he is not allowed to do that

me clinging to your ceiling fan like a gargoyle: in “the gang saves the day,” we’re allowed a glimpse into mac’s mind and a vision of his ideal self, a world in which he is fearless and strong and mobile, able to handily take out row after row of opponents who would do harm to himself and his friends. however, even in his wildest dreams, he cannot grant himself a total victory. he takes a fatal wound to the neck. he falls; he bleeds out on the linoleum. and as he does, he imagines dennis holding him, chanting, “i can’t live without you,” chanting, “i love you.” all the while, mac says nothing, offers no reaction, chokes and sputters on his own blood until he perishes in dennis’s arms. dennis bursts into hysterical, vocal sobbing as mac ascends to heaven, where god has a seat waiting for him. even in this private, personal space, mac cannot allow himself to imagine happiness and romantic love with dennis. rather than spinning an elaborate fantasy like charlie’s, wherein he heroically saves dennis, kisses him, marries him, and rides off into the sunset, the most pleasure that he can allow himself is the thought of dennis holding him as he dies, and saying, “i love you.” mac doesn’t imagine himself reciprocating the sentiment, doesn’t say anything in response, doesn’t express any affection. as a reward for his restraint in this regard, he imagines heaven, imagines an enthusiastic welcome from god. here, as elsewhere in the western canon, mac falls back upon depictions of violence as a mechanism of plausible deniability of homosexuality; dennis can hold mac and say “i love you,” so long as mac is bleeding out as dennis says it, and so long as mac is too incapacitated to say “i love you” in return. mac, like so many others, has fully internalized the notion that there is no moral justification for him to build a happy, loving existence with another man. even as mac permits himself a glimpse of what that happiness might look like, he simultaneously imagines his own violent demise. to be queer is to live with the knowledge that the best of us - alan turing, harvey milk, oscar wilde, many more - made their names by dying. mac genuinely believes that bleeding to death in dennis’s arms, and hearing “i love you” but never repeating it, is the happiest ending available to him.

you: *hitting me with a broom* delete your blog! delete your blog

ok it’s been months but i’m still mad dan didn’t do a video like phil’s “my dna test results” because his grandma was adopted and it would be genuinely enlightening for him and a fun video to watch. of all the ideas he steals from phil and he just lets this opportunity go to waste ! 

Reaction To Themselves Finding Their Friend ‘Hot’

NCT Hyung-Line

Suggested: ‘Hyung line reaction where you’re their best friend but you wear a short dress amd they find you very hot?’

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Ignore Mark
Taeil wouldn’t be able to conceal his slight grin, indiscreetly letting his gaze trail over you. He wouldn’t directly compliment you because he felt you already knew you were sexy.
“What’s with that look?”

“Nothing,” he’d assure, his grin growing.


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He’d initially be taken aback, quickly hiding his bewilderment.
He’s very teasing, so he would definitely crack a joke.
“Come on, you aren’t allowed to look hotter than me-”
he’d complain making you giggle as he totally confessed his thoughts.


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He’d be giddy, channeling his astonishment into praise quickly, gushing over you. He’d probably embarrass you a bit, your modest self unable to accept his gushes.
“Ah! You look like a model!”


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Honestly, he only befriends hot people anyway. He’d just give you a smirk, definitely checking you out.
“You should dress like that more often.”
“It’s a bit tight for me…”
“Yeah, but you said you want a boyfriend, don’t you?”


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For once in his goddamn life, he’d be dumbfounded, just dumbly staring at you. He’d wonder when his best friend grew up so fast, turning into….dare he say it, a woman.
He’d feel a little awkward too, he isn’t used to wanting to be a gentleman for you.


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Highkey, impressed.
He’d want to flaunt you around, giving you a thumbs up on your style.
It’d be weird for you because you would feel he was nicer/more gentlemanly than usual, holding doors open for you and shit.


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Is a little by shy by his sudden thoughts.
He’d feel weird, a bit embarrassed by how much his mind was fawning over your stupid dress.
“You have a nice figure,” he’d compliment.
“Uh, thanks.”
He’d try not to be awkward, but he’d never really get over it/the surprise of it.


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Contradictory to popular opinion, Sicheng would not be awkward, you’re his best friend.
His brows would raise initially, but he’d give you a solid thumbs up, impressed.
“Oooooh, this is new-”

Goku : "He's okay with everyone dying for a fight!!!"

