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I think Sasha is the most likely to go. Because if I'm not mistaken Sonequa's new show is going to be a BIG one (the first season is thirteen episodes and she's the series's lead). But that obviously won't make me feel any better. Another one I would not be surprised for is Eric because of the comics but if that happens I will literally hyperventilate (he is one of my favs). The people who I think are safe are: Maggie, Daryl, Rick, Carl, Michonne and Enid. The others are on the fence for me.

Yeah, I agree :( I’m so happy for her though. 

I really hope you’re wrong about Eric but he has been getting more screen time with Aaron and it makes me nervous.

I’m feeling like this is the week I should rant about s14. And especially “The Brick Gulch Chronicles”, considering the new writer.

I enjoyed “The Brick Gulch Chronicles”. Not my fav episode from that season but I did not dislike it either. It was enjoyable.

But what my orange, lazy heart truly loved was this line:

“No! You listen to me! I have been dragged along I don’t know how many adventures and no one has ever asked what Grif wants!”

Yes. Yeees.

I know this is Brick Grif speaking but it makes me think of Grif the Draftee. Of Grif who was forced to take care of his sister in a young age. Of Grif who never wanted to be a soldier in the first place but ended up fighting again and again. Of Grif whose life was messed up from the beginning.

I like this Grif who finally snapped. I like that he is speaking up for himself, making the others aware that he is there and that he deserves his treats. Let Grif have his pizza and his naps. Let him have his breaks. Allow him to achieve what he wants.

And don’t forget that Grif never wanted to be in the army in the first place – but he is still fighting.

Did I mention I love this poor and loyal idiot?

Theo Appreciation:

First of all, I want to make the point that prior to season 6a I had no remorse or empathy for Theo period.But now he’s one of my favs (of the season) here’s why:

He’s funny and sassy in his own way 

He has shown change and growth especially with his sister’s death/murder

He didn’t run even when hell was breaking loose

He helped Scott and obviously wants to be in the pack

***His bromance with Liam melts my soul it’s adorable ^^^^ see above

His plans with Liam that are usually just winging it

He put Liam’s life before his:

He was ‘the bait’ & fought the ghost riders


I heard possible spoilers that season 6B will heavily center around Liam’s role as the new ‘alpha’ and I hope we see every more growth with Theo and eventually add him to the pack. He’s a great character in the way that he’s morally gray and I love him simply as the ‘dark’ character in the show, especially as a contrast to Scott.

Besides Theo, I also, of course, support Cody soo much and I hope he is ok and feels the support of all of his fans.

Dallas Winston Birthday Headcanons

- Nobody knew Dally`s birthday for a long time because he kept demanding it wasn`t important and to “shut the fuck up ‘bout it.” 

- He`s a brownie man not a cake man what can I say

- Johnny always gives him his gift in private so it`s more special 

- Tim gets (steals) him really expensive alcohol and Dally drinks it with Pride™

- Dally lowkey misses Coney Island, he use to spend his birthday there every year in New York 

-  He`s that one friend that INSISTS celebrating is pointless because it just means you`re getting older

- Makes unsympathetic comments like “Ya call this a gift?” but secretly highly appreciates it


Inktober 2016 days 16 and 17 - There’s a hint of both “Full Moon!” and “Mad Science Monday” Drawlloween prompts if you squint.

I discovered that Wolverine’s first appearence on comics was in 1974 (he’s one of my favs, although I’ve read very few comics featuring him). Maybe the year is a bit late for TF2 (?) but one can dream.

One Last Ride  (Sam Drake x Reader) Chapter 1: You Promised

I’m starting a new fan fic, will probably get a few chapters?
Story will consist of (fluff, angst, action, drama, nsfw)

I’ve gotten so much inspo from my fav fic writers on here so i thought i’d give it a try. Your feedback would be awesome! comment and like (:

Summary: Nathan Drake calls you for a job he needs help on and could only count on you (besides Sam and Sully of course) to help him on this based on your other jobs together. 

He promised. 

He promised no more dangerous jobs, no more dangerous men shooting at you, no more dangerous lost cities, and no more dangerous treasure hunting that at the end of the day you left with nothing.

But there you go, answering his phone call once again. 

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My concert was fucking amazing!

Billie Joe did his speech abt love and joy.. he was very happy that the new england irish peeps were cheering.. He said we scream just a bit louder than anyone else

King For a Day was featured with lots of St. Patrick’s day hats and green feather boas. 

Billie crawled through Mike’s legs.

