he is literally the cutest like are you for real


You won’t regret sneaking a look at MinJoon

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So, shall we carry on?!

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They are The tallest and the shortest members of BTS

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You might think these two have no synergy whatsoever

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But No No No No

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You just didn’t notice their similarities

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Jimin may be the only one from the maknae line who can bully Namjoon and Rapmon will be ok with it

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Tossing him in the pool

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Calling him an old man, when he is just one year older

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Calling him a cry baby

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And making sure that the world knows that he is a pervert

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Normally Rapmon should get mad

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but who can get mad at Jimin?

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The man finds him cute whatever he does

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And Chimchim knows how to use his assets

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to make the leader one of his biggest fans

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Rap Monster is even impressed by Mochi’s smol fingers

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He thinks it is the most adorable thing EVER

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I am telling you he is a fool for Jimin

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And it got worse during the blood sweat and tears era

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There wasn’t a video where our leader wasn’t bragging about him

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Even when Jimin was just winning plushies, RM was cheering like he just won the gold medal at the Olympics

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If Park-attractive-handsome-will-make-you-fall-hard-for-him-Jimin look the other way, RM will try to make him turn HIS way

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Just look at him:

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He literally wanna have a bite 

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By now, Namjooni (and every JM stan) thinks Jimini ain’t even real !!

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Who will blame someone who got to experience that angelic smile so close

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At concerts, they are the cutest 

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and it is soooooooo

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heart fluttering !!!

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Jimin is a great dancer so he will be Namjoon’s teacher at times

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They look cool for one minute

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then turn into THIS:

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is Namjoon the brain of BTS and Jimin one of the best dancers of the group

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Skinship is so natural for these two

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And they like each other shoulders?

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Most of the times if you look at Rapmon’s left shoulder

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You will find a cute little mochi occupying it

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For him, it’s as cozy as home

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He will lean on Namjoon

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Cling to him

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You have certainly seen this habit that Jimin developed: laughing while leaning on RM

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It is seriously … a thing

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He will glue himself to Monie and laugh until tears come out

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but it seems this habit got to Namjoon too

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Seriously, If you just look at them you will find yourself smiling with them

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Jimin is one of the members who expresses his emotions easily

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While Namjoon is a leader who is proud of even the smallest achievements of this maknae

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So you will end up with beautiful moments where you can see both their eyes shine while they pull one another for a hug

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Namjoon will naturally grab Jimin’s hand to help him stand up

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because Jimin is his precious younger brother

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Rap monster gave many good pieces of advice to Jimin, yet what is unknown is that Namjoon will talk to Chim about his hard times too as he is a good listener

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These two’s amazing relationship get overshadowed by other ships quite often

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So people do not see how hard they try for each other while doing the smallest things

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Jimin literally lays down on the floor to take a good selfie of Namjoon (tell me if one your friends even cared that much about your photo?)

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There are times RM will talk about deep things that Chichim will not understand, yet he will still listen to him

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Their friendship is built on both admiration and respect

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At good or hard times, they will always grab into one another

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So please stop sleeping on their amazing relationship

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They are two handsome, talented and charming young men worth ALL the time

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So I hope this post will make you catch up and appreciate their future precious interactions

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I promise you

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they are worth your care

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and love

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This post ends here but I hope your appreciation for these two starts now

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There are a lot of things to love about these two, the savagery, the pranks, the hugs, the laughs … I got interested in them since that fan meeting back in 2014 where Jimin got on his knees to propose to Namjoon with a red rose but RM refused him because he had to get his parent’s approval first, then in another fan meeting Jimin will put a veil on Namjoon which will make him stand up and hold into Jimin like they are going to walk down the aisle LOL. They are very random and entertaining so I really get happy whenever they do something together. I wish many other ARMYs will grow to love this duo too~

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Hope you liked it ^^. Love you ARMY <3
By @mimibtsghost

Kissing Wanna One

@woojiniee *nudge nudge* winkeu winkeu ( jihoon’s is like unfairly long but like he’s my bias so oh well. i literally had to take breaks writing this and i had to cut myself off while writing 2Parks bc they were getting too long )

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Hello you~ :). I hope you are having a nice day. I wanted to request a headcanon with a mexican, I just think the latinamerican part of the fandom needs a little bit more of love. Thank you in advance. :D.

hey there, hun~ I’m always up for giving some love to my latinx fam and I hope I didn’t fuck up too much, anon! if I did please inform me so I can fix it right away. Have a nice day as well! (btw since you didn’t specify, I included the usual babes).

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • almost passes out when he sees you greeting other guys with a kiss on the cheek.
  • what the heck mc he feels Betrayed.
  • doesn’t know a lot about mexico aside from the food.
  • so ofc first thing he asks is for you to make him some tacos.
  • but like the real thing please.
  • tries to look up recipes online to cook you a proper mexican meal.
  • it doesn’t work out well bUT it’s the gesture that counts, right? RIGHT?
  • it’s super easy to trick him into cursing in spanish lmao and it’s the cutest thing, he swears he’s saying the cheesiest stuff to you.


