he is just a shitty husband


Mike Mignola’s comic adaption of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)


meaning of flags, from left to right:

  • March: Whatever you want, but that’s April’s hand on her hip
  • Farmer: Transgender beautiful flower
  • Chowder: Pansexual shark
  • Dex: Transgender lobster
  • Bitty: Gay and just got a text from his parents- they love him!
  • Jack: Heart-Eyes Bisexual
  • Nursey: Muslim Gay Pride - so hot, so chill
  • Lardo: Genderqueer pong god
  • Shitty: Cis het ACE and he BELONGS AT PRIDE
  • Parse: Better-than-you-gay-hockey-star
  • Tater: PRIDE! )))) on Instagram 
  • Ransom: Black and Brown LGBT+ pride, too handsome for this world
  • Holster: Nice Jewish Gay boy
  • Whiskey: Straight Ally (he grew up a lot since year 1)
  • Ford: Adorable lesbian queen!!!
  • Tango: Questionning????….. ????????????
  • Georgia: Bisexual business woman
  • Her husband: Loves her very much.
Check Please cast as funny moments from Family Feud

Steve Harvey explaining the experience of having a prostate exam to the Frogs sitting in the front row of the audience.

Steve Harvey: “What does your husband do when he runs out of clean underwear?” Lardo: “He wears a pair of mine.” *High fives Shitty*

Steve Harvey: “Which of the seven dwarves is your partner most like in bed?” Dex and Nurse facing off, just looking at each other and shaking their heads

Jack as that guy who can’t state his perfectly normal job title without sounding shifty.

Steve Harvey: “What is something that gets passed around?” Shitty: “A joint.” Bitty: “A collection basket at church.”

Steve Harvey: “What is something a burglar wouldn’t want to see if he breaks into your house?” Holster: “NAKED GRANDMA”

Steve Harvey: “What is somthing a man says is bigger now than it was when he was sixteen?” Ransom: “His penis.” Steve: “Couldn’t you have said dingaling? Schlong?” Ransom: “I used the medical term.”

Farmer as the producer laughing her ass off when Steve Harvey admits that he named his penis “Russel the Wonder Muscle”

Chowder as the most heartwarming contestant who tells Steve that he’s crossed two things off his bucket list, being on the show and meeting Steve. 

Steve Harvey: “What is a word that starts with ‘pot’?” Tater: “’Potato!’”

Kent Parson as the contestant who, after being asked what he does for a living, yells, “I’m single!” an starts to dance.

Five people came out to Shitty in one week in sophomore year: Holster, Ransom, Johnson (“because really, man, I’m whatever the narrative demands from me, so I’d define it more as a fluid sexuality I guess?” “Cool, thanks for..telling me? I think?”), the cutest Frog Lardo, and…his mom.

Because bear with me here.

So Shitty’s mom - professor of English literature, made him read Toni Morrison etc. while he was growing up, is absolutely responsible for Shitty being the way he is. Mrs Shitty’s Mom (who still goes by Dr Knight because it’s the most badass and sometimes idiot husbands are good only for their last names) has always been a passionate feminist, and works really hard to teach her students about intersectionality and has always been supportive of LGBT rights, and like, she got married young to Mr Shitty’s Dad, and hadn’t really had a lot of time for introspection, and realizes at an age just shy of fifty that “Holy shit I think I am a gay?”

And so she tells Shitty because he’s her son, and she feels he deserves to know and Shitty does everything he can to be supportive because he’s Shitty, but the next person Dr Knight tells is her friend from the philosophy department, who she goes out for drinks with sometimes to complain about university politics. And Dr Suresh is like the sort of philosophy professor who tolerates zero bullshit from the rich white boys who only want to study dead white men, or any bullshit from perpetually stoned white boys who think they understand eastern philosophy better than people who created it. And at one of their drinks-and-debate outings, Drs Knight and Suresh get to talking about queer theory and Dr Knight, trying to be collected and casual and It’s Not A Big Deal™ about it, mentions that “Well shit, of course sexuality is a spectrum she’s 48 and only just realized she’s a lesbian” and Dr Suresh - who is the smoothest - is just “oh well that’s a relief or it was going to be awkward when I asked you on a real date.”

And poor Dr Knight, just total KO, DNR, that’s all she wrote folks.

And so Shitty has a really awesome philosophy professor for a stepmom on his mom’s side, and Dr Suresh gets along like a house on fire with Lardo, and with Shitty, and it’s all very gay in every sense of the word.

Just. Shitty’s mom has a wife. That’s all.

At Last

“Can you believe we’re here right now?” Nursey whispers, and Dex sighs.

“No, actually, I cannot,” he says, tugging Nursey a little closer so he can be heard over the crooning of Etta James. “Because as I recall, item number one on my list of things that I did not want at our wedding was a first dance. In front of everyone.”

“But your mom had the song picked out and everything!”

“You have got to learn how to say no to her. It’s really embarrassing for you.”

“She’s my mother-in-law now, I can’t afford to piss her off.”

Dex snorts. “She loves you more than me, and you know it.”

“I’m just glad all the moms still love us after we crushed their hopes and dreams of a big wedding,” he whispers, and Dex laughs.

They hadn’t wanted anything traditional—no church, no readings, no impersonal and vaguely-religious officiant of any kind. (Shitty officiated, actually, and cried more than anyone.) No one walked anyone down any aisles, there was no wedding party, and if Dex had gotten his way, there would have been no first dance.

“Is it over yet?” he asks, and Nursey muffles his laugh into Dex’s neck.

“Could you at least pretend to look happy with your new husband?”

“Hey, I am probably the happiest person here. Just not, you know, when 50 people are staring at me.”

“They’re probably staring at how good your ass looks in those pants,” Nursey whispers, and Dex flushes. They had decided against full suits—and certainly no tuxes—in favor of just ties and vests. Mostly because Dex really likes the way Nursey looks in vests.

“Yeah, that doesn’t really make me feel any better.”

“Would you prefer them to be staring at my ass?”

“Well, I think that paper we signed earlier means that it belongs to me now, so…”

“You can own my ass anytime,” Nursey says, pairing a faux pout with an overwrought wink, and Dex laughs, though he cuts himself off when Nursey shifts back.

“Wait, no, what are you—do not spin me, Derek Nurse,” he hisses, but Nursey just grins.

