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Miraculous Ladybug - The Arcade

(a happy, happy birthday to the wonderful, talented @miraculart, megan you deserve the world, and i hope you had a great day!!)

The minute school was out, Adrien was running. He had a rehearsal at five o’clock sharp, the designer his father had been working with lately tended to get snappy when people were late. Homework also had to be finished before then, and he’d need at least a half hour for that, so that gave him about forty-five minutes to complete the task at hand before Nathalie arrived to collect him. Adrien had begged relentlessly, and the woman must have felt bad for him, so she had allowed him this. Forty-five glorious minutes to spend jamming coins into slots and whirling joysticks until his wrists ached. 

Ah, the arcade.

Except this time, Adrien was determined to get there before they showed up. ‘They’ being the nameless person that had spent the last week beating Adrien’s high score on the old Pac Man game in the back. Though he had never caught the person, Adrien was determined to find exactly to whom he had been losing by the mere skin of his teeth. Nearly slamming into the self-activated glass doors, Adrien raced through the small room to the back where the beautiful, battered old machine rested with no one in range of it. Stopping himself, he drew in a deep breath before checking the score list, crossing his fingers, hoping, hoping-damn. The yellow numbers in the first place slot read: 237,567. Just one point more, yet it was enough to make him want to tear his hair out. 

“Whoever you are parisprincess123, I will find you, and I will beat you.”

With that, he sat on the tattered cushions and felt the familiar slide of buttons under his fingers and the welded grip of the joystick against his palm.

The rehearsal, surprisingly, had ended early. Everyone had been on their best behavior with the upcoming deadlines for the fashion show, and the designer had been extremely pleased with all of them. Adrien was back in his comfortable, familiar clothes within two hours with time to kill, having finished his homework for the day. 

A grin split his face as he slipped into his room and pushed open the pane of one of his windows. Time for half of Paris’ superhero duo to take to the sky.

The thrill that came from running across rooftops and swinging across the Seine with his baton was impossible to put into words. The wind in his hair, the light tread of his feet flying over the ground, the roughness of the ground when he sprung off his hands. He had a destination in mind, one that involved an endearingly clumsy aspiring fashion designer and the familiar comfort of her balcony. His smile turned from exhilarated to fond, reminiscing in the moments he’d spent with that beautiful girl with freckled cheeks and eyes bluer than the sky, both as Chat Noir and just Adrien. She was so different around them both, but something about her always felt so familiar, so at home. 

He didn’t expect to see her practically bouncing down the street as he paused on the roof of a restaurant. He reached out a hand, about to call out to her, when she crashed into the man in front of her and he laughed. Maybe that’s why she felt like home, because no matter what, she was still wonderful, clumsy Marinette. It was unusual seeing her on this street though, it was certainly out of the way from the bakery. Making up his mind to follow her a bit, partially to make sure she was safe in this faster paced part of the city, partially out of habit, Chat Noir leaped across an alley to keep pace with her flouncing steps.

She turned the corner then, sauntering down a street Adrien recognized as the one that contained the arcade he’d taken to frequenting. Imagine his surprise, when that turned out to be her destination. Adrien released his transformation before entering the casual atmosphere of the arcade, so as to keep from drawing attention to Paris’ famed Chat Noir and…And what, exactly? He knew Marinette was an exceptional gamer, and she had obviously been comfortable enough with the area to find her way here easily and safely. So why exactly was he still here? Because his love for Ladybug was endless and infinite in its identity, but his traitorous heart was drawn also to the sweet, warm person that was Marinette. He had noticed the similarities between the two and he hoped, though he knew he shouldn’t, that strong, brave, beautiful Ladybug was the same as strong, brave, beautiful Marinette. 

He’s pulled from his reverie when he nearly walks into the person standing in front of him, a comical sense of deja vu running through him from seeing Marinette do exactly that minutes before. By force of habit, he had made his way to the back of the building, surprised to see Marinette sitting in front of a game there as well. Not just any game, he came to realize with a dawning sense of horror. Pac-Man.

He watched, rooted to the spot, as her fingers danced easily over the buttons that colored his fingers red from strain, her wrist twisting the joystick expertly, that made his palms sweat. Her posture was relaxed, and Adrien could only gape as her score continued climbing, before reaching 286,429, and Marinette purposefully slid her hands off the console, allowing the crimson ghost to devour pac man and giggling to herself. 286,429. Just one over his score of 286,428. And she had lost on purpose. Which means this whole time, the person that had been beating Adrien’s score by a measly few points every single day, without fail, and on purpose too had been-

Marinette Dupain-Cheng!

The girl jumped in her seat, startled, and turned to face him with wide eyes. He must have been quite the sight too, cheeks flushed, pupils blown, accusatory index finger within inches of her face, and entirely uncharacteristic of the calm, relaxed way he usually attempted to carry himself. 

“A-Adrien?” she stutters, though more out of surprise this time than anything else.

He supposes he should have given her a warning of some sort, or tried to explain, but he simply can’t believe it was her all along, sweet, clever, cunning Marinette.

“You’re the one that’s been beating my high score! And my mere points, at that.”

Her eyes seem to grow wider and she turns back to the screen, “This is your high score? I didn’t even know you came to this place.”

She turns to him with a bit of a guilty look on her face, “Sorry if it upset you, I just found it endearing how you always managed to pull your score up in just a day. The determination reminded me of someone I know.”

She smiles then, and there’s that soft look in her eyes that he knows refers to his alter ego, and he feels his heartbeat pick up. It’s a wonder she can’t hear it. That look is for him, for Chat Noir, for the desires hidden inside him that he gets to express only every now and then. He has to stop himself from grinning like an idiot, because Marinette is thinking about him, not realizing he’s standing right there in front of her. He starts, discerning that she’s waiting for him to say something, and offers her a smile, a real one, showcasing his happiness even if she doesn’t know why.

“Don’t apologize, it always made the return more thrilling. I enjoyed trying to beat your score each time,” he makes a rash choice then, a dangerous one, “Princess.”

