he is one of the all time best

1. Puppies or kittens?

Camila Cabello: Puppies. Duh.

2. Which animal are you most like?

CC: I would say an elephant, because they have the best emotional memory out of all the animals.

3. Have you ever been mistaken for another celebrity?

CC: Actually, yeah! One time I was at the airport and I was getting some food, and this guy was like, “Oh my god, I thought you were Selena Gomez!” But he didn’t know who I was, he just thought I was Selena Gomez. I was like, “No, I’m not.” And then I just walked away.

4. Have you ever intentionally pretended to be another celebrity?

CC: No. I’ve never had the opportunity.

— 37 Things About Camila Cabello (Full List: https://www.buzzfeed.com/eleanorbate/camila-cabello-havana-interview?utm_term=.hxWlD6AJO)

People who hate Louis? Tomlinson? Like? Are you okay there? How can you hate on him? How? He’s not only a great person to sit and admire but he’s actually a genuinely good egg, one of those few who stayed true to himself besides he does charity all the time, loves his roots, his voice is like an embrace when you need it the most and he writes the best lyrics. What did he do to you? I’m asking cause. Wow. I just. Hating Louis. What a miserable life that must be. Can’t relate.

TLNM Headcanons

This is the first time I’ve actually shared headcanons (and they’re really dumb). These are for the movie just because I’ve been thinking about it a lot, but I have ones for the series if anyone is interested.

  • Other than Nya and Kai, Cole and Jay have known each other the longest. They used to be neighbours before Jay’s parents moved to the outskirts of Ninjago City.
  • Kai and Nya don’t have parents. They both have jobs to be able to afford their apartment, although Kai insists he could just work two jobs so Nya has more time to study and focus on her grades.
  • Nya and Zane get the best grades out the group, across all of their subjects (the two of them have a friendly competition going whenever big tests come up, which the rest of the group find terrifying). Jay comes next with pretty good grades, especially in science and IT, then there’s Cole and Lloyd (they get roughly the same) with middle-ish grades, Cole does best in art and music while Lloyd’s better at english and foreign languages. Kai has the worst grades of the bunch (but not bad grades, he just gets Cs mainly), he’s better at hands-on subjects like woodwork.
  • They often have movie nights at their base. Jay likes romance and sci-fi, Cole and Kai enjoy action movies, Lloyd prefers things with deep stories and morals, Nya likes monster movies and horror (she has nerves of steel) while Zane enjoys kung fu movies as well as animated films.
  • They argue over who had the most fans. It got to the point they did an online poll about it. Turns out Lloyd had the most fans, he was kind of smug about it for weeks.
  • They have a team fridge which they all keep food in. It used to get raided during the night so they set up a camera to see who it was. Turns out it was Wu in his sleep.
  • When they stay late at base after a battle to hang out and work on the mechs they take it in turns to get the food. When it’s Kai or Nya they usually get takeout, Cole buys whatever he can find at the local store, Zane cooks for them on this portable stove he has, Jay brings some of his mom’s cooking to share and Lloyd gets pastries from the nearest bakery.
  • After Koko found out about the ninja thing she started visiting their base often. She makes sure they all do their homework, are getting enough sleep, are eating properly and brings them snacks. It embarrasses Lloyd so much.
  • They have gaming tournaments sometimes. Usually the finalists are either Kai, Jay or Nya. If it’s Kai and Nya the sibling rivalry is so thick you could cut it with a knife. With Jay and Kai there’s a lot of playful shoving which ends up with one of them falling off the couch. Then when it’s Nya and Jay it’s a lot quieter, just super tense.
  • They have found fanfiction of people shipping the ninja together. Most of the time it’s pretty funny, except when they ship Kai and Nya together. Kai actually passed out when they first found out, and he didn’t wake up for an hour. They were worried they’d broken him.
  • No matter how old they get the Ninja will always go trick-or-treating. Kai insists they do it, and no one has the heart to tell him no because of how excited he gets.  
  • After the movie the group decided to look after Meowthra, they take turns feeding them and giving them belly rubs. It’s basically their mascot now.

