he is like a robot even when he's trying to be g

dear evan hansen sky high au

the wonderful @galaticpanda and I spent the past few days brainstorming this

inspired by this les mis fic where les amis were all at Sky High


  • has the power to make plants grow anywhere
  • of course, his favorite type of plant to grow is trees
  • has a ton of little flowers and flowerpots growing in his room
  • gets too nervous going up to show his power so he ends up getting picked to be sidekick
  • doesn’t want to use it to harm people
  • let him grow his trees in peace
  • grows little bonsai trees and stuff when he gets anxious to calm himself down
  • when he goes full on panic attack things start to grow on him uncontrollably
  • always has twigs and leaves and petals in his hair. The other four are always pulling them out but he is never plant-free for long
  • connor thinks he looks adorable
  • leaves little flowers for people when he can tell they’re hurting
  • largely linked to his feelings/emotions
  • spends the night at connor’s or something and they wake up to a little rainforest 


  • power: invisibility
  • when he and zoe were younger, they’d play hide and seek and he’d always play little cute tricks on her by disappearing so she can’t find him
  • goes into his room and turns invisible when he wants to be alone
  • or when he doesn’t want people to see him at school
  • mainly uses it to avoid social situations
  • gets picked as hero because his power is useful, but he hates having that much pressure on him so he doesn’t try very hard
  • also turns invisible when he’s embarrassed, so when he starts liking evan he disappears whenever evan looks at him
  • evan thinks it’s because connor doesn’t like him, but later on he realizes that it’s actually because he does
  • of course when evan realizes this he makes a little bouquet of flowers for connor and there’s blushing all around (connor turned invisible for a solid hour)
  • when he doesn’t want to talk to his parents he uses his invisibility to make them think he left his house


  • technopath/computer genius
  • everyone expected it because of how good he was with computers
  • initially chosen as hero, but moved to sidekick after 2 days
  • he got demoted because he reprogrammed the school intercoms to say nothing but the word “kinky” on repeat for an entire day
  • the professors couldn’t do anything about it. the only thing they could do was make him a sidekick as a punishment
  • jared doesn’t really care. sometimes he makes the teachers’ computers flash obscenities to make evan laugh
  • they first find out about his power after connor throws the printer at the teacher and jared just walks over there and fixes it like it’s nothing
  • he’d fixed all of his robot toys at home so that they could move on their own and do other awesome things
  • still loves video games
  • his and evan’s personalities/powers clash, but in a good way


  • everyone thinks it has to do with music bc she can just play any instrument that she picks up
  • she just goes with it. doesn’t say much when they make fun of it or anything 
  • one day the murphys are camping and realize that no one knows how to start a fire so she just casually uses her powers to make one
  • she’s actually a pyro and they all freak out a bit
  • cue all the “zoe is hot” jokes
  • evan kinda realizes that this must mean that she’s actually just musically talented on her own
  • she gets picked to be a hero and she loves learning to use her powers
  • she’s the only person connor won’t mess with because he knows how much power she has
  • she and connor often refer to themselves as supergirl and the invisible boy


  • superintelligence/telepathy
  • this one’s no surprise to her or her family
  • she was obviously intelligent from a young age 
  • chosen as a hero, for obvious reasons
  • she knows the answers to questions before they’re even asked, so everyone originally assumes she can see into the future
  • in reality, her telepathy allows her to read minds so she already knows what they’re gonna ask
  • however, she also hears all the snide comments everyone makes/thinks about her
  • she has trouble filtering what’s said and what’s thought so she thinks of a lot of people as friends
  • she forgets who actually confides in her
  • she knows more about some people than they know about themselves
  • that’s why she said that she was friends with connor
  • she can hear his dark cloud of negative thoughts from classrooms away
  • she also knows about evan and his insecurities
  • when someone is having a particularly bad day she’ll sorta sneak positive thoughts into their heads like how evan leaves flowers for people
Sheith Fic Rec

I figured that I wanted to contribute to the fandom in some way and I read a lot of fics, so why not make a rec list? I included the summary for each fic, plus some commentary from me in italics. I hope the authors don’t mind that I linked them, at least the ones I know of. Thank you so much for contributing to this wonderful ship, it wouldn’t be as great as it is now without you. Feel free to talk to me about sheith anytime, I’d love to make more friends.

One-Shots (Canon-verse)

the whole town’s sleeping by astrainclinant (T) 18k 

Of inevitability and stars.

Alternatively, how Keith and Shiro come together.

Basically what I’d consider a classic Sheith fic, and a must read for any Sheith fan. I will never have the words to describe how I feel when I read this.

the fear of falling by amillionsmiles/ @amillionsmiles (G) 4k

Keith can pull off a downward spiral. It’s the kind of maneuver he does in his sleep.

Keith character study, with implied Sheith. Different attempt at Keith’s backstory.

 ‘til you set fire to my atmosphere by amillionsmiles/ @amillionsmiles (T) 2k 

And it’s like the first punch Keith ever landed on him: quick and glancing, right at the ribs, out of left field and yet simultaneously a long time coming.

Pining Shiro, because Pining Shiro is everything.

the body remembers (what the mind forgets) by ShirosRedKnight (SweetFanfics)/ @shirosredknight (E) 10k

Shiro’s fingers slide up to touch his skin, warm points of contact that make Keith shiver. “It’s just a year,“ Shiro reassures him quietly, "I’ll be back before you know it. It’ll be like the time you were studying to come here.”

His lips twitch up, trying to be supportive but it’s hard. Keith knows its the right thing to do, to be happy for Shiro. But it’s hard when he’s imagining a space without Shiro in it. Loneliness is already creeping up his torso, curling around his heart and lungs and choking the happy pride he feels for Shiro.

He already misses Shiro so terribly.

tldr: Keith and Shiro were together pre-canon but then Shiro went on his mission and came back with no memories of his time with Keith. How does one even begin to deal with the love of your life forgetting you?

That Shiro forgetting Keith and their relationship AU we all need. The feelings in this were A+.

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daddyzenpie  asked:

A HC where MC trip and falls onto some random guy, but RFA V Saeran misunderstood, thinking that the guy was trying to do something to MC?? (Imma slut for Jelly Gang)

Dedicated to @masshiro-shiro for her birthday!! (not sure if it’s the right day because timezones x.x) Remember when I asked you weeks ago when your birthday was? nyahaha!! 

I was looking through the requests and thought you’d like this one :3 Sorry, I know it’s not much, but I wanted to do something for a follower (and friend) who’s been so supportive all along >-<

Alsooo thanks Zenny’s lil masochist for the ask~ Have you been a good girl~? Don’t forget, you proposed to me, so you’re mine too! >:0 (But I’m sorry, I think I misread the ask a bit, aaaa)


RFA/Saeran Misunderstands and Gets Jealous


  • You were helping him pick a suit for his friend’s wedding
  • He’d been trying on clothes all day…
  • “I’m getting hungry, MC,” he pouted, his eyes teary as he stared at you with sad puppy eyes
  • You sighed, “I’ll go buy food. You stay here and wait. Let me know if you find something that suits you…”
  • 10 minutes later
  • Yoosung peeked out from the changing room, searching the store for you. Oh! There you were, right at the front… and you were hugging someone?
  • He felt his stomach churn in discomfort (or was it hunger? Lololol)
  • Before he knew it, he found himself between you and the other person, pulling you into his arms. He fastened a glare at the stranger, growling, “Get lost.
  • The stranger turned on their heel, sheer shock in their expression as they sprinted off.
  • “Y-Yoosung… he was only helping me on my feet,” you said, a small laugh escaping your lips.
  • Ohhh. Oops.
  • Red filled his cheeks, and he pushed you away. “I-It’s not like I was jealous or anything!”
  • You only continued to laugh, staring at him adoringly.


  • Zen had been waiting for this day for so long… YOUR FIRST DATE TOGETHER!!
  • He was pacing nonstop back and forth in front of the movie theatre, his hands stuffed in his pockets to hide his nonstop fidgeting. He’d arrived 10 minutes early, so you wouldn’t have to wait for him (what a gentleman, amirite?)
  • but you were a few minutes late, and his anxiety continued to pulse throughout his body, making him feel more and more nervous
  • Gosh, he wasn’t supposed to feel like this, it’s not like he’d never been on a date before… he had experience. And yet, Zen felt hopelessly anxious at the mere thought of being with you for a whole day
  • He continued to search the crowd for you, not even noticing the stares from surrounding women (and men)
  • His eyes practically lit up when he spotted you, and he raised an arm to wave at you, a huge smile on his face
  • You waved back at him…or so he thought.
  • In the blink of an eye, Zen saw your arms wrap around a man, your figure disappearing behind the stranger. Huh?
  • Had you brought someone along? Wasn’t this supposed to be a date? Maybe that was actually your boyfriend…
  • The thoughts tortured his mind, and his cheeks burned in embarrassment as he remembered how giddy he’d been waving at you, when you weren’t even waving back at him…
  • Feeling heartbroken and humiliated, Zen turned around, unable to watch your exchange with your ‘boyfriend’ any longer. As long as you were happy, he’d let go. He would never interfere with your happiness…
  • “ZEN!!”
  • Your voice rang out to him from a distance, and he turned his head to stare at you, wonder in his eyes. You were running towards him with the sun peeking behind your back, illuminating your figure like you were an angel descending from the heavens.
  • “MC…?” he furrowed his eyebrows, rubbing his eyes in disbelief. Weren’t you with that other guy? He couldn’t see your ‘boyfriend’ anywhere nearby.
  • You were panting as you finally caught up to him, “Z-Zen… Sorry I’m late…”
  • “What about that other guy…?”
  • “What other guy?” You looked at him like he had two heads.
  • He avoided your gaze as his lips curled into a small, dissatisfied frown. “The one you were hugging just now?”
  • “Oh gosh, don’t even talk about it! It was so embarrassing. I-I slipped on a banana peel and tripped on him!” you exclaimed, clearly mortified as you covered your cheeks with the palms of both hands.
  • Zen blinked, a mixture of amusement and relief filling his chest. It felt a lot easier to breathe now…
  • …sorry, that’s a lie.
  • He burst into laughter, finding it absolutely comical that you’d slipped on a banana peel of all things. “Oh g-god, I c-can’t breathe,” he wheezed, tears coming out of his eyes.
  • “HEY! Stop laughing at me!” You pouted, smacking his arm.
  • Well, this had definitely not been a part of his plans for a first date…
  • (Alternate Ending: He stops laughing, his eyes focusing on you. “I’m glad it was only an accident but… the next time you trip, you can only fall into my arms. Got it?”)


  • You’d promised to meet up with her after work, and she was practically prancing down the halls of C&R as she made her way to the front entrance
  • She couldn’t wait to meet you.
  • She almost skidded to a stop when she saw you through the glass doors, embracing someone else
  • The smile had fallen off her face, and she approached you, feeling numb. “MC… I didn’t realize you were bringing someone else,” she commented, staring down the man who you had been touching. Her gaze was cool as ice, filled with irritation.
  • The man raised his eyebrows in surprise, and opened his mouth to explain himself, but you immediately pushed him away (frantically, at that)
  • “I bumped into him! There’s nothing going on between us!”
  • (You were desperate for her to know that there was absolutely nothing going on. You couldn’t risk digging yourself deeper into the friendzone than you already were, after all…)
  • “Is… that so,” Jaehee murmured, her gaze softening. She nodded as an apology to the man, then grabbed your hand firmly to lead you away. “Let’s go.”
  • You felt yourself blush. This was the first time she’d boldly taken your hand like this… Usually, you were the one to initiate it…
  • Maybe you should make her jealous more often. Just a little.


