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Cállate (NSFW)

Summary: After seeing you dancing with another man, Steve gets jealous and makes a move about it.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Other Characters: Unnamed Male Character, Sam Wilson.
Word Counting: 2.1k
Warnings: Very dirty smut and dirty talk, lots of Spanish. This was vaguely inspired by Despacito. Translation to the words is before the tags.
A/N: A huge thanks to @widowsfics and @som3thingcr3ative for helping me with the Spanish parts.

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Steve tilted his head to the side while your body moved to the sound of the music. He’d never seen you like this, so free and open. It was as if you felt like home in that crowd.

Sí, sabes que ya llevo un rato mirándote
Tengo que bailar contigo hoy

When that hit – the one he would hear all the time on the radio and Tony played just to bother him – started he braced himself to hear Justin Bieber’s annoying voice in the air, but that wasn’t what heard. A male voice speaking Spanish and completely natural filled his ear and the whole place, and you shoot the man in front of you a smile.

You had taken him to the party Tony was throwing and never left his side. You two were glued to each other, attached by the hip, and when the DJ started throwing dancing songs, you were dancing with him.

When your lips moved, he tried to understand what you said. Steve’s hearing was sensitive, but even he couldn’t hear you talking to the guy with all those the loud sounds.

The first steps you two gave coordinated had everyone moving away to watch, and some agents quickly pulled their phones to film the scene.

Your body moved fluid like water and your toned leg peaked from the slip of the red dress, and it didn’t even look like you were wearing the highest heels he’d ever laid eyes on.

“Damn, dude,” Sam exclaimed. “She’s a pro.”

And you really were.

Vi que tu mirada ya estaba llamándome
Muéstrame el camino que yo voy

Your hips moved as you didn’t even have bones, and he quickly understood how you were so flexible during missions.

Steve’s mouth was hanging open and the crotch of his pants was very uncomfortable.

Damn him if he wasn’t hard for you right now. You were always so sexy – not even trying –, but now… You were driving him insane.

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I Ship It

Y'all wanted more Barry x Reader fluff + them being cute in front of the league. I AM HERE TO DELIVER


“it’s fine, it’s okay!” You assured him with a sincere smile. Your hand soflty run through his short hair as you felt him groan at the sensation, letting his whole body go.

“No it’s not okay, you shouldn’t be here. It’s dangerous!” Barry whispered, his dark brown eyes staring into yours with desperation.

“It’s not okay being at Bruce Wayne’s Manor?”

“Plus, if this others walk in here and see us…”

His eyelids itched him with sleep, but the though of being into another awkward situation just like the last one kept him awake.

“Aw come on Barry, were just cuddling. Bruce said to get comfortable.”

In that, you were right. Bruce did say to get comfortable while he was out to collect the other members and as he also said, his sons.

Was this a bad time for Barry to be kinda jealous? Bruce’s older, adopted, son was his age and a walking god. His anxious mind could only think of a thousand scenarios in where you dumped him to pursue Gotham’s golden boy. Also was this a good time to remind himself he was an acrobat?

“Barry why are you sweating, baby? Your worried voice lingered in his brain as he nervously searched for an answer. He knew well that he was going to be vomiting words in any second, unable to even hide his true feelings away from you.

"You’re never going to chose someone over me right? I- I mean, I know I’m kinda… weird and I move too fast or too slow, I’m not even the most handsome person ever and maybe a bit of a nerd and I k-know I don’t deserve you. But don’t leave me.”

There it was! Of course he would do this to himself. Of course he couldn’t just say ‘baby, I’m good, it’s just hot in here’.

“Barry…” He’d never hear that tone from you. Great, for once again he had fucked up his whole life. Way to go Barry. “What even made you think I would do that?”

“No, I’m.. look, have you seen Bruce’s son?”

“What? Are we having this conversation right now?” You asked him, your eyes staring deeply into his. It never took long for you to read him and now Barry was desperate and nervous. How could you even start a fight when he stared back at you like a child who lost his mother at the Supermarket.

The only thing you opted to do was wrap your arms around him, pulling him tight. You planted a kiss to his neck, to his jaw and even on his chin.

“You’re worried about a lot of stuff, Barry. You don’t need to be worried about me leaving you.” Barry nodded at that. This was one of the times he wondered what he had done to deserve someone as good as you. Did he really deserve to feel your lips leaving peck in his, and your nose against his?

“Yup! I want my money this time!”

Both your heads snapped mechanically to the source of voice. Victor stood there, with the biggest and most victorious face on Earth while the other members looked at him with disappointment.

“Yas! I told you Arthur! They werent going to have sex on Bruce’s couch!” At this you shrieked

“Wait what?”

“I fucking bet two hundred dollars on you fucking in that couch! And the whole league lost!”

Barry looked at Arthur with wide eyes, unable to process any thing that was actually happening at the moment. All members looked at him apologetically, and even Superman had guilt all over his face.

“I bet you two hundred more that if we were a bit more late we’d catch them naked again!” Arthur laughed the situation off as his head turn to look between you and Barry. You were still straddling Barry’s lap, and Barry’s hands were a bit too low on your back and to be honest Barry’s hair didn’t look that neat either. Great! Now they’re just going to keep making bets about the two of you.

“Arthur, please!”

“I ship it though!”

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The Obedient Demon (Part 2)

When Shiro and Lance got to the scene, the ghoul was still wreaking havoc. Shiro could see the other exorcists standing at the top of a parking garage and sharply turned into it. The tires screeched at the speed he was driving up to the top. At the sound, the exorcists turned as they scrambled out of the car and to the edge of the structure. Ignoring the looks of confusion on their faces, Shiro turned to look at Lance.

“I need you to get down there and prevent the ghoul from leaving the barriers, Keith in the team leader so listen to anything he says,” Shiro commanded. With a single nod, Lance leaped off the building and toward the fight. After a few moments, Allura cleared her throat and he turned to look at her.

“What?” He asked at her incredulous stare. Her eyebrows raised as if in disbelief.

“What you mean what? I thought you said that Lance was as good as gone,” she said gesturing back to the fight. Shiro sighed and rubbed his hand down his face.

“Something happened,” He said simply. He groaned at the unimpressed expressions on their faces.

