he is literally too perfect for words

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word count: 3,852
for hoseokjung cause i promised her namjoon smut and ofc aegyoh for inspiring/screaming with me about prof!namjoon sorry its literally MONTHS late D: i hope you guys enjoy it anyway :) 

Junior Seminar: The Philosophy of Being. Mondays and Wednesdays, 4:30PM to 6:30PM. Professor Kim, Namjoon (open to all).

Rate My Teacher Dot Com says in a bit more than 27 reviews–total eyecandy but actually a pretty hard grader; def knows what he’s talking about, if only i could pay attention cuz i’m too busy staring at his PERFECT FACE; dresses like he walked straight out of a vogue spread on goth chic but don’t be fooled by his dimples cause his tests will fuck your ass in a bad way; five out of five ALL across the table ;D–that he’s pretty good with students, pretty good with the subject, and more than just pretty to the eyes.

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Eunkwang- Can’t breathe he’s so nervous, almost has a panic attack, is convinced he’s lost the ring about ten million times. Of course all the boys know and are on hand to calm their leader down. Legit knew he was going to marry you on the first date, has literally been planning this proposal for so long he wants it to be perfect. Obviously involves the boys because they are your children, and they all film it on their phones. It’s super simple and sweet, he’ll do it somewhere special to the both of you like where you had your first kiss, maybe in the park where he’s tied white balloons to the trees and the benches and the sun is shining. He trips over his words and squeezes your hand too tight but his speech is so cute and he looks up at you with such wonder that it’s actually perfect.

Minhyuk- Traditional route of a romantic meal but goes the absolute most overboard anyone can possibly go when proposing. So much so that he gives the game away way before he’s even asked the question. You kind of knew when a pair of doves flew in and gave you a dozen roses, and don’t even get started on that string quartet jamming in the corner. Is surprisingly chill throughout the meal, and only when it comes down to it will his heart race, his skin get all tingly and his breath quicken. You can see how nervous he is which makes you just as nervous. By the time he’s stuttered out the proposal you’re both nervous wrecks. Let’s out the biggest sigh of relief when you agree.

Changsub- Subbie has been preparing for this moment all his life, and has been psyching himself up for it for the past week. Spent months picking the perfect ring for you, everyone within a ten mile radius of him is sick of hearing about carats and clarity and white gold versus yellow gold. But he’s cracked it, he’s got the greatest proposal he could come up with, the ring safely in his pocket, Minhyuk and Eunkwang cleaning and prepping the dorm and all the boys have been kicked out for the night. When it comes to it he tries to be cool and composed but he can’t help asking you in a silly voice because he’s so terrified you will say no.

Hyunsik- 100% will write you a song and play it on the guitar for you, will do something adorable like tie the engagement to the guitar head on a ribbon and at the end of the song fall to one knee and present it to you. Gives you the best eye smile ever seen in the world and you can’t possible deny him because now you get to wake up to that eye smile every day for the rest of your life. Will take an engagement selfie to update his Insta and then take you to your favourite little café to sit in the corner with you and talk about your future together, holding your hand the whole time.

Peniel- Probably does it after you’ve met his family in Chicago. Takes you to his favourite place in the city. “So my family love you, why don’t you become a part of it?” Makes it sound like a spur of a moment thing but he’s been thinking about marrying you for a while now and once he had his parents’ approval of you it just felt right. Takes you to buy the ring together on the same day, wants you to choose it yourself rather than picking one for you. Takes you out somewhere nice to celebrate and texts his family to tell them to make the house ready for an engagement party when you guys come back. Makes you really glad you’re going to part of this family.

Ilhoon-Thinks he’s fine, thinks he’s cool, thinks he’s chill. Is none of these things. Is an absolute mess. Wants it to be special and unique, thinks about writing you a rap, taking you out somewhere nice, going for a meal, going up in a hot air balloon, going skydiving?! Works himself up so much about it. Ends up late one night, cuddling in bed he’ll be warm and cosy and feel safe and happy in that moment and mumble sleepily into your hair, “Marry me?” out of the blue. “What!?” He’ll go red, not meaning to say it like that, mentally kicking himself for not giving you a big romantic gesture like he thinks you deserve, but sits up nonetheless and reaches into his bedside table to pull out the ring box. “I wanted to do it better than that. But will you?” Big, brown hopeful eyes lit only by the moonlight? How could you say no?

