he is olivia but in a 9 year old boy's body


Pairing: daddy!Sam x daughter!reader , uncle!Dean x niece!reader

Request from @unicorndreamer1622

Summary: At the age of 13, (Y/N) runs away from home. Six years later, your found by your father and twin sister, but what will come of the encounter?

Words: 2347

Warnings: Cursing, season 7/9/10/12 spoilers, 

IMPORTANT! For the sake of this writing, season 7 happened in 2013 instead of 2011.

A/N: the title of the song that’s sung will be at the bottom (the title is kind of a spoiler). Also, I got a little carried away with this request. Hope you like it!

You groaned upon entering the home of your grandfather, Bobby Singer, the backpack that rested on your shoulder slipped and landed on the wooden floors with a thump. The exact copy of you pushed against your shoulder, moving you out of her way as she rushed towards the family room. You followed after her, curious as to why she was running.

“Daddy! Look!” Your twin sister, Olivia, waved a white piece of paper in front of your father’s face. Once he took the paper from her, she jumped up and down and uncle Dean entered the room with a raised eyebrow. “I’m on the honor roll!”

Your father smiled, wrapping his arms around your sister. You stood in the doorway, watching your father shower your twin with praise and encouragement while she spilled all the details about her day at school and how she was planning to try out for the talent show.

You were nothing like your sister, the only thing you shared with her was your looks, but even then, she seemed to wear them better than you. There wasn’t anything else that could capture the bright and welcoming nature your sister bestowed upon everyone she met other than the sun. You, however, were a stubborn, short-tempered thirteen year old girl who struggled to obey authority because, in all honesty, you just didn’t care anymore.

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First You Fall

Maisie Dalton fixed things.  And Niall Horan was definitely broken.

Chapter 1

Did anyone’s day ever go well without coffee?  Maisie Dalton’s sure didn’t.  Walking through the streets of downtown Los Angeles in six inch heels was always an adventure but without the promise of a large cup of coffee in her future, it was positively horrifying.  She’d grown accustomed to the disgusting cat calls from construction workers as she walked by, some days she wondered if these men had ever been in the presence of a female before.  What woman was honestly going to respond to, “Hey Baby, lookin’ hot today.  Wanna ride me home?”


She curled her fingers around the cold steel of the handle on the huge glass door to her office building.  Some days opening that heavy ass door was harder than others.  This day was definitely the latter.

Before she’d taken two steps into the lobby she had a large cup of something shoved into her face while her assistant, Grant tried to help get her coat off.  Maisie breathed a sigh of relief as she lifted the cup to her lips,

“You’re a lifesaver.”  

Grant opened his mouth to protest but was quickly silenced when Maisie gagged.  She looked up at him, her mouth twisted in confusion,

“What the hell is in this?”

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FE:A Analysis - Character Ages Pt. 4

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4Part 5

Anna (20’s) - There’s not much to go off of when it comes to Anna’s age. However, if she mothers Morgan, an event tile with her daughter has Anna mention that she’s “not the spring chicken [she] used to be.” Assuming she’s not joking around, I would have to guess this makes Anna somewhere in her mid to late 20’s, because she still appears and acts very young for the most part.

Cherche (<29) - Cherche is at most 29 when we first meet her. This is based on her support conversations with Miriel and Donnel. In Miriel’s support, Cherche mentions that Minerva is exactly 20-years-old. In Donnel’s support, he mentions that Cherche was 9 when she met an infant Minerva. A saltwater crocodile, the largest reptile in the world, takes around 16 years to fully grow, but I don’t know if a wyvern would age the same. If I had to make an educated guess, I would assume Minerva to be around 4 when she and Cherche met. This would presumably make her old enough to breathe small fires, but small enough that 9-year-old Cherche could fathom overpowering her. By the time she joins, that would make Cherche around 25.

