he is not a good guy to tease

consider my messy rambling of a Hance Au:

okay so Lance’s family is kinda teasing him about not dating anyone. jokingly. but lance being the lil insecure baby he is kind of takes it seriously. at this point, lance kind of admires hunk from the distance, but he and hunk aren’t super good friends at this time (they are in one class together, and maybe talk once a day) but hunk finds out about it somehow, and, being the stand up guy he is, offers for lance to tell his family that they are dating. and things kind of spiral out of control from there? the more time lance spends with hunk the more he begins to fall for him. hunk means everything to lance, but lance’s biggest fear is that hunk means way more to him than he does to hunk. everyday they get closer, and everyday lance is like “wow, idk how i could possibly get any closer to him” and then the next day. BAM hunk lets him wear his sweatshirt when he gets cold or hunk is saying i love you- but they both think the other means it platonically. lance’s family absolutely adores Hunk, they don’t suspect anything, and from the outside it looks like they have a perfect relationship but on the inside they are both FREAKING OUT

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22. description of crush

thank youuuu!!! <3333

22: description of crush?
OK sO, which one????? i probably have like a lot of tiny crushes on so many guys, but i’ll tell you about my 2 main crushes lol

this first guy is the perfect height, he has brown hair and a little stubble (even though he is 2 or 3 years younger than me???? but he looks just so much older) and his smile is the cutest thing ever, he’s pretty ambitious and super social, he can talk to literally anyone and he’s always the one who tries to keep things positive, he’s good friends with my brother though, that’s also kind of how i know him (personally, otherwise i would also know him, but never talk to him) and he teases me like all the time in a flirty way and i’m just like ????? what do i do, because he’s probably just joking (: if you literally want to hear every story about him you can message me ahahha, but i don’t think you want to xoxxo

and this other boy is from my university, actually i never really noticed him, but i did notice his friends though, but this one time i talked to him when we both didn’t know what to do and he was so cute, and his smile was perfect too, and now i only cross eyes with him sometimes, and then i’m melting because those eyes are so pretty like the sky, but i never talk to him rip, oh and he’s always touching his face with his pencil and it kinda looks ridiculous but okay ahahah ANd he’s blonde <33

in which jack and shitty accidentally date

based on a dream I had, I present: a short semi-fic about Jack and Shitty and their day-long, beautiful relationship.

Basically, this is what happens:

At a kegster during their freshmen year, in which Shitty is running around being the life of the party even though he’s a freshman, Jack is also in attendance– talking to Berger and Marsh in the kitchen. Jack is there, partly to keep an eye on Shitty, partly because he is surprised by how much he does like some of the guys on his team, mostly because they had won today and Jack is in quite a good mood. Not a good enough mood that he is going to risk going into the living room where music is blasting, but in a good enough mood that he is holding a solo cup of beer and chilling in the kitchen, chatting with Berger and Marsh. He is at ease as Jack ever is– laughing good naturedly as they tease both him and each other and of course, this is when the trouble starts.

The trouble is this: Marsh is drunk and excited that Jack has actually shown up to a Haus kegster and since Jack seems to be in a good mood, Marsh decides to take a risk and ask Jack a Question. More specifically, Marsh rams an friendly elbow into Jack’s ribs and goes:

“Yo, Zimmermann, you like anyone on campus yet?”

A few months prior, that question would have made Jack freeze up. But now, Jack smiles easily (because honestly, it is a rather respectful question– “like” instead of “fuck”; “anyone” instead of assuming “girl”) and he certainly doesn’t want to get into his romantic history or lack of crushes so he smiles, shrugs, and says

“Nah, love’s shitty,” It’s still friendly and he smiles and asks Berg about his crush that the whole team knows about and that should be that.

The problem, however, is that what Alex Berger and Carter Marsh heard was not “Nah, love’s shitty,” but “I’m in love with Shitty.”

Which, of course, is a much bigger deal. 

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Dating Carl Gallagher Would Involve ;

a/n ; shameless is one of my favorite shows so this was so fun to write !!! hope you guys like it !!! - a

  • Keeping him out of trouble
  • His family appreciating this
  • His family caring a lot about you
  • Ian , Lip & Fiona always teasing the two of you 
  • Debbie trusts you a lot and you two become really close
  • Kev & V think you two are so cute 
  • People thinking Carl doesn’t deserve you 
  • You reassure him when he thinks he isn’t good enough for you 
  • Taking care of Liam & Franny 
  • Play fights
  • Piggy back rides 
  • Teasing galore
  • Soft kisses that lead to hot makeout sessions 
  • Forehead kisses 
  • Him being your first 
  • Cuddles!!
  • Him opening up to you about his childhood 
  • Him protecting you from any danger 
  • Being each others first loves 
  • “I love you Y/N” 
  • “I love you too , Carl”
If It Takes Writing a Musical For Us To Meet- Lin X Reader

A/N: i hope that you guys like this since it’s my first cast fic!!

