he is leaving and i am so not ready

My first infidelity

Only a week after I got married my military husband deployed. He and I still hadn’t officially moved in together and I was going to stay in Texas working until he got back. About 3 months after that my friends took me out dancing to cheer me up and make sure I had some fun. The fun I had isn’t what I think they intended.

While at the dance club i ran into an old guy friend of mine (we’ll call him J). He would occasionally but is drinks, hang out with us, and I danced with him several times. As the night wore on my friends were leaving but I wasn’t ready to go home. So J offered to take me home when I was ready.

At about 1 am he takes me back to my apartment. Our conversation got more flirtatious on the way, and at one point he puts his hand on my thigh - and I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the fact that I hadnt had sex in months - but I didn’t stop him, and was starting to get turned on.

As soon as the doors closed to my apartment, he made his move and kissed me, and I kissed him back. J is a little taller than me, cute smile, and a nice body - I melted in his arms as we kissed. He started undressing me and I had no resistance - my marriage vows were the last thing on my mind. It felt so good for him to cup and suck on my breasts.

As he took his clothes off he pulled out his cock - much bigger and thicker than my husbands and made me suck him. His hand went behind my head as he pushed it down on his stiff cock. “That’s a good slut” he said. I tingled a bit as he called me names. He pumped it deep into my mouth - and before long I was swallowing the thick ropes of his load.

He took me back to my bedroom and lay me down, spreading my legs and burying his face in my pussy. I hadn’t realized how much I missed the touch of a man down there. He furiously licked my pussy and I was in heaven. My first orgasm came quickly, but he licked me until I was screaming in pleasure from a second.

Finally he climbed on top and slid his thick cock deep into me - it felt so much better than my husband. He put my legs up on his shoulders and fucked me hard. As his thrusts increased in speed my moans increased in volume. “Mmmm you’re just a whore aren’t you?” It was all I could do to moan out a response. I couldn’t believe it, here I was in bed with another man! He was pumping with determination now and I couldn’t hold back any longer, I came again. I could tell it wasn’t long for him either - and then he came - shooting his cum deep into me, he stayed inside me for some time until he pulled out, his cock covered in our cum. We kissed and then he made me clean his cock up.

I found out later that he had wanted me precisely because I was married. I was a mixture of emotions, regret, excitement, confusion. But it was only the beginning of my adventures with J.

Okay so I keep thinking of that thing where a fan handed Luke a fish and he’s like “I’m not ready to be a father” but imagine that you and Luke are out meeting fans and that happens and you get super sad because you had told Luke just last week that you were pregnant and of course it wasn’t planned but you both had decided to go through with it and do your best. But then you hear him say that he’s not ready and even though it’s about a goldfish you just start getting upset because you know that’s how he feels about the real baby so when you guys leave the fans he knows that something is up (I am adamant that Luke is the type to always pay attention to your moods and feelings) and you’ll be at the hotel and he’ll nuzzle his face against your belly like “baby, what’s wrong?” And suddenly you’re just wailing and sobbing about how he doesn’t want the kid and he’ll probably leave you and that he’s your everything and that you hated yourself for not using protection and he just calms you down and reminds you that it takes two people to make a baby so it’s his doing also and that he will stay by your side through it all. And then he starts talking about the fucking goldfish and he’s like “see, I said that because goldfish seem so much more difficult than actual kids. I can’t father a child that one day might get flushed. Can you imagine that? Having to flush your kid because we forgot to clean his tank or tried to take him out for ice cream and he suffocated from the fresh air? It’s just a lot of work babe, babies seem so much nicer.” And you’re crying but laughing cause he’s such a loser but you know that he’ll be the BEST DAD EVER and yeah I hate myself for this

Family Potrait

cameraman: “Ready? Smile!”

koots: “Alright kids, show him a great, big smile!”

danz: “Smile baybee~”

seamus: “Do we have to?” *meh smile*

spoon: “ALRIGHT!”

sly: “C'mere ya little brat!”

james: “Ahahaha! Yeah! Take this a-hole!”

alek: “Damn dude! Stop it! I’m trying to look good!”

cameraman: “eh heh…” *snaps*

 HUEHUEHUEHUEHEUHEU i am done!!! yayyyyyyy~ sry it took so long. school started so need to set time for school works and i dont wanna leave this hanging^U^ also sry for like the most simpliest of shading and colouring :[ hope you guys love it^U^

ouh yea…psst.. thrs an easter eggy in this pic, see whether u can find it B] (nothing impt if u dont wanna find it ^U^)


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DEDICATED TO MY BUDDY YUI @yuisaki-drabbles WHO I LOVE SO,,,,,, *clenches fist* FUCIKGN MUCH,,,,,,,, i believe in you mate i am your Biggest Fan and anyone else who wants that title will have to Fight me. I know you’re always telling me it’s the other way around and tbh when you Validate my writing my smile legit hurts my face in the best way bUT,,,,,, BUDDY,,,,,,, HAVE YOU READ YOUR OWN SHIT,,,,,,,

tldr; no offence but i would die for yui

SIDENOTE; my season 2 klance wishlist:
- casual friendliness and affection tbh i dont think im asking for much here. I want bg klance. I want the camera focus to be on pidge and allura or someone talking and just in the bg we see lance flopping down Dramatically onto the couch where keith is chilling and just. casual head in lap. keith is like ???? but lance doesnt even think of it as a thing bc he’s so caught up in whatever he’s complaining about its not even romantic i just want more casual affection bc they are Friends.
- A castle alarm to go off suddenly and for them to both rush out of the same room, affirming that they were in fact making out hanging out offscreen
- lance to flirt with a boy. any boy. or just say the fuckign WORD bisexual or bi or even ‘you name a direction and i’ll swing that way’ or ‘i would never be so cruel to the universe as to limit who gets a piece of this’ pl e as e
- keith to correctly do the voltron chant and lance is Blessed™
- keith laughing at one of lance’s jokes. bonus if he’s the only one.
- keith to remain the aggressive homosexual i know him in my heart to be.
- lance to repeat that ‘i’d recognise that mullet anywhere’ line but rly fondly when keith shows up and saves the day somehow
- beach episode.

