he is not a good person. he lashes out and hurts people when he doesn't get things his way

Robert was always going to cheat; he is a known cheater, and in a soap, every relationship has a cheating SL in one form or another. By doing it this way, Emmerdale have definitively shown us two things.

  1. Robert’s happiness and well-being is entirely dependent upon Aaron’s, and Aaron’s presence in his life. The days leading up to The Incident™ clearly showed Robert struggling; he couldn’t sleep, looked haggard and exhausted, and the only thing that brought him any consolation was the phone conversation with Aaron in the evenings. Finding out Aaron was in trouble for being gay made him look ill, made him worried sick. Finding out Aaron was on drugs made him almost desperate. His husband was hurting and self-harming and he couldn’t do anything about it. When finally they did fight, and Aaron left him at that table, he was devastated. Even if they didn’t show us that the fight was close to a break-up, the episode where Robert almost told Aaron about The Incident™ had Aaron admit that he knew Robert thought they were over, and as soon as Robert got it into his head that they were over, that he didn’t have Aaron in his life anymore, he went into self-destruct.
  2. Robert has always been a self-serving person, and he has never hesitated to hurt someone if it meant he got something he wanted, but with Aaron he feels remorseful, he feels guilty. This has never happened to him before; not really. Robert is a person who lashes out when cornered, when hurt, and this was a classic case of Robert reverting back to the person he was before, hurting the person who hurt him by breaking up with him. However, in all instances before, Robert has shrugged off their pain, even reveled in it, enjoyed giving back as good as he got because whether or not he hurt people didn’t matter to him. However, he is not in a position where Aaron’s happiness is inexorably tied to his own, and this means that he cares about what he did, he hurt someone he never wanted to hurt, he has caused pain that is akin to hurting himself and it is quite clear on his face. He feels guilty, looks tired, looks like he hates himself (in my opinion) and both of these things are both down to the broken nature of their personalities. 

Robert is dependent on Aaron for a home, safety, peace within himself, and the fact that the disruption of that peace comes across quite clearly on screen has, for me, cemented the fact that Robert has changed since meeting Aaron. He no longer hurts people haphazardly, unfeelingly, and without personal repercussions. Robert feels the pain acutely, can see that he has done wrong, which is a huge character improvement from Robert of a few years ago. This also tells me that Emmerdale probably won’t have him cheat again, at least not in the foreseeable future. It causes him too much pain. 

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how fucking pissed off i am rn?? like i fucking get it that its alec's first relationship and all, but doesn't justify him at all? they're telling me that jace- ok whatever - but CLARY was more worthy of knowing than magnus?? he would've kept fucking queit, enough with the bullshit. so i guess everyone deserves to know expect for the people who face an actual threat. im fucking pissed off. and people who say that magnus was "too mad" can fuck off rn, becuse he had EVERY right to be mad and upset

Okay, anon, I feel you. I mean, I don’t agree, I’m not mad, but I can feel how mad you are.

So let’s talk about this, maybe chill you out a little, make you feel a little better. First let’s take a deep breath. 

Let’s talk about Alec’s decision to not tell Magnus. I wanna remind you that his immediate reaction was to refuse Robert when he tried to make him promise he wouldn’t tell Magnus the secret. His immediate reaction is pretty much always honesty when it comes to Magnus. It’s part of why all of this is a hurtful mess. 

But you have to remember a few important things: 

1) Imogen technically gave the Institute to Jace and Jace in turn made Alec Head. Now obviously the Clave decided to let this happen. But it means Alec’s leadership is already a little shaky. And then, on his watch, Valentine escaped. Alec has amazing intentions. He wants to be honest and open with the downworld. He wants to open communication and he wants to force the Clave to do better. He does. But he’s literally one Head of one Institute. And at the moment, he’s already got the Clave sending his father to look over his shoulder. Now, it’s pretty important he keeps this position because he knows and we all know how much keeping peace and bettering relations between the downworlders and the shadowhunters means to him on a personal level. 

