he is not allowed to do that

Allow me to apologize for this mass of canon angst ahead of time, but I have been sitting on this for a long time and I think I’m finally in a mental state where I can write this out without sobbing all over my keyboard. My disclaimer isn’t really necessary for this post, but regardless, you can look at it anyways just in case:

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different interpretation, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue points of view with me or send me hate messages; please do us both a favor and just don’t even bother with it.
WARNING: Manga spoilers ahead. Mentions of death, decomposition stages, etc. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Also note that this is just… Rambling tbh. Like, the post is organized, but I don’t even like calling it meta because it’s really not??? Maybe it is, idk. Either way, it happened, it’s sad, and it’s getting posted god dammit.

Now then, you want know what really fucks me up the most about Levi’s incredibly horrid life? His early childhood. Knowing that not only did he have to watch his mother die from illness right in front of him without being able to do anything about it. But, also knowing that after she died, no one in the entire brothel gave enough of a shit to check on either of them despite knowing Kuchel was sick and dying, and knowing she has a little boy living in the room with her.

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Outlander Moments of Impact: And Then What…

(Spoiler: as I was selecting screencaps for this wee blog, I had the most difficult time possible using ONLY 10. Tumblr: ya need to up your limit for research purposes such as this. Please and thank you)

Oh goodness: a “sex scene” analysis.

If you follow my blog (hehe), you may have picked up on the fact that I have never actually written about a sex scene. I have analyzed the aftermath of sex and the intentionality behind sex, but never actually the scene itself.

I focus on the intimacy surrounding moments of interaction between Jamie and Claire because I have found that be the most intriguing and complex. Any show can film a sex scene; what is rare is to capture genuine intimacy on screen.

Outlander, on the whole, has given viewers a stunning depiction of what intimacy and sex can look like within a marriage. A matchless example of this point is the scene from 3x13 “Eye of the Storm”

This scene is unique. It is different. It is set apart from others in my wee opinion. I find it to be breathtaking and without equal to any other in the show.

Let’s break it down for some context (and fun), shall we?

  • After all the separation, after all the adversity, after all the heartbreak: Jamie and Claire are finally able to rest in the peace of resolution. They are alone in their cabin bathed in the light of the sun. All the darkness has been cast out.
  • Jamie pours water into a basin and prepares to shave his “beard” (OK. I AM ALREADY FEELING THIS. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO IS ALREADY FEELING THIS?)
  • Before he picks up a blade, his bride walks over to him and tells him, “Don’t shave your beard.” What I love about this is there is no timidity with Claire. She is confident enough in her love with Jamie to express that she loves him just the way he is; the thing that he wants to change is the thing that she loves (😭)
  • Claire sweetly admires her husband’s new, white hairs around his temples. She finds her man incredibly handsome no matter the changes and no matter the aging.
  • Lightly tracing the lines of his jaw, Claire expresses that she loves the stubble because it is different. Playfully, Jamie responds, “Aye? How different?”
  • Teasing him, she slowly moves around his face. Kissing him, Claire responds, “When you kiss me against my skin.” (Ok I’m dying over here)
  • Jamie, without missing a beat, lovingly affirms his wife’s beauty: “You have verra fine skin, Sassenach, like pearl. Indeed you have a lot of fine skin if that’s what you had in mind.” (OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS DID THIS ROOM JUST GO UP IN FLAMES? 🔥)
  • Jamie meticulously begins to share that he has “considered in great detail” what he desires to do to his wife if he has her “naked, willing, no one hearing…and enough room to serve her suitably.” (😵 I’ve passed out; give me a second)
  • There is a playful, sensual banter about her “response” (LOL) to Jamie’s touch and well…#squeakinnoises. Jamie notices and loves everything about Claire; even the sounds she makes when he is expressing that love.
  • Then Jamie requests, “Hand me that towel.” Instead, Claire decides to serve him. Carefully, taking her time, Claire wipes Jamie’s face; her eyes are burning full of desire. In response, Jamie returns the gift. Tenderly wiping her face and lips: all his movements full of passion. (Excuse me, I’ve fainted and fallen down the stairs)
  • Gazing longingly into Jamie’s eyes, Claire simply asks, “And then what…”
  • The scene escalates as Jamie continues to unveil his lover’s wish to his mo chridhe. And Claire melts in the enraptured eyes and touch of her husband…
  • I am not going to go into the explicit details from this point on because Jamie and Claire execute it better than I can describe it ❤️

This scene is a waltz of pleasure between a husband and wife. Every movement, every touch gliding them further along into bliss.