  • You were returning from the bathroom on a dinner date with Jumin, when you suddenly tripped and fell into the arms of a (handsome) stranger
  • “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” you bowed in apology, feeling guilty immediately
  • They shook their head, reassuring you that it was okay. “More importantly… there’s some rice on your face,” they said, reaching out to brush it off your cheek
  • A hand reached in between the two of you, swiftly catching the stranger’s hand
  • You turned your head to face Jumin, who’d restricted them from movement. “J-Jumin?”
  • “Hands off my woman,” Jumin scowled, sending an icy glare at them.
  • The stranger tried to explain, “No, sir, there was some r-“
  • Jumin wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you in close to kiss you. “Must I make it more clear? She’s taken. Don’t even think of approaching her. Leave.”
  • When they ended up leaving, you turned to Jumin with a frown (and rosy cheeks.) “Jumin, they were only trying to help wipe this off my cheek…”
  • “I don’t want any man to touch to you except me. Is that so wrong?” He looked down, almost sadly.
  • Aww, crap. You couldn’t deny that look. (But you’d make sure to explain why he couldn’t be so possessive when you returned him later. For now, you let him off the hook.)


  • Living with Seven meant getting engrossed in watching funny videos, trying out video games and getting dragged into his messy sleep schedule
  • The days would just fly by and you’d hardly notice…
  • No, seriously. You couldn’t even remember which month it was. ಠ_ಠ
  • He’d been on his way back from buying you a (surprise~) gift, hoping to surprise you when he got home. He couldn’t wait!! He just knew you would LOVE his present
  • Oh hey, look, in fact, there you were! Right across the street
  • … with some guy’s arms around you?!
  • Seven sprinted across the street, his eyes zeroing in on the man who was smiling down at you. A car whizzed by him, just barely missing him, but he could care less
  • There was no way he’d stand by while someone else was touching his girlfriend.
  • He took a huge leap and proceeded to jump onto the stranger, kicking him down with both feet. “DEFENDER OF JUSTICE! 707 is here!!” he shouted
  • Poor guy was knocked out. (Seven forgot to hold back on his strength. He was used to attacking people from his previous missions, after all…)
  • “S-Seven… he was only helping me up after I bumped into him,” you explained quickly, eyes wide from the scene that had just played out before you.
  • Upon hearing that, Seven robotically turned his head towards you, “W-wait, what? But I thought he was hugging you…” His eyes mirrored yours, wide with shock.
  • “Still, you didn’t have to hit him with full strength…” you protested softly, although you were smiling. How could you not? It was reassuring that he got jealous, especially since he was usually so joking… it meant that he was serious about you.
  • “Aaah, I wasn’t thinking,” he mumbled, running a hand across his face in embarrassment. (do you ever think??) “I just saw his arms around you and I…”
  • He trailed off, noticing the huge smile on your face, and he couldn’t help but grin. He quirked an eyebrow at you. “Hey, what’s so funny?”
  • You stuck your tongue out at him. “Nothing~ Come on, let’s go before someone reports us for harassment!” you whispered, and grabbed his arm to drag him away.


  • He’d decided to surprise you by picking you up at work from Jaehee’s café today…
  • So he sat quietly in the corner, reading a book as he waited for your shift to end
  • A customer walked in, and you greeted them with a—HUG?!
  • V tore his eyes from the page, watching the way your hands were on the other guy (who was smiling pervertedly—in V’s vision, at least)
  • He stood up, walking towards the two of you. “May I ask what’s going on here?” He offered a polite smile to your customer, but it held no warmth whatsoever.
  • Even after hearing the explanation from both sides, V’s smile remained cool until the customer left.
  • “V…?” You stared up at him expectantly, waiting for an explanation. It wasn’t like him to act this way…
  • He blushed, averting his eyes. “I’m sorry. That was childish of me. I just felt a bit jealous that you were in someone else’s arms… even if I know neither of you meant it.”
  • You offered a warm smile, embracing him tightly. “I’ll hug you as many times as you want. You’re the only one I love.”
  • Jaehee coughed from behind the counter, “Sorry to disturb, but, your shift’s not over yet, MC…”
  • sigh. Back to work, then…


  • He rarely let you walk off by yourself, to be honest. He liked having you close with him, especially in public. You made him feel safer.
  • But every now and then, he didn’t mind being separated. Like when you were buying ice cream, for example. He watched you contentedly from a bench, anticipating the taste of his ice cream already.
  • He watched as you bumped into someone, and Saeran was at your side as soon as he saw their hand touch yours. He pushed them back, red flashing through his eyes.
  • “Don’t touch MC!” he shouted, staring down at them with his jaw clenched.
  • You tried to explain, “Saeran… they were only trying to help me hold the ice crea—“
  • He wouldn’t hear any of it. Saeran was too caught up in his anger to listen to your words. One of his hands held your shoulder while the other grabbed one of the cones out of your hands and crushed it against the stranger’s shirt. “Fuck off before I fuck you up,” he scowled at them.
  • They sprinted off, terrified by your boyfriend.
  • “Saeran! Calm down, I’m fine!” You tugged at his shirt. After listening to your explanation, he cooled down, and apologized for his outburst of anger.
  • “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again… can I still have some ice cream, though?”
When They Wake Up Next To You

{g osh my body B U R N S for this request thank you and everything you’ve done ever}

This was a request from @alteaplier I had lost the original ask for it but it has finally been finished!! Hope you enjoy it may be a bit cheesy and sappy but I L I V E for that ~~~~~~~~~~~ [Shiro]

•you and him totally fell asleep holding one another, but your back is against his (godly) chest

•when he wakes up and rubs his crusty eyelids and can actually see you clearly, he’s already setting up a thanksgiving dinner just for an excuse to thank whoever is up there something extra

•it’s only now does he realize he’s awake really early, probably around 2 or 3AM

•it’s only when he feels how sticky he is with sweat and how he’s breathing quite heavily does he realize he woke up from a nightmare that he’s glad he forgot

•and that’s also when he realizes that you’re face and just the fact you are alive and well and breathing was the reason he forgot so quickly

is very hesitant to reach for your face because he feels that it may be a dream that you’re there, and when he touches you…

•you’ll disappear

•once he touches your cheek and nothing happens, he lets out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding and just laughs

•(oh go sh k i l l me) he leans in and kisses the top of your forehead and then light pulls you closer to him

•kinda feels like crying because you’re so pure and full of love and thinks you don’t deserve him because he feels he isn’t “to your standards” and is imperfect

•but then he swipes that from his mind because if he had said that out loud and you were awake to hear it you would probably smack the back of his head or start crying (+ a long lecture about why he’s perfect the way he is, even if he bites into ice cream) there’s no in between

•falls asleep easily and dreams of something a lot better than usual


•definitely woke up because you turned toward him

•opens his eyes and just smiles but not like a H U G E grin, just, a smile showing he is content and pleased and, happy. yeah, happy.

•the both of you are in his room in the castle, he’s facing toward the wall with his back to the window.

•the way the light pours in, and rests ever so gently upon your face absolutely blows him away

•you know those times when you just think, and realize wow, I’m actually seeing this with my own two eyes, I am living and breathing and my internal body can do wonders beyond the minds of others. That’s what’s happening.

•he’s seeing you, and truly you, in front of him, where your only worries are your dreams and whether they are good or bad

•just the way the light is on you, and his shoulder casts a shadow on it as well, makes him feel so breathtaken (that’s a word right?) and he has no idea why

•rubs his thumb against your cheek and just shuts his eyes slowly and takes it in. Your feel, your smell, everything.

•kisses your forehead, nose, cheeks, eyelids, eyebrows, that one very obvious freckle on your face that you clearly despise because of how obvious it is but he just loves it

•I’m getting sappy and I want to cry pls end me

•bruv you open your eyes at the right time and he just sees how beautiful your eyes are with the light on them like that and he just rolls onto his back

•goes “ok woah who gave you permission! Certainly not me!”

•God could he get used to this though.


•I feel like he wouldn’t have known you were sleeping with him in the first place

•he probably had some nightmare and you happened to be awake to hear it happening and your mom instincts came on and you went in his room right away

•his head was under your chin, so when he woke up he was really confused and gently pulled back

•sees you and is just so confused for several minutes

•like, “what? when did u get here? why?”

•100% believes he doesn’t deserve you

•although he believes that, he still cherishes you and doesn’t try to bring you down by telling you how he feels about your relationship with him

•I feel he’s the one to wake you up, whether it’s an accident or on purpose.

•maybe he pushes you lightly and whispers your name a few times and it’s all just so he could thank you politely and properly

•or he noticed how your hair was stuck under your eyelashes and your mouth and he has super short nails so he accidentally pinches you grabbing them

•totally laughs if that’s the case like I’ll fight you on this

•you: “keith ow wtf”

•keith: pffffffffttttttttfffffff


•omg please my pure chil d I love him sm


•holds your hands

•rubs his hands up the sides of your arms and on your waist

•just, gosh my breathing is slowing down and now its speeding up and I can see every math equation

•already knows he’s gonna make you some B O M B A S S b-fast and even if you don’t like it he’ll make it better!

•besides that, he almost cried and he’s just like “ohmygodjdbbd hhhhhhhhhffffff I love you”

•let’s say he has a camera on him, 99.9999999% chance he’ll take a photo of you no matter the flash

•you’ll probably wake up and be like ok tf

•he just looks at you, gently pulls you to him with his hand on the back of your head and kisses your forehead, then rests his own against it

••you’re probably blown away because he’s so wholesome and sweet especially so early in the morning where souls are still asleep

•tells you to go back to sleep

•if u do he’ll play with your hair and if you don’t he’ll play with your hair

•coran walks in at one point and hunk just fukcing stares him in the eyes and coran puts his hands up and backs out “ok ok ok ok ok o-”


•as soon as I saw this request I had Pidge’s planned out RIGHT away

•ok so basically, pidge is designing a new robot that can help create fabrics and new clothes for everyone in the castle, for when they don’t have the time to borrow some from Coran or Allura or go to a Space Mall

•you watch as her brain works through everything and her fingers are moving so quickly as she pieced together each and every intricate part of the robot

•you end up falling asleep on her shoulder and she doesn’t realize until she herself starts drifting off so you both fall asleep against the side of her bed

•allura happens to be checking on you and asks Shiro to help the both of you into the bed

•when Pidge wakes up not only is she confused, she’s also worried

•you two had stayed up so late, that there’s no doubt it’s really late into the afternoon, but when she realizes it’s not, and she must’ve woke up randomly, she sighs in relief

•she kisses your forehead and just continues to look at you

•touch your face again? Never. she didn’t want to risk waking you, or stirring you to the point that you roll over

•everything was perfect, almost all stress was gone from her

•her last thought before falling asleep is “I hope we find Matt soon, alive and well, so he can meet the person that makes me truly feel and truly love.”

•most likely whispers I love you or holds your hand before falling into a lovely slumber

Go Go ‘Power Rangers’ (2017 Review)

Is this good? Is this bad? Will my inner-child allow me to judge this appropriately?

“Power Rangers” is a reboot of the classic 1990s action-packed children’s show “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” which in turn is based on the Japanese tokusatsu “Super Sentai Series.” It’s directed by Dean Israelite and stars a cast of young actors, as well as Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader and Elizabeth Banks. The film is set in the small, fictional town of Angel Grove, where local high school students Jason Scott, Kimberly Hart and Billy Cranston (Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott and RJ Cyler, respectively) are all caught up in detention. Through a series of shenanigans, they come across Trini and Zack (Becky G and Ludi Lin, respectively) as they all discover an ancient, otherworldly construct. It’s there where they meet Zordon (Cranston) and his robot assistant Alpha 5 (voiced by Hader), and attain the responsibility of becoming a powerful team known as the Power Rangers, and to stop the destruction of an ancient, powerful witch known as Rita Repulsa (Banks). 

This is the absolute perfect “what if” movie. The answer to “what if they remade ‘Power Rangers’ for adults” question. This is the film we asked for, albeit cautiously. We really owe it to franchises such as the “Transformers” series, because without them, this film would be seen as an impossible reach.

Being a millennial, I was very much a child when “Power Rangers” had its long television run, and I stayed true through each incarnation, from “Mighty Morphin” to “Lightspeed Rescue,” and considered myself a retired fan after “Dino Thunder” (I was already in middle school at the time). So yes, shameful as it is, I know my shit. As you can see, I want this to be good. But was it?