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I think this is it guys…I think they’re finally gonna have the talk.

That’s definitely Makoto’s hand around Haru’s wrist but why?????

Did Makoto say something so upsetting to Haru that he would react so strongly? Like if he told him he was leaving????

Also fireworks - SERIOUSLY!?!? God it looks like a damn marriage propsal.


I was GOING to just loosely translate and summarize most of the chapter, but as I went along I just got more and more into it, so the result is kind of a jumbled mess of summarizing and direct translations! You should probably be able to tell when I’m translating and when I’m improvising though! But I do think I am giving you the full story here, so if you can keep along, then great! PLEASE ENJOY THE GOSH!!!!!

also if you read this, please consider buying the novel!


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How Considerate

Prompt: ((thank you for sending in your prompt btw!))

Genre: smut, lil’ fluff, but mostly smut (oh well)

Warnings: dirty talk, swearing, butt sex, the usual 

Word count: 1952 ((ALMOST 2K LMAOOOO))

A/N: it is almost 1 in the morning, this isn’t beta-ed but this prompt was super amazing and i couldn’t wait to write it, so here i am! also i am aiming to upload a fic once a day or once every couple of days bc summer so yay look forward to that. okay, enjoy, this was long

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Warnings (One Shot #3)

Harry Styles One Shot/Imagine 

The Boxer Series

Past One Shots

NOTE: All of this is completely fictional. The male lead is only being used for physical appearance. 

For the second time in a month you had found yourself in The Sound. Instead of waiting in fear of the fighters to be announced you were in the back locker room with Harry as his coach, Mitch, was barking orders at him.

“There’s a lot of money at stake tonight Styles. I need you to be 100% in this fight; try to get him on the ground as fast as you can. Tonight its not just one opponent no it’s one after another, get it together.” Mitch’s voice was a high pitched tone that could closely resemble nails to a chalk board. 

He was a short, in shape man with a reseeding hair line. Harry had told you that the reason he was with Mitch was because he was ‘the best of the best’ trainers out there. 

“I am together so you can leave so I can get ready.” Harry’s voice was slower and deeper then usual. He had said before you had come that he wanted you back here with him just because the crowd would be very dangerous tonight. 

Once Mitch left Harry turned to you and suddenly you became worried about your appearance. Since it was the late fall London was a bit chilly and at night it got down right cold. For the fight you had chosen dark wash skinny jeans, a thick cream sweater, and some tall black boots. 

“How am I going to focus on the fight when all I can think of is what’s under the sweater.” Harry’ cheekiness brought a dark tint of red to your face and you blushed. He laughed and grabbed his black robe from where it was hanging.

You made your way to stand behind him as he stood in front of the mirror. You lightly touched the gold stitching on the back that said Styles. 

“Are you nervous?” You asked as you lightly brushed the tops of his shoulders. He looked at you through the mirror and gazed impassively. 

“No I’m not, I’ve done this a thousand times before. Why are you nervous?” His prominent smirk crossed his face. He noted the serious look on your features and turned around to face you. You looked down only for your chin to be grasped by his long fingers and tugged back up.

“Hey everything is going to be fine okay? I’m gonna be fine, promise.” You nodded and hugged him close. 

“I just worry a bunch that’s all. I think that is one of the biggest things I do, worry.”

“That’s one of the things that drew me to you, you worry about those who shouldn’t be worried about. You have a big heart Y/N, and honest it’s quite refreshing in my life.” Your heart swelled as he said this. 

“Styles it’s time! Let’s go!” Mitch’s high voice screamed at you two. Harry grabbed your hand and took you outside to the floor. 

“Okay so Dax is going to look after you while I’m fighting. I can’t worry about you and fight at the same time so you need to stay by his side the entire time Y/N. Understand?”

“Yes but who’s Dax?” 

“The announcer, he’s going to come down and he will take you to where you will be sitting. Mitch will go off on me if I wonder onto the open floor.” He held your hand tighter as Dax made his way over to the two of you. In the distance you could see a man staring at you and Harry closely, in his ear a woman was whispering. 

“Hey man, so this is the girl aye?” Dax spoke when he finally got to you both. 

“Yeah I expect you to take care of her while I cannot.” Harry’s voice was menacing as he glared at Dax. 

“Harry don’t worry I’ve got her.” He nodded his head and you turned back to Harry. 

“Just please be careful; promise me you’ll be careful. Keep your head straight and think fast,” you spat off everything you could think off before his hand covered your mouth. You looked to see his eyes alit with humor. 

“I’ll be fine, now I have a proposition for you before I go.” His hand left your mouth and it picked up on of your free ones. 

“And that would be?” He knew he had your curiosity so he continued on. 

“If I win you’ll agree to be my girl,” a cocky look came over his face and you couldn’t help but raise a brow. 

“If you lose then the deal is what exactly?” Harry’s face dipped down so that his lips were right up against your ear. 

“You don’t have to worry about that; I never lose.” He warned you. With that he handed you over to Dax and made his way to where Mitch was waiting. 

“Alright lady let us get you over to where you’ll be sitting.” Dax wove you threw the thick crowd, muttering curses all the while. He helped you up to the risen platform where a chair was next to the announcing podium. 

