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                                    ╚ I CAME TO SAVE YOU ╝

  • Higuchi: You should smile more, you look mean all the time..
  • Akutagawa: That's because I'm mean.
Sirius imagine x Reader ~ Unexpected

“You know Y/N, Longbottom is realy into you .”James said to you while alternative watching Longbottom and Sirius. “Well I don’t know how i feel about him. He is nice and everything but i always felt like he was ment to be with Alice. She is so sweet and dreamy i feel like he need that, as Alice need someone to remind her to come back to the ground some times. Maybe i never considered him like that.” 

James had tried for a few weeks now to push Sirius to ask you out. He knew that Sirius liked you because a few weeks ago in a particulary boring history of Magic class where professor Bins was having a long monologue about giant, Sirius mumbled your name in a dream. Sirius wouldn’t admit he liked you, but maybe if James could make him jealous he would finaly realise he liked you.

One your side, you liked Sirius for a long time but you had forget about having a relation with him. He was always flurting with girls and couldn’t stop to one at the time. Sure he had flurt with you but with how many other girls he had done that. Your were not special to him and that was ok with you. Realy ok, not a little bit frustrating. At all. 

Sirius had been a little bit uncunfortable with how James had tried for a few weeks to find you a boyfriend. He didn’t knew why James tought you needed it. Realy, you were capable of doing it on your own. Who could resist an adorable and funny girl with a soft skin. 

“James, why are you trying to match y/n with some stupid guys. She is to good for them.” Ask Sirius. “Because she’s like a sister to me and i think she deserve to have someone by her side no matter what.” He respond. “But she has you, me, Remus and Peter. Isn’t that enough ?” Add Padfoot. “ I ment someone who’ll love her no matter what and that she can coun’t on.” His best friend finaly said. 

Sirius wasn’t happy about what James had said, sure Y/N deserved to be loved and cared about,but, but ….. some Hogwart moron ?! No ! He would not let that happen! 

After their defense againts the dark arts class, you, James and Sirius had a class in Muggle studie while Remus and Peter were in Care for magical creature. In your way to your class James and Sirius were debating on your next Beau. While James was suggesting possible guy, Sirius was all rejecting them. “No, not him he is stupid.” “ argh! seriously James. He is worst!” “ She can do better then that!” “ He can’t even do a accio charm!” was some of Sirius objection. 

“Well then it’s settle, I won’t have a boyfirend at hogwart! Would you please let me be a little guys!” you told them. “ Hey that’s offensive! You didn’t even concidered us!” Sirius replied to Y/N, a false hurt expresion on his face. “Haha realy funny Sirius! Like James could think about an other girl then Lilly and that Remus would even let a girl go near him with his little furry problem.” you answered. “What are you talking about Y/N! I am not obsessed with Evans.” James said caught unawared. “Well anyway, I left my book in the common room, so see you in class.” “Nice try Prongs! But you won’t get us! We know you like her!” you shout at James while he was running away. “It leaves me and Peter.” Sirius add. “What?” “You said Remus and James won’t go out with you but it leaves me and Peter.” Paddfoot repeted. “Yeah well, no offense but i don’t need a second shadow, so Peter is out to. And for you, I don’t think you would slow down to one girl at the time.” You finaly said. “Who said that i won’t slow down for a girl, maybe i like someone and you don’t know!” he answered shyly. “I don’t think so Paddfoot, I would know… unless it’s someone i know, but then you have to tell me or else I’ll become a nightmare until you do!” you said mockingly. While you were laughing, Sirius stopped briskly in the middle of the corridor. “ Don’t make that face, I am joking!” you said. But at this right moment Sirius realised why he didn’t wanted any other guys near you. And before anyone could have said Quidditch, he kissed you passionately. One of his hand was on your neck while the other was on your hips.

“How unexpected! I leave you to five minutes without me and this happen.” James said a cocky smile on his face.

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Slow Mornings // Spencer Reid x Reader Drabble

Prompt: Drabble #52 “Can I kiss you?” from this list

Requested by: Anonymous

The sun was peeking through the curtains as it began to fill the room with warmth. You hummed in happiness as Spencer slowly ran his fingers through your hair. The movement continued on for a few minutes before he stopped, grinning as he lightly shoved you.

“Wake up sleepyhead,” he chuckled as he stroked your bare back. 

“No,” you groaned as you buried your face in your pillow. You hugged the bedsheets closer to your body, simultaneously tearing them away from Spencer. He laughed before wrestling them away from you and pulling your body towards his.

