he is no pierre

war and peace character as persons at my school

natasha rostova: takes part in every school activity (and organizes 70% of it), favorite pupil of all teachers, has really strong sence of justice

pierre bezukhov: at first he is stout shy kid but in high school he becomes head of school board

andrei bolkonsky: stressed, depressed, but well dressed™ seems to be really arrogant, but cries every night listening my chemical romance

nikolai rostov: good at freestyle rap, president of someone’s fan-club, can start crying suddenly thinking that nobody loves him, has 256 nicknames

mary bolkoskaya: shy, geek, doesn’t sleep at the night because her brother listening my chemical romance too loud, has only good grades, but her parents are still unpleasant

helene kuragina: best bitch™, has her own beauty blog and army of her fans, queen of the prom

anatole kuragin: stupid and isn’t embarrassed by this, nobody knows why he wasn’t expelled from school yet, good at pickup

fedya doloknov: comes to literature or drama classes only when he’s drunk, loves his mother, sister and trolling people

marya dmitrievna: literature teacher with whom you can always talk about global moral problems, but if you’re an asshole she will kick your ass

anonymous asked:

Why is oak's run as Pierre so short, if he's leaving in September? Do you think he will extend his run?

We don’t know why his run is so short. That was what was announced when Oak was first revealed to be the next Pierre after Josh Groban. It’s up to Oak if he decides to extend his run. Until then you’ll have to wait and see what happens. 

me: just fall asleep already 

my brain: always out there, cArryINg thE bAnNer-the sun’ll come out tomorrow, one day more. another day, another-  look out my window, theres a view of other windows- WAVING through a windowwwww IM FLYING HIIIIGH defyyyyyying gravvity-GoTtA GeT GoTtA GeT gEt YoUr HEaD iN tHe GaMe TWO PLAYER GAAAAAAAMMEE theres nothing like summer in the city- IM SINging in the raaaaaiinn ORLANDO orlando I LOVE YOU orlando, SEASons of loooooovvveee-GoTtA FinD mY coooooorneeer of ThE SKyyyyyy-VeRoNicA, open the OPEN THE DOOR PLEASE- anatole is HOT he spe-

me: why

surrounded and sprinkled on all sides by stars…

someone: do you think since it’s your last week in new york you should see a broadway musical you havent seen before? like anastasia? or amelie? or waitress? or dear e–

me: sorry what was that? i couldn’t hear you over the sound of me going to see great comet for the 3rd time