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Into You

pairing: phillipa soo x reader

request: If it’s alright, could I request a Phillipa/Reader where the Reader is the standby for Eliza and really looks up to Pippa? And they’re like always clinging onto her and it’s so obvious that Pip has a crush on them but the reader is naive and oblivious? Sorry if that’s weird, it’s the first thing that came into my mind. Thank you in advance!

summary: Reader is a standby for Eliza and she quickly become great friends with Pippa, but it doesn’t take long for reader to realize she has feelings for Pippa.  

warnings: literally nothing I don’t think i swore even once

words: 2080

a/n: Here’s that pippa fic that i promised! I’m sorry it took so long, but it’s here and now I get to watch all the gatsby scenes I want to haha! 

tags: @bluesnowyangel and @hamrevolution

When you joined the cast of Hamilton as a standby for Eliza, you didn’t expect to be welcomed into the family with such open arms. Phillipa went well out of her way to make sure you felt at home in your new home away from home and even went as far as to give you a personal tour of New York City.

Before you knew it, you and Pippa had become the best of friends and were practically inseparable in every way. At every after party or celebration, instead of visiting with Jimmy Fallon or The Roots or even any of the other cast members, you stuck right by Pippa’s side like glue, and she did the same. It was a friendship made in heaven; as far as you two were concerned, nothing could go wrong.

But all good things hit a bump in the road eventually. It didn’t take a terribly long time for you to realize that your feelings for Pippa weren’t strictly platonic, and that lead to a knot tying up in your stomach anytime you were with her.

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Best Part

Note: Okay, so I really really really enjoyed writing this one. There seriously needs to be more Oak x Reader imagines out there. This one had me melting and squealing on the inside because flufffffffff.

Request: Hi:) you write cast fics right? I was wondering if you could write a really fluffy Oak fic where he asks the reader to marry him? Maybe with 12? Thank you!!

Word Count: 1360

Pairing: Oak x Reader

Warning: None, just fluffity fluff and a lot of it

“Okieriete Onaodowan!” Your voice echoed off of the walls to the apartment you shared with your boyfriend.

“One sec!” Oak’s voice shouted down the hall.

A couple of beats later, his head popped into the doorway to your shared bedroom. He saw you standing in the middle of the room with your arms crossed, giving him a pointed look.

“What?” He asked, not knowing why you were acting like this.

You sighed, pointing to a pair of dirty socks that were thrown on the floor. Oak’s dirty socks that were thrown on the floor.

“How many times have I told you to not leave your dirty socks on the floor?” You asked, causing Oak to sigh. “I love you, but damn…pick up your dirty socks.”

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There he is! Artsy drew the prodigal son. Meet Jade, Guy and Satin’s treasure. Their wonderful, accidental treasure. He’s beautiful, he’s self confident and as Artsy mentioned he’s CONSTANTLY wearing leggings. He’s really proud of his legs and likes to flaunt them, okay? Leave him alone.

Time for a headcanon shitstorm. (All of these are pretty flexible btw. Jade’s still under construction and can change at any time.)

Jade has a rather Satin-like exterior and is usually more subdued than his father. However, dramatics are in his blood, which he has no control over, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you hear him going on a rant over something as simple as eyebrow hair out of place. Presentation is everything, goddammit.

Being an only child and a bit spoiled, he’s rather vain but is a good kid overall. Jade is not nearly as observant as Guy, due to his self centred-ness so if something is wrong with a friend, it might take him a while to notice. Please be patient with him. He’s kinda dumb in that regard. But once he actually realizes, he’s….well, he tries. Jade is not good with the emotional stuff. Doesn’t know how to comfort people. Not good at articulating deeper feelings. He’s very high and mighty about himself until he’s forced to confront emotions. Very awkward there so he avoids it when he can. But you know he’s gotta try his hardest to make that friend feel better. Satin and Guy raised him better than to just walk away. It’s done very clumsily though. Lots of stiff back patting. You tried, Jade, you tried.

I imagine him as being a pretty smart student. He did inherit Satin’s brain after all and it’s not like she’d tolerate that cleverness going to waste. The problem is, he’s not too good at concentration when he’s uninterested, another curse from Guy. So Jade does pretty damn good in school, but there is that barrier that keeps him from being labelled a genius.

He’s mama’s boy. Him and Satin have a very close relationship and he spends a lot of time in her study, giving her suggestions on her designs. She also dresses him head to toe too. Jade’s very exclusive about the clothes he wears and a good majority of the time, it’s from his mom’s line. You don’t talk shit about those clothes either. They also talk regularly after school and as mentioned before, Jade isn’t very good with admitting feelings but luckily, Satin’s a sharp woman and can read her boy exceptionally well and can help him through struggles, without even being explained the problem.

Okay, Jade loves Guy and Guy loves Jade. They really do love each other very very much but good God, this father son relationship is a mess. They bicker all the time but it’s never anything remotely offensive. Pretty sure their biggest argument was just.

“Glitter is tacky!”

*Gasp* “You take that back, you little brat!”

It’s just how they communicate. It’s usually his dad that brings out the more melodramatic side to Jade. I’m taking reference from my own father here but Guy Diamond seems like the type of man to lovingly pester his child. And it’s not like Jade can’t be equally as much as brat. This kid once ran over Guy’s sunglasses with his bike, out of pure spite (and because they were ugly) These are both petty children. But even in their arguing, like, they’re still doing it over ice cream. Because Guy took Jade out for ice cream. They’re eating ice cream together. Because they love each other. Y’know?

