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Could you rate how good of a hugger each of the 1A kids would be?

oh heck yeah

Izuku - gives excited, soft sweet hugs. sometimes lifts up whoever he’s hugging. will sometimes squeeze the life out of you but that’s ok and, his friends love when he gets excited enough to do that. very affectionate, a great hugger, 10/10

Ochako - GREAT HUGGER!!! Loves hugging her friends!! Sometimes accidentally activates her quick tho and makes them float but that’s cool too, and floaty happy cheerful hugs are always great. 10/10

Iida - gives strong, sturdy hugs. never hugs halfheartedly, always gives it his all when hugging. hugging is Serious Business and he must show his friends the proper amount of affection for them to understand how much he loves them. 10/10

Kirishima - LOVES TO GIVE HUGS. Gives the best big bro hugs ever. will surround you with brotherly love and affection and will cry with you when you’re feeling sad. is a cuddler. 10/10

Bakugou - rarely gives hugs, but when he does, they’re very strong and soft, like he’s not sure what to do but dammit he’s gonna do his best but doesn’t wanna hurt you. the rarity of them makes them even more special. 11/10

Kaminari - will excitedly hug anyone close by, and loves giving and reviving hugs. will sometimes zap you when hugging but that’s ok, he’s just excited and loves his friends. 10/10

Tokoyami - gets embarrassed to give hugs, but when he does, he gives quick, tight ones that make you feel all warm and safe and like he doesn’t wanna let go. will often bury his face in your shoulder. only downside is that they end so quickly, but still really good hugs. 10/10

Todoroki - will drape himself over you in a hug. is still kinda new to hugging, but will cling onto you and never let go. was kinda awkward and stiff at first, but now he’s gotten used to it and is a very comfy hugger. 10/10

Momo - gives the most sweet, maternal hugs anyone has ever felt in their life. her hugs feel like sweetness and home and they all love hugging Momo b/c she is just So Nice. 10/10

Satou - STRONG HUGS!!! Will smother you with hugs and make you feel safe in his arms and give you big happy grins that make you feel all happy and fill you with brotherly affection. will sometimes lift you up depending on the EXCITEMENT!!! level. 10/10

Kouda - gives very, very shy sweet hugs. chest makes for a great soft pillow to rest your head against during hugs, and he will sometime pet your head and/or back during hugs. 10/10

Tsuyu - gives the most big sisterly hugs ever, that fill you will contentment and  happiness. very cuddly. will make you wanna sleep in her arms. 10/10

Jirou - gets embarrassed about showing affection, but gives quick, tight, cuddly hugs, and will grip the back of your shirt. short and sweet. 10/10

Aoyama - is actually not?? used to giving or receiving hugs, and tries to play it off as nothing, but tries to give the best hugs he can while feeling a little awkward. he ends up getting very cuddly after a while. wants to get better about giving hugs so he can become a better classmate to his class. great effort, 10/10

Tooru - loves squeezing people tight in sweet, energetic hugs that make you feel uplifted and encouraged and like nothing could ever make you feel sad again. her hugs smell like flowers. 10/10

Mina - doesn’t know her own strength sometimes and will lift people up and twirl them around if she can, and will make you feel like her best friend EVER!!! loves rubbing her face against people’s faces/shoulders/chests (depending on the height of the person). super affectionate. 10/10

Ojirou - gives quiet, soft, strong hugs that makes you feel comfortable and homey and like you’ll never have to worry again. feels the way homemade baked goods smell. 10/10

Sero - is a cuddly hugger and enjoys resting his head against people he hugs, especially on shorter people. always makes sure his elbows don’t poke people in awkward/painful ways. always gives big happy grins. sometimes ruffles your hair. very kind and sweet and considerate. 10/10

Shouji - absolutely LOVES giving hugs. can hug everyone at the same time. is the ultimate at giving big brotherly hugs. makes everyone feel safe and comfortable in his arms, and is very soft and sweet and a great pillow. will let you sleep on him. 11/10

All Might - depending on the situation, he will either give you STRONG ENERGETIC HUGS, or he’ll give you quiet fatherly hugs and hold you close in a soft, gentle grip. both are good. 11/10