2) He’s still a white boy shadowhunter. And for all his good intentions, he’s still unlearning some harmful behaviors and thought processes. And one of those is thinking he knows what’s good for the downworld. Because all shadowhunters are literally brought up to think they know better than the downworlders how to protect and police the downworld. Even those with the best intentions do this. Alec, Izzy, Jace. One of the first behaviors Clary learned as a shadowhunter was exactly this, hence keeping Luke out of the loop about the angel and then fucking tazering him. All because she thought she knew better. And she’s only been a shadowhunter for like… two months… Alec was indoctrinated into this. It’s not easy to shove that away. It’s not right, and I’m not excusing it. I’m saying it’s important to remember because it’s important to his growth. It’s exactly why he thinks he’s doing the right and good thing by not telling Magnus so Magnus doesn’t have to worry. Which brings us to…

3) I genuinely believe that Alec meant it when he said he didn’t want to put the decision on Magnus’ shoulders. This is two fold. One is that deep seated belief that downworlders need to be protected from themselves because shadowhunters know better. But with Magnus the bigger part comes from a place of love and care. He knows Magnus is fragile at the moment. He knows that he’s recovering from a severe trauma. The last thing he wants to do is make Magnus worry more. The last thing he wants is for Magnus to come into any more conflict because of him, or because of shadowhunters, or because of the Clave. He truly is trying to protect Magnus. He’s just doing it the wrong way. To be honest I actually think that before Magnus’ trauma Alec would have been more inclined to tell him. But again, he’s got two mind sets working against him and his natural setting Honesty All The Time. 

4) I still think Alec is a little… I don’t know how to say it but because of what happened with her mother I think Alec has developed a sort of blind spot for Clary. They aren’t really friends, but he’s more inclined to shove her into the mental group of To Be Trusted than he was before. I don’t think he thought oh I’ll tell Clary she’s more trustworthy than Magnus. I think he thought he would tell Jace because Jace is one of their best and maybe they can find Valentine and Jonathan and the damned sword before anyone has to tell anyone anything and he just accepted that Clary would be a part of what Jace did, because Jace and Clary don’t give a shit about following actual orders. So. 

All in all, I see both sides. And I see the points where both sides are right and both are wrong. Alec should have trusted Magnus, he should have trusted that if he’d asked Magnus to stay quiet on this or to even help finding the sword that Magnus would have done that. Would have stayed quiet and helped. Or maybe Magnus could have shown him why the Clave was wrong and it would be best to be honest with the downworld in it’s entirety.. But Alec didn’t give him that change. 

And Magnus, who has seriously been carrying around a lot of trauma and a lot of loss- warlocks were already dying in s1, he lost Ragnor, Dot was taken and tortured and experimented on by Valentine, he nearly lost Alec, his body was taken over, he was shoved into Valentine’s body and then tortured and nearly killed, he hasn’t been able to sleep, he’s reliving his absolute worst memories- and he was bound to reach a breaking point. He has a right to be angry. He even is allowed to lash out. But a lot of what he said to Alec was actually a low blow. He said it because he knew it would hurt Alec. And that’s not okay. Understandable, yes. We all reach this point sometimes. But not okay. The truth is that Alec is different from the Clave and his parents. And Magnus knows this. He’s just rightfully hurt and angry and feeling betrayed.

So my point, anon, after all this rambling is that it’s a very difficult situation. And the writing for 2b leading up to this has- mostly, not totally- been nuanced and well done. It was all leading up to this blow up. And from here I really think we’ll see Magnus and Alec find a way back from it and be stronger because of it. Because while fandom will pick sides and flip out and refuse to see both perspectives, Alec and Magnus have shown themselves to be very good at doing exactly that. They’re going to come out so much stronger for all of this. 

Sometimes you have to drain the wound.

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this is more hurt/comfort than angst but how would jotaro and giorno treat an s/o who just got out of an abusive relationship and doesn't really trust them? they tend to flinch a lot or lash out at them, claiming they're lying. if this goes against your rules don't do this but i think it's worth requesting

~of course~ based on your ask, i’m assuming both physical and emotional!

