late like you had said you would arrive. He seemed off to you as you quickly pressed a kiss to his cheek as a thanks for taking you to class, but his lack of response and flustered attitude seemed odd to you.

You both had been friends for years, ever since he and Tom had met and you had always seen yourself as the younger sister since Harrison had spent so much time with your brother, but now you were starting to rethink it all.

You returned home not long after class with the movies you picked up on the way and walked into the living room, surprised to only find Harrison on the couch with the usual snacks surrounding him.

“Where’s Tom?” You asked, setting your bag down and taking a seat beside him.

“He said that he had some business to attend to before movie night, so he’s gonna be a little late.” Harrison explained. “So, it looks like it’s just you and me for a while.”

You smiled. “Well, I don’t mind that.” You dug in your bag and pulled out a movie. “I hope you like The Godfather.”

“Oh, classic mobsters. Nice choice.” Harrison said with a smile. “Too bad I already got the movie.”

He pointed to the television screen and to your surprise, the movie was on with the home screen begging for someone to press play.

“You bastard, you could’ve told me you picked up a movie.”

“I said I was going to the store, didn’t I?”

You slugged him playfully before turning on the movie. You sat seperate for a while, staying quiet until it was you that made the first move. You moved closer to Harrison until you were shoulder to shoulder with him as you rested your head on his shoulder.

He shifted uncomfortably before clearing his throat.

You lifted your head up and looked at Harrison. “Are you okay, Haz? You’ve been acting weird today.”

“Me? Acting weird? No, no, I’m fine.” He stammered.

You sat up and faced him fully. “Um, no. You’re acting weird. You’ve been like this since you dropped me off this morning.”

“Do you want to know the truth?”

“No, I want you to lie to me.” You said with the roll of your eyes. “Yes, I want the truth.”

“Well, I know you’re Tom’s sister and all, but I really like you, Y/n. I like you a shit ton.” Harrison stated, his fear dissipating. “And it’s okay if you don’t like me too, cause have you seen this mug? And you probably see me as a brother or something and-”

“I like you too, Haz. I like you a lot, you fucking idiot.” You cut him off.

“Oh, shit, really?”

You laughed. “Yes, really.”

You leaned close to Harrison as he did the same, tucking your hair behind your ear before your eyes fluttered closed and your lips molded into his. You sighed softly as he pulled you closer to him, to the point that you were on top of him before he pulled away, breathing heavily. You began to kiss his cheeks and jaw, his face in your hands as he moaned softly.

“Okay, okay. I didn’t need to see that.” Tom’s voice caused you to pull away from Harrison only to find your brother with his eyes covered by his hands. “And this is why you should’ve never told me you liked my sister.”

Stucky Sleeping Positions - 3. The “I’ve-got-your-back-position” (aka post mission cuddles)

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9


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evidence mcdavid was a lowkey bruins fan
  • his dad was a highkey bruins fan
  • milan lucic was actually one of his dads fav players
  • mcdavid watched Milan Lucic regularly before the NHL
  • when asked who the best player of all time was he spent half the time answering the question talking about how he loved Bobby Orr and kept apologizing to him that he was picking gretzky instead

toxotescrotus  asked:

Michael/Ryan, fahc, heat. ;) (if you have time)

(i see your winky face. and i didn’t go along with what you probably had in mind)

“I think Geoff put it best when he said it’s “hot as dicks”.”

Michael mumbles as he lays sprawled across the floor, laying in front of one of the many fans they’ve gathered into the penthouse to combat this mother of all heat waves strolling through Los Santos. No one was safe. Not even infamous criminals.

Ryan chuckles next to him, laying across the floor in the other direction. So only there heads were close to each other. “That does sound like something Geoff would say.”

“Ryan, if I die from this heat, don’t let Gavin take any of my shit. The rest of you can divide it amongst yourselves.”

Ryan chuckles again. “I think I can manage that. If I die, you can have the mask.”

Michael blinks, sitting up to look at Ryan in the face, eyebrows furrowed slightly. “Wait, do you mean that?”

Ryan just shrugs, smiling. “Sure why not.”

Michael gives him a big smile, laying back down on the floor. “Is this your way of saying you like me?”

“No. You’re just the one most likely to be able to defeat my ghost who is going to be haunting it.”

Michael blinks and then laughs, loud and bright and Ryan can’t help but laugh in return. “Ryan, you’re really fucking creepy.”

“Thank you. And yes, to answer your question. It is my way of saying I like you. A least a little more than the others.”

