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Can you do 10, 11, and 16 with Kylo please?

Okkkk, so I saw this as a perfect opportunity to do a part 3 to the drabbles I did where Kylo helped reader get ready for a date and then they fought, so I hope you like it!

Modern AU Kylo +  “You should’ve called me.” “I thought you were still mad at me.” “I am! But you almost died. Almost dying tops missing a date. I’ll be mad at you later, but right now I’m here.” +  “Please say you’re here to stay.” +  “Open this door!”

Red. All Kylo could see was red as he threw one punch after another into the boxing bag before him. After leaving you to go on your date and confessing how he felt in a less than satisfactory way, he felt nothing but rage. All of those years he had stood beside you as your friend, making it obvious that he cared for you in ways no other friend would and hoping you reciprocate somehow. Now, he finally had his answer, you wouldn’t. 

With every punch into the bag Kylo supressed the urge to release even the slightest tear. Though he was not afraid to admit he was heartbroken over the events of the evening, he certainly wouldn’t let it show.

Finally taking a break Kylo’s chest heaved as he stared at the bag before him. Off to the side he noticed his phone buzzing, the lockscreen illuminating. With a flare of his nostrils he leaned down and picked it up.


“H-hi is this Kylo?”

“What do you want?”

“Um, hey, so I wasn’t sure who else to call but uh you were the first number in the little contacts book. (Y/N) just got discharged from the hospital an-”

Kylo’s eyes flew open, “What?!!”

“S-she just got-”

“I got that part, what was she doing there?”

“She got into a car accident. She was apparently emotionally distressed and ran a red light. She’s fine but I think she needs someone to stay with her, I would but I literally just met her and it doesn’t feel right. So I’m going to leave but are you able to come or should I call someone else?”

Kylo’s heart began pounding in his chest as he rested his head against his forearm, leaning onto a wall. As much as he wanted to continue proving a point, you mattered far too much to him. He could be as angry as he wanted to, but what kind of person would he be to abandon you after an accident?

He sighed, “Yeah I’ll be there.”

Within a matter of fifteen minutes Kylo had raced back to your apartment, not even bothering to clean himself up from his boxing session. He could care less how presentable he looked, all he knew was that he had to get to you. Rushing up the steps Kylo ran up to your door and began knocking rapidly. 


No response.


“Not here.”

Kylo huffed, “Open this door!”

You fell silent again as Kylo ran a hand through his hair.

“Open this door or I’ll do it for you!”

With a good minute passing and no response from you Kylo went to his other solution, ramming into the door. Smashing his full weight into the door at least three times, the door finally succumbed to his weight and flew open. Stumbling into the apartment Kylo attempted to steady his footing once again. You instantly turned to him in shock from your place on the couch. The instant Kylo’s eyes landed on you his heart sank. Your upper brow was bandaged, your face visibly distressed and your left arm noticeably bruised and also bandaged.

“Kylo what the fuck?”

His breathing was still heavy as he slowly approached you.

“You should’ve called me.”

“I thought you were still mad at me.”

He sighed as he sat himself on the coffee table before you, “I am! But you almost died. Almost dying tops missing a date. I’ll be mad at you later, but right now I’m here.”

Although you were upset and somewhat stunned by Kylo’s appearance, you couldn’t help but feel your heart warm at his words. Even in a moment of heated anger, he still managed to come back for you.

“So Josiah called you?”

He nodded, “Told me everything. …You shouldn’t have been driving if you were that distressed.”

“…I didn’t want to stand him up and I didn’t want to be stuck home crying alone all night.”

Kylo’s eyes solemnly looked at you for a moment before looking to the floor. He knew he had hurt you, much like you had hurt him. Seeing you now however, he regretted it more than words could express. 



He looked up to you, his eyes holding a far softer appearance than they had before. His anger had finally subsided.

“Please say you’re here to stay.”

His heart sunk faintly further, hearing the hurt in your tone. Obviously he had underestimated just how much you cared. Carefully reaching forward Kylo took your hand into his, the warmth engulfing your palm pleasantly as he looked into your eyes.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

You smiled faintly as you brought his rough knuckles to your lips. The moment your lips brushed onto his skin warmth spread through his chest, a smile unable to stray from his own lips. 