  • can’t keep his eyes off of you.
  • you swear you’ve caught him drooling more than once.
  • the kind of guy to call you exotic and shiz.
  • brags about you to literally everyone??? except men because they’re all wolves.
  • seriously this man needs to calm down a bit.
  • gets all hot and bothered every time you say the slightest thing in spanish, like enough to make him leave the room, otherwise he’s afraid he’ll unleash the beast.
  • unless you want him to.
  • if this bothers you he promises to tone himself down.
  • also apologizes because all he knows about latin america relates to beautiful women and passion and love and whatnot.
  • does an effort to actually learn about mexico and is fascinated.


  • is pretty chill about it.
  • your mornings consist of you making breakfast together and dancing around the kitchen to some cumbias or latin pop songs, among other tunes you both enjoy.
  • there’s no dancing before the coffee though.
  • you tend to repeat this routine before dinner, and during weekends, and basically whenever you’re bored.
  • once she got so into a song she sang a line in spanish but it was so bad that her face went entirely red.
  • she wanted the earth to swallow her up.
  • loves mexican sweets and pastries!! 
  • flan is her favorite.
  • has you asking your relatives to send you snacks, and also ingredients so you can bake some recipes you’ve mentioned in the past.


  • knows a little bit of spanish and tries to exercise his skills with you.
  • he’s bad but he compensates it with confidence.
  • watches mexican novelas with elizabeth the 3rd behind your back to try and learn more about you and your culture.
  • …has no idea what’s going on, even elizabeth looks perplexed.
  • decides it’s better to simply ask you about what he wants to know.
  • starts projects and deals with latin american companies.
  • that being said, he takes you with him during business trips.
  • asks you what he can do to make you feel more at home.
  • culture shock is a thing, he’s aware of it, and he wouldn’t want you to feel sad or homesick while staying at south korea.
  • heard something about a group in facebook for latinos in korea and suggests you to join and share your experiences.


  • this boy knows no chill whatsoever.
  • never misses an opportunity to troll you.
  • exchanging memes is basically your thing, that’s how you bond now, apparently.
  • [ignores you in spanish]
  • [cries in korean]
  • pretends to be scared of you when you get angry.
  • well it looks like someone’s getting his ass whooped.
  • probs knows spanish so you can kind of communicate and sing songs with you.
  • disney movies in spanish? siGN HIM TF UP.
  • “let’s start with Aladdin, MC, so we can recreate Un Mundo Ideal together.”
  • all jokes aside, he embraces this side of you, it’s a part of who you are and you’re precious to him so??


  • has never been to mexico but knows his fair share of information.
  • cannot!! believe!! you come from such a beautiful place!!
  • fantastic excuse to go on a trip and take millions of pictures together.
  • soft boi is fascinated by your culture and you.
  • spanish is hard but he tries.
  • and he giggles and stammers and gets all blushed, it’s adorable.
  • the kind of guy to shamelessly dance with you in the middle of the street.
  • it doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, he sucks as well and honestly, who cares? you’re there to have fun.
  • is eager to meet your family.
  • enjoys every meal, every drink and every snack you make him try.
  • will probably miss the food when he’s back home.
  • promises to show you the entirety of south korea next time.


  • not really a big deal for him.
  • it doesn’t matter where you come from you’re still annoyingly cute.
  • lowkey curious about your culture though.
  • since he’s a sickly bean, you have to take care of him often.
  • and the first time you rub vicks vaporub on his chest he gets quite overwhelmed to say the least.
  • “what wait that feels weird ew get away from me.”
  • “…no wait now it feels nice.”
  • not a fan of spicy food because it makes him sick but he has a few bites just for you.
  • one day he shows up wearing a sombrero and a poncho, he looks so pissed and he’s blushing… is he trying to impress you? maybe.
  • “saeyoung made me wear this.”
  • “no, honey…… what did we talk about… taking advice from your brother?”

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Can you do a list of a few cute things each of the boys would do if you were dating? Thank you ^-^

All the fluff akzoskozks


- Forehead kisses 2000000 times a day
- Wrapping an arm around your waist in a crowded area so he never loses hold of you
- Cooking you breakfast in bed
- Giving you back rubs when you’re stressed


- Being sososo attentive of you and memorizing every detail possible
- Letting you come to the studio with him all the time and just talking while he works
- Randomly grabbing your hand and kissing across your knuckles
- Doing quite literally anything for you and acting like a grouch while it’s happening but his tummy is probably doing flips in happiness


- Teaching you so softly how to some of their choreography because he enjoys sharing his interests with you and he’d be like “okay baby, get this move totally down and I’ll give you a kiss” cause he’s a cutie
- Waking you up with kisses all over your face
- Tickle fights/play fights all the damn time
- Overall just being a complete angel, he’ll always be there to make you happy


