he is leaving and i am so not ready

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character reactions to the s/o leaving them? i need some suffering to fuel my broken soul

//I have read so much smut lately I am so ready to write some angst. I won’t be doing every character because there’s like 23 of the fuckers, I hope that’s okay!

• Hanzo gets angry. He hurls insults as often as he hurls objects, whatever he can get his hands on; photos, ornaments, bottles, he overturns a table and screams at them to talk to him. He slams doors and screams and yells and rants but as soon as his SO leaves and shuts the door with such a dull click of banal finality all the fight goes out of him and he is left knelt on the floor staring at his bloodied hands nicked with broken glass. He can’t even cry.

• Soldier: 76 is silent for most of it. He listens to his SO, he nods and appreciates their viewpoint. They part on what feels like good terms with a hug and a promise to remain friends hanging in the stale air between them. It is only later when he awakes, shaking, sweating, and gripping the sheets underneath him, that Jack realises how much he leant on them.

• Symmetra snaps at them to make it quick when she realises what is happening. Once their point is across, and before they can make any apologies or empty promises, she stands and leaves without a word. She returns to Vishkar that afternoon and throws herself into her work. She is applauded about her newfound extra dedication by her colleagues but their praise rings hollow when she has nobody to share it with.

• Widowmaker has no emotions. At least that’s what she assumes. Of course she always feels alive at the moment of a kill, and she can feel the exhilaration of a job well done, and when her SO leaves all she feels is the comforting normality of emptiness. She gathers her things and sets out on a job. It is only when she notices the looks on the faces of the Talon agents around her that she finds a mirror and notices the stains of tears across her cheeks; briefly, she feels her heart thrum against her ribs and resolves to quash this before it gets worse. Better that it ended now, she decides.

• Tracer sobs. Looking at her normally and hearing her laugh you wouldn’t believe that Lena could weep like this but she does, reduced to sitting on the floor with her head in her hands, howling like a wounded animal. Her SO does their best to comfort her but she lashes out in her misery and tells them that she wishes they’d just disappear. When they retreat and leave she cries until her eyes refuse to carry on, and she is left with merely dry, heaving shakes of her body. She fiddles with the straps of her chronal device, playing that last word over and over again in her head; “disappear”.

  • me, ready for sleep:i am so tired i have been waiting my whole life for this moment
  • my brain:you know, the most iconic image of the x files isn't the flashlights or the aliens or the cave with the filing cabinets, it's that moment in redux when scully holds on to mulder from her hospital bed as he gets up to leave. That's desperation, that's pure love. She's acting just on instinct--clutching the hand of the most important person in her world, frightened of his leaving or of the cancer taking her away from him...
  • me:oh for fuck's sake
  • my brain:anyway, the second most iconic image

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71 and 72 with the boy wonder 💗

Thank you for requesting, lovely anon! I went with a song for this one, I hope that’s okay! I had quite a lot of fun with it. Here’s the link to the acoustic version if you want to listen to it while you read. The song is “Falling in love” by McFly. Enjoy! :)

71. Love / 72. Genius (Reid x Reader)

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Everyday feels like a Monday
There is no escaping from the heartache
Now I gotta put it back together
‘Cause it’s always better late than never

It was a Thursday when Reid was called into work at 3 am for a case. He didn’t care about being woken up in the middle of the night, though. That day marked the one year anniversary of you leaving the team to lead a special mission for the FBI down in Los Angeles. Before you announced your departure, he had been so ready to open up himself to you. He had, actually. Whether he had wanted to or not, you had made yourself a place in his heart and settled there. And then, just like last time, he had suffered from it.

He swore he would forget all about you, but his brain betrayed him by replaying the sound of your laughter when he least expected it, or even bringing up vivid memories of you curled up next to him during a movie night at Garcia’s when a gentle breeze brought with it the smell of your favourite perfume. He felt intoxicated by your ghost, even after a full year of you being absent from his life.

The matter was only made worse when you called the team every once in a while, or when Garcia would update everyone on what was going on with you. He wanted to stop thinking about you, but he just couldn’t. Your presence was somehow stronger now in absence.