Sungjae- The maknae doesn’t plan so he will literally just blurt it out one day. You’ll probably be out in the city, or on a walk or even on a date at the funfair and he’ll turn to you with a big dumb smile on his face and say “I could do this with you forever, let’s get married.” And just snuggle into your shoulder as if he hasn’t just proposed to you. When you don’t answer straight away he’ll poke you in the side, “Well? Marry me?” When you agree he’ll do a little happy wiggle and immediately FaceTime Peniel. “Guess what, hyung? We’re engaged!” Will probably do something stupid like give you a mini donut as a ring until he can buy you a proper engagement ring, but you’ll wear that donut proudly.

I need a blind date au where jim’s first sight of bones is of him strolling into the coffee shop casually, backpack slung over one shoulder, sleeves rolled up to reveal a plethora of tattoos, fucking skinny jeans clinging to every inch of his legs, stubble and a sarcastic half-smile on his lips

jim is instantly aroused and also confused, since uhura (who set them up) described him as ‘the perfect southern gentleman’ and what’s standing before him is the literal embodiment of sass, grunge, and rock and roll

as they sit drinking coffee, jim falls in love with bones’ colorful phrases and insight on ‘country living’, amazed that someone so rough around the edges could find his home in medicine and frankly, boring academic life

and of course, by the end of it, jim’s realized he hasn’t really even said a word about himself, too enthralled by the mystery of the man beside him to speak coherently

and just as he’s about to say something, bones leans in and offers casually enough, “since i’ve spent the past 3 hours talking your ear off, why don’t you repay me the favor at the bar across the street, darlin’?”

and jim never agreed to anything so quickly in his life

Everything Will Be Okay

Summary: Dan and Phil have a bond that allows them to feel things the other feels. So when Dan starts to get abused, Phil can feel every punch and scratch. He worries about the boy with the brown eyes that he’s only ever seen in his dreams; the boy that was made for him, that the universe had created just for him to be his perfect match, his soulmate.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut, Soulmate AU

Word Count: 7929

Warnings: Homophobia, Physical Abuse (nothing too explicit), Hospitals (there’s a scene set in a hospital)

Author’s Note: The first part of this fic took literal ages for me to write because I’d never written a fic as massive as this before, not just in word count but also the idea and concept behind it were hard to fully grasp and form. But once the first part was finished, the second part basically wrote itself. Shoutout, as always, to @chocolatesaucelester for encouraging me to write this! Also please note that in this universe, Phil was born on January 30, 1998 and Dan was born on June 11, 2000. So their ages are different in this fic than what they would be irl.

Read Part 1 Here!

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I’m literally crying because:

1. Carlos is to precious for this word
2. He is too pure
3. And perfect
4. He’s the cuties thing I have ever seen
5. The hair, the fUCKING HAIR
6. The smile, is something more beautiful? no tHeres NOT
7. Her mother hit him (a lot) and he’s still showing the fucKING smile
8. Her mother Tell him that he is worthless
9. And that’s the worst lie a have ever hear
10. Her mother is a bitch
11. Jay is in love with Carlos
12. Carlos is in love with Jay
13: Did I already mentioned that he is to beautiful and pure and good?????????
14. Carlos let me hug yoU please
15. Jay and Carlos need to kiss, like right know
16. (And do other things of course *pervert smile here*)
17. He is a precious cinnamon roll