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Can we talk about father Gabriel because god did I hate his character at the beginning but now I can't stop giving him love bless him bless the writers for doing something good with a character and not fuck it up as usual

i know! i was so intrigued from the start, then was like wtf father trash for the betrayal of the group when he talked to deanna, but then i loved him again. his arc is so amazing and i enjoy every last minute of it. i am super proud of him, he came so far? he can be a total savage, calling spencer out just to leave the car and walk back to alexandria to make a point. the next second he comforts rosita and they share this incredibly touching and beautiful scene. i’m so ready for more! 

okay so i take selfies facing the window because that way i get light and all that jazz and so there i am, wearing some dumbass cosplay with cat ears and getting ready to take a selfie w/ my hand being all “y’kno nyah” and then the window cleaner guy just climbs up and im stood there mid-nyah and hes just staring at me n i just awkwardly turn my nyah into a wave and leave the room

“See you in 600 years!” - the Ryder twins last selfie on Earth. 

With all the N7 day hype, i wanted to draw a quick concept art for my Ryder twins - Sun and Moon. 

Sun, the female half of the twins, is quick-witted, military trained, ready for anything. She is excited about the mission, and can’t wait to leave. Moon, on the other hand, is a science nerd, and he’s quiet and doesn’t like changes, so he’s only going because she is going. 

I am sssoo excited!!!! i can’t wait to find out more about ME:A.

What In The World Is Professor Evergreen?

deicidalfae asked: So what if Dipper did one of be a human challenge, and spent it as a demonology professor. By the time his challenge is up and he’s ready to leave, every single one of his students have figured out that he’s a demon. Just one too many rants about never using scented candles, or about how you should give Alcor all of your candy ever.

The dork only thinks he’s subtle sometimes.

Everyone agreed that Professor Evergreen was…odd. Definitely the oddest teacher on campus, in the running for oddest professor on the west coast.

Even people who’d never had a class with Professor Evergreen had heard rumors about his oddities.

Rumors that had started after his third day of teaching, and likely only took that long because it took three days for everyone to meet him.

But only those who took his Demonology classes knew just how odd their professor really was.

Professor Evergreen had originally been hired to take charge of the Demonology classes for the starting to mid range students, but as there was no one to teach the final two years worth of Demonology classes, it seemed Professor Evergreen was going to be in charge of those classes as well.

It was…a small field of study.

Professor Evergreen was overheard, on day three, that he only planned to be at the college for the single school year, though he might be persuaded to stay “if they offered up a sweet enough deal.”

A week after he said that, senior Peter Jennison started up a betting pool on just what the hell Professor Evergreen actually was, because only about three people in all the Demonology classes believed he was actually human anymore.

And that was only because those three had met some very strange people.

On AO3 // On FF.net (This week, I recommend the AO3 link - there’s a couple lists whose formatting was wrecked by FF.net but are intact on AO3.)

Best non-planned date ever

Dan is looking around embarrassed. The waiter just came around for the 6th time asking if he was ready to order. Dan asked her yet again for more time for his date to arrive. He has sent Michael a text nearly an hour ago when he got to the restaurant but he has not even bothered to reply. People keep looking at Dan understanding that he is getting stood up as they look apologetic in their eyes at him. Dan just stares at his phone and sips some wine. Another 15 minutes go bye and still nothing. Dan decides he should get up and leave before someone sits with him.

“Hey oh my god I am so sorry I am so late.” He says loudly enough for everyone around to here. “My name is Phil, just go with it; the person who you were waiting for is obviously an idiot for not showing up for such a cute man.” Dan blushes at the last comment. Dan decides to go with it, not like he has anything else to do. The waiter comes around seeing another person sitting with Dan and they both order the same dish at the same time causing both of them to laugh.

They spend this imaginary date getting to know each other. They have nearly everything in common. The only thing that is really different about them is the color of their eyes. Dan has these brown eyes and Phil has gorgeous greeny yellow blue eyes. They chat the time away for hours. It is well past midnight and they had been there for 4 hours, Dan being 5 since he showed up. They both decided to leave. Not once did Dan’s actual date even attempts to contact him.