Yes. Surprisingly, it was pretty good. It’s not shockingly “I thought this was going to be shit but it ended up being amazingly amazing” good. It’s just good.

Here’s one thing that the film does better than the TV show: the acting. In a great departure from the “Saved by the Bell” mood that the 90s actors gave us, we now have grounded, realistic, rebellious teenagers. These new actors fit the “teenagers with attitude” description way better than the 90s actors ever did. You have Montgomery as Jason, playing the rebel who ends up having to deal with the most responsibility. Scott plays Kimberly, the girl who does a good job of not just being the obligatory female casting, or the fighting damsel-in-distress, unlike the original. The dialogue between these two is usually filled with charm, whether its casual banter or a proclamation of their contempt for Angel Grove. 

But they do something different with the rest of the cast, which helps to modernize them. Cyler as Billy provides the humor and keeps the grittiness from ever getting lower and lower. Of the five teenagers, he is the one with the most charisma But he also serves to represent autistic teens everywhere. Yes, unlike the television counterpart, they made the Blue Ranger autistic, which is a pretty bold and commendable step for something based off a children’s property.

To keep the ball rolling, they then make Becky G’s Trini represent lesbians and confused, oppressed teenagers everywhere. Okay, this film had me at shedding light on autism, but encouraging more LGBT representation? Hats off to you, Lionsgate and Saban. Despite this, I found Becky G’s performance to be slightly annoying until about halfway through the movie, when they developed her much more, and gave her a more integral role in the plot. 

While I praised the rest of the cast, I’d have to drop the axe on Ludi Lin as Zack, the Black Ranger.  Compared to all these convincing performances, Lin’s is absolutely haphazard. The way he is introduced is to set up how much of a cocky outsider he is, so naturally he’s by himself. He then starts speaking to himself, which is one of my absolute biggest pet peeves in a movie. I despise movie moments where normal-functioning people start speaking or quipping to themselves, the only sensible reason being that the writers assume the audience is too dumb to know what the character is thinking. I get it if a character has schizophrenia or another mental illness, or if the words are limited to comedic inner-banter, but not in this case. He’s someone with decent social-competence and no reason to quarrel with himself, other than provide exposition to the audience.

But like Trini, I did find him to be much less annoying when he opened up. They gave him a pretty touching backstory with his own troubles, and they make his motivations really apparent. And just to keep the ball rolling, he’s also the most foreign one of the group, being bilingual, unlike the original black ranger. Now that I think about it, many of the Power Ranger series’ casts don’t feature any overtly foreign characters, apart from maybe of an alien race. 

That is precisely why this casting works. Whether or not you find these characters annoying, you can’t doubt that they’re there for a good reason, and you might even warm up to them as the movie progresses. They also help to introduce bouts of political correctness, but they aren’t preachy or condescending about it (which is really the only good way to go about political correctness). They represent people of various colors, mental states and social capabilities, showing (but not telling) that everyone is capable of extraordinary things as long as they have camaraderie.

I can’t say much about Cranston as Zordon. It’s a great homage, seeing as how Cranston has actually been a part of “Power Rangers” since the original television show, where he voiced many of the villains they face. I do love his voice-work here, and while it took some getting used to, I ended up really liking how they presented him. Rather than a chubby, floating head in a tube, they made him manifest into a wall, kind of like one of those pinpression toys. Not to mention they could have easily made him a one-dimensional character. But they went above and beyond to give him his own arc, his own set of feelings and doubts, and a world of lore behind him.

If you thought Alpha 5 was annoying in the television show, then you can rest your worries because Bill Hader fixed him up good. The original’s voice was so high-pitched and screechy; basically in typical 90s fashion (or how the 90s thought Aliens would sound like). This time, he just kind of does the same thing he did as Fear from “Inside Out,” except less screaming. His design had me slightly worried but I got used to it.

Now, Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa has me split down the middle. On the one hand, I do like that at least ONE person in this entire film is trying to recall the absurdity and campiness of the original series. At the same time, I found her to be over-the-top, and incredibly outlandish compared to the rest of the grounded cast. She is guilty of overacting here, which is both a blessing and a curse. The prosthetics on her are amazing though, from both start to finish. She starts out as an outright horror character, which is something I didn’t expect to see even in the gritty version of a children’s property. 

If you kept up with me for this long, you know that a recurring theme here is that this film takes several risks that are rather uncharacteristic of a children’s property. Sure, there are hints of silliness to try and match the youthful appeal of the original, but they also throw in more mature bits of humor, about things such as drug tests and jacking off a cow (no joke). Me personally, I welcome these jokes. If anything, this is much more of a film for the adults who grew up watching “Power Rangers,” rather than children. The maturity really shines through in the form of character development and chemistry.

I must say that if you are bringing a child to watch this, keep in mind there will be mild swearing, and several mature jokes.

A common criticism (ad nauseam, pretty much) is that this film is a forced collision between two different movies. Two thirds of the movie is essentially the origin story, which focuses mainly on character development. At the same time, this is the section that appeals to the audience the most, whether you’re fans of the original or not. No one comes into anything titled “Power Rangers” and expects to feel for the characters. But through one particular scene where all the characters develop a kinship, we develop a peculiar attachment to each of them. It was at this moment that I’m glad these people are the ones I’m spending five more movies with (Yup, that’s right).

But when it sticks to the original, it definitely sticks, and that’s where the last third of the movie comes in. If you’re looking for cool looking suits fighting monsters with martial arts and gymnastics, you will get it. If you’re looking for giant robot dinosaurs battling another giant monster, you will get it. And MOST OF ALL, if you want to, at least once, hear the iconic theme song, you will get it. In all it’s pure, epic goodness.

But this is where I have to defend my appreciation for this movie, because many people will come in accusing me of being “blinded by nostalgia.” Despite having these borrowed features from the original show, there is really nothing nostalgic about it. The action here is far better than most of the show’s episodes. There is no silliness to be had apart from what would be silly by realistic standards (as opposed to having two obligatory bully characters).

Even some elements taken from the show are vastly different. Case in point: Rita, who in this film is actually getting shit done by herself rather than sitting up in some moon tower yelling at everyone.

Even the formula of the show is broken up here. Back then, everything was so fast-paced to where every time a new series was brought in, the new team of Power Rangers would unrealistically form intimate familial connection and extraordinary abilities within 20 minutes. This film actually shows you that the Power Rangers had to train for this, both physically and mentally. They didn’t just have these abilities bestowed upon them as a result of the plot rushing it together. You see them work for it, which is something I really appreciated about it.

I had to bring that up because many of the people who didn’t like this film will be quick to see reactions like mine and guilt me for “nostalgia.” But that “tone difference” that they’re faulting this for is the reason why you can’t pin nostalgia on this. All that means is that everything I liked about this film has been on its own merits, maybe (at most) perpetuated by quick little homages to the original. 

I suppose before I wrap this up I should mention one more thing. Not really a problem, but more like something I wish happened: I wish they played the theme song more. It was wonderful hearing the iconic theme song, perfectly borrowed from the 1995 film, and at the height of its “Power Ranger-ness.” But I felt that if they really were gonna throw it in there, they should have totally owned it and at least left it playing for a bit longer. If not that, then at least make an instrumental cover to play in the background during the climax, rather than GODDAMN KANYE.

This is a film that has fans and critics alike split down the middle, but it’s pretty clear that everyone who hates it is hating it for the same two reasons: (1) It has a massive tone-clash towards the end, and (2) It caters way too much toward product promotion for Krispy Kreme donuts. I do agree with the latter, make no mistake. But when I hear people complain about this tone-clash, it reminds me of people who complained about the “slow parts” of every other superhero film, whether it’s “Captain America: Civil War,” or “Batman v Superman.” Apart from being a “Power Rangers” movie, this is also an origin story film. And for something as ridiculous as “Power Rangers,” it definitely requires a slow initiation process. To get us going on a six-movie deal, the creators will have to help casual viewers acclimate to the premise, because chances are the naysayers are the ones who skipped out on this franchise as children, and therefore missed their window of opportunity. Ironic how a movie based on a children’s property requires a mature level of patience from the audience.

As I said before, if you came into this wanting to see colored suits, martial arts, explosions and giant robots, you will get it. If you’re dragged into this film but appreciate elements like character development and chemistry, you will get that too. As someone who enjoys both, I actually would go so far as to say I loved this movie. I don’t care if I’m alone on this, but I can comfortably say that I loved the “Power Rangers” movie.

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Hello, If it's no trouble could I request headcanons for the whole RFA and Saeran where the MC has dog and it's pretty much her best friend? Not a small dog either, like a boxer or husky or some other big dog? It can either be a puppy or adult, and nice/indifferent to cats. I mean, I love both Cats and Dogs, but dogs are almost never mentioned in mm ;; plus I thought it would be interesting.

I love big doggos hell yeah let’s go 


Dog: Bernese Mountain Dog

✮ he’s a vet so he’s all for animals 
✮ so when you tell him you have a bernese mountain dog 
✮ he’s so excited (they’re so cute) 
✮ when you explain that it’s basically your best friend 
✮ he’s so giggly and affectionate 
✮ because his s/o loves animals just as much as he did 
✮ when you move in together (into a bigger place bc I don’t think a burmese would live comfortably in a college kid’s dorm) he nervously asks if your dog is okay with cats (lisa) 
✮ when you reassure him that it’s all g 
✮ he’s even more excited!!! 
✮ i can just see him being so doting and cuddling with your big pupper 
✮ he really loves cuddling with you and this big floofer 
✮ he takes so many pictures of lisa curled up with your big buddy 


Dog: Japanese Akita

✎ she’s a bit nervous at first tbh
✎ she’s used to elizabeth who is a little cat
✎ so suddenly there’s this really large mass of happy fluff
✎ she’s startled
✎ but your akita is really well-mannered and sits at her feet with a silly dog-smile 
✎ and she’s all *heart eyes* 
✎ akitas don’t shed year-round so she’s super hype 
✎ and she enjoys brushing them with you when it’s ‘blowing it’s coat’ 
✎ she isn’t all for sloppy kisses and cuddles 
✎ she likes it when it’s calm with her and maybe sets it’s head in her lap when she’s working 
✎ but she loves watching you two interact 
✎ because it’s a big cuddle party (she’s invited~) 
✎ keeps her calm 


Dog: Alaskan Malamute 

✿ is high key in love 
✿ takes so many photos 
✿ he’s so grateful he’s only allergic to cat fur and not dog fur 
✿ especially because you’re so close with your doggo 
✿ loves taking selfies with the big floofer 
✿ posts them all over his social media and the RFA chat becomes a haven of the other selfies that didn’t make it 
✿ loves that they’re such a silly and photogenic dog 
✿ takes photos of all the pupper smiles 
✿ the only time he doesn’t appreciate it is when he’s tryna unleash the beast with you but your doggo is like ‘hey don’t hurt [Y/N]’ 
✿ he gets really whiny when that happens 
✿ also during summer 
✿ because they like cuddling on the bed but zen already has his own mop of hair to deal with 
✿ so it just becomes a big, hairy, sweaty mess 


Dog: German Shepherd

₩ is kinda skeptical in the beginning 
₩ because of elizabeth 3rd 
₩ he’s really nervous that she won’t like your floofer or vice versa 
₩ and even though you said they were chill and indifferent to cats 
₩ you agreed on introducing them to each other slowly 
₩ so you’re taking them to a park together 
₩ and elizabeth is whiny because she doesn’t like being outside (lmao) 
₩ but your doggo is very well behaved and happy 
₩ they really like jumin and tries to impress him with their good manners 
₩ (happy panting doggo looking up with silly dog-smile at jumin while trotting along hhHHHNNNNNG) 
₩ until this savage other dog comes along, not on a leash 
₩ and is barking and trying to go elizabeth 
₩ your doggo jumps forward and saves the day 
₩ jumin was very thankful and crouches down to give your doggo pats 
₩ your pupper was very proud of themselves (jumin has accepted floofer) 


Dog: Chinook 

✞ loves loves LOVES your chinook 
✞ tries to train it to fetch honey buddha chips for him
✞ models his dog robot to look like them 
✞ when he’s stressed out he likes to just look at you and your big doggo cuddling 
✞ and then joining in 
✞ loves to just drown in the fluff 
✞ has 0 problem with getting kissed/licked 
✞ also likes that he has a moderately intimidiating watchdog 
✞ one time when vanderwood had snuck in while you and saeyoung where sleeping 
✞ your floofer was barking and growling up a storm 
✞ and saeyoung screamed and pounced at vanderwood when he pulled out his taser 
✞ vanderwood: ‘doggo?’ 
✞ is super protective and doesn’t like vanderwood being around them 
✞ they become meme’y friends 

I changed Saeyoung’s icon thingy because the keyboard was causing problems and spreading the text so it didn’t really fit in with the rest of the post, so I hope y’all don’t have a problem with it 

I hope you like the nice doggos I chose, this was a very enjoyable request to write heheheh! ♡♡

I wanted to sneak some Aunt Peggy into this AU. :)

“Sir, Ms. Carter is here,” Jarvis said, stepping into his office. “Would you like me to escort her here or would you like to g–”

“Too late!” Peggy said, pushing past him. “I’m already here. Howard, you know I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

Howard stood, waving at Jarvis when he sighed in that way that said ‘I’d roll my eyes if I could but that would be unprofessional.’ “Thanks for trying, Jarvis.”