“The last time Goku got to agree with “everyone dying for a fight” was the Buu Saga. Y'know, the one where Vegeta agrees to be the catalyst to a universal genocide because he had a hate boner for Goku (everybody loves to forget that part)?

And remember how Goku gleefully allowed it because he was so happy to fight? No, of course you don’t, because Goku was fucking HORRIFIED that Vegeta would do that. By this third and final arc of Dragon Ball Z, after watching the main character make mistakes and suffer for them, learn and lose and risk everything for his family (that includes his friends), grow and mature into the character he is, we watch that same character, Goku, in absolute disgust of Vegeta’s willingness to sacrifice all those lives for a fight. And then Super comes along, literally regresses Goku backwards and spits on that development, and everyone runs to ride Toei’s dick.

Fuck. THAT…The fact that people are so willing to let a show that’s been out for two years undermine 20+ fucking years of character development because it agrees with their bias actually makes me sad.”


Anyone else identify with this?

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I respectfully request entrance to the Birthday Unending, if it pleases you. I'm a little strange, but I carry around small plastic dinosaurs around in my purse, so it's a good kind of strange, I hope. They're more useful than you'd expect. So, can I come?





A mini series where Dr. Schneeplestein and Dr. Iplier work in the same hospital.

Schneeplestein is surgical and Iplier is medical.

Iplier calls Schneeplestein “Schneeps” and is the only one allowed to do so.

Schneeplestein is convinced that Iplier doesn’t actually a lot of work

Iplier always jumps in to call time of death on patients, no matter where he is in the hospital

Schneeplestein always operates the patients that Iplier declares as dying as he never quite believes that Iplier gets the diagnoses right. Is actually surprised when they die on his operating table.

They both have an obsession with coffee

Iplier takes care of Petah, (Schneeplestein’s accountant) when he’s admitted into hospital

Schneeplestein uses his time between ops to do hand exercises to keep his dexterity up, his favourite is to roll a coin between his fingers.

Iplier catches naps wherever and whenever he can but never in the on call room.

Schneeplestein will go down to the morgue regularly and listen to the pathologist go through how a person died

Both follow football/soccer and support rivalling teams. Local derby days are always fun as they rip it out of each others’ teams in the corridors as they pass

Other hospital staff keep a secret tally of who has killed more patients. Schneeplestein is currently winning

Both love watching Scrubs

(Feel free to add on)

“You forget, Isaac,” Gabriel leaned in. “That I know you.” 

He didn’t touch but somehow that just made Isaac feel his presence more - made him dizzy with it, the possibilities of it. Gabriel’s hand cupping his head, his hip, feather-light along his side. His lips soft and chapped and warm and the way his breath might catch just before he kissed Isaac like he still hadn’t got over the awe of being allowed to do so.  

Then, abruptly, he felt it. Every thought played out in phantom sensations on his nerve endings; and Gabriel’s eyes fixed on him, intent and bright. A small smile tugging at his lips. He was doing that, wasn’t he?

Shit.” Isaac’s fingers curled against the rough denim of his jeans. 

“Every thought,” Gabriel said softly. “Every want, every secret thing.” 

The fear prickled, because to be seen like that…utterly stripped bare without chance of hiding place…because to be seen like that in all darkness as well as light and still have Gabriel want him at the end of it all, love him at the end of it all…was terrifying. Wonderful, impossible, terrifying. 

Gabriel kissed him right before he lost it and lunged, unable to bear it. The world around them blazed, his own powers lighting up inside him like a solar flare, and that was almost too much too.

But the ghosts vanished - all seeing creature back to boy again, melting against him. 

He caught Gabriel’s mouth, the edges of his hips, smoothed his palms over every warm scrap of contact he could get. 

God, how did he ever let go again?

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I'm actually really scared for Alec at this point. Like, not physically, but the way he always foils Sebastian's plans is just... I don't think he likes it. First, Alec didn't allow him to help with Azazel, then he didn't trust him with Clary, now he let Luke go. I mean, Alec is drawing a target on his back without realising. I think this will probably be another motivation for The Thing Sebastian does in the books. And knowing Alec, he will blame himself. So. Freaking. Much. I'm gonna die.

