he is my nugget soul mate

Soft Iman & David things: zodiac edition
  • Aries: how in the years post 2004 Iman was pretty much the only person who could convince or be the reason for David to endure public events and this cute ass quote "Having seen Iman in so many public situations now I feel for her every second. She is usually petrified, but so well has she learnt to 'cope' that one would never know." (David)
  • Taurus: the way they smile and look at each other and are silly during events
  • Gemini: "I was a dumb guy for many years but I'm only stupid now. I love you." (David's writing to Iman)
  • Cancer: the fact that they were both around 40 when they met and David was divorced once and Iman twice and idk about you but that’s really cute?
  • Leo: How Iman got pregnant with the cutest womb nugget ever and it was almost a miracle because not even multiple IVF had worked
  • Virgo: "He has managed, somehow I don’t know, miraculously, to have my heart flutter when he walks into the room still. So, yes he’s definitely the one, he’s definitely my one." (Iman)
  • Libra: "the wonderful realisation that I have found my soul mate, with whom sexual compatibility is just the tip of the iceberg. We have so much in common, and are totally alike in a lot of things" (Iman)
  • Scorpio: The story of Iman came back to LA when they just had started dating and she came into the airport and saw a bunch of paparazzi swarming around one person and it was David, holding flowers and not giving a damn
  • Sagittarius: David finding Iman "intolerably sexy" and on other occasions describing the quality he’d admired most in her as: "There’s not a thing about her I don’t love… she’s loving, she’s sensitive… she’s sexy as hell"
  • Capricorn: How he got her flowers on every 14th because it was the day they met "(and when It does slip my mind I feel such a pang of disloyalty that I certainly dont miss it the next)"
  • Aquarius: Iman's tattoos with the Bowie-knife with "Bowie" on the handle on her ankle + David in Arabic around her navel
  • Pisces: How Bethann Hardison said that Iman had told her, that if David suddenly would get behind her and tell her to let herself fall, she wouldn’t think twice about it and just do it

I SPOKE TOO SOON I SPOKE TOO SOON. By like 2pm I was an irritable little nugget. The top left depicts my feels. Sugar withdrawals are in full force but hopefully won’t last too long. But luckily I was fine for my workout.

Tonight’s workout!

Warm up to the warm up: 800 m run for time. (Phase 1 baseline for WLC) I completed in 4:34

Then Kyle’s warm up. Before we began HE MADE US DO 20 BURPEES just cause. They we worked on double unders and I found my soul mate jump rope and I’m getting so close! I usually do singles but today I did 30 attempts. Then some kettle bells and before we started the strength 10 MORE BURPEES. Okay Kyle. I’ll play along. I was the last person again but I didnt stop and don’t plan too.

Strength: 7 sets of 4 at every minute on the minute of strict presses at 70% of our 1RM. I did 55lb.

4 sets of 8 bent over barbell rows which I did at 70lbs.

The actual WOD was a bit easier because it was our baseline for the whole life challenge:
5 push ups
10 sit ups
15 squats

I got 4 rounds plus 21.

Cool down was 35 GHD sit ups and 35 hip extensions. Usually I can only do 20 of each but today I managed all 35!

I feel legit with a blender bottle now. No protein shakes or anything but still.

And the ninja turtle muscle tee happened today but y'all already saw that.