Jarvis dipped his head. “Shall I bring tea?”

“Don’t bother,” Peggy cut in before Howard could say anything. “Tony will be home soon and I don’t want tea on my blouse.”

Jarvis sighed again, this time fondly, and said, “Very well.”

Howard waited for him to leave before asking, “What’s that?”

Peggy turned to purse her lips at him. “It’s a garment bag, Howard. I’m sure you’ve seen one before.”

“Of course I’ve seen one,” Howard scoffed. “Just never yours. And it’s quite small, isn’t it?” He leered. “Are you here to put on a show for me, Peggy? I’m alright with it, but I’ll need to ask my wife–”

“Howard!” Peggy laughed, so surprised that she didn’t have a chance to pretend she was mad. “Maria would kill us both!”

“Not if I invited her to watch as well,” Howard said confidently, putting his hands on his hips.

“Invited me to watch what?” Maria asked poking her head into the office. She watched the two humans sputter and blush and raised an eyebrow. “…Hmm.”

Howard flailed a little. “It’s nothing, Maria!”

“…If you say so,” she said after a moment. “Howard, did you forget Tony got out of school early because of construction in their science wing? He’s going to–” She yelped as Howard rushed past her, knocking her into the door jamb painfully. “Ow, Howard! Damn!” Maria called after him, offended, and rubbed her side. “…Ow.”

“Are you alright, Maria?” Peggy asked in concern. “Howard’s scatterbrained but I’ve never seen him like… that.

“Ohh,” Maria mumbled rubbing her side again. “Ever since Tony started school, Howard’s always waited on the landing for him to get home. He tries to act casual but Tony knows he’s waiting for him. It’s almost as if he thinks Tony’s so oblivious that he’d never notice his father always happening to be at the same place every time he comes home.”

Peggy let out a little noise of amusement. “Oh my God. It seems like every time I come over here, I learn a new way he’s smitten with that boy.”

“Well, it seems like every day he sees him, he finds a new way to be smitten,” Maria admitted fondly. She tilted her head. “What’s in your garment bag, Peggy? It’s very small.” She leered. “Oh, were you planning on putting on a show?”

“I hate both of you and I’m going to kidnap Tony and raise him on my own,” Peggy informed her, but she was smiling. “You’re both awful. I can’t believe Tony continues to be the exuberant ball of innocence he is with you as his parents.”

Maria laughed. “Well, Howard is quite a prude around Tony. I’m lucky if a peck on the lips lasts more than two seconds if Tony’s in the room.”

“I adore Howard,” Peggy said, giggling behind her hand. “What a man of mystery. A ladies’ man until he met you, a devoted husband, and now a prudish father. And he somehow manages to be all three at the same time some days.”

“He is absolutely precious,” Maria agreed.

They turned as they heard laughing just in time to see Howard hobble back into the office, Tony standing on his feet and giggling as he was carried around. He brightened when he saw Peggy and let go of Howard’s hands to rush over to her. “Aunt Peggy!”

“Hello, darling,” Peggy replied, kneeling so he could throw himself into her arms. “I hear you’ve started designing a robot.”

“Yeah!” Tony answered immediately, leaning back so he could grin at her. “Dad’s even letting me do everything myself! Or, well, um–” He turned and looked at Howard before turning to look at Peggy again. “I have to let him help me with the heavy stuff, and I need his supervision for welding and stuff. But the rest of it I get to do myself!”

“My, that’s so exciting, Tony!” Peggy said, smiling at him. “I hope everything goes well. But then, you and your father are so clever, I’m sure it will.”

Tony beamed at her. “Thanks, Aunt Peggy!” He noticed the garment bag still in her hand and tilted his head. “Whats in the bag, Aunt Peggy? It looks too small for you.” He gasped. “Aunt Peggy, is it for me?!”

Peggy paused to give both Howard and Maria long, disappointed looks before she looked back down at Tony with a smile. “It is!”

“You got me a present and it isn’t even my birthday!” Tony cheered. He reached for the garment bag, then seemed to remember his manners and clasped his hands behind his back shyly.

Peggy stood and unzipped the garment bag. “I remembered you told me that your friend Janet is doing a little project of designing dresses from each decade.”

“Yeah,” Tony answered hopefully, eyes glued on the garment bag.

Peggy pushed the garment bag open to show a long dark skirt and cream-colored jacket with a cinched waist. “Well, I just found this gorgeous skirt and jacket the other day, just like the ones I used to wear in the forties! Maybe you’d like to wear it the next time you go over to Janet’s house? You can tell her this was high fashion in the forties, especially the cinched waist.”

“Aunt Peggy I love it,” Tony breathed, reaching out to grasp the sleeve of the jacket.

“And,” Peggy added proudly. “Hat brims were much wider back then. This hat might be a bit big for you, but–”

Tony nearly vibrated as she took off her hat and set it on his head. “Really?!

Peggy watched the hat tip forward, just a tad too large, and reached out to fix it. “Of course, dear. You might have to grow into it.”

“Nonsense,” Maria scoffed, coming to kneel beside him, and carefully fixed the hat on his head. “If we can’t make it work with bobby pins, I have several hat pins. How would you like to wear one of your mother’s pretty hat pins, Tony?”

“You can’t,” Howard blurted out before he could say anything.

Peggy and Maria swiveled to glare at him.

He valiantly did not shrink. “Honey, your hat pins are illegal. They’re too long.”

“What–why?!” Maria exclaimed, sputtering.

“The suffragettes used them as weapons so there were laws made.”

“…Well!” Peggy said, smiling. “Your suffragettes were my kind of women!”

“Howard you’ve let me wear my hat pins to the races!” Maria sputtered again.

Howard blinked at her. “Maria, I have no intention of telling my wife, who can turn into a werewolf, what she can and cannot wear to the races. I will however put my foot down for Tony. He doesn’t have your ability to make people wish they were dead yet.”

Maria stared at him stonily.

Howard nodded. “Yes, like that.”

Tony giggled and pushed the brim of the hat up. “My hair’s not long enough for hat pins anyway,” he said, even though he stared longingly at the jewelry box where Maria kept her hat pins.

“Aw,” Peggy and Maria cooed.

“We’ll just have to figure something out,” Maria continued, stroking her thumb over his cheek. “Peggy, this was so kind. Thank you.”

Peggy sighed. “Well, it’s good practice for when my nieces and nephews finally start having children. I missed this part of their lives because of the war.”

“You can spoil me whenever you want, Aunt Peggy!” Tony offered helpfully.

Peggy snorted, smiling, and gave his cheek the smallest of pinches because only Tony could offer to let someone spoil him and actually mean for it to make the other person feel better. “I will, dear.”

Jarvis knocked on the doorway. “I’ve made coffee.”

“Oh, delightful!” Peggy said, smiling.

Tony turned, hand raised.

“Yes, and a cup of chocolate milk for you, sir, with apples and peanut butter for your afternoon snack.”

“Yay!” Tony cheered, running for the door.

Howard snagged the hat off of his head on the way by. “Let’s leave this with the skirt and jacket, Tony. It would be just our luck if it fell off your head and into your peanut butter.”

“Aw,” Tony complained, but agreed easily enough, instead grabbing and tugging on Howard’s hand. “C’mon, Dad, I wanna tell you about what happened in school today!”

“Of course, honey,” Howard answered immediately, letting himself be dragged down the hall.

Jarvis sighed that fond eye-rolling sigh and followed them.

“Oh dear,” Peggy murmured. “He didn’t call Howard ‘daddy’ once the entire time I’ve been here.”

“Don’t bring it up,” Maria ordered immediately as they began to follow the men out. “I had to calm that tempest twice already.”

Peggy snorted. “Dear God, I won’t.”

The guys as Yanderes

I recommend you looking up error code 444 if you plan on reading about Kiibo…


2 OF THEM MENTION SEX BE WARNED, nothing NSFW happens though, don’t worry 

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The boys introducing their favorite movies to their s/o?

Thanks for requesting! This was entertaining to write. I hope it’s what you expected. I’m so sorry this took so long.

 Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • “Contrary to what one would think, my favourite movie is not Fifty Shades of Grey.”
  • You try to muffle your laughter when he says this but damn
  • You had literally bet that’d be his favourite movie.
  • You now owe Ouma $10.
  • Korekiyo tells you his favourite movie is Coraline
  • You’re surprised - you would have never expected Korekiyo’s favourite movie to be PG
  • The one with the creepy button-eyed people?”
  • “Precisely.”
  • You admit, you’ve never seen it
  • The trailer was enough to scare anyone away!
  • Korekiyo assures you it’s not as scary as it appears to be
  • And that it’s actually really interesting watching someone of Coraline’s age put their intelligence and bravery to the test in order to save her loved ones!
  • He asks you to put yourself in her shoes
  • And to imagine all the possible outcomes!
  • He’s right - it would be interesting to see how someone would react to a situation like that
  • Whether or not they’d crack under the pressure, throw in the towel, or do what needs to be done
  • You’re excited to watch the movie with him! 

Rantarou Amami

  • The boy is a sucker for creepy movies, you know that much
  • You were beginning to regret letting him choose the movie this time, with that in mind
  • You walk into the living room, nervous
  • On your TV you can see the menu screen for a movie you’d never seen before - but the title did seem familiar…
  • You had heard of this before… but had never actually given it the time to watch it
  • And now you can see why!
  • It looks absolutely terrifying!
  • “Have you seen this movie before, s/o? It’s my favourite.”
  • He notices the fearful expression on your face and heads over to you
  • He plants a kiss on your forehead and wraps his arms around you
  • “I know you’re a little scared, s/o, but it’ll be fine with me here. I’m here to protect you, after all.”
  • You suppose it couldn’t be that bad, as long as you were snuggled up to Amami…
  • “That’s the spirit, s/o.”
  • He presses “Play”
  • Throughout the film he holds you close during the extra scary parts
  • If you ever seem too afraid, he’ll squeeze your hand and pause the movie to see if you’re okay
  • The movie ends and you’re pleasantly surprised - that wasn’t as terrible as you had anticipated it to be!
  • Horror movies with Amami become more frequent after that - you both look forward to it every week!