“Whoops, too late,” he says easily, lifting his arm. He attempts to spin Dex, who tries to trip Nursey, and they narrowly avoid hitting the floor after stumbling over each other’s feet. They finally end up upright and in each other’s arms again, everyone laughing and Dex’s cheeks flushed red.

“Can’t wait to watch that on video,” Nursey says brightly, and Dex groans.

Adults are so shitty. A little kid just walked by and said “my back hurts so bad” and some old bat goes “wait til you get old,” and her husband muttered “yeah you little shit,” and I don’t understand? Why do you have to be like that? The kid wasn’t hurting anybody, he wasn’t being a jackass about it. Why can’t you just shut the fuck up about other people and worry about yourself? Why the need to invalidate the suffering of others??? It’s not about you????? This child is going to grow up in a world you ruined and the least you could do is shut the actual fuck up and go back to gargling viagra and taking rights away from minorities and women??????

Gallavich Fic Rec

a thousand and one ways to show you care by milominderbinder | NR | Ghetto Husband AU

In which Mickey cooks for Ian, washes his clothes, stays over more than four nights a week, helps him out with random stuff, and is, essentially, his ghetto husband.

Are You Sure? by shamelesstravesties | TauA | Proposal AU

Mickey’s been acting off, and Ian’s worried that he’s planning on breaking up with him. He actually couldn’t be further from the truth - Mickey’s just kind of shitty at explaining.

Crush *** by Misti1987 | NR | Younger Mickey AU

What if Mickey was the youngest Milkovich by 4 years? And he’s not a thug, but a dreamer, he likes to sing and dance. His siblings protect him from Terry’s wrath by sending him to their friend’s houses. One of Mandy’s friends is Ian who is in a relationship with an asshole, but the sex is great. Mickey has a crush on Ian, but not an angsty one, a cute one; he blushes at Ian. One night Ian’s boyfriend comes onto innocent!Mickey and Mickey gets scared and Ian saves the day. Ian woos Mickey.

definitely not writing lyrics about starlight eyes by milominderbinder | NR | Famous Mickey AU

The Milkovich siblings make up one of Chicago’s fastest rising rock bands, Fuck U Up. Hot lead singer Mandy and ladies-man drummer Iggy have plenty of fans, but Mickey, the grumpy bass player, is largely ignored in favour of his siblings. Except, that is, by one fan in particular. Because ever since he found out that Mickey writes all of the band’s songs, Ian Gallagher has been harboring a bit of a crush.

Everything I Didn’t Say *** by shamlessbieber | TauA | 

Mickey went to jail after, Ian telling Mickey he’d wait but deep down he knew Ian wouldn’t wait. So in a letter, Mickey tells Ian everything he didn’t say.

I Heart You *** by shamelessbieber | TauA | This is Gallavich, but it’s a Gotham/Shameless crossover, so Ian is Jerome.

Jerome left Gotham to terrorize more cities but he didn’t expect to find interest in a Southside thug.

I mean it this time *** by LuckyShaz | M | 

It was Mickey’s birthday recently. An year into Mickey’s sentence Ian begins to re-think things.
Question is, will Mickey give him the time of day?

I’ve Never Stopped Loving You *** by LuckyShaz | M | 

Now that Mickey forgave Ian, their relationship continues. Even though they still have jail as a barrier. Sequel To I mean it this time.

So Glad To Have You Home *** by LuckyShaz | M | 

Mickey is finally getting released from jail. Even though they’ve been together a long time, Ian is nervous as hell. He enlists outside help to ensure everything is up to par. Sequel to I’ve Never Stopped Loving You.

if you love me, won’t you let me know by kissteethstainred | NR | College/University AU

It was seconds between the lighter and the cigarette, and then only a couple more for Mickey to raise the cigarette to his mouth, but in those seconds, Ian saw something else. Ian became curious about what Mickey Milkovich was actually like. Those few seconds, although he didn’t know it then, would end up ruining him.

love marks brighter than the city of lights by dirtywings | M | 

Mickey is 6 years old and he doesn’t understand why he trips on weapons instead of toys.

Make You Up by mhunter10 | TauA | Famous Ian & Makeup Artist Mickey

The one where Mickey is a makeup artist who falls hard for the man in his chair.

Mickey To The Rescue by LuckyShaz | M | Different Meeting AU

Ian is getting robbed. His date is a coward. A handsome, confident stranger steps in.

Only You *** by Misti1987 | TauA | 

How about Ian was diagnosed with Bipolar really early? He’s already friends with Mandy and has a secret thing with Mickey that they’re disguising as friendship. He has his ups and downs. During a really bad down period Mickey comes by and Ian actually responds, like starts eating, or Mickey makes a joke about the smell and Ian showers. Ian’s family and Mandy are confused cuz theyre just friends, right? Mickey knows about the ups and downs and just treats them like normal moods.

Say Yes by Misti1987 | NR | High School AU

Mickey is a badboy and everyone is asking him to prom, he tells everyone No, but maybe he says yes to someone.

Somebody Said Birthday (Kiss) by AnotherGallavichLove | TauA | Famous Ian AU

Ian kisses his fans on the mouth sometimes - it’s just always been something he’s been alright with doing if they want it. But from the moment that his lips press against Mickey’s - he’s stuck.

SPECIAL *** by LuckyShaz | E | High School AU

Mickey Milkovich the most feared and the most respected guy in school just turned 19 and he’s throwing a party. Miraculously, Ian and his 15 year old freckled self has been invited. He’s been in love with the youngest Milkovich brother for the longest time. Of course he’s going.

The many things Mickey Milkovich has been called by KeepGoing | E | 

Ian whispers words to Mickey he has never heard before. Words like beautiful, hot, smart. Ian tells Mickey how brave he is to have endured all the crap in his life. Ian touches him, soft touches, Mickey isn’t used to feeling. He’s used to rough hands. Punches. Kicks. Shoves. He isn’t used to soft fingertips and gentle caresses. He isn’t used to butterfly kisses along his jawline and fingers in his hair as he falls asleep to the sound of Ian’s heartbeat.

We’ve Come A Long Way From Where We Began *** by bellafarella | M | Future Fic

At the age of 25, Mickey is still living with his ex-wife and their six year old son. Dinner out with the family and Mickey sees someone he thought he’d never see again, a redheaded kid he used to terrorize at the Kash’n’Grab, back in the South Side of Chicago.