Wishin’ I could be in California
I wanna tell ya when I call ya
I could’ve fallen in love
I wish I’d fallen in love

As he sat on the plane travelling to catch yet another serial killer in the opposite coast, his mind was still with you and those late nights at the office, where you would have improvised dinners in the break room which consisted of the little junk food you could get from the vending machines in there. His heart ached to go back to those days. He sighed as he remembered the last night he heard your voice on the phone. He teared up a little bit when you told him of your new assignment, your own tears threatening to fall as you tried to keep a steady voice. You had had no control over it; not even Hotch had managed to persuade the Bureau to allow you to remain in your position at Quantico.

Out of our minds and out of time
Wishin’ I could be with you
To share the view
We could’ve fallen in love

When the team returned, the doctor went back to his mind-numbing routine –with the occasional slip of the mind when someone who looked similar to you walked past him on his way to the subway. Lately, whenever Garcia mentioned your name, he would just try and discreetly walk out of the room so as not to know anything about you. Maybe distance could help his heart mend a little faster.

He just needed a distraction, he told himself every morning when he arrived at the office, craving for a new case. His teammates had noticed his change in demeanour and the urgency with which he carried himself to the conference room whenever Hotch called for them; he was also the first one to arrive if the team wasn’t there to begin with. Morgan and JJ always exchanged a look of concern before focusing on the case, and that day was no different. They knew what his friend was doing by trying to distance himself from you and the memories you had all shared together. But, in the process, he was building a wall to keep them away as well.

Waking up to people talking
And it’s getting later every morning
Now I realise it’s nearly midday
And I’ve wasted half my life to throw it away
Saying everyday should be a new day
To make you smile and find a new way
Of falling in love, yeah, falling in love

So, they told Hotch the minute they got back from the latest case. The bags under Reid’s eyes were getting worse, and he was shutting himself off instead of relying on his friends, on his family. Hotch wanted him to take some time off, which Reid refused to do. Hotch understood his situation and allowed him to continue working on the condition that he would tell someone of his troubles, whether that was a therapist or at least a member of the team.

Until then, only his mum knew of his feelings thanks to their daily letters. Now that he had to tell someone else so as not to lose the only thing that kept him grounded, he chose Morgan as his confidant, since he didn’t fully trust Garcia to keep such a big secret. Morgan listened to him and tried to advise him on how to cope with his heartache, even if he had never felt such a strong connection with someone himself, he wanted to help his friend somehow.

Out of our minds and out of time
Wishin’ I could be with you
To share the view, oh
We could’ve fallen in love
We could’ve fallen in love

Reid felt some relief by letting one of his best friends know about his feelings towards you, but there was still that nagging voice at the back of his mind that kept telling him to reach out to you. Morgan had also told him that it could help, even if it didn’t erase his memories, he would at least feel connected to you again. He felt strange as he thought of calling you all of a sudden; you had talked in group calls at the office, yes, but never one on one since the night you had told him you were leaving.

A few weeks later, one Saturday morning, Morgan had randomly called him and asked him if he had in fact tried to contact you. He told Reid to stop being “such a chicken and do it, once and for all”. Reid was so troubled still by the thought of finally hearing your voice again after such a long bout of silence, he completely missed Garcia’s excited, yet muffled, squeal in the background.

At 1 am that same day, Reid found himself pacing his apartment, which was not exactly rare if he was being honest. However, this time, he was pacing in front of his desk, where his cell phone was. He had texted you over an hour ago to see if you were still awake or even at home, but no answer had come. He didn’t want to go to bed! What if he missed your reply? Or even worse, what if you called him and he didn’t hear it?!

Sick of waiting, I can’t take it gotta tell ya
Sick of waiting, I can’t take it gotta tell ya

I can’t take another night on my own, so I take a breath and then I pick up the phone she said, “oh, oh, oh, oh”
She said, “oh, oh, oh, oh”
She said, “oh, oh, oh, oh”

And then, his phone started ringing, the sound deafening in the middle of the night. He hurriedly took it in both hands, unable to control how badly he was shaking. He took a deep breath and pressed the small green button quickly.