“We have to debrief about the examinations later anyway, I’ll tell you then,” he tried instead. They looked to contemplate it for a second before nodding in approval. Just then a deafening crash echoed around them and they focused down to where the ghoul was beginning to topple.

“What just happened?” Shay asked confused.

“They never go down that easily,” Coran commented. As the beast fell to the ground, from the far barricade they could see Lance, a large glowing rifle pointed towards the monster.

“Is that?” Allura asked awed. Shiro squinted his eyes trying to see the weapon in more detail but the way it disappeared into thin air confirmed it.

“His spirit weapon,” he said proudly with a wide smile. Every demon had a weapon that was unique to their soul; Keith had a broadsword, Hunk a heavy machine gun, and Pidge a chain scythe, each tinted slightly with their colours; red, yellow, and green. Every fight, they summoned their weapons but this was the very first time that Lance had ever summoned his. Shiro couldn’t help the feeling of pride that was welling in his stomach for his familiar.

Even from so far away Shiro could see Lance looking up at them with a slightly apprehensive look on his face. Shiro gave him a single thumbs up and saw the ears on his head perk up slightly. By that time, the other demons were closer to the building than him and once again took off without him. With a jolt, he followed and Shiro frowned slightly at the other demons. Through his disappointment and annoyance at Lance’s behaviour, he missed how excluded Lance really was from the others. Hopefully, that would all change when Shiro revealed what had happened to the other exorcists. They met their masters with the same greetings and praises but his entire focus was on Lance as he climbed up in front of him. Lance gave him a little grin as he wiggled his way up and stood in front of him.

“Fantastic job out there, Lance,” he said gently petting the top of his head, in between his ears. Lance’s eyes widened and before he knew it, Lance was clutching his hand to the top of his head and letting out a wail.

“I need you to get down there and prevent the ghoul from leaving the barriers, Keith in the team leader so listen to anything he says,” Shiro commanded. Lance nodded and leapt off the building. Without a sound he hit the ground and ran towards the ghoul, immediately he noticed that the monster was about to break through the northern barricade, the furthest one away from him. He dropped to all fours and sprinted past the side streets and jumped on top of a street sign.

“Pidge, Hunk get it’s legs!” He heard Keith yell from behind the monster. Without a sound, the two swooped down and hit it’s ankles. It barely faltered before continuing forward.

No. He could finally make his master proud of him. He wasn’t going to let his first mission with a clean slate go anything but perfect. He started drawing on his energy to call his weapon. He knew that it had been five years since he summoned it but if there was ever a good time, it was now. With a blue flash, the familiar weight of his rifle fell into his hands. It took him less than a second to have the weapon raised and lined up for a perfect shot. It took him even less to pull the trigger and nail the disgusting creature in the forehead. The creature collapsed after that single blow.

He let the rifle burst into light and disappear from his hands. He knew that the visit to the priest today fixed whatever mistake was made before he was summoned but he couldn’t ignore the slight fear that still tingled in his mind. What if the circle didn’t change anything and he was still just a faulty familiar? With slight hesitation, he looked up at Shiro to try and gauge his reaction. His ears perked up when he received a little thumbs up. Did that mean he did good?

“Move out guys,” Keith’s voice called. With a start, he realized that they had already run ahead without him. Again. He jumped forward and tried to catch up to them but they were too fast for him. They didn’t like him and he knew that but maybe now they could become friends. He started scaling the building, slipping slightly in the process. He finally grasped the top and clawed his way to the top. Unlike after usual missions, Shiro had a grin on his face when he met his eyes. He couldn’t help the smile that stretched across his face and quickly scrambled up to stand in front of his master.

“Fantastic job out there, Lance,” he said gently. He couldn’t move as his Master’s hand fell between his ears and scratch his scalp. His Master is praising him, he did good. His hands reached up instinctually and held the hand in place, trying to preserve the friendly touch from Shiro in his memory. He couldn’t stop the wail that crawled out of his throat but he didn’t fight it away either. He expected Shiro to pull away quickly but instead, he heard him say something to the other exorcists and pull Lance to his chest. At the action, Lance let out another sad sob and pressed his face into the chest.

“Shh Lance, it’s okay, it’s all okay,” he comforted stroking his hair and ears back away from his face. He unsuccessfully tried to stop his cries but he couldn’t control his stuttering breathes. The next few minutes were filled with reassuring sounds from Shiro and the soft cries from Lance. Slowly brought his face away and blushed at the wet spot he could see on Shiro’s shirt. He nervously fluttered his hands around the stain and glanced from it to Shiro and back again.

“Master! I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to!” He cried with a blush on his face. Shiro let out a laugh and ruffled his hair again.

“Lance it’s okay,” he comforted him. Lance looked down at the ground and slightly nodded his head. He glanced over to where the exorcists were standing and realized that they weren’t there anymore. He looked back at Shiro in confusion.

“They went ahead to Headquarters,” Shiro said. Lance nodded and they headed back to the car. They climbed in and unlike the way they came in, they calmly drove back towards HQ.

“What happens now?” Lance asked looking at Shiro. Shiro hummed turning out of the garage and onto the street.

“I have to report with the other exorcist’s about what happened during our examination,” he replied. Lance nodded silently and looked forward. Even though he was just there, he couldn’t get rid of the niggling anxiety at going back. They didn’t go back often since Lance’s behaviour would be unpredictable. Soon enough they were pushing through the hallways of Headquarters.

“Shiro!” Shay called cheerfully with a wave as they got closer to the group. He raised a hand in greeting and stopped beside Allura and Keith. He put a hand on Lance’s shoulder and gave him a smile before the four of them walked into the boardroom and closed the door behind them. Lance’s tail and ears fell limply as he looked longingly towards the door. His ears swivelled when he heard the other demons start talking among themselves. He turned to face them and noticed that they were looking at him with open hostility.

“Um, hello,” he greeted softly.

After getting through Coran, Shay, and Allura’s report with nothing to note from them, they turned their attention to Shiro.

“What happened Shiro?” Coran asked gently when he didn’t readily give up any information to them. He sighed after a moment and looked up at them, they were shocked to see that his eyes were welling up with tears.

