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Never Been Courted

A Wattpad request. I do not own Thorin. He belongs to J.R.R.Tolkien. 

Warnings: Um…none that I can think of. Everybody lives AU

Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield x fem!reader

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Your parents looked at you expectantly. What were you supposed to say? “Y/N, dear?” you mother began and you indicated that you needed a moment. You wondered how they could spring this on you so suddenly. “You want me to travel to Erebor, practically alone, to try and win the heart of the King Thorin?” You’d never heard anything so ludicrous.

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Limerence and Aphrodisiacs (Jefferson x Reader)

Words: 1000+?

Warnings: light smut, drugged drinks, nothing serious yall

Request: In the mood for some love ? Idk why but I’ve been thinking about love potion or aphrodisiacs (… don’t ask) So what would happen If someone “drugs” the reader and the person he/she doesn’t like What would happen before ? In the meantime ? After ? Only you know the answer of the reader’s destiny ! (And which personne they hates) Free to choose which character you love or hate @sorry-but-no-sorry

A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day! In celebration of how lonely we all are (maybe its just me) let’s read some fic!

Your friends, Elizabeth, Peggy, and Angelica Schuyler decided that you all should celebrate Valentine’s Day together this year. February 14 was coming up soon, and although Eliza was courting Alexander, she insisted that the four of you were each other’s’ valentine.

“Eliza, you know how Hamilton is. He’ll beg for you to be his valentine. I bet he’s going to show up with chocolate from around the globe.” Angelica said, tying up her hair. Peggy was helping you put on your corset, looking at Eliza doing her makeup. Eliza snorted, glancing back at her older sister.

“And you think I won’t be able to say no?” She replied, putting on blush. Peggy laughed.

“You could never say no to him. Especially when he sends you all of those letters.” You laughed along with Peggy, and Eliza pouted.

“Y/N, you’re supposed to be backing me up on this.” You shrugged, thanking Peggy for helping you with a smile.

“Sorry Eliza, can’t help you on this one.” You all laughed, and joked around for the rest of the time. You all were to meet the boys at the Early Spring ball. They seemed to have a dance for every occasion possible. Peggy had a huge crush on Laurens, and Angelica tended to talk to Lafayette. She insisted that it was nothing, but the smile on her face and the giggling between them told you three otherwise. You, on the other hand, didn’t really have anyone that you liked. The girls always said that you and Thomas should get together, but that was the opposite of what you wanted.

Thomas Jefferson, the annoying, pompous, self-centered man was someone you were never interested in. In fact, you two hated each other. He called you a self-absorbed, independent and no potential, while you said the exact same thing, but in more vulgar words. Every time the two of you were in the same room, the tension rose, and you couldn’t help but start to argue with him. It was inevitable.

“It’s just sexual tension.” Angelica murmured. Peggy gasped, blushing. You rolled your eyes at her, looking at your wrist watch.

“Or, it’s because he’s a spoiled man. Look at the way he prances around, doesn’t it just make you want to-“ You ended your sentence there, your face getting red from the anger rising in you.

“Jump his bones?” Eliza suggested, getting a small slap from Peggy on the arm.

“You know what I mean, Eliza.” You mumbled. The four of you finished, and walked out to the carriage that was to take you to the ball. Angelica insisted that you tried to work things out with Jefferson, but you shook your head, not wanting anything to do with him.

Once you all arrived, Eliza immediately broke off from the group, running to find her Alexander. Peggy walked away to get some drinks from the refreshments table, and Angelica went with her, leaving you alone. You walked to an empty table and sat down. Parties weren’t really your thing, but the girls always dragged you along for the ride. As you were playing with your fingers, you noticed a familiar purple silhouette approaching you. You sighed at the ridiculous color he was wearing, and turned your head away.

“Ah, so instead of arguing with me, you do not even acknowledge my presence? How rude.” Jefferson drawled, sitting across from you. You sighed, ignoring him. “I thought you said you do not like parties? Why are you here?”

“I came specifically to annoy you, Thomas.” You mumbled, looking at him. He had that same stupid, sly grin on his face. “Why are you even talking to me?” He shrugged, glancing around.

“Madison isn’t here to entertain me, and Burr isn’t the best of company. Not that you are, either, but you’re better than his blabbing mouth.” You snorted, and he frowned, giving you a disgusted look. “You are a very informal woman, Y/N.”

“Says the man who cannot entertain himself, so he comes and talks to me. You know, your presence is shying away potential suitors for me.” This time, Thomas laughed.

“Yes, because every man finds you desirable.”

Before you had a chance to retort, Peggy and Angelica came over, holding drinks in their hands. They offered you and Thomas one, insisting that you both drink together. Jefferson and you glared at each other, but accepted the drinks. Angelica had a mischievous look on her face, and you wondered why. Again, she ran away with her sister before you could ask.