You Like It When I Call You Baby by LuckyShaz | M | 

Mickey acts like he hates when Ian calls him ‘baby’ but he comes every time Ian calls him that during sex. Ian decides to test that theory a few times.

anonymous asked:

I read a really good FBI Derek fic a few months ago. Now I am on the hunt for any FBI Sterek fics!! A friend recommended this blog. So I am hope you can help me. Thanks 😊


Anonymous said:Good morning lovely people!!! After last nights finale I am in desperate need of all FBI Stiles or FBI Derek fics!! Please any all as long as it ends with HEA STEREK! Pretty please 😘

In case you missed it. It’s now canon that Stiles is going to school to be an FBI agent. So…let your little fic writing hearts explode. - Anastasia

Originally posted by canonspngifs

And In That Moment (I Saw You) by Boom

(1/1 I 1,397 I Not Rated)

Derek Hale has been hunting the assassin known as the Nogitsune for six years. Granted there hasn’t been a murder attributed to him in five years, but Derek it sure he’s close. His husband, Stiles, thinks he should let it go.

This is a scene from a longer work I may or may not actually post. Can be read as a stand alone.

I can’t count to I love you by constellationmoles (Fawxy)

(1/? I 1,433 I Mature)

As much as Stiles loves being in the most corrupted part of the FBI, running with werewolves, and the secrets he has to tell his dad, no other emotion can rival with his hatred for Agent fucking Hale. With his horrible whatever color his eyes are and shitty Adonis face. And why does he look like he was crafted out of marble? Shit uh wait no come back I got this.

Alright fine. As pretty as Agent Hale is, he does not wish to be married to the guy. But his boss says ‘hahahah no pretend to be in love with him because hunters and witches and stuff’ yeah yeah whatever Deaton you just want us to stop fighting in the break room over the last donut hole.

Stiles Stilinski does not want to be fake married Derek Hale but nobody listens.

Not even his new husband.

Lunatic by Horribibble

(2/2 I 2,469 I Mature)

FBI Agent Derek Hale is one of the good guys. He takes his suppressants and plays the part of a decent human being with remarkable accuracy. But when he’s sent in to interrogate Stiles Stilinski, alleged serial killer, it looks like the pack’s come back to haunt him.

“You shouldn’t pout like that, baby. Not when we planned you such a big surprise.”

Better Safe than Sorry by Inell

(1/1 I 3,435 I Teen)

Stiles, Derek, and Isaac check out the area where Paige Krasikeva was likely kidnapped by their perp.

The Secret’s Out by DarkAlpha67

(1/1 I 3,769 I Teen)

Edwin Rocks has been Stilinski’s partner for years and he doesn’t know anything about the kid, until there’s a bombing and he sees another side of Stilinski and finds out some interesting things too…

Underlying Architecture by Blue_Five 

(2/? I 4,042 I Mature)

Remains are discovered in Arlington Cemetary. FBI Special Agent and Alpha Derek Hale has to figure out who the body used to be and what happened. Dr. Stiles Stilinski is an Omega and a brilliant anthropologist capable of doing just that with his equally brilliant team at the Jeffersonian.

Unfortunately, they can’t stand each other.

Anguis in Herba by WednesdaysDaughter

(3/3 I 8,606 I Mature)

“Not to gross anyone out more than they already are, but has anyone found the victims’ skin?” Lydia asks and Stiles gags.

“I don’t even want to consider the answer to that question Lyds,” Stiles complains and Allison grimaces in agreement.

When a serial killer from his home town runs rampant, Stiles Stilinski (Technical Analyst for the B.A.U.) along with his team must find him in time to save one of their own from ending up like the first three victims: Poisoned and skinned alive.

Jones by Lostxcow

(5/? I 15,901 I Mature)

It was only supposed to be a regular case with the BAU team flying out to Beacon Hills to assist Detective Stiles Stilinski solve a copy-cat murderer case who was supposed to be dead 2 years ago. How did Derek end up flying back every weekend on his days off just to see him again?


AU where Derek is an FBI and meets Stiles (detective) to help for a case. they hit it off from there. Derek visits every days off he has, Stiles texts him random shit while he’s bored. Derek always forgets about time difference making Stiles mad, but he loves him too much to care.


Criminal Minds AU but with Derek and Stiles instead of JJ and Will bc i love them both so why not. and there’s not a lot of FBI sterek which there should be

Keep On the Sunny Side by GiggleSnortBangDead

(1/1 I 53,746 I Explicit)

It’s like a Tarantino revenge flick, but worse. It’s all a little cliche but, hey, they gotta kill Kate Argent.

By Blood or Bite (Pack) by bigbootsmanofwar

(15/? I 98,970 I Explicit)

Derek didn’t do field work. He refused. God knew the last time he left the office, it didn’t go so well. He’s perfectly content to just sit in his lab, help out from afar, and keep to himself.

If the kid who kept breaking all the rules would stop confusing him, things might have been OK. You know, with the kid he’s turned who he can’t stop worrying about, the damaged splinters of family he has left, and the Uncle he doesn’t trust looming over Stiles’ shoulder.

If he wasn’t so lonely, he’d pack it all in now.

Blue Moon by AsexualDerek (Cammerel)

(24/24 I 113,050 I Explicit)

After Agent Hale’s partner is killed, he gets landed with a young, nubile agent that doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut and stop asking questions about things that aren’t his business to know.

Timeloop Aftermath

((I decided to create a possible idea of what might happen with the Aftermath of this AU. It’s a brilliant AU, so many possibilities and great writing on your part (I also love your art wow)! So, here it is! I hope you like it!))

After the incident, everything in Jeremy’s life changed, and for the better.

After he told Michael about everything that had happened (using the journal as proof, even if he has to read it to him and persuade it to him enough to make him believe him), he was convinced by Michael to get the Squip out of his brain.

There was a whole shitload of stuff that happened (may possibly write it out), whereas Jeremy had to fight against the Squip'a forces, talk to Rich, and finally get that Mountain Dew Red to end it all, Michael being his main support.

Afterwards, with everything that had happened to them with the party and Squips, Jeremy finally seemed to be accepted by people. Not only did Rich come out as bi and started being good friends with Jeremy and Michael, he got them one step closer to Jake, Chloe, Brook and Jenna. Christine had taken a liking to helping Michael after the accident (Jeremy wasn’t into her anymore since he figured out his feelings for Michael, however he couldn’t help appreciate all the amazing things she did), and so the Drama Crew was formed, their friendship really unexpected and magnificent.

