he is my anime husband


As promised, some fanart of the hottest dragon in the world ;)

The first one was for me to practice my coloring style, and the second one is for anyone who wants to color him- PROVIDING you give me credit! :D

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© Art by me, “PennyY Chan”
© Hellsing and Alexander Anderson by Kouta Hirano 

I was feeling emotional uwu  Anderson is my favourite character ever and I love him so much, I just wanted to draw him like this so bad. I’m proud of it. I really love it. 

If you look away and just turn your back on those 
you don’t understand, you’ll regret it someday.
Accept what’s happening before your eyes as a fact.
That’s a shortcut to becoming an adult, missy.

↳Happy Happy Birthday to MWPSB Division One Enforcer, Ginoza Nobuchika! ( ˘ ³˘)❤

I really wanted to make something special for his birthday, but, due to my lack of time, I couldn’t make anything better (like a NSFW thing  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), but I hope you like it. Kisses.


Imagine having a date with Reiner. Just the two of you, in a park, at the sunset.

You both sitting on the soft green grass, laughing while admiring the beautiful orange-like colors of the sky. The summer breeze caressing your faces and bodies and almost lifting up your blue and green dress (but you didn’t even care, after all, it was Reiner, and he knew every single inch of your body better than yourself did).

He suddenly stops looking at the firmament, and turns his head to stare at you.

He smiles, kindly and sweetly, and you couldn’t help but blush. Gosh, what beautiful lips he had! It should not be allowed for anyone to have that kind of lips.

He gets closer, and then, wrap his arms around you, in a warm and soft hug.

You felt like melting in his arms.

That sensation grew even more when you got to feel his muscles from under the sleeves of his blue shirt. He had such toned arms. And chest. And legs. Oh, God! He was absolutely perfect!

You then let your head rest on his shoulder, feeling comforted and almost sleepy, but smiling after feeling his big hands rubbing your back, and a little kiss on your neck.

- (Name), you know how much I love you, don’t you? – he asks, whispering in your ear.

- Of course I do. And I love you just the same – you replied, still in whispers.

You lifted your head and kissed him. Slowly, like you had all the time in the world in your hands, and sweetly, like if it was the first time you both were doing that.

You could feel his hot lips wrapping yours, they were so soft and you could swear to God they tasted like candy. You felt his hot breath against your cheek and shivered, your fingers running through his blond hair, while your other hand caressed his neck.

Then you both separated, still panting. He gave you a peck on the lips, and then on the nose and you both laid on the grass.

You felt complete, happy. He was so amazing, so pure, full of a kind of energy that you didn’t know what was, but that felt wonderfully good.

You’re absolutely in love, in a way that you weren’t able to escape from even if you wanted to, but you couldn’t care less, Reiner was too good for you to get away from, and you wouldn’t mind losing yourself to him.



Me: *looks into camera like on The Office*