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Do you think that they have batman comics within the batman universe? Maybe not even professional comics, but underground stuff, like zines. It’s all original artwork and stories based on real life happenings of Gotham.

They’d have a huge cult following, even the rogues would get into it. Imagine Riddler collecting every single comic he appears in, and then critiquing and rewriting them so they portray him properly. Harley would cut out all the illustrations of her and Ivy, making a giant collage in her bedroom. One time, Scarecrow was asked to sign a comic by one of his former students, he obliged only to gas them with fear toxin afterwards. And occasionally artists drop their hand drawn comics (wrapped in plastic for protection) down the sewer for Killer Croc. Knowing that he’s an inspiration to so many artists warms his cold heart.

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an amnesia fic idea for a setting where sid and geno aren't together (yet): sid loses his memories but somehow no one knows. he just goes to practice like normal because he found his schedule and he knows what day it is. he remembers hockey, of course. he can figure out who his teammates are by watching them interact and call out each other's nicknames. then geno comes directly up to sid and BEAMS at him and sid instantly decides that this wonderful guy MUST be his boyfriend. (lol he's not)

lmao thats wild but how about 18-yo Sidney mind-traveled (just pretend it’s a Stanley Cup magic thing) to his 30 year old body, and he’s so pleased that he has a team who loves him and also a boyfriend too!!! until Geno shows up with a woman he introduces as his girlfriend during their team outings and Sidney is just…..heartbroken.

“Oh,” he says, looking at Geno and the blonde up and down. “I, uh, I’m–”

“Sid, you okay?” Flower asks.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine,” Sidney says quickly, setting the drinks down and backing up. “I just, um, I just remembered something I had to do at home.”

“You not having dog, Sid,” Geno says.

“Well, maybe I do!” Sidney yells back, then lowers his voice when he realizes that his entire team is staring at him, and Geno looks taken aback. “I mean–I’m sorry. I’m going to go home. Sorry.”


Sidney calls Taylor first. No dice. Then his mother, who picks up on the second ring.

“You alright, honey?” her voice asks warmly. Sidney feels the tears start to well up.

Mom,” he says. Then he just absolutely loses it. 

“Sidney,” his mom says, but he can barely hear her voice over the receiver and his own blubbering. 

“Mom, I want to go home,” he sobs. “Are you home? Can I come home?” 

“Sidney, shh, shh,” his mom says. “It’s alright, baby, you’re alright. Shh.” She keeps making these soothing noises and lets Sidney finish crying. 

(basically the following scene is just him explaining to his mom that he knows he’s 18, but somehow he time traveled to his 30 yo body, and let’s say they get his dad on the phone too and they believe him because this is like a hockey magic thing that happens when people get stressed, like getting deaged or something. Sidney can’t come home, but they do promise that he can call them again anytime until he’s back to normal, and that they love him very much.

Later, after Sidney has showered and is getting ready for bed, his doorbell rings. He really doesn’t want to open the door, but then his phone rings too. It’s Flower.)

“Took you long enough,” Flower begins, then takes in Sidney’s red-rimmed, puffy eyes. “Woah. You okay?”

“I’m okay,” Sidney sighs. “Just tired.”

“You left the bar so suddenly. Geno’s pissed. He’s been wanting to introduce his girlfriend to you for weeks.”

“Oh,” Sidney says, his voice small. “I’ll…I’ll apologize to him later. I’m sorry, Flower, this is a really bad time–”

(Flower eventually wrangles the truth out of him, and listens in shock as Sidney reveals that he’s not himself, that he’s time traveled.)

“I thought we were dating,” Sidney admits in shame, hating how dumb he sounds. “I just–he was so nice to me–I thought–after all these years, I’d finally…you know. Have someone. Be happy. But, um.” He looks up, bites his bottom lip, and tries to blink away tears. “I’m just. You know. The same.” 

“Oh, Sidney,” Flower says, and wraps him in a hug. “Fuck.”

“I really liked him, Flower,” Sidney whispers. “I really, really thought I finally had it all. But that’s really asking for too much. I’m just being stupid. Sorry.”

“I’m so fucking sorry,” Flower replies.

(He eventually tells the team the truth, that he can’t remember anything past age 18, and the team doctors eventually say he’ll be back to normal soon.)

“Yeah, well, that’s the good news, at least,” Sidney says, looking at the ground and trying to ignore the eyes on him. “That, and me still being able to play.”

(He pulls Geno aside before they head out for practice, even though his legs are shaking.)