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Hoi! I really like your headcannons and I'd like to suggest one. Hanzo, Mcree and Junkrat (seperatly) with a fem S/O that has a really thick accent (like russian) and offen talks in her native language.


  • Found you enchanting when he first met you
  • Still does honestly
  • Your voice and accent are probably one of the things that he loves the most
  • Who’d have known he’d get all hot and bothered over something like Russian accents
  • Can understand you quite well despite how thick your accent is
  • Finds it cute when you speak broken english
  • Is surprisingly well versed in Russian due to his father wanting him to be multilingual, for boasting reasons. 
  • That doesn’t stop him from loving hear you speak your native tongue
  • Whenever you speak to him in Russian, its like a big turn on for him
  • Which is like, all the time, since that’s how you both communicate best
  • You speaking Russian is just incredibly sexy…


  • Is a bit of a goofball
  • Loves all of your nicknames for him, especially the Russian ones
  • Even if they are not exactly nice or cute
  • Not that your mean but both of you can easily admit that he’s a bit ridiculous sometimes
  • Loves your accent, though it makes it difficult for him to understand you sometimes
  • Does not know Russian, and so he tries really hard to understand everything you say through the accent
  • Though it doesn’t stop him from having to ask you to repeat yourself with a sheepish smile
  • Loves when you speak to him in Russian. The way the words just roll off your tongue…Jesse finds it hot
  • Likes to brag about his tough Russian girlfriend to everyone


  • Thinks your accent is cute
  • A lot of the time he can’t really understand what your saying though
  • Most of the time he just stares at you in adoration
  • What shocks you before you two start dating is when you mutter under your breath in Russian…
  • And Junkrat responds back to you in perfect Russian
  • His Russian is better then even Hanzo
  • When you stare agape at the dirty, sometimes brash man, he looks shy and rubs the back of his neck
  • His parents made him learn to speak three languages of his choice when he was a kid
  • Which you wouldn’t have thought until you realize he came from a family that was well off
  • Again, something you wouldn’t think when looking at your scraggly boyfriend
  • But it makes you happy, and neither of you mind shocking anyone who knows him

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How would Ut Uf (and Us if u want) skelebros react to an intovertet sarcastic s/o that dosen’t really get angry (like really rarely) but when they somehow get angry they become quiet and rly salty and are muttering comebacks. (My first language isn’t english sry) :)

Man, this is how I wanna be. ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

Ho, boy are you easy to figure out at least. He’s not one to get angry at all, but for the rest of it, yeah he’s the same. He’s more likely to get right to trying to cheer you up when you get to that point than anything.

UT Papyrus

He’s so confused. You’re quiet suddenly? Why are you acting like this? Are you ok? It takes him some time before he realizes what this means, and when he does he gets to trying to help you feel better. Also, sarcasm eludes him.

UF Sans

Not the best solution, tbh. He’s pretty similar in this situation: introverted, sarcastic, even salty and quiet often. Comebacks have had negative results on him before, but he’ll probably make comebacks to your comebacks. To put it simply, he’ll get too lost in trying to outdo you to think of how to help you.

UF Papyrus

He doesn’t handle sarcasm well, nor comebacks. Expect the occasional loud complaint.

i never cared about mermaid AUs until this very second so have one

god you guys its long im so sorry but im also not at all, this is my aesthetic

  • lance spends his entire life on the bottom of the ocean, with his best friend hunk, who is completely content to live without bothering or being bothered by the humans above
  • “they dont even know about us, lance, but we know them all too well. look at what they do to our friends, look at what they do to our earth. if they knew about us, it would begin a new era. an era of destruction and disparity.”
  • “hunk, you are literally no fun.”
  • but lance agrees that maybe it is best to keep away from the surface so as not to be discovered. humans of old could be pretty unforgiving, and a few of the angrier ones probably still remembered the generation of radical mermaids who had disagreed with sailors invading their home…
  • so he stays by the ocean floor where he belongs, content to feel antsy for the rest of his life in order to keep everyone else happy.
  • but its not about to stay that way.

