he is just very open and straightforward!

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Hello~ May I ask for some romance? At which moment did RFA+ V & Saeran realize their feelings for MC? :3 Thank you in advance! I love you 💕

This was sweet~ Hope you like it! 


  •  He was kind of attracted to you at first, from the whole chatroom experience
  • But as you stayed in the RFA longer, those initial attractions mellowed out
  • You two became good friends, and he found he enjoyed your company
  • You two went out on outings regularly, and he found he could be himself around you
  • You made him better and motivated him to go farther
  • Finally, he auditioned for his biggest role yet…and he didn’t get it
  • He had an emotional breakdown, and he wasn’t even sure why
  • With some time to himself, he realized you were part of the reason
  • When he told you about the role, he thought you would be so disappointed
  • But you just hug him and start encouraging him to keep trying
  • “A role doesn’t define you! I know who you really are and you’re amazing.”
  • Then it happened
  • Something soft and warm unfurled inside of his chest, and he realized in that moment, he was in love with you
  • You were more than just a friend who supported his endeavours…you saw past all that and saw him
  • He saw something sweet and strong inside of you 


  • He actually always had a little crush on you, but he was never really sure of it
  • In fact, he thought you weren’t interested in him that way at all
  • So, he just kind of kept his feelings to himself
  • But despite that, you became a huge support in his life
  • You did more than just scold him about playing video games
  • You talked to him…and you listened as he poured out his heart about the rough times and how he felt like he had no purpose in life
  • Somehow, you reminded him of what he wanted to do originally in life
  • So, he took on school with a vengeance…and it was beyond difficult
  • He had slacked off for so long, catching up again was draining
  • But somehow, you were always there pushing him along
  • His feelings grew more and more gradually until one day, he comes out of his room after hours of studying and he’s feeling super down and discouraged
  • But then you’re there in the kitchen making him a meal, and you just pull him into a hug
  • “You know, if you ever need anything…a meal or just need a little push to keep going, you know I’m here, right?”
  • He can’t stop thinking to himself…how much he wants this moment to be normal
  • He wants you to be a normal part of his life
  • In that moment, he realizes he doesn’t have a crush on you anymore…he’s full on in love with you


  • You’re working on opening your cafe together
  • And doubts start to creep in as more and more obstacles get in her path
  • You snap her out of it right away with your tenacious encouragements
  • Then you two get the thing running, time flies
  • She watches day by day as you work just as hard as she does
  • But you become more than a coworker
  • She never really had friends, so your concern for her health is touching
  • But you also make sure she’s enjoying herself, reminding her to take breaks and setting aside days where you two can just have some fun
  • It’s on one of these days off where she thinks of something fun, and she immediately thinks of inviting you
  • She realizes you have become an immovable part of your life and she literally can’t even imagine life–not work–just life in general without you


  • He already knew you weren’t like the other women his father brought around
  • More than that, you weren’t like other people
  • You seemed to understand him better than most, and sometimes even decipher his feelings before he did
  • He didn’t open up to a lot of people, but he found himself logging into the chatroom often
  • Whenever you were there, your conversations got so long, you had to carry them outside of the chatroom
  • It was after the party that he found himself comfortable enough to spend time with you in person
  • Time went on, and he didn’t realize anything was happening
  • It was actually V who helped him come to the realization
  • He and V were just catching up over dinner when V asked, “So…you and MC. Are you officially dating?”
  • Jumin thinks it a silly question to ask, but V starts explaining how much he’d been talking to you
  • And also how open he seemed with you
  • In that moment, it hit Jumin like a wall
  • All of a sudden, every stray thought, every jittery moment, every ache…it all made sense
  • He was in love with you


  • He had a tiny crush on you when you first entered the chatroom
  • But he kind of ignores his feelings for a long time
  • He doesn’t really think you like him that way…and he doesn’t think someone like him has a chance
  • But you two still become best friends
  • You always do random things together, so it was no odd thing when you two were goofing at a restaurant
  • You got a little cream on the edge of your mouth
  • So he casually wiped it off with his thumb
  • The waiter came by at the exact moment and made an offhanded comment, “You two are such a cute couple!”
  • You and Seven stammered out some sort of explanation and left it that
  • But for some reason, the comment didn’t leave Seven’s head
  • He found himself getting distracted from work that night
  • He thought about how kind you were, how you two seemed to understand each other no matter what, and how he could be himself around you
  • Suddenly, the feeling he kept holed up inside of him burst open all at once
  • He couldn’t deny it anymore
  • He was completely head over heels for you


  • Everyone seemed to tiptoe around him, as if they were scared he might burst
  • But not you
  • You were blunt and very open about your opinions, even if they differed from his 
  • He felt very comfortable around you as a result
  • It wouldn’t matter what mood he was in, you were open to him and you didn’t change
  • He needed the stability
  • Then one day, he got into a fight with Saeyoung…a typical one
  • He runs to you and of course starts venting  
  • You don’t stop him, but you don’t agree with him when he’s done
  • He’s taken aback at first, but you start explaining how he can’t just blame everyone one his brother
  • You were bold and very straightforward, but there was something so caring in the way you scolded him
  • He found his perpetually cold heart melting for the first time in a very long time


  • He didn’t think much of you when you first entered the chatroom
  • He couldn’t log in much, so he rarely talked to you
  • But then the party day came
  • He was setting up one of his pictures and you come up to him
  • You start picking out little details of the picture and sharing the emotions you felt
  • It sparks his eye, but he’s still cautious
  • You start talking to him more after that, and he finds himself wanting to log into the chatroom more as well
  • He can hardly breathe when you announce the RFA would be doing a small charity event
  • He attends as well, and he catches you helping those in need
  • In that moment, he catches a glimpse of your pure kind heart
  • That’s when he notices
  • There’s something different…a shift inside of him that he knows is irreversible
  • You two were connected somehow, and he was in love you

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hi mom i love your work so much!! and also can i request enemies to lovers with our precious red haired mark tuan?

to celebrate their come back!! and mark’s cute hair!! 

  • mark tuan,,,,,becomes a problem in your life because of one reason and one reason only
  • he thinks he’s jackson’s bestfriend
  • which is NOT the case,,,,,not since you spent your childhood with jackson. making fun of each other’s nicknames, scouring the streets for vendors who will give you free food, playing old arcade games, cheering jackson on in his first fencing competitions
  • you had been there through it all - just the way a best friend would 
  • and just because jackson was now an idol, with more than enough friends in korea, didn’t mean you still weren’t number one
  • even when they weren’t allowed to use phones, jackson hand wrote you letters - you were best friends till the end and he was going to debut to make his family proud but also to make you proud
  • so, finally after all four years of got7 doing well, you were visiting and seeing jackson for the first time in korea
  • and it was all going swell till you met mark,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and it was fine with got7, jaebum seemed more like an older brother - mature and serious, yugyeom and bambam like younger brothers - always looking to jackson for advice and laughs, youngjae was close but not too close, jinyoung seemed to be important to jackson and that was ok because it wasn’t like mark,,,,,,,,,,,
  • whose inside jokes resembled you and jacksons, who had no barrier when it came to closeness and who knew secrets about jackson that you thought only you knew,,,,,,,
  • you weren’t sure what irked you so much,,,,,,people could have more than one best friend,,,,,,you were happy jackson had a loving group of friends,,,,,,but mark freaking tuan
  • who jokingly sat beside you at the table when you all went out to eat and when you introduced yourself as jackson’s best friend went “so am i, and the rest of the world!”
  • you knew he was just being silly, jackson even assured you of this
  • but you weren’t going to lie - the idea of losing jackson stung a lot
  • it was your paranoia eating at you, the fear of being left by the person you considered closest - so you were taking it out on mark
  • cold shoulder, blank stares, all that jazz - but mark didn’t seem to take a hint
  • he smiled at you when you walked into a room, shrugged at your cold shoulders and told jackson he thought you were being ‘cute’
  • he was mocking you - you were sure - it made you dislike him more
  • until jackson finally broke and told you, as you two took a walk by the dorms
  • “you know he isn’t making fun of you.”
  • “who?”
  • you knew who, you just didn’t want to say it
  • “mark. he actually really likes you, and im not even talking in a friend way”
  • your head almost snapped off your neck when you turned to jackson
  • “excuse me?”
  • jackson sighs, stopping to lean against a wall you narrow your eyes and wait for him to explain
  • “i hate being in the middle of these thing-”
  • “jackson ive known you for like eighteen years, i know you love being in the middle of things.”
  • a hint of a smile creeps up on his face
  • “you’re right, i do. but basically mark has liked you since i told him about you. like the guys not very straightforward or talkative, but he isn’t subtle. he literally asked me if you were single the day your flight landed.”
  • you stare at jackson, eyes wide and mouth open in shock
  • jackson laughs and goes “im not even joking, since day one he’s been trying to flirt. why do you hate him so much? i mean ,,,,,”
  • you feel a shiver down your spine,,,,you didn’t want to tell jackson about these dumb feelings you’ve been having
  • “i just,,,,,,,he ,,,,,,,,, he’s your best friend in got7,,,,,,,,and i just,,,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,im your best friend too,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • jackson stops you with a shake of his head
  • “you’re BOTH my best friends. no need to be jealous, im not going to love either on of you more - you should know im not that kind of person. what did you say, eighteen years?”
  • you scrunch up your nose, but hearing jackson say it makes you realize maybe your thinking was slightly,,,,,,much
  • but also - what the hell how were you supposed to know mark was interested in you,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • “i just think you should give him a chance. he’s not bad. and believe me ive roomed with him enough to know that he’s got a pretty ni-”
  • you turn around with your hands on your ears,,,,,,jackson really has a way of saying tOO much sometimes 
  • but even through it, you hear him laughing as you walk away 
  • catching up with you, jackson wraps an arm around your shoulders - and it feels like a minute like you’re kids again
  • the next morning you find mark sitting on the couch, he’s got a controller in his hand and he’s lazily playing some kind of game
  • you take a moment to look at him - he,,,,,,,,,,is cute
  • with bright red hair, a cute smile, and this perpetual daydreamy look in his eyes
  • you wonder - he’s probably a good kisser right? ,,,,,,,,
  • walking over you take a seat beside him and mark pauses the game, one eyebrow lifted
  • “,,,,,,,,are you going to play that game all afternoon?” you ask, pretending to look vaguely interested at the screen
  • he sits ups, “if you have something better in mind, i wont be.”
  • you look at him and see a small smirk, jackson was right he’s not ‘straightforward’ but not subtle at all
  • you like it,,,,,,,,,it’s fun
  • “well,,,,,,,,,let’s see if what i have in mind is something you like?” you get up and mark follows suit, you take a hold of his hand and giggle as you lead him down the hall back to his room
  • you pass by jackson whose coming from the shower, eyeballing you two like oh?
  • but mark closes the door before jackson can say anything and winks.
  • turning to make his way to the kitchen, jinyoung asks jackson why he looks like he’s seen a ghost
  • “jinyoung, don’t get me wrong. i love my best friends, but i think they’re hooking up right now.”
  • jinyoung drops his piece of toast to the floor like what is going on in my house right now 
#20- Correcting each other’s technique (Sam x Eileen)

