he is just so stu

(shit quality but) I love how happy 2D looks here. But, my god, the whole teeth inconsistency really irks me. JAMIE MAKE UP YOUR MIND‼️‼️ DOES 2D HAVE TWO FRONT TEETH OR NOT??????????👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

Oh, also, kinda weird, but for some reason I never noticed how you can actually see his eyes behind those glasses 🤗


ikilledtherpc’s alternate fc suggestions

Don’t like playing racists and abusers* but are somehow hard set in belief that Cold Sprouts (24) is the only waify brooding male faceclaim out there and feel like you have no choice but to play him because he’s ~just so perfect~ for your gary stu loner oc? Congrats, you’re incorrect and all of the above are better choices than him. Names below link to their gif hunt tags.

— AMADEUS SERAFINI (25) Kieran from Scream is a little more rugged with that I’m a 20-Something Playing A High Schooler Stubble, but he’s still a great alternative. His gifpacknetwork tag can be found here.

— DAVID LAMBERT (23) best known for playing Brandon on The Fosters. He has plenty of resources and his gifpacknetwork tag can be found here.

— RYAN POTTER (21) the ultimate Robin and the voice of Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6, Ryan has a killer instagram that’ll satisfy all your artsy needs.

ELIAS BENDER RØNNENFELT (25) lead singer of a Danish band called Iceage. He’s on thin ice (ba-dum-tsss) because I can almost see the racist in his eyes and I don’t trust him. Nevertheless he looks like a great alt. 

FRANCISCO LACHOWSKI (26) not as popular as he used to be but still a viable option for an alt! His gifpacknetwork tag can be found here.

*this isn’t an invitation for you to try and defend your white fave. act a fool on this post and you’ll catch a swift block, thanks.


it’s like 3 am and they’re sitting on the couch or something and Murdoc’s laying his head in Stu’s lap and Stu’s just playing with Mudz’s hair and singing to him and it’s peaceful and they’re happy and in love and it’s all okay

Another Naruto Ending Rant

One way through which pro-enders like to defend Hokage Naruto is by pointing out how he has completely changed the village that we once knew to a ‘city’ or whatever the kids call it these day.

But that’s not exactly the case here. Naruto isn’t the sole one responsible for the development. Just hear me out.

In the Boruto anime, where Boruto is presumably a seven year old, it has been stated that the war happened “ten years ago”. So that means Boruto was born three years after the war ended (lmfao these horny ninjas). In the OVA where Naruto became Hokage, Boruto is presumably a four or five year old. So that implies Naruto became the Hokage seven or eight years after the war. That means Kakashi has been Hokage for all that time. That leaves Naruto two or three years to ‘develop’ the village to where it stands as shown in Boruto the anime.

Obviously it’s not possible that Konoha was turned from a village to whatever it is now just when Naruto was given the title of Hokage: it was during Kakashi’s term as Hokage. Hell, we’ve seen the use of laptops in the novels, when Kakashi was Hokage. Even in “The Day Naruto Became Hokage” OVA, the village is similar to what is shown in the Boruto anime.

So that means the achievements of Hokage Naruto are not his own. This development was just handed down from Kakashi to him, the development Kakashi and the other Kage brought about in those seven or eight years.

So yeah, Hokage Naruto is not the Hokage we wanted him to be. Naruto was just being handed stuff since the war ended. In fact, even the peace between the villages was just handed to him from the already formed Allied Shinobi Forces.  

The longer the Boruto series exists, the more it keeps undermining the Naruto ending. Yeah, we might be getting more of Naruto and the others. Yeah, we may be getting an interesting story line. Yes, Boruto may be getting more fleshed out as a character. Yes, there may be some new lovable characters. But why at the cost of the characters and stories we connected to? Why fuck up everything for whatever reason? Why can’t the Boruto series exist in a universe where all the OG characters and events are not fucked over? Whyyyy???

Besides, the show was never about Naruto becoming Hokage to change the Leaf Village to the Leaf City. It was about a lot more, a whole universe we could’ve expanded upon. But alas, all is lost.

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also amusement park AU where 2d drags Russ on all the rides and while they wait in lines stu makes friendship bracelets (he carries a lil backpack full of strings n stuff) to keep himself busy and gives them to little kids he sees crying to cheer them up!!and russ just finds stu's kindness so adorable and just :))))

YES!!!!!! Stu’s not the GREATEST with kids, but he’s learned little things that will put them at ease and make them happy and GIFTING them things is always a surefire way to get their huge eyes away from staring at his own, or his hair

Also, Russ finds it endlessly amusing how much 2d actually likes roller coasters considering it leaves the kid woozy and out of it (even more than usual) for the rest of the day. And by amusing, he means ‘endearing but annoying’ because russ has a weak stomach for coasters :c

Warning for 2Doc one-shot under the cut! (more 2Doc than the last one)

Rating: pg-13

Warnings: well, 2Doc, cursing, references to alcoholism, I personally feel like anything pre-phase 3 has a bit of an eerie feeling considering we know what ends up happening so warning for that, 2D being awkward.

Summary: Takes place during their stay in Jamaica following the completion of the first album. When Stu hears Murdoc leave his room in the middle of the night he goes looking for him. When he finally tracks him down, the two share a moment of sorts.

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thoughts on all the illegitmate mini stus ?????? pls

   hey listen i just started crying so hmmm. the thing w stu’s lil kids is that the hecking creators seem to have forgotten about them entirely. however, this is my blog and my city now, and if there’s one thing i’m good at, it’s clinging to tiny canon details and never letting them go. 

   it’s stated in the emails that you could read that stu does pay for the kids, despite forgetting/missing payments sometimes —- he sends them gifts and such, but we’ve never been told that he goes to see them, if ygm? now, i see why he doesn’t go to visit; it’s UNFAIR. he disappears for months at  a time in phase 3 when he’s stranded on plastic beach, and i’m assuming that most of these lil kiddos are very young at this time, so it’s unfair for them to see this father of theirs and then he…. vanishes…. you know?

    i’d like to think he sees them a hell of a lot more towards the doyathing era and is seeing them consistently in p4. he’s a well meaning father, but has no idea how to discipline children, as i’ve said before. in the dirty harry video, the closest thing we’ve got of him acting like a guardian to tiny tots, he’s still acting more ‘brotherly’, as in, providing entertainment and a distraction instead of keeping the kids out of trouble and making sure they behave, you feel?

    i really love that they’ve inherited his hair. that’s such a cute and quaint little detail that’s always stuck out to me, because we all know that stu wasn’t born with blue hair anyway. probably just a plothole, but i love it. i like to think that the kids all know each other. it’s been implied that there are A Lot of them (at least ten, if memory serves) so i quite like the idea of them all going somewhere together like the zoo as if it’s a class trip, with stu as peter pan leading his lost boys and girls.