“Ryan I think that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.”

send me a word and a character and i’ll write a short ficlet

When link no longer works, event is over.

anonymous asked:

Although I really love TG, I must admit that things have gone way too far. Either the editor and YJ just want to milk out this series by trying to add more "depths to the story" (they even say on YJ magazine that "the more tragedies, the more better the story") or maybe Ishida just starts to lose tracks of his own story (he is managing too much materials at the same time).

The best tragedies are tight stories, though. Too much fluff and you lose impact. I mean, the classic greek tragedies, the tragedy masters and early theory of tragedy were all about doing as much as possible with as little as possible. It’s about that one arc and those specific characteristics and circumstances that lead to the undoing. 

There is no lack of depth to Tokyo Ghoul and creating a dumb love… what are we at now, quintangle or whatever… and making Mutsuki’s narrative so gratuitous are a fool’s definition of depth. You add depth by strengthening, deepening, or complicating the main story. Not with gruesome side stories. What the Clowns are doing? That’s adding depth. Giving us more on the thoughts of the members of Black Goat would be depth. This is… who even knows.

I don’t know whose fault it is, but the 86 // 98 joke is very Ishida and it was responsible for a lot of the terrible pacing in the Rushima arc. Who knows, maybe he was making the best of what they told him to do.

Look, I want to trust Ishida. He keeps coming up with amazing narrative choices and great character moments, and then following it up with things that are just kind of a mess. Chapters 99 through 110 (and sort of 111) were really high quality after Rushima’s total mess of an arc. 

I’m sure there’s a long term plan here. I want to believe it’ll be great, even if there are some bad chapters along the way.

But I have been burned by serial fiction I thought had a handle on itself before. So let’s just say my faith has to be constantly earned at this point. 

Barnes’ Books - new fic

So from all the lovely suggestions yesterday, I realised I’ve never done a bookshop AU, so here’s chapter one. Not good, but here you go anyway…

No pics of the elderly James Barnes exist so, what a shame, will have to show you what he looked like in his prime <3 ;)

Chapter 1 below because AO3 is playing up

This is my favourite place at the best of times, but on a day like today, when the rain is relentless, the sky is dark, and I’m finding life hard, today it’s even more important. Today is the day to be lost in a book.  

When this bookshop opened, I have to be honest and say I barely noticed. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love bookshops, but I always went to the big one, in the centre of town. They have all the new stuff, they do the good deals, it’s light and bright and airy.  But then I wandered into this shop one day and realised the other place had bookshops all wrong.

Sure, they have all the new stuff, but meh, I can get that online without even needing to take off my pyjamas or open the curtains. Deals are great, but I’d rather find a real bargain than pick a second book that I’m not really interested in just because it’s half price. And light, bright and airy? No! You can’t get lost in a book when there’s fluorescent lights and beechwood floors and modernity.

So let me tell you a bit about Barnes’ Books. It’s small, it’s cramped, there’s usually a bucket on the floor somewhere because the roof leaks. Today there’s two.  Most of the shelves are full of second-hand or remaindered books, and if there’s a system, I haven’t found it yet. That’s the joy though, you run your finger along the shelves and suddenly there’s the book you didn’t know you were looking for. I swear there’s magic in this place. And then, even better, there’s armchairs, here and there. Over-stuffed and ripped armchairs, the kind you can curl your feet into.  They’re not grouped together around a coffee table, they’re solitary, with their backs to the room. Who wants to read in company?! The whole point of a book is that it’s just you and those pages, together, and you don’t want to get pulled out of that world by someone sniffing, or taking a phone call. Oh, and just to add a final glory, there’s a cat. A beautiful, sleek tabby, always curled up in a chair somewhere but equally happy, if not more so, on someone’s lap. She’s the most elegant cat I’ve ever seen. And she’s called Steve. No, I don’t know either.

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A quiet guy (Maine  x Freelancer!Reader)

Prompt #40 Have I entered an alternate universe or did you just really crack a smile for me?

When Maine was new in Proyect Freelancer, almost everyone felt intimidated of him, it took weeks for him to start approaching everyone though he didn’t said a word. 

One particular day he was sitting alone in the mess hall, and you hadn’t talked to him since he arrived, so you decided it was time.

“Hey, Maine.” You smiled, sitting down infront of him, but he just gave you a small grunt in response. “I noticed you were all alone and I decided I could make you company.” You bit your lip nervously when he looked up at you.