Billie and Jason did a lil thing where they walked down the stage together

Three kids came up on stage at different times to sing, one of which was a kid named Grant who played guitar (and got to keep it!)

The encore was American Idiot with a loud “Fuck you Donald Trump!” at the end.

Ordinary World and Good Riddance were played, and everyone cried and it was beautiful 

  • <p> <b></b> Because of an error,old one was deleted and I have to redo whole thing. Damnit. I'll do Yoosung's soon.<p/><b></b> In this version,MC is real hell savage.<p/><b><b></b> BRACE IT.</b><p/><b></b> **********<p/><b>MC:</b> Zen,open the door already<p/><b>Zen:</b> ...........<p/><b>MC:</b> Are you mad at me?<p/><b>Zen:</b> No<p/><b>MC:</b> Then open the door and get outta there<p/><b>Zen:</b> NO WAY EVER YOU BROKE MY FAV MIRROR I-<p/><b>MC:</b> Jumin gave me his old gold-rimmed mirror since he had a new one,but I don't need it so-<p/><b>Zen:</b> <b>*SMASH DOOR OPEN* </b><p/><b></b> **********<p/><b>MC:</b> whose facial cream is this? I don't remember buying-<p/><b>Zen:</b> <b>* ScreaMs*</b><p/><b>Zen:</b> <b>*epic jump*</b><p/><b>Zen:</b> <b>*snatch the facial cream on rolls on wet toilet floor dramatically*</b><p/><b>Zen:</b> THIS IS LIMITED EDITION SPECIAL,DON'T TOUCH IT<p/><b>MC:</b> <p/><b>MC:</b> Dear,go see a fuckin' therapist<p/><b></b> **********<p/><b>Zen:</b> I won't steal your undergarments for self-satisfaction anymore<p/><b>MC:</b> Good- WAIT WHAT<p/><b></b> **********<p/><b><b></b> *in middle of emergency*</b><p/><b>Zen:</b> HEYYY MC ARE YOU OKAYYY<p/><b>MC:</b> <b>*upstairs*</b> Yeah,I'm cool. Don't worry-<p/><b>Zen:</b> ARE YOU SUUUREEE<p/><b>MC:</b> Yeah I'm-<p/><b>Zen:</b> I'M LEAVING BUT I'LL BE RIGHT BACK FOR YOUUUUU<p/><b>MC:</b> Well okay but-<p/><b>Zen:</b> PLEASE DON'T BE WORRIED ABOUT ME PRINCESSSS<p/><b>MC:</b> Zen it's 2AM I'm the fuckin' morning-<p/><b>Zen:</b> PLEASE WAIT FOR MY RETURN MY LOOOVE<p/><b>MC:</b> Okay Zen,I know you're an actor and need to exaggerate literally everything but-<p/><b>Zen:</b> I'M SURE I'LL BE MISSING YOU BUT-<p/><b>MC:</b> ZEN OMG JUST FUCK OFF ALREADY<p/><b></b> **********<p/><b>Zen:</b> Dear,you're as stunning as ever<p/><b>MC:</b> <b>*in bed hair,face full of food,currently wearing pjs in mid of afternoon*</b><p/><b>MC:</b> what's wrong with your head today<p/><b></b> **********<p/><b>MC:</b> You see,there are two different sides of Zen<p/><b>MC:</b> sometimes he's like-<p/><b>Zen:</b> <b> *wears tight clothing* </b><p/><b>Zen:</b> <b> *shakes sweat off* </b><p/><b>Zen:</b> <b> *looks cool as f* </b><p/><b>MC:</b> and sometimes he's like-<p/><b>Zen:</b> <b> *acts womanly as f* </b><p/><b>Zen:</b> <b> *takes more amount of selfies than amount of oxygen he breaths in that day* </b><p/><b>Zen:</b> Oh hey honey,I wore your dress today. Didn't I look fabulously hot? I'd fuck myself tho-<p/><b>MC:</b> <p/><b>MC:</b> someone needs to remind me why did I marry this narcissistic idiot<p/><b></b> **********<p/><b>Zen:</b> <b> *romantic as f* </b><p/><b>Zen:</b> <b> *melts your heart everytime* </b><p/><b>Also Zen:</b> <b> *probably kissed himself in the mirror* </b><p/><b>MC:</b> I married a freakin' weirdo<p/><b>MC:</b> but I love him<p/><b></b> ***********<p/><b>Zen:</b> Honey<p/><b>MC:</b> What<p/><b>Zen:</b> I'm the sass king,but you're my ego sass queen<p/><b>MC:</b> <p/><b>Zen:</b> you're slayin' it babe-<p/><b>MC:</b> another word and I'll either beat you up with a chair or force Elly upon you<p/><b></b> **********<p/><b>Zen:</b> You're so beautiful and stunning<p/><b>MC:</b> Awhhhnnn thanks honey<p/><b>Zen:</b> I was talking to the mirror<p/><b>MC:</b> <p/><b></b> **********<p/><b>MC:</b> You're the most majestic creature on this planet<p/><b>Zen:</b> eh?<p/><b>MC:</b> No wonder Jumin,I and even Saeyoung adores you soooo much<p/><b>Zen:</b> <b> *blush*</b> e-ehh?!<p/><b>MC:</b> Your gorgeous silver locks is so-<p/><b>Zen:</b> <b> *red as f* </b> MC that's enough,I can't take it anymore<p/><b>MC:</b> Huh? I was talking to Elly<p/><b>Zen:</b> <p/><b>MC:</b> <p/><b>Zen:</b> Fuckin' cat<p/><b>Elizabeth the 3rd:</b> Meow<p/><b></b> **********<p/></p>
jen’s modern!bucky fic recs

