he is just so hard now

“I don’t intend to let you down.”

“I didn’t abandon you.”

But gUYS tho, guys.. Can you even imagine what is going through poor Killian’s head. Like, FUUUUUUU… They had a fight and now he’s unable to go back to her, and he KNOWS her. He KNOWS her insecurities and fears of people leaving.

And he’s gotten her to trust him with everything she is, and now he KNOWS how this looks to her. That he just up and left her. Like everybody else.

But he’s not everybody else. He didn’t leave her, and it’s KILLING him knowing that she’s breaking down back home, knowing that she’s possibly putting her walls back up, after they worked so hard together to bring them down.

LIKE. I can’t even imagine being Killian Jones right now. The thought of so much heartache happening to your loved one (over HIM) and it all being out of your control, that you can’t just go to her and hug her and tell her that everything is okay and that you will NEVER leave her, ever. I jUST SFKGHJ..

Can we talk about how fucking good Matthew looks with that damn eyeliner???

Somebody needs to give me a scene now where Magnus applies some eyeliner on Alec’s eyes and then they’ll go to “Pandemonium”, Magnus showing off his gorgeous boyfriend, including a hot, sexy dancing scene.

Excuse me, I just need some air now.

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My first thought when this whole thing started was they are trying to drive Robert crazy and I hope that's still the case cause as much as I love him, all the other storyline routes are crappy to me. It makes sense, he spent the whole year doing stuff to protect Aaron and Liv, planned a romantic wedding to now think he's failed after being so content and promising Aaron so much is a hard thing to take even if they were broken up.

Yes yes yes anon!!

I’m convinced this sl is about breaking down the boys as individuals and as a couple (and then building them back up).

I know that a preg sl is a good way of doing that, but flat out, it’s ~boring. You know what’s more compelling? R (and Ross probably lol) messing with Roberts head. Making Robert paranoid af and just making life hell for him while he tries to reconnect with Aaron and keep his infidelity a secret.

I’m still holding on to the hope that R/R didn’t have sex. Cause that would be so great to see. Just R holding on to that secret so she can gaslight the hell out of Robert.

We wanted to see Robert break down right? Well his breakdown has only started. Ed isn’t done with him yet and I think this would be a great way to fuck with him. They have already done a great deal of damage to Aaron and I know they sure as hell aren’t done with him either. They have mentioned his mental health being addressed and so it kinda gives me hope this is all leading somewhere.

They have talked about putting robron through the wringer. Testing them. This is ed testing robron.

I’m sorry, but regardless of which way the sl goes (pls ed not the preg way pls spare me the bs) they are doing what they said they would, and I truly believe this is all to build robron back up. And no matter how much I hate what they do, I’m gonna take the good stuff they give us and run with it while ignoring the stupid stuff I don’t like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ life is too short to pay attention to canon :)

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Steve may be a fugitive but a NYC school isn't going to throw away a perfectly good 5 year old video (that they show on their old small Sony TV) unless he was a fugitive for something truly unsavory. Breaking the Accords. Pfft.

LOL, maybe someone will comment about how their school is so cheap, they won’t get rid of a video just b/c the guy is on the run now.  Damn cutbacks!  I mean, there are actual ways of addressing it.  Will be interesting to see what they do.  

The school also has Bruce’s picture up, right?  And people know he’s Hulk and broke Harlem, right?  It has been so long since I watched that movie, I can’t remember if his identity is out, though I guess post-CA:TWS, that would be known?  Hard to keep up.  Anyway, maybe it takes a bit more than destroying Harlem or saving your innocent bestie from a kill squad to get that school to buy new materials.

Ok, so I know absolutely no one in this fandom nor I have actually interacted with it that much, but somehow imagination kind of came to me today and I feel like I should share this with you all? 


I’ve got the feeling that once you win Mick’s trust there’s no way out unless you go and betray him for good, for it being so hard to win that you actually have to prove yourself over and over until he knows you’re trustful. And once you are under Mick’s wing you’re just, there. He knows so and he doesn’t need you to be happy about it nor even cares if you actually care about you being considered trustful by him. The same way a mother hen would see an abandoned baby duckling and say “this is my chicken now, not yours. Stay away.” 

I think something like that would also happen when it comes to relationships. He wouldn’t talk about feelings, he’s not a talkative guy, he would just see if he’s not imagining things, understand their chemistry for how it is, and give that person a place in his life, a place for the other to fit in. He doesn’t need to put it into words, he just finds where and how the other one fits in his life and says “ah, there’s that” and moves on.