Spring Awakening: A Summary
  • Mama who bore me: if its not the stork then what is it
  • Mama who bore me (reprise): neither of us know either
  • All thats known: School sucked in 19th century Germany and is still relevant to american teenagers in 2015
  • The bitch of living: we all really just want to get laid (except moritz hes just sad)
  • My Junk: not actually about genitals
  • Touch me: not really that much about sex, but maybe a little
  • The word of your body: sexual tension
  • The dark i know well: this song is so fckn intense and sad
  • And then there were none: moritz is still sad
  • The mirror-blue night: idrk why this song is here tbh
  • I believe: now this one is actually about sex
  • The guilty ones: wendla didnt want the sex
  • Dont do sadness: moritz is lying bc hes literally been sad for the whole show so far
  • Blue wind: ilse is sad too bro
  • Dont do sadness/blue wind: perfect counterpoint tbh play this at my funeral
  • Left behind: moritz is gone and now Melchior is sad
  • totally fucked: me tbh
  • The word of your body (reprise): homosexuality
  • Whispering: wendla is gonna be a mom but hey maybe it wont be so bad right?
  • Those youve known: melchior sees dead ppl
  • The song of purple summer: everyone in the audience is probably crying by now tbh

“because in this country white means American and everyone else must be hyphenated”

“black privilege is the time a teacher asked a little boy what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said alive" 

"For some people their trials live longer than they do”


(Requested)I need more psycho luke omg pls write more xxxx
-More psycho luke pleaseeeee
-I need more psycho Luke in my life 😫 it is perfection
-Literally check your blog everyday to see if you updated psycho luke I’m obsessed

Pairing: Luke Hemmings☠

Rated: [R] Not recommended for those under 14+ (graphic scenes!! and/or language)

A/N: Aw, Psycho Luke has feelings too..in a twisted, sorda way..and tbh this is a briefly dirty chap, I don’t like using the word cock in my writings but Warning again, it’s used x and oh shit things about to get serious:o

•Crying harder, you were too scared to answer Luke. He just stared you down with more confidence than you ever witnessed before. Your heart feeling like it’d beat out of your chest if you didn’t breath carefully. After cockily throwing questions at you, he tried to explain.
Apparently he did commit all the crimes he said he did, maybe even more..you didn’t have the strength to be curios any longer. After going on a total rampage in this hell hole, he was in fact killed. Which explained some things to an extent..

“So, um…when we have sex? Is that all in my h-head…or-”

“God no.” Luke laughed, calmly walking to sit down beside you. You kept your distance, still biting back tears.
“I’m real, or at least visible..as long as you want me too.”

“Luke, if I would’ve known who you were from the start. I would’ve wanted you as far away from me as possible..” You trailed off. Raking a shaky hand through your hair. He tried to meet your hand, hold it. But you shied away again. Still wanting more answers.

“Do you like-..remember dying?”

Huffing loudly, he dropped his head to stare at the ground. You didn’t mind because if he looked at you with those dark eyes, one more time…you’d probably piss yourself. Luke’s confession was in no way helping your crazy-asylum state of mind. Only making it worse.

He shrugged, playing with the ring around his pinky finger.
“No..not really. Just that I’m dead and trapped here. That’s why most patients don’t leave here. In fact, you never leave..we’re all destined to die within these walls one way or another.”

“Well, why didn’t you tell me you were…-”

“-What, a ghost?”

You nodded solemnly receiving a mere scoff from him.
“Oh I don’t know, what would I say? Hi I’m Luke. I’m dead, wanna fuck?”

A smile whisper across your lips and you couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. Nodding and timidly letting your legs unfold from your feeble position.
“Yeah, that sounds about right.” Your laughter echoed within Luke as you two fell silent once more.

“Can anyone else see you?”

“Well duh, Y/N. You’re just…special is all.”


“Because I actually like, you. Which is saying A LOT because I hate people. I just wanna be with you so badly and it’s weird..”

Rolling your eyes, you licked your dry lips and looked around the room. It was messed up and now junky to say the least. Luckily, Sister Jude hadn’t found you in her office yet or else you’d have your brain fried again! You endured enough pain within the past few days to last a life time. Sitting beside Luke, you were more than conflicted. Not quite sure if you were terrified for life or willing to try and wrap your head around the reality of it all. You may be falling in love for once, and the guy turns out to be dead. What a lovely story that’ll make someday..
Gathering enough strength to get up you quietly began putting papers back, Luke eventually followed suit. When you tucked away the last folder and closed the drawer, a pair of hands met your waist. -Making you jump naturally, he scared you.