- Late night talks where you’re tangled together, one of his hands in your hair and the other probably on your boob or butt and he’s just telling you his theories and outlook on the world
- Clumsy bf Namjoon where he tries to do something romantic but something always goes wrong and then he gets all flustered but you’re like “it’s okay bb, it’s still amazing” and he’s like “this is why I’m in love with you”
- Kisses all the time, cheek kisses, neck kisses, jaw kisses, forehead kisses, all the kisses
- B A C K H U G S


- He’s a cheese ball and would have a cheesy comment for everything you do, resulting in him laughing and blushing each and every time he says something cheesy
- So many cuddles it hurts
- Okay consider this: lazy Sundays with Jimin where you stay in bed until noon and then shower together and then go to the convenience store and stock up on whole bunch of snacks and then watch movies and cuddle for the rest of the day
- He’s just the cuddliest person to ever exist


- Tae would do everything spontaneously and some of the cutest moments ever would come of it - like, you’d go down to the beach one day and there would be a huge group of kids and he’d befriend them all and you’d just watch like “wow, I can’t believe angels are real”
- He’d play with your hair all. The. Time.
- Silly selfies 24/7
- Also cuddles 24/7 where he literally cocoons himself into you because he’s an actual puppy


- The type of boyfriend who takes pictures of you all the time when you’re doing simple things because he just loves you so much and wants to preserve the moment
- Back hugs are also a big thing for Jungkook, like he’d just rest his chin on the top of your head and slowly sway back and forth
- The cutest random kisses where he pulls away and then blushes and apologizes like “I’m sorry… I just really wanted a kiss” and you’re like *lol I’m dying ur so good how are you mine*
- Bunny smiles at everything you do, he’s just so full of pride that he got someone as amazing as you and he’ll never get over it

Desperate Summers

Pairing: Mikey Way x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Summary: It’s July 4, 2005, and you’re a guitar tech working Vans Warped Tour. You accidentally eavesdrop on a conversation between Mikey Way and Pete Wentz that you were never supposed to hear.

A/N: Happy 4th of July to all of my American followers! 

It was the fourteenth night of Warped Tour, and tonight, you and the musicians you worked for were in Fresno. It was also the 4th of July. You knew that a couple bands had bought fireworks, and planned to set them off after the show tonight. But, you weren’t worried about that right now. Your primary concern was getting sound check done on time - all the members of My Chemical Romance were onstage, ready to start, except for Mikey Way.

“Maybe he’s still on Fall Out Boy’s bus,” Gerard suggested. “He’s been hanging out with them a lot lately.”

“I guess I’ll head over there and look for him,” you decided.

“Thanks, Y/N!” Frank shouted at your back as you began walking towards the row of tour buses.

You found Fall Out Boy’s bus pretty easily - it had their name right on it. You swung open the door and were about to climb the steps when you heard voices coming from inside.

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I adore how much Even is like 'you don't know how to make Tea? You're still a genius baby" "you always eat junk food? Gotta take over the kitchen and make you the best food there is" and literally like he spoils Isak so much, and then when Isak is grumpy, Even is *heart eyes*. For real, I'm jealous. If I'm grumpy and can't cook for shit I feel like a loser but to Even that's the cutest thing apparently.

I’m honestly in love with their dynamic

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Could we get some Ukitake SFW & NSFW headcannons? ❤

Okay I’m on mobile right now so bear with me… Edit: I’m finally home and can fix the dang formatting.

Originally posted by okami-fr


  • Jushiro is a literal cinnamon roll. He is so sweet and when he’s awake and well he is a literally the ideal boyfriend. 
  • He feels really guilty about being sick. Don’t let him wallow in his sadness and remind him he can’t help it and you love him how he is. He’ll thank you later.
  • Likes impromptu picnics when he’s up to it. Any chance to avoid his ‘stalkers’ lol
  • will kiss your hands as a sign of affection. It’s super cuteeee


  • He lacks stamina for multiple rounds but he makes up for it by having literally the best stroke game.
  • For real. He’s one of the oldest members in the seireitei and all those years equates to experience. Lots of experience.
  • He’s a gentle lover though. Don’t expect him to get too rough. He will pepper every inch of you with kisses and whisper the sweetest things to you.
  • Has the cutest ‘o’ face. He looks like an actual angel.
Todoroki Shoto general headcanons

• Prefers winter over all seasons because it reminds of his mother.

• He likes to study with piano covers on a low volume as a sort of white noise. He thinks it provides a sort of peaceful atmosphere which is a great contrast to what he’s most likely studying.

• He loves early morning (4 am- 6 am) out of all the times of day because though it’s getting lighter outside he can still see the stars and the moon.

• He is a sincere lover of traditional things, ie. Festivals, new years shrine visits, summers with all the doors of his house opens, just little things that make up a childhood of nostalgia (Even if his dad was a real dickfuck)

• Todoroki has the cutest bed head, literally the purest thing.

• Is actually a pretty avid sports fan.