“Do me a favor and stay seated the entire fight, if I lose you or you get hurt Harry will gladly punch the life out of me.” You giggled but grimaced as you could see Harry following through. 

Dax stood up, grabbed his microphone and gave you a glance before making his way to stand on the red ‘X’ in the middle of the ring. 

“Tonight ladies and gentlemen we have a legendary fight going on in The Sound. Tonight our undefeated champion is going to take on three men; one after the other after the other. Tonight will mark the conclusion of the Semi-Finals; here and now will determine who the real champion is.” 

The crowd hung onto every word out of Dax’s mouth and you too found yourself leaning forward with wide eyes. You craned your head to try and find Harry through the crowd but there were too many people around to find him. Right then you saw the curly haired boy jump over the rope and into the ring along with another man jumping in on the opposite corner. 

“Tonight we will introduce our first guest. In the orange we have Max Towers,” Dax gestured towards the lengthy boy who couldn’t have been 18 yet. You stood as he was about to introduce Harry to the crowd. 

“In this corner we have London’s finest, our very own undefeated champion in the black, Harry Styles!” You clapped loudly as Harry shrugged his lean arms out of his robe and stepped forward. Your eyes locked and a wink was given to you.

Dax made his way back towards you and sat down in his seat; he reached towards the bell, waited a moment and its long sound rang through the room signaling the fight was on. 

Harry’s eyes were narrowed on the kid as the moved around slowly. The crowd was beginning to get displeased as there was no punches being thrown to either of the fighters. After having enough Harry punched the boy straight in the abdomen and the young boy fell over in pain. 

Dax jumped up and kneeled towards the ground. “1… 2… 3! He’s out! The first opponent of the night is down for the count, Harry Styles everyone!” You grinned as Dax grasped Harry’s tan arm in one of his pale hands and held it high. 

“Can someone please remove Mr. Towers so we can make way for our next guy.” The person whom you assumed was Max’s trained got into the ring and dragged the boy out rather quickly all the while Harry was grinning. 

“Okay now we may proceed to our next fighter, here we have Tom Miller,” he waved the man into the ring. 

Just after Dax rang the bell the man was already down, Harry shaking his fist out as the man lay clutching his face. It all happened quicker then you could blink; Dax running and counting exclaiming that Harry had tallied another win. 

“Well that happened suddenly now didn’t it ladies and gentlemen? For our last fight of the night our champion is going to go up against one of the biggest men in our neighboring countries. Let us all look to the right corner at Pierre Annette.” You look over to see the same man that was staring from earlier. 

His tall frame and dark features were enough to terrify anyone, including yourself, but Harry just stared at him through narrow slits.

Both men walked to the center of the ring, shook hands and reseeded back into their corners. You watched closely as Dax walked back to podium much more quite then he had ever been. 

“What’s wrong?” You asked when he sat down. He looked at you with wide eyes; his head moving lightly from side to side. 

“I don’t think this guy is going to go down as easy as the other two have.” You both look over at the boys as Dax sounds the bell. 

Without wasting any time Pierre throws a punch at Harry which grazes his side. Harry jerks out of reach to block the second throw that the man dishes out. Harry reacts quickly fighting back and countering with a cross to the left cheek. 

Everyone in the room is standstill, watching as a vicious fight unfolds. You cannot hear what Pierre is saying to Harry but all you see is him go from a calm faced man to fully angered. Whatever Pierre had said to Harry had put him into a blind rage and punches and kicks were being thrown one after the other. 


You have never seen a person with a broken jaw before but as Pierre was taken out of the ring you could see his mouth hanging agape and blood covering his face. This fight would surly be considered one of the most brutal of the season but Harry was still the champion. 

You were patiently waiting for Harry in the locker room since that was where Dax had dropped you off. You were anxious to see Harry but nervous to see all the damage on his body. 

You were in a mind battle with yourself as Harry walked in. You looked over at him to see blood on his face and him shirtless. The wounds on his chest made you blanche but you still considered him to be in ‘good’ condition. 

He made his way over to you and pulled you close to him. He sweaty forehead and hair sticking to your neck as he buried his face there. You slowly brought your hands up to his back, lightly rubbing up and down. 

“I won,” he said against your neck making you giggle at the sensation. 

“You did win. I must say I am very impressed by your fighting skills Curly.” 

“Oh so that’s my nickname?” He asked, face still buried in your neck. You nodded and continued to run your hands up and down his back.

“I’ll have to think up something that suits my lovely girlfriend then.” You couldn’t help but blush as he called you his girlfriend. 


“Well we had a proposition that I fulfilled so yes, you Y/N are my girl, my very lovely girl.”

“And you Harry Styles are my very lovely boy.” 

 A good fight with a tinge of romance is always lovely! Please let me know what you think of the series so far!

Don’t be afraid to send in a REQUEST. Side Note: If anyone ever needs to talk, even if it is about the weather outside I am always here. Thanks for reading it means so much xx-Sam

(As Harry came closer you could feel your body start to heat up; his fingers dancing across your naked back. His head dips down to your neck, sucking lightly at the skin that rests there. He moves his hands from the small of your back over to your stomach, going lower but stopping right before he reaches where you want him most. “Like and/or reblog and I’ll do whatever you want me to Y/N…) 

Skeptics and True Believers

Once Tony is back in his apartment, steps into the shower almost immediately, wanting to wash off any dirt he might have come in contact with though he didn’t do much in the battle. The rocket had sent lots of dirt into his face though.

After the shower, Tony puts on sweat pants and a t-shirt before taking the elevator to his lab. There isn’t much he’s working on right now; everything for the upcoming Stark Expo is ready and in place. He supposes there isn’t any harm in tweaking some stuff. Besides if he comes up with something new, he could always add it in the mix.