“Good performance, Y/N. I have to applaud you on how much emotion went into Satisfied.” Daveed teased me and I rolled my eyes.

“Your personality goes from Lafayette to Jefferson so fast it’s jarring. Now I don’t think Jefferson wears a soldier uniform in act two so I would suggest getting changed.” I smirked, trying to completely ignore what he was implying.

“Well we both know what we know.” He sang with a shit-eating grin on his face and he went to his dressing room quickly.

I groaned and went into my dressing room and changed quickly into the outfit I was wearing in Take a Break.

I got in my position and I waited to hear Lin’s voice as my cue.

“And there you are, an ocean away. Do you have to be an ocean away? Thoughts of you subside, then I get another letter, I cannot put the notion away…”

I waited for the music to change, listening to Pippa, Lin and Anthony sing and in Anthony’s case, rap.

“My dearest Alexander, you must get through to Jefferson, sit down with him and compromise don’t stop ‘til you agree. Your fav'rite older sister, Angelica reminds you there’s someone in your corner all away across the sea. In a letter I received from you two weeks ago I noticed a comma in the middle of a phrase. It changed the meaning. Did you intend this? One stroke and you’ve consumed my waking days. It says:

”'My dearest Angelica.’“

“With a comma after dearest. You’ve written:

”'My dearest, Angelica.’“
“Anyway, all this to say I’m coming home this summer at my sisters invitation, I’ll be there with your fam'ly if you make your way upstate. I know you’re very busy, I know you’re work’s important but I’m crossing the ocean and I just can’t wait.”

“You won’t be an ocean away, you will only be a moment away…”

I smiled widely as I heard Pippa sing and I got down the stairs and hugged her tightly.

“Angelica!” She laughed.


“The Schuyler sisters.” Lin smiled and I let go of Pippa.


“Hi.” He smiled, this cute grin on his face.

“It’s good to see your face.”

I walked off the stage after bowing, exhausted.

But we still had ham4ham to do.

“See! Lin has a crush on you as well!” Daveed practically yelled, barging into my dressing room.

“I thought I locked it.” I mumbled and he sighed.

“He practically was about to cry after the Reynolds Pamphlet!” Daveed pointed out.

To say that yelling at him for cheating on Eliza didn’t hurt me- especially since he actually looked genuinely upset after my part- would be a lie.

“Yes. I know, I was on stage as well.” I reminded him and he looked at me, surprised.

“You were upset as well?”

“Because he looked upset!” I defended myself before realizing that wasn’t helping my case at all. His smirk grew.

“I have a plan for how you should tell him.”

“Absolutely not.”

“Why not?” I heard someone else ask. I turned to see Anthony leaning against my foot, grinning.

“Diggs how many people did you tell?” I asked, glaring at him. He held his hands up in surrender.

“Literally everyone knows besides Lin and you.”

“And me? I am quite aware that I have a crush on Lin.” I pointed out and I groaned, mentally hitting myself.

“See? I knew I was right.” Daveed grinned.

“Okay whatever but what do you mean by ‘and you’?” I asked him.

“You see everyone knows that Lin has a crush on you but you both are completely oblivious to the fact that you both like each other.”

“Lin doesn’t like me.”

“His exact point.” Anthony pointed out.

“I need to get ready for ham4ham.”

“See you later Y/N.” Daveed called and he walked out, Anthony joining him.

The night was wrapping up and Daveed took the microphone.

“Now I’m not sure ‘bout you guys but I would love to hear our ensemble member Y/N sing Helpless with our dear Lin Manuel Miranda.” He said and I could practcially hear the smirk in his voice, even though I wasn’t looking at him. The fans screamed and I sighed and smiled awkwardly at Lin.

Pippa had this huge smile on her face and I knew that if Renee wasn’t sick, she’d be loving every second of this. Daveed handed a microphone to me and I glared at him.

“I am going to murder you.” I told him and he smiled sweetly.

“Go get ‘em.”

The music started and I started singing, keeping all the lyrics the same until it was the talking part.

“Y/N L/N. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”


“That’s my last name. Thank you for all your music.”