• When he gets really tired he becomes the most precious bean in all of existence

• it’s an unspoken rule among the class that if he falls asleep in class you let him sleep because of the previous statement.

• Since his childhood, Todoroki has been very sheltered and honestly a lot of the things his class mates do, say, and act out low-key scare him

• He smells like rain on a late-fall morning with a hint of lavender and eucalyptus.

• The boi needs a god-damn hug.

Y'all why the fuck is my dash still covered of people being super salty about Joseph?
Like you let the people who like creepy ass dudes like him, which isn’t actually in canon anymore since it’s scrap, um???
Bitch, there are S I X other beautiful dads, sexy, sweet dads, out there
And if you keep holdin onto one of em cause there was a chance he might run a cult
Bitch, im sorry, but y'all need to relax
Hugo? Sweet, sweet boy who is smart and treats you really well
Brian? Big soft man who will love you and wants to grill you up the good shit
Damien? A fuckin angel, will give you a bouquet and wants you to know he adores you
Robert? Um hard ass- jk, an actual cutie who loves hangin out at the bar and then gettin pizza, literally has the cutest laugh
Craig? Your best friend and he supports you and acts very loving towards anything you do, literally your bro from start to finish
Mat? A blessing, will let you try any new tea/coffee he’s made, n will take you to a record store, like… everyday
So, guys, please don’t waist your time ranting about some ending that’s NOT EVEN IN THE REAL GAME ANYMORE get you knocked away from playing it and enjoying it
And Joseph? Well shit, he’s a reversed sour patch kids, he’s sweet then he’s sour

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How would the gasters act if something happened and their S/O shrunk to only 5 inches tall?


-you will be his pocket pet
-he loves you and sometimes will poke you so you squeak and he laughs so giddy when you do
-cuts your food up real tiny (like in those hamster videos, you know the ones)




-really afraid and concerned he will step on you.
-so he settles for making you a little ‘nest’ under his hood on his shoulder
-you get all the kisses


-commissions a carpenter to make a tiny doll house for you
-gets a fashion designer to make you tiny clothes
-literally, thinks you’re the cutest thing ever,


-will probably eat you. not for the same reasons as UF tho…

~mod ☕ Bean

Baking Mad *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

Prompt: “I need a detachable hand to attach a whisk onto my arm”
Warnings: Ultimate fluff, swearing and Bucky just being the cutest little sh*t ever. Its Super long, sorry about that.
Admins Note: So, have you ever been in the real world and something happens and you are just like “oh my god, that’s totally something Bucky Barnes would say or do” in your head. I had that moment with my brother, he was helping me bake, and he was reminding me of Bucky. He said something that literally had me like O_O “Bucky is that you?” it was so surreal. 

You don’t know how you managed it but you did. You had somehow convinced Bucky Barnes AKA The Winter Soldier into helping you bake! Normally he could hardly resist your puppy eyes and the pouting of your lips, you usually could say you had Bucky wrapped around your little finger but for some reason he always resisted the pleading of you asking him to bake with you, something you never understood; considering he always ate ALL of the cookies and brownies you made. 

Today he folded, he let out an annoyed groan with an eye roll and nodded to your request claiming he was only doing it to get you to shut up about it. 

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About Leon

I have to point something out that bothers me since a while…
I read more than once that people think Cerim is like a cheap copy of Leon/They are very similar… goddamn NOOO they aren’t alike!!
Both of them are kinda cold and not really interested in their surroundings… in the first days at least in Leons case. But Leon is just like that because he has literally no emotions and memorys?? Cerim is just a normal dude who is not interested because.. it’s his character. But Leon is one of the kindest and cutest characters ever?? And interested in basically everything… the emotion/memory thing is just like a lock in front of his REAL character… he is not a robot or less intelligent. All these things are just new for him. So many people judge him just because he acts kinda weird in other storys… and yes he acts weird. But you can’t judge him without even knowing his story… his first days are a bit lame to be honest, but I love the climax of his story it’s very interesting and you finally see the real Leon.

Sorry I just wanted to say that because it hurts me that he is so underrated q.q

anonymous asked:

ngl sebastian stan exasperates me. his little face and bumbling ways. he needs to tone down the cuteness levels because i just want to be able to li v e

I know 😔😔😔 cutest man in the world honestly 😔😔😔 literally there’s no one more endearing, if you could bottle whatever it is that makes Seb who is as a person, you’d make a shit load of money because he’s nice and charming and witty and kinda awkward and smart but not pretentious about it and he’s real talented and with a good heart like????? what a guy honestly, What A Guy™

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Why do you love Kyungsoo D.O?

Why do I love Kyungsoo? 


You mean aside from the obvious fact that D.O is literally like the most adorable cutest little (aside from Lay, that’s another story- 2nd favorite/ if i could have a second bias btw)…buttercup cupcake precious sweet thing ever. (Observe following photos)

*i should probably stop here…but there are endless pictures of Squishy soo*

Okay, so let’s go straight to the nitty gritty as in the real meat and potatoes. 

