he is literally flawless

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Um I don't want to offend you by asking this, but do you have any recommendations for mm cc creators? I love your work, but I want a variety in my game with cas and build mode. Also, cc creators don't only use THEIR cc. I think. Thanks!

Hmm well there are A LOT of mm creators. And ur definition of mm is probably different then mine, bc some people think recolors aren’t mm enough lmao. but ‘off the top of my head(see page 10000000)’ the mm cc creators I see a lot of stuff from is:


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It’s not because the writing is flawless because, let’s face it, Mull is wonderful at many things but he has no voice or style.



Name one perfect villain. Voldemort? His weakness was arrogance and also breakable items. Galbatorix? Boring. The Ring of Sauron? Is that even a thing? Idk but it’s boring as well. Darth Vader?? Wasn’t he actually a good guy gone wrong? Idk guys I don’t watch these movies sorry.


Fucking flawless villain.

He plotted and schemed for millenia. Literally. He was patient and cunning and always about fifty steps ahead of his enemies. He had no weaknesses.

Best of all, his ultimate plan was not to rule the world or achieve immortality or whatever. It was just to make the world a better place, and honestly, it might have worked. He had a whole system set up in advance, he had everything prepared to control the demons. The scariest part? He was so NOT power hungry that he was 100% willing to put his plan down and walk away if the demons were not willing to cooperate. After /thousands/ of years of preparation, he was totally fine with doing that. Because he wasn’t crazy. He was totally logical, totally reasonable. It’s almost terrifying how cunning and intelligent he was.

And he didn’t even hold anything against his enemies. He respected them, he never underestimated them. He played to their strengths and weaknesses perfectly so he could get exactly what he needed from them. They didn’t even realize that they had. (*cough*the dragon betrayal*cough*) and he promised amnesty to them should his plan ever come to fruition. He wanted them on his side and he totally understood that they never would be.

In fact, the only thing that caused his downfall was something he would not have had an iota of control over. I don’t want to give too many spoilers because ~read the books~ but if it weren’t for a betrayal that he never could have seen coming because it was literally in the makings for longer than he’d been alive, his plan would have totally succeeded. He had ALL the cards and he didn’t let his guard down even then. And once the betrayal happened, he joined forces with his enemies to bring down the demons.

The good guys NEVER would have succeeded without the Sphinx.

That’s. What. Makes. Him. A. Perfect. Villain.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: ????? why do people sLEEP ON THE CHINA LINE like have u seen xu minghao?? the bOI is literal perfection he's a flawless fucking noodle and wen jUNhui omfggg u people are lucky enough to live during the years of his GODLIKE PRESENCE and u all take it for granted im so sick and tired of this shit ungratefulness ev ERy where whaT HAVE THEY DONE TO DESERVE THIS??? SINCE WHEN IS BEING BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED A PUNISHABLE CRIME ID EK??
*breathes in*

mitch grassi means the world to so many people and he impacts lives every single day without even knowing about it. he is open about who he is and honestly that helps so many other people open up about who they are, whether that means they come out about being LGBTQ+ or admit that they have a mental illness, or even just something small that possibly could have been eating them up inside for a long time. his involvement with project HEAL has been so moving and impactful to so many and inspires more than he could ever know. and don’t even get me started on his talent. he is literally the most beautiful amazing flawless person on the planet and I’m so proud to love him. he is a truly beautiful human inside and out and no one can deny that. he affects thousands of people’s lives every single day. the fact that he uses his social media platforms to discuss real world issues and connect with fans all over the world means so much to me because it truly shows that he is human. he breathes the same air that we do and is as impacted by negative comments and issues as we are. he is not his fame. it does not define him. which makes it so much more real. and my god, am I ever glad to love him. I must be the luckiest person in the world to be a fan of someone so unapologetically THEM and so irrevocably good, right down the core. mitch grassi truly inspires me, and I’m not just saying that because of his fame. I’m saying that because he is so much more than that. he is inspiration. he is goodness.

