he is on weed

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Hi, I had my first kiss this week and then the guy broke up with me 3 days later even though he 'still really likes me'. I need Michael, Jared and/or Connor to make me feel better pretty please. - 👽

Michael will distract you with a bad movie and some weed while he holds you close in his arms

Jared will just start saying diss after diss about the guy trying to make you laugh

Connor, well you’ll have to try and stop him from going out and finding the guy

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Michael Mell x reader where he quits the w e e d l y f e to be with reader?

“I’m not asking you to change, Michael.” You explained while Michael was driving you home one night. “I just don’t like being around it. I’m not going to move in with you, because your apartment is basically weed central.” He tried not to laugh. Michael dropped you off at your house. On the way home he had a lot to think about. Which one did he want more you or pot?

It was an easy choice honestly. Michael loved you, he wanted you to move in and if he had to get rid of pot for you to do it then he would. So the next day when you arrived at his apartment you were surprised that he wasn’t smoking. He explained that he gave all of his stuff to Jeremy, because he chose you. He would always choose you over everything.

You moved in the next week. It was hard for Michael to find other ways to cope with his stress. Occasionally he went back to smoking pot, but he never did it around you. You understood that it would take time to figure out how to deal without pot and you were always there for him to talk.

Louis’ heart races a million miles a minute. He already wishes it was Sunday instead of Friday, wishing he and Harry were alone, Louis showing Harry how to plant flower seeds properly, or Harry showing Louis around his house, or anything other than this cursed school. He’s twenty-six years old, still wears overalls to school, and still fantasizes about the only man he’s let himself feel anything serious for.

“Yeah, a date,” he repeats, and with the way Harry’s eyes light up, Louis already knows he’s in too deep.

He honestly doesn’t mind.

Soft boys by @harrystinyshorts !!

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it really pains me that even though seunghyun was actively seeking help from a psychiatrist for the struggles he was facing because he was aware he couldn’t face them alone, he was ultimately not able to receive any assistance whatsoever. instead of help, more cameras were shoved in his face, more malicious comments were written about him, and more pressure was placed on his shoulders. this whole situation really just disgusts me tbh.

ppl who still see/portray yixing as air-headed or ‘high’ all the time like… have u ever actually heard him speak? have u ever even read any of his interviews or listened to him give a speech? boy has so much going on in his head it’s honestly mind blowing … he’s so eloquent? he communicates so well n he’s so intelligent n introspective n he speaks like 3 languages n is also a damn musical prodigy so like where the fck do ppl get off acting like he a ditz lmao