“Hey,” Sidney says. “Geno. I’m–I’m really sorry…the other day. I shouldn’t have been so rude.”

“It’s okay,” Geno says gruffly, not looking at Sid. “You not know.”

“I didn’t know how to tell you.”

“You should have telling me. I’m best friend, I’m help,” Geno says.

“I know, I just–” Sidney sneaks a look behind him. “Look. I’m really sorry. I already told Flower this, but I think I have to say this. I thought we were dating.”

Geno stops moving. “What?”

“I thought we were together. I’m–” He sighs. “I didn’t know what was going on. You were so nice to me. And no one’s ever that nice to me unless they want something, but you never did, so I just assumed–” He wrings his hand helplessly. “I freaked out. I’m over it now. But I’m really, really sorry about what happened.”

Geno opens his mouth, then closes it again. “So…you think, at bar, I’m cheat?”

“No!” Sidney shakes his head, but purses his lips. “Well. A little bit, in the beginning. But after a few seconds I figured that we weren’t together in the first place. So I was just mad at myself, and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.”

“You want date me?”

“I wish you’d stop rubbing it in,” Sidney grumbles. “I’m going to head out. We good?”

“No, we not good,” Geno says, pulling Sidney back. “What happen after? After you leave bar?”

“I…went home.” Geno is still staring at him, so Sidney admits, “I called my mom. Cried a bit. Went to sleep.” He shrugs. “I really don’t have a dog.”

“Sidney, I’m so sorry,” Geno says mournfully, which just breaks Sidney’s heart even more, because it means Geno’s confirming that there won’t ever be anything between them. Sidney wishes everyone could just stop apologizing. 

“You don’t have to be sorry,” Sidney says.

Then Geno kisses him, out of the blue. Sidney gasps a bit and nearly bites off his own tongue, but Geno is insistent, slotting a leg between Sidney’s thighs and tipping him back a little bit. 

“I’m sorry for make cry,” Geno says breathlessly, when he pulls back. 

(anyways it turns out that Geno is also sorry that he was too chicken to ask sidney out sooner, and the girl was just his friend visiting from home, and geno just brought her to make sid jealous etc etc. sidney is back to normal soon and they date and everything is roses the end)

Another angle:

Casey is like arguably one of Lili’s closest friends on set and he is letting these jokes fly about the infamous hand touching TV Line interview, retweeting tweets about him looking like Jim on The Office and insta snapping Hand Chronicles…

I have to believe that he would not be doing any of that if Cole and his bestie Lili weren’t ok with it because of course it only fans the flames of dating rumours more.

Sprousehart is real you guys.

“He is the most stuck up, stick up the arse, condescending person I’ve ever met. Honestly, I don’t see how this is going to work. He hates me. He’s made that extremely clear.”

“He’s Vulcan Lou, they tend to be like that and it’s doubtful he hates you. You’re too adorable, though at times slightly melodramatic.”

“Real helpful Ana….I don’t know….he made me feel so….”

“Inadequate? Flawed? Inferior?” 

Louise watched Ana sip her mocha with a smirk. Sybok had made her feel all of those things in under 10 minutes. It had been one of the most uncomfortable two hours she had ever experienced.

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So I have a very important question for whenever you guys have the time. Does Jared make Jen laugh?

i’m sorry it’s taken so long to answer this question, because it’s made me smile every fucking time i’ve read it. 

does jared make jen laugh? absolutely. constantly. i know jared probably seems very dark and broody-moody and like as fun as he gets is doing fingerpaints with his own blood, but he’s incredibly funny and can be absolutely ridiculous, when the mood hits him.

i think he has a way of telling jokes that sound like real stories, and before jensen knows it, he’s listening to this insane story, completely attentive and rapt and suddenly, there’s this startling ending and jared’s grinning, and he realizes that jared has just told an elaborate joke and jensen fucking doubles over with laughter, completely unaware of how soft jared’s eyes are, how carefully he savors the sound of that silly giggle.

he has snarky, dead-on commentary during movies that makes jensen snort and snicker, and the combination has gotten them in trouble at the theater and on the couch on the bus more than once. he’s crass and morbid and quietly shocking, and jensen loves the way jared can actually make him gasp, can actually scandalize him. it’s a magical thing to witness. 