“If it takes writing a musical for us to meet, it will have been worth it.”

“I’ll leave you to it.” Pippa smirked.

“One week later and were texting each other nightly, now my life gets better every message that you write me. Laughing at our cast mates because they want me to share them.”

“I’m just saying if you really loved us you would screenshot them.” Daveed said and I heard laughter throughout the cast and the audience.

I continued singing as normal and Lin grabbed my hands and he started rapping.

“Y/N, I don’t have a dollar to my name, an acre of land, a troop to command or a tolerance for pain. All I’ve got is my honor, a dollop of fame, a couple of broadway musicals and my top notch brain- insane this cast brings out a different side of me. Pippa confides in me, Daveed tried to fight me- no stress my love for you was never in doubt, we’ll get a place in New York City and we’ll figure it- and as long as I’m alive I swear to god you’ll never feel so…” He smiled and he closed the space between us, kissing me gently. I heard everyone cheer and the music turn off although it’s not like you could even hear it anymore anyways.

“Helpless.” I finished, out of breath from the kiss.

BTS Seeing You In A Bikini For The First Time


(OKay but someone grab the holy water. I’m sorry if these don’t seem accurate buT I REALLY ENJOY THE THOUGHT OF BTS BEING LOW KEY FREAKS OKOK SORRYNOTSORRY)



As he’s said before Jin loves girls in bikini’s. He would be very low-key excited about seeing you in the skimpy swimwear, but would attempt to hide it with cute smiles. But when the other guys weren’t paying attention he’d make sure to wrap his arms around your waist, nibble on your earlobe and whisper in your ear about how good you look.

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I disagree when people say Ron was horrible to Hermione because he would argue or tease and mock her. He was treating her like a human being, he was caring and supporting for her, but not all the time, and sometimes for good reasons. It is not a real or healthy relationship if someone just worships you and agrees with everything you say. Ron could stand up for himself and could make a joke at her expence, but it does not mean he was a horrible guy in the situation, it makes him a 3 dimensional character.

Nino Lahiffe

I just have to say that Nino is such an amazing character that has the potential to be developed so much. He could have so much sides to him and I honestly love that in many fan fics he gets much more development. I’ve seen him portrayed as a panicky and worrisome boy who’s terrible with pressure and girls, as a really good emotional support and very grounded boy, as a pretty chill and fun loving guy who really cares for his friends, as a broken and helpless bystander to all the conflict around him, as a ‘badboy’ and teasing friend who is very observant yet somewhat oblivious, as a dense and somewhat self-loathing guy and many more.
It’s just so amazing.
Thank you to all the writers, artists, and really the whole fandom and especially Thomas Astruc and his team for making and developing Nino.
I especially love the portrayals of @thelastpilot and @marshmallohno

Good Little Angel

Word count: 2,034

Warning: smut, little bit of fluff, teasing, dom!Lucifer, sub!Lucifer

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Summary/Request: Thank you @curlyxtomato for your request!

Lucifer has to help the Winchesters but there is some awkwardness when Y/N realises that he is an old hook up of hers. Leads to some passionate sex and a lot of teasing and self-denial.

Originally posted by lucifersagents

“We’re working with you, not because we want to, but because we have to.” Dean sighed.

You were currently sitting beside an agitated Sam who was trying his best not to look over the table at none other than Lucifer himself.

“It’s good to see you guys too.” Lucifer grinned. You scoffed. Immediately his head spun round to see you, now trying to sink into your seat subtly. “Oh I know you love having me around Y/N. You find me irresistible.” He almost sneered at you.

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4 days- Grayson Dolan *SMUT*

Author: grethansdolans

Pairing: Grayson x Reader

Requested: Yes

Request: Heyy girl (or boy or neither) I love seeing new imagine blogs for the twins! Can I have a Grayson smut where you make a bet with Gray that he can’t last a week without sex and then proceed to tease him until he snaps 4 days in and hard rough sex ensues with cute cuddles after? Thanks and good luck with the new blog ❤️ 

Warnings: Sex, smut, Grayson Dolan, Dom!Grayson, Sub!reader, rough sex, fluff after sex

A/N: This is my very first Dolan twins/Grayson Dolan imagine/smut. I hope you guys like it!

Originally posted by infinitygarner

You and Grayson both lay in bed panting and trying to collect your breaths. This has been around the 5th time you’ve had sex this week, and it was barely Wednesday. You were starting to think your boyfriend is a sex addict. With this in mind, you wanted to see how long he’ll last without sex.