A blank stare, no expression, and you put your best smile.

“You’re a really quiet guy, arent you?” You smiled innocently, and he grunted, words this time, but you couldn’t understand them. 

You fell silent, it was that kind of unconfortable silence, but you kept staring at him, until he stared back at you, frowning. And you looked away, feeling your face heating up, and you didn’t know why. 

When you looked at him, his lips curved into a small…a really small smile. 

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you just really crack a smile for me?” 

That smile dissappered as soon as you said that and you flinched when his hand reached for you, just to ruffle your hair, And you smiled at him.

That quiet guy maybe was too serious, but maybe you could get him to smile more often

Batman: Gotham Adventures (1998-2003) #26

Honestly, this is probably one of the most popular Batman stories that, like, no one has read for themselves in the fandom, from what I can tell. So it’s obviously time I tried to cover this and set the record straight for all the Batfans out there.

In other words: Why Your Batman Sucks If He Couldn’t Fit In This Story.

Because this is, without hesitation, the best. And every Batman should be able to fit with a variation of this story or else it’s not Batman. Looking at you, Nolan.

Tomato Soup - Joshua Hong

request - can you write something cute about joshua takin care of you when you’re sick :))

a/n - this lowkey succs ass but ilu and don’t hate me pls!! i tried my best and this is my first time :)) be sure to follow and request one if you’d like!!

“No, just go to the studio. I’ll be fine on my own.” I blew my nose for a proper 10th time that morning into a tissue that was starting to burn my nose. My chest was heavy with the same sweater I had been wearing for the past week. My body was dying out on me, and it was all thanks to S.Coups whom decided to drink my water bottle while he had a small cold. Guess what? His ass didn’t tell nobody he had it anyway.

You think a small cold is nothing for someone? Wrong. It’s something for me. You see, my immune system is literally nonexistent. That one time I ate one uncooked noodle? Threw up at 3 in the morning. That time where I accidentally drank expired milk? Food poisoning. How about that time I went to a concert with my friends a month ago? Pneumonia.

“No baby, you’re literally wrapped up in blankets and half of the medicine bottle is gone. I’m gonna stay home, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind for a bit.” Jisoo protested once more. I rolled my eyes and dug my head into the pillow again, reaching for the glass of water on the bedside table and taking a sip.

Joshua then came over and sat down on the bed, pressing a hand up against my forehead.

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anonymous asked:

At the same time I'm scared I'm also very excited about this revelation, I noticed that Mutsuki looked unconfortable after he came from :re with Sasaki but I could never imagine that this made him thinking a lot about it and start hating touka

I never thought he would feel this jealous of Touka, to the point he would wish death to her. I always knew/felt that Mutsuki had a crush on Haise but I never thought it would be so serious to become an obsession. I actually love all this? it’s dramatic, I love when these kinds of things happen. The best chapters so far were the Mutsuki ones, the Torso chapters when Mutsuki’s past was revealed were amazing, I was shocked all the time. I love that feeling while reading a story. 

Stuck in my mind. (Zaylor fanfiction. Mature.)

The tension had been far too much the past two nights.

This whole video oozed tension and sex.

There had always been a mutual attraction. 

But for one reason or another, it was never acted on.

Taylor remembered being attracted to Zayn the moment she saw him, but never able to actually get with him, having to settle for his bandmate, Harry Styles instead, just doing her best to ignore the attraction the entire duration of the relationship.

After she ended her relationship with Harry, she thought the attraction might fizzle out. And for a while, it did, that is until her friend Gigi started dating him.

Then, Taylor had been cursed with the misfortune of having to be around Zayn all the time but not being able to do anything about it.

Taylor had knew Zayn’s history. He was one to fool around, and she didn’t know if it was her or if it was actually happening, but sometimes she could just feel Zayn undressing her with his eyes.

She managed to carry herself throughout the following months without too much trouble, but then, suddenly, she was offered to do a song with him.

From that moment on, she knew this would be trouble, already beginning to feel herself crumble, but still managing to fight off the attraction she had.

But with all the time that Taylor and Zayn had been spending together recently, it was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.

Taylor knew that eventually they’d have to film a video for their song, “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”, and she knew that the video would have some sort of sexual tension with all the fact the song was for a 50 Shades movie.

And it was. Here they were, Taylor decked out with seductive fishnets, wearing one of her most provocative outfits ever, Zayn in a nice suit.

Taylor cursed Zayn silently to herself, hating just how good he looked.