Jotaro With A Previously-Abused S/O


  • Jotaro is a very protective person, but he’s also really horrible with showing his feelings, as we all saw from him lashing out at Holly. Because of this, there’s going to be a lot of tense, fearful moments in this relationship.
  • Since s/o is probably used to not being cared for, if they’re sick or injured, they’ll try to brush it off and insist that they’re fine. Which will lead to Jotaro lashing out like he did at Holly. He’d stop himself mid-sentence though, seeing how scared his s/o is.
  • He’ll apologize and give them space for a bit before going back to them and apologizing again and reassuring them that he’s not mad. It’s a bit odd to him that he needs to do this, but he gets used to it and starts learning to control himself better.
  • He’s not an affectionate person, really, and having his s/o flinch when he touches them or call him a liar when he tries verbal affection kind of annoys him, but he understands and will restrain himself from really getting annoyed, for their sake.
  • One way he works around this is giving his s/o his clothes to wear around the house and to bed, or his coat to wear when they’re cold. It’s a way for him to be affectionate towards them without accidentally scaring them.
  • Though, when his s/o has emotional breakdowns, he’ll pull them into a firm, but still gentle and warm hug, even if it scares them at first. He’ll keep them like that until they calm down and are comfortable enough to hug him back, and then some. 
  • He’s not vocal about it, but he hates when they’re scared of him. He wants them to feel as protected as they are.
  • If they’re comfortable with it, Jotaro likes to kiss his s/o’s scars or any places that were frequently harmed, like if their wrist or their neck was always grabbed or if their hair was pulled, that counts as well. 
  • When they finally start to open up to him, he’ll give one of his soft, genuine smiles that could make Satan cry of happiness. He’s both proud of them and happy that their relationship is advancing into something really special.
  • If he sees his s/o’s ex-abuser in public, he’ll straight up teach them a lesson with a good, long beating from Star Platinum that’ll make Steely Dan feel like he got off easily.

Giorno With A Previously-Abused S/O


  • Giorno was abused as a kid by his step-father, so he has a better understanding of what his s/o has gone through. But he understands that their situation has clearly left a stronger effect on them than his left on him.
  • He’s very observant of what makes his s/o flinch and what words set them off. He’ll then avoid doing or saying those things, but slowly build up to doing them so his s/o can anticipate it and is more comfortable with it.
  • In terms of physical affection, he’ll always say what he’s going to do before he does it, so it doesn’t shock is s/o. He’ll do it slowly and gently, too, so his s/o gets used to it and knows what’s coming and when.
  • When his s/o does flinch or lash out at him, he’ll let them call down before saying anything or reacting. It does hurt him a bit, though, even if he understands that it’s not his fault.
  • During an emotional breakdown, he may ask for his s/o to tell him exactly what their ex did, and stroke their hair as they recall every bit of it to him, or the bits they’re most comfortable with. The more he knows, the better he can help them recover
  • The thought comes to his mind that his s/o may not be very healthy in the case that their ex was controlling. He won’t ask them about it, but he will make sure they’re eating properly and will dote on them. While he doesn’t force them into doing anything, he will encourage them to drink more water and remind them to maintain proper hygiene. He wants them to be as comfortable and healthy as can be.
  • Like Jotaro, he enjoys kissing places where there’s evidence or strong memories of abuse. He likes to think he’s erasing the past and giving them new life.
  • He will spoil his s/o to death. After all, he is Don of Passione and has everything at his finger tips. If he can’t get it for his s/o, it doesn’t exist. And he never asks for anything but their happiness in return.
  • When his s/o starts to become more confident and trusting to him, he’ll genuinely feel honored. He’s never felt so happy in his life, given how serious he always has been, and may even cry a bit.
  • He will seek out his s/o’s ex and he will use his charisma and powers to scare the ever loving fuck out of them. And if they pick a fight, Giorno won’t hesitate to attack them. People who abuse others, like people who sell drugs to children, repulse him, after all. 

