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anon gave me a challenge; asked for a bit of Carl Barks with nice-guy-Gladstone but then I remember this part of A Christmas for Shacktown (W OS 367-02), which is a sweet holiday classic where the ducks are trying to raise twenty-five dollars to get the kids in the poor part of town a toy train!

BTS Reaction to Another Guy Asking Their S/O to be Theirs

Request: May I request a BTS reaction to another guy asking their significant other to be theirs or confronting them? Thank you!

Note: REVAMPED. *Credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ “Who do you think I am?” Jin spat. All he wanted to do was have a nice dinner with the love of his life, but some dumb ass decides to interrupt your date and ask you for your number.

“Her brother?” The guy feigned innocence, and Jin’s eyebrow twitched.

He tried his hardest not to punch that guy’s face in.

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Suga  “Just leave his ass and come with me, mamasita.”

Yoongi was pissed. This man had the audacity to interrupt your date together to ask you out, and nonetheless, tell you to leave him. HA! As if that guy had a chance, and even if you did want to go with that man, Yoongi wouldn’t let you.

“I’ll give you five seconds to leave before I lose my cool.”

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J-Hope ➳ Hoseok was shocked to say the least. He felt you hold onto his hand tighter when the man kept pestering you, to leave Hoseok behind and to go with him. “C'mon, you’ll have a great time with me, sweet cheeks!” The man insisted, smirking. Hoseok squeezed your hand before puckering his lips, nearing the man close enough for it to be considered, popping his bubble.

“If you want some of her then I suppose you want some of me, too. Sharing is caring, you know.”

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RapMonster  You both were trying to catch your breath, plastered on a bench at the amusement park when a teenage boy, a little younger than you, asked you to ride rollercoasters with him; that he’d protect you better than Namjoon ever could. Namjoon looked back to you, and teasingly said, “If you wanna go, you can. I’ll kill him if he does something though.” He inwardly laughed, he’d have to be dead before he would actually let you go.

You thought about it before saying, “Nah, I’d rather be with you.”

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Jimin ➳ Jimin was holding your hand, walking downtown until a teenager who thought he was funny, grabbed your hand and pulled you from Jimin, laughing. “Hey baby, come with me and leave the lil munchkin.”

Jimin was furious, not only did he take you away but he also dissed him. He grabbed the boy and slammed him against the nearest building before growling, “back the fuck off.”

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V When you two were walking down the beach one starry night, he was about to kiss you until a guy, a little younger than him came and said, “Leave this fool and come with me, I’ll give you a reason to smile for while you have me between your legs all night.” Taehyung’s mood instantly darkened, he slowly stared from the ground and into the man’s eyes, mentally telling him that if he didn’t leave in the next few seconds, he wouldn’t be able to see light ever again. The guy walked away and you had chills running down your spine.

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Jungkook ➳ His eyes narrowed while they scrutinized the man who was staring at you from afar as if he was contemplating and having an inner turmoil in his head on whether he should ask you out or not. The moment he sees a smile stretch across the man’s lips, beginning to walk towards you with obvious intent, Jungkook instantly pushed the man away while smiling at you. Jungkook didn’t even give him a chance. “Let’s watch movies at home!” Jungkook exclaimed, hoping you didn’t just see him bypass that happy young man that almost tried to make a move on you like he was nothing.

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do you have any thoughts on how... idk how to put it right, compliant? len seems to be with the legion? i mean there might be some further reasoning in the next ep and then more reasoning in the fact that there are only two episodes left and len's only showing up now but i figured i'd ask

So the thing is, I’ve seen a lot of comments in the tag and from people I follow calling Len OOC for getting along so well with the Legion, but I honestly don’t understand why?

I don’t think he’s being compliant at all? 

What we can conjecture is that they came to him realizing he could help them de-stabilize the team and help steal the spear, and laid their cards out to him, enough anyway. They told him more or less that he goes off with this team and sacrifices himself, that he’s dead within two years. They no doubt offer some form of proof though I have no idea what, other than Eobard’s general time-travelling abilities. Maybe it doesn’t take much more than bringing him to the Vanishing Point and showing him what they have. He’s gotta make sense of this somehow, right? 

