he is one of the actors i will be modeling how i handle my career after

Freewood fic rec list

This rec list’s been in my drafts for some time now, I’ve been regularly updating it and using, since I like to have my favourite stories listed in one post, it’s easier to find certain fics I want to reread this way. So today I thought ‘how about I publish it, maybe someone’ll find it useful’. So, here we are now. There are almost 180 fics in it, all great and highly recommended and, well, believe me, I’m very picky when it comes to fics. Also, fics are segregated by their word count, so the further you go, the longer fics you’ll find. Enjoy!

last updated: November 15, 2016

♥ - faves

^^ - newly added

if you’re looking for specific au [these are the most used ones, there’s so much more!]:  ‘ctrl + f’ + gta!au / mad king!au / minecraft!au / king gavin au / X-Ray & Vav!AUcollege!au / hs!au

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Larry Fics Rec

some of my favourite larry fics ever

Louis works in a library where his own books sit on the shelves. Also, there may or may not be a Harry Styles involved and he may or may not be Louis’ muse. Not that Louis is admitting to anything. 

Louis knows about beauty; the combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses. He creates that combination every day in the garments he designs while studying fashion at uni. The cut of the design, the color of the fabric, the intricacy of the stitching; it all comes together to create something beautiful. When the science student with the long legs and dimpled smile agrees to model for him, Louis decides he’s found beauty personified. Harry just thinks Louis needs someone to show him how beautiful he is.

The one where Harry hates grocery shopping (but not really), and Louis hates doing the dishes (but not really), and they both have a liking for kittens. And eggnog.

Louis is a barista who is a bit damaged from a previous relationship. Harry is a musician who is all warmth and light. Rebuilding a life takes time.

Louis takes the kids to visit Harry on tour.

The one where Harry is the quarterback who wants to be a photographer, Louis is the piano prodigy who like being a wallflower, and it’s a roller coaster of a life but they’re along for the ride.

Louis meets a boy who asks him about the books he reads and changes mostly everything.

Louis Tomlinson is one of the most promising dancers of the English National Ballet, on track to become the youngest principal dancer in the company’s history. That is, until forces conspire to significantly complicate his life, including: a surprise ballet, an unfairly attractive guest choreographer, and being pushed into a rivalry with his best mate. Featuring lots of wine, dancing, pining, and a happy ending.

The one where Harry is going to be King, Louis can’t handle it like he thinks, Zayn is finally happy, Liam’s a massive geek and Niall’s marrying a princess.

The one where Harry’s an event planner and Louis’ in the military and it creates problems until Obama fixes it.

Louis is an insecure mess and he hides behind his blog. Harry’s a boy with a personality too bright and he’s everything Louis thought he would hate. They end up falling in love.

The one where Louis is a famous actor who dubs Harry, Harold of the Bakery after meeting him while hiding from paparazzi. The one where Louis makes dreams come true by taking Harry to the sold out Free Skies concert. Being best friends with the band has it’s privileges, or so that’s what Niall always told him. 

Louis goes to bed having ordered a nineteen year-old husband.

Louis has a 3 year old son and works at a daycare while getting his education degree. Harry’s a fresh face Popstar with the world in his hands. They meet over applesauce and hide n’ go seek.

AU. As the first British footballer to come out at the prime of his career, it helps that Louis Tomlinson is in a long-term, committed relationship. Even if that relationship is fake.

Fashion/Model!Harry/Model!Louis AUs

Fading 202K

Louis knows about beauty; the combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses. He creates that combination every day in the garments he designs while studying fashion at uni. The cut of the design, the color of the fabric, the intricacy of the stitching; it all comes together to create something beautiful. When the science student with the long legs and dimpled smile agrees to model for him, Louis decides he’s found beauty personified. Harry just thinks Louis needs someone to show him how beautiful he is.

Let’s Fall in Love in a Place You Want to Stay 134K

A George of the Jungle / Tarzan AU where Louis is a model who meets Wild Man Harry in the Congo. He was raised by apes and barely speaks a word of English and turns Louis’ life upside down.

In Vogue 121K

‘Is that why David Beckham has been featured multiple times on the pages of your life’s work? Does your criteria seriously consist of one thing – a man’s ass?’
'Well the ass is a man’s best asset,’ Harry smirks, holding the Martini glass high up his face. 'And don’t call the magazine my life’s work. There are far more important things in life, Louis Tomlinson, than what’s printed on the pages of a magazine.’

