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how would rc have something to do with the attack? he may have shown signs of being an 'evil nobleman' at that age, but why would he assist in the killing of his family (or just taking them down, if killing them all wasn't part of the original plan)? he was clearly going to succeed vincent as earl anyway, and he must've known it would upset ciel. i'm not hating on the theory; i'm curious and i want to understand it!

Don’t worry, I definitely understand where you are coming from! As of now the RC mastermind theory is only based on circumstancial evidence and lot of assumptions/headcanons, so it’s not as solid and comprehensive as some other theories we had in the past, like the 2CT which had hard evidence (both verbal and visual)!!

Anyway, the two possible explanations I’ve seen often mentioned in the JP fandom for why RC might have been involved in the attack are

1) “It’s a ritual”: killing the predecessor is obligatory to succeed the Watchdog title (→flaw: RC just turned 10 that day and that would be waaay too early to succeed a tough job like the Queen’s Watchdog)

2) “RC is a super-yandere/psychopath”: RC didn’t want to become the Earl and be separated from OC, wanted to be the only one close to his little brother and therefore tried to get rid of everyone else (→flaw: if he hated to become the Earl so much, why would he protect the Phantomhive ring by even going to the trouble of swallowing it?)

As you can see, both explanations have flaws and are not really convincing, and that’s exactly why I, too, still have doubts about the RC mastermind theory!

But then there’s this scene from Murder arc:

“I had no reason to murder him”

“Ehh, reaaally?”

“The reason for which one person murders another is typically inconceivable to other folk. People will never be able to understand another’s mind, regardless of how much research genius schollars collect on the subject.”

If this is supposed to be some sort of foreshadowing, then maybe the reason why RC might have had something to do with the incident (or killed his parents/stabbed Tanaka if you go with the psychopath theory) is something very unexpected and unimaginable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

Anyway, this theory has been long around in the JP fandom since about the same time as 2CT (i.e. since 2011), and the fact that a lot of people are still suspicious of RC even after 6 years makes me almost believe that Yana wants us readers to suspect RC. I think she’s placing the hints on purpose, but it’s just that we don’t know whether these hints are indeed leading us to the true culprit of the attack OR they are a red herring and Yana’s just misleading us into believing RC is the culprit. For now, I think both are totally possible! :D


Vincent’s line in the special chapter

“Love is a wonderful thing… but it can aslo give birth to horrific disaster.”

might also be a foreshadowing of why the attack on the Phantomhives happened that day, but idk. Yana loves foreshadowing so every random panel or line could be interpreted as a foreshadowing of something xD

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Im laughing so hard seaformers tarn needs to fuckin chill.. Tarn: its not a human fetish, nickel. Its a power play. You know, a display of dominance. Nickel: fuck you tarn you know damn well thats one massive lie you tell so youre not up at night realizing you bring shame to primus himself



Have a scenario because I love your dialogue. )

“Tarn!” Both the liaison and Tarn look over to see a small white and blue jellyfish mer swim towards the sea stump the liaison had been cornered at. “There you are!”

Nickel, the liaison realises as the little seaformer gets closer and closer. This must be their medic. The one from Prion Reefs. The one with an actual reason to hate humans considering what the BBC had done to her home.

Their stomach churns in anxiety while doing everything in their power to make them small as possible. There’s nowhere to run. There’s nowhere to hide. They’re at the mercy of Tarn and Nickel and their odds don’t look that great.

What sort of nefarious things will she ask Tarn to do to them? What terrible things will happen to them in place of all the humans who’ve done her wrong in the-

“What did I say about flaunting your disgusting human fetish in public?”

What the fuck what.

“It’s beneath you! It’s beneath us!” Nickel beings to gesticulate with both her arms and her stingers, impressing the confused and horrified liaison with how synchronised the angry and rude gestures were. “I’ve told you, time and again, to get over your stupid crush over the human but noooo. Of course you don’t listen to me, to common sense. Here you are, all but presenting your shaft for them to consider sticking in their fleshy body.”