He winks at her and he sees her eyes widen, know she’s come to associate that name with Chat Noir, knows he could have revealed too much this time, but his heart is torn between her and his precious Ladybug, and he hopes they are one and the same. Then she turns back to the screen, seeing her nickname displayed across the screen and laughs, but she sounds different, not unhappy, but different. He’s about to say something, but then her phone is ringing and their moment is gone, Marinette apologizing to Alya over the phone for forgetting about their English project, bidding Adrien farewell several times while trying to gather her stuff, and he feels the knot in his chest he didn’t even know was there relax. He sees her off with a laugh and a wave, calling out so she doesn’t crash into the air hockey table. 

At the very least, Marinette will always be Marinette.

The school bell rings, and Adrien is out the doors, but this time he pauses on the steps. He could run, his forty-five minutes are slowly ticking by, but something stops him. Something makes him wait until the girl with hair like dark silk and eyes like water under the sunlight nearly trips her way down the stairs.

He smiles when she catches his eye and she smiles back, expression bright and sunny, with just a bit of that fondness he knows is reserved for Chat Noir. Maybe she knows, or maybe she just has her suspicions, but either way Adrien can’t bring himself to regret it. 

“Marinette, do you want to come with me to the arcade, today?”

She smiles wider in reply and leans closer to him.

“Sure thing, kitty.”

author’s note - LOL i didn’t really know where i was going with this, but i like how it turned out!! i did not know i had a subtle bone in my body, i’m more clumsy than mari herself. anyways, happy birthday again, to the wonderful megan :)

Courage the Cowardly Dog: Brother of the Bride

Kitty and Bunny are getting married, at last.  It’s reason for much rejoicing, but not everyone is as happy as they ought to be.  

Courage does not think Katz is a very good brother.  

Inspired by c2ndy2c1d’s villains-as-caretakers AU

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Talking on a rooftop

“Ah, nothing like a good patrol to finish the day.” Cat Noir stretched, shutting his eyes tightly, an action Ladybug kept saying made him look even more like a cat.

Speaking of said hero, she wasn’t saying anything. That wasn’t normal. She was supposed to say something, to tease him, to agree with him, to make a comment about the akumas lately, to do something. She wasn’t supposed to be so quite.

“Ladybug? Are you okay? You seem a bit down.” After so many months of spending time together and fighting akumas, Cat prided himself in knowing Ladybug very well. Sure, he didn’t know her real name or what her face looked like without the mask, but he knew her smile when she was happy, her triumph grin when she figured out a plan, the way her face got so adorably red at the rare times she got flustered. And he also knew her look when she was upset over something.

“I’m fine, Cat. It’s… It’s nothing.”

“It obviously isn’t nothing if you’re this upset over it." He put his hand on her shoulder and gave her his most comforting smile. "Talk to me. You’ll feel better if you let it out.” He sat down close to the edge of the rooftop and patted the spot next to him.

“Fine,” She sighed and sat down. “There's… this girl in my school. We’re in the same class, have been for a couple of years, and she’s just…Ugh!“ She throws her hands in the air and groans and maybe it’s not the best description ever but Cat understands what she means to say. "She treats everybody badly, like she’s better than everyone! And I


to be civil towards her but sometimes she’s just too much!”

“I know what you mean. There’s a girl like that in my class too. One of my classmates is a really nice girl, but even she can’t stand her at times.” He thinks of Marinette and how she’ll talk back to Chloe, saying everything the rest of the class wanted to say but never actually did. You had to admire how she could stand up to people, regardless of who they were. And the look on Chloe’s face when Marinette talks back to her! He can’t suppress a chuckle, it’s just priceless! “You should see her she gets angry at her, though! She acts very shy, at least around me, but she knows how to put her in her place!”

“Sounds like you really like her, kitty,” Ladybug smirks.

It’s at times like that Adrien wishes he didn’t blush so easily. “Why does everyone assume I like her like that!” He complained. If he didn’t know any better, he would have assumed Plagg and Ladybug had made a deal to embarrass him about this as much as possible. “We’re just friends!“

Ladybug can’t help but giggle at her partner’s reaction. “Well, if you do like her, I’m pretty sure she likes you too if she’s only shy around you.”

“A-Anyway! What were you saying?” Cat said in a not-so-subtle attempt to change the subject. Thankfully, it worked.

“Well, there’s this boy that sits in front of me and he was spacing out a lot today so his best friend said that he’s probably daydreaming about his ‘lady’.”

Huh, weird. Nino made the same joke today,

Adrien thought. The DJ had seen the contact labeled ‘My Lady<3’ on his phone and wouldn’t shut up about it.  

“I just… I have a crush on him, Cat,” Ladybug sighed. “And learning that he likes another girl hurt." 

The heroine was unaware that what she was saying was having the same effect on her partner.

She… likes someone else…

He knew that she might like someone, but that didn’t mean he wanted to admit it.

Despite the fact his heart felt like it had been stepped on by Rogercop, he didn’t let any of it show on his face and kept listening to the girl talk. At the moment, this wasn’t about him, this was about her. He would listen to her and make her feel better. He could wallow in self-pity later.

"He’s been very tired lately and I wanted to cheer him up so I - I made him some cookies since he doesn’t get to eat sweets often. I would have given them to him before class but after what happened… I wasn’t able to do it,” Ladybug continued. “I finally gathered the courage to do it at the end of the day. He had gone to the bathroom and he was going to be back soon so I waited for him to come." 

She pulled her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them, burying her face in them. For a full minute she didn’t say anything and neither did Adrien. Mostly because he didn’t want to pressure her and – as Plagg insisted – because he was jealous of that boy for getting homemade cookies from his Lady.

I’m not jealous, Plagg!



. Remember that artist guy? You were so jealous you ended up turning him into an akuma!

Ladybug sighed. “But that girl saw me and she likes him too so started talking me down,” she continued. "She said how there was no chance he was ever going to like me back, how I wasn’t good enough, how he was never going to like a boring girl like me.”

Adrien was a model. He knew how to put on a smile and pretend that nothing was wrong even when everything was. He could be at the verge of collapsing from fatigue and still smile for the camera. But right now, he was so angry at that girl for talking to his Lady like that you might as well have insulted his mother (a word of advice: DON’T do that) that there was no hiding it. “Ladybug, you’re not-”

“I don’t listen to what she says normally but… After what happened this morning… it felt true,” the heroine caught him off."I broke down in tears and the box of cookies fell from my hands. I turned around to leave and - and I saw him standing in the doorway.”