Wow, I haven’t thought about it like this, Anon. Wow, I am…. you really have a point here. I mean, I still think Sebastian is smart enough not to mess or do something to Alec in person, and I don’t mean because of Magnus, but I think the “thing” you mentioned would be even more effective because yes, that would really shake this up and would hurt Alec way more as if he would be “affected” himself. And we all know he will totally blame himself because he didn’t see this coming or more like he didn’t listen to his gut. Either way, I am guessing it will be so painful if they really go with the books—which I am somehow still hoping they will not. :/

Damn, this really fucked me up now, Anon. 

By Your Side

And here we go for another one shot! A big thank you to my friend @JoyOfBerK who did the correction and @noura-fanart who did this amazing cover! Thank you so much guys! <3

Anyway, I hope you’ll like this OS! It follows “Hiccstrid or not Hiccstrid”. So please enjoy your reading and tell me what you think ;)

The heat in the forge was intense. Breathe. Blow. Sweat. Wipe his forehead. Breathe again, then return to the task he had begun. It’s very warm, thought the young boy who finally brought himself to remove his top, ending up shirtless. He could allow himself to do so; after all, he was alone.

Hiccup wasn’t used to working here anymore. He had abandoned metallurgy and creating inventions, to lead the war against Viggo. But now, he was out, the young Viking had decided to have his fun by letting sprout in his mind all the craziest ideas that could improve his life and the lives of his people on Berk. He was actually working on a new leg that he could use to control Toothless’ tail.

“Hey,” a voice pronounced in his back.

Startled, he turned around and discovered that it was Astrid. He scratched the back of his head, embarrassed. The blond slightly blushed at the view of his torso.

“Sorry Hiccup, I didn’t want to bother you. If you want me to leave…”

“No! Astrid, wait. Stay,” he whispered, taking her hands, smiling.

She smiled back in putting her head on his shoulder, surrounding him with her arms.

“So… what are you doin’?” she asked, kissing his shoulder-blade.

The young boy suddenly got excited with the idea of presenting his invention.

“Aha, you’ll love it!”

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What is your opinion of Antia Sarkeesian?

She’s everything wrong with modern feminism. Constantly whining about non-issues, always playing the victim. Did you hear what she did at VidCon? Acted like she was being attacked anytime anyone asked her basic question during the question and answer segment, and calling Sargon a shithead and a garbage person when all he was doing was sitting there. He wasn’t even asking questions but apparently he was “harassing her” simply by his existence. And then she wonders why people find it hard to take her seriously when she claims to be constantly harassed. I don’t doubt she’s faced some harassment but if your standard for harassment is someone who you don’t like being allowed to exist, it’s hard to take you seriously.


a couple of ( finally ) age appropriate Tarkin studies. 

panel below is based on a small part of the Tarkin novel.  Tarkin gets some piloting action <3  i really need to practice Vader more often.

i’d like to do a short comic this way, if time allows in the future and after i’ve fulfilled some other obligations! 

and HOLY SHIT why is tumblr so bad at resizing shit

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The GoM (separate) leave for work, and then their s/o (whom they live with) realizes that they forgot something very important, so she goes to their work to bring it to them. However, she isn't allowed inside bc nobody believes her that she is their girlfriend, and she is forced outside by some security guards. Luckily, just in time, the GoM arrive to the scene. What happens? How do the GoM react? What does their s/o say?

Kuroko: “Excuse me; what are you doing?” Kuroko is quick to appear seemingly out of thin air to save you just in time. When he hears the situation, it’s easy for him to confirm that you are, in fact, his significant other. It’s a bit embarrassing that the guards would go to such lengths to get you out, but you all manage.

Kise: “Wait, stop! You can’t throw her out!” He seems to come from nowhere, yelling for the guards to stop treating you so roughly. Kise is embarrassed enough for the both of you, explaining that you were indeed here to see him. He apologizes profusely for the awful behavior of the security.

Aomine: “Oi, get your hands off my girl!” Aomine doesn’t care that the people escorting you out of the building are technically supposed to be there as security. He throws a punch, one that thankfully misses, and starts yelling at them to let you go. Everything goes haywire before you’re finally able to settle everyone.

Midorima: “This isn’t exactly proper protocol.” Midorima sounds stern as he addresses the security, practically reprimanding them for not following the proper procedures for making sure a guest was who they said they were. When you’re finally by his side, his annoyance with them has subsided, but not by much.

Murasakibara: “That isn’t very nice. You wouldn’t want to be thrown out that way, too.” Murasakibara’s threat holds no real stance as he knows the security guards are just there doing their jobs. Still, the way they handled the situation annoyed him and if a little intimidation would get them to stop, he’d do it.