Silence descends on the battlefield as Nickel continues to berate Tarn of all seaformers for having an inappropriate attraction towards a human.

Tarn. The Terror of the Depths. He Who Shall Tear the Flesh Asunder. That Tarn.

Ultra Magnus stops his bitter duel with Kaon, the pair staring at the direction of the shouting in wonder and horror.

Helex’s arms slacken in shock, his attempt to vore Ratchet momentarily forgotten. Ratchet uses this chance to get out of Helex’s grip and swim to Drift’s side for safety.

Megatron is suffering and not just from the poisonous wounds he received from Vos while Velocity tries (and fails) to only focus on tending Megatron’s wounds.

Nothing is said while Nickel continues, in equal measure, berate and sold and fuss over Tarn over his ’weird human phase’ for all to hear. Besides an occasional wheezing giggle that could be coming from either Rodimus or Vos, of course.

What isn’t helping matters is Tarn attempting to justify himself to the unimpressed medic.

“-Its not a human fetish, Nickel. It’s certainly not a crush!” Tarn must be grateful for his mask of possible bone with how his fins are pinned back in a display of embarrassment and submission to the little jellyfish. He gestures to the liaison and is that a sulky tone to his words? It is. It fucking is. “Its a power play. A display of dominance. An assertion of my authority.”

“You know damn well that’s one massive lie you tell so you’re not up at night realising the amount of shame you bring upon Primus himself.” Nickel’s stingers extend and wrap around Tarn’s wrist now and somehow she summons enough strength to tug Tarn along as she swims towards the only entrance/exit of the cove. “We’re going home this instant. If I have to give you all a primer on why seaformers and humans relations are bad, by Primus’ Breath I will.”

“Nickel! Ow! You stung me!”

“And that was a mild dose of my poison too, you slag-for-brains. Helex! Kaon! Tesarus! Vos! We’re going home this instant..”

“Aaaaaaw,” goes Helex, both pair of his arms thrown up in the air in frustration.  “But we’re still fighting, Nickel!”

N O W.”

The Lost Light pod can only watch as the tiniest member of the Justiceers leads the murderous inquisition away, the merpredators’ heads hanging low and fins pinned back like scolded pups.

The liaison, meanwhile, is burying their face in their hands as every thing comes to place. The kidnapping attempts. The weird speeches about keeping them as a pet. The really intense stares if they’re hiding behind Megatron.

Tarn has a crush on them.

They wonder, for what feels like the millionth time, why they hadn’t become a seaformers lawyer like their family suggested. Surely it’ll be less stupider than this.


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(tya)IM GLAD YOU MADE IT TO COLORADO IN ONE PIECE!!!! going for Thanksgiving? Or just kinda hanging out? :P (there I go being nosey) ok but Robbie driad (how spell?) He still wants cuddles but now you can't refuse after all you can't even move away! He even made a specifically designed web for you deep in his cave just so he can come cuddle with you and you don't have to see the crule outside world anymore, what's the matter? Don't you want to cuddle? He worked so hard on this for you though...

Im glad to! Being on a plane is equally awesome and terrifying ;v; i came to celebrate thanksgiving with my family, we rented out a cabin for the week and everything!

And you’re DANG right that you wouldnt have much of a choice. You almost become his teddy bear that he keeps in his cave all of the time. Oh, and dont bother crying or begging to go home. Crying will only make Robbie cry and cuddle you tighter. Begging to go home will only be responded with “but…… (y/n) … already…home…”
Make sure to tell him you are hungry, because he wont feed you other wise. Not because he wants to treat you badly, he just forgets to feed you a lot of the time. Just give him small reminders and tell him what you want. Despite being confused why you wont eat the prey he attempts to share with you he will happily get you what ever you want! This undead Drider wants to make sure his forever cuddle buddy is all happy and comfortable! Whats the point in a sad cuddle buddy?