Aizawa - rarely gives hugs, but when he does, he will practically lay against you, or hold you close like a pillow. very warm, cuddly, and comforting. will sometimes fall asleep on you. that’s perfectly ok. 10/10

  • noctis has fallen asleep on everyone at least once
  • scratch that - a fuckton of times
  • gladio is his favorite to sleep on because he’s so warm what is this sorcery
  • gladio doesn’t really mind anymore because hey the kid is tired let him sleep
  • noctis sometimes just fuckin keels over in the car and at this point gladio just pulls him into his lap and keeps talking because yes this is perfectly normal
  • he just kinda puts his hand on noct’s back and rubs it if it seems like he’s having a nightmare and it always helps at least a little bit
  • even if he still has a nightmare waking up to gladio right there is always really comforting
  • ignis is pretty good too??? like noctis has known him for so long that it’s honestly just natural
  • noctis will just lean on his shoulder when he gets tired and it startles him a little bit but as noct’s adviser he’s pretty used to things like that
  • honestly it’s impressive that he can continue whatever he’s doing with a straight face when noct’s hair keeps tickling his neck
  • (“highness you need a haircut, come here” “if you come any closer with those scissors i swear i will jump in that lake and literally become a fucking fish don’t test me on this ignis i s w e a r”)
  • in other words, that never changes
  • but having fluffy hair is good for something (annoying your local mom friend™)
  • ignis often ends up with his fingers resting lightly on noct’s shoulder
  • he isn’t quite sure if that’s more for noctis’ comfort or his anymore but neither of them are complaining
  • it’s just nice to know they aren’t alone and that they’re safe for the time being
  • prompto still fucking dies if noctis falls asleep on him because ???
  • it eases the doubts he has about his self-worth (at least for a little while) 
  • because noctis trusts him enough to let his guard down around him and ahhh even if they’ve been friends for forever it’s like???? he’s just so happy he’s on this stupid road trip and they’re alive
  • he always smiles really big and runs his fingers through noct’s hair
  • he’s really cuddly and always tries to be quieter for noctis’ sake
  • the key word there is ‘tries
  • since noctis is tired 99.9% of the time this happens almost daily but hey
  • no one is complaining

part one 


Aries: He is all too passionate with a big ego

Taurus: He is all too loyal with a little humor

Gemini: He is all too cuddly with a little crazy

Cancer: He is all too soft with a little pride

Leo: He is all too friendly with a little obsessive

Virgo: He is all too comforting with a little cynicalness

Libra: He is all too romantic with a little cheesyness

Scorpio:He is all too perfect with a little drama queen

Sagittarius: He is all too chivalrous with a little psychopath

Capricorn: He is all too giving with a little boring

Aquarius: He is all too amazing with a little sarcastic ass

Pisces: He is all too nice with a little passive aggressiveness

“Hey,” mumbled Tooru, eyes of ember and gold full of tenderness. Hajime knew that only he was blessed with this sight. He was gorgeous. (He wouldn’t tell this to Tooru though) 

“Hey, Sleepykawa.” Hajime couldn’t help a grin. He was blessed. (He wouldn’t say this either)

“So rude, Iwa-chan!” chuckled Tooru.

Lazy and quiet afternoons like this were by far his favorite.

Full on Love pt.1

Thor x plus size/chubby fem. reader 

a/n: super fluffy. mentions of alcohol and getting drunk. Part 2 I’m hoping to add some smut, we’ll see. My first chubby/curvy/plus size reader fic! Also I prefer long hair Thor (I’m still sad over his new haircut)

Summary: The reader is new to the team. Thor can’t keep his eyes off of her.  

Originally posted by unchartedghoul

“Good morning Thor!”

“Good morning Lady y/n, you are looking lovely as always.”

“Thank you.” you said, while continuing to mix the batter you were preparing.

You shook your head, smiling. He was always such a sweetheart. You had just got out of bed, wearing only a tank top and cute sleeping shorts. You weren’t sure what Thor’s idea of lovely is, but you thanked him anyway.

“I was about to make french toast, would you like some?” you asked, as he rummaged through the fridge.  