But listen, you would never hear him admit it in his life, but Jade is Guy Diamond’s biggest fan. Programmes from productions he’s in, posters, DVDs of his movies, interviews. Jade has all of them stashed in his room. He has an almost frightening knowledge on movie trivia of all the films Guy’s been in. He aspires to be just like him. Guy knows damn well just how much his son looks up to him but Jade’s probably the one person that he doesn’t prod to stroke his ego. He annoys him about enough things. Leave him be.

Jade can’t act. Like at all. He wants to. Good God, he wants to. He adores the lights, the stage, the makeup, the costumes but the boy is the worst actor you will ever see in your life. For the longest time, Jade was under the assumption that he was incredible. I mean, Guy and Satin try their hardest to be supportive so of course, they’re not gonna tell him that he sucks. He’ll get better with some practise, they insist. Guy actually sets up some acting lessons “just for fun” hopefully to get Jade to improve before someone else can tell him he’s terrible. Guy would rather die than let his boy get his spirit crushed. But nah, the lessons were useless. Jade is just not an actor.

He figures this out eventually after sneaking into the school’s theatre with some friends. (what a hOODLUM) Jade finds a box of audition tapes and of course his first thought is to pop in his own to show off for his friends. What they saw…well….let’s just say Jade’s never been more embarrassed in his life.

He reluctantly gives up his acting dream and pursues something else. Something where he’ll receive an equal amount of attention. Like he adores his mom’s clothes but he doesn’t really want to be a designer. He’s more of a critic of clothes more than a maker of them. Tbh I like the idea of him becoming a youtube beauty guru or something like that.

Welp, I probably have more but this is all I got off the top of my head. I hope Jade is appreciated for the second generation deity that he is.

Newsies “Show Business Is Gay” AU:
  • an alternate universe inspired loosely by personal experience

  • Okay so basic premise: Medda Larkin is the owner of a somewhat questionable, rundown theatre known for one thing, and that thing is a specialization in hiring young queer people to fill the cast and crew

  • Medda is like a trans mother duck and all the newsies +Katherine and Sarah are her queer backstage children

  • Jack does sets of course
  • Katherine is stage manager and Les is assistant stage manager and they will put the fear of god in you - Medda’s theatre has the quietest wings and the smoothest-running set changes of any theatre in New York.

  • If you’re supposed to be off book and you still don’t know your lines, Katherine will come back to your apartment with you after rehearsal and run them with you until you could recite them in your sleep.

  • Les is - occasionally more of a hazard than an asset because the ‘close eye’ he keeps on the techies more or less equates to getting underfoot and it’s hard to move set pieces around when you’re always worried about tripping over a nine-year-old. Boy pulls his weight though - he’s got Kath and Medda’s coffee orders memorized, and everyone is happier when those two have had their coffee.
  • Davey does sound or lights or something technical. He’s really good at it, but if you get him started on explaining what he does, you’ll be there forever. There are a lot of buttons and levers and such on that board, and he will tell you, in detail, what each and every one of them does.
  • Crutchie is props master. He’s very good at coming up with ways to refurbish old props or to find or make new ones for cheap, which is good, because the theatre has an annual budget of like ten bucks. You wouldn’t expect it, but that boy is also viciously protective of the props table. You are not getting your hands on so much as another actor’s pocket watch, because Crutchie sees everything, and he shows absolutely no mercy.

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Best Friend’s Sister I - The Perfect Woman

Pairing: Richard Speight Jr x Rob’s-sister!Reader

Summary: Ohmygod. Okay. The requester had anon-ed themselves, so I don’t know who it is, but their request took up 3 entire asks and if that doesn’t prove to you that this requester person is absolutely lovely then you’re totally wrong. Basically, Reader likes Richard, who is Rob’s best friend, and through the magic of Harry Potter, happy endings actually happen! 

Warnings: Harry Potter spoilers (in case you’re like Rob Benedict who actually hasn’t watched it apparently)

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(actually very accurate, totally 100% what happened)

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Kids-Anthony Ramos x Reader

Title: Kids

Word count: 1271

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader

Warnings: I have no idea how this broadway thing works, so yeah.

A/N: Let’s just pretend you have a twin sister named Amanda, shall we? Btw, Y/N/N is your nickname.

Okay, so, Anthony and reader are technically just friends in this, and there’s not a lot of focus on their relationship, but you do get to see Anthony with kids!!! Which I think is kind of adorable. And you get to see Anthony’s friendship with reader, which is also kind of cute, so yeah (congratulations)(sorry, I just had to do it).

I’m kind of working on a Lin imagine thingy, so that might be posted here.

Okay, that was all (wow, these A/N are getting longer and longer)



“Y/N, please! I’m desperate!” Your sister begged over the phone.

“Amanda, I have work tomorrow!”

“They could join you. Just let them be in your dressing room with a game. That should keep them occupied for a few hours.”

You sighed as you put on a pair of shoes, the phone between your ear and shoulder.

“Amanda, I don’t really think the cast and crew would like it if I brought some kids to rehearsal.”


You could almost see the pout and the puppy-dog eyes. You let out another sigh.

“Fine, but only this once!”