Fashion AU. Louis is the editor in chief of Vogue magazine, and Harry’s running British GQ. Featuring Zayn as the crazy creative director and Louis’ confidant, Liam as the sports writer that gets to sit front row at fashion week and DJ Neil as the only sane person in the whole story. (There are no skinny jeans in this fic)

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#MoreLoveMoreHugs: B1A4, BANA and Fan Interaction

I am proud to call myself a BANA.

I rather like this community, small and “young” as it may be. I have never had to be embarrassed to say that I enjoy B1A4, or the fans I interact with through B1A4. 

And I would like to keep things that way. 

Many of you know where this post is coming from. BANA as a fandom has has been through some interesting ups and downs in the past week. I will not go into them here. If you’re in the right tags to be reading this, you know what I am talking about. 

Instead, I am here to talk about something very important: 

A Band Is Often Judged By Their Fandom

Please think about that for a moment.

I am sure you can all think of a band that has followers who get on your nerves. Either everything the band creates is perfect, or anyone who dislikes the band is stupid, or a combination of both. The band can do no wrong. These fans are defensive, hostile, illogical, immature and (oftentimes) just plain rude. They lash out at others with differing opinions - on twitter, or youtube, or tumblr, or wherever they’ve come to find a voice - in their desire to defend the thing they love. 


In recent days, B1A4 seems to be under attack. Many BANA took the news in a responsible manner. However, many BANA have also reacted very, very immaturely, making inappropriate comments back at the accusers and - even worse - making harmful comments towards the band the accusers support. A band who, themselves, supports B1A4. 

While (as fans) we want to be protective and fly to the aid of our band, we need to do so in a positive and constructive manner. We need to not become those fans, the ones that everyone cringes over when hard times arise, or appear to arise. 

Sometimes, bands we like do things that we don’t like. Things that we can’t in good conscience condone or support.

Sometimes, those things will be overt and apparent (the positive light cast on cheating in the JPN release of the Baby Goodnight video, for example; or the recent questionable photoshoot for Allure). In these cases, we need to step back and say, “Look, guys, this isn’t cool.” We are the band’s support, we trust them, they trust us. If that relationship is genuine, they will listen. I might talk more about this at a future time. For right now the main point is this: 

Sometimes, the nebulous “things we don’t like” will only ever be seen as rumors. If something is a rumor, it will die down. The rumormongers will get bored, the truth will come out, and the boys will be proven innocent. 

If it’s not a rumor, we need to pick up and move on from there. 

Consider, after all, the source material: 

“It’s just fascinating, the fact that there are at least some people who like us”

- CNU.

“We’ll always remember that you are by our side. Please be with us from this day on. We sincerely thank you and we love you.”


“They say that if you think good thoughts, only good things will happen~

Shall we try to think only good thoughts?

Since B1A4 and BANA become each other’s strength by just our existence
Let’s trust and depend on each other… Got it?”


We are here, because you are here for us. We will try harder.

- Gongchan

It’s unbelievable to be standing in front of you singing. It’s… It’s an incredible blessing, really. Words can’t express how I feel. Thank you so much. I hope you all stick by us. Be with us forever. I really love you guys.”


If you haven’t yet, watch this video. At 3:23, Jinyoung shows a roll of paper that BANAs have signed for the band. “I have something to be proud of.” “If this isn’t sincerity, I can’t do anything." Look at the emotion in his face, look at how he’s talking about that piece of paper. 

That’s the first show they won with Lonely. 

I believe BANA gave them that win. 

They believe BANA gave them that win. 

And I believe the band would have been perfectly fine - emotionally - if they hadn’t won, because they knew they were already the winners in BANA’s heart. 

What does this mean?

Some have expounded and theorized on B1A4 and WM’s business practices. How a label with a couple of actors picked five goofy country boys and trusted them to succeed on just their hopes and talents alone.

How Jinyoung has - and has always had - an inordinate amount of creative freedom compared to a lot of other idol artists. How Baro and CNU get to help in the composing. How CNU got to try acting less than a year after debuting, is going to school for acting. How Sandeul has musicals and Immortal Song and is starting college, and Baro has his blooming drama career as well. I fully believe that Gongchan has tricks up his sleeve, and once he and WM feel ready to show us, we’ll be blown out of the water as well. 