In the warm glow of the street lights from below, Cat was able to see the tears in her eyes. He froze. Ladybug crying was… it wasn’t right. When they first started working together, he idolized her like she was a goddess and put her on a pedestal like one. Back then, seeing her cry would feel wrong because of that – because Ladybug



But that wasn’t the case now. While working together for so many months they had gotten closer. He no longer saw her as perfect, he knew she was a human - and as one - she got angry and sad and did that adorable little snort when she laughed too hard. Seeing her cry felt wrong because he didn’t want to see her cry.

“I felt so h-humiliated, Cat! I-I made a fool of m-myself and cried in f-front of the w-whole class! A-and in front of h-him too! S-so I r-ran away.”

Sure, Nino’s joke might have been just a coincidence, but Adrien was having some serious déjà vu. It was possible that Ladybug did the exact same thing Marinette did today, right? It could happen, right?

Oh, who am I kidding? I always wanted to learn Ladybug’s identity and now I’m in denial!

Next to him, Ladybug – Marinette – sniffed and wiped the tears from her eyes. “H-he must think I-I’m a total idiot.”

“…My lady?” Cat Noir asked hesitantly.

It’s now or never.

“What is the name of that girl in your class?”



She nodded. “H-how did you…?”

If I can fight super villains on a daily basis I can do this,

he thought and put his hand on her shoulder, making her turn to look at him.

“M-Marinette, he’s not going to think or you like that.”

Her eyes narrowed and she pulled back a bit. “What-? How did you-?”

“I-I’m not going to think of you like that.”

Her eyes widened so much Adrien was pretty sure they would pop out. “A-A-Adrien?!” She nearly yelled as she stood up.

“P-plagg, claws in.” A blinding green light filled the rooftop and where Cat Noir previously was now stood Adrien Agreste, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. “H-hi, Marinette.”

“You’re – you’re Adrien. A-all this time, you w-ere – and I – my goodness, I can’t believe this- this is crazy,” Ladybug kept on rambling, eyes still wide as dishes.

“I think you broke her, pal,” Plagg snickered, plopping his tiny elbow on Adrien’s shoulder.

Adrien ignored the kwami and darted forward, catching Ladybug by her arm right when she was about to yo-yo away from the rooftop. “Look, Ladybug – Marinette. I know you didn’t want this to happen like this. I didn’t want it to be like this either. I wanted you to trust me enough to tell me who you are.”

“I do trust you, c-chaton,” Ladybug said. “I trust you a lot. I w-wouldn’t have told you what happened today i-if I didn’t.”

“And do you trust Adrien enough to tell him too?”

“You mean if I could actually piece a complete sentence around him?” She chuckled quietly but nodded. “Yeah. Although, I might have left out that part about having a crush on him.”

Adrien chuckled. “I don’t know, that part was pretty informative.”

Ladybug scoffed at him. Adrien smiled. The tension had calmed down and they were back to joking around like they did when they were both in costume. That is, until she realized what she had told Cat – told Adrien – earlier.

“Oh my god. I – I actually told you that – and I didn’t even know it was you!”

“Yeah, it’s hilarious if you think about it, right?” He laughed. “We’ve been crushing on each other without even knowing.”

“Yeah, I guess it is funny,” Ladybug agreed.

They settled back down on the rooftop edge, Ladybug finally dropping her transformation and just looked at the city. Adrien knew he was pushing his luck, asking her this right after their identities were revealed like that, but he might not get the courage to do it later.

“Hey, Marinette?”


“Well, since I like you and you like me… would you like to hang out tomorrow? I-If you want to, I mean! You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, I understand-“



“I would love to.”

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In the Miraculous au, Poppy slowly solve the pieces of puzzle between Branch and Lady bug. There are times she sees the similarities. If Branch smiles, Poppy almost sees him as ladybug. There must be times that Poppy sees Ladybug as Branch. Wat happens if she was right all along? How does she react? How does Branch react? WAT IF!?!?!

Listen to me. Poppy is a very bright girl, just like Adrien is a very bright boy. But they both can be very VERY dense. I mean, Marinette looks identical to Ladybug. But does Adrien notice? NOPE. Poppy has a similar problem but you gotta give her a break here. at least there’s a significant personality difference between Branch and Ladybug.

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alvaseneca answered your question: Thinking about writing a few drabbles. Any prompts…

IronPanhter eventually? Sleep-depriven Tony is petting T'Challa and waiting for the purring sound. Because hello! He is like a panther. So he should purr. And everyone else is like: Tony stop it, don’t pet the wakandan King. And T'Chala is amused?

[Edit: A/N: I just realized I forgot to add the purring bit to this. I hope the story is still enjoyable though.]

Tony stumbled into the debriefing room with gray bags under his eyes and a steaming mug of coffee in his hand. He took one look at the Avengers circled around the table and pivoted toward the exit.

Tony was almost out the door when Natasha walked through it, grabbed him by the elbow, and steered him toward the table. “Not today, Stark.”

Tony grumbled and ran his hand through his mussed hair. “This is a nightmare. A boring, boring nightmare.” He yawned and covered his mouth as Natasha placed him in front of his seat.

Tony blinked. There was a newcomer to the table. A cute and familiar newcomer that his sleep addled mind refused to name.

Tony stared at the cutie, whose reaction was to give a subtle yet knowing smile.

The image of a man in a black panther costume came to mind. “Kitty,” Tony mumbled.

“Tony.” Steve kept his voice firm; although, he was looking a little exasperated. “Please, take a seat. We’ve discovered that—”

Tony patted Kitty on the head. “Nice, kitty.”

Clint choked on his coffee.

Rhodey hid his snickers behind his palm.

Sam gave Steve a knowing and defiant glance that Tony interpreted as: “See. I’m not the only one.”  

Kitty gave Tony a curious look. “You are really exhausted, my friend.”

“So soft.” Tony stroked Kitty’s hair.

“Tony, please stop petting the king of Wakanda,” Steve asked.