Not to mention that Jeremy and Michael had gotten together quickly. Jeremy visited Michael in the hospital everyday after the accident until he got out. Apparently Michael would have full blindness for up to a year, six-nine months at least, and then he’s have eyesight problems for the rest of his life (so, worse than needing glasses obviously, however he’d have partial blindness at times. However it wouldn’t affect him as greatly, and not as bad forever).

Despite the joking bets about how long they’d last, they lasted.. that’s just it. They lasted. They graduated, went to college together (They were cool in college, let me tell you,) and moved in together shortly afterwards. They went on dates, got a dog named Pac-Man (a stray Michael found on the street, what a furry,) , and eventually had a wedding! It was small but cute, the Crew was there, Jeremy’s dad was there, Michael’s parents were there, and Mr. Reyes was there for some reason. It was all amazing, life couldn’t go better for Michael and Jeremy Heere.

That’s the saying, you can only go up. But when you’re up, where else can you go? Well.. only down, of course.

Jeremy and Michael were in their early 40’s. It had been so long since everything happened, the two never imagined Michael’s sight could be so bad ever again. He had been able to see just fine since he had turned 31, despite still needing glasses. They hadn’t even costed the doctor in a whole year, they were so confident.

Confidence wasn’t enough.

Michael had always been insistent on driving himself places after he had gotten better. To practice driving again after getting better, he went to the grocery store to get stuff for the week for them every week, and he had just kept it up since. It wasn’t a big deal.

It had been September when this whole instance occurred. Jeremy sat at home on this Monday, when he had the work day off for Labor day. He sorted through the papers in his hands that was keeping him busy. It wasn’t business papers, oh no (he couldn’t work for a big business anyways, it reminded him of the Squip. Plus he just hated the thought of working in a cubical), these were adoption papers. Jeremy and Michael had been thinking about this for yesrs, and now they were thing of going through with this. He was reading through the different foster care systems near them, when he heard his phone ring.

Jeremy wasn’t one to let his phone go to voicemail unless he was really, really into something or just couldn’t reach the phone. This wasn’t one of those times. He was quite calm at the moment, normal, feeling alright..

He suddenly didn’t feel alright. With the sound of the stranger over the line telling him about the accident. Telling him that his player two had swivered off the side of the highway into a ditch in a frenzy. He was at the hospital. He was under-

Jeremy had stopped listening. Why? Because he dripped his phone on the way outside. Panic ran through his body as he sped out of the driveway in his car, cutting someone off and not caring for a single second.

He could barely breathe as he raced towards the hospital. He knew where it was from how many times he’s been there for this man and this man alone. This man he loved more than anything in the world. The man he saw die so many times before- but felt it so real this time that he felt like he would die right here and now if he didn’t make it to the hospital.

Adrenalin filled him as he crashed into the ER, frantically waving down anyone at all to tell him where Michael was. He looked insane, so if course, security had stopped him before a nurse had came to him.

“Where’s Michael? Where- I-Im married to him! I-is he ok?”

“Sir, were doing everything we can. Hes in a critical state. You have to calm-”

“I can’t calm down! I have to see him- h-he can’t die! I can’t let him d-die! Please!” Jeremy held back the word ‘again’. He also held back tears.

“Sir, I..”

Just then, a doctor stepped into the area. He talked to the lady at the front counter before making his way over to us. “You’re Jeremy Heere, sir?”

Jeremy nodded quickly. “Y-yes, where’s Michael? Is he ok? H-hes ok, right?”

The doctor had paused.

Jeremy felt a fear rush through him at this silence. “H-hes, t-tell me Michael’s ok! Tell me!” He persisted, his voice escalating.

The doctor spoke calmly, obviously rehearsed and drone-like. “I’m sorry sir. There was nothing else we could do for him. Michael had punctured his lung and bled to death before we could do anything usef..”

Jeremy felt his heart drop as the words sunk in. His thoughts seemed to stop, scream to a halt, not disappear, but a much , much worse feeling. The feeling of his whole life crashing down on him and fleeing him at the same time. His heart stopped, like everything else, for a pause that seemed to last for hours.

Then it all hit him. All of it. His heart came back, feeling an ache that only grew worse with every pump. His mind filled with the words of the doctor, the thoughts of his lovers death, the thoughts of Michael, Michael, Michael is dead.

Jeremy was crying. His cheeks were leaking as he pulled himself away from the other men. He stumbled back, still staring at the doctor. His vision became blurry as he started crying harder than every before, his breath becoming tiny gasps, his feet losing balance when he realised he was outside the hospital, on the grass. He brought his hands to his face, weeping and whaling profusely to himself, alone.

Everything came flooding back. And it all guilted him. He could have gone grocery shopping with him. For him. He could have taken him to the doctors to get checked up, seen that his sight might get worse. Checked that his lover was ok with a phone call, say “I love you, player two” one last time. The worst part was that he couldn’t remember the last words they had exchanged.

His mind was in such a spiraling state that he started thinking of everything bad that he ever did to Michael. He reached his deaths, he reached the looping. He remembered every death. He remembered his pain and how none of that pain was nearly as bad as it is now. Now was the worst day of his life. And there had been many bad days for Jeremy Heere.

He just wanted to see his face one more time. He wanted to see his lover, his player two, his alive husband, his best friend, his partner in crime, the most amazing person in the world-

“Or you’ll what?”

The bathroom. The light. The taste of shitty, terrible liquor threatening his mouth. And right in front of him, almost 30 years younger, was the love of his life. He teared up.





That was really really really fantastic, wow!! I have had thoughts about making the timeline where Michael goes blind the final timeline, sort of like, there’s gotta be some sacrifices, but they don’t necessarily have to be someone dying, ya know? And just imagining all the fun stuff that he and Jeremy go through afterward, hoooo!

All I can think about now is Jeremy pushing Michael (who’s wearing like, shutter shades or a pair of ridiculous sunglasses probably) around in a wheel chair through school and Michael’s like “Move outta the way, bitches, I got an escort to class” and like. Once they recover they get comfortable enough to make blind jokes ppfffp
Although I do like the idea of Michael’s sight coming back eventually. Like the accident at Jake’s house was only temporary and he regains his sight after a couple months or a year or smth.

