he is my favourite ok

Ed is a simple, very easy going, grounded guy. And Ed is an incredibly talented song writer, musician and  performer, way more out of the ordinary than we’re used to. Ed is also ambitious, self confident and aware of his possibilities, determined to be as successful as his talent allows him to be. 

Excuse me, I’ll be here counting to 5.297 while I look for reasons why any of this should be considered a problem.

Boyfriend Yuya
  • Has a lot of bravado but is actually soft
  • Would prefer to confess rather than be confessed to but would take awhile to build up the courage
  • Tries to play it cool while confessing but is probably a nervous wreck
  • While Yuya is a very serious lover not interested in casual relationships he’s also very laid back
  • Takes things slowly
  • Is possessive of you and would like it if you were possessive as well
  • Rather than buying material gifts he’d prefer to buy experiences for you both
  • This would result in lots of interesting dates. Scuba diving, kayaking, just going on adventures to new places.
  • Would always make sure to try the food with you when you’re in a new place, he’d research good places to eat beforehand so you always have a good experience
  • Likes trying new foods with you just in general
  • Doesn’t like making a big deal of things so a lot of your celebrations would just be a nice meal at home
  • But if it was something important you’d go to a nice restaurant, or anywhere else you’d like to go depending on the occasion
  • You’d switch between casual at home dates, food dates, and adventurous dates
  • Even if you don’t see each other as much as most couples he’d always want to communicate with you in some way whether it be texting, calling, or sometimes even a video call when he can
  • As he’s someone that would hate to be restricted he wouldn’t restrict you in any way with the expectation that you’ll do the same for him
  • Is extremely hard to anger but he’d get angry very quickly if someone insults you, though he’d try to resolve the situation as peacefully as possible mainly focusing on getting you away from the person rather than dealing with them 
  • Isn’t super touchy regularly but he would get in a touchy mood every now and then
  • When he’s in this mood you’ll probably end up cuddling basically all day
  • Tries to make you laugh a lot even at his own expense 
  • Wants to learn things from you and teach you things
  • When people first meet you both they might think you’re best friends rather than lovers
  • Would want to be friends with your friends and vice versa
  • Not that into PDA but will allow a little bit
  • Overall, Yuya is a very fun and laidback boyfriend that wants you to do whatever you want

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Wounds (Starco Fanfic)

A Star x Marco fan fiction about a less-than-perfect battle with Ludo’s monsters.




“Star I’m- ouch! I’m fine! It was just a hit on my soft spot, that’s all!” Marco pleaded, as Star sat him down on her mattress, inspecting his battered face. His right eye was gradually getting darker, as it was already a deep purple. His face had a variety of cuts, some long, some deep. Worse of all, he bared a large open wound on his chest, the result of Marco’s heroism.


“You’re not fine, you’re crazy! Why would you do that, Marco? I told you I had him.” Stars voice rose in volume, as she dabbed a disinfectant wipe on Marco’s chest. The wound started to bubble, he flinched in response.


Marco grabbed her hand, which had been shaking (she didn’t realize until he did so.) “Star, calm down. Im okay. It was just another battle, with some dumb monsters.” He spoke soft, looking into Stars eyes. His face displayed all colours of the rainbow, his hair had been tussled and knotted, and his lips red and puffy. Yet, his eyes still showed genuine reassurance to Star. How could someone be in so much pain, but manage to fake it so well? Star frowned.


“No, it’s not like ‘another battle’ because this time you actually got hurt-” Marcos breath hitched as Star brought the wipe to his cheek, “really badly hurt.” She freed her hand from his grasp, and reached for a band aid.

 The unicorn one please.” Marco spoke, making Star smile. He was good at that, making her smile. “There’s the smile! My favourite smile!” He beamed.


“Ok, let’s take a closer look at your face.” Star placed a hand on his cheek, investigating the wounds. Instinctively, she started to move her thumb against his jawline, feeling out his features. She traced his jaw all the way to his chin, then moved her way to his lips. She poked at them, he grunted. She pulled her face closer to get a better look.


“So sore.” She ran her thumb lightly against his lips. Marco had been silently gazing at Star, admiring her from this close. She was beautiful, the way her nose had been slightly red, the roundness of her face, not to mention her enchanting eyes. He watched as she played with his battered face, indulging every second of it. He loved when Star gave this kind of attention to him. And to be honest, he’d hurt himself more just to experience this again.


“Marco?” Star’s voice sounded concerned. Marco blinked a couple times, “You haven’t said anything for a while… are you alright?”


“You’re beautiful.” He responded instantly. Only moments later did he realize what he said, his eyes grew wide. “I mean-” Marco stopped when he realized how happy Star had been. Her smile seemed to stretch from one ear to the other, and her eyes seemed to sparkle.


“You think I’m beautiful?” She whispered, the gap between them becoming smaller by the second. Marco’s heart started to race, his mouth grew dry.