i cant gather my thoughts because that was much much much too much but im not even trying to be dramatic or exaggerate when i say that hobi is literally flawless he really is so so so beautiful and divine and his stage presence is unbeatable i could barely rip my eyes from him during the whole concert he really exudes warmth in real life he’s so captivating and amazing from his cute little expressions he makes @ the audience during spring day when he’s not facing the front and how he has a genuine sense of joy and radiance to cypher 4 where i only i saw the the back of his head but still creamed myself,. he really is fucking flawless and i cant believe i got to be in same room as him and witness his raw unrivalled talent and excellence

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Maybe a bit of an odd question, but what are your thoughts on Ouma's love hotel bonus mode scene? Had Saihara reciprocated/"given back", so to speak, do you think he would've allowed it to continue or was his plan to bail from the start no matter what? Thanks!

Ah, now this is a fun question! It all comes down to a question of trust.

We know pretty well that Ouma didn’t want to open up to or trust any of the rest of the group. He was far too engrossed in his plans, and far too jaded and skeptical to think it would actually work. And yet if there’s anyone at all who he stood a pretty good chance of actually opening up to, it’s Saihara. By simple virtue of the fact that he could not figure Saihara out, and the fact that Saihara was the only one who stood even a remote chance of figuring both him and the truth of the killing game out because he was a detective, fascinated Ouma to the point that despite his very firm intentions of not getting attached…well, he definitely got attached.

If you ask me if I thought Ouma would’ve allowed himself to respond or let his guard down if Saihara had actually reciprocated his feelings, then my answer is I think consciously, he would’ve still tried to bail. However, if you ask me if I think he would’ve gotten totally wrapped up in the moment and perhaps made some mistakes even he didn’t account for—then yes, definitely.

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me when i'm talking to fellow tony stans: i mean i know tony can be an ass sometimes and he has flaws like he shouldn't have done x - etc. me when some random anti says: yes tony is the worst he should die why does he even exist ugh he's-- me: so anyway tony stark is the most perfect character to ever be created and he's the best and he's literally flawless and he's made of sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and xDDD

LOL you and all of us bud, you and all of us 

hobi appreciation

hobi is literal sunshine and deserves so much love. here’s me appreciating jung hoseok <333 

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his smiles are literal sunshine…

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flawless and beautiful…

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but then he does this bullshit.

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the level of rude, im just…

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what is that smirk, sir?

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can we pls get this hairstyle back for hobi?

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what is he????

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danger era was a blessing.

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for some reason my appreciation posts always seem to take a sinful turn.

im suing you jung hoseok. i swear there could be a separate post for his jawline only, bc its sharp enough to cut glass.

thanks to @kurooozora​ for cheering me up today! :)))

I Saw an Angel *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

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Requested by beautiful anon: The Avengers talk about you to Bucky, who still needs to meet you, only he literally bumps into you at one of Tony’s flawless parties. Where you are both speechless over one another, plus shy as hell.
Warnings: Fluff Bucky and Fluff Ro has officially landed.
Admins Note: I loved this request, thank you to the girl who personally messaged me for this, I love you and honoured you picked me to write this for you. - Ro

“You’ll love her, she’s super sweet and adorable, and it’s hard not to love her” Steve smiled at Bucky who just nodded at his friend, remaining silent; he had heard all sorts of nice things about you from all the Avengers.

 Bucky was nervous to meet you, you were described as sunshine by everyone and they all loved you, if you hated him then that was it; the purest human – Thor’s words- would hate him and he didn’t want that, he wanted you to like him, he wanted everyone to like him. 

Bucky was new and you had been on a much-needed vacation, as Tony called it, you went back home to see family and friends; meaning you missed Bucky’s arrival, but Steve did tell you all about it over the phone and you couldn’t wait to meet him, he sounded nice.

“She’ll be at the party tonight, I cannot wait for you to meet her, my two best friends finally meeting one another” Steve grinned and Bucky gulped, this was the first time he heard you’d be attending, he didn’t want to meet you at Tony’s party; he hated social gatherings they make him, uneasy and nervous. 