Henry (17) - A number of characters call Henry “boy,” or “young man,” so I take it that Henry is still very young when you first meet him. Olivia actually calls him “creepy kid,” and she herself is very young. At the same time, Henry refers to Ricken (who is about 16 at this point) as “kid”. All things considered, I pinpoint Henry at age 17. 

Say'ri (26) - Like most characters that have limited supports, I can’t get a good read on Say'ri. Her Hotspring Scramble conversations have her consistently bring up that she’s “too old” for one thing or another, so I can safely say she’s well into adulthood, or at least at an age where she believes she’s an adult. 26 is my gut reaction, but Say'ri’s a bit tricky.

Basilio (38) - After the time skip, Flavia mentions that Basilio is around twice Lucina’s age, so I’m going to take the easy way out and simply double 20 for a cool 40. Basilio is certainly a ways older than most of the characters, but he’s still in his prime, and not once are his battle skills mentioned to be hindered by advanced age. 38 sounds about right for ol’ Basilio.

Flavia (34) - Flavia constantly pokes fun at Basilio’s age, so that leads me to believe that she is younger than him so that her insults won’t backfire on her. However, Basilio retorts that Flavia is old enough to be Chrom’s mother. If Chrom is 21 when this conversation occurs, 36 sounds like a reasonable age for Flavia post-time skip.

Emmeryn (25) - Emmeryn is officially 25 at the beginning of the game, but from the way she acts, you’d think she’d be a decade or two older. I guess all that maturity and life experience adds up when you’re made queen of a nation at age 10.

Gangrel (30) - There’s really not much to work with here, so based on appearance, attitude, vocabulary and the way he treats Chrom and Robin, I’d say he’s quite a bit older, but still relatively young. 

Aversa (29) - Aversa claims that she is 8 years older than Chrom. If Chrom is 21 after the time skip, then Aversa is officially 29 when she joins. 

Yen'fay (28) - Here’s a conundrum. Yen'fay looks young, but speaks like a wise old man. I’m going to make his age close to Say'ri’s. That’s my only reason, unfortunately.

Walhart (50+) - In spite of his imposing build, Walhart shows signs of aging. His white hair and prominent wrinkles suggest a man entering the autumn of his years, although his battle strength would suggest otherwise. Walhart is in all likelihood the oldest of the playable characters.

Priam (28) - Not much is known about Priam aside from his devotion to training and fighting. He’s crafted a perfect warrior body, so it’s hard to gauge how old he is, but based on appearance, lifestyle choices and personality, I figure him to be in his late twenties. 

I hope you enjoyed reading! The children will be next.

George Harrison onstage during the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert, Madison Square Garden, 16 October 1992

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Wire Image

“’I’ve made a lot of mistakes!’ I [Al Aronowitz] told George as the two of us sat on the sitting room couch of his Hotel Pierre suite while Myles, my photographer son, snapped pictures. ‘I know I’ve f***ed up!’ I added, for emphasis.

Putting his hand on mine, George looked at me and said: ‘You didn’t fuck up with me, Al.’ Then he added: ‘We all did, didn’t we? We all f***ed up.  D'y know that tune of Bob’s, “Every grain of sand…” In which he says, “don’t have the inclination to look back on any mistake… Like Cain, I now behold this chain of events that I must now break”?’ 

[…] For this show [”Bobfest”], George ordered a supply of black T-shirts that bore a line from one of Bob’s songs, in crazy, colorful lettering: ‘It’s That Million-Dollar Bash.’

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Birds and Bees (Joshifer One Shot)

Sorry this took so long!  Joshifer babies: tweens and teens!


Jennifer peered out glass French doors that overlooked the expansive backyard complete with an inground pool which was currently filled with a horde of teens.

“Whatcha doing over there Mrs. Kravitz?” Josh snickered.

She turned her head and glowered at her husband, “I’m not snooping.”

He placed the script down on the counter and grinned at her, “Oh you aren’t?”

Jennifer scoffed, “I’m parenting.”

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