“Yes! Thank you thank you thank you!” She squealed as you pulled the phone away from your ear.

“You know, making me deaf is not a sticker in the book.”

When you were small, you used to have a book that your mom put stickers in if you were nice to each other. Once a book was filled (it was just one of those small notebooks), you each got a small gift. If you didn’t have that book, one of you would have killed the other before you reached your sixth birthday. 

You could hear Amanda chuckle over the phone.

“Sorry. I’ll drop them off at the theatre tomorrow, okay? And thank you again.”

You smiled. “Of course, what are twin sisters for?”

“See you tomorrow. I’ll bring you a coffee.”

“Oh, that’s okay. Anthony usually brings me coffee, but I would kill for a bagel.”

You blushed as you mentioned Anthony.
Anthony was one of your co-actors. He played John Laurens in the first act and Phillip Hamilton in the second. You kind of had this thing going on, where you flirted a lot and you were both into each other, but you decided to keep it professional so you were just friends.

“Ooooh, Anthony. Who is this Anthony you speak of?” She said into the phone.

You could see her wiggling eyebrows and suggestive grin. She definitely knew you too well. The thing about you was that it wasn’t often you got a crush on someone, but when you did, you fell hard. Amanda was opposite. She often got crushes, but they were more superficial, hence why she is a single-mother for two in her twenties.

“A co-worker. See you tomorrow, I have to go now.” You said, putting emphasis on co-worker.

You were smiling, thinking of Anthony suddenly lightening your mood, and you think she could hear that because she chuckled again, like she did every time she was happy for you.

“Okay, lover-girl, see you tomorrow with your bagel. I can’t wait to see Anthony!”

You didn’t get to respond as she hung up.


You were pacing outside the Richard Rodgers, checking your phone every minute or so to check the time and to see if you had gotten any messages from your beloved sister. You hadn’t gotten a very good start on the day, sleeping through your alarms, realising you were out of coffee and forgetting to eat, which had already made you very stressed.

“Y/N? Why are you pacing out here?” Anthony asked as he came, carrying two paper cups.

“Oh thank god! I was out of coffee this morning!” You exclaimed as you dived for the coffee in his hand. 

You sighed in delight when you finally got a sip of the delicious creamed and sugared coffee, the warm liquid warming up your frozen body and making your stress go slightly away. Anthony chuckled, a wonderful sound that automatically made your day much brighter.

“So, were you waiting outside for me?” Ant asked, his eyebrow raised.

You shook your head and took another sip before answering. “I’m waiting for my sister. She’s dropping off her kids here so I can babysit them.”

“Oh, and here I thought you stayed out in the cold because you loved me.” He said with fake offence. 

You giggled as he put his hand to his heart.

“I’m sorry Ant, it’s totally because of you too! And the coffee.” You whispered the last part, pretending that you didn’t want him to hear.

He pouted, and you poked his nose. “Aw, you know I love you.”

“Y/N! Thank you so much for doing this, I know it’s not really ideal and that you and everyone else probably don’t want some kids running around when you’re working, so this means so much for me!” Amanda said fast, obviously stressed.

She held her son, Julian, in her hand, while her daughter Emma was secured on her waist. Julian was seven, while Emma was five. She sat Emma down and led them to me.

“Y/N/N!” Emma exclaimed, running over to you and hugging your knees.

You chuckled. “Hi Emma. Are you excited to join aunty on work today?”

She nodded vigorously. Julian, who was more shy, came over to you and tugged on your pants. You bent down and hugged him too.

“Okay kids, you’ll have to be nice with aunt Y/N today. Do as she says, don’t touch anything you aren’t allowed to touch and I’ll be back soon, okay?” Amanda said, putting on what you called her ‘mom-voice’.

They nodded simultaneously, and she kissed their cheeks. “Okay, bye, I’ll miss you, see you soon.” She said as she started to walk away, blowing them a kiss.

Emma giggled and caught it, and put it in her pocket. They turned to me.

“Now, should we go into the heat?” You asked them.

“Yes please!” Anthony exclaimed from behind you.

You laughed, and Anthony led you to the doors, holding it open for you.


The day went okay. The kids listened to you most of the time, and they weren’t the biggest bother. Right now they were in your dressing room while you got yourself and them some food. When they got hungry they got more hyper and grumpy, which was not a good mix. If you didn’t want them to tear down the whole theatre, you’d have to get some food in them.

As you neared your room, you could hear their laughter. You smiled. If they were laughing, they weren’t destroying anything, right? No they weren’t, because Anthony was in there, playing with them.

You had never really been great with children. You never knew what to say to them, and how to act around them. Even as a kid yourself, you had more adult friends than you had children your age.

Anthony on the other hand, seemed like he was a natural. He was giving Emma a piggyback ride, while chasing Julian around the room. They were all laughing, and looking like they had the time of their life.

You couldn’t help standing in the doorframe, watching them play around as you felt your love for Anthony grow.

“Y/N! Did you bring food!?” Julian noticed you first.

You smiled as you held up some sandwiches and some small juice boxes. They cheered and ran to you, grabbing for the food and juice. Anthony walked over to you after them.

“I didn’t know you were so good with kids.” You said impressed, an eyebrow raised.

Anthony blushed and looked down. “I have a younger sister. I used to babysit her when I was younger.”

You smiled.

“Well, that’s great, because I’m terrible with kids. I just don’t know how to act around them.”