‘Hello?’ he realised then he hadn’t even checked the number that appeared on the screen before he answered.

‘Oh, finally! There you are! Well, hello yourself, Dr Reid! It’s been a while,’ he would recognise your voice anywhere. He smiled involuntarily as he heard a car driving off and the front entrance door opening and closing downstairs.

‘It certainly has,’ his body had stopped shaking as he sat down on his couch, but now he could feel his heart pounding irregularly in his chest.

‘How’s it been, Spence?’ you asked quietly.

‘Tiring,’ he replied instantly. ‘The team is… really not the same without you there.’

Sick of waiting, I can’t take it gotta tell ya
Sick of waiting, I can’t take it gotta tell ya
Sick of waiting I can’t take it gotta

She said, “oh, oh, oh, oh”

‘Oh, I see, so you only remembered me when you got a little bit more paperwork, huh?’ you teased him, trying to lighten up the mood after his serious comment.

‘What?’ he asked not getting your sarcasm. ‘No, that’s not what I-’ your giggles interrupted him and he allowed a smile to take over his face, until he heard a thump… both on the phone and outside his apartment door. ‘(Y/n)?’

We could’ve fallen in love
Oh, we could’ve fallen in love, oh yeah
Fallen in love, we could’ve fallen in love

He got up as you remained silent and walked towards his door. He took a peek through the peephole and there you were: looking at the floor, your clothes wrinkled from your five-hour flight to get there and your phone in your right hand, which was now hanging loosely at your side. You were both painfully aware that the only thing separating you then was a piece of wood.

He took the doorknob with his free hand, since he was still holding the phone to his ear, and turned it slowly, afraid that if he made too much noise, you would disappear into thin air just like you had arrived back into life. You were, as usual, the first one to break the awkward silence as the two of you stared at each other’s faces.

‘Hi,’ you smiled, feeling shy and stupid standing there.

‘Hey,’ he said and put his phone in his pocket. ‘What, um, what are you doing here? No, scratch that. How are you? No. Is everything okay? Are you on holiday or are you-’

You put up your hand as you used to do when he started spewing incoherencies, which often happened when he got nervous. Unlike the rest of the team, you loved hearing him tell you fact after fact and were never bored by his quirky side, but this was different.

‘Before I answer all of that, may I come in?’ he nodded and you grabbed your one suitcase.

He closed the door behind him as you turned around to face him once you had dropped your bag on the floor and leaned against the back of the couch.

‘So, are you on holiday or…?’ he trailed off this time, starting with his most important question.

‘Nope. I’m officially back. After completing the mission I was sent out to do, I asked to be transferred back. The moment I got confirmation that my previous position was still there if I wanted it, I… hopped on a plane and came here.’

‘Here as in DC or here as in my front door?’

‘The latter,’ you smiled, as you bit your lower lip. ‘I had to drop everything in order to leave, so I don’t have a flat to get back to, and you know my family lives in a different state. I mean, I could’ve gone to Garcia’s house but…’

‘But…?’ he asked, as he moved forwards and came to stand right in front of you.

‘But,’ you said as you pushed yourself off the back of the couch, ‘I needed to see you first.’

She said, “oh, oh, oh, oh”

We could’ve fallen in love

You looked up at him, since he was at least a head taller than you, and saw the emotion in his eyes go from hope, to surprise, to something you had grown to miss in the year and a half that you had been gone: love.

‘Spencer?’ you asked him when the silence became too much for you. You were afraid you had read the clues wrong and that all of this was only wishful thinking on your part –and Morgan’s.

‘I’m sorry, I just… I’m trying to figure out if you’re actually here or if I’m dreaming right now,’ he then mumbled something you couldn’t hear.

‘What was that?’

‘I said that it wouldn’t be the first time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I were dreaming.’

‘I’m definitely here,’ you replied as you took his left hand on yours and put it on your right cheek. ‘What can I do to prove this is real, genius?’

He lowered his gaze to your lips and then moved them back up to your eyes. You smirked at the unconscious hint he had given you and closed the gap between you two. He responded after a second of hesitation, and once you came up for air, he said with a small, playful smile:

‘I think I may need a little more convincing, you know?’