“Mufasa,” Tony mumbled and took his seat next to T’Challa. Right, T’Challa. Cutie king with access to all kinds of tech and a genius too. Tony certainly wouldn’t mind being his boyfriend.

“We can talk about dating later.” T’Challa smiled.

Tony blinked. “Did I say that aloud?”

Clint face palmed. “Dude, if you only knew how much you just said that you probably thought you were only thinking to yourself.”

Tony sipped his coffee and eyed T’Challa. “Did I mention you have a great ass?”

Winter Sonata

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Jungkook x Reader

Bad boy Jungkook! College AU

Play, Pause, Fast forward, Stop, Repeat.


You met him the first night of winter.

The freezing wind was hitting your face as you were trying to hurry home just to dive into your duvet. Hands stuffed in your pockets and face hidden in your scarf you were walking along the sidewalk when your warm wool hat was swept away by the wind. It landed a few meters in front of you and before you could pick it up someone was handing it to you. Lifting your gaze you met two piercing hazelnuts eyes, messy raven black hairs and broad shoulders. The guy in front of you tilted his head to the side revealing a delicious milk white neck. On his ears shined two small hoop earrings and behind his left ear was a cigarette. He was wearing a  dark hoodie and an equally black leather jacket. Definitely not enough to keep up with the knife-sharp cold of winter night. His aura screamed mystery and confidence and in a matter of second you were hooked. The faint smirk lingering on his mouth paired with the intensity of his stare should have warned you. He was nothing but trouble. You swept back into reality when he dangled your hat in front of your face.

“I believe this is yours”

He spoke in a raspy but clear voice cocking an eyebrow. His low tone resounded in your ribcage and once again your breath hitched and almost stopped. You let out a confused, stuttered thanks before taking your hat and quickly putting it on, in an awkward attempt to hide your rosy cheeks. That’s when you heard it the first time. The sound of his melodic chuckle made you lift your head and you looked at him as a deer caught in headlights. It was so deep, yet soft that your heart skipped a beat.

“You know, it’s dangerous for innocent girls to wander around so late at night”

The playfulness in his voice was evident, yet the subtle warning hiding behind his words increased the uneasiness in your heart. Instinctively you nodded and immediately regretted it when he brought an hand to his face to muffle another giggle. Despite the blasting cold you felt your skin turning hot and your gaze wandered to the street to avoid his eyes.

“You better go home kitty” and as he said that he reached out his hand and lowered the hat on your eyes. You quickly took it off just to see him walking past you with an amused expression plastered on his face. Your cheeks caught on fire as the pet name ringed in your ears once more.

You watched him leaving with wide eyes and then you noticed he was also carrying a guitar. You waited the standing like a fool in the middle of the sidewalk until his back disappeared around the corner. Snapping out of your thoughts you let out a frustrated sigh, Who the hell was he? You were pretty sure you had never seen him around your neighborhood.  


His name was Jeon Jungkook. Apparently, the talk of the entire campus. Everybody knew who he was and after asking a couple of friends you were given all the details. He had been transferred from his previous university -somebody said expelled- a couple of months before, currently majoring in music production and engineering. He spent most of his time alone but sometimes hang out with a couple of other guys form your university with infamous good looks and also a dangerously intriguing reputation. Troublemakers, heart breakers or cold hearted playboy. The perfect depiction of bad boys. The ones your mother had always warned you about, because those kind of guys love themselves and their freedom too much to love someone else. They were those kind of guys boys wanted to be friend with and girls threw themselves at.  Nevertheless, your first impression of Jeon Jungkook had been different. You sure had felt intimidated in a certain way -and uncomfortable because of his good looks- but not scared. After seeing him a couple of times here and there in the university campus you couldn’t help but wonder what kind of person he was. Earphones tucked in his ears he strolled around with book in his hands and without sparing a glance to anyone. On top of his god given looks he was also smart, on top of his class. He surely was a peculiar kind of bad boy.

It didn’t take you much for you to find out that he also played almost every weekend in a little pub downtown with a couple of his friends from the music department. And of course you decided to go  and find out who really this Jeon Jungkook everyone was talking about was. You told yourself you were just curious and that if you could exchange just a few words with him and see for yourself how he really was you would have been content.

So on a weekend you made your way to this pub downtown with one of your girl friend. The place was a brick walled basement with posters hanging everywhere, a little stage in the corner and colorful red, violet mellow lights. Upon entering your eyes immediately scanned the place knowing exactly who to look for. And there he was, right in front of you. Sitting on a high stool in the center of the stage, microphone in his hand. A red beanie covering his dark hair, white t-shirt clinging on his broad chest and a pair of black jeans hugging his tights in all the right places. His gaze wandered in the room when he saw the door opening and then stopped on your face. You swore you could see an unusual twinkle in his eyes when he spotted you. It took you a moment to realize that the velvet voice you were hearing was coming from his mouth. And oh boy, it was almost embarrassing how much it was affecting you. Every words, every note, tickled your skin giving you goosebumps. It was so soft, so deep, so sweet. Maybe it was the combination between is sensual voice and the risk tangled in between his words that got you hypnotize.

The world paused for a moment -or at least yours did- as he gazed at you through half closed eyes. You could feel the blood burning in your veins and your heart beating his own rhythm as his sang:

Kiss me, even if it hurts
Come here, tighten me up
Until it can’t hurt any more
Baby, even if I’m drunk it’s fine, now I drink you in
Deep into my throat, the whiskey that is you.

Fast Forward

You sat at the counter and ordered a beer to cool off your flaming cheeks. Your friend was a few meters from you chatting lively with ‘this guy from art class I had my eyes on for months’ she said.   The lively atmosphere matched the place perfectly and slowly you started to relax and feel comfortable in the smoke filled room. Almost.

“Oh look who is here” his hoarse voice broke you out of your trance. Turning your head to the side your eyes met Jungkook, a bottle of beer in his hand and a surprised yet cocky expression on his face.

“What are you doing in place like this kitty? There are a lot of wolves around. You should hurry back home”

The way the pet name rolled off his tongue was so natural it neither felt weird nor out of place. You had always thought pat names sounded cheesy and inappropriate, but now after hearing how it sounded coming from his rosy lips you only wished to hear it over and over again.