i haven’t recced anything in awhile. so here’s my favs for this week, despite it only being wednesday: 

  • Love Thy Neighbor by hermionesmydawg [Bucky Barnes has a few problems with his new neighbor:1. He’s hot 2. He’s loud 3. He might be a secret superhero]
  • Leg Day by Slenderlock [“So talk to him,” Sam says.“I can’t,” Bucky groans. “I can’t, Sam, I. He just.” He fluffs his hair up and stares at Sam, distraught. “I want him to bench press me.”“Okay, so it’s serious,” Sam interprets. “Got it.“(Or: The one where Sam is Bucky’s long-suffering roommate, Bucky is a hot mess of a millennial, and Hot Steve spends far too much time on the Lat Pull-Down machine.)]
  • Side bitch out of your league by rohkeutta [I tried to call Sam,” Captain America says, bewildered. He’s sprinting like Usain Bolt and doesn’t sound even a little out of breath. Fucker. “Who’re you?”“Someone who’s watching you live on TV,” Bucky tells him as the tiny patriotic figure on the screen takes the turns like he instructed. Bucky should probably be a lot more freaked out about this, but honestly? After a tour in the Middle East and six years as a nurse in New York, even this isn’t enough to ruffle him. One sees a lot of shit in the ER. “Also, you better hang up now, that thing is behind the next bend.” “Uh, okay,” Captain America says. “Thanks?”“Whatever,” Bucky says, disconnects the call and turns the TV off to get ready for his shift.]

Lance has a little problem. He’s nice and friendly person. Too friendly. Everytime they meet a new alien, he’s ready to hug them and accept them in his little family. And that wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t in the middle of a fucking war where everyone around you might kill you.

But Lance can’t help it. When he saw the little arusian guy he wanted to knit him a sweater, when he met Rolo and Nyma he wanted to befriend them (and he had to flirt with Nyma because how can he say no to a pretty face??) when he met Yupper he told her all his insecurities and was ready to protect her from harm.

He’s just like that. He trust too easily and sees good in everybody.

Shiro and the others end up having a long talk with him about it after Lance started trying to become friends with monsters that even the Galra feared. And really, those weren’t even pretty monsters that could trick you into freeing them (Like Nyma, for example), no. They were huge dark-creatures that screamed danger from everywhere.

“Oh come on guys, just look at them, don’t you wanna pet them?”
“Lance, dear Lord get away from that! It’s gonna eat you!”
“He’s just being nice, don’t be rude Pidge.”

Lance still didn’t see the problem with those aliens. Yes, their looks are a little bit scary, but they are in space. Everyone is different and they shouldn’t judge those guys by their looks. They all are victims from the Galra. Lance doesn’t judge his friends, they are only being wary. The last few creatures he tried to become friends with did try to eat him. But, what if they didn’t? What if they were actually good?

He’s not an idiot. He knows what he does it’s risky. It may get him killed someday, he undertands why his friends worries. But if he doesn’t make an effort to save those dark-aliens, who will? Voltron must protect everyone.

Lance keeps doing this for while and only stops when he ends up freeing a giant alien who looks a lot like Cthulhu and holy shit he undertands now why the Galra flee from the base when they heard the alarm.

He’s teammates tease him a little about the “Cthulhu accident” but they forget with time.

It’s only when they end up in a strange galaxy fighting the Galra that they remember. They were losing, and hard. The Galra had them surround them, they couldn’t escape and their lions were to damage to even try to form Voltron. They thought it was the end of them.

