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What are your top 5 Steroline moments?

Oh gosh there’s SOOO many!!! Okay here just SOME of my favorites (in no particular order):

1. Their proposal. Just adorable and so them.
2. 2x02 when she makes him laugh while he tries to teach her how to be a vampire. A forever fave.
3. Their dance at prom when she says “….and fall madly in love without even realizing it”. Like foreshadowing much.
4. Their first kiss. One of the best first kisses. The music, the lighting, everything just perf.
5. When he gives her food when she’s pregnant. That was just such a married scene.

Thanks sissy!!

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I fuckin love it when he does this voice !


people scared of jyp when got7 get back lol but then there’s this guy

The most underrated moment in Percy Jackson is when Percy comes out of the river Styx and literally beats Hades undead army, and then beats Hades in a fight, almost stabbing him in the face for the hell of it 

I was watching Spectre of the Gun and I realised just how much of a womaniser Chekov was.

He’s so perf.


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  • we all know he’s like a clumsy big puppy and you’re gonna love it if you want it or not
  • okay so as you can guess he’s all up for bearhugs
  • also he’s into PDA like it’s almost a must for him
  • he loves being the big spoon no denying
  • he just loves wrapping his arms around you being a huge fluffball
  • he will tease you about your height shorter or taller even he will def make jokes about it
  • you’re never gonna have to worry about cooking or cleaning because this dude is just husband material
  • but be careful while he’s an amazing cook he can certainly fuck up when distracted
  • once you came in the kitchen wearing his shirt (pyjamas) and just flirting a bit with his and there went the dinner it all burnt
  • he blamed it on you being so distracting I mean how in the world could he do that when his perf lover was standing there just in his shirt?
  • he loved it tho because he got all blushy like bby ur wearing just that
  • and you’re like “silly I’m wearing underwear”
  • *blushing intensifies*
  • he looks so confident and tall but he’s just a giggly schoolgirl
  • you can expect piggy backrides because hellow tall bf coming through
  • I think you’d take turns into mothering eachother but if you were like pretty bad at it you’re gonna be smothered with love
  • just also remember he needs a lot of love
  • he will def give you his sweaters, shirts, hats, sweatpants,… anything he can give you 
  • he is also very into couple clothing I guess
  • and also he will never ever forget important days, he seems like someone that would remember all of the dates
  • first date, first kiss, first text, first phonecall, first i love you,…
  • talking about kisses
  • okay making out with this giant would be a lot of fun
  • he def seems like a clumsy kisser like whoops missed your mouth I’m kissing your jaw but imma make it look like i intended too, pls don’t notice
  • you notice
  • giggling but when you get into it it’s all ‘bout love
  • long kisses but you’d have to lead because he’s not gonna change anything unless you do
  • he’d def be someone to moan during making out idk why but he’s also not embarrassed with it and acts like everyone loudly moans during kissing
  • and you don’t really mind but nobody has to hear that you’re kissing in the next room so sometimes you ask him to tone it down
  • “but how can I when I’m kissing someone s beautiful as you?”
  • smack his ass as punishment kinky
  • I actually didn’t really sin that much? he’s just like not v sexual to me I’m sorry
  • okay so Imma be honest he isn’t that high up my bias list it’s hard writing something very long about him 
  • but I’ll try
  • so okay I think you wouldn’t be all that close with svt? Like I know but I think he’ll want his friends and love sort of separated? Like you’ll have to meet them yes of course but I don’t think he’d like if you became good friends with them
  • because partly jealousy 
  • partly because he’s afraid you won’t like them or they won’t like you
  • and also idk it would be weird to him I guess
  • but if the rest gets someone that’s close to the rest I feel like he’ll see the positive points of making you join in with group activities
  • like you’ll get a few close friends in svt but you gotta wait for it
  • probably for a pretty long time
  • on another note if you speak english (which i presume as you’re reading this) he will want to practice his English on you
  • making you crack up
  • but you’ll also be proud because English is very hard and he’s improving
  • treat this cinnamon bun right


Others in the Boyfriend!Series:
Unlikely Companions || The Niffler & Percival Graves

Finally got the starter done. Sorry for being so slow to get it to you, @stickyclawsniffler, it’s been a weird few days <3 

The last thing Graves wanted to do was to care for the little beast that Scamander had somehow managed to leave behind, but as it turned out, he didn’t think he trusted anyone else to do it. Most people at the MACUSA headquarters were too busy, and when he had tried to give it to Abernathy with the request that he find someone suitable for it, the poor niffler had been brought back with a bloodied paw and no explanation offered by the tense, skinny man. Graves had sighed, taken the niffler back, cleaned its paw, and carefully bandaged it. After that, he put the creature in a cardboard box and left it there in a corner of his office, not wanting to repeat its first day there, where it had roamed constantly, trying to find something to steal before Graves had draped a necklace over it. 

He focused on paperwork, hoping to make a dent in the pile, and listened to the quiet sounds the animal made from the box – which had been magically sealed shut as a precaution. When the thing seemed to settle sometime later, though, Graves found that he was having a hard time focusing on the paper before him. He wiped his pen nib clean and leaned back in his chair, frowning and toying idly with the pen, then looked over at the box. After a moment, he admitted to himself what it was, why he wasn’t able to focus: 

He felt guilty. 

Graves sighed, got up, walked over, and opened the box. He picked the niffler up, handling it carefully, then went to sit back down in his chair. “If you’re angry with me for putting you in there, that seems fair. I shouldn’t have. Your caretaker left you behind, you’ve been shunted about from person to person in here, heaven knows what happened to your poor paw..” If it let him, he situated it on his arm, cradled loosely against his chest as he leaned back in his chair, and he idly stroked its glossy, thick fur. “It’s been a rough few days for you, hasn’t it? And I, of all people, should know better than to lock someone up, considering where I spent the better part of this year..” He carefully pet and scratched at it with his fingertips, paying attention to how it responded, and changing his behavior however he needed to if it seemed uncomfortable; the last thing Graves wanted to do was hurt the poor thing any more than it already had been. 

I can’t stop lafhing hajahaklka

But yes I feel like he’s the cool dad™ though if like. One of the kids is like “why do you have a scar on ur eyebrow” he’d probably dodge the war questions lmao (and let’s be honest he’d have a panic attack when one of the kids gave him a hug from behind or smth lol) @realskeletor


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