All of their actions are full of:








Here a man and a woman bestow all of their passionate desire onto one another. One makes a sweeping gesture and the other reciprocates. Jamie and Claire give and receive; it is never one-sided. It is never selfish.

The spark that sets off this entire flame is Jamie’s dream of his wife. All those times of separation, all those times of solitude: what did Jamie yearn for? Making love with his wife.

What this man dreams about, fantasizes, and longs for is to give his wife pleasure and to be one with her. He aches to be in the protective arms of his beloved. As he shares his desire, he does not speak of all the things he wants her to do to him; oh no. He conceals all the wonderful things he wants to do to her. And Claire relishing in the pursuit of her husband, gives it right back to him.

This is a picture of what selfless love, selfless pleasure, & selfless sex looks like.

Jamie and Claire allow their heart to overflow from the love they feel. They allow their eyes to convey the depth of their desire. They allow their hands to act as a healing balm to their precious one. They allow their kisses to ignite pure pleasure. They hold nothing back.

Thomas Hardy has a quote from his novel Far From the Madding Crowd that says it best:

“I shall do one thing in this life—one certain thing—that is love you, and long for you, and keep wanting you till I die”

Jamie and Claire are purely joyful just to be together. They NEVER take this for granted: that they may behold the one they love. That they may touch the one they love. That they may kiss the one they love. That they may be one with the one they love. All of it is a gift.

Oh the bliss of being loved by you.

Artistic sidenote: From a directorial standpoint, this scene is not only beautiful, but incredibly respectful. It is NOT gratuitous. There is no nudity and no graphic expression, but it is still VERY affective at communicating the passion between these two people. Thank you Matthew B Roberts for leaving something to the imagination and allowing for a breath of mystery to this love scene.

Pretend - Part Two

Below is a subsequent part to the Yoongi x reader one-shot ‘Pretend’.  

You can find part one here.

Summary - Yoongi’s your ex.  A particularly jealous ex, actually, who doesn’t take the blossoming relationship between you and Namjoon all too well.  

Pairings - Yoongi x reader, Namjoon x reader

Warnings - heavy on the angst (like I literally hate myself a little) and smut.

Word count - 5,8K+

Namjoon’s disappeared by the time you’ve fled from the kitchen, your steps brisk and cheeks flushed, and as you enter the open plan living space of the dorm Hobi looks up from the comic he’d been reading.  Concern floods into his expression almost immediately.

“You alright?  You don’t look so good,” he comments, rolling up the comic with both hands and wringing it as though he’s anxious.  

“Did you see Namjoon?  Did he come back in here?”  you ask hurriedly, barely pausing to look Hobi in the eyes.  

“He went to his room, I think.”  Hobi stands from the sofa, discarding his reading materials on the sofa behind him and starting towards you, tilting his head.  “What the hell happened in there?”  

“Ask your asshole of a best friend,” you snap back, temper flaring as the memory of the hurt you’d seen on Namjoon’s face comes flooding back and makes your chest constrict.  You notice the way Hobi halts his approach on hearing your harsh words and another layer of guilt piles on top all the others.  It’s not his Hobi’s fault, not in any way, shape, or form, but you’re so wound up right now - physically, emotionally, sexually - that it’s not taking much to prompt you into an overreaction.  

“Sorry,” you sigh, shoulders sagging as you pull your coat tighter around yourself and send a tight smile Hobi’s way, trying to look apologetic.  He graciously smiles back.  

“I did try to stop him,” he tells you, mirroring your shrug, “For what it’s worth.”  

“At least you tried.”  You pause a moment, closing your eyes for just as second as you run your hand through your hair, trying to brace yourself for the inevitably awkward conversation you’re about to have with Namjoon.  What the hell are you going to be able to say about the mess he just walked in on?  

“I’ll talk to him.”  Hobi’s sweet, but you can’t imagine it’ll do much good.  You tell him so, and he just shrugs again, smiling kindly, ever the optimist.  You go to take your leave, heading for the door that will lead to you to the room Namjoon and Taehyung share, but before you can Hobi calls your name and makes you pause.  “You know he’s still crazy about you, right?”   You try to ignore the lump of emotion that catches in your throat, smiling sadly at the red-haired boy opposite you.  

“He has a funny way of showing it.”  

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The Frat Boy

Pairing: Sam Holland x Reader

Summary: Frat boy!Sam that was literally inspired by that video of Sam dancing to R Kelly. That’s literally it. Not sure if I want to make this a series or not!

