he is legit insane


I just wanted to tell the antis something about ships. One thing you can do is imagine the way a relationship works. I like Meihem because I imagine that they’re together because Junkrat has tried to change himself to be a better person.
I don’t like the idea that Junkrat is forcing her into the relationship. I don’t like the idea that Junkrat just likes her because she’s attractive, and it’s just a sexual attraction. I like the idea that he likes her for her personality and just does not know how to cope with that.
What I see in canon is Junkrat trying to be friendly and Mei disliking her because she thinks he’s a bully. He’s not. If you look at him the only people he seems to be really mean-spirited towards are Omnics. The people who turned his home into a wasteland. Otherwise he kinda just seems insane.
In the comic “Going Legit” not only does he try to do honest business and seem interested in it, but he’s ready to be peaceful until someone insults roadhog. You can see he cares about the people close to him. If he joined Overwatch and became friends with Mei by making himself a person she could like, I don’t think there’s a problem with that.

triguntri  asked:

How the hell did you manage to make Ryan, a known killer and insane man, look so....He is a puppy. A legit cute puppy that probably smells like fresh linens.

The most adorable -will probably kill you- puppy. Also it is probably because the snapchats I’ve drawn are kind of “behind the scenes” of all the badass shooting-killing action. Ryan doesn’t always need to look threatening and hostile when he’s just leisurely hanging out with the crew.

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Hcs for Kagami and Midorima when they get their drivers licence! :D


  • Immediately starts saving up to buy a new car and once he does he’ll be so damn proud of that baby and will be taking good care of it aka cleaning it almost everyday and never letting anyone else drive it.
  • He’s actually a decent driver but sometimes, when he gets a little too excited, he’ll end up speeding.
  • His car is relatively clean with no decorations. He doesn’t really like those hanger things and only adds in an air freshener in the car. That is until his friends come along and trash it.
  • He has a shitty driver’s license photo because he was caught sneezing when the picture was taken. Surprise, surprise. Kuroko never let him live that down.
  • Legit driving everyone around, even his seniors because none of them own cars, but they always go on road trips with his. And can he really say no to his seniors? Please.


  • You do not want to be behind him when he’s driving. He’s so damn slow. Imagine if you were in a hurry and you needed him to speed the fuck up and he’s just like, “Shhh, no. I know what I’m doing, we have to go at this pace.”
  • His lucky item’s always settled on the passenger seat so he won’t be lettering anyone sit next to him in his car anytime soon. He’s got a smaller car so you or anyone else for that matter would have to squeeze into the backseat with a grunt.
  • “Midorima, jfc, it’s yellow. You go. You stop only when it’s red.”
    “This is why I have a license and you don’t.”
  • His car always smells hella good though, like he’s got some nice air fresheners in there, nothing sickening. Plus, it’s always clean so it’s nice to be seated in there. You wouldn’t be surprised if the leather was still covered by plastic.
  • He hates it when people eat in the car, partially because of the smell but mainly because someone always drops something and it drives him insane and he will legit kick them out of the car on the freaking highway if he has to because it pisses him off.
My brother is convinced it’s the 90′s

“I haven’t played pokemon with only gen 1 pokemon since THE 90′S. I haven’t seen a new episode of Voltron since THE 90′S. I haven’t listened to a new Blink-182 song SINCE THE 90′S. WHaT YeAR iS THisSSs?! I AM CONVINCED I AM THE DOCTOR AND IT WILL ALL BE OK TOMORROW.”



I’m worried.

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Really people think riley invited josh just so maya can be distracted so she can have lucas.

I highly HIGHLY doubt she thought about it like that. I would guess she knew he was having trouble adjusting to college/could use the break and she probably also figured he could help them solve things because he’s older. Which, technically, he does, but…his explanation for what happened in S2 is legit insane. 😂

Godric’s Hollow: A Slasher AU

This is what happens when I binge watch both season of Scream while reading Drarry and drinking (the harry potter/drarry fandom has not experienced my weird drinking inspirations like teen wolf did so get ready for some EXTREME nonsense)

Bluck up Biscuits 

  • Godric’s Hollow is finally recovering from the horrible murder spree local recluse, Tom Riddle, went on sixteen years ago
  • Harry Potter lost both his parents to that deranged slasher freak and has been living in foster care since then
  • he is infamous in town as the only person to survive the rampage of Tom Riddle
    • the cops shot Riddle right as he was taking a knife to Harry
    • cool scars bro
    • including that one on his forehead
  • okay so we have Harry as our outcast kid who is totally going to be accused of being the killer
    • not even a stretch from the actual books
  • Draco Malfoy is pretty and popular and so very very rich
  • his dad is the mayor
  • like opening of this story everyone is just like “he is gonna die first! he is too rich and slutty!”
    • lies Draco is a virgin
    • harboring a very big crush on one scruffy outcast
  • Ron is the kid who is a little too meta, he knows so much about insane killers
    • he was legit our view into the wizarding world in the books so this fits
  • Hermonie is the friend who keeps demanding some one calls the cops or to stay in during the curfew
    • fucking cannon let’s be real
  • more about the other kiddies later
  • it’s fucking plot time bitches
  • September in Godric’s Hollow
  • things have finally turned around for this town, they are not Murder Hollow anymore in the press. They have a farmers market and a twice yearly dog parade. Next year they are getting a half marathon
  • but every town has SECRETS
  • Tom Riddle’s rampage of death and his subsequent shooting still hangs heavy on the town as the sixteen year anniversary approaches!
  • Quarterback Cedric Diggory is found brutally murdered in his family pool and everyone has to wonder if the terror has returned to Godric’s Hollow
    • this is happening in America
    • we are the birthplace of slasher films and i demand american gothic nonsense in this!
  • They did never recover Riddle’s body!
  • the team is devastated
  • Harry & Ron with video cameras taking shots of the memorial and generally looking sketchy
    • they are making a documentary about how the town isn’t properly handling the Tom Riddle aftermath
    • they are going to send it to the caines film festival
    • harry is the star as the only ‘final girl’
  • Draco just wants to know who killed his captain!
    • how much anime have i been watching?
    • not sempai!

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