Requested anonymously for my kink list (master list here).

Warnings: smut, oral sex

Word Count: 1300ish

A/N: Still sailing the Saileen ship hard, y’all. Enjoy! XOXO

Sam is good at sex.

Maybe it sounds arrogant. Maybe it sounds like exactly what every douchebag guy who isn’t good at sex thinks about himself.

But it’s true. It’s true, simply because Sam wants to be good at sex. He listens to his partners, takes the five minutes it takes to learn what they like and what they want, and then focuses solely on showing them a good time. And they always come first, usually more than once.

It’s a point of pride, really. Which is why this time, Sam is nervous.

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Just Jack

listen…..i have zero good excuses for this. when i saw this prompt in my inbox, i just couldn’t stop writing for some reason.

summary: Jack Zimmermann, NHL Superstar of the Providence Falconers, is on the verge of coming out as gay. His team’s PR Team insists he establishes a social media presence before he does so that he can better control the narrative after. The only problem? He totally has a crush on the consultant they hire to help him. ao3

            “Listen, I mean this in the nicest possible way, but my job here is to convince people that you have some basic emotions about things that aren’t hockey,” Eric Bittle said from across the table. He was dressed smartly in slacks and a printed button-down that pulled across his biceps appealingly. Jack was having a hard time focusing on anything else. “We all know the Jack Zimmermann ‘story’, but no one really knows just Jack. Does that make sense?”

           “Just Jack?” he asked, blinking at Eric.

          “You know.” Eric waved encouragingly. “What you do in off-season or what you do with your friends on days off. What do you do when you’re not being Jack Zimmermann, NHL player?”

           Jack stared at him blankly. He remembered all of the times that he had to swallow the bile at the back of his throat when someone joked that he was a hockey robot, but for the life of him, he couldn’t remember when the last time was that he went out with friends that weren’t also teammates.

           Eric sighed, probably taking his silence for intransigence instead of genuine dumbfounded-ness.

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BTS Flirting/Confessing

Jin/Kim Seokjin

Jin would be extremely respectful, yet I don't think he’d be too shy. At first, he’d be shy to initiate anything or give you his number, sure, but once he’s been flirting with you for a few days, he’d really open up to you and be a little more straightforward than he was previously, probably blowing kisses occasionally. He’d later ask you to dinner, confidently.

“Will you do to dinner with me, y/n? I really like you!”

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Suga/Min Yoongi

I don’t think flirting would be Yoongi’s cup of tea, he’d just be very straightforward and tell you he liked you without any complications, however after, he’d regret it as you let the news sink in. But once you told him you liked him back, he’d return to the Yoongi he usually is. He’d have also gone all out, with heart shaped balloons, it all!

“No one can resist Min Genius!” 

Originally posted by mal7j


Hoseok would’ve probably opened his mouth to say ‘hi’ and ‘you’re so beautiful’ just happened to slip out. He’d pretend it was never said, and just act normal, but upon seeing your blush, would become slightly more forward with you. However, during these days of not-so-shy-flirting, he’d be a little more hyper as the days went by, before accidentally letting ‘I love you’ slip.

“I love you-I mean, you look-But-I-”

Originally posted by kimthwriter


Namjoon honestly wouldn’t know how to flirt, he’d just smile at you and that said enough, he hoped. Sometimes he’d write songs about you, missing out your name, and just singing them to you occasionally, until one day you asked who all these songs were about, he saw this as the perfect opportunity to tell you they were about you, as he knew you were wondering. You had always thought song writing and composing was Yoongi’s thing.

“The songs are about you, Y/N.”

Originally posted by bangdulce

Park Jimin

Jimin would be most like Jin at first, however instead of getting more comfortable would get less and less, worrying you’d leave him, so, asked you to come to the house, where he’d ask you, nervously, to be his.

“Y/N, I really like you… and I want you to be mine… will you?”

Originally posted by jinful


Taehyung would be a little sweetheart, constantly giving you gifts, smiles, cuddles, it all. However, when performing songs like Blood, Sweat, and Tears he’d give you the sexy eyes, showing you there was more than one side to him. He wouldn’t want to hide anything from his fans, so would drop obvious hints that he liked you, which lead you to just ask him yourself.

“Y/N! How did we do during Blood, Sweat, and Tears? Were we sexy?”

Originally posted by ilsangrape


Jungkook wouldn’t flirt, but it would be painfully obvious. He’d give you loving stares, and always slightly nervous around you, however would one day have that 5 minutes of confidence, and ask you to be his after a performance. Looking both surprised, shocked and happy when you said yes.

“Y/N! I uh.. I like you…. a lot.”

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Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight

“Read!  Read, Daddy, read!”

John couldn’t help laughing as Rosie waved the magazine she’d found on the sitting room floor in Sherlock’s face, and Sherlock’s small, fond smile was enough to make his throat tight.

“Yes, yes, all right, I’ll read to you,” Sherlock said, taking it from her and looking at the cover.  He frowned and looked at John.  “Does she normally want to read your boring medical journals?”

John looked across at him from his end of the sofa.  Sherlock was on the other end, his legs stretched out, his toes just barely pressing against John’s shin where he had his leg bent so he could face them.  Rosie settled herself neatly in between Sherlock and the back of the sofa and poked impatiently at the magazine.  John couldn’t be arsed to care about Sherlock insulting his reading material.

He smiled, and if his voice was softer than normal he honestly didn’t care. “She doesn’t care what you read, Sherlock.  She just wants to hear your voice.”

The small bob of Sherlock’s Adam’s apple was the only sign that John’s words had affected him in any way.  He didn’t reply, simply opened the magazine, found an article that he apparently deemed interesting enough, and began to read.  Rosie giggled and snuggled up closer to Sherlock, and John just watched them.

Rosie was still flushed with fever, but her spirits had improved markedly ever since Sherlock had taken charge of her.  She’d been loathe to take the medicine John had for her, but Sherlock had held her up, putting their faces close together, and explained to her in his very serious and straightforward way that the medicine would no doubt taste awful, but it would make her feel much better.  John hadn’t quite understood how this sort of logic had managed to work on a baby, but he wasn’t going to complain, not when Rosie obligingly opened her mouth and accepted the spoonful of liquid.

Now, as she sat curled up against Sherlock’s side, John watched and wondered exactly how he had ended up here.  Domesticity had never suited him before, not at any point in his life.  His disastrous marriage had been proof of that.  But somehow, here in the warmth and safety of 221B Baker Street, here with Sherlock Holmes reading medical jargon to his daughter, Sherlock’s bony feet nudging against his leg, John couldn’t imagine anyplace that would make him happier.

He’d resisted the temptation to move back into 221B for months because he’d been sure Rosie would disrupt Sherlock’s life.  He wished he could say he finally caved because Sherlock had openly asked him to come back and told him that Rosie wouldn’t be a bother at all.  But really he’d only come back because, selfishly, he wanted to.  He’d missed the mess, the noise, the excitement, the sound of the violin, the bickering, the quiet nights in, the takeaways, the giggling at crime scenes.  He’d missed…Sherlock.

He hadn’t even told Sherlock he was coming back.  He’d just shown up one day and never left.  Sherlock being Sherlock, of course, had seen it coming, and John really shouldn’t have been surprised to find that the flat was already baby-proofed when he got there.  And the rest was history.

And now.  Well, now they were…a family.  Weren’t they?  