Thor peeked his head over the refrigerator door, “I would!“ 

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Steve: Why in the world would Tony tell Natasha that he sometimes has gay dreams about me?
Bucky: Whoa. Slow your roll. You? He’s clearly talking about me.
Steve: Dude, it’s me. I’m his favourite super-soldier.
Bucky: Okay, one: that has never been proven. Two: If anyone were to have gay dreams about one of us, it would be me. I mean, look at me. Now look at you.
Steve: Here’s the thing, Buck. I’m snuggly. You’re not. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up next to this business on a Sunday morning? Wrapped in a comforter, and it’s raining outside, And there’s muffins warming in the oven. I’m cuddly, bitch. Deal with it.
Bucky: I work out every day. If there is one thing we know about Tony, it’s that he likes a nice body. This body would rock his world.
Steve: Tony and I have a history. I know what he likes. There are things I could do to him that would blow his mind - - Why do we keep trying to have sex with Tony?
Bucky: I don’t know. It’s weird.

Restless Nights

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Neither of you meant for it to happen, but now Bucky can’t sleep without you, and you can’t sleep without him.

Warnings: fluff, sexual innuendos, swearing, third-person, very little plot (just something fun, idk), unedited, more trash writing (but like, trashier than usual because I’m trapped in an angst-ridden hole with my other fics)

A/N: Forgot this was stuck in my drafts. I kinda rushed to finish this because there was one huge section that was incomplete and I didn’t want to leave it untouched for another month. So, here it is. I’ll find another day to edit it. Think of this as a rough copy. It might be choppy. Whoops. This is more like four drabbles put together. 

Word Count: 2,102


WHEN BUCKY’S ATTITUDE necessitated a slap to the wrist, Tony, with all the subtlety of a Times Square billboard, decided to scour the Tri-State Area for the best therapist that the Stark’s money could afford. It was a warning. No words were said out loud, but the message was pretty damn clear: don’t taint the newest member of the team, or the good Stark Avenger name.

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Day 2 - Purring

Something was rumbling in her ear. 

Marinette woke slowly, the soft rumble reeling her out of a pleasant dream and the unmistakable vibration of her pillow steadily grounding her in reality. But even when she blinked open her eyes it still took a moment to place the sound. At first she thought it was her phone. 

But then she remembered what had been happening before she fell asleep.

Root beer floats on the balcony. Video games until well past two in the morning. Giggling at a comic book on her bed until no, that was definitely the last thing she remembered. As if in response to this, she became aware of a glossy page plastered to her cheek. Sitting up, she peeled the comic book off and tossed it aside, afraid to look behind her at the other side of her bed. Because if he’d simply left, then what was that suspiciously purr-like sound? Man, they’d fallen asleep on accident again, hadn’t they?

In the darkness Marinette peeked over her shoulder at him, then immediately sqeaked in terror when she saw his bare arm and wrenched her pillow up to press it over her eyes. 

He isn’t transformed. Oh my god, he detransformed in his sleep! 

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Drunk Remus, please. Doing stupid things; kissing Sirius full in him mouth.


  • All you need is a Quidditch after party and some fire whiskey and boom, Remus is a laughing and quite cuddly mess
  • Quiet Remus who is usually found in an armchair with a nice book or smiling softly as he watches Sirius entertain entire crowds of people is suddenly a little social butterfly
  • He’s over with Lily, Alice, and Marlene like “James fucking loves you, Lils. Literally, I never go for a shower when I know he’s having one because honestly, I do not need to here that-”
  • Finally Peter arrives and has enough sense to clasp a hand over Remus’ mouth and drags him away, sending an apologetic smile to a blushing Lily and a laughing Alice and Marlene, (”Let’s hope James never finds out about that, Moony.”)
  • And then Remus is choosing his favorite songs and is in the middle of the room just spinning around all by himself and swaying his hips in a slightly dirty way that greatly contrasts his over-size cardigan and sends Sirius into a frenzy (along with quite a few girls)
  • And although Sirius is quite enjoying the view he walks over and places his arms around his waist to stop him because he knows how embarrassed Remus will be tomorrow if he doesn’t
  • And Remus just keeps spinning until he realizes that it’s Sirius who’s holding him and then he proceeds to promptly fall against his chest like “Pads, Pads. ‘m ‘aving such a grea’ time, Pads. Somuchfun.”
  • Sirius just nods, a little stunned into silence because fuck he’s flushed and beautiful and I want to kiss him, “I’m glad, Re.”
  • “Pads. We shou’ go for drinks after this.”
  • Sirius laughs, “I’m not sure that’s a good idea, Moons.”
  • Remus just throws his arms around Sirius’ neck, not aware at all that they are still in the middle of the room, and leans in and presses his forehead to Sirius’, “Y’know, I love it when you call me that.”
  • And Sirius’ heart rate picks up because he’s so so so close
  • “R-really?”
  • “Mmmhmmm. Really. Really.” Remus just laughs again but then stops abruptly, suddenly staring intently at Sirius,
  • “Y’know… I think I just love you.”
  • Sirius’ throat feels like it’s closing up and he keeps telling himself he’s drunk. Remember, he’s drunk
  • But his eyes just look so honest
  • “Re..” Sirius feels like he can’t get enough air.
  • And suddenly he isn’t getting any at all because Remus is leaning down forward and pushing his lips against Sirius’
  • There’s a slight whoop from around the room because FINALLY.
  • And Sirius’ heart is racing and Remus’ head is swimming and he’s definitely sure it isn’t the alcohol.
  • When they pull apart they’re breathless and smiling
  • “Yeah. Yeah, I definitely might love you a little.”