“Extremely.” He hoarsely replied, staring into her eyes. They looked at each other for a moment, taking in each other’s features. Marco lifted himself off the bed and against Stars head, where his lips hovered lightly on hers, barely touching. Hesitant, he hung there for a bit. What if she didn’t want this? What if this ruins their friendship? What if his parents found out and made Star leave? What if-


Star pressed her lips flush on Marco’s. He flinched, then grunted. The pain lasted a second, before it was taken over with warmth. His heart felt warm, so did his stomach, and everything that hurt moments before. Marco placed his hands on Star’s waist, holding her against him. Star smiled lightly into the kiss, she started to play with the hair on the nape of his neck. It felt so right. Everything was perfect.


She was perfect.


He was perfect.


For each other, they were perfect.

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zaynsfreepalestinetweet recieved around 85 messages of love to Zayn (x). I read them all and traslated into key words and numbers. 

the other boy’s version: (x)

Secret Santa

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Harry makes sure he has (y/n) for secret Santa

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#that time kane went through a boiling hot tiny maintenance shaft to rescue his ‘people’ #but upon seeing abby ignores everybody and goes straight to her to cuddle

Continuing Ultron’s Legacy

“Do you see the beauty of it? The inevitability that you rise only to fall. You, Avengers, you are my meteor. My swift and terrible sword and the earth will crack with the weight of your failure. Purge me from your computers; turn my flesh against me. It means nothing. When the dusk settles, the only thing living in this world will be metal.”


Yesterday (Dec 2015) I was watching the live stream of Yuzuru’s press conference at Japan’s Haneda Airport and I nearly fell out of my chair cos he suddenly mentioned ONE OK ROCK!!!  It’s my current favourite band!!! I only discovered them a few months ago and I already have tickets for one of their Asia tour concerts next month! This is what Yuzu said: (my translation)

@15:00 Reporter: You have said that you listen to songs right before a competition to pump up your mood. For this competition (GPF 2015), was there a theme song, a song that you often listened to?

Yuzu: “Hmm… what was it…… Kimishidai Ressha (“キミシダイ列車”), a song by One Ok Rock. I listened to that a lot.  And also Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer (“完全感覚Dreamer”).  The lyrics too…. I listen to them so that my motivation can be raised.  The difference between past and present… because we had the past, so now we have the present, I was really feeling the meaning of this.  I listened a lot to these 2 songs. [……]  I also had feelings of nervousness…. so recently I am listening a lot to One Ok Rock.  I was saved by One Ok Rock-san. (laughs)”

[thanks to yuzupino for the above video] 

Songs mentioned: 1) Kimishidai Ressha ;  2) Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer

Then later, Taka, the lead vocal of the band, posted this pic and message on his Instagram: 


Hanyu-kun!  Congratulations on being the first man in history to win 3 consecutive Figure Skating Grand Prix Finals!!!  (my translation)

[source:  OOR’s instagram]

Awww…… I’m so happy!!!!  

Update: my post of Yuzu “singing” their songs HERE :)

Ok, err, thing is… I‘m kinda obsessing again over Maedhros ok? Like, he might be my favourite Tolkien character ever…
So I used him as “muse” in my warm-up sessions (the ref pics come from Pinterest and Google, mostly)…

So, here we go with some battered (short haired) Maedhros after Thangorodrim, a baby Nelyo because I like to draw infants, some sketches of him learning how to use his left hand to fight (I imagine it must have been really hard and confusing at first), a sleeping Maitimo and some random angst… orz


Whatever. Your singing was terrible.


“As a leader, I do constantly think about where our fate will take us, and will I be good enough to lead them to it.”

dear jaebum,
it’s almost been 2 years since GOT7’s debut! and it’s your birthday! happy birthday! even though I know your story goes way further, even before you were all GOT7, when it was just JJ Project, and even years before, I would still like to say this: who you are to your group is very inspiring. i don’t believe i will ever learn everything about you and i’m under no illusion that i even know you that well right now, and that’s okay, it’s the way it should be. but the things i do know, about the type of person you are and can be sometimes, believe it or not, have helped me a lot. without you in my life, the past year would have been a lot more difficult, and i know that seems hard to believe, but it’s true. just by being who you are and doing what you do, you’ve helped me in ways i feel kind of silly describing, because no one would assume one person you’ve never met can have such a huge impact on you. having someone to look up to, someone who gets you, makes you think “i would do the same thing if i was in that situation”, someone who has so many burdens and responsibilities and still keeps going, it makes you really feel understood. and you are that person to me, in every way. even if i can never be there and know exactly how you feel, please know you’re loved and well-thought of. you’re very important, not just to me but also to your team, to your family, to everyone that knows you and knows how great you are. so, happy birthday, i’m immensely grateful that such a happy occasion starts off the year and i wish you all the luck and happiness in the world.  i want you to achieve happiness… and i hope you feel less burdened in the future.

160106 - #HappyJaebumDay #SexyLeaderJBDay