“Ya know it is a shame your actual date didn’t show up, he is really missing out on something extremely special.” Phil says standing close to Dan once they are outside on the sidewalk.

“Thanks, I at least expected him to contact me to tell me why he didn’t show, but nothing. I think this is defiantly the end of me and him.”

“Firstly, I am sorry, it must truly suck. Secondly, now you are available, how about me and you go on an actual planned date sometime soon?”

Marvelmas (3/13) - December 15 - Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Words: 1134
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Warnings: none
Authors Note
: yasssss. I hope you guys are liking this series as much as I am!!

Marvelmas Masterlist. Masterlist.

You slept passed your alarm on accident. Yesterday, with all the running around the huge base, you were exhausted by the time you went to bed. Steve was too, but he didn’t have another person to meet up with today.

Luckily, you had a half hour before you had to find Natasha; your victim for the day. So you rushed to get ready to leave the base, hoping she wouldn’t forget. You threw on a comfortable outfit and left as quick as possible, getting to the meeting spot with barely any time to spare.

“You good?” Natasha laughed when she saw you run in.

“Yeah, just thought I was late!”

With Natasha snickering, you knew something was up. “What?” You asked.

“I knew you were going to sleep in, I mean, look at this place!” She gestured around to all the decorations. “So, I set your clock forward an hour to make sure you would be here before planned. Plus, I’m really curious about what we’re doing,” She admitted.

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I was GOING to just loosely translate and summarize most of the chapter, but as I went along I just got more and more into it, so the result is kind of a jumbled mess of summarizing and direct translations! You should probably be able to tell when I’m translating and when I’m improvising though! But I do think I am giving you the full story here, so if you can keep along, then great! PLEASE ENJOY THE GOSH!!!!!

also if you read this, please consider buying the novel!


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Okay so like.. I saw chapter 16 spoilers for KS.


I realize Sangwoo kinda went into the bathroom with… somewhat good intentions???

Bum was the one who brought up the pervy stuff. So, we know he’s probably not over Sangwoo.

Also I am SO not ready for Sangwoo’s friends to meet Bum. If they even touch him, I will be upset. They better leave him alone and I hope Sangwoo kinda.. idk..? Protects him?

I see so much resolve in Ichigo’s face in that illustration that it almost hurts. And it’s not just his face, though it blows me away on a monumental scale.

Its the way his hand isn’t tightly clenched, but just loosely enough to convey how relaxed he is but at the same time filled with that nervous anticipation. How ready he is to tell Orihime how he feels, but still so humanly nervous.

He has been told for quite some time that Orihime is too good for him (in various ways actually). And even though Ichigo is the poster child for fighting against what others believe, I feel like it did stick with him a tad. Just enough to warrant Renji feeling the need to approach him.

And oh my gosh, what I would give to see what happened after this confession… because this precious Strawberry has been loved for quite some time now.


ι’ll ғιgнт тнeм вυт ι’ll cover yoυr нearт

DEDICATED TO MY BUDDY YUI @yuisaki-drabbles WHO I LOVE SO,,,,,, *clenches fist* FUCIKGN MUCH,,,,,,,, i believe in you mate i am your Biggest Fan and anyone else who wants that title will have to Fight me. I know you’re always telling me it’s the other way around and tbh when you Validate my writing my smile legit hurts my face in the best way bUT,,,,,, BUDDY,,,,,,, HAVE YOU READ YOUR OWN SHIT,,,,,,,