John shifted slightly on the sofa, his back twinging where the armrest was digging into it, and Sherlock’s feet pressed more firmly against his shin. Sherlock glanced up at him for just a second, but he didn’t miss a beat in his reading, his voice deep and soothing.  John leaned his head against one hand and smiled at him.  Before he even stopped to think about it, he let his other hand wrap loosely around one of Sherlock’s feet, his thumb tracing along the curved arch.  Sherlock’s voice did falter, then, only barely, but he simply cleared his throat and went on.  If there was, perhaps, a slight pink tinge to his cheeks that hadn’t been there before neither of them mentioned it.

John closed his eyes and listened.  It was absolutely ridiculous that Sherlock’s voice could be such a relaxing sound when he was reading something as tedious as an article on Achilles tear surgery.  But, if John was being honest with himself, he would gladly listen to Sherlock read from the dictionary and it would brighten his day.

Lost as he was in his own thoughts, he only opened his eyes when Sherlock’s foot wiggled in his hand.  Sherlock had stopped reading and was looking at him, and John had the distinct impression that he’d said John’s name several times.

“John, she’s asleep.”

Rosie was indeed fast asleep, her head on Sherlock’s stomach, her tiny little mouth hanging open.

“Right,” John said, shaking himself a little.  He let go of Sherlock’s foot, not missing the way Sherlock’s toes flexed slightly.  “Right, um, let me just get her back into bed then.”

He sat up straighter, stretching a little.  His back cracked painfully, and he winced.

“Let me,” Sherlock said.  “I can pick her up without moving her too much from here.  She won’t wake.”

John looked over at him and then down at Rosie who had one fist curled into the tattered fabric of Sherlock’s shirt.  “Yeah, all right,” he said.  “You do that, and I’ll put on the tea, yeah?”

Sherlock frowned.  “John, it’s two o’clock in the morning.  Aren’t you going back to bed?”

Not without you.  The words flashed in John’s mind, unbidden, and he felt a sudden heat in his cheeks.  He cleared his throat.

“No, I’m…I’d rather stay up a bit.  Besides,” he added, smirking, “we still need to take a look at your cheek.  Banged it up a bit when you fell out of the bed, remember?”

Sherlock narrowed his eyes.  “You’re lucky your daughter is asleep on me.”

“Oh?” John asked, amused.  “What would you do if she wasn’t? Fall off the sofa in retaliation?”

Sherlock huffed and–with great care that was at odds with his sour expression–curled Rosie into his arms and stood up.  She turned her head against his shoulder and let out a little sigh, but she didn’t wake up.  

“You better make the tea correctly. Last time you put too much sugar in mine,” Sherlock said haughtily as he swept past John.

“Yes, your majesty,” John said, grinning and getting to his feet.  “Wait.”

Sherlock stopped and turned back around, and John stepped into his space, close enough to press a soft kiss to Rosie’s head.  “Goodnight, love,” he whispered, and then he lifted his head and met Sherlock’s eyes.  

Sherlock’s face was so close his breath made the thin strands of John’s hair flutter.  He stood still as a statue except for one nervous swallow.  

“Don’t take too long, okay?” John said, his voice quiet.  His gaze dropped to Sherlock’s lips without his permission, and when he looked back up Sherlock’s face was even redder than it had been when John had touched his foot.  John was pretty sure his face was in much the same condition.  He cleared his throat and stepped back.  “Wouldn’t want your tea to get cold.”

Sherlock blinked rapidly and then seemed to come back to himself.  “Yes,” he said, sounding strangely unsure of the word.  He nodded.  “Yes.  Tea.  I’ll just…”

He gestured with his head toward the stairs and then turned toward them and a few seconds later John was standing alone in the sitting room, listening to Sherlock’s footsteps ascend toward his room.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight

Wow, that…got long.  Um.  Sorry.  There will be a part three because I’m apparently incapable of getting my boys to kiss to in a timely fashion.  Ahem. Hope you enjoyed!  <3  Just tags under the cut. I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone or if your URL didn’t work for some reason. It was…a lot of tags.

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awesomeraiders  asked:

I fukin love how full of shit you medic is, and I totally ship him and driver. D'ya planning doin any other ships (I.E. helmet party) or just ones with driver? Not saying that's a bad thing, just curious :p

He’s so full of shit his eyes should be brown, yeah. Anyone who can bluff the Literal Devil and win is a bullshit master, and that’s one thing I love about his character. He seems so open and straightforward at first meeting, but he’s very manipulative and sneaky when he wants his way. Driver’s the opposite in that they try to put up a cool front at first, but it eventually gives way to their sincere, idealistic dorkiness. It’s nice and complementary.

I have done non-Driver ship stuff in the past, as well as reblogged some others’ stuff. I have them all tagged, so you can check my archives. I’ve only really explored Medic x Demo and Medic x Heavy. I’d like to try some other stuff, but I’m having fun with Driver for now. I only have so much time.

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Hi, can you write about Malec in 2x20 where he got injured from the dragon when he is trying to closed the rift and Alec is really worried when magnus does not wake up (I'm sorry I'm not good at writing description) Thank You

Not Ready to Lose You 

Malec Drabble #15 

“Magnus!” Alec could pinpoint the exact moment when Magnus lost consciousness, his knees giving up under the weight of his body. The rift was closed, thanks to his magic, but the demon managed to escape, almost taking Magnus with him. 

“Magnus!” Alec called out again, crouching beside him and cupping his face in his hands. There was a small stream of blood on the side of his head, a shallow scrape, but no other visible injuries. Alec found his pulse and listened to his breathing, thanking the Angel for that even, steady rhythm.  

“Alec, we need to move. There might be more demons around here.” Izzy spoke up from the other side of Magnus and looked him deep in the eyes. She was worried about Magnus, but there was nothing they could do for him. They needed another warlock. 

“Wait.” Alec said, looking through Magnus’ jacket and pulling out his cellphone. “Magnus have introduced me to one of his friends. Catarina. He told me that if anything ever happened, she was the one I could trust.”  

It was a long shot, but Alec had to try it. He knew that Catarina was actually one of Magnus’ oldest and closest friends and since he and Magnus broke up, she might not like to hear from him very much. But it was Magnus who needed her, not him. 

“Catarina?” he asked after she picked up. “It’s.. It’s Alec. Alec Lightwood. Yes, Magnus is with me, but he’s injured. A demon attacked him and he’s not waking up. We’re near the rift the demons were coming from.” 

There was a moment of silence and suddenly a portal opened not too far from them. Alec had only met Catarina once before, but he immediately recognized her long dark hair and the fierce look in her eyes. 

She didn’t waste a second, coming to her knees next to Alec and running her hands over Magnus’ body. A bright golden-colored magic flew from her fingers, wrapping Magnus like a blanket and looking for injuries. It wasn’t long until the tension in her face subsided and she let her magic come back to her, leaving the wound on Magnus’ head already sealed. 

“He’s okay. He had a minor concussion, but I took care of it. It’s not the reason he’s not waking up, though. With the amount of magic he used, I wouldn’t be surprised if he slept for several days.” 

Finally, Alec could feel his heart slowing down as he let his head fall against his hands on Magnus’ chest, sighing in relief.  

“Thank you.” he breathed out, looking at Catarina. Panic left his body and the lack of adrenaline caused a abrupt wave of exhaustion bear down onto him.  

There was a strange look in Catarina’s eyes. It was irresolute, like she wanted to say more, maybe even yell at Alec for what he’d done to Magnus, but something was keeping her from doing that. 

“You really do love him, don’t you?” she said at last, her voice coming to a whisper. Both her and Izzy were looking at Alec now, waiting for his answer.  

“Yeah. I do. I don’t think I can live without him anymore.”

Catarina agreed to help them take Magnus to the Institute. Alec didn’t want to leave his side, but as a leader, he had to get back. After laying Magnus down on his bed, Alec returned to Izzy an the rest of the Shadowhunters, but every now and then he’d come back and check on him.

After couple of hours, they still haven’t heard anything from Clary or Jace. On one hand, it was a relief - it meant that everything was going as it should and Valentine haven’t completed his plan yet. Alec was relying on the Parabatai bond, which he shared with Jace, to warn him if something went wrong.

On the other hand, though, the waiting was slowly killing Alec. All the demons have mystically vanished and there was nothing they could do. Just sit and wait.
In the end, it was Izzy who suggested he should take a break. He spent more time in the monitoring center than anyone else, going over the files and looking for something they missed, something that could help them take even a little step forward. 

That was how he once again found himself in his room, watching Magnus sleep. He looked peaceful and content, not the way he should after fighting a demon. The covers were pulled up almost to his shoulders and even the smudges of his makeup seemed intentional. Alec has already stripped him of his jacket and his shoes, hoping to make him comfortable.

In contrast, Alec wasn’t feeling so well. He was tired and he could feel a headache creeping up on him, which is why he decided to lie down for a bit. Not slipping under the sheets, he laid next to Magnus and focused on his breath.  

Even after Catarina’s assurance that Magnus was exhausted but alright, he couldn’t get rid of tense feeling in his chest. A calmer, more reasonable part of Alec was telling him that everything would be okay and it was only a matter of time, but the second, anxious part was screaming at Magnus to open his eyes.  

Gradually, he found himself inching closer to Magnus. Resting his head on his shoulder, playing with the little arrow on one of his necklaces and listening to the beat of his heart. 