And they tell him there’s a solution. They’re all after the Spear of Destiny to secure their own fates, and figure he is similar to them in that regard. He doesn’t want to die, does he? Wouldn’t he like the ultimate power in the universe, the power to change his own fate, to stick it to the team that let him die for them, the ones that got under his skin in the first place and made him soft? He’d scoff at that last bit, sure. But ultimate power… that’s tempting. The perfect score. 

But he doesn’t know how to use it. How could he – he just heard it existed? He barely knows anything about it. He normally likes to be in charge of his jobs and calling the shots, but he understands this group isn’t like that. They’re all equals and he’s on the lowest rung, the new guy operating with the least information. He’s patient as fuck though, and more than willing to bide his time and see how the chips fall.

They take him to WW1 and he’s already been devising a plan. Mick’s on the team. First things first, isolate him. The Legion gave him some insight on this, they must have: Mick’s there but more like an outsider, not as trusted, clearly even they can see that doesn’t fit so well (or else how would Len jump so fast to those conclusions). But it’s worse than he thought. Mick seems confused to see him, and confirms that yes, he really did die. All Mick is trying to do is stay on mission. He doesn’t even seem to care about what he can take from this time period or anything else for that matter.

He’s a white goddamn hat.

And Len’s got all sorts of angry thoughts about that, but we’ll leave those for now and fast forward to the end of the episode. They’ve got the spear, mission accomplished. The universe’s biggest score and it was almost too easy, really. And Mick mutters that he thought it was just going to be them. Len may have given him that impression. Hard to convince him to take it otherwise, really, Len figured. Mick’s a white hat and he’s been fighting Eobard and Damien and Malcolm for months, he wasn’t going to hand over the spear to them. Len doesn’t mind a little lying when it gets the job done.

But as much as he’d love to have it for himself, again: he doesn’t know how to use the damn thing. 

And as ready as Len is to betray his tenuous allies if he needs to, there is no reason to right now. Taking the spear and running is pointless: not only does he have no plan for getting away from a time-travelling speedster with a vengeance, but they’re all currently on the same page. These guys may be assholes but they are helping him save his own skin, and so far no one’s tried to stab each other in the back. He can wait and see though. He won’t be pushed around, he’s not loyal to them in any way. But they have compatible interests at present, and that’s enough.

“There’s enough power to go around” - maybe he doesn’t normally play nice with others, but Len has always known how to work on a crew and how to split a score evenly.

Final note? Len doesn’t know much about these guys. Would know likely nothing about Damien and even less about Eobard. Malcolm is an enigma to him: a rich man turned… assassin? Apparently? Who also levelled a whole section of Starling City? So Len would understand that they’re in a league of their own, so to speak, but wouldn’t necessarily know just how evil these guys are either, and wouldn’t be looking for reasons not to want to work with the only guys offering him a chance to not-die. 

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My friend and I drove to a bigger mall which is about an hour away from us, and I went in to Sac Pun to buy a couple shirts and I noticed their chip reader had a thing that said, "NO CHIP!" So I asked the guy working if people take it out and still try to use it, and then we got into a whole convo about retail and he surprisingly offered me a job on the spot. I really would have taken it if I didn't live an hour away, but it was super cool and I thought this would be nice to share. 😌

normally i would be bothered by the fat guy character being associated with pigs (or the villain being fat) but like. with roadhog, it’s not like… he likes cute cartoon pigs. he’s strong & powerful. he’s competent. and (thank god), he’s not a capitalist gluttony joke, he’s an anarchist. there’s no like, story or personality “"reason”“ he’s fat. it just goes with his bike/hog theme, he’s just a fat guy.

(do u know. what a relief it is. to have a character who’s fat just because. like there’s no story arc that goes with it. there’s no ‘reason’. just like real people, like me. he’s just fat. he just gets to exist! it’s so nice.)