Notes: Feedback is always appreciated!

You sighed, sulking in a corner of your best friend’s frat house. How fucking gnarly to be here only just a few minutes after having caught your boyfriend cheating. What a great entry to a fabulous weekend. You swirled your cup in a circle, watching the liquid change colors as it swished from each side.

“You’re being a downer, darling,” Harry said, sitting next to you on the couch as he threw an arm over your shoulder. You just sighed, leaning back as you sunk further into him. You and Harry had met at the beginning of the year, both of you being well into your third year. You transferred in the beginning and were lucky enough to be partnered with him through a mentor program for your major, which happened to be Film and Media.

“It’s kind of hard to have fun when Jonathan’s probably undressing some other girl already.” You groaned, leaning your head on his shoulder. Harry sighed next to you, placing his drink, and yours, on the coffee table across from you and hugging you, sideways, tighter.

“I know, babe,” he sighed, kissing the top of your head. “But, I wouldn’t be a good friend if I let you sit here like the loser you feel like.”

“I feel the love and support, truly, I do.” You replied sarcastically, whining when he let go of you to stand up and grab your hands, pulling you up with him. “Harry, no,” you pouted, moving to pull your hands away from him.

“Come on!” He was cut off by someone grabbing his shoulder, turning him around. You looked behind him, seeing the cutest boy you’ve seen in a long time, momentarily forgetting about Jonathan. But, of course, seeing him made you think of him, making you frown.

“Am I that ugly?” Harry’s friend asked, laughing at your expression.

“Yeah, you are.” Harry teased, pulling you against him as he got ready to introduce you to him.

“We’re twins, dickhead. If I’m ugly, you’re ugly.”

“We’re fraternal twins, I’m definitely cuter.” Harry countered, causing you to look up at him. Twins?

“You didn’t tell me you had a brother – let alone, a twin…”

“Well, I have three, actually. One older, two younger.” Harry smiled when Sam rolled his eyes, Sam trying to bite his tongue to point out that Harry wasn’t that much older than him.

“I’m Sam, love. Since, I don’t think my dear old brother isn’t going to introduce us, like a gentleman.”

“I was getting to that,” Harry said, reaching a hand out to shove the younger, but slightly taller, twin. “This is Sam, my brother, as you’ve discovered. Sam, this is my best friend–”

“Ah, Y/N. I’ve heard quite a bit about you. Harry, I don’t know what you mean, this might be the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. Nothing like a gremlin!” He took your hand in his, bringing it to his lips and kissing the back of it. Your mouth hung open slightly as you looked at Harry, shoving him away from you.

“I never said that! I never told you that!” Harry said defensively, pointing at his twin. “You’re lucky there’s a crowd of people here, I would have kicked your ass.”

Sam rolled his eyes, feigning being scared. “I’m shaking. Please, don’t beat me up, big brother!”

You laughed at the exchange, making Sam look at you with a small smile.

“What are you doing here? Thought you couldn’t come because you were studying.” Harry grumbled, trying to change the subject.

“I live in the frat house, kind of hard to ignore the blaring music. Plus, something told me to come,” he glanced at Harry for a second before turning to wink at you, “maybe it was destiny.” He smiled even wider when he noticed the pink in your cheeks and your eyes move across the room, focusing on anything except him.

Barf,” Harry cringed, shaking his head. “Want a drink?” Harry told you he’d be back as he left you to sit back down on the couch and lead Sam to the refreshments table. Sam smiled at you once more before following his brother.

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Auston Matthews - Just Friends Part Three

Originally posted by motoleafs

Part One / Part Two / Part Three

Word Count: 1829

Warnings: Cursing

You woke up the next morning with a severe headache. Auston’s last statement of ‘just friends’ echoing in your head. If you needed any reassurance that you didn’t have a chance with him, that was it.

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Sultry Weathers Finale (mobster steve fic)

Summary: You work for your ex husband’s best friend as an escort. Your current mission at hand; seducing Tony Stark. Can you complete the mission when your ex husband keeps appearing wherever you appear?

Warnings: assisted suicide, bitter sweet ending, (literally, i hate it, no matter how many times i had rewrote it.), swearing, uncertainty

Word Count: 2.4K

A/N: @princessofwakandadom assured me that this piece wasn’t as terrible as I thouyght it was so please enjoy. ALSO. Come scream at me in my inbox, please.