But as much as she tried, she couldn’t help but want to flirt with him.


That was what was going in here, right?

She hoped.

No, she thought. She couldn’t hope to ruin her friend’s relationship.

But fuck. Every time she looked into his brown eyes she knew she was screwed.

And that was probably why Taylor ended up staying with him in the room while the rest of the crew was busy in the other room with the production.

They had been so close several times throughout this damn video, Taylor thought, but they never actually touched. and at this point it had become unbearable. 

Zayn watched Taylor as she just sat there on the bed, legs spread out on the bed.

Taylor looked up. “What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Oh, nothing.” Zayn replied, licking his lips as he glanced at Taylor’s fishnet covered legs. “Just… good shoot. You uh.. had nice moves on that bed.” He said with a chuckle.

Taylor giggled a little, feeling a little flustered, but Zayn continued before she could say anything. 

“Your legs look so fucking good in those fishnets..” He growled.

Taylor stopped and glanced up at him. Her mouth was open just a little and she felt her heart stop.

They both stared at each other as if they both had a mutual understanding of what they both wanted.

Zayn slowly licked his lips and adjusted his bulge. 

“I wanna fuck you..” He whispered, causing Taylor to shudder. Did that really come out of his mouth?

Taylor was going to protest, but all that came out of her mouth was a meek “Yeah?”

He nodded.

The both of them had become lost in the lust, forgetting about any repercussions they might face.

 Zayn had approached the side of her bed and Taylor sat still, her eyes fixated on the male. 

“I’ve been wanting to fuck you since we started this damn video.. shit.. I can’t take it anymore fuck.” Zayn slurred out.

Taylor looked at him, taking him in. 

“I..” She thought about Gigi. But.. she needed this.

She didn’t have to know.

Zayn smirked and quickly unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it aside as he began to take his t-shirt off, tossing it to the floor, which caused Taylor to gasp and bite and chew on her lips. Zayn smirked at her reaction and approached her. She looked at his abs, licking her lips, reaching up to feel them. “Mmmm…” She hummed out.

Zayn began running his hand along her legs. She shuddered. Her core ached. “These fucking fishnets drive me insane… those fucking legs..” He muttered, causing Taylor to hum in response, as if on a high.  

He looked at her. He gave her a smile. A smile that sent shivers down her spine. He leaned in and slightly kissed her, causing Taylor to moan into his mouth. And as soon as his lips were on hers, she knew she was at the point of no return. Zayn was a good kisser, Taylor thought. It was all very tender, methodical. He didn’t try to rush in all tongue and teeth and greed, he let things escalate. A ginger peck to start, then one that lasted a touch longer, then open mouthed, putting his hand on Taylor’s cheek for better effect, lingering at the lips, then a little deeper. “He was a suave seducer,” Taylor thought as he pulled away from her lips, pulling on them before kissing her cheek.

He smiled and began undressing her, peeling her jacket away and unclasping her bra. She gasped when he had finally removed her panties, her naked body exposed to him, all except for the fishnets still there on her long legs. Her skin longed for his warm touch once more. Zayn backed away to get a look at her naked and he smirked, reaching to the belt of his shorts, undoing his belt and slipping his shorts off, left only in his boxers which did nothing to hide his thick bulge.  He simply stood there, arms folded, keeping Taylor waiting. 

She slowly parted her legs to display her wet tight pussy as if on command. He stepped back to her. He lifted a thumb to her lips, stroking the bottom half with deliberate sluggishness before entering wholly. Taylor enveloped it, her lips around the base and her tongue swirling over the knuckle. “Mmph.”

He drew his hands down her chest and rubbed his wet thumbs across her nipples, which made her squirm. Zayn took this as a hint to give her nipples extra attention. He leaned forward then, cusping one and giving it a lick as he tweaked the other.  She was writhing under his ministrations. Zayn was suckling on them as if determined to change her nipples color from pink to a bruised purple.

She had never been so wet, feeling the wetness pool around her thighs.  She bucked her hips, her subconcious desperate to get fucked, and she couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Zayn then shoved her back onto the bed and got on top of her, pinning her arms above her head.  He was so strong she couldn’t have resisted even if she tried.

Taylor groped him with undeniable heavy greed, sticking her eager hands up to stroke his abs and the smooth curve of his back. Zayn’s hands were set loose too and they covered their ground, tracing Taylor’s ribs and the ridge of her hip and the delicate underside of her knees with equal curiosity for each and every part. Taylor nearly cursed silently, why was he so damn perfect?  Taylor’s animalistic primal urge to get fucked, to be used for nothing else but pleasure, burned stronger now than it ever had in her life.  She was desperate to see how he’d be able to tame this beast inside her.