BUT ANYWAY BACK TO SCREAMING THAT WRECKED ME AAAA!! I just can’t imagine how awful that would be, to live thirty years and then be taken back in time all the way back to the start of the whole thing;; but now Jeremy can try to prevent the whole blind thing, yeah? (Maybe instead Jeremy ends up going blind :0)

STOP KILLING MICHAEL I say as I continue to kill Michael in multiple of my AUs haha–//shot

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!! You guys are awesome continuing to shower me with fics and beautiful art and giving me more ideas for this AU I AM TRULY. TRULY BLESSED.)

Dwayne Johnson - Pillows...really?

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson - he’s away filming a movie and you haven’t seen him in a while then he comes home really early one morning and surprises you with lots of fluff and a bit of implied smut. 

Request for - Anon

Warnings - Fluff, Implied Smut

Word Count - 909 Words.

Originally posted by lovedwaynejohnson

Just as you sat down with your late night hot cocoa to watch re-runs of Gossip Girl your phone pinged as you received a text from your Husband of 4 years; the same adorable goodnight message you got from him every night as he was just starting his day on the other side of America. The text jogged your memory towards the calendar that hung in your kitchen and reminded you that you hadn’t placed your daily cross on it yet.

You placed down your cocoa and made your way to kitchen, you sighed grabbing the ‘Dwayne Johnson’ pen from the holder in the calendar (yes, he has his own pens) and signed a cross on day 33 out of 56. You sighed sadly placing the pen back; still just over 3 weeks left of sitting all alone in this ginormous house doing nothing but making sure you don’t kill your husbands beloved indoor plants, watching shitty shows and babysitting Hobbs (our frenchie - who in some respect was company but he preferred the company of his luxury doggy bed as opposed to mine)

I shook my head and chuckled, making my way back to the huge ‘L’ shaped sofa centred in the large room, i grabbed my drink off of the pristine looking glass coffee table and began to layer several of the about 30 pillows that adorned yours and Dwayne’s custom made sofa. 

You were about a third of the way through your 5th episode of Gossip Girl (at 2:30 in morning), hot drink long forgotten and your fort of pillows had somehow increased into a castle. Your eyelids started to droop as you felt fatigue lay it’s heavy and overbearing presence upon them, your weakened arms began to slowly remove the pillows surrounding your body; when all of a sudden your heard the signature beeping of your security device - instantly alerting you that there was someone trying to enter your home.

Fear rushed through your body and eliminated any form of drowsiness. You threw all of the pillows off of your frame and crouched down with them behind the bottom half of the ‘L’ shape of the sofa. The beating of your heart began to rapidly increase as you heard the heavy footsteps of boot covered feet stomp against your marble flooring. You could sense the presence of a figure standing a few feet away from the end of the sofa and you panicked; beginning to launch whatever was first available - which just so happened to be a fusillade of pillows. 

You arms propelled like miniature windmills as you pelted the ‘intruder’ with this barrage of pillows, you were throwing the for what felt like forever until you heard a deep chuckle reverberate throughout the emptiness of the large house. You poked your head up from behind the sofa as you instantly recognised that infectious, you slowly rose from behind the couch to see the large stature of your husband standing in the doorway; a flood of pillows laying at his feet. 

“Well nice to see you too babygirl” he laughed dropping his bag in the door way and enveloping your small frame in his as your threw you self at him. You wrapped your arms around his waist and just savoured every single second of the passionate embrace.

“Dwayne! What the fuck are you doing here! I thought you were some crazy axe murderer trying to get in our house” you rambled, swatting his chest playfully. Your husband raised his signature eyebrow at you and stood you in front of him with a look of questioning plastered upon his face. “What? you questioned 

“You thought there was an axe murderer in the house and you weapon of choice, was pillows…” he questioned you satirically a huge grin spreading across his face. You pursed your lips and blushed as he now raised both eyebrows; clearly expectant of some sort of reasoning.

“I just panicked not shut up” you groaned, cuddling back into his muscular arms and burying your face in the crook of his neck. He simply chuckled at you and placed his arms round your waist which you knew was a sign for you to jump up, you did as he had initiated and he began to carry you to the huge master bedroom of yours and his house. 

He gently set you down on the edge of the king size bed; the dark satin sheets delicately crinkling under your presence. Dwayne gently began to place lustful kissed down the sides of your neck right down to your collarbone, you blushed profusely; a rouged scarlet tone gracing the apples of your cheeks as he began to move further south slowly rubbing one of your smooth, sun kissed legs and placing heated kisses on the insides of your thighs. A small moan escaped your lips, you were just desperate to feel the touch of the man you love, after a gruelling five weeks without it. 

You giggled and loosely wrapped your arms around his neck as he rose from between your thighs and scooted you both to the top of the luxury bed. You placed your lips on his as he began to undress you, slowly removing your top, all he did was wink at you before returning to his previous spot between your legs.

Although you hated it when he left, damn was the reunion sex was fucking amazing, and almost worth it.

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A/N: Hey guys another slightly smuttier imagine, i actually really enjoyed writing this one! Hope you like it ~ Moxxii

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hullo! i really enjoyed your scenario of shinsou meeting his newborn!! v cute!!!! i was wondering if you could do the same scenario for bakugou and mirio?? thank you 😍

Here is the Mirio part of your request!

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! He is going to miss it. He can’t miss it. He can’t miss this moment. Bakugou pushes past the people in the waiting room and slams his hand on the secretary’s desk. Smoke billows from his palms.

“Bakugou (Name)! What room?”

The little secretary stutters, visibly shaken by Bakugou’s show of force. She hesitates and he pounds his hands on the table again. The young woman jumps, typing as fast as her trembling fingers can. When the stupid secretary bitch finally gives him the room number, Bakugou takes off down the hall to your room.

He throws open the door, “(Name), did I—”

You smile at him and hold a finger to your lips. You are sitting in the hospital bed with a loose fitting gown hanging over your form. Bakugou can see the exhaustion and fatigue licking at your face, but you are grinning at him like didn’t just miss the birth of his child. Closing the door, he walks over and sits in the chair next to your hospital bed. Bakugou runs his hands through his short hair, scratching his scalp in annoyance. You were here all alone. He made you go through this by yourself. What kind of shitty-ass husband is he?

“Fuck, I’m sorry. The goddamn agency held me up. Fucking dumbass villains. Shit, I shoulda got here sooner. I’m such a fucking assho—”

“Katsuki, it’s okay, baby. I understand,” you say gently, “So do you want to hold her?”