Then Cthulhu arrived.

It was fucking insane, the giant creature destroy all the Galra ships by itself and even help them go back to the castle. When Lance got out of Blue, he ran hug one huge beast under the astonished look of all his friends.


my favorite fics [19/?]

Boys of Summer by sharktoothedfawnskinned; 49k, read on ao3

Summary: What he wants is for this to be a forever thing, not someplace Harry spent the summer once.  What he wants is for this to be more than a memory.

(New Jersey beach town AU.)

On Chirrut’s Blindness in Rogue One

A week ago I finally got to watch Rogue One and really, really loved it. Some elements were a bit odd (CG Tarkin cool but scary, tentacle monster very scary but the film over all was excellent being a nice flowing war film with great characters. One of said characters I was most anticipating was Chirrut Imwe played by Donnie Yen.

Originally posted by tfa

This dude is a bad ass in all senses of the words. He is a great brand new character for the Star Wars universe and one of my fav characters in essentially a film void of characters like Jedi involved with the Force or the Skywalker saga. Chirrut provides a unique look at the Force from the perspective of a non Jedi yet someone who clearly has a great faith in the Force. It’s heavily implied this man is capable of low level force abilities in the story and I don’t think the Force was completely abesent of the film becauseo f Chirrut.

But here’s the thing, as a fan of Star Wars I was wondering just what would make Chirrut different and make him stand out from past characters. Because he is not the first blind character or blind character connected to the Force in the franchise. Notably in the original intended “inbetween” saga, The Force Unleashed, we had a character named Rahm Kota, a former Jedi general who at the start of game 1 is blinded from a lightsaber strike by protagonist Starkiller.

Most recently a character very similar to Kota appears in the canonical Star Wars Rebels. This is Kanan Jarrus, another Jedi survivor of Order 66, who is blinded from a lightsaber strike by Darth Maul. Also notedly like Kota and Chirrut he is a Force user who is part of the Rebel Alliance. So by the time Chirrut comes along I already have an impression of blind characters and blind force connected characters in the Franchise.

What did make Chirrut stand out though? What works in his favor is just why the character is blind - this was Donnie Yen’s choosing. He, like most of the cast, picked a trait that would be a part of their characters permitted by director Gareth Edwards. Yen has portrayed many a warrior monk and martial artist in film (his credits are numerous to put it lightly) so he needed Chirrut to be distinguished from his other roles. The solution was Chirrut in fact would be blind and his blindness would enforce his faith in the Force.

Originally posted by eggogorgon

To refresh, Chirrut in fact was born on the moon of Jedha and a monk who guarded a temple which was connected to the Jedi. According to an additional guidebook (A DK Rogue One information booklet) Chirrut was part of an Order quite as old as the Jedi which held great faith in the Force similar to the Jedi (named The Whills). Chirrut strongly believes in the Force despite ridicule from other characters (even from best friend Baze Malbus) that they are unfounded. Throughout the film he is constantly reciting the mantra “I am one with the Force, the Force is with me” and displays noted abilities such as when he famously fights a squadron of Stormtroopers in the City of Jedha.

Unlike both Kota and Kanan however his blindness fueled his faith whereas both Jedi initially believed their connection to the Force was lost due to their blindness. It was the loss of sight that gave Chirrut a differing perspective and an almost greater connection with the Force which in effect became his sight and he demonstrates this many times. Such as when questioning Jyn on if she could truly trust Cassian Andor and when in the climactic final battle sensing the approach of the Imperial Walkers.

Before hand the Jedi were always kind of seen as a religious order, comparisons to say Samurai, or more aptly Christian Crusaders weren’t unfounded. With Chirrut though the aspects of the Force feel more like a faith and give new insight on it in the Star Wars franchise cementing Chirrut’s own iconic status.

“Viktor in Red”- One of my fav app’s latest senpais to romance, Viktor has quickly become one of my favourite senpais with his suave and charm. Not sure if I’d learn much if he were my teacher <3 <3 Heheh…

Illustration done for @notice-mesenpai‘s Christmas exchange as a gift for Myrna Maeve who is also a fan of our new fanged teacher! Game by @skillshotlabs

Since I took a lil break after working today I made me a new icon for my twitter because it’s almost his birthday…… If you think I take character birthdays too seriously I think we should see other people…. So while I can’t stop to work on some actual quality art, here’s a happy puppy Tamaki ;;; I’ll make something better for his actual birthday tho `^´ 9