As you two sipped your drinks, Jefferson began glancing down at your chest. You never saw him do this once before, so it was a surprise. But should it be? He was a man, after all. You stared at his face, noticing that he was indeed, quite handsome. His trimmed facial hair to his brown eyes made you want to-

“Would you care to dance with me, Y/N?” Jefferson asked, holding out his hand. Some part of you told you that this was wrong, but you touched his hand with yours, letting him lead you to the dance floor. He bowed once, and you curtsied. The song changed, and you two began dancing with each other.

“I thought you hated me, Jefferson?” You whispered low, letting him guide you along the dance floor. You criticized his dance moves before, but now, it seemed like he was the best you have ever seen. Jefferson chuckled, spinning you around slowly.

“And I thought you wanted to murder me, Y/N. Things change.” He pulled you tightly against him, your breath catching in your throat. His pupils were dilated, dark and unrecognizable. You felt a hard throbbing against your stomach, and you looked at him, your eyes widening. He smirked, pulling you back.

“Jefferson-“ He rushed you off the dance floor, guiding you to a back room. Before you could say more, he slammed the door shut, backing you against it. His eyes looked down hungrily at your lips, before pushing his against yours.

Before tonight, you would have punched him square in the jaw. Before tonight, you would have kicked him in his baby maker. But, you kissed him back, biting his lip softly. He groaned, fumbling with your dress. You guided his hands to your back, helping him pull off the tied ribbons.

“Tell me no if you want me to stop.” He whispered, pressing his lips against your neck. You sighed, tilting your head back.

“Okay…” You replied through gasps. You pulled off his jacket, breaking every button in the process.



The next morning, you woke up in your bed to a throbbing headache. You looked around, noticing that you were in fact, not in your room. And, you glanced down at your body, you were naked. Completely, utterly, naked.

“What the hell…” You mumbled, looking around for your dress. You found it in the corner of the room, torn to pieces. There you found another dress next to it. You immediately pulled it on, covering your body. You were sore, so it took you a minute.

You tried to ignore the thoughts that came to your head, reminding you what happened last night. I mean, it was hard to forget. Ha, hard.

“Y/N, stop. This isn’t funny.” You mumbled to yourself. You noticed Thomas’s clothes not far from yours, as teared and damaged as yours. “What are you going to do now?” You said, fixing your hair in the mirror that you found in the room. It was a complete mess, but you made it look as presentable as possible. Before you left the room, you saw a note on the door, written in what was clearly his writing.

Very interesting time last night. We need to talk, I will wait for you in the dining hall.

-Thomas Jefferson

You sighed, pulling the paper off the door. You reluctantly walked to the dining room, seeing the back of Thomas’s head. You noticed his foot tapping anxiously, and you were surprised. You never thought you would see Thomas nervous before.

Although under the circumstances, it was expected. When you slowly approached him, he heard your footsteps, and turned around quickly. He glanced over you quickly, standing up. He glanced at your body quickly, then looked at you in the eyes, giving you a small smile.

“Y/N, hi.” You tried to look anywhere but at him, wanting to forget what happened last night.

“Thomas, I don’t know what happened with us but…” You started, glancing over at him. His shoulders dropped, and a small part of you felt bad about it. Youactually felt bad about something that had to do with Thomas. “But, I do think that it meant something. Did, it mean something?” You asked, looking at him. He laughed, running his hands through his hair.

“I have been hiding this for a while, Y/N. But, I do, like you. I always liked you. I just, I thought that you hated me, so I pretended to do so as well. I did not want what happened last night to occur that way, I have no idea what came over us, but I do not regret it. I’ll never regret it.” There was a sorrowful look on his face, and he stared at you. There was no hate in his eyes, and you felt happy about that.

Did you really hate him? He was quite annoying, and his personality did make you want to stay away, but maybe there was something more? Maybe, he was not such a bad guy? You looked him over once, and sighed.

“Give me some time, Thomas. Give me some time, and I’ll think about it.” He gave you an encouraging grin, nodding slowly. “In the meantime, try not to be so overbearing?”

He grinned wickedly. “Do not count on it, love.”

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Love all ur gaston work! Please do a fic where the Reader is at a bar with Gaston & Lefou? When the boys go to bar the Reader talks to a girl Lefou had brought over & accidentally lets slip she loves Gaston & plans to tell him when they get home but the girl is v. bitchy & says he probably doesn’t love her back. The reader decides to not say anything & becomes upset & stops looking after herself. When Gaston confronts her she accidentally says what happened & it ends fluffy. Thanks! Hope it’s ok

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney ; BatB (2017)
Warnings: angst (depression)

A/N: hey there darling! thank you so much for the compliment! I have to apologize for taking so long to finish this, but I hope it’s what you wanted <3


“Here’s to you, LeFou! May you have many more years ahead of you!” you smiled and kissed his cheek, Gaston only raised his jug, but LeFou still smiled like a giddy child.

“Thank you two for being here with me. My two best friends in the world!”

You laughed a little and looked up when another woman approached the table you were sitting at.

“Oh! This is Amelie, a childhood friend of mine.”

You wanted to greet her, but it seemed as if she was more interested in Gaston than anyone else.