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Bill always stutters but when is the one time he doesn’t?? When he tells Georgie stories!!! Georgie just loves bill telling stories and Georgie is just baffled and all the silly little voices he does! It really relaxes both of them,,

i am here for this !!!!!! best head canon

talk to me about bill denbrough!

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Imagine just cuddling with Natelight (like I feel that next to Robbie, Silver and Yandereplier he's one of the best cuddlers) just imagine being engulfed in his warm fluffy wings and just being overcome with the feeling of peace while he softly sings you to sleep, imagine as you are about to fall asleep he gently kisses you atop your head and just wishes you sweet dreams ~🐌

Sweet baby angel boy would definitely do this all the time for you

ask meme questions from my husband (lol)

14: what is the arc for this character (redemption, etc.)? [Clark]


i’m not good at this analysis stuff okay, this is your thing. lonely alien adopts whole planet? learning to reconcile two heritages? idk

21: this character’s best/worst memory? [Best, Bruce]

lmao we all know the worst one

it probably depends on where he is in life? for a long time it’s probably a particular good time with this parents, although that’s kinda also sad/bad.

i’m trying to think of like, what his happy thought would be to fly. or summon a patronus. maybe dick getting in some kind of savage own in on someone he doesn’t like. or a cool dog licking his face. meeting rihanna. actually yeah probably that.

35: any foreshadowing/symbolism you wrote that you hope readers didn’t miss?

i would have a better answer to this if i’d written it recently because tbh i forget most of what i’m doing like five minutes later. like i’m sure there were things i was hoping people would notice but then i moved on. maybe i’ll think of something after i post this?? Watch This Space

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tbh I want to be your best friend !! I love your writing, I do writing myself but I'm so bad at cramming all the ideas together and turning them into something (also my faves of your characters are Rooney, Ramona, Lou, Fiona, all the girls?? idk I love girls sorry but I love the boys too!) also Santi reminds me of Elliot Alderson from Mr. Robot + Rooney is one of my favorite names and I'm rambling now whoops


honestly the girls deserve the most love. (especially eli and miyu, their time is coming once pets comes out) 

AND IT’S REALLY FUNNY YOU SAY THE MR. ROBOT GUY because i remember last year i reblogged a gif of him to santi’s inspo tag not because he even looked like him but like his facial expressions reminded me of him…i’m glad we’re on the same page (even tho i’ve never even watched that show)

it’s okay i ramble a lot too that’s how u know we’d be fast friends

Robin Vol. 4 #88: Secrets & Lies

Next up, we return to Robin Vol. 4 once more, although this time thankfully with better artwork.

Robin has just finished tying up two drug dealers who sold to kids and he is pissed because Bruce told Stephanie Tim’s real name. Back at the cave, Bruce is putting Stephanie through some very harsh training. He calls in Cass to demonstrate one of the exercises, which she does flawlessly, all while breaking her own record. Her advice to Steph, whom she has never met before? “Become faster.” In the end, even Bruce admits that Cass is a phenomenon of her own, and will probably always be the best.
Fast As Lightning: 22
Little Lady Of War: 14

opening up an old love letter and finding that there are tear stains on it and the paper seems thinner n perforated by time just makes me think of all of the time that has passed and how much i’ve changed and he’s changed and our love has changed. its just bookmarked this moment in my life as one that is of similar love and similar troubles but with a new perspective and truly i think that is the best marker of growth, when ur mind has been changed by experience because u allowed it to.. when u apply the lessons life teaches u ur perspective changes, the world alters in colors and shapes, and if ur attentive to the growth, it’ll continue to 

Bias list?

I’ve decided imma do a bias list of all my bias’ to show some love.

Park Chanyeol

My ult bias. Everything about him makes my heart swell. His smile

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good god, that smile could make the worst day ever into the best.

he’s so talented. like get you a mans that can do it all

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he’s the biggest goofball :) like??? protect him???

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Chanyeol is my everything. He is someone I have grown to really love. We all know that feeling for their ult bias. How they make you feel all tingly and weird? Is that just me? Okay. Whatever. You’re lying to yourself if you don’t know what I’m talking about. 