Shiro?” Allura asked placing a hand on his arm. He focused his eyes back to the table, unable to bring himself to look at their faces.

“The priest who summoned him, fucked up the circle somehow, so every command I’ve been giving Lance has come out the opposite of what I mean,” he explained putting his head in his hands. He sniffed and looked up to see their eyes widened in realization.

“Then that means… that Lance was being obedient the entire time?” Allura asked gently. Shiro nodded his head solemnly.

“And I’ve been punishing him for it,” he confirmed. They gasped and looked towards the door of the boardroom imaging the demon standing obediently outside.

“You couldn’t have known Shiro,” Coran said standing up from his chair and putting his hand comfortably on his shoulder. “All you need to worry about now, is giving Lance the best possible life now, you know he has been completely obedient, it’s time to reward him for that,” he stated when Shiro looked up to him.

“You’re right Coran,” Shiro said with a smile directed at the older exorcist.

“Of course I am!” he said merrily. “Now wipe those tears my boy, and go treat that familiar of yours!” he cheered wiping some tears off of Shiro’s cheeks and slapping him on both shoulders. Shiro gave him a single nod and they stood from their chairs to leave the room.

“Maybe we could start by introducing the other properly, we could have dinner or something at my place,” Shiro suggested. There was plenty of room at his house, they were far away from other people and the yard was big enough for the demon to play around with each other.

“That sounds like a marvellous idea!” Shay said with excitement, her hands clasped in front of herself with glee.

“I agree, I think that would certainly help Lance with socializing with the others,” Allura agreed. “Besides I don’t think Keith, Pidge, or Hunk have been able to run around freely for a good while,” she added thinking about the penthouse she and Keith lived in. Sure it was spacious but it was by no means appropriate for a pet, let alone a demon familiar.

“Perfect, we could even do it tonight or tomorrow,” Shiro said. “Or you know, whenever you guys are free,” he said rubbing the back of his neck.

“I’m good for tonight,” Allura said with a shrug.

“As am I, my boy,” Coran said twirling his moustache.

“Me too,” Shay said with a smile.

“I guess I’ll get cooking then, ooh maybe we could have a barbecue,” He said with glittery eyes.

“Shiro careful, your dad is showing,” Allura smirked nudging him in the side with her elbow. He pouted and pointedly ignored her, crossing his arms and facing Coran and Shay instead.

“Whatever is good with me,” Shay said, getting a nod from Coran as well.

“Hopefully this will work for them, they are a team after all, and they were able to function so it shouldn’t be too difficult,” Shiro said as they finally started towards the door.

“I don’t think it should either, who knows, maybe they already bonded while we were in here,” Coran said positively. Shiro gave him a thankful smile; he was right, Lance could speak English now after all. Maybe he was able to bond with them while he was spilling everything to his friends. He didn’t really know anything about Lance though, although he and Lance had been living together for five years, you miss out on a lot of things when you can’t communicate with someone.

Shiro turned the knob and walked out of the room. Although he sort of expected this result, it was somehow more disheartening than he thought it would be. Keith, Pidge, and Hunk all went around him to get to their masters. While Lance would usually rush to him as well, this time he stood still looking down at the ground as if he didn’t realize that they had come out. Shiro carefully crept forward and pet Lance’s hair, making his head snap up to look at him. Shiro’s eyes widened when he saw his face.

“Lance, what happened?” He asked looking at the scratches across his left cheek. He looked off to the side, not meeting Shiro’s eyes.

“It’s nothing, it was my fault anyway,” he muttered. Shiro’s eyes narrowed and he looked back at the pairs by the door. The exorcist’s eyes were focused on Shiro and Lance while their familiars tried vainly to attract their attention. Shiro took Lance’s shoulder and guided him over to them. The exorcists gasped when they saw the still sluggishly bleeding scratches on Lance and they finally turned their attention to their familiars.

“Who did that?” Allura asked sternly. The familiars froze, not used to Allura’s booming presence, especially in defence of Lance. After a moment of silence, Keith warily brought his trembling hand up. Her eyes snapped to him in disbelief.

“Keith? Why? I know you’re better than this,” she said, disappointment obvious in her tone. Keith seemed to curl up on himself, his ears folded back against his head and his tail curled between his legs as he looked up at his master’s disappointed stare.

“Master Allura?” A quiet voice asked. She looked over at Shiro and the demon still in his arms. “Please don’t blame Keith, it was me, I provoked him,” he said looking down at the ground. Shiro looked at him in confusion. Lance wouldn’t do anything like that, not willingly. He looked at Keith and also saw him looking at Lance in confusion.

“I’m very sorry,” he said bowing to the white-haired woman. She sighed and looked between the two demons. It was obvious that what Lance admitted wasn’t completely true but she wasn’t sure if she would get the whole story from either one of them.

“No matter, we’ll resolve this at a later time,” she decided, turning to face Shiro and Lance. “We’ll see you tonight then, text the group when we’re able to come over,” she said bringing her hand to the nape of Keith’s neck and leading him away from the group. He nodded to Coran and Shay as they passed by and noticed that Lance looked longingly at them as they passed by.

“Ahem,” Shiro cleared his throat gaining Lance’s attention. When the clear blue eyes looked up at him, he gave him a blinding smile.

“Let’s head home,”

“Um, hello,” he greeted softly. The hostile looks turned to shock and confusion.

“What the hell? Just earlier, you were refusing to speak English, now you have no problem?” Keith asked angrily. Lance’s ears pressed down warily at the tone and he back off slightly.

“Something happened while I was being summoned,” Lance tried coming forward a bit. “Everything I heard was opposite,” he explained simply. They shrugged and turned back to each other, once again ignoring the feline demon. His heart dropped as well as his smile as he looked on in sadness. After a few minutes, he worked up the courage to approach them once more.

“I’m really sorry I haven’t been the best teammate,” he said as a sort of icebreaker. They looked over at him once more, Keith with a raised brow.

“Whatever, it probably won’t be the last time,” he said scathingly. Lance ignored the sting from the comment and crept a bit closer. This time Keith noticed and stepped further back away from him with a huff. Lance paused and looked at him with hurt confusion.