“It would be my pleasure to help you today.” Anthony said with a mock formal voice, making you laugh.

“Thank you.”

“What can I say except, you’re welcome!” He sang.

You laughed more and slapped his arm lightly.

Rewind (Part One)

Pairing: Actual A.Ham x Reader (Non-Romantic) Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader (Possibly romantic ;) )

Request: “I keep seeing all the imagines where the reader is living in modern au but she travels back to hamiltime so I thought it would be cool if you did an Alex x reader where the reader plays Angelica in Hamilton and Alex somehow travels from hamiltime to the Richard rogers theatre in modern au. I don’t really know what would happen from there, I’ll kind of just leave it up to you. Anyway, thanks💕💕” - @hamiltrashy1776

Warnings: Slight Swearing

A/N: So I absolutely love this idea and for some reason the first image that popped into my head while reading this was Lin fangirling over Alexander while the reader is trying to figure out why the hell he’s in the theatre. Anyways, hope y’all enjoy!

To say you were nervous to play as Angelica was a complete understatement.

You’d been part of the cast at Hamilton for a little over five months as part of the ensemble, and you couldn’t have been happier. Getting to dance around some of Broadway’s biggest stars was an unforgettable experience you’d always treasure, even in your days away from the stage. But for now, you planned on sticking to the show for as long as you could.

A month into the show, Lin had asked if you could be Renee’s understudy. It took all you had in you not to jump for joy right the and there and instead answer with a simple, “Sure.”

Renee had gotten sick just two days before the next show, which meant you were getting your chance as the eldest Schuyler sister.

As soon as you got word of the news, you packed up your laptop, went home, and studied your lines for ten hours straight. You were only in a couple of songs sure, but if you were being honest, you’d never actually expected to play Angelica…and you hadn’t really been memorizing lines. Luck was not in your favor as you failed to correctly memorize more than “The Schuyler Sisters”and most of “Satisfied” despite you reading, re-reading and listening to Renee’s versions for hours straight. Alas, none of your attempts seemed to do you any good. 

The next day, full of stress and nerves, you headed over to Richard Rodher’s theatre, hoping the stage and set up would possibly inspire your brain into memorizing some of the damn lines. You glanced up at the dark clouds looming above. Looks like it’s gonna storm. You thought, a small smile creeping onto your lips. The rained calmed you, maybe this was a good sign.

What you didn’t expect when you walked in, hazlenut latte in hand, was seeing Lin sat onstage, cross-legged, hair pulled up in a bun and furiously typing away at something on his laptop, a single spotlight cast down on him. Heat flooded your cheeks, okay, you might’ve formed a small crush since you had started dancing in Hamilton. But nothing too severe, it wasn’t like seeing him, brows furrowed in concentration,  black tank-top and black jeans clinging perfectly in all the right places, biting his lip slightly did anyhting to you. It defintely wasn’t causing the blush on your cheeks. It had to be warm in here, that was it. Besides, you were wearing your favorite thick, knit sweater and some leggings, of course you were going to be warm. Right?

“If I would’ve known you were here, I would’ve picked you up a coffee along the way.” You said, making your way to the stage. He looked up and smiled.

“(Y/N), why’re you here so late?” He inquired as you climbed the small set of stairs and plopped down next to him. 

You cocked a brow. “Lin, it’s two in the afternoon.”

He furrowed his brows, checking his watch. He gave a sheepish grin, yawning and shutting his laptop. You shook your head and smiled. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but something tells me you stayed here all night.”

He cracked his knuckles and chuckled, a sound that caused the butteflies in your stomach to awaken. “You got me there-” he paused, sniffing the air, “Is that a hazelnut latte?” He pointed to the steaming drink between you.

You laughed, handing it to him. “Yeah, take it. Something tells me you need this more than I do.” You half-joked. A grateful smile graced his lips as he took the drink, blowing on it lightly before taking a sip. You couldn’t help but stare at the way his lips wrapped around the edge of the cup, the way his eyes shut as he hummed in pleasure. “So,” you tore your eyes away, taking your script from your messenger bag, “What kept you up?”

He paused. “Oh, uh, just writing. No big deal. lost track of the time I guess.” He gave you a smile, one that told you he was hiding something. “What’d you do to earn that luggage?” He motioned to the bags under your eyes.

You sighed, holding up the script that was flipped to Angelica’s part in “Take A Break”. “I stayed up trying to nail these lines. It’s not hitting the notes that I have a problem with, it’s learning them in the first place.” You admitted, groaning and putting your head in your hands. “I’m never going to get this. You’ll have to find another Angelica by tomorrow night.” You mumbled through your fingers.

You heard him chuckle. Go ahead, laugh at my pain. You thought bitterly. Okay, maybe you were overreacting just a little. But still, butchering the lines you heard night after night was incredibly frustrating.

“Hey, don’t get worked up. Do you want me to go through your songs with you?” He offered.

You sat up, tension leaving as you saw his smile. “Would you? That’d be great.”

He nodded, pulling his own script from his laptop bag. Not that he needed it.

“Okay, I take it you’ve gotten “The Schuyler Sisters” memorized?” He inquired, thumbing through the thick book. 

You opened up your own script, trying not to focus on the way Lin’s hair was starting to fall in front of his eyes. “What makes you say that?” You teased.