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Jackson Wang

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Jackson is someone that is talented and humble. He loves his members more than any other idol I’ve ever seen. He cares not only for his fans but for just about anyone he meets. We don’t deserve Jackson Wang in our life. He’s too pure for this cruel world

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Me too Yugyeom. Me too. 

Kim Mingyu

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How is he so bad boy one second then all fluff ball the next? I don’t get it? 

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He’s honestly so handsome. I cry myself to sleep at night just knowing that Mingyu is alive and is perfect and is ruining my expectations for all men out there. If you’re not Kim Mingyu, please don’t talk to me :)

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god is testing me. 

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Lee Taemin

Do I really need to explain this? 

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Don’t @ me on this but like he’s THE king. THE KING. Notice how I said THE KING. 

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Catch me crying in da club at this comeback. Cya. 

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how is he so cute? like? i need him to stop. 

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don’t touch me. Taemin makes me emotional. 

that’s it. I’ve really done it now. why did i do this to myself bye. 

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The stars at your sight, the cold breeze embracing your skin, and the peaceful silence surrounding you—all of these are much pleasant to you, right after all those hardships and pain you have been through.

You were laying your back on the grass with your best friend, Baekhyun. He invited you to star-gaze with him and you were about to refuse when you remembered this might probably the last time you will be able to spend time with him as an unmarried man.

You had plans with your boyfriend, Chanyeol for tonight but you had to cancel it because of your stupid best friend who-you-loved-dearly’s unexpected plans. Gladly, your boyfriend understood your situation and only asked Baekhyun to take care of you and asked you to call him when you got back to your apartment.

Baekhyun was humming songs when you suddenly spoke.

“So, this is the end for us?”

Silence became more quiet than it actually was earlier. You could hear nothing but the wind blowing your hair, the heavy breathing you’re making, and the heart pounding in your chest.

He cleared his throat, “Nothing can end us.”

You chuckled at his reply and started to count those massive stars that are not countable at all to divert your attention. You thought so many things you’ve always dwelled on in your past. You thought of the times you thought Baekhyun has feelings for you. You thought of the moments whenever he would touch any part of your body, you would get goosebumps. You thought of the feelings you have felt that you were sure that you were in love with—

“I was in love with you.”

You froze, not anticipating the sudden confession he had always been hiding for the past few years. Questions started coming up in your mind and suddenly, you were drowning in your thoughts.

You did not speak, and Baekhyun took this opportunity to continue. “I was afraid to lose you. I still am, actually.”

You wanted to bombard him with lots of questions so bad to the extent you weren’t able to say them one by one and left you speechless.

He turned his gaze to you and held your chin, so that both of you could make an eye contact.

“Did you feel the same?” He nervously asked.

Yes, I did. You wanted to say these words but it felt like you’re in an ocean of millions of words but weren’t able to utter anything. You wanted to say more, but you didn’t want to complicate things anymore, now that he was about to get tied up with his fiancé tomorrow.

You stared at his eyes that held too much emotions, you stared at his moles you’ve always used to tease him but found it cute anyway, you stared at his lips you once wondered how would it feel like if it was pressed to yours, you stared at his face you completely adored until now, and finally, you stared at his heart through his soul that you once hoped it would be yours.

But none of your hopes happened.

Everything happened so fast. In a blink of an eye, both of you started to draft apart. Baekhyun met a girl and started to pursue her, while you had to prepare for your entrance exam in your dream law school. Of course, Baekhyun getting himself a girlfriend was one of the reasons why you completely drifted apart from him for at that time, you know you fell in love with him and you couldn’t do anything about the fate had served you but to swallow the pain and move on.

He tried to reach you out, but you didn’t let him to. With that, you found Chanyeol and you became interested with each other until your relationship started to blossom and it became love, giving no space for Baekhyun in your mind—but never in your heart.


Reality snapped you out and remembered Baekhyun’s question, you blinked a few times and finally answered him.

“Y-Yeah, I d-did.” You stuttered.