Bucky just nodded as Steve trailed off about the party, it wasn’t for anything special, Tony never really needs excuses for a party but it was kind of a welcoming Bucky to the Avengers thing; only Bucky didn’t want it but Tony was doing it anyway.

At least, he’d finally be able to meet you, see how you looked, see if your smile really does light up a room like he’s heard so much about; he wondered if you’d both get along, what you’d talk about and how you’d interact with him, Bucky was used to people being apprehensive around him or comfortable enough, he wondered how you would be. 

Bucky was nervous but excited all at once, he was mainly nervous about being around so many people, he’d pull through it for a couple hours.

When Steve and Bucky arrived at the party it was already in full swing, people mingling and drinking, a few dancing to the music and lots of people at the bar.

 Bucky swallowed down his fear and followed his friend through the dense crowd, smiling and muttering a few hello’s to people as he passed, ending up getting caught in a conversation with Sam Wilson and James Rhodes; not that he minded, he got on pretty well with both, despite trying to kill Sam… that was in the past but Bucky like’s to tease Wilson by saying he totally nailed his ass. 

Steve joined in having brought over a round of beers; the chatter quickly consumed the men, all laughing and joking, Clint and Bruce joining in a few minutes later.

“I’m going to the bathroom, I’ll meet you at the bar” Bucky called over the loud music to Steve, who nodded as Bucky pushed through the people, groaning and trying not to hurt anyone as he stumbled through; earning a few annoyed glares from certain people, an amused one from Tony, who he flipped off in his mind. 

Bucky pushed the door open to the hallway, the music becoming just thumping noise as the door shuts, placing his hands inside his leather jacket pockets he walks silently to the male’s room. 

Head angled downwards as he watches his boots, then something collides with him, jerking him backwards and almost to the floor. He knew instantly it was another person from their own groan, he sorted himself out, ready to apologise for not looking where he was going.

Bucky stops, mouth mid open, he watches as probably the most stunning women ever sorted out her (F/C) dress out; straightening her hair with small petite hands. 

Bucky was stunned as he watched the women, he couldn’t speak, he forgot how to form coherent sentences as he glances over her; she didn’t seem annoyed, in fact, she looked rather happy. She finally looks up (E/C) eyes meeting his own grey ones, they were the most brilliant shade of (E/C) he had ever seen, her plump pink lips were formed into a shy smile as a dusting of red graced her cheeks and Buck knew he should maybe stop staring but he couldn’t help himself.

“I, um, sorry” she muttered, voice soft and almost a whisper, Bucky blinked rapidly and nodded lightly and gulped down the air he needed to breathe steadily; giving each other shy smiles, nodding once again, Bucky moved to step around her only she went the same way, he shyly chuckled and allowed her to walk around him. 

Once she had gone through the door did Bucky breath again, her perfume lingering in the air, an intoxicating smell that Bucky didn’t want to forget; he had to know who she was, otherwise, he’d probably die.

“What’s got you all flustered?” Natasha asked, sipping a cocktail through a thin, red straw. Her glossy, sparkly red lips looking vibrant against her black dress, you laughed nervously and shrugged; drinking the same fruity cocktail as your best friend, she nudged you for answers “c’mon, you go to the bathroom perfectly normal and come back, flustered and shy; what happened?” she pestered and you chuckled lightly.

“I just -literally- bumped into a really cute guy” you mumble, Natasha squeals with delight, she had been trying to set you up with someone since you met but it never worked or lasted, you laughed and sighed 

“I don’t even know his name, I doubt I’ll ever see him again, he was… so dreamy, almost, too perfect to believe” you sighed lightly, wondering if you’d see him again throughout the party, there were so many people you didn’t think luck would be on your side.

“You have a face, that’s enough, noq c’mon, details honey” Natasha urged and you smiled, beginning to talk about the mystery man, his grey eyes and tousled brown hair; Natasha had an idea on who your dark crusader could be.

Bucky drifts back to his friend, all of them filing a seat at the bar, Clint behind and mixing drinks for everyone; as Sam and James discuss war stories, Steve leaning against the surface, empty stool that Bucky takes as his own. 

