he is legit tony stark right

can i just put it out there that i will literally diE if tony dies because tony means the world to me and if he were gone i wouldn’t know what to do with my life

i know it sounds stupid but this is legit how i feel and i cannot fathom the thought of him leaving and just.

i’m an emotional wreck right now and i hate it i hate this.

Fallen | Part 2

Summary: After your humiliating coffee spill with your TA Tom, you had to face him in his office hours when you needed help on a paper. However, things take a turn when you both have a common interest.

Characters: Reader x Tom Holland

Warnings: Slight cursing

Word Count: 1,009

A/N: Y’all are going to ask for a part three because you want a kiss to happen. I feel it happening, so it is planned. When will it be written and posted? I have no clue. I hope you guys enjoy part two of TA!Tom. Part 1 can be found here.

It was midway through the Spring semester and it was time to write paper number four for your English class. You were assigned to write a close piece, which meant to analysis someone else’s writing. It was proving to be difficult because you had never written a close paper before. At the end of your discussion section with Tom, he had passed out your draft of the paper with some comments. Just as you assumed there were loads of red markings. At the end of the paper, Tom suggested seeing him during his office hours. Office hours terrified you and you never went to any during previous semesters because you couldn’t handle the awkwardness. You knew your professors were there to help, but you couldn’t get over it. However, you knew you had to do well in this class and this paper could break or make your grade.

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The very best of Tony Stark, The Awkward Avenger. 

[Top to bottom, left to right: Marvel Comics Ad, 1984; Guardians of the Galaxy 100th Anniversary Special, 2015; Avengers Assemble 24, 2014; Iron Man: Armored And Irresistible Featuring M&Ms, 2013; Iron Man #40, 2001; Avengers #12, 1965; Might Marvel Superheroes Cookbook, 1977; New Avengers Annual 2006; Iron Man: Fatal Frontier #3, 2013; What If #113, 1998.]

stand-up-and-fight-daleks  asked:

Okay but what if the impending alien invasion has nothing to do with Tony and Steve reconciling. WHAT IF one day some tiny kid pulls Tony's sleeve and asks all teary eyed where Captain America is because she's being bullied and Cap made her feel safe, and Tony thinks about this being a trap for approximately 0.2 seconds before he calls Steve like "Rogers, I'm still pissed off, but you told me to call if i needed you, WELL, I NEED YOU TO MAKE A TINY CHILD STOP LOOKING SAD RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!!"

shit ok like not to shove my 616 tony bias into the conversation but lmao yeah if we were talking 616 tony i am in fact 579843% sure that this would happen, as in, i could literally personally point you to real legit canonical instances of 616 tony stark actually doing things – sometimes LEGIT IMPORTANT BIG AND DEADLY THINGS – he explicitly did not want to do for rational reasons, exclusively because a child, weeping or not, asked him to, and 616 tony seems to be wholly unequipped to see little kids crying and not put his entire life aside to help them my GOD I MISS MY SON MARVEL WHERE ARE YOU K E E P I N G H I M

texasfairylights  asked:

Ohkay I'm ignorant. Who is t'challa? I've seen the name a few times but I don't know who it is:/

OH MAN! Sit down and buckle up, you’re in for an awesome ride.

T’Challa of Wakanda is one of Marvel’s most undervalued characters! Born in Wakanda and educated abroad, T’Challa became the king of this African nation after the death of his father— and also through some mystical inheritance and trials and tribulations he became the champion of the cat-goddess Bast, giving him superhuman abilities along the lines of Captain America. As Bast’s champion he is the Black Panther, guardian of Wakanda. As T’Challa, King of Wakanda, he’s a pretty smart politician and a brilliant strategist and determined to establish his country as a global leader in technology. 

Yeah, that’s right. Technology. You know Captain America’s shield and how it can withstand anything from bullets to Thor’s hammer without a dent? Wakanda has piles of it. Imagine Stark Industries’ R&D department, and then amplify that across an entire country. That’s Wakanda. It’s the most technologically advanced country on Earth, and T’Challa is right there at the head of it.

He can hack through Tony Stark’s security without breaking a sweat. He actually infiltrated the Avengers as Black Panther to test their capabilities and see if they’d be a threat to Wakanda, and ended up having them as legit allies. But that doesn’t mean he won’t kick their ass if he deems it necessary. No, this lawful neutral is going to do what’s best for his nation even if it means allying with villains on occasion…

And did I mention he’s smooth as fuck? Yeah, he marries Ororo Munroe AKA Storm of the X-Men, and they are the most BAMF couple you’ll ever see. 

Essentially, he’s better than your faves. He’s as smart as Tony Stark, a political powerhouse, protector of the weak and with enough moral fortitude to match Captain America, and he’s tough enough and a good enough strategist to take down any Avenger or X-Men member or shape-shifting super Skrull. And he’s got enough sass to power the state of New York.