It was one of the things Alec missed the most. Doesn’t matter how many times he woke up in the middle of the night, it was there - the low steady sound of his heartbeat right next to Alec’s, calming his mind and grounding him even during the craziest days.  

It was hard to remind himself that it wasn’t his place anymore.  

Dozing off, he felt Magnus draw in a deeper breath, one of his hands curling around Alec’s waist and caressing down his side. For a second, it was a sweet normal morning, like many that they shared in the last couple of weeks. As if nothing has changed.


Alec went stiff, immediately starting to pull away and muttering a quiet ‘sorry’. It was over the line, he realized. Of course it was over the line. 

“Wait.” Magnus tried again, his voice hoarse and his arm firmly placed around Alec. “It’s okay, Alec. You don’t have to go.” 

It made Alec finally look at Magnus, watching his slightly parted lips and the vertical pupil of his cat eyes. He probably wasn’t able to hold the spell, not yet, revealing their true form and Alec knew, he was one of the very few people Magnus trusted enough not to care about it. Or he used to be, at least.  

“Thank you.” Magnus told him. “For not leaving me out there.” 

“You know, I could never do that.” Alec said, letting their locked gazes linger. They both mirrored the same feeling - their problems couldn’t be solved with a kiss or sleepy cuddling session, but it was the look of ‘I hope we work things out’ that made Alec believe they still had a chance. 

He wasn’t prepared to lose Magnus. And he never would be.

Here it is! ^^ I didn’t really plan on making it so long, to be honest. Does this even count as drabble anymore? 

The kind of a reconciliation scene and the presence of Catarina happened out of the blue as well, hh. Today was full of surprises! 

Also, my dad came to ask me something just as I was posting this and man I never clicked out of Tumblr so fast! It was even worse because I had a notebook with all of my notes on ALL of my fanfics opened and lying right next to me! He doesn’t speak english very well, but still it would get so awkward if he saw anything in there. Damn me and my straightforward notes, hh!

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Promt Me/Ask Me. 

anonymous asked:

Also, i don't think C is perceptive when it comes to other's feelings about her. We saw that with L. Literally in every episode L was having the hearteyes with her and it was so apparent that she was into her, and EVEN when she was like "I care about you", C was like "...Okay" and she was so surprised when she kissed her. lol it's a very interesting and kind of funny trait of hers.

It really is, nonny!  I think Clarke and romantic feelings in general is really interesting, because on the one hand she’s really good at identifying her own non-romance related emotions but on the other hand she’s remarkably bad at recognizing romantic feelings– either from others or within herself– until the absolute last minute.

Going all the way back to season one, I think Clarke was the first one to recognize that she actually sort of liked Bellamy as a person and didn’t just reluctantly trust him.  By the time they were debating whether or not to leave the dropship she would have been like “This is Bellamy and he is my friend whether he likes it or not,” whereas Bellamy would have been like “This is Clarke and she is Great but she probably hates me and just sees me as a useful human to have around so we’re maybe sort of friends but not really and also her hair is very pretty” because Bellamy is a goddamn disaster when it comes to literally any of his own emotions while Clarke is decent at anything that’s not romance.  By the time Clarke tore across Camp Jaha to jump into Bellamy’s arms, she definitely would have been able to say “I love Bellamy.”  Not romantically at that point, but she loved him and she’s the sort of person who is able to name that emotion without much trouble.  Bellamy, on the other hand, would have been like “Clarke is my favorite non-Octavia person and idk maybe you could call that love but it’s definitely one-sided because I care a lot about her and I don’t know if she feels the same way about me.”

It’s important to stop here and note that Bellamy’s inability to pick up on how much Clarke loves him is not really anyone’s fault, it’s just that Clarke doesn’t really feel the need to sit around and talk about it (she loves him, what more is there to say?) and Bellamy has not really experienced that sort of direct, open love (everything with his mom and Octavia is bound up in fear and secrets) so it’s mostly just a very understandable miscommunication.  Hell, when Clarke says “Because I can’t lose you too,” she’s surprised Bellamy needs her to say it, and he’s just like, flabbergasted that she sees him as that important.

So in terms of Bellamy and Clarke, I would say that Clarke was the first one to realize she loved him, but Bellamy was the first to realize he was in love.  For Clarke it was a much more straightforward process from enemies to allies to friends to Best Friends Forever, but Bellamy’s low self-esteem and discomfort with someone loving him outside of his utility to them made it harder for him to recognize what mutual love looks like.

But, as you say, Clarke is astonishingly bad at recognizing when someone else has romantic feelings for her– and at recognizing her own romantic feelings– and Bellamy is no different for her.  She’s actually very good at recognizing and acting on sexual desire, as we see with her relationship with Niylah, but when it’s something bigger, something that involves mushy feelings and butterflies, she just…ignores it.  She’s a champ at compartmentalizing her feelings, but she is especially focused on locking up feelings that edge towards romance as we saw with both Finn and L.exa.  

Bellamy, however, is just like “yeah I fell out of the In Love With Clarke tree and hit every goddamn branch on the way down ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.”

But now Clarke is starting to suspect that Bellamy is in love with her and I think her firm refusal to deal with that is both in character and an indication that she’s got some mushy, butterfly-adjacent feelings about him that she’s just not ready to sort out yet.  


Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fluff & humour?
Word count: 2,027

A/N: Request from anon! I hope you like it! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Jungkook was tired. He was so damn tired.

His alarm had screamed in his ear, tucked under his cheek from falling asleep whilst browsing through Instagram, at the crack of dawn giving him just enough time to sit on his bed for a good ten minutes contemplating his life choices and if he really needed an education before he had to jump in the shower and race to his first class of the day. His day dragged on, robotically shuffling around campus from one class to the next, downing too many cups of coffee so that his heavy eyelids would perk up even just a little and by early afternoon he was ducking behind the art building to relieve his aching bladder that could not, and would not, hold out any longer.

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Pairing: Suga/You
Genre: Fluff, Slight angst (?)
Warning: Profanities
Word Count: 1151 words
A/N: Wrote this a while back but never have the courage to post it, eventho it’s just a stupid drabble

Min Yoongi might be one of few savage or straightforward men you have encountered in your whole life but that, that was quite harsh.

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Emil HCs

Okay this was going to be something different but i got carried away with Emil so here are some Emil head canons ^-^

  • He ice skates because he genuinely enjoys it. It’s never really been about the money or competitions, he does it because he thinks its fun
  • Has a very normal family. Everyone is Czech, everyone gets married and has children, they aren’t necessarily against things being different, they just have a very “this is the way things are and this is the way things should be” mindset
  • Not everyone in his family gets along so when Emil and his little brother were younger he would always brush it off and and take his brother into the other room when people started arguing
  • So when people did start arguing, naturally his younger brother would start crying when they were little so he would always try and act cheery so he would stop crying
  • He was a happy kid, didn’t take much to please him, he knew his parents worked hard to put food on the table so he didn’t really ask for much
  • He’s an emotional person but isn’t very good at expressing his feelings. Most of the time he is genuinely happy but if he isn’t he still acts like it because he feels like he needs to for everyone else because if he doesn’t then no one else will
  • When he cries he just covers his face and does his best to make it stop unless he’s around certain family member or friends that he feels comfortable with
  • Also he’s autistic sorry I don’t make the rules I mean it’s pretty obvious
  • Elementary school and the beginning of junior high was fairly easy for him but teachers started to get frustrated with him because he had trouble focusing and got told “he would be smarter if he just applied himself more”
  • It wasn’t that he didn’t want to learn but he didn’t understand what the teachers were trying to teach him because the way they were explaining it didn’t make sense to him
  • Often got frustrated when he didn’t get something so for a while he just thought he wasn’t smart because I don’t understand and no matter how hard I try I just don’t get it  
  • The only subject he excelled in was math because the teachers would let him read the textbook instead of listening to the lesson
  • The textbook was straightforward and to him was a lot easier to learn from, because he had the time to process what he was reading and he had one thing to focus on instead of noticing every movement a classmate made or every little noise
  • Numbers were also something that were just easier for him to understand
  • Astronomy and Space is definitely one of his special interests and he will tell you everything about it if you let him
  • Emil is very open about being autistic and often does fundraisers for different organizations to help raise awareness and acceptance (no, not autism $peaks he’s definitely against them)
  • Very outgoing but has a difficult time with social cues
  • Hugs are 10/10 good pressure stim
  • Definitely Pansexual (he’s just got a lot of love to give)
  • Has been in one serious relationship before Michele so he knows the ropes a little bit but he is still winging most of the time
  • He and Mickey were very close childhood friends but grew apart when they were teenagers
  • They started seeing each other again at competitions and that was when Emil realized his feelings
  • He panicked at first because he didn’t think in a million years that Michele would ever like him back
  • He gets over that pretty quickly though so then he starts trying to flirt with him (not that mickey really notices, he’s very oblivious)
Stranger Kisses

John Laurens x Reader

Modern Christmas AU

Author(s): Lil Lambie

Words: 950

Warnings: Kissing

A/N: I loved writing this one! I am currently working on the James Madison Christmas request, it’s taking sometime because I am having a hard time making it hamiltime but I will get it up! I plan to write at least two more today, to try and catch up on the 12 days of Christmas, having missed two. Enjoy!