Her. It’s a girl. His baby girl. The little pink bundle in your arms shifts fitfully as you sit up more. Bakugou watches in a trance as you quell the bubbling cries with a few gentle hushes. It’s strange, but, as Bakugou watches you stare lovingly down at the baby, he’s never felt more at ease.

“Are you going to take her?”

Bakugou nods and wipes his damps palms on his pants before taking his daughter from you. She is lighter than he expected and more beautiful than he could’ve ever imagined. Bakugou wasn’t sold on the concept of parenthood right away. He just couldn’t get behind idea of taking care of a little, helpless human that would only shit, cry, eat, and sleep. But as he holds his daughter, he can’t understand why he was ever against the idea.

“Aw, is Daddy crying?”

“Yeah, I fucking am, okay? Can we please just shut the fuck up about it right now?”

In honor of my husband who just finished the last slice of pie and left the pie plate on our coffee table, I betcha the boys are constantly leaving empty pie tins all over the Haus. Bitty buys disposable ones because after one week of living there he ran out of his ceramic ones, and then when there is a deep Haus clean after a Kegster, Bitty finds approx. 150 pie tins scattered in various rooms. Shitty had 25 of them under his bed.

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So this might seem weird but I asked @forovnix what she thought about a filthy victuuri car salesman AU and now I can't stop thinking abt it in your style 🙏🙏🙏 I'm sorrynotsorry

alright, dawg, here’s the deal! i’m vaguely high and halfway through a bottle of wine on very little sleep, so my brain is taking a wild variety of fun, goonies-esque waterslides into a pool of what ‘filthy victuuri car salesman AU’ could mean:

  • okay, so i remember one of the first uncomfortably horny moments in my life was watching nurse jackie at like, age 10 and there’s a scene where the gross car salesman husband is fucking his secretary on the vibrating, nylon plaid couch that has ultimately stayed with me for the rest of my life, because at my core i love the Aesthetic Dark Age that was the seventies.  and just the Gross Factor, the cheap factor, it was everything.
  • so consider yuuri being a second hand car salesman at a sketchy sales op, and he’s like– here’s the deal, he is the best salesman at his frankly shitty dealership.  he finds it so stressful to make people buy his shitty cars, but he doesn’t resort to the cheaper tactics that his co-workers do, he’s not into blackmail or fucking to close a deal, he doesn’t have black market connections, and the fact that he still manages to meet his sales goals on a monthly basis is admirable.  IN WALKS (for whatever reason, maybe they go to the same starbucks, who the FUCK knows) victor nikiforov of Nikiforov BMW and is like, please fuck me on this vibrating fuck couch, please join my sales team, please never wear this sears suit ever-fucking-again because i will burn it.
  • or just consider Nikiforov BMW, all sleek surfaces, cold, grey tile, window-walled offices.  consider the leather burberry driving gloves that victor wears into the office every morning, the ones he keeps on and wrecks with lube when he fingers yuuri’s asshole open in the passenger seat of a test model Z8, roof rolled down on the side of a country road, yuuri’s back curved over the door like a rough stroke of paint.
Our Little Miracle

Author: winchesterr67

Pairing: Daddy!Negan x Reader 

Warnings: Mentions of trouble of conceiving and nightmares. Hinting at sex? Cussing?? (It’s Negan.. What do you expect? Haha)

Word Count: 1014

A/N: After much contemplation and procrastination, here’s my tee tiny contribution to Ash’s 2K Writing Challenge! This is kind of a modern day AU? No zombie apocalypse. Negan and the reader are living the “Apple Pie Life”, so to speak. And it’s Daddy!Negan as in he has a kid. Get you’re mind out of the gutter y’all. 

Originally posted by marythenurse

(I know this gif isn’t Negan and has pretty much nothing to with this fic. But he looks sleepy and cute and?? I love him???)

I jolted awake from a terrible nightmare, where the world had gone to shit and most of the population had became “walkers”. My husband was the leader of some group called “The Saviors”?? I don’t know what it was or what caused it but I’m glad it’s over.

I turned over onto my back staring up at the ceiling, and my hand instinctively went to the straight to the other side of the bed. It was cold. Negan wasn’t in the bed. I starting to wonder where he went when I hear footsteps coming from the bedroom down the hall. Sitting up straight in bed, I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. Yawning. Shuddering when my feet made contact with the cold floor. Standing still for a minute, hearing an all too familiar voice drifting down the hall.

Starting towards the door of our shared bedroom, reaching for the nob and slowing opening the door just enough to where I can slip through. Slowly treading down the hallway and stopping at the nursery door. There’s a soft glow coming from the lamp in the corner of the room. I reach for the door to open in further when I hear him begin to speak again.

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Do you ever think about how much Robert hates himself? About how he lays in bed some nights, staring at the ceiling, thinking of all the mistakes he’s made and all the people he’s hurt.

And then he turns to look at Aaron, peaceful and happy in his sleep, and is hit even harder with self loathing because how could he do that to Aaron? The one person he never wanted to hurt like that. Hurt at all.

He just wanted to make Aaron happy. Keep him safe, keep him forever. And then he went and jeopardized it all, one shitty drunken night he barely remembers.

He set out to hurt Aaron, to ruin everything. And he did. He was successful. And now here he is, looking at his husband, the love of his life, and thinking about how this may be the last night he gets with him because tomorrow could be the day he finds out.

The day Aaron leaves him like he always knew he would. Because no matter what Robert did, he always knew he would fuck it up someday, somehow.

So he moves closer to Aaron, pressing their bodies together, uncomfortably close and feels Aaron sigh in contentment.

And Robert hates himself even more.

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I just found this so funny but could you do hc of katsuki reaction when he finds out his 5 year old daughter has a crush on deku

Bakugou Katsuki

• his 5 year old cute princess is constantly rambling on about her uncle Izuku - yes, she actually calls him by his first name and everything he does is utterly amazing to her, even if it’s just eating a cookie
• Bakugou is lowkey jealous, how can he be so important to her? He’s just his shitty, good for nothing, childhood friend - “Daddy, he’s the biggest hero in this planet! You should learn from him” - he’s furious
• his wife is laughing about it and actually thinks it’s cute when her husband is sulking and pouting - she tries to reassure him that he’s the most important man in her life and he’ll forever be
• he’s the one who has to comfort her when she finds out that she can’t marry Deku - great, now he even broke her heart. Not really, but it’s probably what he thinks, he’s still Bakugou after all
• the most annoying thing is that she constantly reminds him that Deku even once saved his life and therefore he’s the best man on earth - he’s a super hero and he even saved her beloved Daddy - Bakugou is fuming

Club Security - (1/?)