tldr; no offence but i would die for yui

SIDENOTE; my season 2 klance wishlist:
- casual friendliness and affection tbh i dont think im asking for much here. I want bg klance. I want the camera focus to be on pidge and allura or someone talking and just in the bg we see lance flopping down Dramatically onto the couch where keith is chilling and just. casual head in lap. keith is like ???? but lance doesnt even think of it as a thing bc he’s so caught up in whatever he’s complaining about its not even romantic i just want more casual affection bc they are Friends.
- A castle alarm to go off suddenly and for them to both rush out of the same room, affirming that they were in fact making out hanging out offscreen
- lance to flirt with a boy. any boy. or just say the fuckign WORD bisexual or bi or even ‘you name a direction and i’ll swing that way’ or ‘i would never be so cruel to the universe as to limit who gets a piece of this’ pl e as e
- keith to correctly do the voltron chant and lance is Blessed™
- keith laughing at one of lance’s jokes. bonus if he’s the only one.
- keith to remain the aggressive homosexual i know him in my heart to be.
- lance to repeat that ‘i’d recognise that mullet anywhere’ line but rly fondly when keith shows up and saves the day somehow
- beach episode.

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Love triangle Pt.27 (end) | A TaeJiKook ff

Originally posted by eyesmiletrash

I might cry, i wanna give you guys one last thank you for the amazing support.This ff has gotten more than the others i have written so far and i am so thankfull for it! Please look forward to my future work! And let me know what part of the ff was your fav!

Jimin p.o.v.

I leave my last class ready to go see Jungkook who waited for me to finish today. He already finished an hour ago, but wanted to walk home with me anyway. It was going well between us, no fights or anything, which made me glad. I was scared that it would be awkward between us, luckily it wasn’t.

“Finally we can go home,” He sighs when I reach my locker where he was waiting for me.

“Let me put my books away first mister impatient,” I chuckle, causing him to smile at me.

He leans against the lockers, staring at me.

“Did you ever look at yourself properly?” He asks, making me look over at him.

“Why are you asking?”

“Because you are unbelievably beautiful it’s almost upsetting”

I laugh at him, shaking my head.

“Stop drooling, you are getting your white shirt wet,” I smile, closing my locker.

I turn to him, only to see Taehyung come towards us behind him. He was holding a while envelope. His face sad and nervous, trying not to make eye contact with me.

“Who is it?” Jungkook asks.

“Tae,” I sigh, looking away from both Jungkook and Taehyung.

Jungkook turns around, watching Taehyung near us.

“Please don’t even bother to-” Jungkook starts, before being cut off by Taehyung.


He hands him the envelope, a fake smile covering his face.

“I just wanted to give this to you. Jungkook, I’ll always love you like the dumb fucking idiot i am, nothing can change that. Goodbye,” He says, before rushing out of the school.

I watch Jungkook open the envelope, taking out the letter inside. He folds it open, quickly reading over it. He starts tearing up, swallowing his tears and biting his lip.

“That’s it!?” he exclaims, handing me the letter annoyed.

Confused i read the letter, quickly understanding what made him so upset.

Dear shitface :p,

I am leaving,
They are putting me in another foster family further away from here making me unable to attend this school.
It sucks we weren’t able to make up and continue to be best buddies.
But that doesn’t mean the amazing memories we made will be forgotten.
That time we kissed in the park, remember that?
That might have been the best day of my life.
I think of that day every night before i go to bed.
The way you held my hand when we went to get icecream, and i got it all over my mouth.
I joked about how you should lick it off, suprisingly you did.
You leaned in again, and kissed my lips.
That moment my feelings for you were confirmed.
I was in love with you, and i still am.
I only didn’t know how to tell you, if you even felt the same way.
Which sadly you didn’t, you told me a few days later.
But i stuck to your side, because not only did i love you in that way.
I also loved you as a friend, and forever will.
Seeing you and Jimin together hurt me deeply.
But he makes you happy, your happiness is my happiness.
Please treat each other well, and don’t end up sleeping with everyone again okay?
I love you Jungkook.

Please never forget me,

Sincere TaeTae

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i want to disappear, leave, die, etc

You know life is hard at times but don’t give up. Just because life sucks right now does not mean it will suck forever.  God is always with us.  He will strengthen us and help us, so do not give up.  
(So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10)

God never promises an easy life but He does promise He will be here with us all the time. He will never leave you. So run to Him. Find your joy in Him. Find peace in Him.  He is everything you need.  Please message me, I would love to help in any way possible.  I am always ready to talk no matter the time or situation.  God Bless. 