“Why so jumpy?” Luke’s white teeth exposed with humor dripping from every word. You turned around in his hold, cautiously letting your hands run up then down his arms. As if his touch were now unfamiliar to you all over again. A sickening feeling to be that close to a mass murder whom was sly and charming, even when he was dead.

“Y/N. I know you’re not Ok, so there’s no need for me to ask. But please don’t be scared of me. I wouldn’t be able to handle it if you were.”

Closing your eyes slightly as you allowed him to rest his forehead against yours, you pecked his lips. The after taste of venom and sweet honey suckle left upon your lips in return. A taste that lured you in with a wanting affection.
Hugging him while remaining to tremble, a stray tear trickled down your face. Seeping into his shirt.

“I-it’s just the darkness..I think it has me.” Your inner voices were subcontinuosly referring to Luke. But you brushed them aside to generalize your statement.

“I’m sorry. I promise you I’ve changed from my past, since you’ve gotten here. This asylum isn’t as dark as it was. You’re the only one that’s actually given me a chance..”

“I didn’t give you a chance really, you kinda hunted me down and violated me in the shower. But besides that, yeah-I was all for it!”

“Don’t play the innocent card Y/N, Ms. ‘Fuck me while you still have the chance..” He mocked you, making your cheeks flush over at the thought.

“This explains so much on why you never sleep. Just thought it was your crazy actions as usual..” You giggled. He looked a little hurt by your comment, trailing his fingers up your thigh.

“I’m not crazy..” He whispered, his accent registering strong and heavy. You simply nodded, not wanting to revisit angry Luke at the moment. You chewed on your bottom lip when he fished a hand up to squeeze your boob. Making you playfully swat his hand away.

“No. I wanna try something new.” You winked, making him lean against Sister Jude’s desk. When you sunk to your knees without a word, Luke raised an eyebrow. His normal eyes for the time being-peering into yours curiously. Admiring your persistence on getting what you wanted. You still hadn’t forgotten what he was capable of on a murderous level, keeping track of his hands being in your view. When you lowered his pants and stripped his lower half naked, an erection wasn’t short behind. Springing up come in contact with your hand.
He hissed at you, mumbling a curse word before moving your hair out the way. Trying to prevent himself from exposing an even vulnerable side that he preferred to leave for your worries. Never his. Until your lips finally wrapped around his tip, your mouth opening wider to sink down lower. Slowly bobbing upward, tasting his already wet and sensitive skin.

“Fuck, s-sure you haven’t done this before?” He breathed out, letting his head fall back. Withdrawing back for a second, you used your hand to pump his cock. You batted your eyelashes innocently, prepared to torture him for as long as you could- a bit of payback for him stabbing you. You certainly forgave him, but you wouldn’t forget.

“Mm, never said I hadn’t.” You winked commencing to deep throating him. By the way he began to stir about and grip the edge of the desk, you knew he was close. You got faster, causing him to try and suppress his moans. Within seconds releasing into your mouth. You groaned against him making him twitch again as you swallowed cooperatively.

“Shit, babe that mouth of yours.” Luke brushed a strand of his damp hair aside. Bringing you up to sneak a hand under your thigh and straddle his waist. Both of your knees uncomfortably yet pleasantly digging into the wooden-surface. Smirking mischievously, you kindly assisted him in removing his shirt. Letting your hands catch hold of his sweaty back muscles. His breathing still falling into steady rhythm from his previous climax.

You grabbed a hold of his jaw, staring down into his darkening pupils. Finding them enticing and daring just this once..

“I want you to kiss..lick…bite…scratch.. suck..fuck me Luke, please.” You growled. His attention focused on you and your body as he nodded slightly in a daze.

“Yeah..yeah. Whatever you say. Fuck she looks appetizing, I want her blood again. So bad.” His last sentences being directed towards thin air. You shook your head in a pretending state of disappointment. Dancing your fingers across his skin to fist the back of his hair. Pulling his head down to expose his neck completely to you.