Akashi: “I demand to know what you are doing with my significant other.” Akashi’s voice is firm as he addresses the security guards by name. They all but drop you when they realize you’d been telling the truth the entire time and, thanks to their manhandling, their jobs were probably now on the line.


Nico sighs: I know what he’s planning.

Lala gasps. How could Nico possibly know?

Nico: He told me everything. About that millionaire. The one you told me about the day we met. Believe me Lala, I won’t allow Remy to go through with it.

Lala: I hate that his mind goes to a dark place like that. I don’t want my son to ever think it’s okay to hurt people. Do you know what your father did to him? How he abused Remy? Remy won’t get help for it. So he could end up hurting our son too.

Nico low: None of my siblings ever told me what Manny did to them once I left Newcrest and went to college. Remy especially. And my father and I… I’m not afraid of Manny. My brothers and sisters are, but I’m not. I think my siblings knew if they told me what he’d done to them, I would have killed him. He’d hide like a rat any time I went back to see them on my school breaks.

Lala whispers: It was so bad what he did to him, Nico. 

Nico: You don’t have to tell me. If Remy shared it with you, it meant he trusted you enough to keep it between you two. I’m waiting for the day he trusts me enough to share it with me. Anyway, you don’t have to worry about anyone coming to harm. If the videos on that millionaire are true, then I’ll work on bringing him to justice. With no blood shed. 

Lala shakes her head: I don’t think you can stop Remy, Nico.


In my experience, nine times out of ten that I’ve been condescended to or invalidated has been by a man, and I am so very tired. So dudes, if a woman is raising her voice in the middle of discussion, it is likely because you are invalidating her at every turn and she’s just tired.

Example: I went out to Dunkin Donuts with my grandfather this morning. I love him to death, but I can never get a word in edge-wise and when I do, he completely invalidates my words, so I end up raising my voice and then we start to get into an argument. If people (in general honestly) could just learn to allow another person to speak, this world would be a better place.

P.S. If someone starts on this post with NOT ALL MEN, I’m going to burst a titty. I’m talking about my experiences, go suck an egg.

#Shadowhunters 2x14 #AlecLightwood - Scene 1

#AlecLightwood Head of the Institute makes an announcement!

#Alec sends Clary and Jace on a mission to the Seelie Court to meet the Seelie Queen

ALEC: We’ve lost seven of our own, but we can’t allow a single, radical Seelie to define the entire Downworld, any more than we can allow Valentine to define all Shadowhunters.
So, to restore unity with our allies, I will be hosting regular Cabinet meetings here with the Downworld leaders of New York.
I’m all for unity.
But does he have to bring them here? What do you expect? He’s dating a warlock.
Still can’t believe Alec Lightwood is in charge.
Just wait.
In a week, it’ll be someone else.
IZZY: Hey. Show some respect.
ALEC: Please, let’s make the Downworlders feel welcome.
JACE: Look at you. In charge for a week, you’re already shaking things up. I think this Cabinet thing is a good idea.
ALEC: Yeah, I’m not sure everyone agrees.
CLARY: All the more reason to do it. How can I help?
ALEC: Actually, I need you and Jace for a mission. You’re going to the Seelie Court.
CLARY: Where is that?
The nearest entrance is in Central Park.
But it’s in another realm.
Where the Seelie Queen lives.
ALEC: I requested an audience with her to discuss Kaelie’s crimes. But she said she’ll only meet with Valentine’s experiments.
Charming nickname.
So, you think the Seelie Queen is responsible for Kaelie’s attacks? That’s what I want you to find out.
It would make sense.
Those murders weren’t exactly Kaelie’s style.
How did you know Kaelie? Book Club.
You read? Yeah.
Why does everyone find that so hard to believe? Look.
We need to find out if she’s complicit, An entire faction could be turning against us.
That shouldn’t be too hard, right? Seelies can’t lie.
Technically yes, but after hundreds of years of practice, they can expertly manipulate the truth, and the Queen is the master.
She’s very dangerous.
The entire realm is.
More than one Shadowhunter hasn’t made it back.
CLARY: What could go wrong? But we’re, uh Valentine’s experiments, right? Don’t mess with us.

Ok but imagine tho...