He plonks himself down in a daze, your eyes clouding his mind, Clint places a cup of scotch in front of him but he doesn’t comprehend it at first; far too lost in his own mind to notice the weird looks his friends giving him. Steve chuckles as he snaps his fingers in front of Bucky’s face, he jumps lightly at the snapping, glancing up at his friend who has raised eyebrows at Bucky.

“I saw an angel” he muttered, all the men glance at one another before laughing, Bucky sighs and smiles at his own words but it was true; you couldn’t be real, nothing so beautiful and pure could exist, not in his world at least “I just saw the most beautiful women, ever, I bumped into her by accident” he explained “…either I’m drinking too much or I just found an angel” he muttered, glancing at the scotch placed in front of him, Clint leans on the bar and looks out over the crowd.

“Point her out” he demands, Bucky raises his eyebrows at Barton “c’mon I want to see this angel for myself, point her out, I’m sure the fellas are the same” everyone nods and Bucky spins on his stool, grey eyes gazing intently at the many women in the room, some even looking back at him; sending subtle winks his way, or the other guys, he ignores them and hunts solely for his Angel. 

Then like some miracle he sees you, clutching a long glass with some orange liquid inside, you are chuckling with Natasha and Maria, sipping the beverage through the straw, bumping your nose against the small yellow umbrella.

“There” he pointed and all men shoot their eyes forward, following his human finger, they all grinned at the women at the end of it, Bucky lowers his hand as he watches you from the bar, Steve chuckled which attracted his attention.

“That’s (Y/N)” Bucky raised his eyebrows, no way, could such a beautiful human be an Avenger. You looked far too pure, too nice, too beautiful to do anything like Bucky thinks you could; he wasn’t thinking you couldn’t, he knew you could probably take down entire armies but something about the way you smiled, laughed and blushed, he couldn’t picture you doing anything like he has to.

Natasha catches Bucky form from beside Steve, she grabs your wrist, plus nodding for Maria to follow and all three women walk towards the bar; you frowning but following because you had no one else to talk to, once at the bar you are greeted with all males, smiling at Steve to Clint. 

Natasha smirks as she notices your smile widen, the mystery guy was sat in front of you, talking fast to Sam about some mission story and he played with his glass of alcohol on the bar. Steve nudged Bucky, who was raising his glass to his mouth; following Steve’s eyes he lowers the glass as you stand before him, shy smile and kind eyes.

It slowly settled in that this must be Bucky, Steve’s best friend, you did an awkward wave “you must be Bucky, I’m (Y/N), I’ve heard so much about you” you tell him, he nods slowly, swinging on his stool to face you properly and everyone begins chatting away, whilst yourself and Bucky look at each other awkwardly, not bad but cute awkward. Shy smiles and glances, you sip lightly on your drink and Bucky fiddles with the glass, metal hand clanging against it making a weird sound. 

“Steve tells me you liked to dance” you toy with a small smile, Bucky glances up and straightens his back, remembering the days when he could easily ask any dame to dance and he nodded “well, isn’t it improper not to offer a dance?” you asked, you were never this confident, maybe it was the cocktail or maybe it was the fact you wanted Bucky to talk or do something.

“I’ve never danced to… songs these” he glanced across the room, never seeing anyone dance like that, ever and he was slightly intimidated by the way people moved; he knew old fashioned stuff, stuff which is probably long forgotten, you nodded lightly.

“Well, dancing has sure got different over the years, must be weird seeing how everyone dances now to back then” he nods lightly, watching as you look over the crowd dancing, you glance back and smile brightly at him “how are liking everyone so far? Clint and Tony can be a tad excessive but they all treating you right?” you asked, he chuckled and nodded.

“Everyone has been awfully nice” he admits and you nod “also, they mainly talk about you to me, all good things, wonderful things actually, I just didn’t expect…” he trailed off, you frown and look at him, urging him to continue “I didn’t think you’d be this beautiful or nice, it’s kind of intimidating” he confesses, an embarrassed smile tugging at his mouth, lowering his eyes to his glass as hands return to playing with them. 