Summary: Being an almost Chief of the Italian Mafia wasn’t all that good, sometimes things would get boring. That was one of the motives that made Bucky create a “secret” club; and just as every important and rich establishment, there should be someone to take care of it. And that someone happens to be you.

Pairing: Mafia!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,162

Warnings: Cursing, mention of blood and guns, MAFIA, slight angst, mafia cliché.

A/N: HELLOOOO, so… Should I be starting another series when I didn’t finish none of the ones I already have? Nop. But can I get this freaking idea out of my head? NOP SO DEAL WITH IT. Anyway, I actually really liked this and I had two versions of it, but I ended choosing the one where the reader is kinda badass; Hope you enjoy it! <3 (btw, I have no clue how I’m almost reaching to 300 followers. No. Fucking. Clue.)


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The thick cloud of smoke was familiar to Bucky’s eyes and lungs, just as the taste of expensive liquor and the annoying sweet perfume of the woman dancing on his lap.

It was so familiar that it turned ordinary, monotonous, boring.

The same types of women, the same types of men, the same smell, perfumes and even personalities; it made him feel sick to his stomach.

“May I see the face of the gentlemen?” Her high-pitched voice made Bucky huff in annoyance, staring blankly at the blonde on his lap that was trying to look seductively by biting her bottom lip, but that just made her look ridiculous to his eyes.

“Stop the act and get the fuck out of me, you know who I am.” She hissed with how rude his voice sounded, but complied with his orders, knowing better than to challenge and disobey the owner of the club and almost Chief of the Italian mafia.

The mask that covered part of his face gave him an even more dominant and mysterious look, causing all of the women to stare and desire him.

“You shouldn’t be that rude.” Steve scolded his best friend, earning a scoff from him.

“And she shouldn’t be trying to cheat on her husband.”

“How’s business?” Looking around, Bucky shrugged his shoulders and ignored the glances that the female part of the club sent him. “You’re on edge, what’s the deal?”

“The deal is that shitty rule that says I have to marry to accomplish my right fucking spot.” Looking at his friend with sympathy, Steve patted his shoulder.

“You’ll find a nice lady to yourself, is not like you’re out of options.”

I don’t want to get married, Steve.” He hissed, annoyed with the line of the conversation. “Look around, they are all the same! I can’t just get fucking divorced; it is a literal ‘forever’, you punk.”

Some members – rarely – got the chance to marry a person they loved, but Bucky wouldn’t know how that felt, he never loved anyone.

“What about Natasha? You two are friends, she wouldn’t mind helping you. Besides, you two had a “thing” some time ago, didn’t ya’?” Keeping his eyes on the stage, where some girls danced the slow music, he laughed humorlessly.

“Said it right. Had. I won’t put her into a fate where she won’t be loved, she doesn’t deserve it.” Steve was about to list all the women that were willing to marry Bucky when something caught his eyes and made his voice get stuck in his throat.

The brunet followed his friend’s gaze and almost choked with his liquor at the sight in front of him.

You stood next to the bar, awaiting for your drink while tapping the wood slowly with your nails, the red dress clinging to your breasts and waist, the skirt of it falling like a cascade into the floor on the back while the front stopped in the middle of your thigh.

Turning your head when you felt the sensation of being observed, your Y/E/C lingered on both men and without giving a second glance, you turned back into your previous bored position.

You were the only women in there using a mask, all of the others had their faces uncovered since they objective were to find a pair, and they couldn’t do that if they weren’t able to show the beauty that attracted their prays.

Something in your eyes made Bucky’s palms tingle, noticing that he wasn’t the only one paying attention to you, he cocked a brow at Steve.

“You want her dead? If Peggy caught you staring, know what she would do?” Teasing, he chuckled at his friend’s failed attempt to hide that he was staring at you. But Bucky didn’t blame him, there was a ‘thing’ in you that called people’s attention.

You had a sensual and independent aura, and that was what made Bucky get up and walk into your direction. Confidence overflowing from him, making all men back away slightly.

“And how does such a nice lady find herself in my club?” It didn’t go unnoticed to you that he made sure to say that the place was his, your eyes burning into his, trying to catch any sight of the face under the mask. “Business or pleasure?” You would be lying if you said that his hoarse voice didn’t send chills down your spine.

“Business.” It was the only thing you said before grabbing your whiskey and turning your back at him, slowly walking to one of the sofas and crossing your legs, eyes on the room like you were the queen of the place.

And to the men in there, you certainly did look like you were.

“Wow, right, chief?” Bucky nodded his head, agreeing with the bartender and bowing on the bar counter.

“Who’s she?”

“Y/N Y/L.”

“The name is familiar.” Steve chuckled at his side before muttering his order.

“You should recognize the name of the women that takes care of the safety of the club and yours.” Cocking a brow at his friend, Bucky rested his arms on the wood, still watching you swing your leg slowly while solving the whiskey.

“And that was supposed to mean?”

“She’s the leader of the squad that takes care of you and your sisters… And Peggy… And me… And basically every single person of here.”

“So you are telling me she has sources?” Steve widened his eyes at Bucky’s smug, denying with his head furiously.

“I wouldn’t try the luck, pal. Y/N is known for turning down every men that try to get into a relationship with her.”

You eyed Bucky, your smoky eyes sending vibrations through all his body. Feeling the chills caressing your exposed back when he grinned at you, you took a sip from your drink, smirking at him from behind your glass.

“I’m always up for the challenge.”

Before James could do a move, you quickly got up, aiming your gun at him and shooting at an incredible speed.

The club went silent as a women’s body fell to the ground behind the chief, dropping her own gun with a ‘thud’, the blood gushing out through the whole in the back of her head while a single line of blood flood from the one in the middle of her eyebrows.

You took off your mask, tossing it absently at the sofa you were seconds before; walking calmly to Bucky, you saw his eyes shinning in admiration.

“Threat eliminated, Mr. Rogers.” He nodded his head, still in shock with how quick you were.

“Huh, I can see that.”

“I shall accompany Mr. Barnes to his car now; will you want an escort, also?” At any occasion, Bucky would’ve dismissed the babysitting, but he would never deny such a fine lady’s company.

“It’s ok, Peggy will soon be waiting for me downstairs.”

“In this case… Will you follow me, sir?” Bucky cocked a brow at Steve before following you to the exit.