“I really don’t want to talk to you Lance, you’ve messed up this team for five years,” Keith admitted with a scowl. Lance flinched back and looked at him with wide eyes.

“B-but, I didn’t mean to,” he said, tail falling limp.

“It doesn’t matter Lance, you should have been able to see it,” Keith snarled ignoring the protests from Hunk and Pidge.

“Is there anything I can do?” Lance asked worriedly. Keith’s eyes widened as suddenly Lance was much closer than before.

“You can back off, I seriously don’t want you near me,” he said seriously. Lance didn’t heed the warning and came closer, making Keith’s tail puff up in warning.

“Please, I’m sorry, I’ll do anything,” Lance pleaded.

“I’m serious Lance, back the fuck up,” he growled. The cat stopped for a moment before taking the last fatal step.

“But-,” is all he got out before Keith’s right hand shot up and his claws were raking down his cheek. He yowled and jumped back pressing his hand to his cheek in pain. He tried to blink the tears out of his eyes, so the salt water didn’t run down and burn the open wound. After a few pain-filled minutes he looked up at the fox demon who was standing in the same spot.

“I’m sorry,” he said earnestly. Keith looked at him in shock but quickly looked away when they heard the door to the boardroom opening. Lance looked down at the ground, trying to hide the wound from his master. He couldn’t ignore him when his hand landed in his hair though.

“Lance, what happened?” he asked him.

“It’s nothing, it was my fault anyway,” he muttered. It was true, it was his fault. Keith told him to leave him alone and he didn’t. Maybe he really was just a disobedient demon anyway. Shiro’s hand guided him towards the group and he couldn’t help but go forward with him. He was slightly surprised by the concern the other exorcists were showing him but he supposed he could understand since they now knew the truth.

“Who did that?” Allura asked sternly. He couldn’t help but flinch at how hard Allura’s voice sounded. He was used to her being approachable and open to others, this was a side he hadn’t seen of her before. He saw Keith’s hand go up into the air. He knew that Keith wasn’t scared of Allura and was only really scared of disappointing her. He saw the way his feature’s and appendages get limp and sad at her scolding. Really, he couldn’t sit through this, it wasn’t even he fault in the first place.

“Master Allura?” He asked summoning all the bravery he could. Her gaze snapped to him and he flinched slightly, not used to her eyes being on him at all.

“Please don’t blame Keith, it was me, I provoked him,” he stated. It was true, it’s all true. Don’t blame Keith, just blame me. It’s easier and I probably deserve it anyway.

“I’m very sorry,” he said earnestly. He bowed low to her and kept his eyes locked on the ground and didn’t come back up until he heard her and Keith’s footsteps echo down the hall. He looked up in time to watch Coran, Pidge, Shay, and Hunk leave behind them. He watched after them longingly, one day he hoped to have as good of a relationship with his master as good as theirs.

“Ahem,” the guttural cough of Shiro brought him out of his musings and he looked up at the man with a smile.

“Let’s go home,” he said walking towards the parking lot. “We’ve got a lot of work to do,”

“What do you mean?” Lance asked curiously.

“We are going to properly introduce you to the other familiars,” Shiro replied. Lance gulped and looked up at him.

“I won’t let Keith hurt you this time, I promise,” he said earnestly. Lance nodded this head in understanding.

“I believe you,” Lance said softly. Shiro smiled and ruffled Lance’s hair again, cementing the habit into their lives.

“I promise from now on, I’ll be there for you,”  

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exo reaction // checking you out

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~ minseok ~

He blatantly checks you out. Minseok doesn’t even attempt to control his facial expressions when you stand before him. He isn’t a shy person; he doesn’t blush when you catch him with his lip pulled between his teeth, scanning your body. He is fairly confident, enjoying the color your cheeks turn as you notice his staring and your flustered fidgeting under his intense stare. Your reaction would definitely encourage him to compliment you endlessly.

~ junmyeon ~

An unintentionally dreamy starer. Junmyeon tends to lose track of what he is saying or doing the minute he notices how great you look. His personality is a tad on the shier side, so he would definitely look in the opposite direction if you turned to ask him something as he was appreciating your appearance. Ever eloquent, however, he would find a way to compliment you in an extremely flattering and subtle way, all the while looking down.

~ yixing ~

Stares in awe. Yixing is a little oblivious in the most endearing way when it comes to how he checks you out. If you happened to notice his eyes on you, you would think he looked a little goofy when he didn’t break his stare, but grin as his admiration was plain on his face. Another one who doesn’t have a problem letting you know how fantastic you look, he would be delighted but surprised at how positive your reaction to his compliments were.

~ baekhyun ~

Baekhyun’s stare is powerful. He is extremely confident in his ability to get a reaction out of you, using his gaze as a weapon. Even if you weren’t looking at him, you could feel his eyes on you, making you squirm. His favorite thing to do was rile you up, so if you did catch his eye, a smirk would light up his face as his eyes dragged up and down your form. He wouldn’t tell you how good you looked, he would show you.

~ jongdae ~

Jongdae is forward. He doesn’t hesitate to tell you that you look great and isn’t shy about checking you out. In fact, he would probably ask you to do a little twirl in your outfit, showering you in compliments. You couldn’t help but smile shyly at him as he gaped at you, whistling and taking your hands in his. He lives for your bashful attempts to accept his praise, encouraging him to do it more often.

~ chanyeol ~

Chanyeol is more of a blank starer. He often finds himself at a loss of words when looking at you, his eyes wide as you enter the room. His reaction often makes you giggle, his total oblivion to his own expression making you laugh and blush. Realizing by your reaction to him, he begins blushing as well, grinning at you like a kid. However, if you didn’t notice him checking you out, he would probably stare at you unabashedly in awe.

~ kyungsoo ~

Kyungsoo’s stare is intense. His eyes follow you across the room and you feel them on you as you walk by him, your cheeks heating up in embarrassment. Kyungsoo would not be necessarily shy, but rather a bit sheepish as you lock eyes with him while he shamelessly checks you out. Kyungsoo will comment on how gorgeous you look, merely stating facts, but won’t flatter you. Unbeknownst to him, his unwavering gaze alone made you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. 