Ouma Kokichi

  • Ouma had been pestering you with random questions all morning
  • “What’s your favourite food? Pizza topping? Season? Video game?”
  • “…Movie?”
  • Enough was enough.
  • In a huff, you throw the questions back his way
  • You ask him what his favourite movie is, not expecting him to give you any proper answer
  • He takes a moment, tapping his finger to his chin, deep in thought
  • He proudly states the name of some movie you’ve never even heard of
  • When he looks to you for a reaction and there isn’t one, he’s hurt!
  • Gently, you break it to him
  • “I’ve not a clue what that movie is about, Ouma.”
  • “How have you not seen my favourite movie, s/o? Are you sure you haven’t seen it?”
  • “I thought you were my partner!?”
  • You try again in your head to place any imagery at all to the title, but alas, it still doesn’t ring any bells
  • You tell him you’re sorry, that you’ve definitely never heard of it
  • “No apologies needed, s/o! It is now my job to make sure you watch this movie, and love it!”
  • No turning back now
  • The two of you set up the couch and fill the space around you with junk food and settle in to watch the film…

Saihara Shuuichi

  • “O-oh! That’s an easy one!”
  • You quickly discover that naming his favourite movie is in fact, not an “easy one”
  • He immediately lists off his top ten!
  • And he’s talking so fast! It’s hard to keep up with his thoughts!
  • You tell him just one is fine!
  • He immediately shuts up
  • He looks pretty deep in thought
  • “M-My favourite movie would have to be… Clubhouse Detectives.”
  • He looks to you for a reaction - a “me too!” was what he was hoping for
  • But you’ve got no clue
  • The Clubhouse What-now? Never heard of it.
  • He looks shocked - even a little hurt!
  • “Y-You haven’t seen it? But it’s so gripping! It was one of the first mystery movies I ever watched!”
  • You can tell by the look on his face he wants to beg you to watch it with him, but you know he’s too nice to ask you to sit through a movie with him without arranging beforehand-
  • You ask if it’s too late for a movie night
  • His face lights up
  • It’s never too late for a movie night!

Kaito Momota

  • The boy’s face lights up when you ask him what his favourite movie is!!
  • Guardians of the Galaxy!! Duh!!

  • What’s that?
  • He’s shocked that you’ve never seen or heard of it before
  • “It’s action packed!! Hilarious! And there’s a hint of romance too-”
  • The way he described to you, it sounded like any other movie he’d watch
  • But the sparkle in his eyes that appeared while he talked about it was enough to convince you to watch it with him
  • “I still can’t believe you’ve never seen it before, s/o. This is gonna be awesome!”
  • You tell him you can give it a go!
  • It sounds like fun!
  • His eyes light up even more
  • This is almost the happiest you’ve ever seen him?!
  • The two of you get the popcorn and set up the blankets
  • Movie time!!


  • You’re super curious to know what the robot would pick as his favourite movie
  • “I suppose I do quite like the one with the boy who lives in an orphanage and then goes to the future with this boy he met and then it turns out- actually, I have it on DVD, please wait for one moment! I will be right back!”
  • He hurries back into the living room with a deluxe copy of Meet the Robinsons
  • You’re puzzled - why is this his favourite movie?
  • “It was the first movie I ever watched! It holds great emotional value to me and I love it!”
  • When you tell him you haven’t seen it, he makes the strangest squeaking noise
  • But you can tell it’s out of excitement, at least
  • You ask if he’d like to watch it with you tonight - you have nothing better to do and hadn’t watched a movie together in a while
  • He makes the noise again.
  • The boy hurries out of the room once more to retrieve blankets and pillows!
  • Movie!!!! Night!!!!
  • He pulls you into a tight embrace and jumps up and down a little
  • “This is going to be a lot of fun, s/o!”

Gonta Gokuhara

  • You saw this one coming from a mile away
  • Even though you’d never watched it, you could still tell
  • “Gonta’s favourite movie is A Bug’s Life! Gonta thinks this movie is both educational and entertaining!”
  • You join him on the couch and pick up the DVD in your hands
  • Just as you thought, it’s a child’s movie!
  • You tell him that.
  • Gonta thinks A Bug’s Life is good no matter what age!”
  • You roll your eyes - looks like this movie night was going to be a snore fest. Maybe next week you’ll pick up the pace with a horror movie, you say.
  • “G-Gonta doesn’t like horror movies! Gonta insists on watching A Bug’s Life!”
  • With a sigh you snuggle up to him and press “Play” on the television
  • He doesn’t take his eyes off the screen the entire movie
  • The man is mezmerised!
  • “Look at all the pretty bugs, s/o!”
  • Although, you are entertained
  • And it makes you happy to see your boyfriend so excited like this
  • Maybe letting Gonta pick a movie wasn’t such a bad idea after all

Ryouma Hoshi

  • It was a boring afternoon
  • You were sick and practically glued to the couch
  • You felt and looked like crap
  • Hoshi didn’t like seeing you like this
  • His s/o didn’t deserve to feel this way
  • And as your boyfriend, he made it his duty to make you feel better
  • He disappeared into his and your room and emerged with an old looking DVD
  • You glance up from your tissues hopefully
  • You see the cover and your eyes dim immediately
  • Boring.
  • Give the film a chance, s/o.”
  • He sits by your side and takes your hand and tells you it’s his favourite movie.
  • A compelling statement…
  • You tell him you’re willing to watch the movie with him,
  • If he agrees to let you cuddle him the whole time
  • He sighs
  • “…As you wish.” 

anonymous asked:

How much do each of the ut characters swear?

I swear I’ve answered this question before in the past, but I can’t for the life of me find it, SO HERE IT IS AGAIN, NEW & UPDATED VERSION

Frisk - Swears very rarely, though they might occasionally go up to someone like “I know a bad word” and then lean in real close and whisper something like “tax evasion” into the person’s ear. They find this completely hysterical for their own unique Frisk-reasons. Sometimes they repeat swear words they’ve heard Undyne say when they’re really annoyed or when no one’s around.

Asriel - Only swears when really surprised/taken off-guard. Sometimes slips into plant jargon when getting riled up over violent video games. His siblings know that when he starts telling his virtual enemies to “go choke on a thorn hedge”, it’s time to fake a power outage.

Chara - Exclusively swears when around their friends, and mostly jokingly. Swear words and slang sound super weird dropped into the middle of their normally somewhat stilted, overly posh way of speaking, and they use it for humorous effect. Alternatively, they may start spouting clusters of profanity when overtired and sad, it’s like a last-ditch attempt at seeming intimidating, though the result is always a little pitiful and mostly makes people want to comfort this poor noisy puppy.

Toriel - Swears a moderate amount, though only when around other adults, preferably close friends. She tries to keep her kids from picking up bad words, though she’s painfully aware of the fact that all of them (Chara especially) already have quite the vocabulary.

Sans - Tries to avoid swearing in order to keep up his easy-going image, but he does slip up once in a while, especially when around people he feels comfortable with. Also tends to swear more when he loses his cool, rare as it is. Usually, the only way to tell when he’s really angry is when he forgets to censor himself.

Papyrus - The only one in the monster fam who never swears, ever. He wants to remain G-rated in order to maximize the amount of friends he could potentially make! He doesn’t want to accidentally scare someone off with bad language.

Undyne - Swears, so much, and loudly. She tries to reel it in around the kids, but she’s got a mouth like a sailor. Swears even more when she’s excited about something, which she often is. Regularly receives vaguely threatening texts from Toriel along the lines of “for every new curse you teach my children, I shall lay curses upon your future offspring in return.” Undyne laughs it off. It’s … probably a joke.

Alphys - Mostly mutters profanities to herself when doing battle with people on the internet who have bad opinions, about things. Always tries to express herself more clearly and with more dignity in her actual posts/comments, but on the other side of the screen, she’s seething. Doesn’t swear much during face-to-face interaction, though, unless she’s just chilling with friends and her guard is down.

Asgore - Tends to use outlandish old-timey curses, especially when troubled by something. He still strongly rejects actual anger, but when he’s fighting with it, it helps to wish barren crops and toad rain upon his enemies.

Mettaton - Mostly swears for dramatic effect, or when freaked out by something. Never stoops to outright crude language, only sprinkling in a “damned” or a hell-as-in-see-you-in-hell once in a while when living his killer robot persona.

Napstablook - Sometimes mumbles a curse or two when particularly frustrated by the Happenings around them.

Monster Kid - Sometimes utters a very stutter-y curse when trying to look cool. They’ve watched too many action movies, probably.

anonymous asked:

If children inherit one of their parents' quirks, or a combination of the two, what do you think Bakugou's parents' quirks are? Also what do you think Izuku would have gotten if his power manifested like usual(his father breathes fire and his mother has minor telekinesis)?

Actually anon!!!!! We know Mitsuki and Masaru’s quirks! Mitsuki can sweat glycerine (no explosions) and Masaru has oxidizing sweat (can make small explosions) so when combined you got Bakugou’s nitroglycerine sweat! I find it super neat tbh I was really happy when I found out about it (…also because I kinda headcanoned Bakugou taking the explosions from his mild and lovable father and he did what a good)

As for Izuku tbh I don’t know? I never spent much time thinking about it, but if we exclude the possibilities of him having his mother or his father’s same quirks, the neatest combination would have probably been firebending I think - he could either produce his own fire (like his father does, that would be the strongest outcome I guess) and bend it through his mother’s magnetizing-type quirk, or he could bend already existing fire only, which is also pretty neat but not as self-sufficient and therefore a lil less strong… anyway it would have been hilarious tbh because if he’d had a fire quirk Todoroki Bakugou and he would have all been fire babies and that’s ???? amazing™

Anon said:  You know, as funny and adorable was seeing Kiri cry because Tetsu’s quirk is similar to his, the new chapters that revealed his insecurities made it more sad, because the Sport Festival is for gaining popularity and attention, and Kirishima already thought his quirk was not flashy, then he meets another student who has a quirk similar to his. It must have been really devastating to his self-esteem

I’m gonna be honest anon, I’ve been keeping track of Kiri’s self-esteem issues since he first mentioned disliking his quirk before the USJ attack so anything that’s happened after it in that sense hasn’t really been a surprise for me? I’ve been hoping Horikoshi would properly address it like he did in the lastest chapters for ages - seeing him honestly upset about Tetsu having his same quirk made me go aw baby the first time I read it in the manga too, so when I saw it happen again in the anime I did still find it kinda sad BUT ALSO it does make you think about how much he grew into himself!! How much better he got with his confidence and how much he tries and works hard oh my god I love that child

Also!!! The fact that even though at first he had that reaction to Tetsu they still ended up being seriously good friends and gunning for each other and having the healthiest rivalry ever is!!!! So good!!!! He could have held a grudge against him forever but instead!!!!! Oh man!!!!!

(… what actually made me sad because I’m weak and a baby is Kaminari going “aw man I’m not good at those” when they announced the second round, like, god save me how many times has this boy been left out of children games through his childhood because his quirk is incompatible with teamwork I want to  c r y)

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Dulled Mind - Chapter 1

Next Chapter

Table of Contents

“Welcome to the greatest hive of scum and villainy in this entire damned sector,” Bulat chuckled as he landed the cruiser in the spaceport of the most aptly named Avarice Quartus. “Now, let’s get fucked up, shall we?”

Naomi leapt off the ship, going through the bubble of contained air after their ship had been maglocked to the port. They landed on the surface of the spaceport, and walked inside. The artificial gravity kicked in, and Naomi’s feet planted firmly on the ground. She brushed the clinging static of the containment field off her black shirt and waited for Kate to get off the ship.

Kate’s long hair stood up in messy strands from the static electricity, levitating in the air. When she straightened her hair and let it hang down again, Naomi decided to have a little fun. Kate’s hair floated back up, suspended high in the air like some sort of creature that had taken up residence on her head. Kate flattened it down again, shrugging it off as just some electricity that hadn’t quite gone away.

Naomi made it rise up again. Kate caught on, glaring at Naomi, who responded with a smug smile. The hair came to life under her influence, moving and twisting around to form a false mustache around Kate’s mouth.

“Hey, stop!” Kate pushed the hair away, trying and failing to hide an amused smirk. “That tickled.” 

Naomi blew a kiss over in her direction.