You’re shocked, you’d never had someone outright say that to you, you could feel the heat returning to your cheeks and neck, you didn’t know what to say. You blinked rapidly before a small grin graced your features, eye’s glistening as you looked at Bucky, he seemed a little timid and shy.

“That’s really sweet” you mutter, he looked at you “if it helps, I don’t think Steve’s words do you justice either, he’s awful at describing people, isn’t he?” you giggled and Bucky nodded, his own laugh being pulled from him; the others watch with bright smiles as you two interacts with one another. As the party continues, yourself and Bucky are consumed and so invested in each other, you hardly notice people slowly start to leave the party. 

Drinks being forgotten and left beside you, Bucky talking about his days during the war, a little before then and you talking about family and how you became an Avenger. Bucky glanced around, a few people mingling, stumbling to the cabs and Bucky sighs; he didn’t want to stop talking to you.

“Um, I can walk you to your floor if you want?” Bucky offers, you smile and nod, hopping off the stool and following Bucky to the elevator; you idled in chatting away, chuckles and giggles between you both as rode the elevator, it was short lived as it came to your floor and Bucky walked you the few steps to your door. 

You stopped and looked at Bucky, nervous and hoping he’d ask you out for a date, after all, you really liked him and he seemed to like you back. He shyly smiles as you fiddle with the key, placing it in the lock; you glance back at Bucky who stroked a few stray hairs from your face.

Bucky leans down and places his lips onto your own, even in small strappy heels you go onto your tippy-toes in order to gain some height, his metal hand finds the small of your back and pulls you flush against him; your own hands resting on his shoulder and one on his neck lightly. 

He pulls away lightly, only to push his lips back onto yours, this time, licking your bottom lip and sucking into his mouth and your tongues dance together, he can taste the fruity cocktail on your tongue. He pulls away, eyes still closed for a few seconds, he flashes them open and despite the fact you kissed back he can’t help but think he over stepped the line with you.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that, we just met I don’t know…” you cut him off with a small giggle, nude-pink lipstick slightly smudged and faintly across Bucky’s lips he looks at you sheepishly, you smile fondly at him for a moment “I’d like to court you…I think people still do that, I think, Tony mentioned I should ask you on dates” he rambled and you smiled, taking his human hand in your own.

“I’m available for courting” he smiles lightly and nods “I have training with Natasha ALL morning, but I know a great coffee shop, they sell mini-muffins; we should go” you excitedly tell him, pulling at his fingers with a bright grin, Bucky chuckles, and nods at you.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, (Y/N)” he smiles down at you, you nod, a blush faintly crossing your cheeks as you look up into his eyes “have a good night” he nods.

“I already have” you counter back, opening the door to your room and giving Bucky’s cheek a peck you walk inside, Bucky lingers outside your door for a few happy seconds before walking back to the elevator with a victory grin on his face.

Bucky could hardly believe his luck, he met an Angel disguised as the kindest, gentlest women ever and he is meeting her for coffee and mini muffins tomorrow, if he knew this would happen, he would have marched to meet you at your families house sooner.

(This took a while to get right since it’s a private request, someone messaged me privately with a VERY detailed request and I love how this turned out. Hopefully, they do too, I love writing this, so much fun to get such a detailed one shot but have my own fun with it. Thank you. Remember you can request one shots and imagines by myself and Angie - Rosalee)


I got tagged by my only and fav hansol stan @nctreacting


ok so here’s some smol facts about how im a yuta stan.

So y’all i was actually a ten stan in the beginning. BUT then firetruck came out and i saw yutas tragic but beautiful hair and i have been in love with the japanese mountain man since. LEMME JUST TELL YA I ABSOLUELY LOVE YUTA HE’S SO CUTE AND HANDSOME IMMA DIE. He’s also like 5 years older than me wtf. probably bc he flawless af. i can literally go on forever and make a novel if i don’t stop so heuheu.

Ok so i have like no friends to tag but whatevs imma tag some random people but ud dont have to do it if you don’t want to :D

im tagging: @omgnille1010 @bighittae @hey-uta @nakamuto