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I don't know why Cal is getting so much praise? He has done fuck all except live the high life for 2 years off Louis & use his position to fuck fans. Now that he's trying to build up his following to be a SM influencer, he makes a few SM posts that exploit his connection to his famous friend & he's a hero? It's just self-interest. People have such low standards. I am not normally even a pearl-clutcher, but I can spot a leech. L may like him fine, but he already showed who he was.

No one’s praising him or calling him a god. People are just appreciating that he’s being a good friend to Louis. It’s not just for himself, you can see he’s actually putting effort into this (like the video). No one here likes him, but it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate Louis having a good friend by his side that’s doing a better job for his solo career than his own manager is (and yes, he travels free and lives the high life but that’s Louis problem and not ours since he’s the one paying and we can’t do anything about that)


So right across from the theatre Hamilton is at, there is the Church of Scientology. I noticed there were some guys handing out fliers, and I was curious what was on them. So, my younger sister and I crossed the street to get one. The guy who gave us the flier was creepy as heck and was asking us where we were from and how old we were. I felt uncomfortable so I just thanked him for the flier and started walking away. The guy persisted though and said, “Thank you? I don’t know what that means. How old are you guys?” My sister stops in the middle of the sidewalk to talk to him. I was like NOPE, and I grabbed her and we left.

It wasn’t a crazy experience or anything but the place (and the guy we talked to and the fliers we were handed) gave me some weird vibes. I feel like there must be some shady stuff going on in there. 

Have any of you guys had an experience with the Church of Scientology? LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE STORYTIME VIDEOS XXOXOOXOX

omfg guys. my date was so nice and there was literally nothing wrong with him like he was an angel and i don’t say this about most men… but i just felt no connection at all????? like i feel bad because i know he’s super keen but omg i just don’t feel it !!!! what is this!!!! like god finally sends me the nicest boy on earth and im like nah??? 😔

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Anon who don't to my granddad's funeral instead of work here - my line manager was 100% on my side and apparently took the other manager into the office when he noticed I wasn't there and told him off big time. He even apologised. Thanks for all your nice comments guys.

Awesome! I’m glad everything worked out and you were able to go say goodbye to your grandfather. That was such a shitty thing that manager pulled and it’s so cool the other had your back. -Abby

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Lance + 92 💓

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The gym was quiet at midnight. 

Classes had finished for the day and the equipment sat in a serene kind of stillness, only punctuated by the heavy coughs of the air conditioner, desperate to make itself known even in the darkness. Luckily for you, you held the spare key to the place so you could scour it for your most prized possession. 

Generally, you tried to avoid the gym as much as possible when you weren’t working. There was always a slight chance that you could run into Lance. He was a nice guy and all, despite the bravado that he tended to demonstrate in front of his students- but he was also your ex. 

You would argue it was amicable, but still seeing him was difficult.

The door to the gym swung open and you walked along the main floor, wincing every time your sneakers squeaked against the linoleum floor. If you squinted hard enough, you could picture the lithe young bodies throwing themselves around mats and on equipment, defying gravity as they flew through the air and expertly captured themselves again. 

The bleachers were still up from the day’s work and with a breath of relief, you headed towards them. 

During your lunch break, you’d been reading a copy of Pride and Prejudice. It was one that you’d read hundreds of times before, and this particular copy was your pride and joy. 

It had been passed down from your grandmother to your mother and now to you, and the pages were dog-eared and well worn from decades of use. But the words still remained as poignant and heart-wrenching as ever. 

Just the thought of Mr Darcy professing his love for you made you want to swoon right in the middle of the cool room. 

When you had been together, you’d seen many a Darcy in Lance. He could be stubborn and horrifically rude whenever he wanted to be. But underneath such a rough exterior was a sweet, sensitive soul who allowed himself to be vulnerable to those he cared for most. 

He could love with every single fibre of his being, put his whole soul behind adoring a single person. 

Once, you had been that person. No longer. 

Hopping up the bleacher’s stairs two by two, you reached the seat towards the back corner where you had taken up refuge as one of the coaches roared across the hall. There were crumbs still littering the floor from where your daily blueberry muffin had decided to crumble in your hands. 