jared makes sure to leave his hair in a tangled mess when he gets out of the shower so jensen can see it and laugh. he walks around with a panda bear sock (prolly momo’s) hanging off his dick and acts like it’s totally not happening. he sings along to ‘barbie girl’ by aqua with jenny, at first taking ‘ken’s’ parts to jen’s barbie parts, but they switched one day, and now jared sings in a chirpy falsetto that makes jensen’s belly hurt from giggling. he puts on one of adrianne’s strap-ons and struts around with two dicks (one his own, one some massive turquoise thing hanging just above it). he can hula hoop better than anyone jensen’s ever seen. he can pick up just about anything with his toes, can catch jelly beans in his mouth with startling accuracy, can imitate snowball’s prrrrrow-mrows perfectly, can recite huge chunks of wayne’s world and tommy boy until jensen can’t breathe, and when he gets really, really, really excited about new star wars stuff, jensen’s whole fucking face hurts from smiling.

yeah. he definitely, definitely makes his baby laugh. ♥


First Time With Them: JI CHANGWOOK

/ Kim JiSoo // Ji ChangWook /

/ ASTRO // B.A.P // BtoB // BTS // EXO // GOT7 // KHH // PENTAGON // SF9// WINNER // SEVENTEEN // NCT / 

  • Can you spare me the time of your life to talk about our lord and saviour Ji ChangWook? ;
  • Literally the sweetest;
  •      Sexiest still;
  •           Little man;
  • I am cryi— ;
  • You’d be so small in his arms;
  • And just the small in the relationship let’s keep this real like;
  • Would literally smother you in kisses okay;
  • And he’d be the gentlest man ever;
  • From slowly saying how much he loved you;
  • How much he wanted you;
  •      Needed you;
  • To slowly laying you down;
  • Kissing you everywhere;
  • Grazing his teeth along your exposed shoulder as he took off your clothes;
  • And he’d be totally into praising;
  •      Just saying;
  •           Not degrading- not in a billion years;
  • His pace would be slow and steady, too;
  • He wouldn’t want to rush that night;
  • He would want to savour it;
  • Explore your body as much as he could without exhausting you too much;
  • Crave every crevice of your naked body into his mind;
  •      Memory;
  • He’d totally be the moaning type tho;
  • But not the loud moans;
  • It would be pretty similar to small little grunts;
  • But as he’d lean into you;
  • Near cumming inside of you;
  • Right by your ear;
  • You’d heard his breath stutter;
  • A moan escaping;
  • And that would be the hottest sound on earth you’d ever hear;
  • So you’d clench around him;
  • Just to hear him make that sound again;
  • Besides that he would always be careful with using protection;
  • Not until you’d actually agree to move on from that stage and onto something more serious anyway;
  • And the morning after;
  • Oh god the morning after;
  • I am shooketh;
  • And so are you;
  • Your family;
  • Friends;
  • World;
  • The sweet little bean would just cuddle into you like a child;
  • The passionate man from the night before gone and in his stead there was that baby;
  • It’d be a nice morning though;
  • With you two just cuddling.

My dad is the biggest asshole holy shit. I came downstairs and he immediately starts chewing me out about summer school and how I’m lying all the time (I’m not) and how he’s going to sell my computer if I don’t finish school this week. He keeps saying I’m lying and making excuses (to justify his viewpoint) when I’m telling the fucking truth.

I can’t retort obviously, I’ll be punished. Just say “I understand” “I understand” “I understand” while he exhausts himself. Except when he freaks out and says “You obviously don’t understand, stop saying it”, so when I switch to saying “okay” he says “dont speak to your father like that” like. what do you want me to say… if I say nothing he says “look me in the eye and say something” like what the fuck will make you happy.

I just took care of the house perfectly for two weeks and got a real job today. What does he yell at me about? How I only visited my grandparents one time and how I’m “not doing anything but playing games”… he said he’d rather I draw, but I am drawing. And working too. Overwatch is escapism from his evil ass.

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I really love the idea of j and hq having a boy and girl twins, I was never fond of it until I read your writing ❤️ I was wondering what you think the clown prince's personality would be like, how he is with the family (specifically cp) and the "business"?

Awww thank you!! I have an aesthetic post with a paragraph about the clown prince here if you’d like to check it out. It covers some of that stuff. I also have a headcanon post about how him and his sister act together here if you’re interested.