“What if I want to stay here?” are the first words you said to him after your awkward encounter that night. His mouth tugged into a grin as he propped one elbow on the counter and leaned his head on his hand to look at you.

“Then you shouldn’t talk to strangers” he added, a playful note in his voice

“Like you?”

“That would be wise”

His plain tone surprised you a little but now that you got the chance to talk with him you were not going to back down.

“I’ve never been good at following advice. I like to do things my own way” you tilted your head biting down on your bottom lip to stop a smile.

You faintly recalled the sound of his laugh, yet hearing it again now didn’t fail to make your heart skip a beat again.

“Ouch feisty” Jungkook took a sip of his beer and eyed you cautiously head to tow.

You grew embarrassed under his gaze and shifted uncomfortably on your seat. With your combat boots and oversized sweater you sure were not dressed -to-impress but that was just serving your purpose to get to know him without giving him any wrong idea. You wanted to be cautious. Or at least you were trying to convince yourself you were not another of his fangirl ready to run on hot coals for him. The mix of curiosity and attraction you felt for Jungkook was inexplicable to you too. His bad boy charms, dangerous aura and alluring silence made you want to scratch the surface of his facade and find out what was lying underneath.  

“I’m afraid I didn’t get your name kitty” he spoke suddenly.

You cleared your throat realizing you were yet again staring at his handsome features.

“It’s Y/N”

“Y/N” he repeated your name savoring every syllable. Everytime he spoke felt like he was singing again. “I like how it sounds”


“You really are the innocent type of girl, kitty”

Jungkook was sitting on his motorbike outside the pub a cigarette hanging haphazardly from his lips.


He took a drag and then exhale the smoke slowly from his mouth.

“Nothing, just usually I should be the one running after you trying to lead you astray and not the other way round”

Your felt your face turning red and you bit into your bottom lip avoiding his gaze. It was true that you came to see his performance almost every week for a while now. It was also true that you would usually wait at the counter, a beer in your hand, for him to approach you first. Which he always did. Jungkook also didn’t miss how you would steal glances from him in those rare occasion you had crossed path in the university campus. You were being quite obvious to be honest. But he liked it. The cute way your cheeks would turn into fifty shades of rose after he smirked at you, your fake disinterest that couldn’t taint your clear eyes. Your facade of innocence hid a soul that longed to be free, passionate, daring. And that was a sight he was greedy to see.    

“Come here”

It wasn’t an order, you could have backed out. However, you were inexplicably, unconditionally, violently drawn to him. You stood a few inches away from him and he slowly lifted his hands to grab your waist giving you time to back away, which of course you didn’t. You gave him a questioning look feigning innocence. Jungkook pulled you closer while getting up and immediately dipped his head in the crook of your neck.

“You are going to be the death of me”

His hot breath tickled your ear before he dragged his teeth from your neck to your collarbone making you whimper and squeezing his shoulder tight. You breathed in his musky scent mixed with tobacco and slid your hands up his chest. He repeated the action replacing his teeth with small kisses all over your jawline and winning a satisfied moan from you. You didn’t know when you became so shameless but you didn’t care about anything around you. You were so desperate to let him now how much you wanted him, how long you had been longing for his touch and how he was making you feel. You were always like with Jungkook. He made you feel so alive, like everything was possible and there was nothing to be afraid of. He stirred something inside of you, you didn’t even know was there. When you were together time just stopped and nothing existed beyond you two.

Jungkook left another small kiss at the corner of your mouth and then lifted his head to look at you. You returned his stare through half lidded eyes and  your grip on his shoulders tightened. Feeling audacious you tiptoed closer to him again tangling your hands in his raven hair. You stopped to look at him in the eyes as if asking for permission before slowly leaving a kitten lick at the corner of his mouth. The groan that escaped his throat got you both surprised and excited to know that  you could make him feel frustrated. The vicious grip he had on your waist loosened and before you knew it Jungkook put an helmet on you head and motioned toward his motorbike.

“Hop on, kitty we got some unfinished business”


You met him again the last day of winter.

He was waiting for you to come to the same spot he saw you the first time leaning on his motorbike looking as tempting as ever with his leather jacket and black combat boots. You approached slowly, eyeing him tentatively as cautions as ever in front of him. Jungkook reached out for you and patted the top of your head with slow strokes. You didn’t miss the small twitch of his mouth when you stared at him fondly. Without saying a word he put an helmet on your head and hopped on his bike. You hold onto his strong torso, feeling the raw and consumed leather under you fingertips as you ran trough the city. The weather was getting warmer you noticed.

Spring was coming.

A.N. Ok listen, BTS comeback made me feel some kind of way and just… I have no idea, this happened. There is not going to be a part 2 because I like this scenario as it is! I hope you liked it as well and as always feel free to leave a message or a rant or whatever you want ^^

Oh and the lyrics is from ’Blood Sweat & Tears’ (피 땀 눈물), fuck me this new album is a masterpiece.


i really have to study but i can’t stop thinking about the fact that last thing nathaniel ever heard/felt/said was literally all love…. like his dismissal of bartimaeus was an act of love. his entire sacrifice was an act of love, really. his last words were subtle ways to say ‘you mean everything to me’.  then you have bartimaeus who wanted to tell nathaniel how he felt but they were sharing a mind so it probably wasn’t words just a feeling of exasperation, and annoyance, and love. i’m so fucked up. he went through his entire life deprived of warmth and compassion, especially recently, and bartimaeus probably returned nathaniel’s final gift with a gift of his own: a feeling that nathaniel was loved. someone stop me

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yixing looks like a senpai whom jongdae has crush on and cant hide his smile whoops

‘aasdjhsjkdhflkjasdh senpai is so cutee’

‘let me just-

hold his hand and never let go! Must protect at all cost!’ (looks offended when yixing pulled his hand back)

kim jongdae is smooth af.marking his territory by giving yixing matching socks

‘you’ve got little something there hyung’ (excuse to touch yixing!!!)

choosing yixing as a member he’d date if he was a girrllll (but look at that smile and expressions its like hes thinking ‘id still do him even as a guy’ you’re not fooling anyone kjd)

doing dumb shits to make senpai smile

the caption on the gif says it all

the oh-so-subtle touches

bouncy kitty snuggling up to yixing

satisfied smile afterwards

looking after his hyung secretly or publicly

sit on my dick lap instead of sitting on the floor hyung!



