he is longing

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Great to meet you guys! I have to say, I'm curious what everyone's favorite foods are.

It should be pretty obvious: Betty likes blood, Pearl likes breakfast food, India would be happy to live on fruity cocktails, Godwin pretty much only drinks coffee, Bianca likes greens, Boris likes newly-dead pheasants and Bendy devours the souls of the innocents.

And Henry…


It feels like Cas has been reset to factory settings. Like the grace from the nephilim was the pin in the tiny hole on the end of the phone. The way he just drops his arm after knocking out the boys gives me Lazarus Rising feels cause it felt so much like how he knocked out Bobby. And that worries me. A lot.


So, since I have nothing to do i’m rewatching my old robron videos and then i came across this, one of my first videos but still one of my favorites.

i think i might do a robert sugden video pretty soon tho.