But other than the few handfuls of mess, there was nothing. You checked under the seat, sprawling yourself across the bench with the next few rows, just to check if it had fallen. 

A chill ran through you when each line turned up empty. Had someone taken it? You didn’t know what you would do if you’d lost the copy. 

There was a soft hum from the locker room and the sight of yellow light emerging from the door. It was the male locker room, but at this point, you didn’t care. Whoever was here might have seen your book. Especially if the office was locked. 

You jumped down from your seat and moved to the room, pushing open the door. There wasn’t anyone inside, but the soft sound of whistling echoed through. You weren’t alone. 

‘Hey, uhm…I lost my book? I don’t know if you can get into the office—‘

From around the corner, emerging steamy and damp from the showers, Lance Tucker walked into sight. He wore nothing but a towel around his hips. His cocky smile dropped when he spied just who had walked in on him. 



Lance scratched the back of his neck nervously, staring down at the floor in favour of staring at you. 

‘My book. I left it on the bleacher’s earlier…’ 

Once again, he didn’t say much. Instead, he padded over to his USA duffel bag, leaving wet footprints across the parquet floor. Rummaging through his sweaty gym clothes, he removed something wrapped in a clean t-shirt and when it unravelled, revealed your treasured book. 

‘Oh thank god,’ you breathed, wrenching it from his hands and hugging it close to your chest.

Lance smiled softly. ‘I remembered it meant a lot to you. Figured I’d keep it safe.’ 

‘Thank you,’ you said. 

There was a hum of awkward silence that hung between the pair of you. 

‘So…how have you been?’ you asked, hoping to make small talk until one of you could make your excuses. Lance wrung his hands together.

‘Uhm…not so well. I haven’t really been right since, well, you know…’ 

You stared at him for a moment. Usually, he seemed so easy-going, so put together. Now, he looked like a kicked puppy. 

‘Look, Lance—‘ you began, when suddenly, he cut you off. 

‘Do you maybe wanna go get some dinner?’ 

He seemed to rethink what he was saying, running his fingers through his long, damp hair. 

‘I mean…there’s a diner around the corner. Even if you wanna sit on the other side of the place to me, it’s better than us ignoring each other.’ 

There were a few moments of silence until eventually, you gave him a small smile. 

‘I’d love to, Lance.’ 

You didn’t miss the gracious smile that passed across his mouth when you agreed.

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What do you think about the way He Tian kissed Momo? I mean, for me it's not the most common thing kissing a guy for the first time and putting your tongue down his throat. It seems like He Tian desired Guan Shan so much...

lmao no it’s not the most common thing…

it was violent and belligerent and desperate. it was not nice. guan shan was assaulted by it and deserves an apology, which he hasn’t received yet. it was a sign of he tian’s infatuation and his total misunderstanding of the situation and guan shan’s feelings/reaction, and it was a perfect example of he tian rushing headfirst into things he doesn’t understand – thinking he understands them – and that it will all turn out ok in the end.

it was a very… entitled rich-boy approach, in all honesty: i can take what i want and the consequences don’t matter. his ‘oh shit’ expression when he sees guan shan crying is worth hanging up on a wall tbh, because 1) he got it wrong and fucked up 2) guan shan was not just going to kiss back or push him away in annoyance like he did with most things 3) he cared that guan shan was upset because of him

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Hello!! Can i request a bts reaction to their girlfriend hating romantic stuff and more enjoying banter with their boyfriend?

Sure! I had to write this like 3 times because my laptop kept shutting down on me. remember guys send in requests. I may answer some of them, but not all because some I don’t understand. Asks is always open.

*gifs are not mine*

BTS Reaction To Their Girlfriend Hating Romance

Jimin: His feelings would be hurt because you always seem to start an argument every time he does something nice or romantic. He’d start arguing with you back, which you like, and he would just stop because it wasn’t worth arguing about.

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Yoongi: At first he thought you were kidding when he took you out for a romantic night and you complained the whole time, trying to get him angry, but then he’d realize you weren’t joking. He’d be pissed because he took time off for you and you act bratty. He’d leave you alone so he could cool off.

