he is kinda wrinkly

anonymous asked:

Is your Gilbert old physically? Bc he looked kinda wrinkly in that last comic and tbh now that I think about it I kind of love the idea of old Gilbert he'd be like a cool grandpa

well i mean, as far as canon goes he IS centuries old so— [shitty canned laughter]

but no, yeah, i like a gilbert who looks like he’s at least in his late thirties, if not his fourties.

TBH this is mostly because i draw and relate more to Modern Day Gilbert, and even if physically all the nations stay like fuckin……..20 yr olds forever and ever, the fact that he’s no longer a nation of his own and he’s watching his younger brother handle all the shit that he used to handle for that same younger brother makes him feel old.

and honestly? same. with his white hair and wrinkles, people probably assume he’s like 50. have i had him do “back in my day” jokes yet? i swear i have. i’m constantly thinking of him making them.

Stanchez Drabble-thing

COUPLES: Stanchez
TRIGGER WARNINGS: Stan needs a little coaching, but that’s it? It’s all consensual…

CONTEXT/SUMMARY: AU where Stanford gets to go West Coast Tech, Stan doesn’t get kicked out, but misses his bro-bro so much, he drops in to visit. Unannounced. He ends up spending some quality time with Ford’s roommate, Rick Sanchez. 

NOTES: I’m writing a Stanchez “Choose Your Own Adventure” kinda thing, but I never have time for anything, so I’ll just type down a little snippet from one of the possible timelines I was thinking about the other night.

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