senpai himself got noticed awwww

yixing just wants jongdae’s approval for his cooking but…

shy little bunny when jongdae hugged him!

yixing directing fans to sing birthday song  for jongdae 

most importantly choosing each other as their bias

congratulations Kim Jongdae SENPAI HAS NOTICED YOU!

not to mention all the dates events only two of them attended

possessive much??

jongdae was just clinging onto jongin and cockblock yixing appears(jealous much?)

id sell my soul to make zyx look at me like that!!!

i live for their bro handshakes

couple outfit? yes!

couple earrings? hot damn!

even the company ships them! you’ll see you’ll see them in each other’s photobooks!  (as well as the other photobooks)

so the conclusion?? xingdae have been a thing since predebut and everyone including their dogs and cats ship xingdae

(gifs and pictures arent mine credits to the owners)

Smoulder Chapter 30

Summary: #LetAdrienBeSweptOffHisFeet2k17 + a the duo meet a new superhero for the first time. Hilarity and confusion ensues. (This is probably the funnest chapter I’ve written since the nerf war)


Smoulder Chapter 30

The words on his notebook blurred in tandem with his growing boredom. Adrien shook his head roughly, determined to get at least some studying in before patrol.

It took about a minute before he gave up again.

Who was he fooling, really, in trying to study on a night such as this?

Adrien flopped dramatically onto his desk with a grunt of annoyance. His hair fanned out around him and his nose was awkwardly squished against his pen, but he didn’t care. Between Nathanael’s mugging incident earlier that day, and the appearance of a new miraculous holder, trying to concentrate on studying was like trying climb up the Eiffel Tower upside down, blindfolded, without a miraculous.

He sighed.

“Are you giving up?” Plagg landed by his side, sounding hopeful. “Good! We can play games or watch TV instead. Homework is so dull.”

“You’re not the one doing it, fuzzball,” Adrien grumbled, making no effort to move. “So why are you complaining?”

“Because it’s boring watching you do it and even more boring hearing you complain,” Plagg shot back, floating up to nudge his head repeatedly. “Come on already, we’ve still got time before you and Ladybug go and meet the new hero. I want to watch that show with the American cops.”

“There are about a million shows about American police, Plagg,” Adrien rolled his eyes, but allowed the Kwami to push him away from his notes and towards the sofa.

“I mean the funny one,” Plagg corrected, urging Adrien to sit on the sofa whilst he grabbed the remote from the coffee table.

Adrien shrugged.

“Fine. One episode can’t hurt, it’s not like anything was sticking. I’m too distracted,” he replied, slinking down in his seat and propping his feet on the table. Nobody was around to judge or scold after all.

Or so he thought.

Knock, knock, knock.

Adrien and Plagg shared a confused frown at the sudden knocking. It sounded like it was coming from… his window?

The knocking continued and Adrien shifted to the left, eyes widening when he saw Ladybug hanging outside his bedroom- as if she did so every day. He blinked a few times, to check he wasn’t seeing things.

Nope. There she was, the light from his room bathing her in a golden glow, the darkness of the night providing the perfect backdrop for the mischievousness in her smile.

Oh, she was real alright, and she was giving him a heart attack.

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What are some fave ML sin fics? (You have such great fic recs ty so much omg)

Awww thank you! I read too many fics in the little spare time I have haha. 

I don’t read as much sin as I do fluff, but I have some favourites. I’ll add some I’ve heard mentioned too, so you have options!

Mild Sin (Makeouts, maybe second base)

no room for jesus –  a sparring session between Ladybug and Chat Noir where Chat wins… at first. Implied half reveal. Also puppeteer – part of her I Want the K series. Marichat and collarbone kisses. And bang bang and hot mess – Ladrien makeouts, that is all.  All by clairelutra

“Can you DD?” – Marinette and her girls go out dancing, and Marinette is dressed as her kitty. Nino convinces Adrien to go to the same club, and Adrien is dressed as his lady. To no one’s surprise, they find each other. (One of my favs). And d a n . Marinette ur bobbie s – I’ve recced this one before, but I do love it a lot. Marinette and Adrien, pre-reveal makeouts. Both by @bullysquadess 

Gravity by @the-noble-idiot – At a party, Adrien runs into Ladybug and he just can’t help himself. 

Five times Adrien resisted and that one time he couldn’t by HiddenEye – The title says it all. I love fics where Adrien finds himself falling for Marinette. This is a good one.

Doing That Thing You Do by mercy_angel_09 – Basically Marinette takes subtle advantage of her feminine wiles to make Adrien pay attention to her in school. More Adrien noticing our darling girl.

Medium Sin (idk how to describe it? More than makeouts but not explicit I guess)

Too Real by PearLynn – The only thing I love more than Adrien noticing Marinette is Ladybug falling for her Kitty, and this fic is just that. I enjoyed it a lot. 

Skin Tight by Lynn1998 – we’ve basically all wondered how Marinette can run around with a literal male model in a cat suit and not be thirsty. This fic shows that she is

Summer Heat series by kali_asleep – also recced before, but it’s a well written series. Where Chat Noir is sort of dating Ladybug, but he just realises that Marinette is really hot. 

Bare Necessities by Reyxa – Marinette is in art school, and Adrien is is the nude model. Uh oh. 

SIN SIN (Not for children. Be forewarned.)

Satisfaction Brought it Back by @siderealsandman – Literally SO. Much. SIN. Adrien and Marinette reconnect years after high school.. on a BD/SM site? (It’s so sinful but it’s sooooo good. No disrespect and clear communication. This is how 50 Shades should’ve been.)

Sin by Broadwayyybabyy – So much Marichat sin. I was blushing the whole time. 

Le Chat Noir by ParadiseAvenger – A strip club AU. Very Magic Mike ;)

lightning delights by megamegaturtle – Post reveal, some Marichat sin and post cuddles.

*Angelica voice* God, I hope you’re satisfied. Have fun I’ll see you in hell :’)


I know this has nothing to do with anything, but seriously, can we talk about how well this video was put together, acted, and edited? And how subtle it is? I mean holy crap.