I tried to make this really sad and feelsy… and I’m not sure if I’m happy with it. I can’t tell if it’s bad writing, or if I’m just not into it because I’m not hugely into Beerus and Champa ^_^’ But this idea’s been coming back to me for weeks now, and in the end I had to write it. I tried really hard so I hope it stirs up some emotions at least… Comments and reblogs would be appreciated, as always XD Thanks!


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#FantasyNovember: Top 5 Favourite Fantasy Characters

@howlsmovinglibrary tagged me!

This is hard so it’ll be some of my favorites and not necessarily my all-time faves! (Also, in no particular order)

1.  Agnieszka from Uprooted by Naomi Novik

I just love how resourceful she is, and the fact that her magic is instinctive despite the dragon’s best efforts I also enjoy the emphasis she puts on friendships in her life, well over romance guess who wants to reread it now?

2. Elodin from The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss

I know, he’s a turd I think he’s such a fascinating character? Youngest person to be admitted in the University, youngest Arcanist, probably youngest Chancellor? Namer??? I’m planning to write a character study on him next time I reread the series.  

3. Sabetha from the Gentleman Bastard Sequence by Scott Lynch

She’s my queen. Like, seriously? Goals. I wanna be a badass con artist when I grow up. She’s strong and smart and I love her

4. Yennefer from the Witcher Saga by Andrzej Sapkowski

I’ll be honest, I fell in love with her in the games first, and only then did I start the books (I’m almost done, I’m halfway through Lady of the Lake). She’s just independent and looks cold but actually really cares. I love the way she calls Geralt out on his bullshit, and come on, she has a stuffed unicorn, how could I not love her?

5. Althea from The Liveship Traders Trilogy by Robin Hobb

I relate to her a lot? She fights for what she wants, and she goes through so much, I want to hug her. She’s almost a pirate, and has a talking ship. What more to say?

I do realize most of these are incoherent love declarations lol

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I feel sorry 4 cal because mare has friends who will do anything 4 her and she knows it, her family has her back and there's many people seeing her as a hero.Cal once had friends but now they're either his enemies or he can't trust them 100%. The court hates him(duh) and the scarlet guard doesn't trust him either. But then again I'm kinda pissed that he just can't choose a side. I get it, it's hard to turn ur back on what has been taught to u since 4ever, but c'mon. We all know u can't go back.

This is exactly how I feel anon, so I get where you’re coming from, and that’s why I think he says “without you I have no one” or something along those lines to Mare in the epilogue. People have asked, “what about Julian?” but I think there’s been a rift in their relationship because of what happened to Coriane and what’s happened this past year. We don’t see them interacting much either. But I don’t think that the court necessarily hates him, just are wary of him after spending so much time with the Scarlet Guard, but as we know, that didn’t do much. *looks into camera like I’m on the office* Though a lot of them want him on the throne (demonstrated by Mariella, Elane’s sister) because they want their old lives back. And with Cal, they think that can happen. But we know that the SC has other plans.

I’m upset that he can’t choose a side either, though I do genuinely believe that he wants to make things better for the Reds, he’s just going about it very wrong as we know a monarchy is a shit system. Don’t believe me? Look at all of history. And it is hard to unlearn everything you’ve been taught since birth, but Cal’s seen this stuff firsthand sooo…idk, maybe he’s comparing himself to Maven as somehow he was able to do quite a bit on the throne. The Calore brother’s have a habit of comparing themselves to each other and getting salty and bitter over Mare. Or maybe he just still lives in this fantasy world in his head where he still sees himself as the “rightful king” of Norta. Like hon, I love you, but sit down. There’s a slim chance he had some master plan when it made this decision, but I’m not ruling anything out yet.

We got a hint at his pov in WS so I guess we might get to see how truly lonely he is rn, and hopefully he sees that his old life is truly gone. Thanks for stopping by in my desert of an ask box. It’s always fun discussing theories with you guys!