He wasn’t looking away. He didn’t show any sign of doing it anytime soon. His hand was pressed against the glass like a child marveling at a toy in a shop window. Except, you could not be labeled by a price tag. You sat in the coffee shop, reading a new Christmas romance novel sipping a cup of hot chocolate. John Laurens couldn’t take his eyes off you. His friends, Alex, Lafayette, and Hercules urged him to move on. John only smiled at you ignoring his friends.

He smiled at you like an old friend, and oddly it felt that way too. You tried to lose his attention and pretend he wasn’t there. You blushed and sunk in your chair. A mix of butterflies and weight hit your stomach when you heard the french doors of the cafe open with the ring of a bell. He was planted in the doorway. His scarf frosted in snow, his hair pulled tight. His nose was like Rudolph’s.

His friends pushed him forward, out of the doorway. They spoke quietly and John nodded to them. They went to the front to order coffee. John was in line, turned away watching you. You sipped your drink self-consciously. You caught his eye, and he turned away. Only when you weren’t looking. You watched him when he wasn’t looking at you. It was like a game of cat and mouse between stolen glances.

You laughed to yourself at this thought. You saw his head turn around at the sound of your laugh. He was looking at you. You didn’t turn away. Then he was leaving the line. Walking across the floor towards you. He stopped at your table and looked modestly at the chair.

“May I sit?”

You nodded and closed your book, placing it on the table. His mouth was fallen open. His eyes were smiling at you. “Excuse me for staring,” he said. “But, I can’t help myself. I’ve never seen anyone so stunning before. I just couldn’t leave without saying something.”

You smiled at him. “That’s your cue.”

He laughed, warmth glossed his freckled cheeks. “I know this is very straightforward, and we just met-well really not met. I just could not take my eyes off you.” he grinned. “I can’t now.” you smiled at him. “I just couldn’t live with myself if I hadn’t tried.”

You laughed. “You know, you are kind of being rudant.” He blushed. “You keep saying that you just had to try. So, what exactly is it that you are trying to do?”

“I don’t know.” John shrugged lightly. It’s a Friday night, and I can’t take my eyes off a beautiful girl sitting alone in a coffee shop. You just look like you don’t deserve to be alone.”

You laughed uncomfortably. “Thanks, I think. It would be nice to not be alone. But, who gets everything they deserve?”

“It doesn’t have to be that way. This is straightforward, and I don’t mean to sound creepy but would you like to join me and my friends for a cup of coffee?” He was smiling and so full of hope. His hope was fragile like his smile. He was hopelessly in love. You looked to his friends standing in line. They smiled at him. You heard one of them say, “Don’t throw away your shot.”


His hope. His smile. Broke in two. “Oh, I-I-I,” he stumbled to get out of his chair, pushing it across the floor with a squeak. “I am so sorry, I better go-”


He turned around. His cheeks were red matching his nose. There was that hope again. Just a spark. “I said no to coffee with your friends.” you smiled. “Not you.”

“Oh.” Red washed across his entire face, but so did a smile. So did hope.

“I don’t want to have coffee with your friends. I’m sure they are wonderful people. But isn’t that like your parents coming along of your first date?” You said with amusement, watching the changing expressions on John’s face.

“D-Date? DId you say date?”

You stood up, and put your book in your bag. “Your friends can have coffee, here, how about we go somewhere else?”

“Yes.” John had a wide spread smile. “I would love that.”

You offered your hand. “Let’s get to it then.”

He took it reluctantly and you walked to the door. His friends were there all smiling. They pat him on the back and spat some rap lyrics. “See ya later, buddy.” the man named Alex with long hair said.

John smiled goodbye to them and walked under the doorway.

You gasped. He met your gaze.

Mistletoe wrapped in a red bow dangled over your heads. Alex grinned madly. John blushed harder than ever before. You and John looked back at his friends. He smiled at you. You took a step closer to him, bumping feet with him. You closed the gap between you.

You kissed the handsome stranger under the mistletoe.

When you pulled away you laughed.

“Oh god, what did I do wrong?” he yelled.

“Nothing.” you smiled. “I just only realized I don’t know your name. I don’t know if I want to know, I kind of like how mysteriously handsome you are.”

John grinned. “I am still pretty mysterious and handsome without the name.” he smiled. “Name’s John. John Laurens. Pleased to meet you” He shook your hand. You were still holding hands.

You tilted your head back and laughed. You put your arms around his shoulders. “You’ve got an interesting way of introducing yourself after you just kissed someone. (Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N).” you leaned forward and grinned saying. “Pleased to kiss you.”

anonymous asked:

VMIN ! (for the domesticity meme) please :)


who cooks normally?:

jimin! but he always puts taehyung to work because taehyung is eager to do something :) although these 2 eat out a lot too

or they make simple things like sandwiches or instant ramen (the life of college students ;;;)

how often do they fight?:

all the time tbh. but they’re fights are really dumb or just dramatic for no reason. they bicker and bant all the time! but they makeup just as quick, if not quicker

they get into serious fights once in a blue moon but they can’t stand being apart or being mad at each other for long and it ends in tearful makeups and cuddles

what do they do when they’re away from each other?:

they miss each other so much. constantly mention each other. text each other all the time. they’re THAT couple lol

nicknames for each other?:

taetae and chimchim ever since they were young

there’s also names like jiminie, tae, taehyungie, jimin-ah, etc.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?:

sometimes they split, sometimes they treat each other. depends on the mood and the day.

who steals the covers at night?:

taehyung usually kicks in away but it’s ok bc he wraps around jimin like a giant teddy bear and keeps him warm ^^

what would they get each other for gifts?:

big things.they share a lot of stuff in general so when they buy gifts for each other, they make it count.

pricey things that they know the other will love even though it took a huge chunk of their paycheck. but if it’s for the other, they don’t mind at all.

who remembers things?:

taehyung, actually. jimin remembers very important dates but some little things he can forget, but taehyung has the memory of an elephant :)

who cusses more?:

hmm. i wanna say taehyung but everything in me is saying jimin so idk. both. lol

they seem all innocent but i feel like the curses would start coming out when they banter with each other. or when they’re super frustrated. or when taehyung’s gaming. 

what would they do if the other one was hurt?:

treat the other like a goddamn prince. and then some.

and if it was emotionally, i feel like they’d get very protective. jimin especially. they both just seem like the righteously protective sort, if you get what i mean.

who kissed who first?:

taehyung! they were just teasing each other and in the middle of jimin talking, taehyung just went for it. and then acted like it was nothing while jimin sat there, flustered into silence. 

who made the first move?:

taehyung!! he can be very straightforward when he wants to be and once he made a decision that he loves and wants to be with jimin, he went for it. jimin was embarrassed but very happy and enthusiastically reciprocated. 

who started the relationship?:

jimin :) he’s the type to want to make everything clear and out in the open in terms of relationships, so he’d be the one to sweetly tell taehyung how much he means to him and what he wants them to be. and taehyung would be all for it, as smitten as he is with his best friend ^^

wow i love vmin so much. vmin and sugamon, my biggest otps ;;;;

Send me a ship!


A/N: One simple request, one long ficcy became the result ^-^ hehehe here’s some Kuromahi fluff for you guys, thanks for the prompt nonnie, this is the tickle fic style of Kuro and Mahiru sharing their first kiss~

I already started writing this somewhere last week, @tickly-writing and @ticklyfandoms even saw previews, and then… nothing.. :’D it took me longer than I thought it would. Guyss, my life is getting busier, my speed-writers spirit and originality are fading.. Help. *drowns*

Summary: Mahiru is totally shocked when Kuro decides to confess his love for him out of the blue. Of course no one would believe a straightforward and random confession like that, but Kuro is very serious and is determined to show him… even if it needs him to be playful<3

Word Count: 1580

“I love you.” Whaaaat? Mahiru dropped the meat bun he was just about to put in the microwave, and he gaped at his Servamp who stood by his side.

“Y-you I e-eh w-w-what..?!” Mahiru blushed and stared at him with his mouth wide open in shock. 

“I love you. I just realized that,” Kuro mumbled dryly. No hint of shyness, nor embarrassment from confessing so out of the blue. Kuro seemed to be totally fine, but Mahiru had never been this flustered before. The Servamp had just picked the most random moment of all random moments to confess his feelings in such a straightforward way, how was he supposed to take him seriously?

“You m-must be mistaken! You’re a vampire! D-do you even realize what you’re saying?” Mahiru sputtered while he bent down to pick up his meat bun, just to distract himself from this crazy situation. Kuro simply remained at his side and followed his every movement.

“I do realize. And vampires can love too.” Mahiru dropped his supposed snack again when Kuro stepped towards him, and he darted across the room. 

“You're crazy!” Mahiru squeaked, his heart racing when Kuro slowly chased after him, hands tucked in his pockets and looking as bored as he always did.

“Crazy about you, yes.” Mahiru’s heart made a jump. Kuro saying this kind of shit. Kuro confessing his feelings so bluntly. It couldn’t be. He was joking, he was joking!

He had probably noticed the way the Eve’s cheeks flushed red whenever they sat close to each other. How Mahiru had developed an unhealthy crush on his vampire friend, roommate and partner who never showed any kind of emotional reaction to their interactions. And now this?! He was most likely fooling with him!

Running across the room again, Mahiru just grabbed the door handle to his room to escape the awkwardness, when Kuro lazily wrapped his arms around him from behind, embracing him.