Sultry Weathers Masterlist

You fiddled nervously as you gazed up at the house you had ocne shared with Bucky and Layla. You knew Bucky was somewhere inside, probably dreading your appearance. You hoped that Steve hadn’t made his rounds to the house yet. You hoped that he wouldn’t show up while you were inside either.

“Call me if you need me, okay?” Peter mumbled as he escorted you to the front door and squeezed your hand before walking back to the car. You held your breath as you watched him return to the car. You turned nervously to face the door and pressed down on the doorbell. Almost immediately, you were greeted by Bucky’s bearded face, hair disheveled and wet, strands were plastered to his forehead.

“You actually came.” he blinked, wiping a drip of water away from his forehead. He took a step back to allow your entrance into the place. You nearly sobbed as you noticed all of your family portraits still hung along the wall of the hallway.

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All I’m gonna say on the matter is Harry is not solely to blame for that nasty joke. When it comes down to it he’s at the center of a shitstorm the writers created and have created in the past. No, he shouldn’t have said it, and I’m not painting him as a golden boy or claiming he didn’t do anything wrong. But the fandom holds him to such a high fucking standard that on more than one occasion, he’s been thrown to the wolves no matter what he does. We’ve got to stop treating H like he should never, ever be allowed to make a mistake, because he’s not some golden boy. He’s human. You can’t tell me none of you have ever said something stupid and wished you could take it back the second it happened. The difference is none of us have a sea of people picking apart our every move and berating us when we misstep. Please do me a favor and take that into account. 

True Mate

This is Part One in “Heat Timing”
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:  1878

Warning: Smut, badly written A/B/O dynamics

A/N: Do NOT post my writing on any other site. Do NOT take credit for my work. Do NOT copy and paste.
A/N: Reblogs are perfectly fine…because that’s still giving me credit for the work I did.
A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

          You were lucky that you hadn’t been in your apartment when the fire happened. Lucky that your apartment hadn’t been touched by the fire. Unlucky because you weren’t allowed to be in your apartment while it was being repaired and renovated.

           Jensen was amazing enough to let you stay with him during that time. He had a two bedroom apartment and offered you the guest room without hesitation. You were thankful for a friend like him.

           “Do you have everything you need?” Jensen asked as you dropped your bags in the guest room floor.

           “Pretty sure,” you nodded, “I really appreciate you letting me stay, J. You’re the best. I’ll find a way to repay you. I promise.”

           “You don’t have to do anything,” Jensen said, “I’m just glad I get to help you out. I hate that your apartment is inhabitable right now.”

           “I got lucky,” you sighed, “Just can’t wait for them to open it back up to the rest of us again.”

           “Well, you can stay as long as you need,” he smiled, “I’ll order something for dinner,” he said, “Any preference?”

           “Whatever you want. I’m not too picky,” you said.

           “Okay. I’ll figure it out. Make yourself at home.” 

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In a heartbeat (Chapter 5)

A/N: Heyho there my lovelies! As usual, thank you all so much for your nice feedback! Enjoy reading! ♥ 

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Also because I just know people are going to make many Finn fans disappointment about shipping discourse, I don’t really care who Rey ends or does end up with. I personally think at this point is very likely she is going to end up single unless KK pushes a last minute romance with Poe or JJ Abrams decides to continue what he started with her and Finn or leaving it to viewers interpretation.   

I don’t really see Disney allowing, regardless of how Kylo is redeemed or not, then giving him a romantic plot with the female lead. Not because of his treatment of Rey. But because his murder of Han the backlash is not something I see them risking. Plus while I see older fans being for it, most parents would just be really pissed.  

It is kind of like Loki becoming more of an anti hero. But I do not see him suddenly developing a romantic plot with a female hero. 

But in the extremely small chance they throw that out the window and go there….I don’t really fucking care. Unlike for some people, my enjoyment of something does not fall on my ships becoming canon. I have more than enough ships I know will never happen. I care about the story and how characters are treated. 

I don’t need Finn to end up with Rey.

I need Finn and the other characters of color to be treated right and that is obviously not happening right now. 

I also think Rey trusting Kylo in any way or form is extremely out of character, but that is a rant for another day. 

Santa’s Helper

Genre: Fan Fiction
Pairing: Marco Ilsø/Reader
Warnings: N/A
Rating: G
Length: One Shot
Disclaimer: a strict work of fiction, I own nothing except the original characters and the plot line. In no way am I affiliated to any of it.  

A/N: Okay, so the Secret Santa idea didn’t come out as grand as I had wanted, three parts condensed itself into one and here we have it. 

