he is just annoyed

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What are your thoughts on Fenrys crush on Aelin? I don't know what to think tbh


I just don’t understand why there can’t be a male that is not in love with her. ALMOST EVERY GUY WE MET HAD A CRUSH ON HER. I just want Fenrys and Aelin’s bromance. 0 crush. Just bromance

his team doesnt do promo? its shady. his team does hella promo? its shady bc he isnt saying anything with his MOUTH. yall just wanna be annoyed about this no matter what bc you’re scared that he’s obv gonna be successful

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Is Bendy watching Arthur because he's drawing something and it reminds him of the animators, or is he just being a little shit because Arthur spooks the easiest.

More leaning towards the latter, though Bendy is more just there because he’s bored and trying to annoy Arthur rather than trying to deliberately spook him. XD

Ulterior Motive

length: 444 words

genre: fluff

56. You didn’t just wake me up at 2am because you were ‘in the mood’

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Feeling Bobby’s arm pull you closer to his chest, you sighed, rolling over to face him. He lay there with a shit eating grin on his face as you looked up at him. “Really babe? It’s-” You reached for your phone to check the time, practically being blinded by the bright screen. “2 am Bobbyyyy.” Your tone was annoyed, but he didn’t care, just pulling you closer as he peppered your face with kisses.

“I guess I was just, ‘in the mood’. I mean, we were on the road for a long time, and I missed you.” Your face said it all, you knew he was lying. If he were ‘in the mood’, this wasn’t how he’d wake you up at all. “Bobby. You didn’t just wake me up at 2am because you were ‘in the mood’. What’s up?”

He looked down at you, a guilty grin coming across his face before he pulled the covers over his head, turning away from you. “Bobby, come on, what is it?” You tried to move the covers but he was being stubborn. So instead you let him be, rolling back over until he felt like talking.

As he sensed you’d given up, he slid the covers down, sighing as he stared at the ceiling. “I just, I missed you, okay?” Slowly you turned back around, looking at him confused as he kept his gaze on the ceiling. “We, were gone for a lot longer this time. And I wasn’t able to talk to you as much. It was kinda hard, and I missed you. Like a lot. So, you’re right. I didn’t wake you up cause I was ‘in the mood’. I woke you up because, I wanted to talk, to ask, how are you?” 

You laughed a bit, unsure if this was really Bobby talking. And if so, what the heck had gotten into him. To be honest, Bobby wasn’t normally the sappy romantic type. Sure he had his moments, but never like this. Still, it was a nice change of pace, so you went with it.

“I’m good, better, now that you’re home. I missed you a lot too.” He finally rolled onto his side, looking at you with a soft smile. “I’m happy I’m home too. I’m sorry we weren’t able to talk as much while I was gone. I know it had to be hard, especially with the time change. Our conversations kept getting messed up. But, at least we have some time before I have to leave you again.”

You kissed his lips before curling up close to him. “Let’s not think about that right now. Let’s just talk about us.”

Rip’s tried watching Doctor Who at some of the team’s request, but he just couldn’t get into it because of being annoyed at how it portrays time travel. Ray’s been attempting to get him to at least try season 5 to see Rip’s reaction at how much Rory resembles him in looks, but has so far been unsuccessful. 

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Hiroki or Nowaki?

Anon or not, make me choose between:

Characters: Hiroki or Nowaki?

Definitely, definitely, Hiroki. He’s my favorite character of Junjou Egoist, for sure, and probably all of Romantica if I didn’t love Akihiko so much. Nowaki just…annoys me a lot more than he did the first time I watched the series when I was 12? Years have passed and I just acknowledged more about what kind of guy Nowaki is, I thought more about his actions like he was away and just how…not necessary any of that drama was if he told Hiroki and if Hiroki didn’t just passively listen? Like if Nowaki made sure Hiroki wasn’t deep in work at the time doing something important and waited for a better time?

Nowaki, man. He’s something else.