I honestly love Kyungsoo D.O because 

-He works so hard to get where he is. I mean generally that all do and everyone can say this about their ultimate bias/bias. But really, Kyungsoo works so hard. He’s not the most attractive, speaking in general, like if someone was just getting in to EXO they’d probably think Kai or Kris. He’s also not the strongest physically but Kyungsoo is a very hardworking person. He always wants to do his best and he works for it. He won’t accept anything less. It’s inspirational really. 

-One thing I love about him is how even when he loses or does something wrong, he will accept his fault and take his punishment (EXO Weekly Idol, Happy Camp, Showtime..etc.) or whatever he deserves as a result of his mistake. He’s very gentlemanly and mannerly. Usually people don’t accept their faults and try to fight back but Kyungsoo doesn’t argue. He just accepts it. Even if he doesn’t like feeling defeated, he is willing to accept it and work harder to try and do better next time. I really respect that about him. 

-His split personality…for lack of a better way to put it. When he’s with his members, he usually hits them a lot *cough* baekyeol *cough* and even makes fun of/ scolds them sometimes. He comes off sometimes as quiet and cold Some people have given him this image of being “evil” and “satan/demon like.” That always amuses me. In actuality Kyungsoo loves his members. He loves EXO. He probably just beats them up to show how much he loves them. Haha. But really, Kyungsoo is actually as sweetheart. He takes care of his members especially being “umma.” He cares about them and hopes that they are always well and that EXO will stay together a long time. (EXO Showtime ep. 5) He wants the best for himself and his members. He’s always thinking of them. Kyungsoo is very cordial and caring person. He’s very kind and cheerful. He’s very lovable.  ^_^

-Kyungsoo likes to cook. He even wants to be a chef. He cooks most of the time for his members. I bet his food taste really good. (This is always a plus for men tbh. ;) He’s also very clean and organized. 

-Kyungsoo has a great and very cute sense of humor even though it doesn’t always show. He’s pretty funny. Most times it’s usually because of something he does over something he says. Either way he’s a total goofball and wacky fun. 

-Kyungsoo weird dancing. That’s just something I love. 

Just look at it. This needs to be a thing. KyungsooBoogie, Kyungsoo Step, the D.Ougie….no? okay. *insert baekhyun’s kkaebsong*

-Kyungsoo’s sexy side. Kyungsoo is definitely not the sexual type. Like you don’t have constant gifs of him on your dash with him pelvic thrusting and touching himself like someone I know *cough* Kai *cough* *rolls eyes*…but that’s the thing. He has it. He has a side of him that can make your ovaries shiver and collapse and the reason they do that is because it happens when you least expect it. Like Kai for example, you always expect it because he’s just that damn fine like hell yeah you’re ovaries are going to turn into shriveled raisins…he’s probably the reason there are barely any ovaries left. But the thing about Kyungsoo is that even though he doesn’t show it often, he has it And boy does he have it. (observe)

(crotch…no shame…I have no shame. it’s there. i see it…no shame in pointing it out. mhmm. yes i did.)

Oooh, do not get me started on his Sorry Sorry performance. I wish I could put more but I need to wrap this up. 

-His lips, Eyes, and Smile. utter perfection. I mean..

wait…back to sexiness

this is a classic. 

back to his lips/smile/ eyes

look at him…lips, eyes, and smile. *kisses screen*

ahhh, this is longer than even i expected, well let’s move on to the most important detail of my Kyungsoo

-THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I LOVE ABOUT KYUNGSOO. (Of course the other stuff is important too, but this is the very detail that made him my bias when i was in a struggled dilemma of deciding between him and Xiumin. This is the 80% detail that made him my ultimate bias. This is the detail that made me love him.)

His Voice.

There are some people who blessed with talents and are talented. But there are some people who are blessed with gifts and are gifted. D.O is definitely the among the gifted. His voice is perfection. If you could hear what Heaven sounds like, what the water in Heaven sounds like, the sound of a golden chocolate fountain in Heaven, it is his voice. Now, D.O listens to a lot of music and he said a couple years back that he wanted the RnB voice. He wanted that voice, and now he has it and BOY DOES HE HAVE IT. Not only does D.O have that voice, He owns it with every part of his being. I didn’t know a guy could sing so well until I heard him sing. (course he’s not the only one EXO…sometimes I have a heart attack with Chen…but that’s another story)…And I don’t mean just sing. A lot of people can sing but i mean SING. LIKE SIIING. Like your life depends on it. Like you’re body will be nothing but dust and the only thing keeping you in perfect form is you singing. I know that’s exaggerated but really. Kyungsoo D.O can siiiiiiiing. I mean SAAAAAANG. His voice is like the reason I get up in the morning. His verses are moments I live for and when he sings in English. DON’T GET ME STARTED ON HIS ENGLISH SINGING. OH MY GOD. First of all, D.O’s english, is perfect. Like, you can tell there is an accent, but his pronunciation is just so perfection. Yes..so perfection. Like, he might as well be fluent. (KCON 2K13)  I keep saying perfection because i can’t think of a better way to describe it. He speaks better than Kris and Kris is fluent in English. But anyways, Like if you don’t think D.O is a great singer like, you need to go watch a couple of compilations and get your life because that’s a voice that will take you to the promise land. *Insert black lady YAASSSSSS gif.* Like he can sing, I love his voice. Especially when he sings Bruno Mars. 




oh i wish I could write more but i’ve been sitting here for about 1 and half hours…no i’m kidding, i’ve been sitting here since 11: 23 and it’s almost 1am. But anyways…yes this is why I love Kyungsoo D.O. 