“Luke, stay with me a little longer..tune out the voices.” You cooed kissing farther down his chest. Giggling a little. Humming a slight response to your joking manor, You felt his fingers sneak their way inbetween you two. Stroking your damped area before gliding them into the thin material of your panties. His fingers slowly collecting your wetness before pressing into you. You gasped quietly, slightly taken back by his unfamiliar gesture of…affection? He usually pumped into you without mercy but he was actually…taking his time? It threw you off guard, the pads of his finger reaching a place you didn’t know he was capable of reaching!

“Ahh…” You sighed as your breath hitched, your face resting in the crook of his neck. Taking note of your flustered reaction, Luke took pride in it. Smirking before using his other hand to quickly pull your hair back slightly. Making you look up at him. His eyes glossed over with darkness again, concealing a bit of lust. You were way past the point of being scared and timid anymore, back to being lost in a sea of ecstasy once more. Your mind clouded. You bucked you hips into his hold which eventually faded into, you riding his fingers. Him pumping them faster yet carefully to match your pace as you began to pant out loud, for more. But as if remembering your purpose of how to get him back, you refrained yourself from releasing amongst him. Lowering your lips to suck on his skin, biting down his shoulder. He swore out loud, moving his hand faster. Whimpering, you kissed him. Your lips hovering just above his lipring.

“L-Luke…shit I love your fucking fingers…” You caused him to smile wider. Staring his demon-like irises down with conviction.
“But that’s the difference between us, you can’t stop once you start something. But I can..” You winked, abruptly sitting up and swinging your hips off of him. He spat out confused. Trying to lower his level of flustered-frustration.

“Wa-Y/N that’s bullshit a-and you know it. Fuck.” He hissed at himself, settling on keeping his hands over himself to hide his boner whilst you talked.

“It’s not bullshit Luke. You deserved that for what you’ve been doing lately. Maybe if you be a good boy, I’ll let you finish next time.” You laughed fixing your hair and wiping the corners of your lips. He groaned before parting his lips to say something, but was cut short when the door flew open…

Shit. You mentally screamed, wishing you were the dead one…


“A few minutes! Not that long, and yet you dumbfucks take your eyes off of two of our most profound sinners, and they end up in my office!! One of them with his wet Gentiles and bare ass of my polished desk!!!” Sister Jude screamed at the guards. Making you snicker uncontrollably, the only one in the room to find it highly amusing.

After walking in on you and Luke..for the second time….
She separated you-no surprise- in which you ended up in the Hydrotherapy room again. Her deciding that a long rant and some water would make you finally break down and 'repent….’ That word grew of distaste to you by now. She couldn’t possibly do anything more to you than she’s done already.

She scolded you with rage, the back of her hand connecting with your already tender facial structures. Your cheek bone stinging with a numbing pulse. You spit on her shoes, blowing the hair from your face.

“Electrocute me sister! Read me the bible and I’ll pretend to give a damn while you speak absolute nonsense.”

“I don’t have to Y/N. It seems Hemmings has already filled your head with intolerable and idiotic crap! What’s he told you, huh? That he’s changed…that he cares about you and will make an exception? That he’s sorry? Sweetheart, if you believe that you really are out of your mind..”

You thrashed at her aside from your binded hands and feet.
“Fuck you!! You wouldn’t know the first thing about half of the people here. I may be out of my mind Sister, but you’re a fucked up bitch that needs way more help than any of us do!!” You yelled back with impatience. She could torture you as much as she wanted. Keep you isolated as much as she wanted. But you’d see Luke again, and she couldn’t do anything about that.

Using a rag to wipe the stressful perspiration from her face, she came closer. Grabbing a tight grip on your jaw aside from your hissing and groaning.
“Luke thought otherwise when he fucked me.”

Her words made a knot spring into your throat, she we lying. She wanted to get inside your head. It’s what she thrived to do..

“You’re lying-”

“Oh really? When I was moaning out his name, I’d surely think otherwise…” She laughed. Your chest rose and fell quickly, screaming outloud when she let go of you. Not even sure if you were mad at her for telling a lie…or the truth? You asked Luke after he confirmed himself as a ghost, if there was anything else you should’ve known. He would’ve told you.
Or would he?