Alright, so I’ll keep this photo op story short and sweet. I absolutely loved the episode “Regarding Dean” this past season (on that note: dear show, please give Jensen more opportunity to challenge himself, he talked with so much joy about that episode today) and especially the bunny moment, so when I stumbled upon this pillow a few weeks back, I couldn’t resist to buy it thinking of using it for my Jensen op. And needless to say, I did use it and I do really love the outcome, though I am not entirely happy with my mouth, but shhhh, just ignore that! ;)

Anyway, so I walk up to Jensen and probably speak wayyyy too fast due to nervousness and he looks at me intently while I try and tell him in ultra speed that “I absolutely loved the episode and the bunny scene and that I wondered if we can take a picture together all cuddly” and he just goes: “DONE!”, smiles at me and pulls me into a hug. The picture is taken and while I go back he smiles once more and I say thank you so much and he says “thank you”. And I’m just thinking what on earth would you need to thank me for? :’) But it was very sweet and probably made me blush quite a bit.

🌸 BTS reaction to your guy friend flirting with you

☁️ = fluff

🌸 = smut


thank u for ur request btw!


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Seokjin isn’t really the easily jelaous type of boyfriend, but seeing his girlfriend’s guy friends being so flirty with her would make even him angry. He would act like nothing happened, hiding his emotions behind his good acting skills. Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore “Come on Jagiya. We have to go home”. “But we jus-” not letting you finish your sentence, he stared angrily into your eyes. Guess who’s being punished tonight.


Originally posted by sugastoungetechonawlogy

Suga would not have it when one of your friends clearly started flirting with you. He would be annoyed and feel like he is in danger. You smiling back to this guy was making him furious, so he decided to bring your attention to him instead. He started stroking your thigh lightly, going up to your core, but stopping shortly after. And it worked, you noticed him smirking. You felt angry when he didn’t want to go to the bathroom with you. “That’s your punishment.” he whispered into your ear. You didn’t even look at guys for the rest of the night.


Originally posted by kthish

When Hoseok saw you responding to a guy who was obviously trying to hit on you, he looked at you two for a while, just to come to you at pull you into a kiss, which quickly turned into a hot makeout session. He started touching your legs, up to your already wet pussy, just to tease you a bit. All your friend did was akwardly go away. Shortly after, he stopped and just went somewhere, leaving you with a waterfall in your panties.


Originally posted by forever-young-got7


Although I find Namjoon to be the cute and cuddly boyfriend, he would be really mad if you were flirting back to your friend. He would interrupt him while you were talking, telling that you and him have to leave for a minute. He took you to the bathroom, not even checking if someone is in a stall - “Should I remind you to who you belong to?” he said while hungrily kissing your neck, leaving nice, dark hickeys on it.


Originally posted by parkjiminer

Jimin would be very angry when he saw your friend being just a little bit too friendly with you, and would be not afraid to show it. He would finally snap and start kissing you roughly, while looking at the guy. When he pulls out from the kiss, his cocky side was showing “Oh, sorry. Did I interrupt you two?” He said while smirking.