He’s just a bundle of perfection that I want to keep locked away in my heart forever. 

let’s not forget that ^…..it may not be working but…I’m pretty sure we all know about it. haha

Thanks for asking the question though. I am extremely sorry that this is long. 

// Hi anon!! Thank you! also my inbox blew up so fast, 50 requests within a couple of hours oh my goodness i’m so sorry for keeping you guys waiting for requests to open for so long!! but there’s so many good ones in there including this one that I really like! ♡


- He’s never been too into all that stuff, he’d much rather watch a movie with real people and such.

- “ But Zen!! There are live action movies made for animes! ”

- True good point he will watch those

- The way you obsess? Adorable.

- He literally loves it

- You look so good in your little cosplay that’s literally just the cutest thing?

- “ Zen i’m trying to cosplay a character who’s a cold blooded killer here. ”

- “ If looks could kill everyone would be dead whenever you walk in the room! ”

- cheesy very cheesy

- He’ll come to conventions with you and might even cosplay, but he doesn’t really know who he’s cosplaying– You picked out and made his outfit!

- Still gets a lot of compliments, it’s actually pretty fun!! He really wants to come back with you sometime if that’s okay.


- He’s never gotten too into it, well at least not to your level.

- “ What is this? ”

- “ Its a 42 inch limited edition wallscroll!”

- You’re such a nerd it makes his heart heart hurt he loves you so much like that’s so cute how excited you get about this stuff?

- Supports your little habits of collecting merch, he’ll buy most of it for you but he doesn’t watch any of the shows so he gets a little mixed up when he’s getting them

- “ Is the little pony not an anime? ”

- “ No Jumin, it’s not. ”

- at least he’s trying ~

- He won’t usually come to conventions just because he’s busy a lot but he’ll ask you to take pictures for him of everything.


- YES he loves anime he’s so excited when he finds out you do too!!

- He’s such a weeb he’s so pumped

- he’ll show you his collection of merch or cards as well as introduce you to new shows.

- He’s always been a little shy so going to cons has been scary for him but if you come with him he has an amazing time

- You guys cosplay as some LOLOL characters at his request and you two made your costumes together, he thought that was really cool.

- He’s super supportive and will save up money for cons every year, he really likes going with you.


- Welcome to the club, MC.

- This boy has been going to cons for years but no one ever recognizes him since his costumes are so good and different every year.

- He loves everything that you like and will flip out

- you’re just like him!! this is meant to be!!

- You talk about everything you’re interested in for hours

- He makes his own costumes whenever he has time, so you two make them together.

- When you show up his friend is Tom is waiting!! You guys had a 3 character cosplay.

- Lots of pictures, Especially selfies with you.

- The rest of the RFA thinks it’s childish but he doesn’t care he has an amazing time with you regardless.

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Doge-al Unit (Puppy!Vocal Unit)


  • Prettiest white+light brown shih tzu you will ever see
  • EVER.
  • Has the softest fur that needs to be brushed on the daily
  • Takes pride on the luscious coat of fur
  • His fur feels like it’s conditioned everyday
  • Puppy!jeonghan is pretty much a cat stuck in a dog’s body
  • Naps all day everyday
  • Is too good for people
  • Listens to no one
  • Lives on the couch in a bol of fluff 25/8
  • Doesn’t really move for anything other than food
  • you call his name?
  • he just lifts his head a little bit to look at you
  • returns his head to its spot between his paws immediately afterwards
  • Literally all he does is turn to look at you a bit
  • If that
  • Absolutely refuses to greet you at the door the way puppy!joshua does
  • Puppy!jeonghan does what puppy!jeonghan wants - which is not moving
  • Refuses to go on walks though he likes to explore the background for scraps once every blue moon
  • First time you tried to take puppy!jeonghan on a walk, you ended up carrying him
  • For most of the “walk”
  • He would not move, no matter how hard you pulled on the leash
  • Still doesn’t move on walks
  • You literally need to drag him outside
  • One time, you needed to feed puppy!jeonghan medication for the tear stains (bc he a white puppy)
  • He refused to eat it so you added some spam to it
  • Now he refuses to eat anything unless there’s spam in it
  • Freaking spoiled brat
  • You didn’t mean to spoil him
  • Now it’s too late
  • RIP you and your wallet
  • Puppy!Jeonghan pretty much rules the house
  • You thought you trained puppies?
  • This puppy is training you