I know mentally his bags are packed and he’s ready to walk out that door and leave me behind. I got so used to being alone that I can’t let him in no matter how wide he leaves the door open. He’s pretending not to see how self destructive I am. He thinks he can save me by loving me and I feel so bad for him because I know when he walks out that door his heart will be left in my hands.
—  (166/365) by (KJ)
Imagine being a mechanic at TM and the guys are competing for your attention. Part 2

You have been on cloud 9 since your little outing with Kozik, you didn’t get home until 5 am but you didn’t mind. He was quite the gentleman ( i mean for a badass biker ), he walked you to your door, kissed you goodnight and made sure were safe. Even though you wanted to invite him inside so bad, you resisted because you didn’t want to come off as easy. You didn’t sleep at all, you just laid on your bed with a smile that would not leave your face. You showered, made some coffee and got ready for work. Soon 9am came around and you headed out the door.
You arrived at TM to find that there were bikes still on the lot, you smirked to yourself as you noticed Kozik’s bike. You went into the garage, got your paperwork ready from the previous day. Gemma rolled up onto the lot, and walked to the office. She noticed you waiting for her by the door, she smiled and shaded her eyes from the sunlight;

“ Morning sweetheart “ You matched her smile and said;

“ Morning Gem “ She opened the office and waltzed inside, she put her keys on the desk and dropped her purse in the drawer. She turned to you before taking a seat in the chair;

“ so how was your ride with Kozik ? “ You blushed and said;

“ how do you know i went with Kozik for a ride “ Gemma smirked and raised her eyebrow;

“ baby, there is nothing that goes on here that i don’t know about “ You nodded and said;

“ ahh, Jax told you. didn’t he “ Gemma giggled and nodded.

A call came in and they needed a tow, Gemma asked you to go get Kozik and Juice for the run. You smiled and walked out towards the clubhouse, you made your into the clubhouse when you walked in you seen Juice at his usual spot, with his nose in his laptop. Tig greeted you;

“ Hey Doll “ You smiled and said;

“ Hey Tiggy “ Chibs also greeted you from the couch he was having some coffee and a smoke;

“ Aye, Good Morning to ya, lass ? “ You smiled at Chibs and greeted your scotty friend;

“ Good Morning, Scotty “ You walked over to Juice, and leaned on him lightly;

“ Good Morning Juice “ He flashed you a smile, and you said to him;

“ Gemma wanted you and Kozik for a tow, where is Koz “ Tiggy overheard and he said before Juice could answer;

“ He’s crashed in one of the dorms, doll. want me to go get him ? “ You answered Tig;

“ no i got, thank you “ You smiled and lightly rubbed Juice’s arm as you walked off. You made you way to the apartments, you knocked lightly and opened the door to a snoozing Kozik. You smirked at the adorable sight of him sleeping. You walked in, closed the door behind you and said softly;

“ Kozik. .. Kozik “ He grunted and you got to the bed and sat down beside him, you nudged him lightly and he opened his eyes. He blinked a couple times to focus and to see if you were really there. He rubbed his eyes and a smile grew across his lips. He said in groggy, low deep voice;

“ Hey Y/N “ You smiled and giggled, Kozik sat up a little and you said;

“ Hey sleepy head, sorry for waking you up “ He said quickly;

“ no no, dont worry about darling “  You blushed and said;

“ Uh, Gem wanted me to come and get you and Juice for a tow “ He nodded, got up from the bed and sat beside you. He looked at you, and said;

“ How was your night ? “ Your smile was constant and you batted your eyelashes at him and responded in a shy voice;

“ it was perfect .. what about your night ? “ He chuckled and got up, he reached out his hands for you. You gripped his hands and he pulled you up, he put his arms around your waist, and your arms were wrapped around his, he looked down at you and said;

“ It was the best night that i’ve had in a long long time. “ He then leaned in and placed a kiss against your lips. You felt him smile as the two of were kissing. You guys parted and you said while trying to get off cloud 9;

“ uhm well, i .. i better get my ass back to work, or Gem is gonna freak “ Kozik laughed and said;