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anonymous asked:

also, sam & shiro friendship feat. CANT STOP WONT STOP NOT SURE HOW TO STOP / I don't know how to make things right. So I'll keep pretending nothing's wrong. (pick one! or both! or neither! your choice!)

(Wondering what this is?  This is the 800 Followers Special!  Find out more here.  These requests are now closed.  Don’t wanna see these because there’s a lot of them coming over the next couple of weeks?  Blacklist ‘800 Followers Special’.  Hate reading on Tumblr?  These will be going on AO3 as ‘This Paradox Place’ a couple of days after posting.  Thanks to Xagrok for betaing!)

I don’t know how to make things right. So I’ll keep pretending nothing’s wrong. (you know that I’m not good)

It was a rare occasion that Sam saw Shiro’s bare chest and back.

Part of that was opportunity.  It was deeply unusual to find Shiro in any kind of undress these days.  He kept himself habitually covered from neck to toes, only his hand and face showing skin.  Even that wasn’t a perfect cover.  Not only was there the long, painful looking scar that crossed Shiro’s face, something he could never properly hide, but there was also the smaller marks.  Little nicks and pockmarks on his hand, one thin sliver of a cut that edges out past Shiro’s sleeves.  Ones that aren’t obvious, can’t be seen unless you’re looking.

Sam wasn’t always looking, but sometimes he couldn’t help it.

By now, he was mostly used to the face scar, despite the way that it aged Shiro by a solid half a decade.  And Sam knew the scar alone did that - once, in a moment of pained curiosity and insomnia, he’d coaxed one of the castle’s computers into producing something like photoshop, and saw for himself.  Under the scar, he looked how he used to.  Even the white hair and pale skin don’t do so much to age him.

That, Sam could adjust to.  None of them have any choice, least of all Shiro.  It becomes the new normal quickly.

But the boy’s chest and back were different.  Sam never got the chance to, and each time it was a smack to the face.

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dazeli  asked:

Oh man, you're taking prompts, I have a mighty need from some Jack/Bitty and French <3

I DIDN’T FORGET ELI!!!! I JUST…. ACCIDENTALLY WROTE… A LOT…. please enjoy my transparent excuses to use metropolitan french whenever possible and also my sister’s brief cameo under a pseudonym about which she knows nothing!

translations provided via hovertext–i’m fsl so it’s very possible there are mistakes, but i was pretty diligent about proofreading so *crosses fingers.*


“Papa, j’peux pas faire ça.”

Bitty is definitely not eavesdropping.

Ransom is in full panic mode in their bathroom, so he’d had no choice but to use Jack and Shitty’s. Shitty’d told Eric it was alright on his way out the door.

Plus, all those French vowels, so much rounder and more satisfying than in artsy Parisian films, just sort of reach out to the ear. They demand to be heard, if not understood.

Plus, Jack’s voice is so strained, so sad, so terrified that Bitty only manages to stay on his side of the door because his not-eavesdropping probably wouldn’t help.

“Ouais, j’veux jouer, mais—j’suis gay.”

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anonymous asked:

Ndrv3 guys crying over something and their s/o comforts them and cuddles them?

Need me a S/O like that… Especially when I’m mourning the death of yet another one of my favourite characters T_T

This became a mixture of angst and some humour/fluff ones, hope you like it!

NDRV3 Boys crying over something and their S/O comforts and cuddles them

Shuuichi Saihara:

- You just found him curled up and sobbing on the sofa

- “Eh?! Saihara - kun, Saihara - kun! What is it?”

- You’ve never seen him crying before, it must be something serious

- You place your hand on his shoulder and gently shake him which causes him to look up

- “S/O - san…”

- “What happened?”

- You wrap your arms around him and he hugs you back, tightly

- “I… I thought…” His sobbing is getting more intense

- “Shh.. It’s okay… Take your time… I’m here for you… Shuuichi - kun..”

- He seems to stop for a second, did the use of his first name trigger him?

- “I… I was working on a case…”

- You stroke his hair as he chokes out an explanation

- “She… She looked like you… I.. I…”

- “It’s okay… I’m here aren’t I?” You smile at him and kiss his cheek

- “Don’t cry okay? It breaks my heart to see you cry”

- You wipe away his tears with your thumbs and keep reassuring him that everything is okay now

Kaito Momota:

- You were just sitting together, you were reading a book whilst he was just scrolling through his phone

- “NOOOO!”

- You literally drop your book and see Momota with tears in his eyes

- “M-Momota - kun… What’s wrong?”

- He just shows you the phone screen

- “Pluto is no longer considered a planet.”

- Oh no

- You quickly sit in his lap and hug him

- “Shhh… It’s okay Momota - kun… It’s all just a bunch of lies… Pluto will always be a planet…. Shhh”

- He nods and hugs you back

- “How can they insult Pluto like this”

- “I don’t know, who has the nerve to say things like that.”

- You kiss his forehead and tell him more reassuring words

- He seems to eventually calm down, he even flashes you a smile before hugging you tightly once more


- You didn’t even know robots could cry

- And yet here he was, tears making their way down his cheeks

- You walk up to him and cup his face, wiping each new tear with your thumb

- “What happened Kiibo - kun?”

- “S/O - san… Do you love me?”

- “Eh? What’s that all of a sudden? Of course I do”

- “I… I want to say the same but… I don’t really know what love is”

- “Awh Kiibo - kun..” You move your arms so that you’re hugging him tightly

- “Don’t cry okay? In my eyes you’re showing me as much love as you can… I’ll do my best to make you understand it, I promise”

- He just clings onto you, sobbing into your shoulder

- “It’s okay… It’s okay” You stroke his hair as you try and shush him

- After a while, he finally calms down 

- “S-Sorry.. S/O - san… I made your shoulder all wet…”

- You giggle and kiss his cheek “I don’t really mind, are you okay now?”

- He nods and gives you a small smile

Rantaro Amami:

- You were just doing a few basic chores such as dishes and dusting whilst he was playing a game

- When you walk past him you notice the controller on the table and his face is in his hands

- “Huh?… Amami - kun?”

- You kneel in front of him and take hold of his wrists gently pulling his hands away

- He’s crying

- You look up at him with a shocked expression, you’ve never seen someone as calm as Amami to cry

- “What happened? Why are you crying Amami - kun?”

- “The feels hit me hard”

- He points to the screen. You look over your shoulder and finally see what game he was playing

- Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

- Oh no… He got to that part…

- You stand up intending to hug him but instead he just ends up clinging to your knees

- “H-Hey…” You stroke his messy hair “It’s okay Amami - kun… I played this as well”

- You continue stroking his hair, occasionally you make stroke up and down his back until he calms down

Kokichi Ouma:

- Ouma sent you a message with nothing more than

- Come over now, please

- It was kind of late but nonetheless you made your way over to his house

- Before you could even ring the doorbell, the door swung open and Ouma pulled you inside

- “Woah! What’s up with you Ouma - kun?”

- He doesn’t say anything he just clings onto you

- Huh.. Is he… Crying?

 - “Ouma…Kun?”

- “You’re okay…”

- “Huh? Of course… Why wouldn’t I be?”

- He looks up at you, there is very limited light but you can see that his eyes are red

- He’s not faking it

- “I thought… Someone took you…”

- You kiss his forehead and stroke his cheek

- “Don’t cry Ouma - kun… You’re a Supreme Leader after all right?” 

- He smiles a little before burying his head in your chest

- The two of you stay like that for a while

Gonta Gokuhara:

- You were just napping in the garden until a scream woke you up

- You literally sprint towards the direction it came from and find Gonta on his knees crying

- “G-Gonta - kun! What happened?”

- He just turns towards you his face full of tears

- Your eyes travel down until they find the reason why he’s crying

- He’s holding an insect in his hand but it looks like it’s not moving anymore, upon closer inspection you find that it’s dead

- “Gonta found it” He then sobs some more “How can someone do that?”

- You place a hand on his arm and squeeze it gently

- “I don’t know Gonta - kun… But would you like to bury it?”

- He nods. You hand him a tissue and gently take the insect from him

- You let him wipe his face before you take his hand and find a nice place to bury the insect

- Once the two of you are done you hug him and gently rock from side to side

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- He barely ever showed his emotions (his mask also helped)

- That’s why when you found him with tears in his eyes you were majorly concerned

- You sit by him and put your hand on top of his

- “What’s wrong?…”

- He just shakes his head and squeezes your hand

- You don’t ask him again, you just shift so that you can hug him

- His sobs are muffled due to his mask so you gently lower it for him

- He cries into your chest whilst you stroke his hair and kiss the top of his head from time to time

- “Shinguji - kun… I don’t know what’s wrong but… I’m here for you, okay?”

- He nods

- You’re slightly concerned he might have a panic attack but you do your best to calm him down

- It takes a while but eventually his sobbing stops and you can just hear sniffling every now and then

- Once he can speak again, he tells you that from time to time he will have moments like these

- “Only… This time you were here to help me… Thank you…”

Ryoma Hoshi:

- From the stories Hoshi told you, you saw him as well a champion

- He was always winning tennis matches and he told you all about how he defeated a gang all by himself

- That’s why when you saw him curled up in a ball crying you honestly had no idea what to do

- You walked up to him and sat in front of him

- “Um… Hoshi - kun?”

- “Leave…”

- “Huh?”

- “Leave me… I… I don’t deserve someone like you”

- “What are you talking about?”

- He looks up at you then, eyes puffy from crying

- “I’m a killer S/O! You don’t deserve someone like me! You deserve much b-”

- You don’t let him finish, you just pull him into a hug and hug him tightly

- “Don’t ever say things like that. If I wanted someone else, I would be with them but I don’t all I want is you, and I want you to be happy!”

- He shakes a bit before returning your hug and sobbing into your chest

- He cries quite a lot which causes him to have a terrible headache

- “Hey… Let’s go have a nap okay?”

- He nods

Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear

Possibility for 4x13.

Basically, Philinda has destroyed me.

“They say the mother was the one that made everyone crazy with her powers. Agent May took them all on.”

Melinda looked down at her hands–still shaking from the fight. She felt a deep sense of relief that she couldn’t explain, knowing that the precious little girl behind her was safe. But there was a weight in her gut, telling her that something was off. Something about this felt…surreal.

“The Cavalry went in after all.”

Melinda drew her eyebrows together at the word “Cavalry.” Her fist tightened unconsciously. What was going on? She felt like she was still fighting, though the battle in the warehouse was behind her now. Something was wrong. Something was missing. Like a puzzle piece that someone was trying to force into a space it didn’t belong.

Melinda picked up her phone and dialed a familiar number, hoping that talking to Andrew would settle her down.

“I did it, Andrew.” Melinda’s voice wobbled as she spoke, the raw emotion bringing a teary smile to her face. She looked back for confirmation. Yes, she was still there. She wasn’t dreaming. She saved her. She saved the girl.

“Thank you,” the girl whispered.

Melinda turned back and repeated the thought out loud. “I saved the girl.”

Saying it out loud brought fresh tears to her eyes. At first, she thought they were tears of joy–she had been so worried about the girl’s safety. But the tears kept coming. And they felt more like tears of loss and heartache than of relief.

Melinda took in a shaky breath and looked around. Her thoughts felt muddled. Something was wrong. Something was missing. Someone was missing.


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5/4/17 recs

1.  The Ties That Bind by QueBae   |   Rated T, 31.8k (WIP)

Summary: The first time Viktor saw Yuri Plisetsky was by pure chance at a private rink in Moscow, skating for his dedushka. He thought they would never meet again but it seemed he was lucky in life.

“Papochka!” Yuri called out and Viktor swore his heart stopped beating. Yuri hadn’t addressed him as atsets, heck, he didn’t even call him papa! Yuri said papochka. Papochka! It was a more affectionate, almost cutesy way of calling your papa and it was quickly turning to be Viktor’s favourite word. Did Yuri know that Viktor was somehow his father?