“Jarvis, any info on Loki?” Tony finally asks. He had been trying not to do so, wanting to leave Loki be until the idiot’s ready to come back, but Tony is worried.

“My apologies, sir,” Jarvis tells Tony. “I am unable to locate him.”

Tony goes back to staring at the blueprint in front of him, knowing it’s a full possibility Loki might have left him for good. A stupid thought, but Tony wouldn’t put it past anyone wanting to leave him.

So I’ve reached a new record in how quickly a customer pissed me off after punching in.

I was coming in early for a coworker who had to leave and I was already running late, and when that happens, we just punch in, tell the person that they can leave, and then finish getting ready to start our shift.

So I walked up to the register to punch in, with my belt and hat in hand and my heels not even in my (untied) shoes yet, and this guy walks up to my register and just starts ordering. Like, I am CLEARLY not ready to take any orders. He watched me walk in through the front doors and walk up to the register. What part of that made him think I was ready? But, see, I’m generally nice while at work, so I finished taking his order while fixing my shoes, charged him, and THEN punched in.

Then I turned around to make the ice cream that he ordered (still without my belt and hat) and I hadn’t even walked three feet before he turned to the coworker that I was there to relieve, as she was punching out and taking off her hat with her purse in hand, and DEMANDED that she make his ice cream, as I had “walked away and was refusing to make his ice cream”. The whole while I was standing there with his half-finished oreo ice cream in my hand.

So, yeah, negative thirty seconds is my new record for how long post-punch in it took for a customer to aggravate me.

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Prompt: "you think you're freaking protecting me but I can protect myself" Derek hale maybe 🙈

You zipped up your jacket and grabbed your phone, “Ready to go?” You asked Derek as you walked out of his bedroom.


“To stop Kate. Are you ready to go?”

Derek frowned at you and stood up, “(y/n), you’re not coming.”

“What? No, I’m coming, Der.” You laughed, “We better go, the pack’s waiting.”

Your boyfriend shook his head, “I’m not letting you leave here. You’re not coming with us, (y/n). I’m serious.”

“And so am I. I’m going, Derek. You can’t stop me.”

”(y/n), it’s too dangerous for you to come this time.“ He told you.

You sighed, “You can’t stop me from going, Derek. I’ve already told Scott that I’d help him.”

"Well, you can un-tell him.”

“Derek!” You exclaimed, “Stop it! I’m going, okay? I’m not going to sit in here and wait for you to get hurt.”

“And I’m not going to let you come and see you get hurt!”

The words in your throat died and you swallowed, “What are you doing?”

"I’m protecting you.”

Your blood boiled, “You think you’re freaking protecting me but I can protect myself, Derek!” You yelled suddenly, “I don’t need you or Scott or Stiles always looking out for me. You protect yourself and worry about me later.”

Derek shook his head, “I didn’t mean it like that. I know that you can protect yourself, it’s just… I can’t lose you. I can’t let Kate hurt you (y/n) and I know that she’ll try.”

“Then it’s a good thing I can protect myself, isn’t it?” You asked him, “It’s even better that I have you there.”

“Sometimes you’re so stubborn.” He sighed as he stepped closer to you.

“And sometimes you’re just so damn protective.” You huffed as he pulled you close before kissing you. The kiss got intense quickly as he backed to into the wall. He pinned your hands at your sides and you were too caught up in his tantalising taste to realise.

It was only when you heard the scratch and click of handcuffs that you opened your eyes. He pulled back, “I’m sorry, I had to.” He told you quickly. You stared down at your wrist.

“You handcuffed me to the radiator?!” You hissed, “Derek!” You called out after your boyfriend but he’d already ran out, “Oh, just wait until you uncuff me…” You whispered as you began to plot your revenge.

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what are your thoughts about dazai's character development? (from his gruesome past in the mafia to now)

This post is a good summary haha

To answer your question: It is good! Odasaku had such a positive impact on him, and while we’ve seen glimpses of mafia Dazai resurfacing, we can tell that he ultimately wants to be on the “good” side :) Literally only two weeks after leaving the mafia, Dazai is ready to start fulfilling his promise to Odasaku and..he just…definitely has a strong conviction to help people. (It kind of feels like I am rambling so I will wrap it up haha.)

We don’t have the whole picture of Dazai’s character development unfortunately. Character development takes time, and we have a missing time slot of 2 years between him leaving the mafia and joining the Agency. I’m sure whatever happened in these 2 years also shaped Dazai into who he is today. Who did he meet in those 2 years? What were his experiences? And one that I’m personally very interested in, What kinds of thoughts did he have?

Always - Matt Espinosa Imagine

I felt a light breeze on my skin. I was standing on the edge. On the edge of mental strength and on the edge off sea cliff. Do I really want to do this? Am I ready to jump? Most important - am I ready to leave him? Or maybe I am just a weak, average girl who can’t solve her emotional problems?
For all of this time I thought that me and Matt are going to be fine. I didn’t think of all these fights that we had. There was a time when I only thought about him. Well that changed, so did he. Matt was always so good for me. He was looking after me all the time. He treat me like his little princes. Hold me in his arms every night and whisper sweet, sometimes naughty words to my ears that made me smile almost every time. Sometimes we were cuddling on his bed and talking about how much we loved each other. He loved my smile. He loved everything about me. At least I thought he did. He was there, for me - always. But that changed. That was before he met them. Magcon boys. After few weeks I realized that Matt started to talk like them, walk like them, even eat like them. They were destroying us. They were destroying him. They took him away from me. We weren’t so close anymore. They were my enemies, who were definitely winning all the time. No one could help that. People were asking me what happened to our strong, beautiful relationship but I only stood at them with disappointment and tears in my eyes. I was trying so hard to forget about Matt. But It was impossible. He was my air. He was my hope. Hope that love does exist. I wanted to know what love is. Does he know? Sometimes it is so hard to trust your own feelings and thoughts. I have never understood how does it work. How is this possible that I care about someone so much that I would do literally every little thing for that person? He started to be famous. He stopped thinking about me. His fans replaced me. They were always on the first place. He didn’t tell me how much he love me anymore .. Maybe that is because he never loved me?
I felt worse and worse. I started cutting myself, letting myself down. I was such a strong, happy and positive person. What happened to me? He didn’t notice that at all. He was too busy to even care about me. He was just as cold as Pacific Ocean. And I was old, lonely raft that needed help. I needed attention. HIS ATTENTION.
Finally I made a decision. I can not live without you, Matt. “I can not live without us.” I said, going to kiss lips of dreadful, cold death… And that is all because of you Espinosa.