Now, imagine that maybe Ray and Mick have been fooling around for awhile, Ray may think it’s nothing serious, Mick never talks about it nor shows anything about what they have going on between them. What happens in their rooms stays in their rooms, only them and Gideon are the wisers, and whenever they’re with the group they act as they usually would, as if nothing changed. Imagine that for this or that reason they have to go back to their time and talk to Lisa, and presentation time is up.

Imagine Mick saying “that’s the team, except for him. Haircut and I are together”. Imagine he kind of forgot to tell Ray that. Imagine Ray’s face. Imagine the group’s faces.

So of course Ray wasn’t even remotely aware of what Mick thought about him, about them, he didn’t even think Mick would consider them an item. So when the words are out of Mick’s mouth the first thing he says is “Wait, what? No, wait. What?” because suddenly the woman in front of him looks very threatening, all sharp teeth and wild smirk much like her brother, and his teammates aren’t exactly helpful with their reactions:

“Wait a sec, they’re shagging?” / “since fucking when?” / “oh dear lord I didn’t need that mental image in my head, thank you Mr. Jackson” among others.

Cue for lots of awkwardness, weird looks, embarrassing chats, and meetings that last way too long for Ray to be able to snatch a private moment so he could get to talk to Mick alone and without prying eyes around.

“I’m not saying that I don’t want us to be together, okay?” Is the first thing Ray says once he gets Mick all for his own “All I’m saying is that before you go around telling people that we are together you should’ve at least.. asked me, if I wanted to be with you. To… date you” and it’s incredibly stupid how jittery and nervous he has been feeling since Mick outed them just like that.

“But you want to, don’t ya?” 

And it’s also incredibly infuriating how passive Mick feels about it all, how calm he looks, as if the whole conversation was pointless, as if it were as simple as “you want to, I want to, where’s the problem?” …Maybe Mick does have a point though.

“Sure, I do but…” 

“Then there, problem solved.” And with a swing of his beer Mick stands up and leaves the room, not without giving him a firm pat on his shoulder. Maybe Ray’s overthinking it, maybe it was really that easy. Still he can’t help but sigh, feeling resigned about it all. Don’t get him wrong, the whole prospect of being an actual, facebook official couple makes him thrilled, he’s happy, he’s so happy he believes he won’t be able to stop smiling for decades. That’s not why he sighs though, it’s just that something at the back of his mind tells him that Mick’s way-too-forward ways will get him into a way lot of trouble.

He’ll remember exactly that thought when, five years from then on Mick comes to him, slams a ring into the table (an engagement ring in fact!) and leaves the room right after saying “We’re getting married”.

“Wait, what? Mick? Mick! What did I tell you about asking first!?” Ray asks while running after him, ring now secured in the palm of his hand. At least this time he told him first instead of doing so in front of the whole team, that has to count as a win somehow, right? Right?

Fire and Air

I’m convinced that Severus is my little twin soul. He feels everything so deeply, he feels emotions that haven’t even been spoken yet, he is so unbelievably wise, and just as frustratingly abstracted at the worst of times. 

While our duplicate emotions usually don’t conflict, sometimes we are fire and air. Especially in the face of change. 

Which essentially means that, right now, neither of us are handling the intense pressure of this move very well. 

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I see the non-Larrie part of the fandom starting to identify the differences between Louis/Liam, & the cold hard truth of it is is that they've been primed for this difference. It isn't a surprise that Liam would be the more hands on, mature, protective father. Starting at the beginning of 2014, Louis's image shifted in such a way that it's now believable that he wouldn't be a very good dad (which is really fucking sad). All this Liam vs. Louis stuff just plays into the established narratives.

and it’s just so, so wrong too, if you’ve really paid attention to what louis is like as a person. family is the most important thing to him above all else, and you’d think that would include his own son too, but alas. that’s the thought path eating the things the media shoves down your throat without question gets you.

OKAY so here's how it's gonna go down

I’m calling it now:
Lena’s ex comes into town and sweeps her off her feet. Might be using her to get closer to Kara bc of Supergirl stuff idk. But it turns out he’s hella sketchy and Kara (as Supergirl) knows this and she needs to protect her wife.

But how does she explain to Lena that she knows the new bae is evil? The identity reveal. Lena will be like “Kara Danvers, you believed in me, so now I will believe in you”. They have sex in Lena’s office work together to take him down.