  • gorgeous australian shepherd puppy
  • Best behaved puppy you will ever meet
  • Never barks
  • Some sort of puppy genius
  • Was potty trained before he left the shelter despite still being a v young pup
  • Master of doggy tricks and picks them up SUPER fast
  • Learned sit, stay, down, and roll over in the same day
  • His favorite trick though is playing dead
  • Is super extra about it
  • You shoot him with a finger gun and say “BANG”
  • He jumps up and falls over, legs splayed in really abnormal ways
  • Has knocked over other puppies doing this
  • Is sitting in front of the door, waiting for you when you get back home
  • Will sit there wagging his tail and panting with smiley eyes
  • Doesn’t jump at you bc he’s trained well
  • The type of puppy that doesn’t run ahead of his owner during walks
  • Walks next to the owner and only lets loose when explicitly given permission to
  • When he’s off duty from being man’s best friend, you can find him getting turnt with puppy!vernon and puppy!dk
  • or just watching puppy!seungkwan’s performance in awe and shock
  • Very caring of other puppies
  • Confused about why they all fight so much
  • Especially puppy!the8 and puppy!mingyu
  • Also confused by puppy!woozi
  • He’s so cute but so vicious sometimes?
  • Isn’t too worried about it bc puppy!woozi’s never attacked him
  • Still gets a little scared when puppy!woozi goes into icy glare mode
  • Had the toy since he was adopted and you honestly have no clue where it came from
  • Refuses to leave it unless it’s safely tucked away in his bed
  • Super attached to it
  • Who knows why but it’s cute
  • Sleeps with it in between his paws and rests his head on it like a pillow
  • If you see puppy!josh, the little dash of yellow is prob nearby
  • You took it away once to wash it
  • He waited in front of the dryer till it came out and snuggled with it as soon as it did
  • V koot


  • A freaking pomsky
  • AKA the cutest thing in the history of the world ever
  • Pretty like a husky but barky like a Pomeranian
  • Doesn’t understand how cute he is
  • Doesn’t understand why people stop and coo so much over him
  • Hates it
  • Just wants to be alone
  • Attacks puppy!wonwoo when puppy!wonwoo tries to bite his snout
  • Starts lots of puppy fights
  • Has mastered both tackling and biting
  • Tried attacking a stuffed bear twice the size of him once
  • Little floof attacking larger floof
  • Was v cute
  • Has also attacked puppy!seungkwan and puppy!mingyu a few times
  • Wants to get piggyback rides from the other puppies but his pride won’t let him ask
  • Secretly v happy when great dane puppy!mingyu offers to let him ride
  • Like VERY happy
  • But no one needs to know that
  • Also a huge fan of using other puppies as his personal pillow
  • Will wander over to puppy!dk when he’s sleeping
  • Looks around to make sure no one’s watching
  • And plops his head on puppy!dk’s back to go to sleep
  • Puppy!dk just snores through the whole ordeal
  • Puppy!woozi is super cute and everyone loves him
  • Everyone falls for his kootness and wants to pet him
  • Lets no one touch him except for you and his puppy!friends
  • NO ONE
  • Attempts to bite off alien hands that try to pet him
  • Loves it when you pet him though
  • Esp when you rub behind his ears
  • He gets a super content smile on his face and kinda dozes off
  • Really cute >.<
  • Very scary sometimes though
  • Has the icy glare of a husky down to an art
  • Can silence puppy!dk and puppy!seungkwan and puppy!soonyoung and p much all the puppies with one look
  • Icy glare from little ball of floof
  • V scary, but also just super cute


  • V smiley dachshund with floppy ears!
  • You know what Ryan Higa’s dog looks like? Looks like that
  • Ears flop whenever he runs
  • Tail wagging 50 billion mps at all times
  • Also very panty and lowkey drooly
  • But it’s ok bc he’s cute!
  • Shows affection for the other puppies by nipping at their tails with his smol teeth
  • Puppy!seungkwan is done with puppy!dk biting his tail
  • Barks at E.V.E.R.Y. squirrel he sees
  • Every. Single. One.
  • Also barks at very biker that passes by while he’s on his walk
  • Lovessss going on walks
  • All the people at the park where he goes for walks love him
  • He’s the sweetest puppy ever
  • Gives everyone lots of kisses, making him super popular
  • Despite being super cute and lovable, he’s a handful
  • Seems to especially like the taste of shoes
  • And laptop cords
  • Puppy!dk does also eat hw
  • He’s done it a few times but he ended up puking it back up >.<
  • Paper doesn’t sit well with his tummy
  • Hates seeing you sad
  • When you look down, he’ll waddle over and plop himself down in your lap and stare at you with the cutest puppy eyes
  • Then he goes to grab his toy for you to play with him
  • Never fails to cheer you up
  • How could you not?
  • Puppy!dk is literally the cutest
  • Ball of endless energy
  • Freaking BOUNCES everywhere with his floppy ears !!!!
  • Only puppy bouncier than him is possibly puppy!hoshi
  • No one else comes close
  • Wakes you up in the middle of the night so he can go outside to pee
  • Wakes you by walking into your room and nudging your face with his bold, wet nose
  • gets real annoying
  • but he koot so you forgive him