~ jongin ~

He shyly notices how good you look, swiftly adverting his gaze as soon as he finishes his once-over. You could always tell if he was just looking at you, his cheeks a lovely shade of pink as he hid his face partially with his sweater. You would love to tease him, but this adorable embarrassment was simply too innocent to bear. If you did catch him staring at you, he would shake his head bashfully, secretly loving the pleased look on your face.

~ sehun ~

Sehun is confident until he is caught. His eyes trailing down your figure, he bites his lip as he follows your movements. Sehun keeps his eyes glued to you until he realizes you’re staring right back, his eyes immediately widening as you smirked at him. He would become a little awkward after being caught red-handed, scratching the back of his neck as he complimented you. His face lit up as you grew embarrassed, making a mental note to get caught checking you out every so often. 

~ admin C 

Imagine Woozi resting his head on your thighs while you run your fingers through his soft hair.

Sweet Pea x Reader | Safe🌹part.1

•The reader finds herself in the middle of the street on a rainy night. She can’t remember anything about her life, not even her name. Sweet Pea finds her and takes her home, wanting to keep her safe more than anything.•


I was walking in the middle of the street, rain pouring on my long t-shirt. I didn’t know where I was. I didn’t know who I was. It’s like someone had rebooted my brain and dropped me in the middle of a dark street somewhere i’ve never been. My old sneekers were flooded and my hair was sticking to my forehead. I jumped as a loud noise suprised me from behind. A motorcycle’s headlights blinding me. I started shaking. Were they going to harm me? Oh believe me, I must’ve looked like a deer in the headlights at that moment. The engine stopped and the light turned off as a tall figure walked towards me. I stepped back and tears ran down my cheeks.

“Hum.. Are you alright?” The figure asked, it’s voice deep and scratchy.

I didn’t respond. I couldn’t. I got to see his face when he stood under the streetlight. He was handsome. Just seeing that he was about the same age as me made me less scared of him.

“What are you doing alone in the pouring rain? You must be freezing..” he said. I stared at him, not sure if I was meant to trust him yet.

“Don’t be scared.. I won’t hurt you okay? I just want to help you.” He said, removing his leather jacket.

I must’ve looked terrified. I was. He had a black eye and a fresh scar on his cheek.

“You can trust me.. My name’s Sweet Pea. I know it’s terrible but I think it’s a bit funny.” He smiled and approached me. I didn’t step back.

“It’s okay.. here, it’ll warm you up. You must be cold.” He said, putting his jacket on my shoulders.

I instantly felt the warmth overcome me. I must’ve looked horrible in the long t-shirt that I was wearing, only my underwear underneath it. Was this even my t-shirt?

“You look a bit lost.. Are you sure you’re alright?” He asked, worried.

I shaked my head mentioning “no”. I didn’t even know who I was. He frowned and looked around. We were in the middle of the street, pouring rain falling on us.

“I can’t let you here alone.. there’s a killer on the loose. You need to come with me okay?..” he said, taking my hand.

I panicked and removed it from his grip.

“Hey it’s alright… I won’t hurt you I promise. Just trust me okay, you can’t be here alone.” He said.

I took his hand again and he helped me get on his bike. He had only one helmet and i wondered how he would make this work. He slid it on my head and smiled.

“Here, you look all badass now.”

I smiled a bit and he did too. He sat in front of me and spoke up again.

“You’re going to have to hold on tight to me okay?” He said, starting the engine. We drove in the empty streets for a few minutes until we arrived into what looked like a campground. A small trailer house was surrounded by trees and plants. He helped me get off the bike and removed my helmet.

“This is my home. I know it’s a bit small but it’s all mine. You’ll be safer here.” He said, leading me inside.

It was indeed very small. But it was better than being alone in the streets. He locked the door behind us and cleaned up a bit, realising how messy it was. I looked around and noticed that there wasn’t a lot of furniture. Only a small couch, an old tv, a table and two chairs were there.

“I’m gonna get you dry clothes, you can stay here.” He said, starting to walk away.

I grabbed his big hand with both of my small ones. I didn’t want him to leave me.

“It’s okay, i’ll just be in the other room, don’t worry.” He smiled.

I let him go and hugged his jacket closer. It smelt good. He came back with a sweatshirt and some grey pants.

“You can go change in the bathroom, it’s just down there.”

I looked at where he pointed and looked back at him. It was dark down there, i didn’t want to be alone.

“You don’t want to be alone do you?” He said.

I nodded and looked down. Why was I so terrified?

“Okay then.. I’ll just turn around. is that okay? I’ll put my hand in front of my eyes too.” He said, turning around so I could change.

I quickly did and tapped his shoulder when I was done. He turned around and chuckled when he saw me. I looked like a clown with these big clothes on.

“We’re gonna go get you some clothes tommorow. Girl ones. A bit smaller than this okay?” He smiled.

I nodded also smiling. For the rest of the night, we watched a bit of tv. He had made a fire and had wrapped a blanket around me to warm me up. He was very nice to me. He didn’t have much in his refrigerator but he had soup. He made us each a bowl and it felt good to finally eat something.

“Are you going to talk soon? I want to know your name.” He said, tasting the soup.

I couldn’t bring myself to say something. Even If I could talk, I didn’t know my name. I felt like an idiot because of it.

“Oh.. you don’t remember your name do you?..” he asked, looking down.

I shaked my head and he looked at me carefuly. After a few seconds he smirked and spoke up.

“Let’s call you Rosie. Until you can remember your real name.” He said.

I smiled and finally felt like I was real. Rosie. It was a nice name. It was getting pretty late and sweet pea kept yawning. I wasn’t that tired but i needed a bit of rest. He let me sleep in his bed. The covers were soft and he instaled a night light so i wouldn’t be scared during the night.

“Goodnight Rosie. I’m going to sleep on the couch in the other room alright?” He said.

And i felt scared again. I didn’t want to be alone. He was the only person i trusted right now and i was terrified. 

“Stay..” I said. My voice was raspy from not talking for so long. He stopped and looked back at me.

“Stay with me.. please?” I said, holding back the tears. He thought about it for a few seconds and nodded. He layed next to me and awkwardly stepped under the covers.

“Thank you..” I whispered.