“You sing it before shows all the time. I almost asked you to be Leslie’s understudy with how well you play Burr.” He grinned.

Your blush darkened. He had noticed you singing? You mumbled a ‘thanks’ before finding the part in “Satisfied” where Angelica’s going over her truths. 

“Okay, so I keep switching up the words and order in which she’s discussing the fundemental truths.” You turned your body completely towards him, mirroring his crossed legs.

He nodded. “I’ll start from when she’s leading Hamilton to Eliza.” He took another drink and ckeared his throat. “Where are you taking me?”

You closed your eyes, not peaking at the script and racking your brain for the next line. “I’m about to change your life.”

“Then by all means, lead the way.”

You took a breath, here’s where it would start. “Number one; I’m a girl in a world in which my only job is to marry rich, my father has no sons so I’m the one who has to social climb for one, so I’m the oldest and prettiest-” Your eyes popped open to find Lin smiling at you.

“You’re the what?”

“Shut up.” You grumbled. “They sound exactly alike. Okay,” you took a breath and shut your eyes, “The oldest ad the wittiest, and the gossip in New York City is insidious and Alexander is penniless,” you faked a scoff, “That doesn’t make me want him any less.” You breathed a sigh of relief. Well, it was more progress than last night.

You opened your eyes and saw Lin beaming proudly. “Nice job. Alright,” Just as he opened his mouth to speak, a loud clap of thunder erupted and the only source of light cut out. 

You didn’t squeal in surprise. You were sure you didn’t. Well, maybe just a little.

“Damn, power’s out.” He muttered, scrambling around in the dark for his phone.

“It looked like it wanted to storm when I first came in.” You cleared your throat, praying he didn’t hear your squeal over the sound of the thunder. “It must’ve started.”

A burst of lightning sparking through the small windows in the back confirmed this. 

“Of course my phone’s dead.” He said. You couldn’t see his expression, but from what you knew of him he was scowling, still staring at the black screen.

“Don’t we have candles in the prop room?” You asked. If you did, there had to be matches in there with them. Hopefully.

“You’re a damn genius (Y/N). Is your phone charged?”

You pressed the power button, briefly illuminating the floor in front of you. “I’ll go check it out. If I don’t come back after ten minutes, just assume I’m a ghost.” You stood, cracking your knuckles.

He chuckled. “Rodger that.”

You unlocked your phone, switching on your flashlight and carefully making your way to the prop room. You let your mind wander to what Lin had said he’d been working on, but he hadn’t said much. Huh. It was a little peculiar that he wouldn’t disclose this to you considering how close you two had become over the past few months. You quickly dismissed it though as you reached the prop room. 

The door was already open, which was odd. You shrugged it off. Daveed or someone had probably left it open after the last show.

Boxes of blank paper, quils, ink and other Hamilton-like things were strewn about, overflowing from the boxes stacked against the wall. You chuckled as the light from your phone caught on Daveed’s, well, Jefferson’s cane. 

After searching through a couple of boxes, you had managed to locate a few long candles, and at the bottom of one box was a pack of matches. You tcuked them under your arm and began making your way back to the stage,, hopefully you hadn’t been gone too long.

Your finger slipped, clicking off the light and basking you in complete darkness. You took a step, bumping into something-well, rather someone.

“Lin, I told you not to worry until after-” You clicked the light on, shining it on his face.


You looked up into the strikingly blue eyes only inches away from yours.

That definitely wasn’t Lin.

“….Alexander Hamilton?”


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A/N: IT’S MY FIRST TADASHI X READER FIC AHHHHHH I hope you guys enjoy, because I really liked writing this one.

Warnings: Tadashi is a really hot nerd

Being a college student can be incredibly stressful. So when your friends suggested you all celebrate the start of summer break by going to an amusement park, you excitedly said yes. You are decked out in the San Fransokyo Association of Arts tee shirts you got on the last day. It was a nice way to show school pride, find each other in crowds, and it was a bonus that they were really comfortable.

“Okay guys! How are we going to do this?”

McKinley claps her hands together to get everyone’s attention. The other three of you snap to attention in front of your unofficial leader. You spoke up first.

“Well I for one have never been on the big roller coasters before.”

Caroline leans away from you, a hand on her chest in an exaggerated gesture of shock.


Margaret grins, clearly already planning. Leah put both hands on your back, pushing you toward the big red structure ahead of you.

“We are soooo fixing that!”

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Storybrooke UK: Colin O’Donoghue - Stage talk
  • “Once I get my guy liner on I’m ready!” (x)
  • “[On his jacket] I think they used three whole cows” (x)
  • “The costume Hook prefers between Evil Queen, Dark Swan and Wicked witch is… Captain Hook's” (x)
  • “If Hook was a woman he’d have a crush on Robin” “[He] couldn’t pick” (x) (x)
  • “He prefers being dark” (x)
  • “Hook and Charming?” (x)
  • “If Hook was LGTB, Colin would like him to be with Robin” (x)
  • “Being all in [darkness] is the Dark One he wanted to do” (x)
  • “He loved the Back in the future finale and the Oz arc” (x
  • “He wanted Hook to “be Irish” [the accent]” (x)
  • “[When asking about learning what really happened to Milah] I can’t really… say too much” (x)
  • “I can tell you that Hook loves Emma Swan” (x)
  • “[When asking if Jen would direct a MV if he wrote a song] Jen is unbelievable. She’s fantastic, a great person” “He would let her direct a video” (x) (x)
  • “[His favourite nickname] When Regina calls him ‘Captain Guyliner’ ” (x)
  • “If he could film next season where he wants, would be Ireland” (x)
  • “Colin said Sean is probably his best friend on set” “Do not say to Sean that I said that” (x) (x)
  • “Colin did a lot of theatre. Would love to play in the future. He said MRJ will do a play soon” (x)
  • “While climbing the beanstalk, Colin hit the stuntwoman playing Emma with his metal hook in the head” (x)
  • “He uses the hook to hold his coffee” (x)
  • “Josh Dallas is the biggest prankster. And he brought a fart machine to set” (x)
  • “Colin doing his Irish dancing and kick” (x