That was…..fucking long holy shit


theory: jack saved ralph on purpose

*before anyone murders me, please read this theory I’ve constructed regarding jack’s true intentions at the end of the book. it doesn’t excuse jack in any way of his depraved nature and horrendous things he’d done, it just brings up a theory regarding jack’s plans regarding ralph’s fate at the end of the book.

so there’s this revelation I’ve had, that only ralph insults jack in the book. like you see jack getting angry at life and getting angry about a lot of things and swearing like a sailor left and right, but you don’t see him directly talking nasty to ralph or ever attacking him (up until that point where he goes completely bonkers).

so jack occasionally teases ralph, even taunts him, but he isn’t directly malicious to ralph in any way. he mostly stands around and watches ralph throw little tantrums in front of him, he doesn’t react much when ralph goes all mini tornado, yelling and fuming and even calling him names. when ralph reaches the point where he calls him names, jack becomes enraged but still doesn’t insult ralph back, he just physically attacks him, and only after ralph attacks first. so he basically just responds to ralph’s attack.

which is quite odd, because jack is very violent and prone to anger, and he’s also an ace with insults and nasty talking, while ralph, on the contrary, is not. when it comes to swearing, the worst word that ralph knew was ‘bloody’. this is a thing that is actually highlighted in the book, there is a quote that precisely says how ralph didn’t know any word that was nastier than ‘bloody’, which means ralph was still quite innocent on this part.

and it raises up the question - since jack hated ralph so much, then why didn’t he insult him even once in the whole book? jack insulted every person that dared to cross his path, but he didn’t do this with ralph, not once. he might have had great respect for ralph indeed, but if that had been actually true, then he wouldn’t have taunted and mocked ralph so many times.

it seemed as if he purposely stopped himself from talking nasty to ralph - like that was that one line that jack didn’t want to cross. perhaps it was because he harbored an affection for ralph that stopped him from doing this. perhaps because he considered ralph too precious to verbally abuse him - letting the ‘murder attempt’ aside, jack didn’t once try to abuse ralph, in any sort of way. and jack was infamous for his abusive and bully personality - he literally bullied and beat much younger kids.

which offers strong proof of jack’s affection for ralph - jack was capable of being a horrible and monstrous abuser to literally anyone, even little children, but he couldn’t bring himself to be an abuser to ralph. ralph was too precious for him to insult, much less hit - he only turned violent after ralph severely insulted him and attacked first, and not even then he used his whole power. he hit ralph with the blunt side of his spear, when he could have easily hurt ralph right from the beginning, but he chose not to do it, despite that he’d done so many horrible things until then. and I’m pretty sure ralph was much weaker than jack by that point, since ralph didn’t feed himself properly and was quite demoralized and emotionally struck by the loss of his friend and the betrayal of the other boys, his mind being quite frail, despite that he tried to be strong and still fight jack.

in spite of all these, jack held back. he didn’t fully hit ralph and he didn’t actually try to kill him when he threw his spear at ralph. I’m thinking that, after that moment, jack actually put up the whole act of the ‘fierce leader’ for roger and the rest of the group.

which brings me to this theory that jack had done that whole ‘hunting ralph’ charade to stop ralph from getting killed - if jack hadn’t done it, roger would have most surely had, and jack knew this. he realized it in the moment he saw roger wipe out piggy, which is the reason jack remained struck for one moment.

in order to stop ralph from actually getting killed, he scared ralph off, first by throwing his spear at him, so that ralph would run, then by burning the entire island to both play the part of the savage leader, and manage to make ralph avoid them. ralph would have realized the position of jack’s tribe by the places where they set the island on fire, and so ralph easily avoided them in this way.

which means that jack could have planned the whole thing- he knew that it was inevitable- a ship would have found and saved them once he set the whole island on fire. in this way, he saved ralph from being killed. jack was horrible to people and he didn’t seem to care if anyone else died - he didn’t appear to care about either the kid who had died in the fire or simon or piggy, but he started caring when ralph’s turn to die came.

you may believe this theory is way too deep, but if you think about it - jack proved to be quite smart many times in the book. he was good at planning things and manipulating people, he knew the island like the back of his hand, he realized important things, and he also proved to have very deep thinking at times. he was definitely capable of conjuring the entire plan in that brief moment. he was nasty, but not nasty to the point where he would want a person he cared about to die.

his ‘kill ralph’ reaction had been too sudden and out of place. given that he couldn’t even bring himself to insult ralph or even hit him - he forced himself to hit ralph in his angriest moment and only after ralph had lashed out first- I highly doubt he truly wanted to kill him. jack wanted his own tribe, but he had never tried to hurt ralph for this in any possible way, not until ralph went to confront him. in fact, he had even proposed to ralph that he would join his tribe.

which means that whole ‘kill ralph’ phase could have been a farce at the end - piggy’s death had been like a slap to jack and he realized at that point that ralph’s life was in danger.

and jack drew the line at ralph’s death. he could accept the idea of anyone else dying, but not ralph. in that moment, he knew he had to do something.

so he did what he could to stop ralph from getting murdered by his tribe.