“F-fuck you…” Your bottom lip quivered. Not from sad tears but bitter and furious ones of rage. The feeling of being incapable of controlling your own limbs, more than aggravating.

Taking a deep out loud, she dismissed the rest of the guards and ordered the doctors to prepare the machines. Stepping forward again, she smiled slyly before running a finger down your bruised cheek to your stomach.

“Go a little easier on her this time, this ones’ with child…”

Trajectory; my thoughts

First off after a 3 week hiatus I have never been so happy to hear- “My Name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive.”, I literally starting crying. 

BUT HOLY CRAP. What an episode it was. The opening scene was funny with Barry and Cisco’s wit 😂 Then Barry ran and I was having a heart attack when he almost fell to his death. All I can say is thank god for Cisco’s toys!! 🙌🏼

The club scene being brought up happened pretty much as I expected, lol made me laugh. I gave myself time to prepare for Grant’s sexy ass in a club but nothing prepared me for this smile … 

🙈😆 I CAN’T. It’s too perfect for words. I surrender. 

Then we get to the club scene …. Warning; (this is going to be a long rant ;)

So when they first get to the club every thing was fine and dandy and then Barry made me laugh when he wouldn’t let Jessie drink. hehe xD he’s going to be such a good daddy to the twins  🙌🏼 … #goodparenting

Then Iris walks in and Barry lights up… 


The scene between Wally and Jessie was too cute, I’m totally shipping them together xD so cute !! 

Cisco asking Caitlin to dance gave me major #KillerVibe feels :) loved it! 

The rest of the time he pretty much couldn’t stop looking at her and I just about died. God where to even start ….  

So we saw this clip in the preview and ever since then I was dying. 

1. Iris mentioned marriage this time, which means things are definitely changing. Usually Barry is the one telling Iris they are married or seeing it in the future. But this time it came from Iris. 😍 

2. You can tell that she totally meant “WHEN we get married” hehe! 

Then she brought it up for the 2nd time in less than a minute. She definitely has Mrs. West-Allen on her mind and I’m like ; ….

…. then this magical scene happened and I floated to heaven ….

1. The way his eyes linger on Iris makes it so clear that he still loves her and it gives me so much hope. He can’t take his eyes off her !!! 

2. Netflix and Chill…. HAHAHA. They totally need to do it. The fact that Barry and Iris are now getting comfortable with the idea that their counterparts are married and actually wonder what it would be like is a HUGE step for West-Allen. 

I was overjoyed by Barry’s response; I see you B. You’re hesitation said it ALL…He’s clearly trying to act like its NBD but it so is!

However Iris seemed a bit disappointed. I think she realized that she is starting to see Barry the way he saw her before but now he isn’t in the same place. She is trying to flirt with him but his heart is guarded. To no fault of his own might I add. He has poured his heart out so many times but Iris never reciprocated. Poor baby.  I think it may take a few episodes for him to realize that Iris wants him the way he wants her. But I think it will be worth the wait 🙏🏼💞

This last gif of them is pure perfection. Both on Grant and Candice’s part. You can tell that they are both shy, and possibly at this point she thinks Barry is aware that she’s flirting so she looks down, but the 2nd peek she takes makes it crystal clear that she is now ready to open her heart to him <3 

After my heart was filled with West-Allen love, it was crushed when Trajectory showed up. Who might I add looks so much like Thea from Arrow 😜 

Trajectory locked my baby in the pipeline…. here I am like 

The Ending; 

I thought it was so cool how she evaporated but when she turned blue I knew there would be a connection to Jay. The look on everyone’s face when Cisco mentioned Jay was Zoom broke my heart so much…it was bad enough that they let him in and trusted him after Wells betrayed them but now Barry got betrayed YET AGAIN. The scream at the end broke me apart and…. the ramifications are going to be devastating for him … 

BUT I am hopeful that Iris and his friends will get him through this. I am excited for Flashback and more West-Allen … BRING IT 😁✌🏼

(Source: @westallengifs , @boniferhasty Thank you for the gifs )