He then began to slip off his boxers, causing Taylor to gulp a bit. He pulled them below his hips and suddenly his thick long cock sprung free, twitching with desire. Taylor could do nothing but gawk at the gorgeous treasure. It was massive and throbbing, a bead of precum dripping down it’s 8 inch shaft.  The most beautiful thing she had ever laid eyes on. With a filthy smirk, Zayn leaned over Taylor and held one leg over his shoulder by the ankle. He grinned and slowly slipped a finger inside of her. Taylor’s eyes widened in shock, and she wriggled and made small sounds of lust that were trapped by Zayn’s mouth as he started kissing her again, as he slipped in a second finger into her shamelessly wet pussy.

Zayn was licking the softness of her neck when he thrust the third finger in.  His fingers began to pry, stretch, and curl less and act more like a surrogate for what was about to become entrenched inside her. He was thrusting them in with force, plundering, making Taylor squeak in shock to start before it started to feel nice. Really nice.  He pumped them smoothly in and out with short pushes to focus on power. She coiled her free leg around his shoulder, both feet in the air, and moaned. He looked at her with a smirk and then slowly leaned down.  As his head trailed down he planted soft wet kisses on her neck, her chest, her stomach, and soon he went all the way down pressing his firm tongue onto her pussy. Taylor gasped and moaned in response, and Zayn alternated between kissing, licking, nibbling, and eating her out. Taylor was going absolutely crazy in pleasure at this point, moaning twitching, and bucking her hips in response, never had she been so excited. “Oh… oh…” she whispered. Zayn grabbed her legs and squeezed, digging his nails in them while he ate her out, causing Taylor to moan loudly and grasp his hair, he snarled and continued eating her until she could feel herself about to explode. Taylor was writhing in ecstasy and gripped harder onto his hair, her thighs clamping tightly around his head, desperate to keep him trapped there. Zayn then inserted a finger and started to finger-fuck her rapidly. Then, When he captured her clit between his teeth and lashed it with his tongue, she went tumbling into a thrashing orgasm, cumming harder than ever. “OOOOOH! OH GOD! OOOH! ZAYN!” Taylor cried out. Zayn almost chuckled at the fact he had made her cum so hard. Pleasure pulsed throughout her body, her hips bucking against his drenched face like a belly dancer.  He continued to eat her out a bit as she finished, then gave her pussy one last lick and kiss, leaving her on the bed sweaty and out of breath.

“I’m a bit tired of doing all the work.. let’s see how much you really want this..” He egged on, lying back on the bed. Taylor looked at him, panting, licking her lips, smirking, and then crawled over top of him. Zayn was underneath her now and she laid down kisses on the man just like the ones she had received. She also got a bit daring. Her rear was lined up perfectly to the tip of Zayn’s stiff cock poking the base of one cheek, so it was purely intuitive to rub it down a few times. Her wet cunt glided along his shaft coating it in her juices.  He let his hand come down on Taylor’s rear with a resounding smack, causing her to yelp. Zayn squeezed her butt with both hands then, one on each cheek, and gave one last light whack for good measure. Taylor’s pussy was swollen and wetter than ever. “If you’re just gonna tease me then I guess I gotta take matters into my own hands.” he smirked.  

He held her by the hips and leaned up, pushing her into his chest with his strong arms. Taylor bit at her lips, panting, wrapping her legs around him and straddling him, causing him to grin as Zayn began kissing her madly. And then, suddenly, Taylor felt herself get lifted up and then dropped onto his swollen cock. She yelped.  Foreplay wasn’t necessary at this point anymore and she couldn’t wait any longer. She was positively bouncing in his lap right away. Up and down, up and down, moaning as she fucked herself on this beautiful man’s thick cock. Zayn groaned, muffled by the breast in his mouth, and reached around, stroking her back with one hand, slapping and squeezing her ass like his life depended on it with the other.  She threw her head back, grabbed his neck, and bounced higher with a quicker return, reveling in the feeling of that succulent swell of cock inside of her. Then, suddenly, Zayn began to help out, as he began to thrust into her while she rode him. The first slam had Taylor yelping in shock. She couldn’t shut up. Wordless moans, gasps and yelps echoed through the room as Zayn took no mercy on her tight cunt. No doubt the other tenants on the other side of the wall could hear but she didn’t care at this point.  Their bodies were in sync, his hips rocking upward the second gravity pulled the her back down  Each time she landed his thighs clapped loudly on her cheeks, covering her ass in red scarlet.  His tight grip on her hips did nothing to stop her body from jerking upward with every thrust. She just closed her eyes shut and let herself ride like the wind. Her entire body was pulsating, her toes wriggled.