Then Yuri started dashing towards Viktor and all his earlier doubts regarding Yuri had been wiped clean from his mind. Viktor immediately darted off and all that was running through his mind at the time was Yuri, Yuri, my son, Yuri! Viktor had waited to hold this boy in his arms, wanting to tell him how proud he was and how much he had grown. Viktor decided he didn’t want to waste any more time being separated from his Yuri.

His little boy, Yuri.

Or the single dad feat. ballet AU I’ve always wanted to write that no one asked for.

  • Comment: I fuckin love this fic. The summary is deceiving, but in the best way possible. Victor is so very over his head that it’s obvious, and little child Yuri is a great mix of spitfire and cute that other fics don’t balance out well. Yuuri as a character interests me as well, and the latest update was just so sickeningly cute ugh *clutches chest*

2.  The Selection by Galloping_Monroe

Returning home on the tail end of an injury that ends his dancing career, Yuri Katsuki is trying to find his future again. As a Five, he knows his options are limited, but when he finds an invitation to Crown Prince Victor Nikiforov’s Selection, he is convinced by a friend to apply.

He never thought he’d be Selected.

When he is, he finds that his world is changed forever, and that the Crown Prince is not exactly what he’d expected.

  • Comment: Off to an interesting, if predictable, start, the author’s done a great job setting up the worldbuilding in the first chapter. Since I’m unfamiliar with the book that the author uses elements/plot from, I’m intrigued by the system that has been set up. I look forward to how it continues. 

3.  one-eighty degree turnaround by glissendo

“Why don’t you just sleep in here, too?” Leo asks, deadpan. They’re passing around a tray of flan, and Leo watches Seunggil with a critical eye as Seunggil robotically raises the spoon to his mouth the three allotted times. Maybe the spoonfuls are generous. That’s not for Leo to judge him on.

He passes the tray to Phichit, who ignores the three bites rule altogether.

Phichit smiles into the tray of flan. “Wouldn’t want to abuse your hospitality.”

Leo sighs. “You already have.” It’s true. Signs of Phichit are scattered all around their room- the eyeliner pencil on a bedside table, the strawberry lotion on their sink- it’s not just his and Leo’s dorm anymore.

A college AU that spans one-hundred and eighty days, in which Phichit parks himself in Seunggil’s life and then refuses to budge.

  • Comment: I love how Seung-gil’s character has been interpreted in this! Introspective and hilarious in his attitude, Seung-gil in this ascribes to the expectations of people around him (what with him refraining to show outward care and tamping down on reactions), but eventually manages to eventually find his place. The disjointed timeline does get a little confusing, but reading through more than once makes it worthwhile. Phichit has the great balance of outgoing and thoughtful, and Leo’s role as prime enchilada supplier is great as well. Contains vicyuu on the side, and Leo/Guang-Hong with a bonus formula for unrequited love. If you like the ship read it.

4.  Bottle Me Your Smile by Ncj700   |   Unrated, 17k (WIP)

In a tiny village on the edge of the kingdom, Yuuri Katsuki – common as mud Apothecary owner – embarks on a goal to achieve a childhood goal. With the help of the world’s greatest magical, he will achieve it. Apothecary AU for @banacotta. 

  • Comment: *YELLS FROM THE TOP OF A SKYSCRAPER* I love fantasy and worldbuilding and this fic starts off with great worldbuilding. The first chapter begins with Yuuri’s beginnings, and introduces us to the setting, and the narration does wonderfully in giving information in a way that it’s never infodump. We’re also given glimpses at other characters too, and Yuuri’s personality is distinctly shaped during the childhood that the first chapter tells. Plus there’s already foreshadowing of future events/goals/dreams of Yuuri, and basically if you like fantasy/magic aus with solid worldbuilding, read iiiiiit.

5.  eros, by nature by c0rnfl0wer   |   Rated G, 34.5k 

At the fringes, no one knows what to expect of anyone else. Yet, Yuuri felt he knew Viktor better than others. Chance incidences had given him the appreciated chance to meet Viktor, the tsar of his land, and strengthen the relationship. But trust does not always work both ways, and a bad reputation of the fringes can damage more than thoughts.

A historical/fantasy AU based off of Slavic mythology and history. Yuuri is a Vila - an elf-like spirit known for its liveliness… and temporarily malicious nature. Viktor is tsar over Yuuri’s home.

  • Comment: Vasya has struck again with a great fic related to Russian mythology. While his writing style can be hard for me sometimes, the story is great. There are small touches that round out the whole thing — the dogs, the meetings, the premonitions, so on and so forth. The characterizations are wonderfully adapted for this au. It’s complete, so if you’re into fics based off of mythos, this is a great read. 

Gemma reached up self-consciously. “What do you mean what happened to my face?” she asked, trying to catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror over his shoulder.

“You have a scratch beneath your eye. Here,” he observed, and then reached up to lightly swipe his thumb along the apple of her cheek.

“Oh.” Gemma flushed, dropping her hand. “Last night some idiot from my lab slapped me and she was wearing a bunch of rings. I suppose it must have been from that.”

Loudly, “Someone slapped you?”

Gemma’s face grew even warmer, her gaze now firmly trained on the cheap carpeting beneath their feet. “I slept with a guy she apparently had a crush on and she decided I deserved to pay for that. I wouldn’t trouble yourself about it. I got a hit of my own in and she ran off crying, so I doubt she’ll be of further concern.”

Augustus waited. He seemed to be expecting her to say something more, but she had nothing else to share on the matter.

“What do you want to hear?” Gemma demanded, lifting her chin. “I didn’t know she liked him. If I had, I wouldn’t have slept with him, but she’s under the false impression that I did know and fucked him anyway because I have no heart or some equally as ludicrous claim.”

You’re cold and uncaring and I fucking hate you!

Gemma flinched as the memory of those words rose to her awareness. They resonated, like the continual ringing of a gong long after it’d been struck. It hardly mattered how Kelsey felt about her, but the rest scratched at the insides of her skull like claws: cold and uncaring.

It hadn’t been the first instance she’d heard those words attributed to her. Even Augustus had called her a robot when he was angry with her until he realized how much it hurt her. Why the words bothered her so profoundly, she didn’t know. Was it because she could genuinely argue that she wasn’t, or was it because she couldn’t face the ugly truth about herself? Maybe she was callous. She didn’t think so, but who was she to argue against the tumult of literally everyone else?

yoi-yoi-senpai  asked:

I just had a strange idea; what if the third character in sonic forces is a Sonic from the future, however, he's a very bad villain and wants to destroy the world? Can you make a Sonamy Drabble outta this? XD (you've been so hardworking with these prompts and we all really love you and appreciate you <3 just don't forget to take breaks lol)

Y-You mean..


Not so much this crap… just because this certain crap is hard to get a good grasp on in writing. He’s not the twisted Sonic I like to write, but that’s just me.

I usually write evil Sonic as taking all of Sonic’s good qualities, twisting and expounding on them with their opposite, and then taking all his weaknesses and flaws and making them ten times more diabolical and wicked; twisting them to almost seem like strengths for a evil sonic.

Either or, how about I combine the two?

Also, to your comment-

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Eggman laughed, before the footfalls of someone he’d rather not see.

“Oh… it’s you.” He glared, turning around.

“Why, dear doctor, are you laughing?” The silhouette smirked in the corner, his hands on his hips, looking striking in the shadows contrast.

“Hmph. Can’t you see? I’ve finally stumped your little double ganger! He’s history!” Eggman’s glasses shone in the light of his screen, the only light visible where he was in the dark room.

The silhouette flipped out a comb, and brushed his quills back, walking forward.

“That’s just the thing, Doc. You shouldn’t take me so lightly… Have you ever wondered… why there’s a future me that’s so…” he suddenly clicked the item again, and it was a knife. “Dashingly-”

He slammed it into the gears, as sparks flew off with smoke and the robot about to attack a downed Sonic suddenly malfunctioned and collapsed by the teams working together.


“Ah!” Eggman stepped back, falling to his knees. “N-no! You… you said you were from an alternate reality!”

“Fools snooze and loose, Egghead.” He pulled the knife out, tossing it up and down horizontally.

“And I’m afraid our little game comes to an end…” he slowly advanced on Eggman, holding the knife down and motioning his arm to the side of him to slash down before-!

“Sonic! We did it!”

The silhouette looked up, his white around his eyes now shining to reveal the green of Sonic’s own eye color.

He turned around as Eggman scooted backwards, kicking his feet out and racing away, terrified.

Future Sonic dropped his knife, and slowly walked to the screen, looking amazed as he watched this world’s Amy Rose jump into his past selves arms.

He slowly rose a hand to the monitor.

This time…” he whispered, ever so quietly.

He then gripped his hands into tight fists, and slammed them against the monitor.


After a few battles and revealing himself as the future they were all ‘fighting for’ the teams began to loose hope in Sonic, and he, himself, questioned how he even would turn so dark.

In the mist of this confusion, Sonic tried to fight his future self.

“What happened to you!?”

“One bad day. That’s all it takes!” (direct reference to Scourge, yes. I don’t like that line, but I don’t completely disagree with it either…)

He gritted his teeth before charging up with some dark matter, and black chaos emeralds swarmed him.

“I can’t kill you, dude. But I can open your eyes to the real power your missing!!!”


He suddenly stopped, looking over at Amy who ran into the building they were fighting.

She put a hand over her heart before looking to her Sonic.

“A-Amy…” Sonic slowly got up, onto his knees, before swiping the air. “This is my fight! G-get out of here!”

Future Sonic slowly lowered his arms, looking and watching the two, as if seeing this scene through new eyes.

“I can’t just leave you here like this, Sonic! I’m going to fight too!” She turned to Future Sonic, and summoned her hammer.

He seemed almost at war with himself, as Future Sonic looked with pain at that hammer…

“…You could never understand…” he whispered once more.

“…That this future… would have saved you.”

“W-what was that?” Amy couldn’t really hear him.

He shook his head, smiling to her, and cocking his head slightly.

“You tried to fight me like the rest of’em. I would have thought you were smarter than that. Guess ‘true love’ is only when your heart’s as white as snow, huh? Amy Rose?”

She heard the hiss in his voice and stepped back, seeing him lean forward with rage at the very utterance of her name.

“A-…Amy, get back!” Sonic swiped again, getting up and straining to stay upright.

He went super then, and directly charged Future Sonic, who smirked at his hastiness.

“Sonic! Wait-! It’s a-!”

“Ur-HAA!” Future Sonic, anticipating this, had reared his hands back, and sent a huge blast of negative chaos energy directly at him.

The blast blew him sky-high, right out of the building.

Future Sonic grinned widely, before taking a more… gentle look when it came to Amy.

She stepped back, not sure what to do now.

He approached her, with rapid footfalls, as if eager to continue his plans for why he came back to this time-period.

“Now… to make sure my future is everything it needs to be!” he swung an arm back, and charged through the air, flying directly at her. “You’re mine!”

She fought him for only a few seconds before he got the better of her, and grabbed her from behind, flying out and chuckling a moment before taking her where he had set up base…

Eggman later joined up with Sonic, nursing him back to health and offered a truce. It was hard for Sonic to swallow his pride and do, but for his friends and the world’s sake, he had to team up with his enemy.

Amy was flung down on a desert ruin palace, so it looked like, within a rocky cave.

She stumbled up as Future Sonic hadn’t powered down, but adjusted his gloves.

“What do you want with me!? If you aren’t going to stop your past self, then what are you here for!?”

He slowly stopped, and turned around.

“All my friends are dead.”

He shot his arms down and flexed them out a bit. 

“Don’t worry, I didn’t do them the honors.”

She sighed in almost relief at that terrible thought.

“But I’ve come back to get you all. Convert you to negative chaos. And show you that this is the only way…. to victory.” he held up his hands… before clamping them down and having dark chaos energy surround his being.

“Heh, what’s with that fear in your eyes, Amy?” he turned back to her, a wicked, and playful bounce in his voice.

“I thought you might be flattered. Having me bring you here…” he moved around the rocky throne, before playfully leaning out from it and smiling to her. “All alone?” there was something else in his actions too, a darker intent, but she couldn’t quite pick up on it.

