he is literally too cute

kyun in disbelif and melting in happiness when hw chose him as the member he would date >

My Jon posts almost always flop smh
Why can’t y'all see that Jonathan Jacob Walker is my perfect unproblematic fave and he deserves the world


never forget this lovely day when chanyeol pretended that he was being shot by cute babies (◕‿◕✿)


Johny Kwony offered to give Mark the mic, but Mark encouraged him to go on first since he picked it before him! 
He also offered to advertise himself on their full performance video
He is just too cute! Protect these kids!


quick chibi comparison of kurama’s manga colors and anime colors, for fun!! i love his red hair but it’s crazy that he originally had black hair… (phone doodles)

sometimes I remember Bin used to call Eunwoo EuNoo as a cute nickname and my heart just goes !!!!!