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I do this because I want to be helpful and not selfishly get fic for my OTPS, not at all. Femslash February prompt: Rei/Usagi. Rei hates her birthday. Usagi wants to fix that. Usagi gets Rei something she is sure she will love. It's tickets to a Takarazuka musical. Rei is Less Than Amused. Take it from there.

Apparently this was the best prompt ever. Also apparently I REALLY LOVE writing Rei and Usagi. As a result, this fic is TWICE AS LONG as that other one. And I even did light research for it. You unleashed a monster.


It was widely known among her friends that Rei wasn’t overly fond of her birthday, even if nobody knew exactly why. The reason was simple. It was her designated “day” to spend with her father, but he usually sent someone else in his place unless it was campaign season or something was going on politically and he was trying to play up the family man angle. Rei had picked up on that pattern fairly quickly and decided to avoid the birthday dinner as much as she could. Unfortunately, her father was as tenacious as she was, so that didn’t always work.

So her preferred activity on her birthday was finding the best hiding place in Tokyo and leading some hapless assistant on a merry chase. But becoming friends with Usagi had thrown a wrench in that. She was always trying to plan some sort of get-together and Rei always had to get out of it somehow. She didn’t want to explain it to her and other girls, and she sure as hell didn’t want to see their reactions if the party got crashed by some suit keen on kidnapping her.

Usagi had been suspiciously quiet this year, though. She was probably planning a surprise party. Well, she’d have no one to surprise, thought Rei as she got up early the morning of the big day, preparing to make her usual escape.  She felt a twinge of guilt over that, but it was quickly smothered when she reminded herself that this would just mean Usagi would have free cake to enjoy. The other girls would rally and just throw the party for Usagi instead to make up for her disappointment.

With all the essentials packed in a tote bag- manga, snacks, money, homework to do, a hat and glasses to put on to disguise herself if need be-she left the shrine. Only to find someone waiting at the bottom of the steps.

Usagi?” Rei could hardly believe her eyes. She looked up at the dark sky and back at odango-haired goon standing there with a big grin. “What are you doing? It’s early.” She wondered if Usagi had just somehow not noticed this, and as soon as Rei reminded her she’d drop back to sleep, right there.

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Yes Professor (Nerdy (kinda) Luke Smut)

So this is the other story that I was writing when I wrote “Tutor Me”…thats why it took me nearly a week…because I was writing two stories instead of one! So harryxoclifford…you got two…YAY! :) ENJOY!!!

You were his top student. Constantly asking you questions- easy ones might I ad. He wasn’t actually your Professor. He was the Teacher’s Aide, but you always ended up working with him. Luke. English Essay - Luke, Beaumont Oratory - Luke, Class Situation - Luke. It’s like the entire English Department at Vic U wants you to work with him. It doesn’t help that he’s two years your senior, graduating only last year and you had the biggest crush on him. Luckily Luke never found out about said crush, but you knew that you were being blatantly obvious each time he sat down next to you, because you would feel a hot blush creeping up onto your cheeks. It never helped when he brushed his fingers against your hand.

You would always catch yourself watching the way his fingers glided across the keyboard when helping you to type out a paragraph that you were “stuck” on. You always watched the way his lips would form words or the way his pink lips would turn up into a smile when you would ask for his help. You always watched the way his tongue would dart out of his mouth to wet his lips, or the way he would just stick out the very tip of his tongue in the corner of his mouth when he’s thinking really hard about something.

You couldn’t help but go home each night and think about what his fingers would feel like interlaced with yours, you couldn’t help but wonder what his lips would taste like pressed up against yours, but what you fantasized about the most, was what his tongue would feel like pressed up against your clit, flicking it quickly, drawing you closer and closer to the edge until you came over his tongue.

The next day in class, you couldn’t take it anymore. All week Luke -Professor Hemmings- had been doing things that were driving you crazy. Watching you from the front of the class whilst the Professor was talking, he would purposefully graze his fingers against yours when handing you the pen or notepad. He would look you up and down each new day of the week, nodding only slightly to himself, as if he’s almost approving of what you’re wearing. If you were being honest though, you did the same to him.

He would hardly ever be late, but when he was, you couldn’t stop your eyes from raking up and down his body. He was a lean figure that always wore long sleeved plaid shirts with a bow tie and black skinny leg trousers, but his look was always completed with thick black glasses. Usually, on a Friday, he would change up his look, and all the girls played “guess what he’s changed”, like last week he wore a sleek black tie instead of his usual black bow tie. This week though, no one called what he was going to wear.