He smiled and placed one of my lose strand of hair behind my ear.

“I’m gonna keep you safe alright?” I nodded and smiled. “We’re going to find out what happened to you. Now get some sleep alright.” He whispered back.

I closed my eyes and tried to get some sleep. I was safe. Safe from something Dangerous that I couldn’t remember.

Hope you enjoyed it! It was my first Riverdale writing so any feedback would be really apreciated❤️:) If you guys are interested in a part 2, just let me know:)

PART TWO: https://riverdalespolaroids.tumblr.com/post/167698323196/sweet-pea-x-reader-safe-part-2-sweet-pea

Right Here, Right Now // Steve Harrington

Right Here, Right Now

Steve Harrington X Henderson Sibling (tried to do gender neutral)

Warning(s): Swearing, that’s about it

A/N: So I finished watching Stranger Things and I had this idea in my head for about three days and thought I’d write for you cool people. My apologies this is kinda long (oops). Let me know if any of you want more Stranger Things stuff from me (I still have a couple Harry Potter requests that I’m struggling to find motivation to finish oops). Thank you for reading, I hope you like it (: P.S - There’s a bad joke in here that you’ll understand if you listen to this song. P.P.S - I have renamed this thing so many times jeez the louise.

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I sat in the living room with mom, watching a re-run of M*A*S*H with mom.

“Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!” I heard Dustin curse to himself as he padded down the stairs.

I stood up from the couch and walked into the kitchen, where Dustin was rummaging around, looking for something.

“What’cha lookin’ for, kid?” I asked, leaning on the counter, wanting to laugh at how ridiculous he looked.

So frantic and stressed and he’s only thirteen. I didn’t know how interested he was in going to the school’s Snowball Dance, but, I’m happy he wants to go. I just wish he was less frantic about because honestly, he’s stressing me out. I’m almost eighteen and I haven’t been that stressed since I took my SAT’s.

“It’s in a paper bag, have you seen it? I put it on the counter and it’s gone!” Dustin said, throwing unopened envelopes to the floor.

I walk around the counter to pick them up and I hear Dustin run out the room, probably with his mystery bag.


I sat on the piano in the basement, squinting at my very hard to read sheet music. My book of sheet music was given to me for my twelfth birthday by mom, it’s from the sixties, and the print is absolutely tiny. I reached for my glasses case, which was on the coffee table and opened it. The case was empty.

“Aw, crap.” I whispered to myself.

I walked up the stairs to ask mom if she’d seen them, but, mom wasn’t there. I looked out the front window to see if mom’s car was there, and it wasn’t. I walked upstairs and towards Dustin’s room.

“Hey, Dustin?”


“Did mom already leave for her-” I opened the door and saw Dustin stood in front of his mirror, frozen, with a can of Farrah Fawcett hairspray in his hands.

“Sure, come on in. The door wasn’t shut for a reason!” Dustin said sarcastically.

“What’cha doing?” I sat on his bed, still fascinated at his hair.

“Getting ready.” Dustin said, spraying, then smoothing down, over and over again.

“Have you seen my glasses? They aren’t in their case.”

“Did you fall asleep reading last night? ‘Cause they’re probably on your beside table.” Dustin said.

“Crap, I didn’t even think of that, thanks.”

“No problem, now, if you don’t mind, my ride is almost here.”

“I still don’t get why you go somebody to drive you when I could easily have taken you.” I stood up and walked out of the room.

“Well, you’re car isn’t the coolest ride.” Dustin said as I walked out of the room. I rolled my eyes at his lame diss towards my car. Sure, my car is ten years old, but, it runs and gets me where I need to be, and that’s all that matters.

I stood up and walked into my room. I heard the doorbell ring through the house, and before I turn my head, Dustin was already rushing down the stairs yelling, “I’LL GET IT!”

I found my glasses on top of my copy of The Great Gatsby, that was sitting on my bedside table. I put hem on and walked downstairs. I saw Dustin standing at the door, facing his chauffeur for the evening.

“Steve?” I said.

“Hi.” Steve said, leaning in the entrance.

I quickly took off my glasses and put them on the counter. I knew Steve had grown closer to Dustin, since going to the Upside-Down, but, I wasn’t expecting Steve to remain close to Dustin, considering he’s my age and five years older than Dustin. His devotion to helping out Dustin was admirable, and I’ve gotten to see his other side to him. Not King Steve; Ruler of Hawkins High School, but his real self. His caring and helpful side. I like that side, I just wish he didn’t hide under the many layers of stubbornness, bad friends and insensitive comments.

“Shit! I forgot to put on cologne! Gimme a sec.” Dustin said, rushing upstairs.

“So, you’re taking Dustin to the dance?” I said, attempting small-talk, badly.

“Yeah. He’s really pumped for it.” Steve replied.

“I know, right? So.. are you going inside with him?” I asked.

“No, I’m just… helping him out. He’s grown on me.”

“Well, that’s nice of you,” I took a few steps closer to him, “You know, you’ve also kinda grown on me, Steve.”

“That’s good. We’ve seen each other a lot lately” Steve smiled.

“So, what are you doing tonight? Besides driving my brother to a school dance?” I asked.

“I didn’t really have much plans. You?”

“Yeah, me neither. I was just gonna stay home… Wow, that’s sounds pathetic, doesn’t it?” I laughed at myself.

“Yeah, kinda does. You want to come with us? Then, after we drop off Dustin we can just be pathetic instead of lonely and pathetic.” Steve offered.

“Sure.” I said.

Just as a finished putting on my jacket and shoes, Dustin finally came back downstairs.

“What the hell are you doing?” Dustin asked me.

“I’m gonna come with you to drop you off.” I answered.

“Seriously?” Dustin whined.

“You can still have the front seat.” I offered.

Dustin’s face lit up, “Okay, she can stay.”

Steve, Dustin and I left the house and drove to Hawkins Middle School.


Steve pulled up the front of the school and I listened to him and Dustin’s little pep-talk from the backseat.

Dustin got out of the car and we both watched him go inside. I got out of the car and slid into the passenger seat. Steve began driving away.