Originally posted by toughchim

Tae would be so salty. Staring at the two guys and you, only imagining what your conversation could be about. When you finally noticed he was looking, you would call him with a smile. He’d come up to you and take your hand roughly, taking you to the bathroom. “Who the hell was that? Do you think I should remind you who is the only person you are allowed to talk with like that?” He said while unbuttoning his shirt - “Well, let me show you”.


Originally posted by parkjiminer

I think that this boy is totally the jealous boyfriend type. He would not show his anger, when he saw your guy friend flirting with you, but when you finally gave him a look “You are in trouble tonight” expression was written all over his face.

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Tell me about how a guy like Luke Skywalker seems so comfortable in the seediest parts of the galaxy.

Hah, okay.

So the thing about Luke that everyone forgets is that while he’s a sweet, open-faced, adorable, inexperienced farm boy, he happens to be a sweet, open-faced, adorable, inexperienced farm boy from the corrupt, gangster ridden shit hole of the universe.

We like to mock Luke’s whining and wistful meandering, but the dude spent the first nineteen years of his life on a planet where six feet tall rats are a thing.  Not to mention the regular raiders, Jabba’s bounty hunters, fucking Krayt dragons, and the pits have fucking TEETH.

We never really got to see Tosche station, but do we really think Tosche station was that much better than Mos Eisley?  I figure there’s a reason Luke started out pretty good with the blaster.  And between you and me, he didn’t seem nearly as bothered by that tavern confrontation as he ought to have been.

For all that Han has a well deserved reputation for dealing with scoundrels and seedy dives, the fact is, if you’re going to take one person, you should take Luke.  Luke is so sweet and optimistic and nice that everyone in the dive is going to assume sitting duck, but Luke is Tatooine-bred through and through.  And on Tatooine, even the cute and cuddly things have a venomous bite.  :-D



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So for a request maybe Sherlock gets cuddly when he is sad or frustrated (he claims it is to release oxytocin and stuff to cheer him up) and just fluffy fluff maybe you are watching a cheesy rom com and pizza too- I don’t care what you do as long as it is Sherlock centric and fluffy. Have a nice day and thanks for reading!!

Sherlock groaned in frustration for the thirty seventh time this afternoon. You shook your head and smiled while you cleaned the pots. He’d been stuck on a case for a month, which was a long time for Sherlock, when he finally came up with the solution and killer. However, the killer was found not guilty at the court. Normally, Sherlock wouldn’t care as that was the case and he did his job; it was over and done with. He was just annoyed in this instance due to the amount of work he did. You tried to be helpful but that was hard with the consulting detective.


You put away a mug into the cupboard when you felt a strong pair of arms wrap around your waist. This caught you by surprise.

“Easy there, tiger,” You giggled. “What’s suddenly put you in a good mood?”

“Nothing,” Sherlock muttered. “More like what’s put me in a bad mood. However, the release of oxytocin should improve my mood. Stress blocks the release of oxytocin; therefore I need to get rid of the stress and you help the stress go away.”

“Oh. Um, thank you?”

“Why don’t we watch a film or… Something.”

“You never want to watch a film, unless it is for a case.”

“Oxytocin, my dear.”

“Yes, yes of course.”


Sherlock walked into the living room with DVDs in his hands after you finished preparing for the evening.

“So we have these romantic comedies which you seem to love. Bridget Jones’ Diary and-” Sherlock stopped in his tracks when he saw you. “You’ve eaten half of the popcorn!”

“Well…” You trailed off.

“And we’ve ordered pizza!”

“Sorry!” There was a knock on the door. You got up and answered it. You retrieved your pizza and paid the man. When you returned, Sherlock was in the bedroom getting changed into his pyjamas. You were already in yours. “Sherly, the pizza is here!”

“I know! I heard!” He walked out of the room and sat on the sofa. “So, Bridget Jones?”


You were lying on the sofa, you in Sherlock’s arms as the credits came on signalling the end of the movie.

“That was the biggest amount of rubbish I have ever watched,” Sherlock informed you. “It’s even worse than when John made me watch James Bond.”

“Oh come on!” You whined.

“It’s a classic! Anyway, are you feeling better?”

He smiled. “Much better.”