“Hey babe.” You say getting Grayson’s attention as he turns his head to look at you. “Hmm” He hums in response.

“How long do you think you could last without sex?” You ask him.

“2 weeks, maybe 3 weeks tops. Why?” Grayson questions.

“I think you can barely last a week.” You say with a smirk on your face.

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“I’ll Be Better, Mami” // Jeon Jungkook ♥

Request?: NOPE! My imagination along with a little help from a birdy!

Description: You are a fem!dom and your teaching Jungkook to be a good boy out in public

Tags: fem!dom, drabble, public teasing, teasing, cuffs,

“Jagiya-ah! Please,” he tugged on your arm. You rolled your eyes and tugged your arm away from him. “No, the guys will look for us.” Jung kook whined even louder and be walking past the bathroom looked at you two oddly.

“Please! It’ll be quick I promise!” he begged. You finally snatched your arm away from him. “No, now lets catch up before it’s too late,” you say and run back over to the rest of BTS.

Jung kook was bothering you about having sex at the carnival. Claiming its a risk that every guy wants, but you really weren’t in the mood. You came here for the fun and rides, not his version of rides. 

You were able to keep horny Jungkook controlled as you guys went on several rides around the carnival before finishing the night off with the guys at a Korean Buffet. After you got your food, you and the rest had a conversation, while Jungkook stared at you and rubbed your kneecap in a way, that normally made your crave him, but you were to distracted in the conversation. You knew Jungkook gave up after he fell back on the chair and picked at his food. 

While you listened to Yoongi’s surgery, you felt the familiar cold hand touch your kneecap again, but this time, in a sexual manner, massaged them. You ignored it at first before it slowly made its way up your inner thigh. Jung kook knew that was your sweet spot and he caressed it lightly making you shutter as you tried to take a bit of your food. You looked at Jungkook, who had the boresome expression on his face, while slouching in his booth seat. You knew his game, and you didn’t like it. 

“Yah! Y/N? You still listening?” Yoongi asked. You nodded. You paid your attention back at Yoongi as he continued. Not even 20 seconds into the story, Jungkook’s hand began to move up to your core wear he gently patted it. He slowly rubbed it at a slow pace, making your panties a bit wet. Your eyes were fluttering in pleasure, as you tried your best to not make it noticeable he was touching you. Snap out of it, you thought. You shut your legs, but Jungkook pinched your clit making you jump up in your seat. “OKAY!” you realised everyone was staring at you. “I think me and Jungkook should go home. I forgot to feed the cat,” you quickly added. You grabbed your purse and stormed out the restaurant to the car.

The whole ride was quiet. The only thing playing was the latest kpop hits. Jungkook was trying to make things okay by humming and trying to make you sing, but he knew he really upset you. He slowly started to know he was in big trouble at home. When you two arrived back at your flat, you walked inside,t taking off your earrings and setting them in the key bowl and kicking off your heels. 

“Y/N, i’m sorry,” Jungkook said. You rolled your eyes and sighed. “Don’t even worry about it,” you say as you put your hair up in a ponytail and walked up the stairs, taking off your watch. Jung kook took off his coat and was following behind you to your bedroom, when you spun around when you were at the door. “Your sleeping on the couch tonight,” you quickly said. Jung kook rolled his eyes. “Really? Just because I touched you, your being upset,” he crossed his arms over his chest. “Yes, because I told you no the first time and you violated me in front of your own friend and embarrassed me! So, yeah, I’m upset,” you said as you walked inside and shut the door quickly before Jungkook could sweet talk you. You weren’t upset. You were mad. Mad that he was trying to be the dom. It’s stubborn, but you were still mad. You walked to your bed and dressed into your PJs before turning off the lights.

You couldn’t sleep. Not with the thought of Jungkook’s hands roaming your body and touching you lightly as you begged for him to touch you.

You sat up and got off your bed and your legs seemed quicker than your body. Your legs knew why you were walking down these stairs to your resting boyfriend who was on couch. You crouched behind the couch and crawled over to the side Jungkook was before standing up, towering over him. You admired him as you stared. His chest rose slowly as you breathed and muttered hushed words in his sleep.

“Y/n..shit,” he moaned and turned his head. Was he having a wet dream. You licked you lips and bit your bottom lip as your eyes traveled down his bottom. Your watched his chest rise first, than his stomach which here there would tense, his hips that rocked and grinded against the couch as he continuously moaned your name out, each getting louder. The louder it got and the more he chanted your name, your ego got filled more and more. You eyes traveled to his erected cock that stood proud in his sweatpants. Your eyes widened and looked at his face. His face was seductive as he bit his bottom lip.