You just shook your head and laughed before lowering his head towards yours using his tie. By the end of the second kiss, you could tell that he was sure you were really there. Who would have known that getting a second bite of the cherry could taste this sweet?

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Do you know Alfred? If so. Do you and Alfred ever fight over current technology and or time-travel?

“He is like a ball of energy, always excited and ready to explore! We work together, but also apart. He time-travels much more often than I do. I am almost jealous. As far as fighting over which is better, however…”

I travel only when my work and government demands I do. I mostly operate and create the actual items necessary to travel and complete a mission, so I don’t leave my station all that often.”

Little update on Wander the ragdoll. He’s doing great! He’s eating and drinking now, and he’s super sweet and playful.

He is still meowing after his mother and siblings, so he’s being quite noisy. But when he’s not looking after them, he’s snuggled up with me and refuses to leave my side.

Like when I finally got some sleep! My mother came in to check on me while I slept to make sure that I was sleeping, and each time, she saw Wander curled up with me!

I never expected him to like me this much ;w;

Now I myself am well rested and fed, and ready to take care of my little baby

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what do you think astro would be like as boyfriends? && who would the amazing admins of this blog go on a date with that ISN'T their bias?

This is really long get ready. (we made it on google docs together and Admin S mad MJ’s a page long so we were like gotta do the same for everyone)

edit: i’ve put it under keep reading because it’s literally 6 pages long on google docs how long would that make that on tumblr 

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Okay so riddle me this, Batman: why has there not been any excessive scientific research into why some naps make you feel like Tom Cruise that one time he did that Iconic interview on Oprah and then others make you feel like you’ve been slowly decaying in your final hours, ready for the inevitable release of death? 

Because currently, the latter is too real right now. What have I honestly done to deserve this pain? I am just a smol gal who wanted a nice nap before her late night class. Leave me be.

49. Part 3

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Robyn is finally ready to leave “can you explain what we was waiting for? You ain’t got no makeup on or anything” she dead ass took her time for nothing, Robyn fixed her bag over her shoulder “I needed to have a shower but I am here now” placing the glasses over her eyes “mhmmm sure” picking up a sleeping Khari, Robyn said to put him to sleep so he will be happy to do a photoshoot without being moody “I am tired from waiting, what you think Chris?” Jenn said behind me “same, I feel like sleeping myself” walking towards Robyn, she pressed the elevator button “I feel so bad still Chris, I am really sorry” sighing heavily, placing my arm around Robyn’ shoulder “it’s fine, we just need to move on from this. I won’t let shit like that break us or anything” Robyn rested her head on chest “I love you” the elevator doors opened “I love you too, I love you more than anal” Robyn didn’t even give me the chance to laugh she straight punched my shoulder “hate you!” chuckling to myself.

I swear the paparazzi camp out here, they always know our schedule “pretty intense out there” Marcus said “yeah, they been waiting for y’all since the morning and we got fans outside too” Lucien added, it is so annoying “I am just going to put this over Khari” Robyn said as she placed his jacket over his head and body “you go out first and then I will, it makes it less hectic and flow easier” Robyn said to me “yes, we will walk out with you and then come back” Marcus said gesturing me to walk, I guess she has a point “aight, see you in the car” the hotel doorman smiled at me as he opened the door for us, nodding my head at him as I made my way outside. I felt both Jon and Marcus close in on me as we got outside “Chris!! We love you!” that has to be a fan, waving my free hand as I walked to the SUV “Chris! Are you and Rihanna both married!? Chris Is it true!? Congratulations on marrying the best looking woman!?” Lucien opened the SUV car door “thanks bro” sliding into the back, it wasn’t that bad.