“If you… look in the glove compartment, you’ll find my cassettes, if you want to put some music on.” Steve asked. I pulled down and three cassettes immediately feet to my feet. “Sorry, I have a lot.” Steve laughed.

I read aloud the titles of the tapes, “The Smiths, Tears For Fears, AC/DC, Queen, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath.” All of them were bands I’d heard and enjoyed before, but, one the next title is the one that stood out. “Best Mixtape Ever?”

Steve’s face almost lit up like a Christmas tree, “Yeah, I, uh, I made that a little while ago. It’s got some of the best songs on it. Trust me.”

“Alright, let’s give it a shot.” I put the tape in the cassette deck and it began.

I looked at Steve excitedly when I recognized the intro, “I love this song!”

The first song that played was Too Much Time On My Hands by Styx.


Steve took the long way back to my house and we listened the the entirety of the Best Mixtape Ever. And it was.

Steve pulled into my driveway and we entered the house. We kicked off our shoes hung up our jackets.

“My turn to show you my music collection, now.” I took his hand and lead him downstairs. I stopped in front of the shelf, full of records. “They aren’t your cool cassettes, but, we’ve got some gems here.”

Steve smiled and sat down the piano bench, a few feet away from where I was rummaging through to find my favourite records.

I pulled out about six and squeezed beside Steven on the piano bench. I handed Steve the records and he looked at them.

“Let’s see, we got Hall & Oates: Big Bam Boom, INXS: The Swing, Pink Floyd: The Wall, Queen: A Night At The Opera, The Beatles: Abbey Road, Journey: Frontiers…”

“This album’s my favourite.” I pulled The Wall by Pink Floyd record from him.

I played it on my record player and I sang along with it, on the piano bench, while Steve looked through more records on the shelf.

Another Brick In The Wall, Part Two played and Steve smiled at me.

“What?” I asked.

“I remember this playing at the Snowball when we went to Hawkins Middle School.”

“This song played there? Seems ironic.” I joked

“I know, right? You don’t remember that song playing and everyone screaming the lyrics at the teachers?” Steve asked.

“I didn’t go to the Snowball.” I admitted, “I haven’t even been to a school dance before. Or even danced with someone, for that matter.”


I nodded, “Yeah, that’s kind of embarrassing, I’ve never told anyone that before.”

“Don’t be embarrassed…” He pulled out a record by The Police, “No way, you have Synchronicity on vinyl!”

“I totally forgot that I had that!” I said.

“Best album ever, right?!”

I stood up and put it on the record player.

We listened to the first six songs and the seventh track and my favourite song by The Police came on; Every Breath You Take.

Steve stood up from the piano bench and held his hand out to me.

“What’cha doing?” I asked, trying to diffuse the… electricity in the room. It didn’t feel tense, it just felt like something would happen. He took my hands in his and pulled me to my feet.

“I’m gonna give your first slow dance.” Steve said.

“I don’t know how to dance.” I pulled my hands away.

“It’s easy.” Steve held my hands again and guided them up to his shoulders. He slid his hands down to my waist and pulled me closer.

“So… How exactly do I do this?” I asked, sounding too awkward for words.

“You just… Find the beat… Sway a little…” Steve looked into my eyes for a split second, and continued teaching, “And once you get good at that, you can use your feet.”

“Gotcha.” I joked.

There was no point in cancelling out the electricity in the room. The way Steve was looking me in the eyes, it was like he was feeling it, too, he was just letting it be.

“Look a you. You’re a great dancer.” Steve said.

“I’ve always wanted to know what it looked like when someone lies while slow dancing.” I joked.

Steve laughed, “I’m serious, you’re a natural.”

“Thank you, Steve.”

As the song finished, Steve’s face began moving closer to my face. His brown eyes were up closer than I’ve ever seen them. Steve smiled a little before leaning in to kiss me. His hands moved to my lower back and closed the small gap that was between us. I pulled away slowly and I smiled at him. He smiled back.

“I’m stuck with you, now, aren’t I?” I asked.

“I mean, if you’re cool with that…” Steve laughed lightly.

Getting Along

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Request: Could you do a Jensen x Reader where the Reader puts an ad for a new roommate. Jensen calls and the Reader accepts, but later regrets it because all they do is bicker and fight over mundane things so she tries to annoy him so he can move out?

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 1,700ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Life tip, don’t be an ass to your roommate if you ever have one. Talk stuff out like adults…

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also these are such good suits for reaching a mass audience, like i loveeeee his really out there suits, but for some occasions, it really isn’t that bad to play it on the fun-but-still-safer side. he looked amazing and bold at the X Factor, but a lot of the nasty articles after sorta ultimately distracted from his performance itself press-wise, which is always a bit of a bummer! these suits are still fun (it’s not just a standard black suit), but they’re also going to keep all of the focus on the performances and models you know 

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I was at the Morrissey show in Salt Lake City last night. I saw Dallon, but I was too scared to say hello. When the concert was almost over, some guy got into a fight with security right where Dallon and Breezy were standing. And Dallon straight up CHOKED THE GUY OUT so that security could get him handcuffed and out of the Venue. Then he just went right back to watching the show!!?!? Dallon is a freaking secret super hero!!?!? I’m only sad I didn’t get video of it, but it happened too fast.

Holy shit! I don’t know how but Dallon, who’s already basically the best human to walk on this earth, just keeps amazing me more and more every day with just how Good he is. I’m very happy he’s the person I chose to look up to.

Dallon’s the a true hero and probably stole the show from Morrissey for a moment there haha

Thank you so much for telling me this! I love the guy so much!
I hope you had a great time as well! And next time don’t be scared, he’s the best and really appreciates it when people come and say hi :)

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come november, keith switches out his leather jacket for a good winter coat but shiro is still wearing his light vest. and continues to do so through december. finally january begins and keith is like "shiro just put on a damn coat" and shiro is freeezing but hes so stubborn bc he wants to look cool year round

shiro just does it so keith will offer him his jacket and keith bought one three size too big just for him

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"I thought you didnt want me" usuk - arthur with insecurity issues

Send me a super sappy line.


Arthur had meant to keep the shock out of his tone. He was always very good at controlling his emotions, disguising them. His mother had just accused him of being too good at lying, but Arthur thought of it more like a defence mechanism. It was better if people didn’t know what he was thinking.

