he is one of my favourite rappers

I know I kind of missed Oak’s leaving of Hamilton, but I just wanna say that he was one of my FAVOURITE original cast members. His range is astonishing, his vocal acting raised up his roles to real highlights of the show, and I miss him already. I hope he gets the lead roles he so richly deserves in the future, tbh, he’s not only a wonderful singer (and rapper!) but also just a stellar actor.

As a hoseok stan

I just want to express how absolutely happy he makes me. How when I feel both physically and mentally tired, I always gain strength by watching him.

His smile - It’s easily the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. The way his eyes form into this cute crescent shape. His cheek bones doing its thing and raises so high, indicating how genuine his smiles are. And you see the way his dimples appear. Those dimples. I’m so weak for them. If I had to choose one of my favourite facial feature on him, it’s those precious, tiny and adorable dimples.

His passion - Hobi is literally so, so passionate about everything he does. He started out as a dancer, pretty well known in his hometown, Gwangju. Now, we all know his dream is to be a superstar and that’s why he went to Seoul alone to train for his idol debut, just for people to watch him perform. He trained so hard to be a rapper, which he were formerly not in touch with. And look how much he has progressed. Not solely rapping, he writes his lyrics and continue to upgrade himself by participating in producing, which I cannot be anymore proud of.

His personality - He is the brightest and kindest person I’ve come across. He is not afraid of showing his affection to people around him. From little things like giving them hugs, to things like staying behind to practice with the members if they ever needs help. How he plays so well with the maknae line and how he becomes a pillar of support to the hyung line. He is just so dependable. The way he treats armys really kills me. He is never stingy with his kind words, his loving gaze, his endless aegyo. He gives me so much that I’m embarrassed to not be able to give him more. He gives me so much happiness that I’m saddened that I won’t get to tell him bout this magical feeling he makes me feel.

Hoseok is so precious and deserves all the love in the world. I want him to know that it is okay to feel tired and restless. I want him to know that his well-being is so important and that he don’t have to put on a cheery and happy persona all the time. He can show his weakness, and I will still love him the same.

If I ever get to meet hoseok, I wish I can tell him how amazing he is. I wish I can tell him how loved he is.

Things I adore about Changkyun
  • His nickname is ‘cave boyx
  • Always apologises for not being able to communicate well but he’s actually really great at speaking, both Korean and English
  • He’s the ‘hawkeye’ x
  • He said one of his positions in the group is to ‘look old’ x
  • Okay LISTEN, he is so good at rapping. I am not being biased, it’s a fact, he is an amazing rapper and when his mixtape comes out it’ll be straight up fire x
  • He is so funny without even trying x x x
  • Once pretended to grab the sun and eat it x
  • He is actually so good looking omg his visuals needs a separate post of appreciation tbh x x
  • Apparently there’s a hierarchy within the group and he rules them all x
  • He actually takes the best selfies, this boy knows angles x
  • That neck grab thing he does in Stuck PLEASE x x
  • That one time in Right Now where he said he wouldn’t have any facial expressions on the Viking ride, but he ended up having the best expression out of all of them x
  • Just watch this video and pray for him x
  • “Be quiet I’m speaking right now okay?!” x
  • Wonho’s second job is to annoy the crap out of him x
  • He’s the true dance king x
  • Okay his opening of this performance got me so SHOOK, English and Chinese, boy was playing with my feelings x
  • “I’m Wonho who is in charge of being the maknae.” x
  • Okay it wouldn’t be an appreciation of Changkyun without talking about his amazing friendship with Jooheon, ugh it’s so pure and beautiful x x x x
  • When he fell down because he missed his chair and got so embarrassed and just sat on the floor looking over the table omg he is so cute x
  • He actually does rule Monsta X I swear, they all adore him so much x x x
  • He is literally Kihyun’s child x x
  • White looks SO good on him x x
  • He has such a beautiful smile x
  • That one time he wore the Nirvana shirt and his hair was parted in the middle and he was cute all day x x
  • He looks so good with glasses x x
  • His vocals got everyone shook x
  • His version of the Amen special clip was the most adorable thing I’d ever seen, those CAT EARS, that LIP BITE x
  • Not only is he cute af he is SO SEXY it’s insane x x x
  • I live for these pictures of him and Shownu x
  • I love how he’s a fighter, he didn’t let being disliked by the others in No Mercy get him down, instead he used that to prove he belonged there and worked so hard and I am so thankful and so grateful that he made it through.

Here are some nicknames for them! The first picture (on the left) is what those day care children called some of them. I’m slightly concerned at the fact that these children (who I think are 4-8 years of age) knows the word “Womanizer”, which isn’t a good thing. Also… it isn’t good to be called a Womanizer (and unfortunately Maehara is called that, even though he didn’t show any of his womanizing tendencies during this time… Where did the name even come from?) 

Terasaka’s nickname makes him sound like a shitty rapper or a stupid loaf. Either one really works. And poor Nagisa… getting claimed at such a young age. 

On the code names side, these are the code names that were not mentioned during the actual chapter. My favourite is Four-Eyes Kaboom-Boom (for some reason I think the person who wrote this was either Terasaka or Isogai, I literally have no clue why)

[But it probably isn’t, so my dream is ruined]

Deanee on “Regular Girls” EP.15

Here we are, a little late. Yesterday I was not able to hear everything, so I’m remedying now (1:42 pm, fantastic).

Renee told that once, some people knocked on the door and Jon didn’t want to have anything to do with them: maybe they were Jehovah’s. She complained because many Jehovah’s come knocking at her house. You are not the only one, Renee … You’re not the only one.

As I understand it, Jon also listen to country music.