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Don't you feel as though 18 in DB Super, 'BoG' and 'R of F!' has been sort of overly domesticated? She's a thousand times stronger than Krillin and yet he's still "the man" who needs to protect his family. Gone is the 18 in GT who avenged her fallen husband or in Bio-Broly who sort of flipped the roles there and left Marron with Krillin to go earn money as a bodyguard. I've always liked 18 because she's a strong character that doesn't care about gender roles, and yet she's become more passive.

Overly domesticated?  I would say hardly?

First off, let me say that GT is generally not to be taken as canon material, same with some of the movies, though Bio Broly does tie in with the Buu saga.

But ignoring that for the sake of this post, going with GT first.

Here we have Eighteen standing before her brother. Her brother who is being controlled by Gero and Myuu. He is trying to take her away from her family and he nearly succeeds until Krillin desperately yells at Eighteen, talking about how she has him and Marron now. It brings her back from the weird trance Seventeen put her in. Seventeen momentarily shakes of his hypnosis because Krillin questions him about what he is doing. But the moment doesn’t last and he kills Krillin INFRONT of Eighteen and Marron.

Now, place yourself in her shoes for a bit, if you will. What would you do if the one you loved got killed  before your very eyes?

Yes, she lashes out, yes it’s brutal and yes she avenges Krillin, but if it were the other way around, Krillin would have done the same. This case is not necessarily a proof point of her being “less domesticated” than in BOG or F or Super.

Bio Broly.
Eighteen merely goes with Satan because he owes her money, that’s it. And being the kind of person she is, she finds a way to milk even more out of the situation. She tells Krillin to stay behind because it’s her business, not his. She is the one who “Fought” Satan in the tournament and she is the one who let him win. Satan needs to fork the promised money over, simple as that.

Bio Broly also shows us that Eighteen, while stronger than Krillin, is not invincible. He comes to her rescue and saves her. This is a pretty much recurring theme in K18, we see it when he hunts her down with the remote in the Cell saga, he saves her because he doesn’t think she deserves to die for crimes she did not commit, it was her future counter part who did all the killing.

Later he keeps her safe when Cell spits her out, trying to protect her at all cost, but later having to abandon her to help Gohan. But when the threat is over, he goes right back to defending her and protecting her from Vegeta and the others so he can take her to Dende to get healed.

In the Buu saga, he tries to save her, his daughter and everyone else by charging Majin Buu on the lookout. He tells her his plan and says goodbye because he knows he won’t survive but if there is a tiny chance she and their daughter will, he’ll take that. (Anime only)

Yes, Eighteen might be better suited to fight. And she does. Do not dismiss the small fight-scene in BOG and DBS, where she charges Beerus with Tien and Piccolo.

If we’re talking about F, we can apply the same theory here as Bio Broly.

Frieza is an enemy Krillin faced, it’s essentially his fight among the others. (And yes, I do know Tien was there too and Roshi too, and really I don’t understand why other than that  Toriyama wanted to give them some spotlight.}

He was the one who had to deal with Frieza’s reign of terror on Namek, he was the one who got impaled and later killed. He knows just how terrible of a foe Frieza is. He does not want Eighteen to join him because of this.

Krillin will never be able to forgive himself if she were to get hurt in that battle.

He leaves her behind,  knowing that she’ll stay safe, knowing that she is stronger than him and it’s because of that, that Eighteen is the last and best line of defense for their daughter.

And that brings me to the whole Krillin goes to fight while his wife is so much stronger then him bit. This is the exact reason K18 works the way they do.

A thing a lot of people forget about Eigtheen is that she does not produce a KI signal whatsoever. Marron is quite ordinary, she does not have any special talents or powers we know of so her KI is pretty insignificant like the rest of the earthlings.  If they were to have to run and hide, they’d be safe.