I think he would be a lot like, if you ever watch sons of anarchy, a real jax teller type of figure. More on the quite and stern side vs his parents very theatrical and loud way of life. But very vicious in an old fashioned sense. Like his dad would be creative and skin people alive and play with the skin whereas the son prefers just good all punch until they die rugged way. But where he is very vicious he is paralleled by a more in touch sensitive side unlike his parents have. More empathy than them and his sister who I see taking after the parents more. But what I definitely see is him getting that wild spark his mom has. Like from 0 to 100 he could be completely out of touch and in his own mind then boom dancing around the room swinging a bloody bat. As far as with his sister, if comparisons help at all picture the classic archetype of a buddy cop film. Like the big and stern and quiet and serious cop and then you have the more carefree wise cracking cop. Hope this helps! I should do more headcanons for just his personality in general.

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How do you feel about Jax cheating on Tara with Colette?

I mean it was fucked up but I think that people place a lot of the blame on Colette rather than Jax and Tara which were the couple. Now I’m not saying that a woman deserves to get cheated on if she does _____, let get that out there real quick. I don’t believe anyone ‘deserves’ to get cheated on. If you’re not happy, leave. HOWEVER. Jax, like many men, was a very kinetic person. He liked physical affection and attention. He liked to feel the touch and love of a woman. Most straight men do. Even men who have no desire to have a relationship like to feel the touch of a woman. It’s a man thing. So that being said, we were able to tell that about Jax pretty early on. Tara knew that.

So when you pair the fact that
1. She was giving him the cold shoulder ever since she broke her hand
2. She was distant much before that when she realized Jax wouldn’t leave with her
3. He’s attention and affection starved
4. He’s a man
5. She’s pushing him away at every chance
6. In the back of his mind he knows she planning something and will probably leave him and take his kids away

While I don’t condone it, I think it’s understandable that Jax did what he did. Was it right? No. Is lying to your husband and tricking him into thinking that you’re pregnant just so you can scheme him out of rights to the kids and then making him think his (nonexistent)unborn child was brutally killed by his mother right? No. He had a lot on his plate, his plans and family were caving in, and he found comfort in Colette. So again, I don’t condone it, but I do understand why he did it and think that with all the damage Tara caused that he still put up with and bypassed, I honestly wasn’t overly upset at him for it. In this instance, he could just leave her because again, while he tried to play dumb, he knew just what she was capable of and he wasn’t going to risk leaving her so she could turn it around to make him look like the bad guy and take his kids from him. Regardless, none of that was Colettes fault. Jax was married to Tara, not Collete. While it does go against a woman’s code to sleep with a married man, Colette doesn’t owe Tara anything.

I liked Colette. I just with they hadn’t used her as a piece of ass and a distraction in Jaxs garbage ass marriage.

im trying not to be Too Mad about the damien gender discourse? bc i dont like getting heated abt this stuff bc it doesnt really matter but it does make me sad, bc like…. i love damien. he’s a goth trans guy who has long hair and wears eye makeup and nail polish and thats something i really want to do, im growing my hair out and i wear red eyeshadow when i can because i love that goth-y look but like…. people are insisting that this makes him femme and it makes my stomach drop bc like… yeah for sure theres people who will go out of their way to invalidate femme trans guys and femme trans guys deserve all the respect in the world but it puts such a.. stigma, i guess… because cis guys get away with having long hair and wearing eye makeup (because, y’know, goths generally wear makeup, regardless of gender) and people don’t immediately jump to claiming that makes them femme.

im not saying that you cant say he is or project on him in that way bc everyone interprets characters in different ways but its kinda upsetting to see people get so angry at people who express discomfort with him being portrayed that way, being the only confirmed trans character in the game, y’know? idk im sorry im just a lil upset and i want people to stop yelling at each other

Okay so I don’t know what it is but like has anyone else noticed how freaking good Brian’s been looking lately? 

Not that he hasn’t always looked good, like anyone who’s been around this blog knows how much I love Brian and find him attractive, but y’know when you see someone a lot and those feelings of ‘holy fuck they look good’ kinda simmers down, that’s what happened, but now it’s like whoa, he looking mighty fine!

Like what is it? Has he gotten a hair cut, is the beard different? Is my brain just waking up again?  

It’s like 4:00am and I am about to go to sleep so excuse the weirdness, but like everyone gets what I mean right? 




@thisshouldbegayer and I just began a mermaid AU, and I don’t know where it’s going, but this is how it started.

I was thinking of Blue Paladin Keith
  • Keith: Okay girl so let's just try to get along and-
  • Blue: You hurt my boy and I'll destroy you
  • Keith:
  • Keith:
  • Keith:
  • Keith: ...What?
  • Blue: It wouldn't even be that hard, you are like a baby