Hey guys :) this is my first imagine :) first of all I just want to apologize for all of mistakes that I probably made here :) but unfortunately English is not my national language :) I am not really sure if this imagine is good. Feel free to let me know :)

How about part two?

A Wild Spec Appears: Killian’s Ring

Now that we know the ring comes from someone we have already met I am ready to start tossing out theories. Given that Killian attributes the ring to helping him be a survivor I would say the person is from his distant past. So who does that leave us? 

Milah- Unlikely because people probably don’t want Millian all up in their Captain Swan but also because I don’t see A&E giving her anymore screentime. A pity because I would love to see her more fleshed out. 

Liam- Possibly a gift of protection when he joined the Navy or something similair. I like this because I would love to have Liam back and because I have long headcanoned that one of Killian’s rings belonged to Liam. The scene could also involve mentions of Papa Jones and be part of leading into that story. 

Pan- @scapeartist wrote up a good post about how Pan would have wanted his errand boy to survive and return to Neverland as often as possible and so given him the ring. Killian might have stolen it when he left Neverland for good. This doesn’t have any childhood connection though and I feel like with Papa Jones appearing we are heading towards Hook’s childhood. 

Smee- The guy that’s good at finding hard to find magical objects. This would take away any kind of sentimental value attached to the ring. Which I think is unlikely. 

The Blue Fairy- I put her in only because she is a magical being known for granting wishes and helping desperate people (however shadily). Plus she would have been alive when Killian was younger. 

Merlin- I know, I know wouldn’t Killian have remembered? Not necessarily. If he came to Killian when he was a kid then he might not recall. Emma didn’t recall until Merlin reminded her and Killian is hundreds of years away from his childhoos. 

The Apprentice- We know both he and Merlin enjoy talking to little kids. If the Apprentice hit him up when he was a young man and Killian a child then they wouldn’t have necessarily recognized each other. @ripplestitchskein has talked about the ring possibly being part of Excalibur and thus potentially the explanation behind the Apprentice’s longer life span and I think that would be really fun.  

Nimue- She was introduced when the ring was introduced. The ring helps a person survive and Nimue was a survivor. It has a nice symmetry. IF, as @hooks-and-feathers keeps discussing, Nimue is Killian’s mom or somehow genetically related this would really work for me. What if she had a sibling or child that survived the attack on the village that she didn’t know about but finds out later after she becomes the Dark One. She knows they won’t accept her so she enchants a ring to keep her family safe. 

So those are the options. Did I miss any? Which is your favorite? 

Imagine being a mechanic at TM and the guys are competing for your attention. Part 2

You have been on cloud 9 since your little outing with Kozik, you didn’t get home until 5 am but you didn’t mind. He was quite the gentleman ( i mean for a badass biker ), he walked you to your door, kissed you goodnight and made sure were safe. Even though you wanted to invite him inside so bad, you resisted because you didn’t want to come off as easy. You didn’t sleep at all, you just laid on your bed with a smile that would not leave your face. You showered, made some coffee and got ready for work. Soon 9am came around and you headed out the door.
You arrived at TM to find that there were bikes still on the lot, you smirked to yourself as you noticed Kozik’s bike. You went into the garage, got your paperwork ready from the previous day. Gemma rolled up onto the lot, and walked to the office. She noticed you waiting for her by the door, she smiled and shaded her eyes from the sunlight;

“ Morning sweetheart “ You matched her smile and said;

“ Morning Gem “ She opened the office and waltzed inside, she put her keys on the desk and dropped her purse in the drawer. She turned to you before taking a seat in the chair;

“ so how was your ride with Kozik ? “ You blushed and said;

“ how do you know i went with Kozik for a ride “ Gemma smirked and raised her eyebrow;

“ baby, there is nothing that goes on here that i don’t know about “ You nodded and said;

“ ahh, Jax told you. didn’t he “ Gemma giggled and nodded.

A call came in and they needed a tow, Gemma asked you to go get Kozik and Juice for the run. You smiled and walked out towards the clubhouse, you made your into the clubhouse when you walked in you seen Juice at his usual spot, with his nose in his laptop. Tig greeted you;

“ Hey Doll “ You smiled and said;

“ Hey Tiggy “ Chibs also greeted you from the couch he was having some coffee and a smoke;

“ Aye, Good Morning to ya, lass ? “ You smiled at Chibs and greeted your scotty friend;

“ Good Morning, Scotty “ You walked over to Juice, and leaned on him lightly;

“ Good Morning Juice “ He flashed you a smile, and you said to him;

“ Gemma wanted you and Kozik for a tow, where is Koz “ Tiggy overheard and he said before Juice could answer;

“ He’s crashed in one of the dorms, doll. want me to go get him ? “ You answered Tig;

“ no i got, thank you “ You smiled and lightly rubbed Juice’s arm as you walked off. You made you way to the apartments, you knocked lightly and opened the door to a snoozing Kozik. You smirked at the adorable sight of him sleeping. You walked in, closed the door behind you and said softly;