She opened her eyes and saw a smirking Zayn, she grinned and chuckled a bit, leaning in and kissing him passionately, groaning and moaning in his mouth. Suddenly, Zayn pushed her once again on the bed and laid on top of her. They reattached, his cock buried deep inside her cunt. All he had to do was roll his hips a little, rock them back and forth. Taylor groaned deeply and reached around to squeeze at his ass as she just laid there, getting plowed by her exes’ former bandmate and her friend’s boyfriend.  It felt so forbidden, and that just made it hotter.

“Ooooh. Ooooooh. Oh god. Yyyyyyeeeeessssss!” Taylor gasped out as he kept rolling in, drowning her with his weight and the thickness of his cock. Taylor squirmed, her neck arching backward as her body throbbed with pleasure.

“You feel so good…”

“Yeah?” Zayn panted out in response as he thrust.

“You’re so good, you’re the best, just keep going –”

“The best?” “

Yesssss!” She hissed.

“So you like this?”

“YES!” She wailed.

“Do you want more?”

“Yes!” Taylor let her hands scrape at Zayn’s shoulder’s now, desperate as the pace switched back into marathon speeds. “Oh my god! Oh my god, Zayn, Zayn, please!”

“How do you want it?”

Taylor groaned in response.

“Say it.”

“Harder, harder, more! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! You’re the best! You’re the best! Oh my God!” Taylor was writhing underneath him, her back arching and her hands scrambling for purchase on the bed, gripping the sheets.“Oh my fucking god…" 

 And then, she came harder than ever before. Her face was flushed red and her eyes shut tightly from the shock of it all.  "OHHHH FUCCCCCKKK! YESSSSS, FUCK ME! HHMMM FUCKKKK!” That seemed to do it. Zayn slammed into her a few more times, ruthlessly, then suddenly pushed himself down and pulled at Taylor’s hair. He attacked her lips insatiably as he spilled his seed deep inside her. Zayn thrusted aggressively and deeply as he continued to come, thick ropes of fluid pounding against her inner walls.  It seemed like there was no end in sight to both of their pleasure.  The combination of their fluids beginning to seep out and pool on the sheets beneath them.  His breath was hot and desperate between kisses, a long moan finishing off the affair. He let himself pump in and out, slower and slower, for a short while more before withdrawing. They kept kissing one another with a terrible longing before he leaned down to her neck, kissing at it and around her jaw, causing Taylor to whimper, loving the fact she had finally gotten that release she had been aching for. Zayn panted, slowly pulling out of her, one last bolt of pleasure, and Taylor’s mind was racing.

Zayn lifted up, watching as Taylor’s body dripped with sweat. She was lying there, writhing around as if she was malfuctioning. Zayn began reaching down to give her supple ass a playful squeeze. “I have an idea.” He hummed in a husky voice, causing Taylor to tingle and moan in response.

Zayn lifted Taylor up, bending over in a dominating fashion and began rubbing his huge throbbing and still hard as a rock cock against her butt, Taylor bent in a lewd but inviting fashion. Her arms were pulled out to each side by Zayn and he lifted up. “Stay there.” He commanded, reaching into his bag and pulling out some thin black rope.

“Did you.. seriously bring that with you?” Taylor asked through her pants. Zayn did nothing but smirk. 

He approached her and fastened the rope around her hands, causing Taylor to gasp, her torso flat against the surface. Her fishnet covered legs were trembling with anticipation as she waited in the exposed position, her bare ass peeking out. 

Taylor’s breathing rate increased, her torso rising and falling with each anticipatory breath until she felt Zayn’s cock rub and tease against her hole. 

She let out a quiet moan as she began to realize what was about to happen. 

Zayn gripped his shaft firmly in his hand as he pressed his bulbous, shimmering head into the center of her enticing little star. Taylor’s subtle whimpering turned into muffled moan as she dropped her head into the pillow, feeling her tight little asshole stretching to accommodate the girth of Zayn’s cock.

Then, Zayn’s dick slowly disappeared into Taylor’s accepting anus.