I’m sure it would’ve been easy for Jack and Robin to give us a short video that was mostly Anti or to reveal him near the beginning. But they didn’t. They pulled their punches and saved the reveal for the end.

And I’m still blown away at how natural Jack’s acting is in it. There’s nothing different about how he carries himself and reacts in this as opposed to any other video he’s done. This isn’t like a Darkiplier video like Hello Kitty Island Adventure or relax, where Mark gives 120% (something that I do love about him BTW). There’s no hint of a wink to the camera or an overt comment on what the video is. It’s just Jack carving a pumpkin. Every reaction is genuine.

I just have a lot of feelings about this video okay?

CONFIDENTIAL: Too Much Information

My first contribution for Marichat Week!

Okay, so in this fic, even though Marinette and Chat are secretly dating, Marinette still doesn’t know that Chat is actually Adrien.


Summary: In which Alya suspects something weird going on with a certain feline superhero.

Alya was looking through her blog, re-watching all her videos of the superhero duo, when she felt as if there were something odd going on. With a frown, she went five videos up from the latest one and began to compare each and every one.

And then she noticed it after the third video. It was a small change, but a groundbreaker for all the ‘shippers’.

Chat Noir had stopped flirting with Ladybug.

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NEW MUNE AU masterpost

As evidenced by posts linked, It’s going to be fairly dark in its premise, set somewhere after events of movie post-defeat of Necross (big bad guy) and the moon guardian Mune being turned into Umbra and throwing the whole world into pitch darkness. 

There’s corrupt guardians, no moon and sun and probably a really cold n hot world on brink of being wiped out by celestial bodies being out of whack. Weird magic, monster lava sohos, spirits of all sorts of alignments, heirloom swords, etc will be part of this. And the cast has these guys leading it 

Their roles are a bit in limbo but i got a good grip of what the three leads do…sorry fish guy, you’re prolly captain of moon guard or idk. I suppose it’ll follow a main storyline but the purpose of AUs is just to mess around in them as short stories so just gonna talk about the possible lore/timeline. mind this is all still flimsy and i just began to speculate literally 3 hours ago. 

A NOTE ABOUT THIS: I WILL BE ADDING AND EDITING THIS AS I KEEP SPECULATING, people are welcome to contribute too! this will be open and I just want to help a fandom grow and people become invested in this!

FOR NEW READERS unaware of what Mune is, check out this trailer! 

NOW THEORY TIME GOING UNDER CUT for bit rant and image heavy

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Speak No Evil

Marichat May Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1718 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

“What are your intentions with Marinette?” Alya asks, staring fixedly at Chat.  He returns her gaze steadily.

“I mean to ensure that she is loved,” he says calmly, “and that she always has someone there for her.”

“Is it really necessary to do this at three in the freaking morning?” Marinette groans.

“Why are you still flirting with Ladybug, then?” Alya says, ignoring her.

“Ladybug, Marinette, and I discussed it,” he says levelly.  “We decided that it was the best option to keep any nosy reporters off of our tail.  An extra safety measure, to ensure Marinette’s safety and privacy.”

Alya’s eyes narrow at the subtle rebuke.  Her next words carry just a hint of ice.  “How do you plan to handle it if any nosy reporters catch you two, then?”

Chat shrugs.  “We will deny everything and claim it was photoshopped,” he says.  “Following that, a possible option is for me to reveal my identity to Marinette and continuing our relationship without the mask.”

“I told you already, kitty, if I get taken by one of those akuma and I know your identity, it makes me significantly more dangerous to you.”

“I’ll take that risk.”

“Cute,” Alya says, cutting in.  “Let’s get back on track.”

On it goes for another twenty minutes, until Alya sits back, satisfied.

“All right,” she says.  “I’m not opposed.”

“Fantastic,” Marinette grumbles.  “Can I go back to sleep now?  Also why did we have to do this on my terrace?”

Chat steps forwards and kisses her lightly on the forehead.  “Tomorrow night?”

“Night after.  I’m gonna need the extra sleep after tonight.”

“As you wish, Princess.”  Chat turns to Alya, who faces him with her arms crossed over her chest.  “Shall we go then?”

As Marinette latches the skylight shut behind her, Alya climbs onto Chat’s back and holds on tightly as he leaps across the city, returning her to her home. Chat deposits her in her room, then with a murmured goodbye, turns to leave.

“Wait,” Alya says.  Chat pauses, one foot on her windowsill.

“For what it’s worth,” Alya says, “I think that the two of you make a good pair.”

“Thank you,” Chat says, turning towards her.  His eyes glow luminously.

“You’re welcome,” Alya says.  “But keep this in mind, bucko.”

Alya steps forwards and aims a threatening finger at his chest.  “Break her heart,” she says in a whisper, “or hurt her in any way and I kill you, superpowers or not. I’m going to skin you alive and hang your corpse off of the Arc de Triomphe by the balls.”

Chat faces her fully and sighs.  “Alya,” he says, “I know you still don’t trust me fully.  But rest assured that if that ever does happen, I’ll let you.”

🎃 What Seventeen would be for Halloween 🎃

We are way too into Halloween

S.Coups/Seungcheol: That loser that does the stereotypical Batman {admin tundra’s words} and the kids would complain but whatever it’s Seungcheol he owns you so shut up we’re gonna be late.

Jeonghan: An anGEL LIKE OMG he’d just put on a halo and wear white and the whOLE ROOM would be bleSSED

Joshua: He’d probably cosplay something like Light from Death Note; something subtle but DAMN HE’D LOOK GOOD IN IT *admin charles passes out*

Junhui: A vampire…do I need to explain…really. Probably try and bite Minghao at some point.

Hoshi/Soonyoung: KITTY CAT SOONYOUNG and he’d be SO into like he’d be frickin’ meOWING everywhere and trying to bite stuff. Like please chill kitty.

Woozi/Jihoon: The Joker ‘cause it’s Jihoon…just cause it’s Jihoon. IDK OKAY JUST ‘CAUSE HE’D FIT IT.