• …Will training at hand-to-hand combat with his cabin one day and overhears this homophobic son of Ares just saying the absolute worst about him but honestly, he doesn’t care because he’s accoustomed to it
• Said son of Ares makes the mistake and says some crap like, ‘I cannot believe his mother allows him to think this is ok, what kind of mother does that?” and all this time Will’s been calm, cool, collected but when he heard that
• He absolutely?? Freaking?? Loses?? It??Because Naomi Solace is a line you do not cross??
• So imagine everyone’s surprise when Will stalks over to the kid, punches him in the nose, yanks his arm behind his back and plants his knee into the other boy’s back, making the boy face plant in one fluid motion
• And then tells the guy, ‘look who got beat up by a fag. Do not make the mistake of insulting either me or my mother again, you looser. You’ve no idea what she’s been through. I may be just a gay medic, but I can dislocate all your bones, put them back in place and then dislocate them again to make it hurt twice as much before you can realize what’s going on, you understand?’
• The guy just manages to barely grunt out a response because yes he knows now not to mess around with Will again because it hurts and everyone just stares in awe because this is Will? Gentle, harmless Will?
• And Percy and Nico are on the other side of the arena and witnesses the whole thing and Nico just?? Can’t?? Even?? Because ohmigods, that was so hot, so the poor flustered thing runs back to his cabin, his cheeks red, but some part of him is proud if Will for standing up to the Ares kid.

Boyfriend Yuta 💕💕
  • pretty boyfriend
  • wants to know everything about you 
  •  loves when you try to hide smt not important from him, but he always caught you up
  •  you must understand, he just want to know everything
  • don’t get angry at him, that boi just worry about you 
  •  a lot of skinship 
  •  everytime, everywhere his hand is on your tights 
  •  because he is in love with them 
  •  and love every inch from your bodу
  •  kiss you everywhere
  •  you are his and he reminds you every day
  • he is yours too 
  •  yuta also want to be informed where are you and when you go home -he not allow you stay outside late at night
  •  you always smile when he is with you because he is the most precious boyfriend in world -make you a lot of gifts
  •  and always reminds you to eat healthy 
  •  sex with yuta will be incredible
  •  he is so dominant person independently in bed or not 
  •  so you don’t have chance to control your actions 
  •  but that should not bother you 
  •  he know what he do and how to make you squirm up only with two fingers
  •  and after he finish, you not be able to say your name 
  •  and walk
  •  but you still love sex with him

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V, Saeran, and Vanderwood comforting MC after a nightmare??


  • Notices MC shifting around uncomfortably and gently wakes them with a careful touch to their shoulder and softly speaking their name.
  • He doesn’t ask many questions and instead focuses on reassuring them that it was just a bad dream and that they’re safe with him.
  • If they’re comfortable with it, he’ll pull them close, allow them to snuggle against him and hum a soft lullaby until they fall asleep again.
  • He’ll wait for another few minutes, rubbing circles on their back, to make sure their slumber is peaceful this time.


  • It’s the same for him a lot, he can really relate to being woken up by terrible nightmares.
  • He’s also understanding of the fact that they might not want to talk about it. If they do however, he’ll of course listen to them, but he’s not going to push them to open up to him.
  • He’ll offer himself for them to cling onto until they have calmed down at least somewhat.
  • Distraction is medicine. If they can’t get back to sleep, he’ll get up with them and make some tea or hot chocolate.


  • Super concerned, they pulls MC into a hug immediately and begin playing with their hair, whispering soothing words to their ear.
  • “A nightmare, huh? What was it about?” they won’t force them to tell them, but they encourage MC to, wanting to turn their dream around on it’s head to make it less scary and intimidating.
  • They’re not making fun of MC and they keep telling them that it’s not their intend. They genuinely just try to get them to chuckle or even just smile.
  • Anything that helps MC fall back asleep, they’ll attempt. Reading them a book, telling them a story, humming a lullaby.

Name: Beth (Elizabeth) Roman
Age: 19
Gender: Female (She/They, female pronouns most used)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 149 lbs
Blood type: AB
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Significant other: Alistair O'Dunnell
Sexually active?: Yes
•Mornings (Early)
•Ali <3
•Taking naps
•Taking naps with Ali
•Taking notes/Writing in her journal
•Extra extroverts
•Loud/Sudden noises
•Fear itself
•Marcus (He’s the douchebag leader of their group, who objectifies women and only uses them for sex. He tried to do that with Beth, but she would NOT allow it.)
•Losing Ali
•Getting too close to someone (not physically)
She’s a stressed bby, let the gorl rest