Silence wrapped the both of you once again, but now, it is a suffocating silence. Too much suffocating that you wanted to stand up and leave him alone here.

He suddenly laughed, let go of his hand in your chin and gazed the stars once again. You got confused to why was he laughing when the current situation you were in right now wasn’t something laughable. You wanted to punch him when his laugh died down and started to talk.

“This is funny,” he sighed. “Fate is funny.”

“Why did you say so?”

His head faced you and gave you a ‘do-I-still-have-to-answer-that’ look.

“Just look at our situation. You’re now with someone who isn’t me and I will get married tomorrow. After all these years, I’m still in love with you.”

“You know you can’t be,” you snapped at him, your head turning to face him. “You will be married tomorrow, Baekhyun.”

“I know,” he murmured, sighing once again and cupped your cheeks, his thumb forming circles in it. “I just want to let this out and be clean before facing my cruel reality.”

You closed your eyes, feeling how close your faces are to each other, your free hand holding the hand that’s in your cheek.

You wanted to scream.

You wanted to shout at and blame the fate and timing because they fell on the places they weren’t supposed to fall on, you wanted to yell at Baekhyun for not telling this years ago for you hoped if he said it earlier, things wouldn’t turn out this way, and mostly, you wanted to blame yourself—for you let the fate & timing control the florescence of your love with Baekhyun to not blossom in early years which could give you an unproblematic outcome today.


“I know, I know…” he whispered to me once again, you felt his lips planting small kisses on your forehead, as if they’re the message for his unsaid words and feelings.

With that simple yet heart-warming act, a crystal tear started to roll in your cheek. Not a shed of tear that is full of happiness and blissfulness when he said he was and is still in love with you, but a shed of tear that is full of regrets, what-ifs, and sorrows that are too much for you to handle for you had enough having them in your chest for the past few years.

When both of you were already calm, he stood up and stretched an arm for you to help you get up. He insisted to walk you home and you weren’t in the mood to argue with him—not at this time when both of you have naked hearts in front of each other.

You have your fingers intertwined with him on your journey way back home. You squeezed his hand to grab his attention before you spoke.

“Let’s love each other, Baekhyun. I will always love you what I’ve always did since time immemorial.”

He laughed quietly, squeezing yours back. “Always.”


So, the plans for today are posting and doing some things I’ve been tagged to do several weeks ago. We’ll see if that happens. It all depends on whether or not I’m interrupted. Anyway, to the sims. 

Before I start, I’d like to point out that I despise anything that the sims will stay all day doing, like the computers and the tvs. I’ve used retuner to stop them from doing certain things on them, like for the computers it was chatting, playing games, and posting inappropriately. So to get to the point, Wolf decided to prank the computer, which was pretty dumb, since it’s going to quite some time before anyone is going to use that computer. It’s so sad that all of his hard work is for naught. Then when the poor thing got up, his legs went through the chair! 

Bats is taking his test for a scholarship. Since I boosted his skills up he got the best one there was for the degree he wanted. Also you may notice that it’s morning here. Wolf still hadn’t gone to bed. I think being frozen froze his energy bar. 

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Empty ask box, eh? I’ve got an imagine, though I’m sorry if you’ve already answered one like this. What are things the S/O of the Undertale and Swapfell bros(separate) could do that would fluster them so much that they could practically float away and evaporate? Would it be small gestures, compliments, displays of affection, moments where they exhibit strength, a comment made to fluster them, etc? If you’ve answered something like this, feel free to ignore or bend the prompt to your liking. 👌

Havent heard of this one o3o ill do it as best i can

Snasy boi:

He’s not one to show off with strength or how much magic he has, he’s better at just flirting with you normally, sometimesusingpuns (okay all the time), but he wants to try his best to fluster you and keep you that way for a long time. Whether it be a show of how much he loves you or instead telling it to you instead.

