he is literally too cute

A conversation between me and one of the kids I babysit
  • Francis(4yo): We all need to stand in order.
  • Me: What order?
  • Francis: Tallest to smallest.
  • Me: Okay, so what order is that?
  • Francis: Daddy, you, Elouise, me.
  • Me: ...You know the order, so why do we have to stand in line?
  • Francis: We don't, I just enjoy the process.




but imagine lying in bed with calum after a massive argument and you’d both lie with your backs turnt to each other, refusing to speak a other word until the other one gave in, and after 10 minutes calum would be almost asleep when he’d notice you shivering on the other side of the bed and at first he’d think you were crying so he’d turn around and rest his hand on your arm, softly whispering “are you okay, babe?” and you’d huff at him but then you’d cave and murmur “i’m freezing” bc you were so used to lying against calum’s unnaturally hot body at night and without it the bed felt like antartica, and calum would just immediately forget all about the fight as he’d wrap himself around you and press his lips against your shoulder and mutter “your personal furnace is at your service” and you’d probably giggle a little as you’d remember why you could never manage to stay mad at calum

When a hot guy stretches and his shirt pulls up:


This kind of got away from me and somehow ended up smutty. My first time with any kind of smut. It’s kind of PG-13. Hope you like it!

It was one of those rare, quiet evenings at home. There was nowhere to go, no one to see and that was perfect. Just you and your boyfriend, Niall, sitting on the couch together in silence while you read and he flipped back and forth between golf and a comedy on the tv. Every so often, the silence was broken by his hearty laugh. Your stomach flipped and your heart swelled with love for him every time. He was just too cute. At one point he was literally slapping his knee in mirth. When he barked out another loud laugh, his eyes crinkling and his head tipped back, you couldn’t resist. You took out your phone and took a picture. The shutter sound caught his attention and he turned to look at you.

“Whatcha doin, pet?” He reached out and grabbed your ankle with one hand , stroking the smooth skin with his thumb.

You felt your face flush with embarrassment over being caught, but also because you couldn’t help but react physically every time he put his hands on you.

“Nothing,” you answered shyly, tucking your chin into your shoulder. You lifted your book up again and tried to hide your eyes behind it, hoping he wouldn’t give you too much grief about your moment playing paparazzi.

His grip on your ankle tightened and he jerked you towards him. You slid until you fell flat on your back with a grunt, your t-shirt riding up baring your stomach. Of course, he wasn’t going to let this go, not when he had a chance to tease you.

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The River, 2016