WM Entertainment and the band as a whole seems to attempting to create something new:

  1. WM trusts the members. they let them pursue their individual activities, they trust them to write a large number of the songs (8/12 is 75%; Jinyoung composed 75% of an entire, full length album and the band hasn’t even reached the three-years point!), and so on.
  2. the members take that trust and turn it into motivation: to sing better, dance better, to show the fans the "colors” of B1A4’s hearts.
  3. In turn, the fans give them the fame and accolades the company needs to be successful, and the love that the band so desperately wants for their efforts.
  4. The trust pays off, and WM gives the band more creative freedom, starting the cycle back at one.

 It’s a different model than others we see in the music industry, and given the increase in sales and fans alike, 

it seems to be working.

So What Can I Do?

Given that the band we love and want to defend so much operates around positivity and trust, we as a fandom need to approach conflicts with other fandoms in a manner fitting with the business practices of that band. 

In the future, when you see others accusing B1A4 of anything (be it something realistic and worrisome like Allure, something nebulous and accusatory like a buyback, or something downright absurd like artistic plagiarism within the same design company): 

Take a step back

Count to ten

Ask: how can i handle this in a kind, caring way?

In the future, approach these things with

  1. Patience. Just because it’s happening doesn’t mean you have to react right away. The immediacy of the internet often leads us to believe instant reaction is the best reaction. This is not the case. Give yourself time to think about your response. if you would not say it direct to the other person’s face - and be willing to get slapped for it or to see the other person’s tears - do not post it online
  2. Perspective. In the end, it’s music. It’s a pop band. It is important to you (and us!) and that’s okay - but it is not a matter of life or death that you (we!) be the winners. It is important that we are right, and honest, and kind
  3. Humor. I don’t mean at the others, I mean at yourself. At ourselves. I mean, in connection to #2….we are kinda silly sometimes!
  4. Kindness. Sometimes, people get angry because their favorites aren’t doing well. Sometimes they get angry because of things going on in their lives that you will never know and they have no control over. Be understanding, but don’t ever assume someone is only mad because they don’t like your favorites. 
  5. Productivity. Instead of getting angry on your social media of choice, do something. Talk to your fellow bana, find constructive and nuetral ways to work towards dispelling rumors (like rabbit_0625 on Twitter and their drive to collect I-BANA proof shots) spread music to people who might not have heard it. create art, write fic. Work on building the BANA community, essentially protecting “us,” without attacking “them.”

In closing

At the end of the day, I believe, it does not matter to B1A4 whether they win or lose. Not at this point in the game. B1A4 are focused on B1A4 and BANA. They want us to be safe, us to like them, us to be good. Us to depend on each other

Never has any member of the band, anywhere (in a Fancafe post, tweet, instagram or interview) ever said “I am sad because BANA didn’t defend us to XYZ,” or “I am sad because our fans didn’t help us win this award.”

They’re sad when they think that we are disappointed in them. How must they feel when they find out their fans have been saying awful, hateful things towards other fandoms? Not even fandoms, but towards other bands’ members, members they themselves respect?

BANA, we need to work together to be different. We need to work together to spread the idea that fandoms can agree to disagree, can be suspicious of one another, maybe even rivals- but that that rivalry should, ultimately, be a friendly one.

A rivalry that, at the end of the day, can be set aside if need be to defend the truth.

#MoreLoveMoreHugs, and 100% less hate.

Because, after all.

Haters need love too. 

Thanks to MJ, Shinwooed and Radio-Palava for proofreading and concrit, for providing their ideas, and for putting up with my fevered rambling throughout the drafting process. 

hi, i am dad - 1727 words
mostly namjoon centric but namjoon x seokjin ft. kid

fluff drabble that might just be a part of something bigger

this was originally a twitter convo between me and a good (but not really) friend of mine, zoe, who i am not sure if she has an aff but wte. and it all started because of the photo above


To think that Namjoon and Seokjin would really end up together had the entire group taken aback by surprise. And for them to suddenly bring a 6-year old boy to their most recent reunion party at the three youngest shared apartment unit got them so good that they had to stop everything for a while to coo at the kid covered by thick layers of jacket.

“Hyung, you really did it!” Taehyung exclaims as he drags the poor thing around the house and offering him various candies they have at the refrigerator.

“By it I hope you mean adopt, Taehyung, because yes, we did.” Seokjin huffs, removing his scarf and sitting down on the couch. Namjoon follows him, a relatively large bag in his hand.

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