he is like haha yes

my favorite weird thing about san francisco was that the sidewalk outside cvs was littered with izze cardboard drink holders. it took a minute to realize that this was from nuclear tourist families going in and buying the soda that comes in a four-pack and then just leaving the fucking cardboard sleeves on the pavement as they went on their merry way with their glass bottles of soda. i consider this a fun wordbuilding detail. also the sixth floor women’s restroom in macy’s off market street has a second fancier bathroom inside the first and i didn’t take a picture because i didn’t want to be a tourist hick taking pictures of san francisco bathrooms but i regret it immensely. if anyone in san francisco is going to be using the sixth floor women’s restroom in macy’s please send me a picture. i asked my husband if the men’s room had a second fancier bathroom inside it but he had no idea what i was talking about. apparently that men’s room was a crime scene. the first time he told me this i thought it was a metaphor for there being shit everywhere but i guess there was actually plastic tape everywhere blockading things. anyway i want to be reassured that i did not somehow imagine nesting bathrooms of increasing fanciness in macy’s. like i glimpsed boring bathroom narnia. and if you buy soda in a four-pack just hold on to the box thing until you find a trash can it’s not hard please just do a kindness to the nice cvs cashier who helped me when i accidentally scanned my soda twelve times and forgot that ice cream pints require spoons.

I’ve been talking about Pokemon go to anyone who will listen since the thing came out and my sweet old grandpa just said “you like the poke-mans on the go correct?” and I was like “haha yes” and he said “I have searched it on the Internet and there is a type of watch that has to do with the poke-mans on the go” “oh yeah I’ve heard of those! Bet they’re expensive though pfft” “I have pre-ordered the poke-man watch for you” “grANDPA” He is so pure n good and just. Frick this is the first man in the family who’s actually cares about my interests I love him to bits

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junhoe looks like he's the child of JB and Taeyang haha.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES i couldnt agree more i told my sis junhoe looks like taeyang but she doesnt believe me now i have EVIDENCE and i think junhoe nd jb have the same personality like…..i really have a type bc junhoe and taeyang r actually my biases too   :-) ihms