Pure Papy:

He will tell you all sorts of sweet things, but he won’t know that they fluster you. He compliments you a lot on your good doings, and he helps you with your mistakes, but if you had told him that you get flustered over the things he does, he’ll do his best to not do them as much as he usually would(causehedoesntwanttomakeyouuncomfortable)

Blackberry bab:

He literally does what he does on purpose. He likes to lift you up out of nowhere just to show off how strong he is, when you aren’t looking, he looks up different things to say to try and fluster you since he’s not too good at thinking up what to say at flustering you, but he tries his best.

Rus boi:

He likes to hold hands with you, so you’ll find him putting little kisses on your hand when he has it in his. He likes when you get flustered so he’s going to find all sorts of different ways to get you blushy, His favorite thing to do is get you flowers and smother you in as much affection as he can.

Razzle Dazzle:

He will show off his strength and amount of magic to you as much as he can, more then Blackberry does. He will do his best to use words to try and fluster you, but if that doesnt work then he’ll eventually move on to gestures. Hand-holding, kisses, cuddle time, you name it. He wants to make sure that you’re happy and red when he gets to mess with you.

Mutt bby:

He isn’t even trying tbh, he just does what he would normally do to his s/o, it depends on whether you fluster of not, he’s gonna keep doing those things if you continue to get flustered by his actions, he finds the colour red on you absolutely stunning~

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Today's news is that it is Monday. I do not like this day because I have to stop lazing around and actually get shit done. Also I work for like 12 hours. Best of luck to you. I hope your customers treat you right today.

oh jeez that’s so many hours of working. i hope it goes quickly for you!!

customers were pretty cool today, except this one guy who we call twelve sugars because he gets twelve sugars in his coffee. he stayed away for a few days cause he got chewed out for pestering us for refills without paying attention to our refill policy and using our wifi to torrent movies all day long while he sips his free drinks and tells us every time he pees

Adventures in Co-Writing (a Podcast)
  • Aja: sob
  • Me: Drew's line is THE BEST
  • Was Drew always this hot?
  • Aja: yes
  • Me: Or did he just become this hot?
  • Aja: nope
  • was always this hot
  • Me: Drew is the bestttttt
  • lol
  • Aja: omg
  • Drew is complex! And flawed! He's just also a nice person!
  • Aja: it's true, earlier i was actively thinking about ways to undermine the morning-after scene you wrote
  • ie by going back and adding in more references to hipster indie music
  • Me: WAIT
  • WHAT
  • Ahahaha
  • that wouldn't undermine it!
  • Aja: you can't be too careful
  • you never know
  • Me: omgggggggggg
  • Aja: scream
  • !!
  • Me: No, you're right!
  • That's a huge oversight!!
  • Drew would have pretentious records lolololol
  • Aja: ahaha see, see how well this is all going

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I recall seeing conversation on CW blog long times ago now. Blake tends to release albums a year and a half between each. IIH was a little longer. And I’m not sure what songs he would have released. I have my favs but not sure how they would have done. INTD has moved fast. Even cm sites have mentioned that. At he has done great songwriters on it. Let’s hope for the best. Luke (and sorry all his stuff sounds alike) is releasing same time frame as Chris Vol2. Whoopsie.

Yeah, I don’t think that TS is being released unusually quickly or anything. It’s been about 18 months since IIH was released, so he’s right on his usual Blake schedule. Somehow, though, the announcement seemed to have come out of nowhere. There are a lot of talented people who worked on it, definitely. I hope that the more traditional sound is something that resonates with critics and this one can be a critical as well as a commercial success. I know Blake doesn’t need the critics’ approval, but it would be a nice change! As for IIH, I will be forever crushed that we didn’t get One Night Girl or It Ain’t Easy as a single.

– M

My Secret Session Story.

On October 6th (the day after I got my wisdom teeth out) Taylor Nation Dmed me about a top secret event I was invited to. As soon as I read that I knew I had to go no matter what, I fell on the floor, and I was sobbing. On October 8th I got a call from Taylor Nation, and they told me it would be on October 18th in Rhode Island. Even though that is so far away from Ontario, Canada my parents were still so supportive and said we would go. Btw an hour after the call Taylor came on my livestream and just wow.

I then went out and bought a really cute outfit, and kept it a secret from everyone, and couldn’t sleep for the whole week.