PerSalle moment from tonight’s episode; season 4, episode 9

They are so adorable, she mad because bae thinks he’s evil Knievel :)

Oh and them edges have gone for horrible to ‘we just don’t give a fuck anymore.’ seriously, I don’t know whether to be glad they’ve stopped that ‘mess’ they were doing, or be mad that it now looks like they didn’t try. How hard is it to slap a ‘little’ gel on them edges and just brush it all back to blend in with the rest of the hair? Not hard I do it all the damn time :| 

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you can tell shawn has taken tips from niall in terms of how to handle revealing personal information. 99% sure he's dating someone but he's still "i'm single right now!" total niall move LOL

lmao if that’s true, but it’s also really smart!! i mean, it’s just that the press and fans can get so invasive, which seems really hard on those relationships! a;ldkfjsaf tbh y’all i wouldn’t be surprised if niall got married and never said a word about it lmao..can u imagine if he just popped onstage one day with a toddler in his arms like, ‘meet my kid!’ hahaha

Half way there!

We’re officially at 20 weeks and Bean is perfect! He’s super active and wiggly and super stubborn, so we had a hard time getting good pictures at the ultrasound today but he’s perfect. We saw him in 3D and I think he’s going to look just like his daddy. He’s measuring perfectly and is about 12oz right now. I’m so in love 😍

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c. can you do some red oktoberfest headcanons


  • Heavy’s a bottom. Sorry folks. Medic will relinquish power to no one.
  • they fuck while listening to russian hard bass at least once They listen to low, quiet string tunes every now and then in the bedroom. Medic has an affinity for string instruments, and the only thing he finds almost as sexy as Heavy is a well-tuned, well-taken-care-of violin.
  • Their first time is rough, fast, and impersonal. It was a quickie on the field–Medic just couldn’t take any more of Heavy kicking some serious ass out there, and took matters into his own hands. Heavy was in much the same boat. So, they found a secluded, abandoned part of the map, and got to work.
  • Medic is into BDSM, to no one’s surprise. Heavy is a sadomasochist. It all works out.
  • Sometimes, during rare tender moments, Medic will kill the mood by blowing raspberries on Heavy’s tummy. They both laugh and make sweet love and cuddle every time Medic gets the soft-and-fuzzies.
  • Hoseok expressed how BTS love Korean food that’s why for catering there is always Korean food.
  • He agreed to do a Vlive and wanted to keep his promise. He said “to be honest I’m not doing anything special, but I haven’t done it in a while contrary to the members. I just wanted to talk”
  • He commented on the shows they appeared in and how unbelievable it still feels “I watch youtube a lot and v app [laughs] and it was shocking that I was able to go on shows I always watch online and able to do performances. we were on James Corden and Jimmy Kimmel and it was such a new experience”
  • A fan asked him if he lost weight and he stated how well he eats lately he thought he gained weight.
  • When asked about his mixtape, it showed how still nervous he feels about it “I feel like I'm going to get indigestion if I talk about my mixtape while eating. I’m still working on it. to be honest, I can’t for sure say when it’s going to come out. it will when the results are good”. He is treating his mixtape with care like an album “my tracks haven’t been organized yet. it’s hard. I don’t know what songs to add and what kind of style to make the mixtape. you create a mixtape like you’re an album. I want to count this as an album. it’s hard to select as the quality has to be good” he will add later “I do worry about my mixtape. I didn’t know what kind of message to show. I’ve decided now it’s just selecting the tracks now that’s difficult. I’m working hard preparing the mixtape so please anticipate.”
  • He watched his MAMA live in Brazil and loved how the fans were so supportive so he thanked them
  • When asked to dance, he commented on how big the room and started dancing and moving “the hotel room is so big I can do hope on the street”
  • He spoke about the Mic Drop Remix Teaser that came out today and compliments Steve Aoki on his acting. They are going to meet him soon and they plan to gift him stew to show their appreciation. 
  • He was proud and happy about their recent outfits and expressed how clothes can affect your mood and actions. And the dancing needs to match the clothes. 
  • He promised the European ARMY that BTS will come soon to Europe and to wait for them. 
  • He died his hair red for AMA because it matches him well. Fans were worried in case his and BTS’ scalp were damaged and he answered “We dye our hairs a lot it’s true. but it’s for the concept, we take care of our hair a lot and use hair treatment”
  • A WISE ARMY PROPOSED THE FOLLOWING: “We want all BTS with black hair” to which Jhope showed big interest “WOW! OT7 with black hair? we’ve never done that before right?” (let’s pray for this death sentence to come soon) 
  • He can’t believe what is happening right now and believes that all that is happening is thanks to the ARMY “it’s still hard to believe that this is real. it’s all thanks to our fans cheering us on so much that we’re able to perform at an American award show. I think I’m living a happy life. being able to work with such great people and receiving lots of support”
  • He shared with us the book he is reading recently and it’s about self-love “speaking of loving yourself I’m reading a book [korean] “as you live your love and learn” and it talks about loving yourself as well. when I read books I get so sleepy, so it’s amazing that I even read this much. I really want to finish this book through”
  • He wants to do Hope On The streets and invite talented dancers. He is still so in love with dancing and wants to learn more if he has time.
  • About the Wings Tour Finale, he expressed how amazing it will be and described it as “different” when asked to give a spoiler. 
  • ARMY told him to keep his promise. In the past, he said he will show his abs if they gain 10 million followers on VAPP. He was so startled ““abs” ABS?! we don’t have 10 million followers on v app yet, wow don’t scare me like that when I’m eating” (That means this promise is still going)
  • He danced to ‘Gucci Gang’. It is his recent favorite song. 
  • He didn’t know his passion for music will grow so big and it turned this way thanks to both RM and Suga 
  • He was happy to share the fact that Jungkook is making beats lately (they always brag about the maknae whenever they go)
  • He called Namjoon 'Rap Monster’ then realized that he can’t call him this way anymore “[called Nnamjoon rap monster] [in eng] OH SORRY RM. [in korean] our Namjoonie changed his name to RM so please call him RM. rm backward is Mr. because I was beside him, I saw how much he worried and thought this through. he has affection towards this name”
  • He was enjoying the live stream as all ARMYs were showering him with love “I didn’t know a livestream was this fun” and promised he will do them more often from now on. 
  • He wants to study languages so he can communicate better with the fans
  • He can’t drink alcohol because his face turns very red (that’s why he drinks soda)
  • “Sprite or Coke?” for him it’s all the same
  • He said goodbye a lot and felt bad finishing the live stream and saying bye ARMY (he was very sweet)

