he is king ok

I spent ten minutes in his rooms. If you think I fucked him in that time you underrate me.
—  Damianos “I can go all night” of Akielos - Kings Rising by C. S. Pacat

sorry for the overly awkward flow chart. Three arrows show the progress and one is just the characteristics i used

But enjoy my progress on creating Inkblot, as well as style experiments! I decided to keep one of the original designs as another OC by the name of Fencer Fox

Still using placeholder names until I figure something out

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare


“You almost died while saving me! Why did you jump into the water? Why did you do something so dangerous?”

“I was afraid. I was afraid that I would never see you anymore. I was afraid I would lose the person more precious than my life”