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okay but what if jungkook used to tease jimin by not calling him ‘hyung’ because he wants Jimin to see him as someone equal as him not as the youngest member in the group, because he don’t want jimin to love him as a baby brother he don’t want jimin to love him because he is cute and because he is the youngest among them, because he wants jimin to see him as a man that he could love and could love him back too so thats why he always making fun of Jimin also thats why jungkook works out a lot because kids are not supposed to have muscles right? kids are not supposed to look sexy right? that way maybe his jimin hyung will look at him as a man

Car Rides with the Chocobros

Originally posted by ffxvcaps

  • Prompto and Noctis are always fighting about music choices. Gladio doesn’t really care because he just likes to read whatever music plays in background. Ignis ends up the fights by just turning the radio off. “Just listen to the nature’s sounds”, he says.
  • Prompto is always down for a singing out loud sessions with you. If it’s a duet, he’s gonna rock the girl’s part better than you. The guy knows how to sing and he’s really good at it. Ignis can’t do anything when it happens because he’s scared of your death stare if he dares stop the music.
  • If Ignis is driving, you end up in the back of the car between Noctis and Gladio. You end up leaning on Noctis most of the times because of the place Gladio takes on the back seat. If you try to stay in the middle, you most likely ends up snuggling against him, your arms and legs touching. He’s probably gonna tease you about it to make you blush, but he actually likes it.
  • When Prompto asks Noctis who’s pictures he should take more for the day, the prince is never brave enough to mention you. These two have that secret eye contact though, and Prompto just knows. You always find it funny that at the end of the day, there’s a lot of picture of you instead of Gladdy, like Noctis asked in the car back then.
  • When driving at night or when the rides are really long, you always end up sleeping. Nap time in the back of the car is the best: you either end up cuddling against Noctis or Gladio, but they usually don’t mind you just lying down on both of them with a blanket over you. Gladio is the best pillow of the two, but Noctis likes to play in your hair to help you fall asleep so deciding where to put your head is always a hard decision.
  • You like to play games with the boys in the car. Like, punching each other’s arms when you spot a chocobo on the side of the road. The games always ends up being “let’s spot the chocobos faster than Gladio” because you all scared as shit of his punches.
Dating Peter Parker would include

•him being your best friend
• Him not knowing how to tell you he’s Spider-Man
• Knowing Peter is the crime fighting spider the moment you encounter him on your balcony
• PUnS
• Basically making Peter do your algebra homework while you sit back and nap
• You being his best friend
• You being the one person he wants to go to after a bad or good day
• Hiding your little giggles as he rambles on about how he beat up a bad guy
• Him telling you puny and ridiculous pick up lines but taking it all back and becoming a stuttering mess
• You teasing him about how you like Spider-Man more than Peter Parker
• Him showing up late to study sessions at his own house and clambering through his window in his blue and red suit
• He’d basically be a puppy, always wanting your attention, always wanting cuddles, and food
• MAN BUT imagine him all jealous and his features harden and his eyes darken
• Lots of hand holding
• Him being afraid that villains or bad guys might use you against him
• Him always checking up on you
• Him apologizing after every fight, even if it wasn’t his fault
• Him giving you lots of cheek kisses
• You giving him lots of forehead kisses
• Good morning and good night texts
• Him always trying to make you smile because he loves your smile
• Catching him staring at you
• Him looking at you adoringly and smiling because you’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him
Send in requests if you liked something. Or if you just want more❤️


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Being friends with the marauders would include:

- James giving you piggyback-rides to classes

- Studying with Rmeus and Sirius tries to distract you

- Peter being shy because you’re a girl and Girls don’t usually like haning around with him (or he thinks they don’t)

- James and Sirius Always teasing you about boys and saying they’ll set you up with someone

- but whenever some guy flirts with you they get super protective and you have to restrain them from beating him up

- (If you’re in Gryffindor) Being in the same year as them and Lily and being good friends with Lily to.

- You and Sirius smirking at eithother when Lily starts liking James

- You and Remus being the morality of the Group (or you try at least)

- Getting into detentinon with them ones in a while

- McGonagall: “I can not beleive they roped a girl into this!”

- Remus sighing whenever you come up with som crazy idea like “omg what if you ever…” because he knows Sirius will go for it instantly

- “It would be a sight to see the after-effect if someone slipped Belatrix and Reeta a lovepotion.”