Afterwards Kara comforts Lena because the CEO is actually kinda heartbroken (she has such a hard time opening up to people and then he just used her like everyone else she’s ever loved).

Kara gets introspective about this and dumps mon-el.

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A jealous Nico, please? ^.^ (I love your blog by the way!)

-becomes a lil baby worry wart because he thinks his s/o is w a y out of his league (spoiler his s/o thinks nico is out of their league)
-he just kind of. awkwardly watches. kind of clings to his s/os arm while theyre being flirted with. the person flirting probably has no idea that theyre flirting with this guys s/o because his expression is just. calm. kind of confused. he looks like a lost kid.
-absolutely CLINGS to his s/o later he needs a lot of smooches
-“i loooove you.” x10
-please tell him u love him sm hell be very excited and hqppy and blushy just like the first time you told that to eachother
-from now on whenever he gets jealous he just puffs out his chest a little and blushes rly hard and makes a proud smile. hes so cute i
-his s/o giggles and smooches him and the flirter kind of backs off bc they know theyre taken now and Respect

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Can i request a smut with Jinhwan with 12 and 14?^^

Originally posted by hwan-tastic

12. “Can’t catch your breath?” & 14. “You shouldn’t be so loud”


You’re not sure if he’s a sadist or a masochist. Pushing you into over sensitivity is his favorite pass time, but he does so without coming himself. You’d asked him why once to which he’d answered: “You clench your walls just right during the 5th orgasm.”

You’d given up understanding his reasoning a long time ago and just accepted the pleasure. Hours and hours of pleasure. Teasing and begging followed by blissful screams and pleas for mercy. You’d thought it was something that could never happen to you. But Jinhwan proved you wrong. He made you climax so much… so hard… that it hurt.

You can only imagine your face as he fucks you now, lower half in the air as the rest of your body’s spread limply across the bed. Your cheek is planted firmly against the mattress since you don’t have the strength to raise your head.

“Cum for me baby.” Jinhwan pants from behind you, sending his hips crashing into your ass. The grip he has on your hips is bruising, but it’s the only thing keeping that portion of your body up. “Fuck baby girl, you have to come for me,” Jinhwan says panting louder. He quickly lets go of one of your hips and moves his hand to your abused clit.

You moan out and squirm in an attempt to escape but you’re already aware it’s useless. He’s fucked any energy you had out of you. You shut your eyes tightly as the all too familiar feeling of your climax approaches. You can’t hold back the moans passing your lips. As your orgasm crashes through you, you scream.

“Shit!” Jinhwan hisses slowing his thrust and drilling deep inside your sex. He moans out his own release pushing his hips forward in an attempt to prolong the pleasure. You feel a muted heat from his cum filling the condom and clench your walls again to milk him for all he’s worth. He moans again. Loudly.

“You shouldn’t be so loud.” You scold him with a victorious smirk.

“I don’t see how you can manage to still be a cocky little shit when I’ve just fucked every ounce of strength from your body.” He pants out and flops beside you.

You watch the rise and fall of his chest, the smirk still on your lips. “Can’t catch your breath?” You tease.

Jinhwan doesn’t hide his panting but raises up still. “That’s it. I’m fucking you again.” He says with a smirk of his own.

Hope you enjoyed.
- AJ

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I love your fic We Wayward Stars! Definitely my favorite Altean Lance fic. And, I can't belive I'm saying this, but you actually kind of made me like Iverson. I now see him as that crazy uncle that pretends to not care but actually does. Keep being awesome!

!! Thank you so much for your kind words!

Honestly like… Iverson is a flawed character but I was always a little sore with how people treat him as outright malicious when, I guess my read is that given his position, he’s used to having a lot of control and considering himself really responsible for the missions so Kerberos hits him hard because three bright, talented people he’s responsible for just evaporate into thin air, and he has nothing to show for it. The fact that Pidge unsubtly blasts him for answers that he doesn’t have is just kind of salt in the wound.

I think it’s noteworthy that he’s sort of the face of “someone in charge” we’re given on the Garrison’s side of things, but it also seems like he’s as personally involved in this as he can be- he’s actively leading classes, and when Shiro does reappear, Iverson is one of the people who meets him there. So- like I said, he’s super flawed, and I feel like he totally fanned the flames of Lance’s insecurity- but I also feel like he’s genuinely trying to… protect the cadets, a bit? Like he has this misguided thing of he could have protected Shiro and the Holts if they prepared them more.