Find the Vlive HERE

Cr  vantaekim


make me choose ♡ will herondale or jace herondale

“Herondales.“ Zachariah’s voice was a breath, half laughter, half pain. "I had almost forgotten. No other family does so much for love, or feels so much guilt for it. Don’t carry the weight of the world on you, Jace. It’s too heavy for even a Herondale to bear.

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The Holy Jinity 

sorry to be that stan but im rly crying so hard im just thinking of all the shitty situations they had to get thru to reach where they are right now and im so fucki ng overwhelmed yoongi literally lived almost on the streets he would give all his food to the youngers so they were well fed n be left with any bc they didn’t have enough money to buy more namjoon gave up on everything to dedicate his life on doing what he loved even though he had no assurance it was going to work out hoseok had to carry thru everything with his bright personality n i bet he’s put himself thru so much trouble repressing his feelings in order to always be the safe place of the group n jin omg even though hes from a good family financially speaking he didn’t waste a second to chase his dream no matter how he has been constantly neglected for so long n also jimin who fought and is still fighting all his demons and insecurities and is always worrying abt everyone else but him and my baby taehyung he is so blessed a pure soul of nature yall know he’s just like a younger version of hoseok we never know when hes hurting bc he keeps it all to himself in order to cheer everyone up and also my lil soft angel jungkook who put up thru so much internally left his home when still a child n believed in all his hyungs to be w him where he is now they all made it so far and im so fucking proud im rly choking in my tears theyre my everything i wish i could give them the world


som super early tazboys designs……………i’’’m got so much work to do refining them (esp outfit wise lord Jesus)

Didn’t have any finished art to post this weekend, so have a FE9 scribble.