“Nooooho let go of me!” Mahiru freaked out, excited and panicked of being this close to him, and he struggled to escape the vampire’s grip.

“What should I do to make you believe me? Kiss you?” Kuro mumbled in his ear, and he gently cupped Mahiru’s cheek to turn his face sideways so he could meet his lips. Mahiru blushed and, immediately turned away to avoid Kuro’s smoochy lips.

“No! Noohhoho Kuro!” Mahiru giggled when Kuro ended up smooching him all over his ear and cheek.

“That t-tickles Kuro hehe stop it!” Mahiru gave a hard tug and managed to break free from his embrace, wiping his ear and cheek with his arm and blushing in embarrassment.

“It tickles?” A mischievous glint appeared in Kuro’s eyes, and Mahiru shuddered and staggered backwards into his room.

“What should I do to make you believe me hm?” Kuro repeated slowly and teasingly, the question more directed at himself than at Mahiru. Like a predator, he approached the flustered Eve who backed away until his legs hit his bed and he fell down on top of the soft bed sheets.

“N-no Kuro please! Alright, you love me okay? It’s a crazy joke but - aaahahah nono I mean - waaahhh!” Mahiru curled up and burst out in a squeaky giggle fit. Kuro was looming over him and grabbing both his sides, squeezing and fingers wiggling experimentally.

“A joke? You take someone’s feelings so lightly huh? This is what you get for it,” Kuro said calmly, and he climbed on the bed as well so he could reach the little human-ball that was Mahiru. Hugging his knees, Mahiru tried to hide his body from his crush who was determined to tickle the hell out of him.

“GYaahaha n-no you’re the one who – eeeepp not thehehere! Kurooo!” he squealed when Kuro searched around for spots to tickle, firmly squeezing his sides and ribs.

Kuro smirked when he managed to wriggle his hand between Mahiru’s knees and stomach so he could claw at the sensitive flesh through his shirt.

Mahiru gasped loudly and uncurled his body again, and Kuro immediately took this chance to sit on his legs and used both hands to spider-tickle him all over his stomach and sides.

“Eeehehehe plah-please ahaha!” With his body uncurled and trapped, Mahiru felt so exposed and vulnerable, and he helplessy wrapped his arms around his stomach, letting out loud and hysterical belly laughs when Kuro drilled his fingers mercilessly in his sides. Mahiru felt his entire body jerk at the sensations, and he gasped for air while laughter kept forcing itself out of him.

“I never knew my human’s this ticklish,” Kuro said. His human. Mahiru died inside, and so did his body when new ticklish sensations shot through all of his body starting at his lower back where Kuro had started to scratch him ticklishly.

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anonymous asked:

aw no Satori would absolutely make fun of him but then immediately start bringing him pictures of dogs and dogs in bandanas and being like "i bet this dog would be a good gardener too" like... i just really love UshiTen. I think for all Satori tries to play himself off as the goofy asshole goblin kid he actually cares a whole whole lot about Ushijima, like he never doubts Ushi's gonna go be a super amazing famous player even after they lose to Karasuno, and just getting him to talk and open up!

ahhhhh i wouldnt say he would be meanly laughing at Ushijima, but i think it might take him a while to figure out how to communicate the best with him, to make sure he knows that Satori isn’t making fun in a negative way. i think he’d take a while to realize he just has to be straightforward bc i think Ushi takes things very seriously, even when people are joking around. one day he’d just say, “you know, toshi… im not laughing at you, i laugh at everything, i laugh at the idea of you in the garden with your 80 children and dogs because it’s the best mental image ever, it makes me happy” or something, and Ushi would look stunned at him for a good moment, cheeks a little pink, before asking, “wanna hear about my plans for a green house?” and Satori would giggle a little but nod. and then listen.

once he figures out how to make sure Ushi’s comfortable, how to make sure he knows how important their friendship is, then he uses it to his advantage aka getting Ushi to gush about all the kinds of dogs he wants, his plans for the future. :) until one day while they’re out jogging together he starts talking about what he’d want in a partner. lbr Satori is stunned at how hungry he is for that conversation. 

Hardly working (Pt.2)

Genre: Retail worker! AU

Pairing: Namjoon X Reader X Jungkook

Fandom: BTS

Summary:  You’ve been working the same job for 5 months now and to say that you had the hang of things was an understatement. Though your co-workers were strange they were also all male, including the new kid. You’ve seen enough reverse-harem animes to know where this is going.


Originally posted by jeonsshi

All of the store’s employees sat together in the break room for the weekly meeting to discuss everyone’s schedules. 

“Y/N, do you think you can come in next Monday though Thursday?”

You nod, responding to your manager. “Yeah, I’m free.”

Jin smiles. “Good, I’ll put you down.”

Jungkook raises his hand. “I’m free too if you need my help.”

Namjoon internally rolled his eyes, knowing Jungkook’s obvious crush on you. It had been about a month of him working here now and Namjoon still couldn’t figure a way to keep him away from you. 

“Namjoon can you come in Friday?” Jin asked. 

He was spaced out in his own world trying to remember the piece of advice Taehyung gave him. Taehyung had suggested that he should make you jealous in some way and that apparently girls think of it as a “competition”  to which he would ultimately win your heart.

“Actually, no I can’t. I have a date on Friday…Sorry, How about Thursday?”

Your eyes widened and you turn to him. “You have a date? With who?”

He was starting to get cocky by your response. “Yeah, she’s really sweet so I figured it would be okay. She works in music and she’s really stunning….It weird but she asked me out last week when she came into the store and we exchanged numbers”

Damn. You thought about how much he loves music and if she was sweet and pretty on top of that you were not much competition compared to her. His bluffing made your heart sink but you acted happy for him. 

“O-oh..Well good luck.”

He smiled. “Yeah, Thanks.”

Jin cuts in. “Anyways, you all can go back to your spots. This is all I needed for now.”

Everyone starts to get up and you do as well until Jungkook comes over to you. 

“Hey, Y/N can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“I was just wondering since we both aren’t working this weekend, do you wanna do something?”

Your face starts to turn a shade redder. “A-are you asking me out?”

Jungkook shyly scrunches up his nose, rubbing the back of his neck. “Yeah, I am.”

Namjoon stopped in his tracks, grabbing Taehyung beside him.

“Did you hear that?? That was not part of the plan!”

Taehyung looks back at the two of you and then looks back at Namjoon. 

“Well what do you want me to do?”

Jin pushes them out of the break room. “I told you too to get ready for the store opening.”

With a sigh Namjoon walks back to the front of the store, resting his face on his hand again. Jimin looks over at him, confused. 

“Do you really have a date? I thought you were in love with-”

“No. There is no date…”

“Then why did you say that? Do you know what you just did?”

He turns his head to face Jimin. “Yeah I do, now. They have a date this weekend..”

Jimin sighs. “Were you asking Taehyung for advice again? He’s single he doesn’t even know this kind of stuff.”

“Jimin, you’re also single.”

Jimin pouts. “Yeah but I have more experience.”

Yoongi groaned. “What are you two talking about now?”

“Namjoon lied about going on a date to make Y/N jealous but Jungkook just asked her out.”

Yoongi came over to the other side, leaning in as if what he was about to say was top secret and the key to fixing all of this.

“What you need to do is confront her. Tell her that you’re the one who’s in love with her and you were here first.”

“That’s a little bossy..” Jimin mumbled.

Before they could continue they saw you coming over and they got dead silent. 

“Hey guys. I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to take Namjoon with me to the stock room today. We have to do inventory check.” You smiled at them. 

Namjoon smiled back. “Yeah sure.”

The two of you walked to the back where all the pilled up boxes and clothing were. It was dark and quite the mess that neither of you two looked forward to cleaning. He already started to put the clothes back in their proper places.

“Hey wait we have to document how many of those jackets we have back here.”

You walk over to him, tripping on one of the boxes. He practically throws the jackets out of his hand to barely catch you and help you up.

“Are you alright? You’re always so clumsy Y/N..” He chuckled.

Your cheeks were met with a blush for the second time today. You push his hands off of you, remembering his new date. 

“Yeah I’m fine. Just please write these down.”

Namjoon gives off a confused vibe on why you seem so annoyed all of the sudden. 

“yeah I will.” He obeys, taking the clipboard from you. 

Before you walk back to the other side of the room he stops you.

“Wait. There’s something I need to talk to you about.”

You can see the seriousness of his expression and you looked up at him.


“I said something stupid. I shouldn’t have listened to Taehyung and being in here with just you made me realize just how dumb it was. They way you look up at me…I just want that to stay around me. I don’t want you going around and looking at someone else like that.”

“What are you talking about? What did you say?”

He takes a step closer to you, bringing his hand up to your cheek but before it makes contact the door opened and you both jumped. 

Jungkook stepped into the inventory closest, walking up to you. 

“Jin said you could switch out with me. I can take it from here.” He tells you. 

You look back at Namjoon who was now avoiding your glance so you just nod at Jungkook, leaving the storage room in confusion on what just happened.

“Alright boss so what do I have to do in here?” He questions Namjoon.

“Are you doing this on purpose?” Namjoon muttered despite never being very straightforward. 

“Doing what? My job?”

“Trying to get with Y/N! I already heard you ask her out earlier.”

Jungkook sighed, not wanting to admit to what he was about to say.

“She said no.”