In general, I think people underestimate just quite how much of a punch in the teeth the failure of the Kerberos mission had to have been. Like. Pidge’s father was the same rank as Iverson (I mis-remembered him being addressed as “Professor”, but, Shiro refers to him as Commander Holt), but Matt is wearing the cadet uniform when we see him, meaning it’s very likely that was going to be his very first mission. We don’t know exactly for what, but, Shiro is decorated- he has some kind of medal on his uniform in the missing persons’ report that we don’t see on anyone else. There’s clearly a reason Lance calls him a legend.

We mostly see how it hit the Holts, which makes sense, but it was probably a big thing. It’s easy for us to say that it’s wrong of Iverson to hide the truth but with something that dramatic, people want some kind of answer.

Again- Iverson is a flawed character, and I wouldn’t want him explored in a context that completely absolves him of any criticism, but I think there’s more going on with him and we’re going to see more of him, and I’ve seen people compare him to like… Lubos of all people and suggesting he might’ve sold Earth out to the empire, and danget, I’m not standing for that. 

So it’s @silverstarswept‘s birthday today!!! And since I only found out about it just now I quickly scrambled to write something nice and fluffy for her <3 hope you enjoy, sweetheart~

Laughing at Romeo’s lame joke Benvolio reached over to grab another slice of melon, but before he could quite reach it something collided with his face. Something hard, and with such a speed that it was even harder. Cursing hotly Benvolio rubbed his cheek and glared at the offending item—a frisbee! an honest to God frisbee—and so didn’t notice the figure chasing after the frisbee. He heard the shouts around him, sure, but since he was still trying to blink tears out of his eyes no one should have blamed him for not noticing the dog earlier, he would grumble later.

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hi :) i just read your whole city living story so now im super caught up and can i just say im so sad! i really loved noah but their story hit super close to home for me. im 22 and married to a guy ilysm but his job is so demanding i barely see him on the weekdays he leaves before i wake up and sometimes he doesnt even make it home. we make up for lost time on the weekends but its still hard. hes been away for a week for a work thing when he said he'd only be 2 days :/ i understand both of them!

*gasp* Thank you so much for taking the time to read it all! I actually loved Noah too!! To be honest I was originally going to have Eliana end up with him but it kinda took on it’s own destiny for a bit. I think I also low key made Eliana based off of myself and was projecting my previous frustration at my fiance that has been living super far away for the last couple years and it was kinda fun to just make Eliana run away from that slight neglect she felt from Noah. XD I wish you the best of luck with your guy my friend, I totally get it!! Making up for the lost time is what it’s all about!! <3

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He hesitated for a moment. "I want a name. Don' wanna be called 306 no more. Don' feel right 'ere. I don' want no over the top name neither. I ain't no fancy man. I don' need no fancy name. I'd take som' common human name over som' hard t'pronounce gallifreyan name but I wan' one. Jus' wanna know if you've come up with one by now 'fore I go som'place else."

She nodded, inhaling a slow breath as she thought it over. This time,
it seemed like a much easier question for her to answer. She hadn’t
known him at all the first time he asked. That was different now. Much

❝ For as long as I’ve known ya, ya’ve been a protector. I know ya might
disagree with that and say it’s the opposite, but it isn’t... Not with people
ya care ‘bout. Even back in Winterfell, when we hardly knew each other
at all, ya did everythin’ in your power to keep me safe. And…. that’s how
I’ll ALWAYS see ya– not as a number or a soldier or a killer. You’re a
protector, an overseer. A Guardian.

She pressed her lips together for a moment before going on, ❝ Dian
short for guardian. That’s what I’d call ya. ❞

A letter to myself for 2017,
Every time you stumble upon heart ache remind yourself who you are and what you’ve accomplished.
Quality over quantity don’t invite anyone into your life that doesn’t make you feel better about yourself, you will never need anyone who doesn’t need you or values you.
When it’s late at night and your looking up his social media please shut the page and go to sleep. You’ve stayed up to many times stressing about who that girl was in his photo or what he’s doing. He’s so last year now girl.
You learnt the hard way in 2016, this is the year to pick yourself up and learn from every single mistake, never repeat.
It’s ok it’s going to be ok in your darkest moment just remind yourself it’s going to all be ok.
Deep breathe in and out, calm yourself down, relax I know you have it in you to slay this year
—  B.L letters I never sent