“Uggghhhh,” she groaned as her body writhed atop the bed. Zayn slowly plunged deep inside of her asshole, only to draw his rigid pole back out with agonizing slowness. “So. Fucking. Tight. Shit.” Zayn growled lowly.

Zayn plunged back into Taylor’s tiny asshole with a rapid, forceful descent. As his strokes progressed, he was soon fucking Taylor’s little ass with long, slow thrusts, driving deep inside of her with each one.

“Uh…uh…uh…uh,” Taylor whimpered every time Zayn’s balls slapped her flushed pussy lips. 

As he continued to violate her tender hole, his long, deep strokes turned to short, rapid thrusts as his body began to tense. His finger’s gripped her taut little cheeks, peeling her ass open to admit his throbbing rod as the bed shifted and squeaked under her. Zayn then let out a low growl and he closed his eyes, tossing his bed back with orgasmic elation, Taylor squeaking as she felt his hot jism jetting inside her, filling her tight little tunnel with a coating of hot cum. 

Taylor hissed as her ass was filled up with Zayn’s load. Zayn sighed and pulled out of her, falling on the bed, against her, reaching over to slowly and gently undo the ropes that had tied up Taylor.

 Never in her wildest dreams did she think she’d be fucking Zayn, but now that they were here, she wasn’t complaining. Zayn rolled over next to her, his cock softening, covered in a liberal coating of their cum. 

“Wow..” Taylor panted out. “That was… good..” She got out with a gulp. Panting just as hard Zayn looked over.  

“Wanna go again?” Zayn asked. 

Taylor said nothing. 

She just scooted to his crotch and wrapped her lips around his cock. Feeling it begin to stiffen in her mouth and she looked up at him and couldn’t help but smile.

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Headcanon, bff with my most lovely but underrated son: Sam Wilson... Someone love Sammy with me!! He deserves more love!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗

Originally posted by havemanymonkeys

  • The two of you hitting it off instantly
  •  Being around each other all the time people assume your a couple
  • “Wilson wishes he could get a piece of this”
  • Taking the piss out of each other.
  • Taking the piss out of the other avengers together. 
  • Friendship dates once a month, even if it’s just watching a movie together!
  • Him going into super protective Dad mode when you start dating someone
  • “I don’t like them”
  • “You never like any of them Sam”  
  • Threatening to send Red Wing to shoot you ex when they break your heart. 
  • “Can you stop talking about your electronic bird boyfriend for one second and be the supportive best friend your suppose to be!” 
  • The two of you making old man jokes at Steve. 
  • Going on missions together always.
  • And if you’re not paired you will sneak in and change the mission roster without Steve’s authority 
  • “Because last time Clint was distracted by a hot dog stand having a sale and I nearly lost my eye Steve!
  • Sometimes forgetting you have serious work to do and go sight seeing instead of stalking out your target. 
  • “The target can wait, the Mona Lisa however has her eye one me”
  • “She has her eye on everyone Sam, that’s the fucking point” 
  • Hugging each other always. 
  • Being super protective of each other during the civil war. 
  • “Do you agree with the accords” 
  • “I don’t give a damn about any of it, I’m just here to shoot anyone that starts shooting at you” 
  • Platonic “I love you’s” 

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what would the boys do if another person was flirting with their s/o and absolutely making their s/o feel unconformable but s/o is too afraid to shoo the person away? how would the boys swoop in and save their s/o?

A/N: First request with all Chocobros alright! I’ll do my best as always!
Chocobros’ S/O Uncomfortable Flirt


  • Some creep that was older than you(*cough, cough* Ardyn *cough, cough*) thought, “You know what sounds nice? Gettin’ me laid tanight.”
  • Said creep saw you all by yourself, enjoying the view of Altissia(long before Leviathan’s rage).
  • “So, pretty one… I couldn’t help but notice the view, which is you.”
  • Noctis came walking up at the wrong time, the creep putting his HAND on your SHOULDER.
  • He frowned as he noticed that the usually freely-speaking you couldn’t say anything; so he walked up to behind you and placed his face between your shoulder and neck.
  • “(nickname) notice me…”/“I’m bored~, can we take a nap?”
  • Creep recognized the man and well, shoo’d off and wasn’t seen again.
  • “Now the knight deserves a reward, doesn’t he? A fair maiden’s/sir’s kiss perhaps?”