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85. Thank you! ❤

85. If you die, I’m going to kill you.

“That seems dangerous.”

“Well it’s not,” Aaron insisted, pushing against the bottom of the ladder. “See? Dead secure, that is,” he assured his husband.

Robert frowned, making his way out of the porch to test the ladder for himself, pushing against it with a little more force than Aaron had done as it rested precariously up against the side wall of the Mill.

It wobbled slightly.

He wasn’t convinced.

“Can’t we just get someone in to do it?” he asked with a sigh.

“Robert, they’re Christmas decorations,” Aaron quipped. “You don’t pay someone to put them up for you, don’t be ridiculous.”

Robert stood at the foot of the ladder with his hands on his hips, frowning as he followed his husband’s every movement, leaning over their cardboard box full of hand-me-down decorations from his mom at the pub; Aaron sifting through and holding up selections of fairy lights and attempting to untangle them from the rest of the tat clogging up the space inside the box.

“How are you even going to hang those things up?” Robert asked, watching on as Aaron successfully detached a string of multi-coloured lights from the box, walking back towards the house and trailing them along the patio slabs to check how long they were.

“With these,” Aaron answered his husband, lifting up a plastic tub full of what Robert suspected contained screws and nails of some sort. “And this,” he smiled as he put the plastic tub down and picked up his electric drill, clicking the power button to let it whir away as he looked over at Robert and wiggled his eyebrows.

Robert sighed, unimpressed; the thought of his husband falling off a ladder two weeks before Christmas plaguing his mind.

“Since when have you bothered with Christmas lights, anyway?”

Aaron rolled his eyes at his husband, picking up the ladders and moving them to the left slightly, looking up to make sure the top of the ladder was resting against something remotely solid before he took his ascent.

“Liv’s coming back ‘int she?” Aaron explained as he scooped the lights up off the floor and hooked them over his shoulder; taking the drill in his other hand and lodging it clumsily under his chin to allow him to hold both sides of the ladders. “She’s been away at uni for months,” he added as he stepped up to the first rung.

“Wait!” Robert called out, feet moving him towards Aaron before he thought his brain had registered the need to protect him; surprising even himself with the speed he could still move at when it was Aaron in danger.

He grabbed onto each side of the ladder to steady it as Aaron looked down at him, amused.

“Bloody hell, soft lad,” he laughed at him with affection. “Anybody would think you cared about me.”

“Yeah, good one,” Robert retorted, unamused. “If you die, I’m going to kill you.”

Aaron laughed as he continued to climb up the ladders; Robert’s heart racing in his chest as he felt the flimsy steel structure wobble each time Aaron lifted himself up onto the next rung.

“Stop panicking,” Aaron sighed, smirking. “I know what I’m doing.”

As if he was tempting fate, Aaron tried to wrestle his way past some of the ivy growing up the side of the house and he lost his grip, arms swinging back as the drill slid from underneath his chin, crashing to the ground beneath him as Aaron tried to steady himself, 8ft in the air.

“AARON!” Robert called from the ground in a sudden state of panic, gripping onto the ladder as he glared up at his husband, his heart ready to explode out of his chest as he struggled to catch his breath.

Aaron laughed, returning both hands to the ladder.

“Chill out, Rob, jesus,” he smirked as he looked down at his mess of a husband.

“Right, that’s it, get down, now,” Robert ordered, exasperated.

“What? No!” Aaron argued back.

“Aaron, I’m sure Liv would rather that you’re alive when she comes back instead of just having some shitty Christmas lights.”

Aaron rolled his eyes.

“Look, just hold the bloody ladders and I’ll be done in five minutes.”

Robert clenched his jaw and did as he was told; aware that his heart rate didn’t decrease until Aaron had attached the last of the lights to the wall; that he didn’t release the breath he was holding until Aaron was descending the ladders on his way back to safety.

He made a mental note to add Aaron on a ladder to the list of things he never wanted to see again; and he grabbed his husband by the material of his hoodie as soon as he made it back down to earth; kissing him like he thought he might not have had the chance again.

You can’t keep doing this.

Authors Note: Requested by anon. From Drabble Challenge List HERE
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He was due home a few hours ago, he promised he would be home to have dinner with you, to watch a movie and to actually fall asleep with you. But, of course, it is ten at night, the dinner is cold, you watched the movies already, and you are sitting on your bed with a book.

You overhear the front door opening and closing, the dog barking and bounding out of the bedroom, thumping down the stairs to greet Harry. You overhear Harry chuckling and talking to the dog, more than likely petting him and showering him with some love.

You keep your eyes concentrated on your book, the familiar footsteps getting closer, finally reaching the bedroom where he throws his jacket to the bed.

“Hey, love.” He greets tiredly, your eyes refusing to remove themselves from your Nicholas Sparks book.

“Hi.” You dryly respond, doing your best to ignore his figure as it moves around the bedroom in a distracting manner.

You lift your eyes and see Harry in the wardrobe, you assume he is grabbing clothes for tomorrow or trying to figure out what he wants to wear for the photo shoot next week. He is no stranger to spending far too much time in that wardrobe. He always likes to make sure his outfits are perfect for specific occasions. You shrug it off and go back to your book, trying not to get too attached to the characters, your thoughts telling you that something tragic is bound to happen soon. It is quite apparent drama is going to take place in the book.

You are distracted when you feel something thumping on the bed, you lift your eyes and see Harry’s copper-colored duffel bag on the bed. You feel your own nerves beginning to pulsate, your teeth sinking into your cheek as you know exactly just what is going on.

Whenever that bag makes its way out of the wardrobe, it only means one thing: He is flying out to some place for some reason he has yet to tell you. You have seen that damn bag one too many times in the last four months that you are remarkably aggravated by the sight of it.

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Unfaithful : Part 26

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife

Warnings : so I won’t give spoilers, every chapter could contain mention of blood, death, gore, smut etc… not to mention Negan’s filthy mouth


This fic is about betrayal or adultery, call it what you want, please if you feel triggered about such thing don’t read. If not , you can be wether team y/n or team Lucille. LOL

Previous chapters :


¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

You violently rubbed your hands with water to remove Lucille’s blood that had dried up on your skin. The color of water in the sink became red as it mixed with the blood but after a brief moment it disappeared , though you presisted on rubbing over and over as if the stains were still there. Suddenly you stopped washing your hands as you watched them trembling, unable to control them anymore ,so you opted to clench them instead.

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