“ Kozik. .. Kozik “ He grunted and you got to the bed and sat down beside him, you nudged him lightly and he opened his eyes. He blinked a couple times to focus and to see if you were really there. He rubbed his eyes and a smile grew across his lips. He said in groggy, low deep voice;

“ Hey Y/N “ You smiled and giggled, Kozik sat up a little and you said;

“ Hey sleepy head, sorry for waking you up “ He said quickly;

“ no no, dont worry about darling “  You blushed and said;

“ Uh, Gem wanted me to come and get you and Juice for a tow “ He nodded, got up from the bed and sat beside you. He looked at you, and said;

“ How was your night ? “ Your smile was constant and you batted your eyelashes at him and responded in a shy voice;

“ it was perfect .. what about your night ? “ He chuckled and got up, he reached out his hands for you. You gripped his hands and he pulled you up, he put his arms around your waist, and your arms were wrapped around his, he looked down at you and said;

“ It was the best night that i’ve had in a long long time. “ He then leaned in and placed a kiss against your lips. You felt him smile as the two of were kissing. You guys parted and you said while trying to get off cloud 9;

“ uhm well, i .. i better get my ass back to work, or Gem is gonna freak “ Kozik laughed and said;

“ yeah, you better get going. will i see you after work ? “ You smiled and said;

“ guess we will see “ You left the room, Kozik headed for the bathroom. You walked down the hallway, casually wiping your lips and blushing as Tig made a comment as you walked by him;

“ Done already ? “ You giggled and said;

“ shut up Tig “ You walked out of the clubhouse and headed to your station, there was a truck that needed your service. Kozik came out of the dorm, and walked to where the guys were, Chibs said;

“ Aye Kozi, that was fast “ Kozik chuckled and headed out with Juice following him. They headed towards the tow truck, both men looking at you as your hard at work, completely focused on your task you didn’t even notice the guys. They both got into the rig and drove off. While they were driving, it was awkward silence then Juice said;

“ so, you and Y/N “ Kozik looked at Juice and back to the road and said;

“ what you talking about “ Juice’s face was confused, his eyebrows crunched together and he said again;

“ your with Y/N now or what ? “ Kozik answered;

“ uh, no we just hung out for awhile .. “ Juice made an expression and nodded;

“ okay “ They went to the address that they were given, picked up a truck, loaded it and headed back to TM, the entire time it was dead silence between the two. You were under a truck, when you heard heels walking towards you and you knew it was Gemma. She was tapping her foot and you let out a sigh and said from underneath;

“ Whats up Gem ? “ Gemma said;

“ come out of there for a second so i can actually talk to you and not talk to your legs “ You giggled to yourself and rolled out. Your face had a few dirty smudges but you didn’t mind, it was part of the job. You sat on the roller, and looked at Gemma ;

“ So whats up ? something wrong ? “ Gemma had her hand on her hip and her lips were perused;

“ why does there always have to be something wrong when i wanna talk with you ? “ you snickered and said while wiping you hands on your rag;

“ oh no, its just the tone and your body language that i thought something was up, but you got a smoke ? “ Gemma walked to the office and grabbed her smokes. You stood up from the roller and took the smoke that Gemma had passed to you. You both lit your smokes and Gemma asked about you and Kozik;

“ so whats the deal with you and Kozik? “ You took a drag of your smoke, deep inhale and exhaled before saying;  

“ Uh, i’m not quite sure Gem. We just hung out for a couple hours, talked and made out a little. .. that’s it:” Gemma with a surprised look that spread across her face, and you noticed you said;

“ what ? “ Gemma took a drag and said;

“ nothing, im just surprised you guys didn’t screw. he didn’t take you to your house ? “ you looking down, smoke still between your fingertips and answered;

“ no, he took me to this spot that him and his old man use too share, not sure where it is exactly but then after a few hours being up there just looking at the view, talking and kissing he took me home, walked me to my door and kissed me good night. .. i wanted to invite him in but i didn’t wanna come off as ‘ easy ‘ “ Gemma snickered and tossed her smoke, and said;

“ dont worry sweetheart, he likes you. trust me “ Gemma kissed your cheek and headed back into the office. You turned to see Kozik and Juice pull up onto the lot with their tow. They parked and got off, Kozik was doing the truck and Juice walked over to you. You were sitting on the roller and just before you rolled under Juice called out to you. You sat up and said;

“ Hey Juice, whats up ? “ Juice smiled and asked if you wanted to have a beer? You smiled at Juice and said;

“ uh yeah sure in about 15 minutes ? i just have to finish up this truck and i’m all yours “ Juice smiled and said;

“ okay, meet you at the bar “ You nodded and rolled under the truck. You didn’t notice that Kozik was watching the two of you the whole time. He didn’t say anything he just finished unloading the truck and parked the rig. He walked back into the house, Juice and Kozik shared a look before he walked and grabbed himself a beer. Tig said to Kozik;

“ wanna have a game ? “ Tig gestured with his eyes towards the empty pool table. Kozik said after taken a well needed drink of his beer;

“ yeah. . sure “ They walked over to the pool table and started their game. You finished the truck and headed towards the clubhouse, you wiped your hands on the rag and once inside the clubhouse, Tig and Kozik were having a kind of intense pool game, Juice was at the bar ready for your guys’ beer. Happy and Chibs were hooting and hollering at the pool game, making bets. Kozik didn’t notice you right away, he was well into his game. You sat down at the bar, Juice handed you a beer and smile.