  • Cute little cinnamon roll sunshine Chocobo ran off to get you two raspado(Spanish for Snow Cone which is a great treat btw!) of your favorite flavor, leaving you alone for a while.
  • The creep saw you and went, “Soooo… What’s a pretty thing like you doing all by yourself?”
  • You tried defending yourself, saying that you’re waiting for your boyfriend to come along before the creep grabbed your hand and said, “Forget about him! I can do better than that loser.”
  • All the sudden, colorful ice was dumped onto him by Prompto himself.
  • Prompto: “That’s my girlfriend, creep.”
  • The creep ran off as Prompto glared at him before pouting, “Sorry about the raspado, but I couldn’t let my girlfriend be touched by some creepy dude.”


  • Do you really think anyone would go near the girlfriend of a 6′6″ giant, tattooed with scars on his body which accents his muscles who is also the King’s Shield? No, I don’t think so.


  • Iggy left you alone to “kill two birds with one stone” on shopping in a farmer’s market to get supplies for Noctis’ “bachelor trip”.
  • The creep saw you and followed you around, asking rather personal questions while you tried getting him off of you.
  • Ignus saw you out of the corner of his eye before gently tapping the man on the shoulder and then slapping him in the face with a fish.
  • The creep passed out from being slapped with a fish before Ignis mumbled something about “a new recipe” before dragging you off with him.
Kwon Jiyong’s Nailpolish Adventures (Part 1)

aka: the story no one asked for

It was a sunday in its simplest form. Waking up to feed the cat only to take the opportunity to fall back asleep until 3 pm, because why not? Nothing ever happens on a Sunday. The breakfast naturally turned into lunch and upon not finding a quality show on TV, Jiyong settled for documentaries instead. Nicely packaged information that would be forgotten after another sentence. All in all it was the perfect way to kill time, to enjoy doing nothing for once. His hectic life rarely gifted him the chance for lazy moments, so who was he to not make the best of it? While focusing on the narrator’s words Jiyong’s fingers began to scratch at his other hand’s nails, a habit way better than biting in his opinion, but not any less annoying. Especially now that he had started painting his nails regularly. While Jiyong was not one to care about „perfect nails“, with two-thirds of polish peeled off it was definitely time to do them again!

With a huff Jiyong got off the couch, Ai loyally following behind, to grab his polish remover from the bathroom shelf and to eventually remove the gold and silver bits on his nails. Was it only his imagination or did his nails indeed look even dryer than usual? But that was something to worry about another time. Jiyong tossed the stained cotton pad in the trash can and heaved his nail polish container off the cabinet. Right on top lay the multichrome polishes he had recently bought in Paris, the purple-to-blue one had become one of his favourites. So it was an easy choice which ones to pick before he returned to his seat on the couch again. Chrome, black, silver. It was not much variation, true, but pretty nonetheless. Jiyong opened the black and carefully applied it onto his pinky nails. The thick formula never did as Jiyong liked, so the mess around his nails did not really bother him anymore. Maybe if he grew his nails out it would be easier? Next was the chrome polish and yes , as soon as he opened the bottle he was reminded of why he liked it so much. The blue and purple metallic pigments looked so creamy on the brush, it was so satisfying and mesmerizing to watch the lacquer drip into the bottle again. Jiyong’s trance soon stopped however, as he applied it to his nails and saw bumbs under the polish. I should have used a base coat… whatever.

He finished his nails pretty quickly, completely oblivious to the TV still running and with a satisfied smile he leaned back against the pillows of his couch and marvelled at the colours and shine of his nails. He had made a good choice indeed. Jiyong lightly touched the surfaces of his nails to check if they were already dry, but it was a bit too soon. He dragged the polish back with his fingertip and even though he tried to flatten it just as he had seen on YouTube, the imperfection was still visible. I could simply remove it or add another coat… Jiyong’s eyes then shifted to his bystand table on the other side of the couch and the longer he looked, the smaller the flaw seemed. So instead he focused his attention again on the voice explaining the world in his TV. It was a lazy sunday after all.


Even though it was really hot the audience still got really involved! Everyone was jumping and singing and the ground was shaking! Without a doubt the best show I’ve ever seen.
Tyler said that before the show started he was backstage working on a new song. Then he said that because the Birmingham show has been one of his favorite shows on the tour so far, he will think of us every time he sings that song.
Thank you @tylerrjoseph @joshuadun & crew for a truly amazing concert last night. I would love to see y'all again! #twentyonepilots #skeletonclique #ers2017 #emotionalroadshow #bjcc (at Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center Arena)

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