He shrugged. “She said she had something else going on this weekend but she knows I won’t give up that easy. You know it’s kind of surprising she’s single. I mean she’s caring, hardworking, pretty, and she never really complains about helping people.”

“Yeah I know..” He said under his breathe

Namjoon just continued going through the stock room knowing this day was not going to end fast enough. 

At the end of his shift, Jungkook came over to you as you were getting your stuff to leave. 

“Going home?” 

You nod and jokingly say, “Yeah, I was. Why are you trying to walk me home?” 

“Yeah, pretty much.”

You look up at him. “Wait, for real?”

He takes your bag from you, holding it for you as he pulls the umbrella from behind him. 

“I mean it’s raining and you don’t even have an umbrella. I’d let you borrow it but my house is a little far from here.”

“oh, thanks.”

The both of you walked outside now pressured with the sudden silence between the two of you. The sound of rain hitting the top of the umbrella and the cars passing by were the only sounds to be heard. It wasn’t an uncomfortable silence though. Something about him just felt dependable-

Your thought was interrupting by the rain drops hitting your head as he was holding the umbrella more his way on accident, getting you wet. You reach over and put your hand on top of his, pulling it closer on your side. Jungkook blushed, looking over at yours hands.


You turn over at him. “Huh? No it’s fine. I know you weren’t doing it on purpose. I’m just glad you’re walking home with me.”

Something about your smile suddenly had him melting. He stopped in his tracks.

“Did you say no to me because you don’t like me?”

You stop as well. “No- I mean, I do. I just have someone coming over this Saturday.”

He moves the handle slightly away from the middle of you two, leaning his face closer to yours. 

“So if I were to do something right now…you wouldn’t stop me?”

“I-..” Suddenly you start to feel conflicted thinking of Namjoon earlier but also remembering he’s with someone now so there’s no reason to push him away anymore.

Jungkook used his other hand to slid it under your jaw line and next to your ear, holding your face to kiss you. Feeling his lips pressed up against yours was way better than you could have imagined, almost leaving you speechless. It only last for a few seconds but it felt like everything else had stopped and the only thing on your mind for the rest of the day was him. The same scene replaying in your mind.

Mr. Brightside


Yuri couldn’t believe his ears. Looking on incredulously at the older boy, his mouth hung open, his mind unable to process the words he had just heard. Searching the Kazakh’s face for answers, he was met with powerful dark eyes, resolute and unwavering in their stance. He had always admired Otabek’s straightforwardness, the same kind that had landed a friendship with him two years prior, but this… this was very different.

He felt heat spreading through his face, a warmth that singed the tips of his ears and sent his heart into an array of rough palpitations that made it difficult to breathe. What the fuck? What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck? Otabek was serious. This wasn’t some sick joke- not that Beka would joke about such a thing in the first place- but what the fuck? A confession?

Otabek’s low voice broke through Yuri’s thoughts, pulling him out of the whirlwind of emotions he was experiencing, “I know this is sudden and probably unexpected, but I wanted to be honest with you before I left for Kazakhstan. We have a little less than two weeks left and I didn’t want to regret not telling you again.” Otabek nervously shoved his hands into his pockets before slowly diverting his gaze forward, a barely visible pop of pink beginning to adorn his cheeks under the dim light of the park lamp.

Relaxing his expression, Yuri looked on at the older boy with genuine surprise. He was normally stoic, his composure reminiscent of the cool morning breeze in St. Petersburg- soothing, calming, perfect. It was always Yuri who had the outbursts, his emotions some variation of exaggerated anger that sometimes burned his eyes and threatened tears. Beka had been through it all with him, never once flinching, always there to ground him and console him. Seeing him now like this, his body facing forward, trying to hide what Yuri could only imagine was embarrassment, Yuri couldn’t help but be in awe. How could Yuri be the cause of such a vulnerable reaction? How could he even be a romantic interest? Yuri knew he was still childish and immature, yet Otabek still fell for him. At that thought, Yuri’s cheeks began to burn again, reflexively making his hands reach out to touch his face.

And what the hell was up with that “again” line? Was this something ongoing that Yuri had simply been oblivious to the entire time? With all of the times they had hung out during off season, before championships and the grand prix, had he been so focused on his career that he had never noticed the way Otabek was looking at him? The way his bigger hands found their way to brush Yuri’s blonde hair behind his ear as he began growing it out? The way he would sometimes linger in a farewell embrace longer than necessary? No. It’s not that he didn’t notice. He chose to be oblivious to it all. After the way Viktor changed with the arrival of Yuuri Katsuki, Yuri swore he would never become like him. He saw just how much a romantic relationship could change a person and he didn’t want to be a part of it.

At the same time, this was Beka. Hadn’t they already been spending most of their time together whenever they weren’t training or competing? Would something romantic between them really change things? If Yuri didn’t reciprocate Otabek’s feelings, would they be able to remain friends, or would Otabek need some time alone for a while? Maybe he would find someone else to pass the time trying to forget Yuri. Maybe he would go for someone easily available to him like Mila. At that, he audibly growled, which made Otabek look at him in surprise.

“Yuri?,” Concern marked his coffee-colored eyes, the flush in his face now gone. It was at this moment Yuri realized just how handsome the older boy was, his undercut accentuating the masculine traits of his face. From the striking cheekbones to the hard line of his jaw, Yuri allowed himself to be taken in by it, understanding that he had always had this attraction, but had never acted out on it. If it was Beka, maybe things didn’t have to change like they did with Viktor. If Yuri was ever going to give dating or relationships or romance a shot, it would have to be Beka. Only Beka.  

Facing him as confidently as he could, redness very clearly marking his skin, Yuri blurt out, “I—I’m not entirely sure about my feelings yet, but I can’t stand the thought of you being with anyone else but me!”

Otabek’s eyes widened, his hands removing themselves from his black biker jacket so he could sit himself up straighter and give Yuri his undivided attention. Before being able to respond, Yuri continued, “Um… and I—I wouldn’t mind being your boyfriend,” he practically squeaked out the word, his voice going soft as the rest of his words came out in hushed tones, “but I want to take things slow. I don’t know how this works and I don’t want to lose myself, so…” He trailed off, but looked up at Otabek, unsure of the reaction he would be met with. To his surprise, Otabek was wearing a gorgeous smile on his face, the pink that had faded in his cheeks and nose now returning. Yuri had never seen him smile in such an endearing way and it made him bashful, knowing that the reason for such a smile was none other than himself. He tried looking away, shy and feeling incredibly embarrassed, but Otabek moved closer to him, tenderly brushing the knuckles of his right hand against Yuri’s cheek. His breath caught in his throat at the sudden warmth of the touch and he instinctively closed his eyes. He was still unsure about the whole situation, nervous about how things would progress going forward, but he surrendered to Otabek’s touch, reveling in the way it felt just right with him. The prospect of being in a relationship was daunting, but Beka always knew how to bring out the best in him. Beka always knew exactly what he needed.  

Almost on cue, as if Otabek had read his mind and understood how he was feeling, he whispered, “I know you said you want to move slowly, but I really want to kiss you right now. Is that okay, Yura? Can I kiss you?”

Feeling his heart practically jump out of his chest, Yuri opened his eyes only slightly to look at Otabek as he felt the Kazakh’s hand move to cup his cheek. Otabek’s expression was full of longing and desire, like he had been waiting for this moment for a very long time. His eyes were focused on Yuri’s lips, parted slightly as he patiently awaited an answer. Yuri could feel Otabek’s breath on his skin, their faces closer than normal, but he was okay with it. He was more than okay with it. So, he gave a small nod, afraid that his voice would give out on him if he tried to speak. Afraid of exposing just how much he had actually craved this kind of intimacy through the tremble of his words.

Otabek made an “Mm” sound in approval before bringing his face closer to Yuri’s without hesitation. As Yuri closed his eyes, he could feel a slight tremor in the hand on his cheek- a comforting sign that Otabek was just as nervous as Yuri was. The next thing he felt set his whole body on fire. Otabek’s full lips, wonderfully soft and warm, delicately landed on his own. It was comforting yet intoxicating all at once, leaving Yuri breathless as Otabek languidly pulled away and pressed their foreheads together. Yuri’s eyes remained closed, focusing on the lingering feeling of Otabek’s lips on his, his breath uneven, his scent surrounding him. Just like that, his worries had been expelled from him- the thoughts of the future faded from his mind and the present moment engulfed him in an overwhelming feeling he couldn’t describe.

I love you, Yura,” Otabek contently sighed, pulling Yuri in for a deep embrace, his face nuzzling in Yuri’s gold locks.

Love. Of course. The feeling that he was experiencing was love.

Feeling overwhelmed by his sudden realization, Yuri wrapped his arms around Otabek tightly, burying his face in the crux of his neck. Choking on his words, afraid that Otabek would hear him, he mumbled, “Fuck… I love you too.”


Uncontrollable- james x reader

Request: hello! i wondering if you could do a james x reader from #14 prompt. by the way, i really love your writing; i’ve read all of them. anyways, have a nice day! and thank youuuuuu:) x p.s. i wasn’t sure where the request button was, so i just decided to send you a message. is that the same thing or? sorry this is so long 😂 thank you again!!

#14 prompt: Do you think I can control how I feel when it comes to you?