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sweetiepie1019  asked:

I'd like a Bellarke AU based on the Princess Bride, please. Thanks for doing these again!!! :D

Being kidnapped three times in one week is, Clarke has to say, excessive.

The first one admittedly isn’t what most people think of as a kidnapping; it’s supposed to be wonderful news. The prince sent riders throughout the kingdom to look at all the young ladies of marriageable age and select the most beautiful one to be his bride, and she was chosen.

In theory, it’s a great honor, but as far as Clarke’s concerned, if she can’t say no, it’s less an honor and more a nightmare.

Which doesn’t mean that she’s happy about being kidnapped, obviously. Her current best-case scenario is escaping from her captivity and running away, and she liked the palace best for that. After all, once she found out she wouldn’t be able to get out of the marriage, she switched to acting as if that had been maidenly shyness and not active hostility that made her say no. It probably wouldn’t have been so hard, to slip away from one or two guards in the night. She wouldn’t have known where to go, but she wouldn’t have been there, trapped into a marriage she didn’t want with a prince she didn’t like.

Getting away from the first kidnappers would have been much less simple; there were three of them, and none seemed interested in her pointing out that the prince would pay handsomely for her return. The second kidnapper is alone, at least, even if he isn’t any more interested in her offers of ransom than the first group.

“If you don’t want money, you could just leave me at the port,” she finally says.

As she’s getting used to, he doesn’t respond. She hasn’t heard him say a word, yet.

“I’m sure you’re planning to sell me to someone, but my family isn’t actually wealthy, and if you want to sell me somewhere, the prince is my first choice. But if you wanted to just rescue a princess, the port would be best. You’d be my hero.”

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For Whom the Bell Tolls

Ernesto Strikes Back: A Coco Fan Fiction

[Part 1: Fallen]  [Part 2: Anger]  [Part 3:Cursed]  

[Part 4: Doubt]  [Part 5: Remembering]  [Part 6: Empty]

Part 7: The Important Things

“Where is he? I am going to kill him! That monster, that bestia, that-”

There was a loud commotion with Imelda’s voice leading the way as several sets of feet entered the ofrenda room behind Ernesto, but then it sharply cut off.

Ernesto slowly, so, so slowly pulled himself back to a sitting position. Even more slowly he turned until he was facing Hector, Imelda, and Miguel. All three of them stood tightly together at the entryway.

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Kindred Spirits

Thanks to @nattah-gudgrrl for this idea!

“I’m stuffed,” Rick said, rubbing his palm over his flat stomach, and pushing it outward for effect. They stepped out of the cozy bar and grill into the brisk, January air, and he stood in front of Michonne to block the wind that was whipping specks of snow around like confetti, as she fastened her coat.

“Me too,” she said, letting her eyes roll back to exaggerate her sated state. “That was amazing.”

“What do you want to do now? The night’s still young.”

“Let’s walk off that meal,” she said, slipping her arm through his and pressing against his side for warmth. “We can window shop, really do the tourist thing.”

They started down the cobblestone sidewalk, no particular destination in mind, and Rick allowed himself to be led from jewelry store, to antique shop, to bakery; rows of storefronts still decked out cheerily for the recently passed holiday. She pointed out numerous treasures, and he pretended to be interested, all while his gaze fixated on the way the cold brought a rosy tint to her dusky cheeks and nose, and her brown eyes gleamed with contentment. They walked until the winter sun began to prepare for its evening rest, dimming the light and pulling up a blanket of horizon to retire behind. Rick noted the neighborhood was getting less handsome as the sky became more murky, and he began to think better of their self-guided tour.

“Let’s go back to the hotel,” he said, leaning in to run the chilled tip of his nose against her ear as he spoke.

She smiled, about to agree to his proposition when something caught her eye. “Look!” She pointed to a sidewalk sign with a woman’s name written in scrolling cursive on the chalkboard finish, and a hand drawn image of a crystal ball. “A fortune teller!”

“Michonne…” Rick groaned, tightening his arm around hers and planting his feet to keep her from rushing toward it.

“Oh, please!” she begged, holding in a chuckle at his expense. This was exactly the type of thing he would hate on principle, but it could be fun. “Come on. She can tell us what the new year has in store.” She batted her eyelashes at him and he was useless to resist.

Rick hung his head in defeat, and followed her for a few more steps until they stood before a purple, velvet curtain where a door should have been, a small windchime hanging in front of it, in lieu of a doorbell. Michonne looked at Rick and shrugged, lifting her gloved fingers to brush them across the metal rods, making them ring. As if beckoned by a Siren’s song, a dark haired women appeared, wearing flowing robes and gold bangles around her wrist that jingled as she walked. She pushed aside the curtain, squinting as if they had woken her from a nap.