“ here you are Y/N “ you smiled and said;

“ thanks Juice “ he leaned against the bar across from you and the two of you started talking. You laughed, and then Kozik noticed. He kept staring at the two of you, you can tell he was jealous. The boys noticed and Tig put his arm around Kozik and said;

“ looks like Juicey is trying to cut you off “:Kozik’s jaw tightened but he didn’t say a word, his eyes never left the two of you. After awhile, Kozik and Tigs game ended and they all joined you guys at the bar. Kozik came up from behind you and touched your lower back, you turned and smiled;

“ Hey kozik “ He smiled and said;

“ Hey you guys “ Juice was annoyed that he came and bugged the two of you. Tig, Chibs, and Happy gathered around the three of you and started drinking and talking, Kozik kept his hand on you the entire time. It didn’t bother you but it sure bothered Juice. Juice has been trying to get you alone since he first saw you, and to him Kozik just swooped in and took away his opportunity. Soon after Opie and Jax came into the clubhouse, everyone was still at the bar and they noticed you and they greeted you with a kiss to the side of the face. You were happy to see your two childhood friends you said while still beaming with happiness;

“ you guys gonna join us for a beer ? or maybe two ? “ They hesitated and you blurted out;

“ come on guys, when was the last time we shared a beer together ? “ They nodded, and took a seat and said;

“ alright darling, lets have some beer “ Juice was still on the other side of the bar handed them two beer. Everyone grabbed their beer and cheered. Soon enough this little gathering was turning into a little party. Kozik was taunted by Tig for another round of pool so once you were alone Juice asked you if you wanted to get some air, you agreed. The two of you walked outside towards the tables, you both took a seat. It was a little quieter out here. There was still quite a bit of people out here, but not as much as inside the clubhouse. You smiled at Juice, you asked him;

“ you have a smoke ? “ Juice dug in his cut and pulled out his carton;

“ here you go “ you smiled and said;

“ thanks “ Juice playing with the smoke that was in his hand said nervously;

“ Y/N “ you looked up at him before putting the smoke in your mouth. He pressed his lips against yours, you were completely caught off guard. You felt his hands on your face, his soft wet lips as they crushed into yours, you were unsure what you were doing but you kissed him back. You continued to kiss him before you realized what you were doing, you pulled away holding your hand to your mouth. Juice said;

“ i’m sorry, i don’t know why i just did that “ You said to Juice;

“ no i’m sorry Juice, i’ve had a little too much to drink. and i kissed you back “ Juice stepped back a bit and lit up his smoke, you did too. It was awkward silence for a few minutes before you said;

“ for the record, your a good kisser “ Juice giggled and blushed, still had his head down. You were glad you said that to break the silence. You added;

“ i hope what happened here won’t make it weird tomorrow or the next day or after “ Juice looked up and said;

“ no no, never. “ He gave you a smile and took a seat beside you and wrapped an arm around you. He then said;

“ Kozik’s a lucky guy. “ You grinned and looked at Juice. Few moments went by and Kozik finally noticed that the two of you were no where to be found in the clubhouse, he asked Jax;

“ did you see where Y/N went ? “ Jax answered him over loud music;

“ seen her and Juice go outside awhile ago “ Kozik’s face went red, and he marched outside. His eyes looked everywhere and he found the two of you still sitting on the picnic table having a smoke and talking. He walked over and Juice looked up and see him coming. He hopped off from your side and met Kozik;

“ you got yourself here a great chick Kozik, don’t hurt her “ Kozik looked at Juice, he was shocked and relieved to hear that coming from the guy that wanted you just as much as Kozik did. Juice gripped Kozik’s shoulder before going back inside. You smiled at Kozik and he walked to you. He knelt between your knees, put his arms to the sides of you and you wrapped your arms around his neck. You leaned down and you pressed a passionate kiss to Kozik’s lips. Once your lips parted, and your eyes were open, Kozik whispered;

“ wanna get out of here ? “ You smiled and nodded. Kozik bit his lip and got up, gripped your hand and led you to his dorm. The two of you made your way through the crowd and to Kozik’s dorm. You guys got into the room and he locked it behind him. You walked in and sat on the bed. Kozik stood at the door, staring at you. You patted the bed, he chuckled and made his way to you. He stood in front of you, Kozik’s belt was by your face, you held onto it, and tugged. It sent a little thrill throughout Kozik, he pulled you up to him, he pulled off your shirt, you slid his cut to the floor. You ripped off his shirt and took off his belt, Kozik undid your jeans and slowly took them off, he slid his hand up and down your entire body, he gently tossed you onto the bed. He climbed on top of you, his entire body was over you, he had his arms to side, you looked so small compared to Kozik’s big body. You reached for him to be closer, he kissed your lips, your neck and made his way down.
He was now at your bare chest, kissing, caressing and sucking at your beautiful breasts and made his way down south. Finally he was at your thighs, kissing and nibbling he was at your entrance, his tongue dance and licked and you threw your head back in pleasure, you arched your back as Kozik kept going, your hands were in his blonde hair. You let out a very seductive moan;

“ Kozik .. mmm .. Kozik “ He was driving you crazy, you pulled him up and he kissed you so passionately that you felt electricity course from you head to your toes, he grabbed himself and put himself inside you. You both let out a gasp of pleasure. Kozik growled and bit his lip, you closed your eyes and threw your head back, Kozik thrusted slowly, your nails starting to dig into his back. Kozik’s pace quickened and he pinned your arms to the bed, kissing and biting your neck in pleasure. Kozik was letting you know how good you felt, and by hearing him turned you on even more, you let out a moan;

“ harder Kozik “ He thrusted harder and he said in a very low almost whisper;

“ say my name “ you bit his earlobe and whispered in a very lustful tone;

“ kozik .. mm kozik “ That much have did it, because he growled a little louder now, you were reaching your release, Kozik felt you tighten around him more and more and soon enough you both reached your release together. Kozik fell onto you, you hugged him, ran your fingers through his hair. He eventually rolled over, pulled you into him. He snaked his arm around your waist, put his head against the back of your neck. He was leaving little butterfly kisses from you back, to your neck. He sighed loudly as if to say ‘ finally ‘ the two of were so relaxed you drifted off to sleep. Kozik still holding onto you, your fingers were tangled together, the sound of him breathing and the warmth of his body just made the world seem like it stopped moving. Forget cloud 9 you thought to yourself, this right here. .. is heaven.