Krillin will protect them at all cost, even if he were to pay for it with his own life. At least if he was to die,  he knows that they will have a good chance of slipping away unnoticed and live on.

(Of course not taking in that the earth explodes like in F)

So it’s not a matter of Eighteen becoming more passive, in fact it’s quite the opposite. She might not be on the front lines as much, but she’s surely making her presence known. And sure it would be nice to see her fight more. Who knows we might get that in the DBS saga’s later on.

But just her not fighting actively all the time anymore is not a  reason to call her over domesticated.

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3x17 was pure gold. But can I just... yeah, there was that annoying moment where Oliver kept insisting that she could never be with someone in this line of work (not that he was wrong about Ray being in over his head), but there was also that annoying moment where Felicity's first response was to think the worst of Oliver's intentions ("oh you'd like if he just died wouldn't you" and all)... and that just doesn't sit well with me. At all. That was most definitely not cool.

F: How’d it go with Ray?
O: Not well. Yeah, your new boyfriend is stubborn. Once he’s made his mind up, that’s the end of it.
F: Sound like anybody we know?
O: Not only is he untrained, he’s unstable.
F: Unstable?
O: Yeah, yes, he’s unstable, Felicity, because he’s flying around in a weapon looking for a man that has already killed eight people! He’s going to be next.
F: You’d like that, wouldn’t you?
Excuse me?
F: You never wanted me to be with him.
O: That’s not true.
F: Yes, it is. All that talk about wanting me to be happy was just talk.
O: No, I meant what I said, right up to the point where I found out that he is just like me. You deserve better.
F: What I deserve… is to be with someone who isn’t afraid of being happy. Ray told me he wanted a true partner - in his work, in his mission, and in his life. Ray wants to be a hero and a human being.
O: Yes, ‘cause he hasn’t realized yet that he can’t be. I told you that I couldn’t be with you and save the city. Neither can Ray. He’s just too new at this to know that.

So I’m going to call this what I think it is: a marital dispute.

My goodness, there’s a reason why when they interact with each other, whether that’s flirting, cajoling, fighting, just standing next to each other, they look like they’re married - it is the kind of intimacy and emotion that comes from being with someone nearly 24/7 for many years…

But that also means when they fight, they fight.

The wonderful (and fuck-awful) thing about fights is that it reveals layers you didn’t realize you had hidden in you, or maybe you knew they were there but you didn’t know their depths. Felicity is speaking from a place of pain, frustration and anger - not just at Oliver, for his words, but the entire situation. The man she is in a relationship with is gunning for one of the most important people in her life despite her trying to talk him off the cliff, and she’s blaming herself. Is it logical to blame herself? Maybe not so much, because they both put her in a weird position with their vigilantism. Still, she feels like she’s in the middle, between these two guys, by her own doing, and so when Oliver comes down those stairs and lays into her about Ray, she reacts, she lashes out.

Felicity didn’t really mean that Oliver wanted Ray to die, of course not. Was it a low-as-fuck blow? Yes. Was she speaking from an honest-to-goodness place of pain? Absolutely.

She cuts to the quick about why she thinks Oliver is so upset - he didn’t want her with Ray; he’d be happier with him out of the picture, but that’s not it, and that’s a lot of why Oliver is so frustrated in this scene. She just doesn’t get it - it’s not the fact that she’s with Ray, it’s that she’s with someone just like him. Someone who will only bring her pain and heartache and horror. 

She deserves to be with someone who will bring light to her life, not darkness.

He honestly 100% believed this. He wasn’t that person, and Ray wasn’t that person judging by his choices he was making. Oliver wants better for her, because he believes she deserves it.

Felicity sees it differently, much less black and white, which is how she thinks Oliver is viewing it. 

There is no one way to be happy, there is no right way, no ultimate way

But to Oliver, when it comes to Felicity, there is… and he’s not it, just like Ray isn’t, and her not seeing that was frustrating the fuck out of him, and it leads him to lash out at her…

Yes, it was an incredibly low blow from her, but Oliver delivers one by himself when he says that Ray will eventually leave her too, that he’ll see he can’t be with her and save the city, and that’s she’s essentially wasting her time with Ray.