  • Epitome of swaggy corgi pup
  • Acts like he’s too cool for his human
  • He has a little pair of sunglasses that are too big for him
  • Wears them all the time anyways
  • Lowkey salty about puppy!Vernon being the one to start the party when the owners are out
  • Gets over it really quick bc he steals the show real fast
  • Shoves his shades onto his snout and steals the mic from puppy!vernon
  • Howls and barks like it’s nobody’s business
  • Also dances while doing this
  • Has tried to learn how to backflip from puppy!hoshi
  • Didn’t end too well
  • Only reason he didn’t break anything during the backflip attempts is that he didn’t really turn….
  • Minor details
  • Still convinced he was super close to succeeding
  • Puppy!hoshi lets him think that
  • V easily scared
  • One time, he was sitting in the backyard when a leaf fell onto his snout
  • He freaked - jumped up and ran around until his little legs fell out from under him in a panic
  • Refused to go outside for a solid 4 hours after that experience
  • Spent those 4 hours trying to get into the treat bag
  • Never figured out how to open the ziploc and ripped open a hole
  • Was greeted by another ziploc bag holding the treats inside a box that had been in a bigger bag
  • Never got to the treats
  • Also LOVES attention from you
  • Will come and plop himself down in your lap, belly up and will even drag your hand to his belly if you’re taking too long
  • P much a demand for a belly rub
  • Gotta be able to read the signs
  • Whines when your hand stops moving
  • Doesn’t bc despite being a beagle, puppy!scoups is known for strength
  • Puppy!mingyu and puppy!seungkwan have different ideas of what constitutes the term “one bite”
  • Really salty about everything and holds his grudges against the other puppies until they bring him food or ignore him back
  • One or the other
  • Falls over a lot for no reasons
  • Prob bc his legs are so stubby
  • #justcorgiproblems

Written by Admin Sea

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Before I get carried away imagine a cute moment when you accidently drop a dollop of chocolate on the end of his nose so he looks like a little reindeer. He giggles and you kiss it off.

d’aaaww! i woud literally do anything to hear him giggle in real life with or without liquid chocolate. under all those public personas he really is the cutest 😌💙

Originally posted by fuckyeahthedeathramps

how do you hate cas??? how do you hate that dweeby ass badass dude????? how do you hate the most fucking metal af angel in the garrison?? the cutest lil puppy faced nugget child???????? the bravest, kindest, celestial wavelength of intent who rebelled against all of heaven and god and the fucking universe, literally, because he wanted to give humanity a chance???? like…… he got sO EXCITED about guinea pigs???? he drives a pimp car??? he’s so full of love and light and goodness and all he wants to do is help people and do good and be better?!?!?1?11/!? hOW D O YO U HA TE HIM??????

Epilogue in Manila

you guys, i met BTS for real. They were all beautiful.

Taehyung looks like a porcelain doll. He’s unreal. We had a one second eye contact (i died, it was more than enough for me) I literally thought i wouldnt get to see him upclose because he kept going to the other side of the stage. HIS VISUAL WAS UNREAL. my world stopped when he approached our side. Everything was on slow motion.

Jeongguk looked like a baby with a really muscly body. He is the cutest smol squishy sexy baby faced. His voice is like honey, i was on cloud nine. His english was so cute.

Jimin ohmyg don’t let me get started on PARK FRIGGIN jimin. I’m a taehyung biased okay. Tae is my boo bae but jeesuz holy i cannot stop looking at park jimin. He was glowing!!!! even if the spotlight wasnt at him (he doesnt need it, he has his own built in spotlight) I swear to god his stage presence and stare is everything. U BIAS wrecker you!!! (i still love u tae)

Yoongi was cheeky and was so good at live rapping. HE WAS MADE TO DO THIS. you see i was seated at the top most part. I saw him approach our side and his presence was so magnetic i literally ran down as fast as lighting so that i can see him upclose. I have never run as fast as i did that day. YOONGi U DA MAN. MY MAN.

Hoseok was literally the life of the party, what he was on the videos he is 10x more. We did a word formation project and he was the first one who saw it and figured it out. He is hands down the best dancer like wow!!!

Namjoon went to our side one time and did his dimply smile and his wiggly eyebrows and literally everyone on our section went “aww” this man is gorgeous. He was sick tho, but to see him try hard is more than enough. I love you joon-ah.

Seokjin, okay first and foremost JIN knows how handsome he is. You can literally feel from his oh so confident aura that he knows, and god he did this point thingy with his fingers and raised his eyebrows (charmingly) and we all giggled. JEESUz yes i dont even know, it was so funny and cute and rude and ughh.