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I just went to put gas in my car and was fumbling for change in my purse because I didn’t have much cash on me. I went inside with about 6 dollars ready to pay. I got up to the cash register and the lady said “ Don’t worry dear, the man in front of you put $30 on your pump.” I was actually so shocked. I tried to leave the store in time to catch him and say thank you, but he was gone. He wanted no thanks or anything in return. He just wanted to do a good deed. To be nice to a complete stranger. 
I am so grateful.

30 Day MFU meme, Day 20: Funniest moment

This scene from “The Shark Affair” – the scene where I actually had to pause the video because I was literally laughing too hard.  In order to give them a believable cover, Waverly literally leaves them adrift in the middle of the Pacific.

Look at their faces.  Those are the faces of two men questioning their life/career choices.

That’s not even the best part; they spend hours stuck on that stupid raft, it’s 3 AM and Illya would be ready to kill something if he wasn’t so seasick, and finally, they hear a ship’s horn, leading to this priceless exchange–

Illya: Is that [the ship we’re looking for]?
Napoleon: Do we really care!?

anonymous asked:

Hi! So for the last 3 months I haven't read any Castle fics because of exams and work etc. and although I've tried to get back into it I just have no idea where to start. I was wondering if you could recommend any fics you think that are a must to catch on? Thank you!!

So to begin I will link you to this post which are the fics I am reading/fics I want to read that are in progress at the moment, so I won’t include them in this list. Also not including any finale fics cause I have all those lists here

Otherwise this list is my recommendations published since April 2014 :)


still our hands match by bravevulnerability

A one time thing by Ky03elk

Not Ready to Make Nice by Liv Wilder

The difference a day makes by honeyandvodka

Matter Out of Place by Polly Lynn

Say Something by ignitesyourbones

Purloin by NellietheMarvelous

Soulmates by stanaticfanatic

Before He Leaves by supermandy77

Perennial by Anonymous033

Attachment Syndrome by FanficwriterGHC 

Learn to Have Been by chezchuckles

Peripeteia by alwayswritewithcoffee

Who Said Only Diamonds Were A Girl’s Best Friend by ilovetoread09

One/Two Shot

Cynosureataraxia, Respite and Inchoate by ColieMacKenzie

burn with me tonight by blue252

Postmortem and Count Me Out by Polly Lynn

for the rest of my life and indelible by airbefore

First Steps by Liv Wilder

but if stars shouldn’t shine and Simple Complication by BerkieLynn

in the end by bravevulnerability

The More, The Merrier by lousiemcdoogle

kiss me i’m bleeding by closingdoors

Handwritten by A Beauty to the Rhythm

Remember Tonight by kimmiesjoy

M-ratio and In surrender by seilleanmor

more than you bargained for by Cora Clavia

if sex were shoes i’d wear you out by tombombadillo

I’ll Buy You A Drink and A Detective and Her Mage by KroganVanguard

Addicted by jam821

Glacial Veins by ninabambina

Actions Speak Louder by sugar free vanilla

Marc Bartra

Marc Bartra said he considered leaving Barcelona last season but is now ready to fight for his place.

“The end of the season was hard, because at first I had more regular football and at the end I didn’t play as much, but I was thinking calmly about leaving Barca, who had always treated me so well,” he said.

“The offers that arrived make me doubt myself, but with a coach like Luis Enrique you know that everything can change in a year and I am going to give everything.”

“Every player wants to play in the big games,” Bartra said. “I know that it isn’t easy at Barca. If you work here, it is an endless race.”

Asked about his lack of playing time, he added: “I have enjoyed myself a lot with the team and there is still much to be won.”

Me Too

“I loved you,” she says gripping his face. “I’ve always loved you.”

He watches her with glowing eyes, tears flowing down his cheeks but leaving nothing behind as they hit the sidewalk. His face is pale, his back hunches, he is almost ready, she knows it.

“But it’s time for you to move on.” She kisses his cheek so softly, so gentle. This is a goodbye after all. “For both of us to move on.” The tears she had been holding back refuse to be contained any longer, finally spilling over her cracking mask and bruised jaw.

His eyes were once full of so much sorrow that it made her whole body ache for his loss. But now, he is looking at her with acceptance. 

But the tears still spill. They always spill.

“It’s time for you to leave, Chat.” She kisses his forehead. “Adrien.” She kisses his nose. “It’s time.” She kisses his lips so sweetly and lingers there for a moment.

When she pulls away and opens her eyes, he is smiling at her and it breaks her. But she has to let him do this, for both of them. But mostly for him.

He places a hand over cheek and brushes the stray hairs from her face. His touch is cool and she’ll never get over that. He mouths something to her, lips forming the words slowly so she wouldn’t miss anything.

A sob escapes her throat. But she nods.

“I know. Me too.”

He smiles at her one last time, kisses her cheek, and disappears in a splatter of light.

She collapses into herself and rocks gently back and forth when the last of the light fades. Her body is shaking uncontrollably, but she lets herself have this moment of weakness.

‘I’ll miss you.’

“Me too,” she whispers to herself in the lonely darkness of midnight.

au where chat/adrien dies and comes back as a ghost and haunts ladybug/marinette