You opened your eyes at the sudden movement and looked at him through heavy eyelids. You yawned as you blinked in an attempt to wake yourself. Spencer grinned as he watched your sleepy face. He loved seeing you like this- your face clean of makeup and a dreamy look in your eyes. It was the reason he enjoyed the fact that he was an early riser unlike you who preferred to sleep in. It gave him the opportunity to wake you every morning and watch you unfold from your sleepy grace.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked as he stroked your cheek with the back of his hand. Your head leaned into his hand on instinct, your body seeking his loving touch.

“You’re asking if you can kiss me after what we did last night?” you asked teasingly in a soft voice. A small laugh rumbled through his chest as his heart fluttered at your sleepy voice. It was the most beautiful thing he’d ever heard.

“I shouldn’t be surprised. You’re always a gentleman. That’s why I love you.” You spoke softly as you kissed his lips tenderly. He smiled as your eyes fell closed again.

“Go back to sleep. I’ll wake you in an hour,” he mumbled against your hair as you nestled into him. You hummed in agreement before falling back to sleep in his warm embrace. He sighed happily as he held you, looking forward to waking you once again.

fresh: [punches me in the face] say it

me: never

fresh: say carrie’s crush on devin is interesting

me: [spits in their face] fuck you


I amuse myself because Catherine is so dreamy and when he made trouble she’s just like “Jay baby” so soft and disappointed but cherishes him so much and Jason is like “oh my beautiful mother I am sorry I cry” and they’re both like “oh~”
And then Bruce is like “JASON PETER” and Jason is like BOOKING it because he’s like ??? yelling??? at me?? and death is not nearby??? DOES NOT COMPUTE
okay actually that’s not funny what the frick self
I guess that’s going in bratty jason story


ladies and gentlemen : meet lucas branson arroyo

- he was born on the 6th May, 1950
- he has two younger sisters : one is 8, the other one is 13 and he is 16
- his father died when he was 5 so he lives with his sisters and his mother and feels like he has a lot of responsibilities since he’s the only man in the family
- - he enjoys rumbles because it’s a way for him to blow off steam. (he has all this pressure on him and he’d probably go nuts if he couldn’t)
- he smokes but only to steady his nerves
- he is in the A track team with ponyboy. he’s not a people person but enjoys ponyboy’s company because he thinks that the kid’s very smart
- he is himself a very smart kid but not like ponyboy. he’s isn’t dreamy, he’s more like darry, he uses his head
- he’s best friends with curly and considers the shepards as brothers
- his mother is italian and she works as a waitress in one of the dinners. she taught him how to cook and he is such a good cook that he works at the same dinner as a cook assistant (?)

this is about everything me and @levi-curtis
came up with and it was honestly quite fun to do!!


You have been the Doctor’s companion some time now and same time you have been dating great, maybe too great guy. You haven’t found any bugs from him. Nothing wrong at all. He always has been just too perfect. Too dreamy. He is like a prince from many fairy tales. Tomorrow is your wedding day and you are so excited to marry this dream guy you always dreamed about as a child while reading your favorite fairy tales about princess and gallant prince. You always wanted to get your own prince charming who will save you for example from the big bad wolf. You still can’t believe it..that soon tomorrow you will marry that perfect guy. Guy you always wanted.

Next day on wedding day, when you are alone in front of the huge mirror with your beautiful dress on, having your gorgeous wedding make up, something  unexpectedly happens. It’s the Doctor with his Tardis, teleporting you straight into his Tardis. And then he takes you away from your home planet, far away to another planet just to be sure that you won’t marry that guy.

“Doctor! What are you doing!? I need to go back, you can’t do this!” -You

“Listen. I brought you here..to stop you. I can’t allow it. You deserve much more than him.” -11th

“What are you talking about? He is the right one..for me! You can’t stop anything!” -You

“Please let me show you..” -11th

Then the Doctor showed you your future with that guy by traveling in time. Doctor proved you what kind of dream that guy you almost married really was. It was very shocking. He was repeatedly cheating Zygon.

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I hope you like it!! :) xoxo

Psst! I love these requests i gladly do more and i’m so sorry for typing mistakes.. if you found some.

I’m finally watching Peaky Blinders from the beginning and loling at this cop who’s sending the lady cop undercover and is all, “I know it repulses you but you’re gonna have to do it with hot, hot Cillian Murphy” like WHAT DUDE HAVE YOU SEEN HIS EYES HE’S DREAMY 😂