Moving the Jacket from Khari as I got comfortable in my seat, looking out the window to see if Robyn has come out yet. Frowning at them shouting about marriage, how do they know this. Just like clockwork my phone started ringing, digging into my pocket to get my phone out. Looking at my caller I.D and seeing my publicist calling, I knew it “yo” I said down the phone “morning from the team” she sounds nervous “morning!” I said reluctant to say it “erm last night, Drake posting about marriage? Are you and Rihanna married?” staring ahead in shock “what you mean?” I said confused “you not seen it? Ok, well Drake posted a picture of Rihanna at a photoshoot and said he was happy about his girl being happy and have a happy marriage? Is this just some lie and mess he is creating” blinking several times in shock “look” sighing heavily “I don’t want people knowing, my family don’t know. Deny all the rumours, we are married but erm, the world doesn’t need to know” the line went quiet, I want to be good with this publicist because I always fuck up with all of them “wow, well congratulations Chris from the team here. No wonder the desk has been quiet, she is good for you” she laughed, I couldn’t help but laugh with her “appreciate it, I will let you know when the time is right” the SUV door opened, looking over at Robyn, she heard the same shit I did outside with the look on her face.

Putting my phone in my pocket “what the fuck?” she said in shock “yeah, my publicist called me. Drake said something, he posted it about you and said marriage” Robyn’ face dropped “he fucking did!?” she spat, I nodded “why would he do that! Jay Brown said to not say anything! He said it!” Robyn screamed out, she is angrier than I am “that bastard! My family are going to be sad! What the hell” Drake is a bastard, we know this “deny it, I just did. But I told my publicist the truth and that to deny all rumours for now” there is nothing we can do, I will give it till tonight where they find a copy of our marriage certificate, I just know it “you know why your team wanted us to wait, they want to make money out of it” I think Robyn is more worried about her family “they do, I know we did this but we need to tell the family before the world” she said panicking, licking my lips looking ahead, paparazzi just don’t give up “Robyn, just let it happen. We will see them for Khari’ birthday, we will officially let it be known then, for now just deny” there is nothing more we can do, all I know is my phone is vibrating so much right now, everyone is wanting to know.

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I am just sitting back at this photoshoot, this is all about Chris and Khari. My son has been taken over by a team from Puma, they are getting him ready, hopefully they can get him to actually shave his hair without crying “you look like you about to have a nap” Jenn said, she know damn well I am about to fall asleep with these shades on “I am back now” Jenn shuffled her chair forward “you went to see?” I questioned “yes, Khari got a fade. They got him” my eyes widened “he listened?” looking over at Jenn “yes! You know he plays up with you, he sat on Chris’ lap while Chris’ Barber did it. I think when Khari saw Chris getting his hair done he wanted it, he didn’t mind then” smiling to myself, he is his father’s son that boy. Crossing my leg across my right leg waiting “erm” this skinny white man got in my view “yes?” pushing my shades down my nose a little “you are supposed to be in makeup?” shaking my head “oh no hunny, I am waiting for my team to come. I am here for my child” he nodded his head walking off, I am resting, no makeup for me just yet.

“Boo!” Chris said in my ear, I jumped up a little “we done!” Chris walked in front of me, I gasped seeing both of my handsome men “oh wow, oh my god. Look at you both! And you!” pointing at Khari “who created you? You are so handsome” Khari grinned “you are my boy, my little Barbadian prince! Aww I love it” placing my hand over my heart, Chris pulled a face “nobody wants to look like the boys in your family, they ugly” mean mugging Chris “you always lower the tone, remember he is half of that! I damn sure can see Barbados in him” he better accept this, getting up from the chair “you ready for the shoot my handsome man” touching Khari’ head “my baby about to be famous” kissing his cheek “what about me?” Chris said, I snorted “what about you? Nobody want you, go back to the country” waving him off laughing “all the country is good for is giving you ashy skin, least I come back glistening and glowing” Chris let out on oh “all Barbados is good for is giving niggas huge foreheads and broken ass English” hearing Jenn laughing her ass off “and all VA is good for is incest” Chris gasped “oh shit!!” he shouted laughing “damn, you got me there. Bitch ass” raising my arms in the air “I win this round” Jenn is cackling her ass off.