Luke was late, very late. So late in fact that everyone thought that Luke wasn’t coming, until he burst through the door, his usual perfectly waxed hair was sticking up in different directions, making him look like he’s just rolled out of bed, his cheeks are flushed and his chest is rising and falling quickly like he’s just run a marathon. Everyone gaped at him, at his appearance. Fridays were his mix up day, but today was just-wow! He wasn’t wearing his normal shirt and bow tie. Luke was wearing a white cotton shirt with a black skinny tie and a black blazer with his black trousers. He didn’t wear his usual red or white vans, he wore black leather boots. He looked as if he was our Dean. I couldn’t stop smiling as his eyes met mine and he smiled and blushed further, he knew that I approved of his suit and he loved it.

“Glad you could join us Mr. Hemmings.” Professor Mickelson said, taking in his flushed appearance. “Alright, for today’s lesson we are going to pair up and partner A will be the teacher and partner B will be the student. In today’s situations, partner B, the student, has done something worthy of a detention. The cause of the detention is up to partner A, the teacher. What happens in detention is also up to partner A. Ok let’s begin. (Y/N) you’re with Hemmings again. You could learn something.”

Was that supposed to mean some- holy crap he looks hotter up close. “So, you’re the teacher, I’m guessing?” You ask, looking directly into his eyes, showing no sign of melting under his intense gaze.

“That’s right. You’re my student!” Luke flashes his toothy grin making you melt further into your chair. Did he have to say “my” like you were his toy that he was fighting over in the sandbox with another kid?

“Sure. So what have I done wrong, Professor?” Two could play at this game. You smirked at the blush that creeped up onto his cheeks and the tips of his ears.

“You will know at the end of the school day. I want you back here as soon as the last bell rings. If you are late, you’ll be punished further.” Luke sneers playfully, but he leans in to your ear. “Punished harder.”

You shiver and have to compose yourself as Professor Mickelson announces to the class that the exercise is over and that he will see us all tomorrow for our morning lecture. You were relieved that class was over as you weren’t sure how much longer you could take Luke being so close to you as he was so hot today. As you walk past Professor Mickelson you take the notes that he’s handing out and slip them into your folder before walking past Luke- Mr. Hemmings, you needed to stop being so comfortable around him, and before you could walk out the door, he grabs your wrist and says to you, very calmly to not cause suspicion. “I meant it. I wan’t to talk to you after school today. Don’t be late.” That’s all he said before walking back towards Professor Mickelson. You didn’t even have time to say no.


*After classes*
You walk into the dark lecture theatre. It was empty. Was he pranking you? Did he know how much he had affected you today in class, and he was making a point? You were just about to leave when you felt someone grab you from behind and pin you down onto the table. You screamed. You kicked. You tried your hardest to get away, but when a hand found its way up the back of your leg under your white flowing skirt and into your panties to rub hard little circles on your clit, you couldn’t help but moan into the mahogany desk.

“You’re such a dirty little slut aren’t you?” His hot breath fans over your neck and you know from the scent of his cologne that it was Luke who was pressed up against you. It was Luke’s cock that was quickly growing and pressed up against the back of your thighs. It was Luke’s fingers working over your clit, making you whimper and moan beneath him. “My dirty little slut.” At this, Luke thrusts two fingers into you making you moan out louder and buck back into him.

Luke pulls away from you making you whimper at the loss of contact, but before you can turn around and protest, Luke forcefully pulls down your skirt and panties. “Did you think that you could just wear this and think that I wouldn’t be affected? Did you think that I wouldn’t notice this short skirt and top that shows off your boobs. All the boys were looking at you today. They thought that they had a chance with you. You’re mine. Not theirs.” The whole time Luke was talking he was pulling off a piece of yours or his clothing. When he wasn’t doing that, he was slapping your arse on a particular word to make his point. Luke ended up kneeling on the floor behind you, you bent over the Professor’s desk, legs wide.

Luke licks along your slit, his tongue flicking into your entrance to taste you, making your legs weak. You were thankful for the desk underneath you, as you were positive that you would be on the floor from Luke’s ministrations. Luke sucks your clit into his mouth and slides two fingers into you, making you scream beneath his tongue. Luke pulls away quickly, slapping you hard on your left arse cheek. “Shut up! We have to make this quick and quiet.” Luke says going back to fingering you and sucking on your clit.

He pulls away, just before you’re about to cum. You slide off the desk boneless, before composing yourself and turning the tables on Luke. You shove Luke against the desk, facing you and grasp his cock in your hand, making him hiss at the intense pleasure. You start to stroke him quickly, sucking and nipping at his neck. “Did you think you could just walk in, hot and flustered, with your hair disheveled, breathless, like you had just fucked someone? Did you think you could just run in and let the girls undress you with their eyes? You wore that suit just to make me wet. Well good job Mr. Hemmings, I was wet all day long, waiting for your fingers and mouth and cock to push me over the edge.”

Luke groaned, a raw, thick groan that was ripped from the back of his throat. You kissed your way down his chest, nipping and sucking red marks into his skin, whilst never letting go of his hard cock that was starting to leak precome. You eventually knelt in front of him and licked the beads of precome from the slit on the top of his cock, earning a low moan from Luke, before taking all of him into your mouth. Luke involuntarily bucked into mouth making you gag slightly, but to Luke’s surprise, you kept going, relaxing your throat so you could deep throat him again. This took Luke by surprise and he couldn’t help but grab your hair and pull you off of him in fear of finishing before he started.