“ yeah, you better get going. will i see you after work ? “ You smiled and said;

“ guess we will see “ You left the room, Kozik headed for the bathroom. You walked down the hallway, casually wiping your lips and blushing as Tig made a comment as you walked by him;

“ Done already ? “ You giggled and said;

“ shut up Tig “ You walked out of the clubhouse and headed to your station, there was a truck that needed your service. Kozik came out of the dorm, and walked to where the guys were, Chibs said;

“ Aye Kozi, that was fast “ Kozik chuckled and headed out with Juice following him. They headed towards the tow truck, both men looking at you as your hard at work, completely focused on your task you didn’t even notice the guys. They both got into the rig and drove off. While they were driving, it was awkward silence then Juice said;

“ so, you and Y/N “ Kozik looked at Juice and back to the road and said;

“ what you talking about “ Juice’s face was confused, his eyebrows crunched together and he said again;

“ your with Y/N now or what ? “ Kozik answered;

“ uh, no we just hung out for awhile .. “ Juice made an expression and nodded;

“ okay “ They went to the address that they were given, picked up a truck, loaded it and headed back to TM, the entire time it was dead silence between the two. You were under a truck, when you heard heels walking towards you and you knew it was Gemma. She was tapping her foot and you let out a sigh and said from underneath;

“ Whats up Gem ? “ Gemma said;

“ come out of there for a second so i can actually talk to you and not talk to your legs “ You giggled to yourself and rolled out. Your face had a few dirty smudges but you didn’t mind, it was part of the job. You sat on the roller, and looked at Gemma ;

“ So whats up ? something wrong ? “ Gemma had her hand on her hip and her lips were perused;

“ why does there always have to be something wrong when i wanna talk with you ? “ you snickered and said while wiping you hands on your rag;

“ oh no, its just the tone and your body language that i thought something was up, but you got a smoke ? “ Gemma walked to the office and grabbed her smokes. You stood up from the roller and took the smoke that Gemma had passed to you. You both lit your smokes and Gemma asked about you and Kozik;

“ so whats the deal with you and Kozik? “ You took a drag of your smoke, deep inhale and exhaled before saying;  

“ Uh, i’m not quite sure Gem. We just hung out for a couple hours, talked and made out a little. .. that’s it:” Gemma with a surprised look that spread across her face, and you noticed you said;

“ what ? “ Gemma took a drag and said;

“ nothing, im just surprised you guys didn’t screw. he didn’t take you to your house ? “ you looking down, smoke still between your fingertips and answered;

“ no, he took me to this spot that him and his old man use too share, not sure where it is exactly but then after a few hours being up there just looking at the view, talking and kissing he took me home, walked me to my door and kissed me good night. .. i wanted to invite him in but i didn’t wanna come off as ‘ easy ‘ “ Gemma snickered and tossed her smoke, and said;

“ dont worry sweetheart, he likes you. trust me “ Gemma kissed your cheek and headed back into the office. You turned to see Kozik and Juice pull up onto the lot with their tow. They parked and got off, Kozik was doing the truck and Juice walked over to you. You were sitting on the roller and just before you rolled under Juice called out to you. You sat up and said;

“ Hey Juice, whats up ? “ Juice smiled and asked if you wanted to have a beer? You smiled at Juice and said;

“ uh yeah sure in about 15 minutes ? i just have to finish up this truck and i’m all yours “ Juice smiled and said;

“ okay, meet you at the bar “ You nodded and rolled under the truck. You didn’t notice that Kozik was watching the two of you the whole time. He didn’t say anything he just finished unloading the truck and parked the rig. He walked back into the house, Juice and Kozik shared a look before he walked and grabbed himself a beer. Tig said to Kozik;

“ wanna have a game ? “ Tig gestured with his eyes towards the empty pool table. Kozik said after taken a well needed drink of his beer;

“ yeah. . sure “ They walked over to the pool table and started their game. You finished the truck and headed towards the clubhouse, you wiped your hands on the rag and once inside the clubhouse, Tig and Kozik were having a kind of intense pool game, Juice was at the bar ready for your guys’ beer. Happy and Chibs were hooting and hollering at the pool game, making bets. Kozik didn’t notice you right away, he was well into his game. You sat down at the bar, Juice handed you a beer and smile.