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Creepypasta #1312: The Lolita Next Door

Length: Long

I’ve been next door neighbors with Kurt for several years, and as far as I can remember, he lived in with only one long time relationship that has been over for more than five years now. We usually acknowledged each other by a short noncommittal “How’s it going?”, just small talk, whenever we see each other. We weren’t close by any standards, but we looked out for each other the way neighbors naturally do.

I was coming home from work around 5pm when Kurt got out of the elevator just several minutes after I did, and walked to his apartment. He had his hand on the back of a small woman, or rather a girl walking beside him, carrying a small luggage. He noticed me looking and grinned.

“Hey there, Rob. This is Lia, my girlfriend.”

I smiled and looked over at the girl, because really she looked so young. Well, not young young as in like a little kid, but too young for Kurt. She looked nothing over 18 and Kurt is nearing his 50s. She was quiet but when introduced to me, she faced me and gave me a coy, but radiant smile.

“Hi, I’m Rob.” “Nice to meet you.”

She had olive skin and long, straight jet black hair, her head barely reaching Kurt’s shoulder. I was pretty sure she came from somewhere in southeast Asia. Her eyes were dark and enigmatic. She really was so unusually beautiful I had to catch myself from staring too much. I excused myself a little after that, and all three of us entered our own apartments.

“So. Have you seen her?” said Will one Sunday afternoon, another tenant from the building who works the same job that Kurt has. Will was pretty much the only guy I could spend time with in the building who wasn’t twice my age.

“Yeah I have, a couple days ago. Saw them enter,” I replied “Why?”

He snickered. “I bet that girl is barely legal. Bet he got her from those.. what did they call ‘em? Mail order brides?” Then he laughed outright. “Bet she thought he was loaded or something. Girls from third world countries always think we’re all loaded here.”

I didn’t answer, although I kinda wanna agree with him, about the age part. I couldn’t really give a shit whether Kurt met Lia through a mail order bride website or whether they just clicked online or what. Live and let live right? However, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Being neighbors with Kurt for years, I know what an asshole he is to women. Let’s just say, I’m glad the only woman he lived with for years has finally left him. But here we go again..

Days passed before I actually saw Lia again. I saw Kurt regularly, every time he goes to work. That one time I did see her, Lia was looking through a slightly opened door as Kurt left for work. Watching his back as he pressed the elevator door. She caught me watching her, and gave me a small smile before closing the door.

“The Lolita next door,” Will told me with glee one afternoon.

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Don't damage his hair too much, please XD

Wh-Whaaat ?? Me Ruining Taiyou’s hair ? Hehe no waaay i am just making a little changes … see 

here is the normal Taiyou we all know 

I think he would look better with a ponytail !! Maaan who isn’t looking good with a ponytail? -except for Kyousuke idk what is that ? lmao

maybe with messy hair ??? 

OH OH OHHH what about a headband?? 

and and and more addition ??  

see? nothing got damaged here :D

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Some Junkers with a child reader?

  • They’re both great and horrible role models. They’ve got their obvious faults, a bit more attuned to violence than any normal parent would feel comfortable with. But they’ll protect you to the death, an odd sense of morals that they stick to fiercely.
  • They’re also fun to be around, at least Junkrat is. Roadhog is the one who stops you both from going too far, recognizing that his lifestyle isn’t the best for children or youth.
  • You, despite your parents best efforts, often go to find them. They do hold back some of their more ludicrous ideas when you’re around. 
  • It surprises everyone how good they are to you, they both adoring you just as much. Junkrat gets excited as he waits for you to visit and put together parts, Roadhog hides a smile when you say hi, looking up to him.

I would say Mark needs to teach Ethan how to do that little barely there sexy smile and just own that he’s good looking instead of being a goofball 24/7 for the camera - but no Ethan would become too powerful

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That ask about nancy got my brain running lol. What kind of personality traits do you think steve looks for in a significant other? or i guess what is he attracted to, in your opinion? Nothing physical because that can be subjective. Love your writing!

thank you love!!! and honestly same lol! That ask got me thinkin’! I think that Steve does look at a person’s appearance first, I just think that’s how he becomes interested in someone. Then he just sort of- slides in you get me?? Lol because when I write Steve, I always see him as the type of guy who just puts himself out there when he’s interested in someone, always trying to talk to them, being smooth asf cause the guy knows he looks good! And if the person shows zero interest, he wouldn’t give up! As for personality traits, I think he looks for someone who is loyal, very passionate too, fun-loving, strength and courageous, someone who he is comfortable being himself around, and they aren’t afraid to be themselves around him? I think what attracts him the most is how they take care of themselves and how they aren’t afraid to tell him anything. I think the most accurate I’ve written is from Canceled Date with him pursuing the reader and the reader thinks like “omf this guy is everywhere what does he want”, and the most accurate pairing to me was in Hit and Run. I think the readers I create have a part of the traits I put tbh?? Like in Knight in Shining Armor she talks to him about what she’s feeling, Halloween Candy isn’t much a reader/steve but it’s the being comfortable part. Honestly it’s just how I think he would- a lot of people have different perceptions but it feels like they revolve around these traits lol!

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Do you ever look at Jaehwan and just kind of melt? Because he’s such a good soul and a delightful person and it doesn’t matter too much if you’re not really happy right now, Jyani can lend you some of his until you find your own again..?

LIKE UMMMM….EVERY TIME???? but literally, when i have a bad day i spend an hour or even more just watching fancams from his musicals or other moments when he’s with his starlight babies. HE’S SO LOVING??? ♥♥♥

questbendyfangirl  asked:

Have you ever just stopped to think about how pointless life is? We're just born to die. Some of us can do good things, but almost everyone will be forgotten.... Why am I thinking about this shit? I'm 14...

You sound like this annoying and unbearable classmate of mine. He never sees the good in situations and people. Honestly, if you look to the scientific and factual reason why humans exist, that could be true, but really? Who cares what the real reasoning is? As long as we fulfill making this life memorable and deal with it, it shouldn’t matter. I know it sounds too hopeful, but I believe that there is more purpose and potential in every single human being. Don’t stress yourself about it, be curious.