Wonwoo: HIKARU from Ouran Highschool Host Club

Mingyu: KAORU so he and Wonwoo could GO AS A PAIR AND BE ADORABLE #intensemeanieshippers

DK/Seokmin: Circus Master with like a steampunk theme HE WOULD ROCK THAT OMF complete with a top hat and staff and omg

The8/Minghao: A pixie…idek just go with it

Seungkwan: Pikachu with much persuasion from Hansol *cough* seungsol *cough*

Vernon/Hansol: Ash from Pokemon just because he’s a huge frickin’ dork and probably watches it on Saturday mornings wiTH A CAP AND ALL and a little backpack.

Dino/Chan: MICHAEL JACKSON surprise bUT he’d be dressed up in like a block suit and hat and it’d be the cUTEST THING EVER

Originally posted by itseventeen-hasmoved

- Admin Charles and Tundra ⊂((・▽・))⊃ ✿ ♡


Kaleidoscope: Arakita Yasutomo

This is the final installment! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the collection~

There was a new face at his usual spot.

Arakita figured he fed around a dozen cats, give or take, at this secluded corner of the park every few days. Sometimes the numbers were different, but he knew all the cats by sight. This one he had never seen before. Not to mention it looked considerably more well-groomed and well-fed, so it had to be someone’s pet who got loose.

“Here kitty,” he said automatically and the ones closest to him meowed plaintively, rubbing up against his legs as if they thought he couldn’t see them. “Not you guys, get off! Jeez!”

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What do you think musichettas relationships would be like with all les amis? :)

Citizens, we’re gathered here tonight to talking about my underrated child, so listen closely :

  • Let’s begin with the obvious, shall we, namely, her boyfriends. Who are also, as a matter of fact, her best friends. There is so much trust and love and friendship between the three of them it’s beautiful to witness. She absolutely insists on honesty when it comes to their relationship. They have an empty tissue box they call the “complaint deposit” and every time something bothers them, they write it down and slip it into the box. When the complaint is uncovered, they do their best to better the situation, leaving their pride aside and making compromises because healthy and solid polyamory couple ftw
  • She’s the mom Feuilly didn’t have. She’s got mad accute parental instincts and Feuilly is the first in line to know that. Chetta makes sure he’s getting enough sleep, eating enough and not working himself to death, though she does it in subtle ways, because Feuilly likes his independence. But he secretly really really loves it because it’s always nice to have an angel making sure you’re taking care of yourself
  • Chetta takes coffee with Combeferre a lot, it’s the Mom Friend Reunion of some sort where they show each other pics on their phone like “look, here’s Courf sleeping on the couch in his kitty onesie” or “do you want to see Bossuet juggling with eggs?” “…what kind of omelet is that?”. They also go hiking and climbing together because nature, man, NATURE
  • She taught Eponine a lot of things. Things her parents didn’t pass on to her because they were to busy being.. well.. terrible. Taxes, how to unclog the shower, how to chop an onion without crying.. In return, Eponine taught her how to cheat the system because let’s face it, the French administation is pretty terrible and how needs to wait in line for 3 hours when you could… you know… not do that
  • Enjolras is probs going to build a shrine to Musichetta’s gratness one day because she’s his go-to person when it comes to romantic matters. Well, she and Courfeyrac, but he always wants her opinion on that kind of stuff because her relationship with Joly and Bossuet is GOAL and he really admires that. He often runs gifts ideas through her (one time he even asked for sexting advice and Chetta laughed so hard Joly almost called an ambulance)
  • Grantaire keeps saying she makes an incredible muse because she’s got a Renaissance canon of beauty body type. So he paints her over and over, Birth of Venus style, giving the paintings to either Bossuet, Joly or Chetta herself on their birthday or anniversaries. He keeps saying that it counts as rent… it doesn’t.
  • Chetta and Jehan understand each other, they’re kindred spirit. She hires them every summer to work in her flower shop because she knows of their affinity with flowers. They also garden together and cook together. Sometimes it’s silent, sometimes Jehan talk about the book they’re reading or they improvise poetry about the very thing they’re doing
  • She shares a common love for ridic’ pop music with Courfeyrac. They’re also drinking buddies. If one of them feels down, the other will pick them up and treat them with a Piña Colada or a Sex on the Beach. They’ll dance and laugh the entire night and watch the pretty people at the bar just for giggles. “He’s tots checking you out though.” “Is heeeee?” “Yaaaaaas” “Too bad for him this stallion already has a rider” “Preach”
  • She intimidates the fuck out of Bahorel??? Bahorel, hunk of a man, 6"6 feet of pure man power, “could turn your knuckles to dust in a mere handshake” Bahorel. Cause Musichetta has this righteous rage bubbling inside her she can set free, especially when they worry her sick. And his first encounter with her was at one of these occasion. He legit called her “M'am” for 2 months, unironically. You know that “11 Missed Called from Mom” fear? Picture that but worse
  • She’s a firm member of the Marius Defense Squad and tries to encourage him to speak his mind and stand up for himself. She also deplores his Cosette nonsense : “Just talk to her???? She’s not an actual angel, she’s a normal, regular person??? She probably pooped today, Marius, stop idealising women and just talk to her!”. She tries to be his wing person, blessed be her patience

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so who's your favorite character in bh6?

You’d probably think it was Tadashi, but nope!

In Hollywood films, black males tend to fall into 3 categories:

  1. cool badass mofo who don’t take no shit
  2. wise mentor/supporting friend who advises the inevitably white male lead
  3. crackalackin comic relief

Try to think of black characters who fall outside of these categories. Try. Not a lot, huh? Oh, and black males are particularly susceptible to this trope in Hollywood (Darwin from X-Men: First Class being the most egregious offense.)

And then there’s Wasabi: absolute nerd.

scared kitty cat

vaguely OCD Wasabi.

Oh, how I love you.

True, his main function (in this film that doesn’t have time to extensively develop each character) is comic relief, but his comedy stems from his character, which as shown above, doesn’t fit the Hollywood typecasts at all.


We actually need more black characters who are allowed to be vulnerable. And come to think of it, of the 4 minor nerd lab characters, Wasabi goes through the biggest character arc, if subtle: he acknowledges his fears, but presses on ahead anyways for the sake of helping his friends.

So thanks for reminding me to post more Wasabi, Nonnie!!!