Watching on as the photoshoot is well underway, seeing my boy in front of the camera. He has kind of grown up in the camera a lot, he is used to it “just do what you need too Chris, act free on here for a while” the guy behind the camera said, Chris is fine with that, he loves acting like a goof. Chris grabbed Khari and picked him up so he is now stood on his feet, Khari is just staring at the camera no matter what Chris is doing to him. Chris held his one hand “Khari!” I shouted him, Khari is looking everywhere “baby, here!” waving my hands at him, clapping my hands jumping up and down. Khari waved his free hand at me giggling, Chris let his hand go “mama!” he clapped as he stood up on his own, I don’t think he has realised he is “awwww” I cooed, Khari turned his head to look at where Chris has gone and at that point he fell on his butt, my baby is getting there “I think we got the shots there” the photographer turned the camera to face me “aww can I have some of these!?” my baby is all happy “we got the shoot with Chris, father and son. Khari looks very stable when walking with someone holding his hand, just look at him, he is a poser. His eyes stand out so well” I am in love with all these photos and I want them.

I came up with an idea, I told the guy to film Khari and take pictures for his birthday party “why don’t you get in the camera too?” he gestured, pointing at my face “you seen this?” I look a damn mess, the photographer chuckled “natural beauty, come on Rihanna” shaking my head, I look dreadful so I rather not do that. Looking over at Khari with a crown on his head “I cannot believe he is going to be one” I feel a little emotional “a year went too fast” Chris said behind me, feeling his arms wrap around my shoulders “so much has happened but I am so glad I had you on this journey, I am so happy I believed in you Chris” resting my head back against him “thank you momma” feeling him press a kiss to the side of my face “he has been the biggest blessing to us both, he is 1 year old already. We did so well Robyn, we didn’t ask for any help, we did that” he is right, we did this on our own with no help. Khari pointed at me and Chris, his lower lip quivering “mommy is here” walking over to him, I think he has had enough. Picking Khari up “you about to get too heavy for me soon” Chris walked over to me “you want me to hold him” he was about to take him but Khari whined “mommy” Khari said, my eyebrows raised “you said mommy” he always says mama “damn, ok Khari” Chris said, Khari looked behind him to look at Chris “he loves you Chris, stop pouting” feeling Khari press his face on my cheek “you giving mommy kisses again?” Khari smiled at me “why he gives you kisses and not me!?” Chris spat feeling butt hurt “because he loves me” as much as he loves his dad he loves me more.

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Khari is tired, he is all played out, he is asleep my poor son. Taking a picture of Khari sleeping in his Bape/Puma gear, posting it on social media ‘he wasn’t ready for his first photoshoot #mylittlemodel’ pressing send “I am still not happy with you” hearing Yusef say to Robyn, it is now Robyn’ turn to get ready for her shoot “why!?” Robyn spat “you came to me with your weave looking like trash, you got married with that on Bitch!” laughing out loud “you got married without me doing your hair first, it’s not funny. I have known you for years! How could you” he is real upset about this, this is just the start “yeah, I feel like burning your dress I made” Adam added “I am sorry guys, it just needed to be done. We will have a party soon, I promise. You are all invited to Khari’ party” Yusef crossed his arms “really bitch? Does your family know girl?” Robyn bit her bottom lip shaking her head “oh, they about to scalp you. Kids today” he shook his head.

I felt a little bad for Robyn, she didn’t want the back lash but she is getting it “Monica don’t play, you really got married behind her back? No offence Chris but she will be so hurt and angry, your momma don’t play girl” he sighed “it’s not even that, I just wanted to see you in your beautiful dress. You would look amazing, I can imagine” Yusef pouted in sadness, clearing my throat “it’s not Robyn’ fault at all, you telling me anyone is really happy that she is marrying me?” I had to say something, Yusef looked over at me “I for one don’t care, we seen everything and we been knowing” he has a point “I understand but generally, nobody is happy. You know how much bad luck we get, something would have gone wrong. I am sorry it was without you and everyone else but we have never been so happy” Yusef’ face fell a little, he stared down at the ground “I understand” he finally spoke “I know you are happy as fuck Rihanna, I am truly happy for you. Just a little hurt that you screamed it on set without telling me prior but you are happy” I just rather people say they are happy for us rather than drag us down.