“Get on the desk.” Luke growled at you, making more heat pool between your legs. “Yes Professor.” You could hear how Luke’s breath hitched when he heard you say that. You complied quickly by sitting up on Professor Mickelson’s desk and spreading your legs wide. Luke groaned when he turned back around to see you spread out for him.

Luke captures your lips with his as he slowly pushes into you. You gasp into the kiss, giving Luke access to lick into your mouth as he starts a steady rhythm, pumping in and out of you. You dig your nails into Luke’s back from the intense pleasure as he starts to pump faster, pushing you back further onto the desk as you push back onto him. Luke kisses down your neck, licking and sucking a bruise onto your pulse point making you whimper and moan breathily. “(Y/N), I’m close.” Luke moans into your ear.

“You’re so fucking big Luke!” You moan, biting your lip as Luke starts to thrust roughly into you, angling his hips to hit your g-spot.

“No, you’re just fucking tight.” Luke grunts out between breaths and thrusts. “Cum for me baby.” He says, licking a stripe up your neck whilst his hand sneaks down between your bodies to rub furiously at your clit making you shiver and arch your back into him. You cum hard on his cock that is still pounding in and out of you, screaming Luke’s name loudly that echoes around the room of the lecture theatre.

It only takes another couple of thrusts for Luke to empty himself into you and then collapse, his head leaning down on your shoulder as you both try and catch your breaths. The only sound in the lecture theatre is the deep gasps and pants of you trying to catch your breath whilst the ticking of the clock slowly drones on in the background.

“I’m so glad you’re a teaching major otherwise our plan might have not worked.” You giggle into Luke’s ear as he slowly leaves kisses along your neck. “I choose the next fantasy.” You wink at Luke’s pout.

“I have always wanted to do you on your Professor’s desk.” Luke chuckles into your skin before helping you up and into your clothes before walking out, hand in hand, huge smiles on both of your faces.

Hope you liked it…please send in requests…they are always welcome…via messaging, posts or reblogging one of my many “requests” posts. I do dirty (obviously) and clean whilst also doing One Direction and 5SOS (obviously). haha Until then. xoxo

Bonnie and Clyde  (Part 3)

Note: So I’m working pretty much every night this week so idk how much I’m gonna write or post. I promise the parts will get longer and hopefully more interesting as I go along. Also, I mention self esteem issues but for like 2 seconds

Part 1   -   Part 2


The next month went by in a flash, and it was all the same. You would wake up, get dressed, go for a run with some of the team and train with Nat and Peter. You’ve probably been into the city maybe 3 times since you got here. There’s just nothing in the city for you, your so-called ‘friends’ haven’t reached out to you since you left and all your homeschooling is done from the facility. You wake up to the tickling warmth of the sun shining through your curtains, onto your face. You change into your running clothes and head out into the brisk, cool air. Your lips and nose are cold from the wind. Finally, you catch up to Steve. “Hey (Y/N), sleep well?” he asks.

“Yea, really well, thanks. Listen, I’ve got some history homework that I need some help on, mind helping me out later today?”

“Not a problem, 3 sound good?” You nod. After running for as long as you could, you head back into the facility.


Peter saw you on your run, whilst he was swinging around the trees testing out his modified web shooters. Everything about you seems to interest him. Then he realises it’s kinda creepy that he was just watching you run from the trees, so he grabs his bag and heads to the city for school. He hasn’t been able to concentrate all day, the thought of you constantly in the back of his mind. The sound of the school bell cut through his daze, signalling the end of school for the day. “Hey Peter, invited anyone to the dance yet?” A loud and obnoxious voice taunts him from down the hall. Peter looks to his shoes in annoyance. “Aw, cat got your tongue?”

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Fanfiction | Unrequited | Chapter One

Rating: PG

Synopsis: Alex has been in love with Tom Hiddleston since she was a teenager the only problem is, he’s her brother’s best friend and treats her like a sister.

Tom has been in love with Alex for a while but keeps his feelings tightly controlled, unwilling to lose his oldest friend.

Hormones don’t tend to listen to logic though and after a disastrous, drunken one night stand six months ago, Alex and Tom have to spend Christmas together.

Far more happened that night that Tom realises but will the truth bring them together, or divide them forever?

Tags: (if you want to be taken off the tag list, let me know) helllllooooothereeeee dorito82 dearmisterhiddles larouau12 dory86-love godsaveloki justdreamingalong

“Unrequited love does not die; it’s only beaten down to a secret place where it hides, curled and wounded.” [Elle Newmark]

Chapter One

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We’re doing a project where we ask people: what’s your UCB? We talked to Cathryn Mudon about Chris Gethard, ASSSSCAT, and doing experimental shows with Dreadnought.

LW: How’d you find UCB?

CM: I had some friends visiting in town and they were doing touristy things. I was working at J.Crew at the time and they were like, “Come meet us at this show! You camp outside on the sidewalk, we’ll get Chipotle and sit there for like three hours, but it’s super fun!” I was in such a grumpy mood after my shift and the last thing I wanted to do was go sit on the sidewalk, but I went.

That was May. I remember it because it was Fleet Week of 2007 and there were a bunch of naval officers everywhere. So we went and camped out for ASSSSCAT and got into the 9:30 show.

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