“Welcome,” the woman said, in a thick Eastern European accent. “You have come for me to read your good fortune?”

“Of course,” Michonne answered, with a beaming smile.

“How much is it?” Rick asked, with considerably less enthusiasm. Michonne nudged him in the ribs with a soft elbow and smiled at the woman.

“It is thirty for your reading,” she said, unmoved by his attitude. “Well worth it, I assure you.”

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something small and probably in need of a bit more editing than I had time for (see: none) for @rogueoneanniversary day three :D

prompt: Light & Dark , no cw’s

It had been a subconscious decision, to leave his datapad on. He remembers the pale-blue glow, blurring the edges of their night stand while silhouetting their blasters. He could see the outline of her shoulders when he laid down, sometimes, even the way her collarbone dipped if he angled the right way. The light didn’t bother him, not when it came to sleep; the life Cassian lived didn’t allow for such niceties in order to do so. Sleep found him when it could.

Jyn had told him, late one evening as he was reviewing mission logs, about the cave. How dark and cold it was, isolated, how she thought she might die there. And then, just as he though she’d dug herself too far, she spoke of how she’d lived; how she was rescued, removed from the cave and it’s darkness and yet, how it still remained. A part of her, the only sanctity she could find, the only constant that was in her control.

Her story was unprompted, as most things were when it came to Jyn, especially in relation to her past.  He handled it with a warm smile, a brush to her cheek and a kiss to her forehead. Ever thankful for each new piece to her puzzle.

She had pieced herself into the curve of his shoulder that night, and the light stayed on.

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The Story is Betty and Jughead And It Is Not Even Close: PART ONE

This is going to be loooong… Way long. The epitome of tl;dr. But because the show keeps piling on the drama without resolving it, this is complex.

A few of you have sent me really sweet notes about appreciating my perspective and wondering how I see all of this, so, for the three of you, and if anyone else bothers to read this…

It is still beyond me, why anyone who ships Betty and Archie are thinking the upcoming events are in any way shape or form good for their ship.

If you ship B and A together, have you not realized that everything on the canvas was manipulated to facilitate this BA exploration in a way where the writers are going to effectively sledgehammer that ship as far as a romantic relationship goes? That’s what has been set up.

If people step back from whatever anger they have from this season, this whole crazy ride has helped get us to this point, where the writers are going to dismantle BA romantically. Completely dismantle them. For the long haul. For the duration. That’s a wrap. Game over.

Everything has been put on the chessboard to allow this, while also insulating Betty’s character as much as possible, and protecting Bughead as much as possible, while making it clear, they’re the story.

And if that wasn’t clear, all one would have to do, is look at how almost every plot point on this road map is setup to service character growth and relationship growth for Betty, Jug, and Bughead. 

All one would even have to do is look at how they’ve constructed mirror stories for Betty and Jug and know… They’re the story.

On the flip? Archie? Not so much insulated. He’s ogling the person he knows his best friend loves and doesn’t even know they’ve broken up. No, bro. And, ftr, not as much thought has gone in to protecting the integrity of his iconic ship, Varchie, either, because they aren’t protecting Archie’s character the same way they’re protecting everyone else. Archie’s throwing Betty looks because V won’t tell him she loves him. That’s it? THAT IS IT? 

You have Betty and Jug dealing with every conflict known to man and trying to stay afloat and alive, why are we kidding, they are trying to stay alive and/or keep family members alive, and that’s all it takes for Archie?! His true love didn’t say “I love you” back to him in the right time frame? Lolol. Oh. Oh, dear.

Archie stays wishy washy and he doesn’t have the weight of the world on his shoulders, either, so there are no crazy factors contributing to him being vulnerable or devastated or making questionable decisions when he decides to finally “see” Betty. .

Betty, though… Outside of Jughead, name someone who has more piled on top of them, or who has been left more vulnerable and devastated this season than Betty? And now left alone. That’s right, you can’t.

The story is Bughead, and it’s not even close. Let’s talk facts, shall we? Okay.


The parallels are everywhere with Betty and Jug, not Betty and Archie. The entire narrative this season has Betty and Jug mirroring each other. Don’t believe? Well, well. Let’s look. It actually has been well-structured. Messily executed and sloppy, lbr, but the general premise? Easy to spot. 

A. The Breakups x 2 

Two misguided breakups for the same exact reasons. Wanting to protect. Betty initiated the first. Jughead initiated the second.