Warnings: Swearing

Growing up with a werewolf for a brother was never easy. But once I came to Hogwarts a year after Remus and met his friends, it got much easier. Finally, I wasn’t the only one there to support him. I thought my heart was going to burst in my fourth year when James, Sirius, and Peter became animagi for the sole purpose of helping my dear brother Remus.

It was sixth year now, and Remus’s transformations were much smoother, thanks to Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs. Remus and I owed them so much.

It made everything a bit more complicated that I was hopelessly in love with James Potter. Even saying his name sent shivers down my spine. His messy hair, cocky demeanor, everything he’s done for my brother purely out of the goodness of his heart, just everything really. I won’t say he doesn’t have his faults. He can be a bit of an insufferable bastard at times, but really, nobody is perfect.

As much as I was head over heels for James Potter, my loyalty to my brother was more important. Remus had suffered for so long; he still does. I know the only people, the only anything really, that he cares about are those boys and I. I could never forgive myself if I ruined the friendship between Remus and James.

So imagine my surprise when I was walking up the stairs from the Gryffindor common room to my dorm, and overheard a heated conversation coming from the Marauder’s room.

I leaned against the door, listening in.

“Padfoot, what am I supposed to do? I can’t even be in the same room with her anymore. And I can’t do anything about it. Remus will kill me.”

“You gotta tell her. There’s no other way. It’s been long enough. Remus will accept it. He probably knows anyways, the way you two are always fucking making goo goo eyes at each other. God, she practically has ‘I love Prongs’ tattooed on her forehead.”

I swear I stopped breathing.

“I can’t tell her! What if she hates me? What if she rejects me?”

“She won’t, mate. Guaranteed.”

It was at this precise moment that the door swung open, and I fell into the room. I quickly stood up.

“(Y/N) how much did you hear?” Sirius interrogated me. 

My face flushed and I stuttered. “I-I do-”

“Let’s get to the point here, (Y/N).” Sirius had always been very straightforward. He grabbed my hand and grabbed James’s hand and put them together. “You two are totally in love and it’s high time you got together.”

“I g-gotta go. Sorry.” My eyes were tearing up and I ran out of the room I had just fallen into.

I was a few steps away from them when I heard a sad voice say “Pads, you guaranteed.” 

My heart broke a little. 

I locked myself in my dorm and sat down in the corner. It’s one thing to have a crush on (read: undying love for) someone you can’t be with. But when that person likes you back and you have to reject them? Absolutely the shittiest thing I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t want to hurt James, but I couldn’t date Remus’s best friend. It was the right thing to do.

I heard a knock on the door. 

“Open up. It’s me.” I heard Sirius’s husky voice.

“No. Go away.”

“Please? Pretty please? I’ll be your best friend.”


“I’ll let you braid my hair.” 

“Tempting, but no.”

“I’ll give you my last bottle of firewhiskey.”

I opened the door a crack. “Go get it.” He left and I watched as he returned with the bottle. No James in sight. He handed it to me through the small opening in the door and I stowed it under my bed.

“Come on, now you have to open up (Y/N).”

I sighed and opened the door. 

“Come on, we can talk in my room. James left, and you know I can’t get into the girls’ rooms because of that blasted protection spell.”

I followed Sirius into his room and sat down on Remus’s bed.

“What do you want, Sirius?”

He looked shocked at my use of his first name. I haven’t called him that in years; since before he was an animagus.

“I want to know why you rejected James. Especially since I know how much you like him.” 

I didn’t answer.

“Is it ‘cause you’re actually secretly in love with me? I wouldn’t blame you. I’m clearly the better choice.”

This made me smile a bit. “Shut up Padfoot, you prat.”

“I left because I had to. Come on, you know how much Remus needs you guys. I can’t mess that up. What if James and I date and then break up and then him and Remus stop being friends?”

Sirius had the gall to laugh out loud at this. “Please, (Y/N). You think YOU could actually break up the Marauders? Never.” He thought about his word choice. “No offense, of course. You like him though, right?”

I bit my lip and nodded, tears threatening to overflow.

“Then do something about it, for God’s sake.”

“It’s not that easy. You don’t understand.” I stood up. This conversation was over. I left the room before Sirius could offer me another bottle of whiskey to stay.

The next day at lunch, I was eating peacefully with Remus and Peter when James and Sirius came over.

James spoke first, “Remus, Professor McGonagall wants to see you.” Remus nodded and packed up his things to leave.

Sirius sat in Remus’s spot, directly in front of me. James sat next to me.

“You look beautiful today, (Y/N). Red and gold are definitely your colors.” James complimented me.

My cheeks got hot and I looked down. What was he doing? Didn’t I just turn him down last night? 

Then it dawned on me. Sirius told him about our conversation. James knows for sure that I like him.

I scooted away from him and started a conversation with Dorcas. 

Later that day in my third period, Alice tapped me on the shoulder and pointed towards the open door. James was standing right outside. When he saw me looking he waved. He had just enough time to blow me a kiss before I turned around to face the front of the classroom.

I calmed myself down slowly, trying to listen to Slughorn teach about some random potion I couldn’t care less about. James was trying to win me over. I knew I couldn’t give in. I couldn’t do that to my brother. 

I spent the next few days trying to hide from James, but he always seemed to find me. I was confused until I remembered that godforsaken map those morons made.

The breaking point came the next Monday evening. After a full weekend of James fawning on me every time Remus’s back was turned, I finally had a full day of classes and could get away from him. At dinner, I was sitting next to Karen, my friend in Hufflepuff (to avoid James of course). The post came, and a small brown owl dropped a letter on my plate of food.

I opened it. It was a single piece of parchment. On the front, James had written “I hope you had a wonderful day <3″

On the back, there was a surprisingly detailed and skilled drawing. It was a depiction of James and I sitting on a bench by the Black Lake. We were holding hands and my head was resting on his shoulder. All around us, he had drawn hearts. Truthfully, it was quite sweet, but I knew the longer he kept trying to win me over, the more hurt we both would end up.

I knew something had to give here. I couldn’t be with James, and I couldn’t avoid him either. The only option was somehow getting James to leave me alone.

My heart ached as my master plan unfolded. 

I had marched up to Bertram Aubrey, a seventh year Ravenclaw. I knew he used to fancy me. I asked him to study in the library with me that night after dinner. He accepted.

We were in the library, sitting next to each other and going over our separate charms notes. I heard muffled whispers and footsteps behind a bookcase. We were being watched, and I knew it was time to act.

I grabbed Bertram’s hand and leaned in to kiss him. It wasn’t my first kiss, but it was definitely my most awkward. I heard more noises behind the bookshelf and I knew my mission was accomplished. If James saw me with another guy, maybe he would leave me alone.

I broke the kiss and grabbed my books to leave. Bertram looked puzzled, but he shrugged and went back to his homework.

I headed back to the common room and waited to see what shitstorm I had unleashed.

An hour and a half later, the James, Sirius and Peter walked in. 

“But why’d you guys get detention?” Peter questioned.

“We hexed someone.”


“Nope. Some fucking ravenclaw git. He deserved it.” I could hear the anger in James’s voice.

Suddenly, I knew what happened. I jumped out of my seat. Bertram didn’t deserve to be hexed! It was all my fault. 

No, actually, I decided. It wasn’t my fault. It was James’s.

“How dare you, James? How dare you?” He wasn’t the only angry one in the room. 

“Sorry. The hex is reversible. Your boyfriend’ll be fine.” He mumbled.

It wasn’t good enough for me. I stomped my way over to him and got in his face. “JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T GET YOUR WAY DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN GO AROUND HEXING INNOCENT PEOPLE. THAT’S NOT HOW THE WORLD WORKS.”

He didn’t say anything back, so I kept yelling at him, a bit quieter than my previous outburst. “God damn it James. Just give it up.” I looked at him pleadingly. “Please. I’ve been trying to be clear about it. You just need to stop thinking about me that way. It can’t happen.”

It was James’s turn to get all shouty now. “Are you kiDDING ME (Y/N)?” 

DO YOU THINK I CAN CONTROL HOW I FEEL WHEN IT COMES TO YOU?” I was shocked. I’ve never seen him so passionate about anything.

The volume of his voice dropped to almost a whisper. “If I could decide to just pick up and walk away from you, I would’ve done it a long time ago.” He took a deep breath. “I-I’m sorry (Y/N). I’m sorry I lost it. I was so jealous. I just-I’m so in love with you. Seeing you with someone else… it made me crazy. If you want me to leave you alone, I’d und-”

James didn’t get to finish. I shoved him up against the wall and kissed him like my life depended on it. I kissed him with the repressed emotions of years of unexpressed feelings. In that moment, I put all the possible repercussions of James and I getting together out of my mind. I heard Peter gasp, and Sirius laugh. I ran my fingers through his unruly hair. James cradled my head like it was precious, licking my lips and begging for more. I opened my mouth slightly and felt James immediately seize the new territory. I moved my hands from his hair to the wall, one hand on each side of him, making sure he would stay put. 

The Fat Lady opened, and I heard Sirius.

“Hey Moony.”

I stopped making out with James and turned my head towards my brother. James still had his hands on me. I could feel my hands shaking, just a bit.

Finally Remus broke the uncomfortable silence.

“It’s about fucking time, you idiots.”

Sirius cheered.

James pulled my head back towards his. I felt him smile as he pressed his lips to mine once more.