While this episode cemented so many amazing Olicity things, it also proved that they still had so much to work on between them. When Oliver goes out of his way to prove to Ray that he needs to trust Felicity’s judgment, that he needs to trust her, that took away some of the source of her painful words earlier (it’s why she’s lighter later, and in later episodes). And when Ray turned around and accepted Felicity in the way she really wanted Oliver to (as both a man and the Arrow), that took away some of the source of his painful words.

Gimme all the damn fights between them if it leads to such beautiful revelations and painful, ugly things said. That’s real, that’s reality - we say things we don’t mean, we say things that are very, very hurtful that come from very, very different places inside us. 

This right here - this entire episode, really - was proof that Olicity is endgame. They disagree, violently so sometimes, but they always keep that middle ground between them.

An ending point: if there hadn’t been all the trust and love between them, they wouldn’t have been back to that middle ground at the end of the episode like they were. They argued about issues they both know exist between them, but at the end of the day, they still love each other… and that’s what gets them back to each other, no matter what was said.

This is my goddamn OTP: realistic, painful and glorious as hell.

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i was watching teh and i just. i love the fact that sherlock doesn't care if someone is weird and different. remember the train guy they went to? the guy says "i like trains" and it's obvious he has an obsession and sherlock just doesn't treat him differently because he understands. it makes me feel like sherlock wouldn't treat me differently too if he was real. sometimes i wish he was real. sorry for the emotions i'm feeling a bit. lonely i guess. i wanted to talk to someone that understands

Hi Nonny!

I agree with you so much; I too am very awkward and have a hard time around people, but I have my odd quirks and obsessions too.

Sherlock is actually the most gentle soul in the world. I think in the train guy, he can see himself (hence the visual parallel of him putting on the hat); the man is passionate about what he loves to do, just like Sherlock. His time away has taught him that he really is just human, despite his prior proclamations to the contrary. Thing is, even before S3, we see that Sherlock is only truly angry and cold with people who deserve it; he genuinely is bothered when people die, he hurts when John hurts, and detests the guilty and believes they do not deserve his respect (the Janus Cars woman and Berwick in TGG).

In S1 and 2, Sherlock’s social awkwardness, poor self-esteem, possible ingrained misogyny, and insistence on being alone makes him a very prickly-seeming person, but as we quickly learn, if he’s with people who he trusts, treat him with respect and offers him companionship (ie. John) then he will allow himself to open up a little and drop the façade. Plus, he is SO SOFT AND HAPPY when he gets to tell people good things; a man who didn’t crave acceptance would not have gone into crime-fighting.

Sherlock has learned that being different and being himself is okay. At this point he doesn’t realize it yet, but John loves him just the way he is.

And before people argue the points: 

  • Sally and Anderson, who are his coworkers, are initially mean to Sherlock, so he lashes out with his words. There’s a history there we don’t know about. I love Sally and can understand her contempt for Sherlock showing up to her crime scenes like he’s better than her; she worked HARD to get where she is, and then someone flaunts in and takes over the job she is supposed to be doing. Anderson was jealous, but apologized to Sherlock. So what happened? Now he respects Anderson (I think in a way he always has [TRF] but until Anderson stopped being cruel with Sherlock, Sherlock returned in kind). Possibly there’s also a bit of guilt there too; he didn’t want to hurt people with his ‘suicide’ but he knows that he has affected people far more than he thought he could.
  • With Lestrade, I feel like Sherlock looks up to him as a father figure and respects him because Lestrade offers him a distraction. He’s someone who allows Sherlock to be himself. He’s more tolerable of Sherlock’s eccentricities than most people are.
  • And with Molly, it may be his internalized misogyny that causes him to underestimate how useful she actually is. Perhaps he also finds her little crush on him bothersome, but he’s not above using that to his advantage. It’s not until Christmas in ASiB that Sherlock realized that Molly REALLY DID love him, that it was possible that attentions directed at him could be actual love.

I apologize, Nonny, that I took this opportunity to talk about my interpretation of Sherlock’s character once again. I truly do hope you are alright. It is hard to be seemingly odd in a world that occasionally frowns upon quirkiness. But never change to appease the masses. You are okay just the way you are.