Once the London Secret Session happened, I knew that’s what I would be attending too. And I once again started crying. Every time I thought about what would happen on October 18th I cried.

Finally on October 17th we began our 10 hour drive down, and I just listened to Taylor the whole time (I should’ve done homework, but like…) and it was so fun!

Then the day came…

I woke up early, walked on the beach and explored Rhode Island. Then I got ready for the night!

At around 2:40pm we drove to the meeting place, and got all checked in and got our wristbands and everything. I also met up with my online friend Akhila who was also invited!!!

Then we all got in these cars and drove up to TAYLOR SWIFTS HOUSE. The gates opened all dramatically and I began sobbing!!


We then went into Taylor’s kitchen and ate food, I went out on her balcony and talked to Scott (he gave me so many guitar picks), I met Andrea, Austin, and Tree as well! They were all so kind.

The food was amazing, I ate so many of the rep m&m’s.

We then gathered into Taylor’s living room, they closed the blinds, dimmed the lights and the session began. (((WHAT HAPPENS IN THE SECRET SESSIONS STAYS IN THE SECRET SESSIONS)))

Lemme just say that the album was absolutely amazing, the best one yet. Taylor was in her chair dancing and singing along the whole time and looked around at all of us. She made eye contact with me so many times, and smiled at me, and danced with me, and I cried so much. I was so freaking close to her and she looked so beautiful and she was soooooooo happy.

She looked flawless, and her happiness radiated to all of us.

(((more stuff happened here that I can’t talk about))))

Then we went into another room and waited to meet Taylor.

During this sessions she wasn’t rushed, she took her time with everyone, and it was supposed o end at 9:15 but I was there till 11:30.

I went into the room to meet Taylor, and she hugged me so tight. She knew my name (she said it wrong but she knew how to spell it so it was all good, and then she said it 5 more times the right way lol). She was even more gorgeous that close up, I couldn’t believe what was happening, yet she was so easy to talk to?

We talked about how amazing the new album is, I said that Red was my absolute favourite but Rep took the #1 place and she was like “LOW FIVE, HUGH FIVE!!!”

Then we talked my livestream she watched, and how I couldn’t find my cat. And she said she’s seen me online so much but I used to be more tanned ahahah.

She kept complimenting my outfit, and stroked my choker saying “I love it it’s so delicate” and how my shoes matched my skirt and my choker matched my nails, so she proceeded to touch my nails.

She said she loved how energetic I was and that I was dancing with a childlike joyfulness the whole time!

At one point I was like “you’re gorgeous” and then she tapped my arm and said “YOU’RE GORGEOUS” and later she said “you’re an angel” so I tapped her arm and said “YOU’RE AN ANGEL” it was so cute.

Then she asked what type of pose I wanted to do and I said “I was thinking like two best friends just chilling on the couch” and she was like “OHMYGOSH YESSS DO YOU WANNA HOLD A GRAMMY????”

So we started talking about the Grammy I was holding which was aoty for 1989 !!!!!

Taylor was like “yes that’s the new baby.”

On the way over to the couch I stumbled and the couch moved and she was like “oh don’t worry I do that all the time.”

Then we sat on the couch, she threw her legs across me with her amazing black boots, and she cuddled me as I held the Grammy!!

Then she was like “Halley’s mom!! Do you wanna hold the Grammy?”

So we took another photo standing up with my mom, and I hugged her as my mom held the Grammy.

Then I thanked her for everything and told her I love her.

And she was like “I love you, you little fashionista” and did a little dance.

Then I walked out of that beautiful house, got a bag of merch, and went back to my hotel room.

Then Taylor came on my tumblr and liked soooo many posts and reblogged one and just the day couldn’t get any better.

The amount of joy I felt for the whole night was absolutely amazing. Nothing can ever compare. It’s safe to say that it was the best day/night of my life and I will cherish it forever.

I can’t believe Taylor wanted to meet me, invited me into her home to listen to her new album, and knew about me!?!?!

October 18th 2017 will forever hold a special place in my heart.