he is kinda wrinkly

thedosian-cockatrice  asked:

Does Fael have trouble sleeping too??? D:

He does, actually. He suffers from insomnia, both because of the demons-induced nightmares and later on from built-up stress when he’s given the role as Inquisitor. Things ease up when he starts sleeping with Dorian, but after Adamant nightmares become much more frequent and violent again, and he ends up sleeping very little, stretching himself thin by working until late in the night and since early in the morning. 
And this is why he naps during the day in random places.
So yeah, he has pretty much permanent dark circles under his eyes, that he conceals a bit during important/official gatherings and such

There's this guy at the airport who looks like Varg Bitchernes.

Like, almost fucking identical. If Bitchernes had darker hair and was more wrinkly, he’d be this guy. It’s kinda funny.