So, yeah. Hiroki for sure.

Thank you!

Tony Stark is the type of person who would meticulously research corny dad jokes on the internet just so he can recite them to Peter during Superhero Outings and embarrass him.

Y'all, Hazel and Nico are not actually 70+ years old….


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

AU Where Geoff Slowly But Surely Becomes Dad Of The Crew

Like It Starts One Day When He Gets Michael A New Gun Or Car Or Something And Without Thinking Michael’s Like “Oh Sweet Thanks Dad”
And Geoff’s Just “What
So Michael Just “What” And Immediately Leaves To Escape The Situation.

And At First He Doesn’t Think Much Of It, Just A Flub Like They All Do, Nothing Worth Noting, Until Gavin Calls Him Dad One Day And He Just Stops Like “What The Fuck Did You Just Call Me?
“I’m Not Your Father Dumbass”
“Aw But Michael Got To Call You Dad That’s Not Fair! You Can’t Have Favourites!”
And Michael Runs In From The Other Room Like “You Little PRICK” And Chases Gavin Off For Pointing It Out And Geoff’s Just Left Standing There Confused.

The Next Time Gavin Tries To Get Away With Calling Him Dad It’s Over Earpieces During A Heist And Geoff Quietly Hisses “Fucking Stop Calling Me That” And After A Moment Of Gavin Giggling Ray Comes On Like “So Can I Call You Papa Instead Or…?” And Geoff Nearly Blows Their Cover Loudly Insisting That He Cannot.

A While After Jeremy Joins He And Geoff Are Driving To Get Masks For A Heist And Laughing About Something, As They Approach The Mask Store Geoff’s Like “Alright, Everybody Calm Down” And Jeremy’s Just Immediately “Sorry Dad”. And At First Geoff’s Just Dumbfounded For A Second But Then He’s Like “Fucking- Did Gavin Tell You To Call Me That?” And Jeremy’s Just “What? No, Wait Gavin Calls You Dad?” And Geoff’s Like “No He-” And Ray Pipes Up From The Backseat “I’ve Been Using Pop Pop Is That Better?” And Geoff’s Like “No I’m Not Your Fucking Father!!”.

The Lads Are Caught Messing Around On His Yacht Again (Probably With Rocket Launchers, Thanks Ryan) And He Turns To Jack Like “You Said You Were Watching Them, Can’t You Keep Them Under Control For Five Minutes??” And Jack Just Crosses Her Arms Like “They’re Your Kids Too Y’know!” And Geoff’s Just “I- THEY’RE NOT MY KIDS”. When They Finally Get The Lads Reeled In Again Geoff’s So Frustrated He Just Points Them To The Penthouse And Deadpans “Go To Your Rooms.”.

Afterwards He Flops Down On The Couch With A Bottle Of Whisky To Unwind And Notices Ryan Out Of The Corner Of His Eye, Sitting On The Other End Of The Couch And Grinning At Him.

“You’re Fucking Fired”

There are only two people in the whole who would really care about me”

- Meowth



Meowth Rules

A Poached Ego

Litwick Mansion

Meowth, Corless (I forgot the rest, it in the best wishes series)

Pokemon XY Japanese Opening


Pokemon XY episode 63 

Bitty is short. There’s nothing wrong with calling him short. I keep seeing posts acting like calling him short is offensive in some way and my 5′1″ ass is like ??? let him be short?? 

He’s 3″ shorter than the American average for white males. He’s particularly short for the sport he plays. He’s far shorter than anyone else on his team/in his friend group except Lardo. Considering his environment, he’s short. It doesn’t matter that he’s half a foot taller than me, saying “I’m shorter than Bitty and I can reach things” doesn’t change the fact that he is significantly smaller than would be expected in his sport or the fact that he’s significantly smaller than most of his friends

like yeah the “he can’t reach stuff” jokes get old but really people there’s no harm in calling him short, y’all need to calm down and just enjoy the glory of the Jack/Bitty height difference