“ here you are Y/N “ you smiled and said;

“ thanks Juice “ he leaned against the bar across from you and the two of you started talking. You laughed, and then Kozik noticed. He kept staring at the two of you, you can tell he was jealous. The boys noticed and Tig put his arm around Kozik and said;

“ looks like Juicey is trying to cut you off “:Kozik’s jaw tightened but he didn’t say a word, his eyes never left the two of you. After awhile, Kozik and Tigs game ended and they all joined you guys at the bar. Kozik came up from behind you and touched your lower back, you turned and smiled;

“ Hey kozik “ He smiled and said;

“ Hey you guys “ Juice was annoyed that he came and bugged the two of you. Tig, Chibs, and Happy gathered around the three of you and started drinking and talking, Kozik kept his hand on you the entire time. It didn’t bother you but it sure bothered Juice. Juice has been trying to get you alone since he first saw you, and to him Kozik just swooped in and took away his opportunity. Soon after Opie and Jax came into the clubhouse, everyone was still at the bar and they noticed you and they greeted you with a kiss to the side of the face. You were happy to see your two childhood friends you said while still beaming with happiness;

“ you guys gonna join us for a beer ? or maybe two ? “ They hesitated and you blurted out;

“ come on guys, when was the last time we shared a beer together ? “ They nodded, and took a seat and said;

“ alright darling, lets have some beer “ Juice was still on the other side of the bar handed them two beer. Everyone grabbed their beer and cheered. Soon enough this little gathering was turning into a little party. Kozik was taunted by Tig for another round of pool so once you were alone Juice asked you if you wanted to get some air, you agreed. The two of you walked outside towards the tables, you both took a seat. It was a little quieter out here. There was still quite a bit of people out here, but not as much as inside the clubhouse. You smiled at Juice, you asked him;

“ you have a smoke ? “ Juice dug in his cut and pulled out his carton;

“ here you go “ you smiled and said;

“ thanks “ Juice playing with the smoke that was in his hand said nervously;

“ Y/N “ you looked up at him before putting the smoke in your mouth. He pressed his lips against yours, you were completely caught off guard. You felt his hands on your face, his soft wet lips as they crushed into yours, you were unsure what you were doing but you kissed him back. You continued to kiss him before you realized what you were doing, you pulled away holding your hand to your mouth. Juice said;

“ i’m sorry, i don’t know why i just did that “ You said to Juice;

“ no i’m sorry Juice, i’ve had a little too much to drink. and i kissed you back “ Juice stepped back a bit and lit up his smoke, you did too. It was awkward silence for a few minutes before you said;

“ for the record, your a good kisser “ Juice giggled and blushed, still had his head down. You were glad you said that to break the silence. You added;

“ i hope what happened here won’t make it weird tomorrow or the next day or after “ Juice looked up and said;

“ no no, never. “ He gave you a smile and took a seat beside you and wrapped an arm around you. He then said;

“ Kozik’s a lucky guy. “ You grinned and looked at Juice. Few moments went by and Kozik finally noticed that the two of you were no where to be found in the clubhouse, he asked Jax;

“ did you see where Y/N went ? “ Jax answered him over loud music;

“ seen her and Juice go outside awhile ago “ Kozik’s face went red, and he marched outside. His eyes looked everywhere and he found the two of you still sitting on the picnic table having a smoke and talking. He walked over and Juice looked up and see him coming. He hopped off from your side and met Kozik;

“ you got yourself here a great chick Kozik, don’t hurt her “ Kozik looked at Juice, he was shocked and relieved to hear that coming from the guy that wanted you just as much as Kozik did. Juice gripped Kozik’s shoulder before going back inside. You smiled at Kozik and he walked to you. He knelt between your knees, put his arms to the sides of you and you wrapped your arms around his neck. You leaned down and you pressed a passionate kiss to Kozik’s lips. Once your lips parted, and your eyes were open, Kozik whispered;