Smiling at Robyn through the mirror, she been staring at me “so what we doing for little Khari for his birthday?” Adam asked “ask Chris, he is doing it all” yusef gasped “does this mean we are having a blood and crip party?” he side eyed me, I had to laugh at that “well I was waiting for him to be old enough for grills” Robyn rolled my eyes when I said that “well I decided it will be basketball themed, I got LA jersey’s for me, Robyn and Khari. It says our names on our jerseys. Khari has 1 at the back. That is just for when we get there, he has his second outfit with bowtie and it says one. But we have got the same on, Robyn included” watching Robyn’ reaction, she didn’t pull a face “just know when I have a girl that shit will be all me” Robyn said, smiling at her, she is dying to have a girl “I got all my niggas coming, well the good ones” I am real excited about the party now “Chris, you know my team will be there. That party cannot turn out ghetto, it has to be classy” she telling me like I care “Chris doesn’t have class, we know this” Jenn said laughing “you the most classless one of us all” Jenn mean mugged me and then ran at me but stopped “I swear, next time I will jump on you” I was about to scream there “you know I am skin and bones, I can’t take it” she pushed me a little sitting next to me, I like Jenn a lot, she is my fave.

Robyn went to have her photos taken and I stayed in the back because Khari is still asleep, Jen and Yusef stayed in the back with me “Rihanna?” Jay Brown poked his head around the door, this motherfucker is here “she is out there” Yusef said, my smile soon turned into a frown, the door closed and I am glad he left “so anyways as I was saying, I guess we will be spending more time with you Chris, we need to get on more” nodding my head smiling “we do, y’all good. I like y’all. Just her people that make decisions that do it for me” Jenn gasped placing her hand on my leg “I have some news” she near scared me, I thought something happened “now Chris, I have some major news but I feel as if my bitch will be sad” I am so confused “please spill” Yusef said, Jenn paused “guys” she stared at us both, she is making me nervous for no reason “I am pregnant, honestly I am really pregnant. No lie” Yusef got up from his seat “oh my gosh! Jenn!! Awwww” Jenn got up to hug Yusef “it’s taken you so long!! God has blessed you, I am so happy for you” getting up from the couch “thank you” Jenn turned around to me “I am happy for you Jenn” giving her a hug “you deserve it” she been trying for a while “thank you but this means I will miss out on Rih, she is going to be so sad” I know where she is coming from, Robyn is going to be upset “she will be over the moon for you but she will miss you” patting Jenn’ back “please do not say anything to her yet, I will break it slowly” I will not want to tell her this, Jenn helps us so much with everything.

okay this is a long and hard rant because I can’t send this letter to my ex and I just…i’m boiling right now and I don’t know who I can trust in all of this and i’m just ready to fucking EXPLODE

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“Waiting with bated breath for the next chapter”

I am so happy you are excited for the new chapter! Care for a sneak peek?

Fog had hung low over the water, the sun barely peeking over the horizon, tiny hints flickering through the brightly coloured fall leaves. He loved the feeling of the oar in his hands as he pulled it through the water of the Charles River, the flat, reflecting calm disturbed by the ripples that surrounded each dip of the oar. He had to eat his words. He never felt more relaxed than he did rowing the river. His mind was free, no plaguing thoughts, no need for talking…..

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Today I got so unnecessarily mad at Michael.

I made lunch for us (burrittos) and I made one for myself with sour cream/cheese/meat and I had it all microwaved the way I like it and for his I ALWAYS leave it like…open face so he can put on his salsa or whatever the fuck.

So I let him know it was ready and that everything was hot and he just had to build his own.

But I hadn’t rolled mine yet so it was sitting open and I turned my back to put some stuff in the dishwasher and he poured salsa all over MY BURRITTO.

I was so mad??? Bc I feel like when you make food for yourself you’re like extra particular about how you do it and it was just SNIPED right out from under me.

Anyway this has been first world problems with Mercedes.