- “That was the best most brilliant idea in the history of brilliant ideas I’ve ever heard lets do it!”

- McGonagall low-key trying to ask you if you are dating Sirius because he Always calls you “darling” or “love” to annoy you

- Stealing their sweaters

- Liking Remus’s sweaters best because he smells the best  

Ok, but consider this:

ADHD!Simon Lewis

Like, seriously. Simon getting super distracted during a Clan meeting and accidentally starts humming the Doctor Who theme under his breath. Simon going on these mega rants about his hyperfixation and bouncing on his toes, and some people get annoyed but Raphael just thinks it’s the cutest thing ever and he’ll listen to the rambling for hours. Simon bringing a chewy stim toy with him to Downworlder conferences because damn those things stress him out. Simon flapping his hands agitatedly because he’s worried about Clary, and another vamp trying to tease him but Raphael jumps in and tells the guy to shut his fanghole about Simon’s coping mechanisms. Simon worrying his friends will be mad when he forgets things, but they’re actually really great and patient (even Alec, once he understands). Clary being a good best friend and making sure he has the space he needs when dealing with sensory overload. Simon putting colorful sticky notes all over the DuMort with reminders to himself.

I need ADHD!Simon more than I need air.

Monsta X reacting to their s/o doing aegyo:

Okay so my friend requested this and I thought why not? This is a good way to start my first official post.


GIFs aren’t mine~

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I kid you not, this tough guy would instantly be squishy after you’ve decided to attack him with aegyo whilst you two were having a lazy day together, binge-watching shows on Netflix.

His stony expression as he watched the boring drama would instantly change into a cheery one, as you widened your eyes and pouted, pulling that adorable face he both love and hate.

“Aish, what am I going to do with you.”

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Oh, boy. Instead of acting all squishy like Shownu, he’d tease you instead and you’d both have a little aegyo competition together, with him letting you win, of course.

“Oh you think you’re cuter than me, jagi? Bring it on.”

Originally posted by beastdw


“Oh my god, why are you so adorable?!”

Seeing your cute face, he’d immediately pulled you in a hug, ruffling your hair and peppering kisses all around your face. Don’t expect him to stop any time soon, since you’ve hit his weak spot.

Originally posted by vvonho


Okay so this boy is cute already and he most definitely knows it. But seeing you acting all adorable in front of him all of a sudden when you were cuddling in bed, the boy would be flustered and he’d be blushing madly at you.

“Wh-why so suddenly?”

Originally posted by minyeossi


He’d really enjoy it as he woke up to see you making him breakfast and throwing him your special aegyos. It was one of those things he loves about you the most.

“Ah, good morning, sweetheart~”

Originally posted by jhope-jung


He’d freak out. Usually, he’d be the one that would brighten the mood up between you two with his kukukaka aegyo, but since you’ve decided to bring out your inner cuteness as you two were walking in the park one day, he’d be begging you for more.

“Wait can you please do that one more time?”


“Why? That was adorable, jagi!”

Originally posted by kihyeun


This fluffball would cover himself with his hands from embarrassment as he was totally flustered by your actions.

Once he recovered himself, though, he’d return you his aegyo and asked what that was about.

“Aish, why are you suddenly being adorable?”

requests are open!


The team are celebrating something, may it be bad or good?

Word Count –  237

Character – BAU x reader

The team sat around the table, sitting quietly eating their dinner until Penelope spoke up.
‘You remember the time when she first arrived?’ She asked and the team nodded.
‘Yeah.’ They mumbled.
‘She was so nervous but when Derek started teasing her she spoke up. Derek had his game changed.’ She said and Derek spoke up.
‘Yeah, never had one give me so much attitude. She was spicy.’ He said and they chuckled.
‘The time when she kicked that guys arse, he’d been treating all they girls with disrespect and when she snapped he was frightened. I think he peed himself honestly.’  JJ said to the group as she took a sip of her drink.
‘She was smart, we could have a good competitive game of chess without her quitting half way through.’ He said remembering the times that you had sat for the full plane ride home playing the game. They laughed again but then the table fell into silence. Been surrounded of their own thoughts of you. It was silent for a couple of minutes until Rossi hit a spoon of the glass.
‘This year has been hard, there have been high and lows. But now we a celebrating a life. The life of the most beautiful, smart and possible the best agent we will see for a while.’
‘To Agent Y/N Y/L/N.’ Rossi said and everyone lifted their glasses in the air.
‘To Y/N.’

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