He continued to walk around, speaking, as she just remained silent, hoping to learn more…

“If I were to simply take you all back with me though. You may think me insane, deranged, a lunatic and try and reform me… tsk, tsk, tsk.” he gestured with his hands, walking down the steps around her, and then shook his head, holding up a signature, wagging pointer finger.

“But you’re the ones in sore need of reformity.”

“Sonic. I can’t comprehend the pain you must have felt at facing defeat like that.” she was still sitting down, but turned to face him as his expression changed.

He slowly bent his finger down, forming a fist, and his smile shifting to an furious frown that he held together and back.

“But trust me! You can’t destroy to gain! And you can’t steal to love!”


Bending down, he gripped his head, before blasting himself at her, and gripping her neck, breathing hard.

“You’re not going to make this easy, are you?” he tilted his head, smirking a moment before losing it.

“No matter. You also didn’t like my plan before. Why should you suddenly accept it now?” he threw her lightly to the side, as she coughed and turned back to him.


“Enough…” he swiped his hands out, but seemed to be losing some of his anger as he fell to the throne, gripping his head.

“Out of them all.. hearing the truth… I swore you would turn to me…” there was so much pain in his eyes, as if tears weren’t able to fulfill the dark sorrow he felt.

  “Not against me!

He whirled back around, “Well, you can be happy to know I’ve changed my mind about you.” his dark grin sent a shiver down her spine, as she tried to stand up and move away.

He slashed the air and she was thrown back down, landing hard on her back, getting the air knocked out of her a moment, unable to speak as she tried to crawl away.

“Instead of thinking your obsessive tenancies a nuisance and a bore, I’ve actually reconsidered to think it, well.. rather cute.” He stopped a moment in his walk to looked and gesture, before his terrifying smile returned to address her, and then he raced down to slid to stop in front of her, seeing her trying to get away.

His face was directly in front of her, and with a evil longing, he started to turn his head left and right, as if looking for an opening….

“So I’ve decided to reform you first… have you on my side. And with your unique abilities, help me to convince the others of dark chaos’s charms and divinity.”

He crawled forward as she tried to desperately get away, but he overcame her and she fell down, looking up afraid.

He smiled, seeing there was nothing she could do to stop him.

“And now… prepare to enter a world of dark excitement.. Amy… because there’s no going back where I’m taking you.” he shook his head as he pulled hers up, leaning up and on his knees as he pulled her the same.

In shock and terror she did nothing, probably because she couldn’t fathom the thought of her Sonic being so lost in grief and pain that chaos could so easily control him.

“Please…” she begged, feeling great sympathy and love for him. “Don’t do this.” her quiet plea almost made him stop, look away a moment in thought, as if considering what he was doing.

He then looked down, closing his eyes and smiling as more chaos power soared through him.

“It’s too late for that, Rosy.” he spooked her by using her old nickname, throwing her off guard.

His eyes shot open, revealing the glowing white and no eyes anymore, as he narrowed them down. “Maybe you could have helped me… if you were still alive!!!”

He forced himself on her, and as the painful kiss began he pushed his negative chaos into her, and pulled away as she flailed and struggled against the power, feeling it control and even take over her mind.

He slowly got up, a wicked excitement as he watched her cry out and her fur flicker from pink to a dark aura of magenta.

“…All hail the queen…” he grinned, seeing her at last get knocked out from the power that she fought so hard against.

Her eyes opened as she looked over herself, and he slowly bent down to help her up.

“… How do you feel?”

She leaned into him, unable to fully stand at first, as he carefully, lovingly, held her in his arms.

“…I…” she leaned back. “Never knew good being evil felt.”

He smirked.

“Welcome to the dark side, Amy.”

They kissed passionately.


(Geez. I don’t know how to stop myself >x<)

Sonic rushed in with his friends and teams of forces to recuse Amy and put an end to Dark Sonic.


“Ah! The cavalries arrived!”

Future Sonic rested upon his throne, looking giddy as Amy sat on his lap to the side, laughing with him as he held up his hand to greet the party.

“So good of you to offer yourselves up to dark chaos. Well advised. Good decision.” he then leaned over and rubbed his muzzle with his nose lightly against Amy’s cheek, as she giggled before glaring down at the others. “You’re just in time.”

“Amy…?” Present Sonic stepped forward, his eyes filled with confusion and betrayal.

Future Sonic smeared a wicked look of pleasure at seeing that expression, knowing full well what he must be feeling and thinking, before moving his head back around Amy and pulling her closer, continuing to be intimate in front of him as Amy’s cries of laughter sent his once hurt expression to a painful rage.

“What’s wrong, hero? Realizing it only takes one of us to satisfy her?”

“What… what have you done to her?” Sonic knew it couldn’t be his Amy, it couldn’t be!


She looked away, “Oh?” she placed a finger at her mouth, as if truly pushing the knife deeper from his back into his heart.

“She’s not the Amy you once knew anymore, dude.” Future Sonic leaned up, moving her off of him to stand. “And soon, none of your friends will be what you once knew! Haha! Amy!” he turned back, offering her his hand as she took it and he helped her down the throne. “Let’s save all our friends, shall we?”

He rubbed once more his muzzle to her cheek, before grinning as dark chaos spiked both him and her.

“Sonic!” Tails shouted out, as Sonic turned to look at him.

“It’s him! He’s sending negative chaos energy into Amy! He’s controlling her!”

“She willingly yield!” Future Sonic pushed Amy up next to him, “I won’t let you twist my perfect world. You- Or any one of you!!!”

“He’s delusional. And he’s fooling himself in what he’s doing to Amy! We have to break her free of it!” Tails leaned down from his X-Tornado to look to Sonic, who nodded, glad it wasn’t what it looked liked.

“Grrr.. You’ll all thank me when dark chaos saves your lives!!!” Future Sonic slashed his hand out, causing the cave to tunnel in.

After a large battle, Future Sonic found himself loosing, and turned to Dark Amy, as she coughed under a rock.

“I won’t let even one speck of my future pass from me!” he glared down and threw the rock off of her, getting her up.

He gasped in fright as he noticed the negative chaos that he put into her fading, and her own mind being unclouded and growing clearer.

Her fur flickered from magenta to pink again, as she tried to flutter her eyes open, but was too weary to succeed.


“Don’t worry, Amy. I wont’ let them take you from me, too!” he held her head up from her cheek, and kissed more dark energy wtihin her, even making his own fur flicker to his normal blue.

He was risking losing too much power, but refused to give her up.

When the power took over her again, he felt her being as tangible and controlled her again, making her say and do what he wanted.

“You alright?” he almost seemed to say that as if he was normal Sonic again, holding her up.

“Always, with you.” she smiled but collapsed.

“No! Stay with me! Smile! Smile like you used too!!!” he shook her, before he heard voices of his former friends and let out an irritated, raspy, almost growl like sound escape him, biting at the air.

He flung Amy over his shoulder and started racing through the debris of the ruins.

Eggman shot out a finishing blow, and suddenly he was blasted from where he was going, and Amy tumbled from his grasps.

“NOO!!” his eyes widened, holding out a hand to her.

His eyes softened as they formed back into eyes, and memory flashed over his being.

“Sonic! Noo..!!”

His Amy… holding out her hand back to him, as she slipped off the falling building and rolled into the fires.

“Not again..” Dark chaos energy swarmed his being again, “NOT AGGGAAAINNN!!!” he burst up from the ruins and started destroying everything in sight.


While he was distracted, Knuckles and Shadow raced to Amy, dragging her away from being directly beneath his frenzy, before he looked down to see them pulling her away.

“No… If I can’t have at least one… that’s it.” his eyes widened again. “I can just leap through time again! With Negative Chaos! I can exceed the barrier of time and space itself! My speed is flawless. Unparalleled. I’ll snatch them one by one… starting with her!!!” He charged down, firing blasts of Dark Chaos beams before Super Sonic slammed into him.

“You’re not going anywhere near her!”


Amy’s dark energy was being recalled, but he noticed this out of the corner of his eye.

And as Present Sonic pushed him away with the cometing tackle moments before, he out stretched his arm.

“HELP MEE!!” he cried out, not wanting to lose her.

Amy’s eyes flickered open as dark chaos channeled back into her, forcing her up and shooting into the sky.

“Shoot!” Knuckles couldn’t hold her down in time, as he stepped forward, watching her black aura blast her through the air and up to the two Sonics.

“What?” Super Sonic was slammed into by a mind-controlled Amy, as she used all the same powers Future Sonic had used.

He laughed, “Yes… Yes, she’s mine!”

“She didn’t choose you! Quit bluffing on yourself!” Sonic used his hands to dodge her hits, before grabbing her wrists and pulling them away from him as she struggled, growling and unable to form words from Dark Sonic being too heavily controlling her every move.

“Watch, I bet if I gave her back her freedom, she’d choose the light!”

“Noo…NOOO!!!” Before Future Sonic could do anything, a bright light shone around Sonic, and he gently kissed the flowing chaos energy into Amy, canceling out the dark and giving Amy her soul back.

She flickered her eyes open, before her fur changed back to pink, and then to yellow, as she gripped Sonic and looked down, terrified she was in the air.

“I.. I can’t feel her…” Future Sonic twitched his fingers, looking up at the two. “Why… you were mine… you understood me..” he suddenly leaned his head down as more dark energy formed into his being.

“Why am I flying!?” Amy kicked her legs out, still not fully having her memory back yet.

The whole of the forces saw Future Sonic let out a cry as his entire being shot with dark chaos.

“Stop it! Let it go!” Amy shot down towards him.

“Amy!” Present Sonic watched as she flew down and kissed back all the super chaos energy she had and force it through to cancel out so much of his dark energy.

Future Sonic and her slowly floated to the ground, where he looked knocked out, his fur turning to normal, as Present Sonic also bent down by his side.

As he opened his eyes, he cried softly. “I let darkness… emm.. take over myself. I thought… it was the only way. Pain.. sorrow… pity… rage… it all made me that monster.”

The gang formed around him, as he looked up to Sonic.

“Don’t, not even for an instant, allow your anger to fuel you. In anything you do.”

Present Sonic nodded, looking very serious on that statement.

Future Sonic started to fade, looking at his hands as he noticed his timeline was being erased.

He looked up to Amy, a painful smile on his face before dropping to a frown of regret, holding a fading hand up to her.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

She bent down to cry on his chest.

He disappeared and that was the end of that dark future.

-to cry endless and in great pain and torture because of angsty feels.

The baby daddy. (Requested)

Summary: The main character who is Jiyong’s girlfriend, finds out she is pregnant, and nothing goes as planned.

Type: Angst

Warnings: Angst, language, pregnancy stuff  

Notes: This is my first time writing exclusively about Jiyong, please don’t shoot me if I messed up. Also my angst-abilities have yet to be proven. For @puchre I hope you like it even if it’s a bit different from your original request. <3 

It was supposed to be a nice relaxed weekend, just you and Jiyong hanging out. You had both been working a lot the last couple of weeks, and you had planned a couple of days of just being together, and here you were, in the bathroom of his apartment puking your guts out. This was the third time this morning you had had to run into the bathroom succumbing to the powers of the angry snake thrashing around in your stomach. You flushed the toilet and sat down beside the toilet, panting a little. There was a knock on the door, “Hey ____________ baby, are you ok?” the worried voice of your boyfriend drifted through the door.

You put on a positive tone, trying not to make him more worried, “I’ll be right out, just give me a minute.” Your stomach seemed to have settled enough for you to leave the bathroom, you took a deep breath, and rinsed your mouth with water and then mouthwash, before heading out. Jiyong was standing right outside the door with a glass of cold water. “Thank you,” you smiled weakly before taking the drink from him. You sat down on a chair sipping your water, and feeling like a sock that had been repeatedly turned inside out. “I’m really sorry, but I think I should go home,” you mumbled, feeling absolutely terrible to be breaking off your time together.

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