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Taehyung: Sad. he does not like to argue, but every time he tries to do anything remotely romantic, there you are picking a fight. he’d try to reason with you that he likes to do things for you, but you won’t listen so he’ll stop trying to be romantic to avoid an argument.

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Jungkook: This poor baby would be so confused because he thought girls liked when their boyfriend was romantic. He’d try to figure out what was wrong with you without causing an argument. When he finds out that you prefer to argue instead of being romantic, he’d find it a little annoying and would just stop, so his day wouldn’t be ruined ever again.

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Jin: He wouldn’t understand why you preferred to banter with him instead of going out doing romantic things because it’s very exhausting. He would try to make the relationship work, but he wouldn’t be able to handle how childish the situation would be, and he’d stop trying to get you to be involved in his romantic trips.

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Hoseok: This ball of sunshine would go all out every time only for you to be upset every single time. He’d start to get insecure because he’d think you wouldn’t want to be with him because you’re acting this way. He’d confront you and demand an explanation. When you told him it was just for fun and you like arguing around with him, He’d be relieved but also confused as to why you like it.

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Namjoon: Don’t even expect him to understand this whole idea you have. He’d stare at you and just shake his head because that was the most ridiculous thing he’s ever heard. He wouldn’t understand why you would waste your breath arguing when you both could be enjoying your relationship. It’d be hard for him to accept this aspect of your relationship.

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So, I like to participate in PostCrossing, which is an online international postcard swapping site. It’s nice. Most of the people on there are middle-aged folks who don’t have the finances to travel or little kids who like mail. So of course, I get matched up with this guy:


Meaghan is the one who pointed out that this PROBABLY means he worked at a porn shop. It did not occur to me to make that connection.

but then, we come to his preferred postcards:

Just. This man is actually asking for nudie pics through mail all so he can terrorize and arouse his mailman. I sent a postcard to a 14 year old child last month.

So ofc I tell Meaghan about this and she offers to make me a postcard with some Hand Crafted Titties on it, just for this whackamole, and it’s only after she’s started that I noticed:

we’re gonna make this man’s fuckin NIGHT

Sweet Like Caramel pt. 2 - Delitoonz

Part 1

by Faith (just-delitoonz-things)

Luke picked up his phone for the twentieth time in one minute. He was getting scattered glares of disapproval from his co-workers, but he ignored them, staring blankly at his last sent message.

 -Do you need anything? Food? Medicine?

The little ‘read’ beneath the message only made him worry more, which was irrational, but Luke couldn’t bring himself to care. Jonathan made him feel a lot of things which were irrational and now was not the time to have a crisis because of it. Instead, Luke was having a crisis because Jonathan was sick enough that he didn’t go to work, despite needing the money, and he wasn’t texting Luke back.

 Luke’s fingers hovered over the letters on the screen, considering whether he should say something else to maybe prompt a reply. He hesitated, chewing his lip anxiously, wondering if he should just call.

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The Advocate's Handwriting - by Bex-Chan

√ Dramione (Draco x Hermione)
√ Setting: 6 years later
√ 1 chapter
√ My score: ❤❤❤❤ (very nice)
√ Rating: M
√ Language: ***** (close to no mistakes)

Seven years later, and she’s there. Right there. Seven years of questions and scribbling her name onto parchment, and she’s close enough to touch, close enough to grab her hand, like he should have the first time.

My notes: Secretly good guy Draco gets saved by Hermione & friends. Oh that ending, I hate the suspense! One very long one-shot with a very unsatisfying end.

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GUYS i visited the college im going to today and we got split into little groups for lunch and everyone used my pronouns AND THERE WAS A REALLY HECKING CUTE BOY FUCK his name is henry and he has gorgeous brown eyes and curly dark chocolate hair and cute glasses and his voice sounds like honey and poetry and saturday morning cuddled up with someone you love and his hands are nice (dont kinkshame me) AND he’s a theatre major HECK HES SO FUCKING CUTE IM GAAAAAAAAY