he is kinda wrinkly

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omg so okay my friend does this and i just --- so whenever yachi eats, if she has peas (like still in the pod thingy) she opens them and then names each individual pea after a memeber of the team. The two smallest ones are always noya and hinata. The kinda scrucnehd up wrinkly one if daichi ("he frowns too much") and the biggest one is asahi. The cute and round one is Kiyoko.

That is….adorable omg

Stanchez Drabble-thing

COUPLES: Stanchez
TRIGGER WARNINGS: Stan needs a little coaching, but that’s it? It’s all consensual…

CONTEXT/SUMMARY: AU where Stanford gets to go West Coast Tech, Stan doesn’t get kicked out, but misses his bro-bro so much, he drops in to visit. Unannounced. He ends up spending some quality time with Ford’s roommate, Rick Sanchez. 

NOTES: I’m writing a Stanchez “Choose Your Own Adventure” kinda thing, but I never have time for anything, so I’ll just type down a little snippet from one of the possible timelines I was thinking about the other night.

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