“ wanna get out of here ? “ You smiled and nodded. Kozik bit his lip and got up, gripped your hand and led you to his dorm. The two of you made your way through the crowd and to Kozik’s dorm. You guys got into the room and he locked it behind him. You walked in and sat on the bed. Kozik stood at the door, staring at you. You patted the bed, he chuckled and made his way to you. He stood in front of you, Kozik’s belt was by your face, you held onto it, and tugged. It sent a little thrill throughout Kozik, he pulled you up to him, he pulled off your shirt, you slid his cut to the floor. You ripped off his shirt and took off his belt, Kozik undid your jeans and slowly took them off, he slid his hand up and down your entire body, he gently tossed you onto the bed. He climbed on top of you, his entire body was over you, he had his arms to side, you looked so small compared to Kozik’s big body. You reached for him to be closer, he kissed your lips, your neck and made his way down.
He was now at your bare chest, kissing, caressing and sucking at your beautiful breasts and made his way down south. Finally he was at your thighs, kissing and nibbling he was at your entrance, his tongue dance and licked and you threw your head back in pleasure, you arched your back as Kozik kept going, your hands were in his blonde hair. You let out a very seductive moan;

“ Kozik .. mmm .. Kozik “ He was driving you crazy, you pulled him up and he kissed you so passionately that you felt electricity course from you head to your toes, he grabbed himself and put himself inside you. You both let out a gasp of pleasure. Kozik growled and bit his lip, you closed your eyes and threw your head back, Kozik thrusted slowly, your nails starting to dig into his back. Kozik’s pace quickened and he pinned your arms to the bed, kissing and biting your neck in pleasure. Kozik was letting you know how good you felt, and by hearing him turned you on even more, you let out a moan;

“ harder Kozik “ He thrusted harder and he said in a very low almost whisper;

“ say my name “ you bit his earlobe and whispered in a very lustful tone;

“ kozik .. mm kozik “ That much have did it, because he growled a little louder now, you were reaching your release, Kozik felt you tighten around him more and more and soon enough you both reached your release together. Kozik fell onto you, you hugged him, ran your fingers through his hair. He eventually rolled over, pulled you into him. He snaked his arm around your waist, put his head against the back of your neck. He was leaving little butterfly kisses from you back, to your neck. He sighed loudly as if to say ‘ finally ‘ the two of were so relaxed you drifted off to sleep. Kozik still holding onto you, your fingers were tangled together, the sound of him breathing and the warmth of his body just made the world seem like it stopped moving. Forget cloud 9 you thought to yourself, this right here. .. is heaven.

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The thought had occurred to Don in the middle of their love-making and it had refused to leave. As he was watching her get ready, it seemed somehow impossible not to act on it. His head was screaming at him to let it out.

“There’s something I’ve been thinking about,” he began.

“Oh? What?”

“When I was with Kaylynn she dumped me after I got her pregnant.”

“Yeah, so?”

“And when I was with Nina, she dumped me after I got her pregnant.”

Katrina didn’t say anything but seemed happy with her reflection and turned to look at him.

“So I was thinking… what if I got you pregnant?”

“Oh, hey, Don, I am not ready for a baby…”

“No no, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m trying to say, what if instead of that Don Lothario got another girlfriend pregnant and she dumped him, next time I become a father it was To Dr and Mrs Lothario of Pleasantview was born a baby boy or girl?


some portrait teen!frisk and teen!asriel for this au that’s been in my head where during the time where asriel was going to “disappear” he promised them that that they’ll meet again and after years and years, asriel finally reaches the stage where he is ready to leave the ruins and find frisk again (with some extra scars gained along the way lol)

  • me, ready for sleep: i am so tired i have been waiting my whole life for this moment
  • my brain: you know, the most iconic image of the x files isn't the flashlights or the aliens or the cave with the filing cabinets, it's that moment in redux when scully holds on to mulder from her hospital bed as he gets up to leave. That's desperation, that's pure love. She's acting just on instinct--clutching the hand of the most important person in her world, frightened of his leaving or of the cancer taking her away from him...
  • me: oh for fuck's sake
  • my brain: anyway, the second most iconic image