Renee and Jon were watching Bachelor and there was an exhibition and Jon said that one of them looked like Snoop Dogg. (A rapper)😂

Talking about rap, a Renee once sang a rap song to surprise Jon and he looked at her and said “Don’t ever do that again.” 😂
That was my favourite 😂

Renee showed and explained anything (I think a movie) to Jon and he liked it.

Jon listens to good music and Renee often hears it.

I’m sure I forgot something or that I wrong on something. Forgive me if I wrong something … I am good at writing and I have to improve in listening 😭😭

Thanks for reading all. At the next. ✨✨


1. Birthday, blood type: 1996/01/26, RH+ O
2. Attractive point: Nose, jawline, 12 dimensional
3. Group’s position: Maknae, rapper, looks old
4. Ideal type: A girl who gives off a good vibe
5. Favourite food: Except the beans in his rice, he likes everything
6. Something you’re into nowadays: Deep house music!
7. Our group’s charms: Energy, power, o wa!!
8. One thing you want to say to your members: Thank you!
9. Goal: Become my son’s example
10. Message for Japanese fans: (In the past, he) wanted to go to Japan once. (He’s) happy to do shows in Japan (now.) Thank U so much!

translated by monstaxtrans ϟ take out with full credit.

15 favorite I.M qualities
  •  when he blinks lots at once 
  • his lisp thing that isnt a lisp  ((omg what is it))
  • when he pulls stupid faces 
  • when he refuses to deal with embarrassing mx 
  • when hes the one embarrassing mx 
  • his English omg 
  • doesn’t talk all the time (probs thinking about memes) 
  • when he does talk its usually savage af 
  • the smallest of mx (aw)
  • smoothest rapper ever
  • literally hilarious 
  • left handed!!! 
  • his british accent (98% accurate) 
  • cute fashion choices 
  • polite af to strangers it kills me 

he’s literally one of the most loveable people in kpop and one of my favourite kpop stars. be nice to him because he (as do all of mx) deserves lots of love

You guys remember that one time Block b went to Show Champion with a bunch of bands and the mcs thought it would be fun to make the rappers from each band have a “battle” live (one if them was Yongguk!) 

And they were just having fun, making small raps about the show and the mc´s and how fun this was and then Zico came in and fucking WRECKED THEM like he swept the fucking floor with them, rhyming long, complex, meaningful lyrics that swallowed them like a fucking tsunami and he kept going and going and they had to actually stop him cause hes got flow for days?

And all the people there were kinda confused and jawdropped Yongguk was just smiling wide like “You go Z” and block b was just laughing like they KNEW this is exactly why you dont joke-battle with Zico

It was fucking priceless

My Grandma tries to name BTS


Gm: That’s not his real hair colour is it?

Me: No, his real hair colour is black.

Clue: A type of alcohol but spelt wrong.

Gm: Ohhh, JIN!

Me: YAS!


Gm: He needs a haircut, it’s in his face.

Me: Like yours? *oooh burnnn*

Clue: you put it in your tea.

Gm: Suga?

Me: yup :)


Gm: He looks a bit like Cliff Richard.

Me: Nana, no one knows who Cliff Richard is. Anyway it begins with J.

Gm: Junior, Jo, Jay O, Jay Z, Jay R, J….Wish




Gm: He looks like he has a Brillopad on his head.

Clue: Something scary.

Another clue: what does eminem do?

Gm: Rapper, Rap Ghost (It should be XD), Rap Bear, RAP MONSTER!


Me: This is my favourite member.

Gm: Oooh, um um well… he looks quite normal (pft what?)

Also Gm: Jisus, Jibbie, Jin Jin Jin, Jim Jims, JinJin.

Me: He’s got no jams.

Gm: Oh, so he’s Jim then?

Me: NO! 

Gm: Jimin?


Gm: He looks quite normal too (Lol nope).

Clue: It’s one letter.

Gm: V


Mg: That was a bit piss easy

Me: XD


Gm: His hair is a bit like Cliff’s (she means Jhope). It looks like their mum has put a bowl on their head and cut around it.

Me: what were me and mum shouting at the seagulls in Blackpool? Also it begins with J.

Gm: F*** off? I Don’t know. Why does everyone’s name start with J?

Me: *dying from laughter*. 

Gm: JB, Junior ( What is her obsession with GOT7? XD), Jehosofut ( I literally don’t even know anymore), Jujube, Julie, SUSAN, Judd, Jungho?

*10 hours later

Gm: Jungkook

Me: :)

Vernon Passed...?

Okay, first things first, let me just say this. I love Seventeen. I love Hansol. In fact, he’s my second bias and has always been even before Seventeen’s debut. But. Him passing the second round of SMTM4… Let me just be real here. His verses were awkward, lacked confidence and had poor delivery. I can’t say much about his lyrics since I don’t actually know what he’s saying but I know that that was his least best performance. He can do better and I know that. I do not know how he passed. I have nothing against San E or Verbal Jint becauae heck they are my favourite korean rappers.

But I do want to know why they passed him. I believe Hansol needs to improve a hell lot more because he is going to be the mockery of many contestants. I honestly feel that he shouldn’t have passed. I’m sorry but with me being one who loves khiphop or basically hip hop in general, it kind of bugs me. I’ll still love Hansol though but as a rapper, he has a lot to work on. But you keep doing you Hansol. Surprise everyone one day. I mean, you’re only 17. You have many more years to harvest your skills.

But those who are defending Hansol and how he did in Round 2, maybe you saw something in his performance but if you’re defending him because you’re a fan of Seventeen or because he’s your bias, honestly, that’s just low. I respect everyone’s opinions and in no way do I intend to be rude so do respect my thoughts as well. Thank you.