Friends Part 5

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1555

Warnings: Talk about death (Pietro’s), fluffly, sadness and a make out session that your mother woudnt be happy about.

Thank you @amrita31199 you are amazing.

credits to the gif owners

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Instead of going outside to cheek the noise, you go upstairs to Wanda’s room have never been particularly good in at dealing with conflicts, and whatever was happening between Dan and Bucky downstairs was a conflict.

‘What are you doing here?” You ask Wanda when you see that she is in her room instead of downstairs enjoying her party “I could ask you the same thing, this is my room after all.” You close the door, sitting by her side on the floor “Yes it is, but I asked you first.”

“I miss Pietro, this party is everything he would ever want but he is not here to enjoy. Now you, why are hiding?” She says taking a deep breath as she leans on your shoulder “Why did you invite Dan?” You ask her instead of answering her question, you are not angry at her you just want to know why she was meddling into this.

“You are not gonna like the answer but we have been friends for two years and I never felt that you liked anyone of your past dates ,it has always been Bucky on your mind. But the day you came back from your date with Dan, I could see that you liked the guy and you need to give this relationship with Dan a chance… a real one.”

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Got7 Reaction to Their S/O Being Insecure of Your Stretch Marks

I’m guessing it’s them are dating you! I will work on the BTS one later today since I will be a bit busy.


Jaebum would realize it when you tried to cover up and never wore shorts or really exposed your body to him. He would bring it up while you two would be cuddling and be genuinely curious about it. Once you told him about it, he would tell you, “You’re perfect the way you are, stretch marks don’t matter to me, marks don’t define my love for you, Jagiya” He’d make a mental note to compliment and say how much he loves you more often.

Originally posted by defsouldanik

(you’d be jackson)


I feel like Mark would find out about your stretch marks by accident. You wouldn’t notice him come home while you were wearing shorts, he would see you panic at him coming home so early. He noticed the marks on your skin and he would question it before wrapping his arms around you waist holding you there. “Is this why you always covered up from me?” He would give you cute puppy eyes and pout as you nodded your head. He’d sigh, “I think they make you look even more beautiful, please don’t hide from me anymore.” He’d give you aegyo before going to your room and cuddle with you while he whispered sweet compliments to you.

Originally posted by markscutie


I feel like Jinyoung would already know like you just couldn’t hide it. He would know you by heart, your ins and outs and what you like and don’t like. I feel like Jinyoung would never bring it up but if he noticed you were looking down and covering up more he would make sure to tell you how much you mean to him. “You’re my world, Jagiya.I want you to remember that, you’re perfect and don’t ever think I would dislike anything about you.”

Originally posted by park9495


He would notice something is up when you would try to hide parts of your body by wearing oversized clothing and cover up all of you skin. You would have worn a tank top while you made dinner for you both. You wouldn’t notice him coming in as he wrapped his arms around you and rested his head on your shoulder. He would trace the marks on your arms that went to your back, “Is this what you were trying to hide?” You would nod and he would sigh, “Jagiya” He would whine and just hold you tightly.

Originally posted by 2jaekisses


This big puppy would literally know about it but would be too shy to talk about it with you, he wouldn’t want to make a wrong move and he would probably call up his boy BamBam asking on what to do, he would bring it up to you while you were talking to him about buying more clothes and going shopping. “You never buy or wear shorts, are you insecure of those marks on your legs?” You would be shook and ask how he knew, “I knew a long time ago, I just never wanted to bring it up.” He would scratch the back of his neck nervously. “I don’t like that you cover them up, I don’t love you any less.”

Originally posted by chattyang


Bambam never acts serious but for this I swear this boy would go 0 to 100 real quick. He would be really serious and would instantly cup your face and look into your eyes. “Jagiya, look at me, your stretch marks won’t make me love you and your body any less. You’re beautiful and you always will be, I love you” He would kiss you quickly before taking you out somewhere nice to show how much this boy loves you.

Originally posted by bamethyst


This boy would have probably talked with you before on this. He would show you endless amounts of aegyo if you started to feel down about the marks again. He would notice instantly and start to pay attention to the parts that your marks were on more. He would compliment your body and would be more cuddly and get you food and take you out often to show that he loves you.

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also thanks for requesting, like i said i will be completing the bts one soon.