B. Joining The Serpents

Jughead joined the Serpents to protect Betty and Co. and lead them on a more righteous path. 

Betty joined the Serpents to be able to support Jug, and most importantly, protect and watch out for Jug.

C.  The Gauntlet vs The Stripping 

Jug was beat within an inch of his life to be able to protect. Betty got on a stage and stripped to do the same. 

Both equal and opposite initiations in regards to how vile and unhealthy and problematic. 

D.  Being Victims of a Predator

The Black Hood is torturing Betty. Forcing her hand. Making her do things out of fear and the need to protect. Including threatening Jug, leading to Betty breaking up with Jug to protect him. The Black Hood is also forcing morally ambiguous behavior or worse (pick a person to be murdered). 

Penny Peabody is torturing Jughead. Forcing his hand. Making him do things out of fear and the need to protect. And just like with Betty, forcing morally ambiguous behavior or worse (drug mule). Penny’s behavior also includes threatening Betty– which directly played in to Jug breaking up with Betty, he was afraid he couldn’t protect her any longer. 

E. The Kiss(es)

Toni (the same night, just hours after things ended with Betty)

Archie (the day after? Things ended with Jug)

F. Parent Issues 

Jughead’s dad just blamed him for relapsing on alcohol and deciding not to go clean and cut ties from the gang life. He made that all Jughead’s burden to carry. What kind of abuse?!

The same dad thanked a biker gang for being his true family and standing by him. The same dad who left Jughead to fend for himself last season when Jug was homeless, and this season while Jughead stood by him.  

Betty’s mom started the season blaming her for being responsible for the entire crime problem in Riverdale (the drugs, the Black Hood, etc.) That is now all Betty’s burden to carry. All of the carnage and death in the town, Betty’s burden to carry! What kind of abuse?!

And then she followed it up by telling Betty she was probably making up the information she was trying to give her about the Black Hood for attention. Huh? Oh, dear.

The same mom who history tells us jams Betty’s prescription meds in her hand and reminds her to stay medicated so she can stay “focused” in her quest for perfection. 

Betty and Jug, your heart just breaks, these two have so many parent issues swirling… So many insecurities and they are carrying the weight of the world. Both of them.

These are all… Parallels. We could name more, but I hope this is enough to help people start seeing how season two has been constructed.

This is the same story we’re seeing play out for Betty and Jug, and boy have they struggled and badly, but they’re 16, and dealing with all of that!

And the beauty of it is… their love has never weakened. Never been in question. The one thing that remains true and never waivers… Their love for each other. In fact, it’s their love for each other that is the biggest motivating factor in how they behave and why they make decisions, some of them terrible decisions.

They just fail to communicate, lie to protect each other, make some poor decisions to protect each other, and go as far as to rob each other of their agency when they fear the other is going to be hurt. And while that’s a hot mess, it is in no way toxic, and it’s easily fixable if the love is there. And… it is.

Guys, they’re not struggling due to the fact that someone didn’t say “I love you” in the right time frame, or some weak and ridiculous nonsense. Lmfao. No.

The world has exploded in their faces, both of them, and they have handled it all wrong. This time. Yes, this time. 

But they’re going to be better and stronger for this and they will both know exactly what the other was going through and why, because they have both been walking the same path, but alone. And next time… I bet all of these same mistakes won’t be made, because they have been costly, and they’ll know better. And most importantly, they will have figured out they have to communicate, and they won’t leave each other to go it alone.

Part Two Next…


Anon: *inhales* Thank You Very Much for letting me submit I owe u my life here we go 

No, thank you for trusting me and allowing me the honor of posting this. 

This is a beautiful, wonderfully written piece of art from a sweetheart wishing to remain Anonymous. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! 




“Noctis, I’m trying to get my coat on!”

“And I’m trying to stop you from leaving me in the cold!”

You giggled a little as he leaned more of his weight against your shoulder, trying to drag you down with him to catch you in his waiting trap of blankets. You had things you wanted to do today, including grocery shopping and other such errands, and you had even woken up early to get a head start on the day. But your boyfriend was just not having it! 8 AM is WAY too early to get out of bed on a Saturday!

“Noctis, c’mon!” He had successfully pulled you into his nest, and was laughing as he wrapped his blanketed arms around your waist, holding you close to his chest. You didn’t honestly mind at all and enjoyed being close to him like this in the mornings, but you had to get to the store!

