he is next

Fanon Loki: is super cool, has plans upon plans to outwit opponents 
Canon Loki: is literally a dweeb who just goes with the flow and tries to find the best option to benefit himself but constantly fails

Fanon Loki: is anguishing in his illusion as Odin, misses being himself and loathes that he must hide behind a mask
Canon Loki: literally is having the time of his life being doted on, eating grapes as Odin and watching a play he most likely wrote himself about himself

Fanon Loki: a quiet, bullied child who just wanted to be left to his books and was constantly tormented by Thor and his brutishness
Canon Loki: disguised himself as a snake because he knows Thor loves snakes and then when Thor picked him up to admire him, transformed back into himself and yelled “bwaaah it’s me!!!” and stabbed Thor


I don’t remember my first laugh, but I know that making people laugh was my way in. It was just what I was good at early on, and I went with it. Like a lot of people say, “Oh, I developed a sense of humor to traverse the world socially” — which is a word I definitely use, traverse. 

Happy 39th Birthday, Andrew David Samberg! (August 18, 1978)


A messy little comic where Yuri fuckin snaps 

Part 9/

Ha the crowd all like 👀📱👀📸👀📹



I found out that when I said “I couldn’t wait for him to be taller” I really couldn’t.