@domo-tron I don’t believe you understand the situation??? family counseling wont make it better and never will, you’ve never met my dad and do not understand how manipulative he is. But mentally I am VERY ready to leave the house and honestly I would prefer being homeless again at this point then to living there so idk if you understand whats going on

Plus like this had been going on for years and I have tried to get help multiple occupations (even when I was a minor) but my parents are so good at manipulating other adults into making it out to seem not so bad that honestly I do not feel comfortable trying to “talk it through” by getting family counseling plus I am sure it would just trigger me and my siblings into really bad places to be in the same room as my father rn???????? so idk what your implying……

Just so everyone knows, I’ve been away for a few days & have a queue set up because I’m probably going to be away for another week or two.
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1850s-60s: Howe does he do it
  • Nova Scotia:Finally independent and ready to rock! Hey Joe, you gonna be premier?
  • Joseph Howe:uh I totally would but i cant because reasons
  • Nova Scotia:oh, ok :C
  • Joseph Howe:the current premier is boring ugh i'm leaving
  • Nova Scotia::CCC
  • Joseph Howe:Hey I am back to be premier!
  • Nova Scotia:YAAAY!
  • Joseph Howe:but idk what to do so bye again I am going to Washington to become British Minister of Fisheries
  • Nova Scotia::'CC
  • Joseph Howe:Hey I heard there was an election and the Liberals are a disaster and need a leader-
  • Nova Scotia:You are too late to run
  • Joseph Howe:I will be back...........
  • Nova Scotia:so I'm looking at this confederation thing and
  • Joseph Howe:[storms in with a megaphone] ABSOLUTELY DO NOT! DO NOT DO IT! DON'T DO IT
  • Nova Scotia:um England
  • Joseph Howe:[perched on England's shoulders with his megaphone yelling into his ear] DON'T MAKE CONFEDERATION A THING!!! DO NOT DO IT
  • Nova Scotia:Confederation is a thing
  • Joseph Howe:the things i do for you >:C [throws megaphone and walks away]

So yeah. I am okay. So this is what happened, in a nutshell.

First of all, there was no weapon involved. But you don’t need one to get robbed. What happened was: I left work with my assistant manager. Once he pulled off, I was still getting into my car. (Okay so we all know: you don’t leave your female coworkers alone in a parking lot until you see their car is on and they’re ready to leave). I hear a knocking on the window and there’s this man I have seen only twice before literally opening my door and starting to ask me to give him money. He says he’s going to use it to get a shirt and some shoes at Fallas, and I tell him I’m sorry I only have a Canadian bill on me. And he says he wants it and to give it to him and I try to tell him that I can’t. I need that money for emergencies. He then positions himself against my car so I cannot leave and starts DEMANDING IT. screaming at me that I need to give him the money so, i’m scared, I hand him the one canadian $10 that I have on me and as soon as he gets it he starts asking me to give him another $50 because I obviously have more and that im holding out on him. I tell him multiple times that is ALL I have. I have nothing else. He then starts demanding I give him my phone. Or my credit card and I flat out refuse. And he starts telling me how he and all other black people should hate me cause im not giving him money– and then flips it over that I’m apparently a fucking blessing. And then starts asking (more like demanding) more money again and so I just go “SIR I NEED TO GO.” And I fucking manage to get him off the door and he leaves and I didn’t realize til halfway home I had been robbed. he also said he was planning on coming back to me for money in the future.

so yeah.

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Edd slammed the trunk of his car. Everything he needed for his dorm was all packed up.

His turned to his best friends.

“So, I guess this is it, fellow’s…”

Eddy suddenly had all the air being squeezed out of him when Ed scooped him up. “Please, don’t leave us, Double D! I am going to miss you!”

Edd pat Ed on his back. “Oh, there, there, Ed. It’s sad, but we’re all going off on our own adventures now.”

Edd’s parents beeped the horn. They were ready to go.

“Eddy, you haven’t said a thing yet. Are you alright?” Edd asked.

“Why are you going so far away? Ed and I are staying near Peach Creek while you’re going all the way across the states.”

Edd held both of his friends hands. This was the problem that conflicted his mind during the decision process. He was going to be so far away from the both of them.

“Fellow’s, as I have said, this will be good for us. Our minds will grow and we’ll be able to think individually about where we want our lives to go.”

Eddy had a tear escape his eye. “It still doesn’t feel right.”

“Hey, I’m with you. Always.”

Edd got in the back of the car and they went off. He watched as his friends got smaller and smaller until they disappeared.

New beginnings were exciting, but were also tough.

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