“Why would I ever let my one flame in this dark, cold world just walk right out the door?” Noctis was grinning widely at your giggling face, sleep still steadily shaking out of his eyes. You had a lot of mornings like this together, and they usually ended with you sleeping in together or him poutily making a bowl of cereal by himself. You did always hate to leave the bed like this, but you both knew all the dramatics were in jest.

You laid your head against his chest, seemingly relaxing as he settled down with a content sigh. “I’m glad you’ve seen reason at last. I didn’t want to have to chase you outside.” He quirked his eyebrow at your silence, pulling his head back a little to try to get a look at your face.

“Y/N? What’s-”

He gasped, as you suddenly used all your strength at once to break out of his grasp, throwing the blankets over his head as you made your escape. “Never said I saw reason!” You called over your shoulder as you got your coat and bag on as fast as you could. He was still fighting his way out of his own backfired tangle trap, so you estimated you had about 15 seconds to set the next obstacle. You grinned, throwing your scarf around your neck and rushing out of the room, dropping a pillow in the doorway to trip him up.

Down in the kitchen you were getting your keys and making your coffee when you noticed something odd. You hadn’t heard him get up again to chase you downstairs, not even the sound of him hitting the carpet trying to get through the door. You wondered if he had fallen asleep again, before you shrieked as you were enveloped in blankets from behind.

“Did I scare you? Will you stay in my world now?” He was murmuring through a gentle smile, knowing full well that it was far too late to convince you to come back to bed.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and looked up into his eyes. “I could never be afraid of you. I could destroy you in seconds, you know. With my abilities.” You had no abilities, that was just something you joked about a lot. You pressed a kiss to his cheek.

He put his hand up to where your lips left his face. “Was that one of your abilities?” He had released you with a chuckle, watching you make your coffee.

“Yes, and you’ll be dead in just a few minutes from it.”

“What if I take an antidote for it?”

“Then you’ll live 10 minutes longer.”

“10 antidotes?”

“7 minutes, you only get the boost effect the first time.”

He moved towards you. “Do you happen to know what the antidote for a deadly kiss would be? I failed my first aid classes.”

“Well, it’s pretty obvious, you just have to keep getting kissed to reset the timer before it runs out,” you smirked at him. “But it has to be by the same person who kissed you the first time, or you explode instantly. And I’m about to go to the store, and I don’t think I’ll make it back before the ti-” You lost your words as he kissed you very suddenly. Looking up at him after he pulled away, “And stealing one doesn’t work!” He laughed away from you.

“Well, I guess I have no choice now but to stay by your side till the doctors find a cure!” He went to go put on his coat, leaving blushing over your thermos because of how much you loved him.


Margaux calm: I don’t usually resort to fighting over a man. I find it very tasteless and beneath me. Any man that wants me will be at my side and if he’s not…so be it. Perhaps you should take a lesson from me and do the same. I’m very embarrassed for you right now.

Diosa: Save your embarrassment, sweetie. The only reason RJ isn’t at my side is because I never wanted him. But now I do. And so I’m here to let him know.

Margaux fake sympathy: You let a good man slip from your fingers. You were foolish. Sometimes we make foolish mistakes in life. Accept it, learn from it and move on. Now, please. Leave before I call security.

Diosa: Not before I see RJ.

Margaux cold: He won’t see you. I won’t allow him to see you.

Diosa mocks: What are you so afraid of, sweetie? That when he sees me he’ll kick your skinny, twerpy, boring Parisian ass to the curb? Because let’s face it. I’m the hot one here. Not you. 

The Dragon and His Fairy

The Dragon and His Fairy

Chapter 9

Word count: 4488

A/N: So I know it’s been more than two months since I lasted posted but here it is chapter nine! I want to give a huge thank you to @bluuesparrow who really helped get my ideas together and actually and is one of the biggest reasons that I was able to finish this chapter and,@spikerr , @capaleran2 and @mangaguitar96 for being amazing betas! I’m going to be inputting a warning due to the angst that is in this chapter without further ado enjoy!

Gajeel glared at Erza as she looked over Levy’s shoulder to see what the fairy had been reading. A feeling of overprotectiveness and jealousy raged through the dragon as Levy turned, allowing her friend to see the book’s pages.

It had been three days since Erza had found them and ever since the two hadn’t gotten along in the slightest. The Requip Fairy had made it clear that she didn’t approve of the relationship at all by constantly blocking Gajeel’s attempts at getting close to Levy. And she never left the two alone. Gajeel in return refused to turn back into a human so long as Erza kept a sword at her hip and made threats at him behind Levy’s back.

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