Since this night was about LeFou – and Gaston really didn’t want to flirt with another woman while you were sitting at the same table – he decided to take the man to the bar and get new drinks, leaving you and Amelie behind.

She sat down across from you and watched them.

“Quite the handsome one, isn’t he?”

“Indeed. No wonder one would fall in love with him,” to be honest, you didn’t even realize the words were coming out of your mouth until it was too late. Until Amelie had turned her head again, a wicked grin on her face.

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from the inside

intro | chapter 1 | chapter 2

genre/details: mafia au, brother!namjoon, mafia leader!namjoon, mafia!bts, bff!bts

warnings: language, violence, some more in later chapters

summary: Your family wasn’t the typical one. They were killers, psychos even. But no matter what, you loved them all to death. Literally.

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chapter 1

‘What the hell am I even doing?’ Namjoon thought to himself as he studied the papers in front of him. He went through them for the 100th time and finally looked up at the boy sitting in his office. He looked pretty normal - average height, dark brown eyes, messy black hair. Indeed, he was quite handsome. From what he’d read, Namjoon could tell that he was quite dangerous too.

'Please, sir. I promise to serve you as well as I can.’ Namjoon didn’t know why this boy who introduced himself as Song Leehan insisted on joining his gang so much. The excuse of being exiled from his previous group for falling in love with the wrong girl seemed good enough as this was the way gangs worked. 

'I mean… If you’re as good as those files say then there should be no problem’ a smile appeared on Leehan’s face at the news. Since two of Namjoon’s rival gangs teamed up to bring him down he’s been lacking men. 

'Thank you, sir' 

'No problem, Leehan. I’ll ask Seokjin to show you around and you will be good to go’ Soon after, his right-hand man - Seokjin - came to take care of the boy.

Namjoon sighed loudly and brushed back his hair. The situation with rival gangs was getting more and more serious and all he wanted was to finally have some time for you. Even though you lived in the same house he hadn’t seen you in 3 days and it was driving him crazy. You were closer than average siblings as you had been thrown into this dangerous world together and in order to survive you had to work as one. Luckily you were both smart and strong which allowed you to be where you were now - at the top. The biggest gang in Seoul with a breathtakingly beautiful property.

The premises consisted of 2 main areas - one for the gang members and one for Namjoon and you. It was only like that in theory though as in your mansion lived 6 other men.

Next to yours and Namjoon’s bedrooms were two more, all with walk-in closets and bathrooms. One room remained unused and the last one belonged to Seokjin. 

Jin was very handsome, the oldest one in the gang. You’ve known him since birth and he was like a brother to you. He was also like the older brother to other members living in the house. Even though you’ve known him the longest, he wasn’t the one closest to you. The honor belonged to Yoongi who lived on the floor beneath along with 4 other members. His cold demeanor that made him infamous as the deadliest killer often threw people off, but as you knew him like the back of your hand you admired this side of him. But you liked him the best when he was his goofy self, smiling and joking around. 

Besides you, only one person could bring out this side of Yoongi - Hoseok. The most smiley person you’ve ever met. He lived next to the older and Jimin - small but very strong fighter. He specialized in hand to hand combat and often trained you and some other volunteers.

The last two rooms belonged to Jungkook and Taehyung. They’ve been best friends long before they joined the gang. The duo was known as the pranksters of the group. You often joined them as they were closest to your age, Jungkook being only a year older than you. 

 You all loved each other to death. Maybe they were killers and psychos to some degree but at the end of the day, you were a family, a powerful and loyal one with bonds stronger than anybody could’ve ever imagined.

Seokjin started showing Leehan around at the section B where the members lived. A few living quarters and warehouses, nothing much, but Leehan looked at everything curiously. Jin took him to his new room and with a smile explained the basic things that he did to every recruit. 

'As you’ve probably realized, you’re not allowed at the mansion in section A. Today was just an exception. If you’re wanted there we will let you know. As of now, you will be training hand-to-hand combat and probably hacking. If you prove good enough you might be the main hacker just like you were in your previous group. Here-’ Seokjin pointed at the table in Leehan’s new room ’-you have the necessary things - a phone with the numbers you will need, a watch, some money, clothes. You can go to the city whenever you want, just make sure to tell somebody at the gate where you’re going. If you need a car, look for Park Jinyoung in the room 17 down the hall, he will find you something. Training starts at 8 am in the gym downstairs, I think as far as hacking is concerned I will ask our current hacker Hoseok to come to you. Well, he’s not a hacker actually, but since our last died not so long ago, we didn’t have any other option than to make him one. That’s all for now, get ready for tomorrow, we will see if you worthy then’ the boy nodded and Jin turned to leave.

'Thank you, sir, I promise to do well’ Leehan said once again, his voice sounding innocent and sincere making Jin smile. It’s been quite some time since he had to take care of somebody new and he’d forgotten how respectful and almost scared they always were.

After the older left Leehan looked around the small room. Although it wasn’t like a suite it still felt nice. Peering out of his window he saw Seokjin exit the building and get into the car they drove earlier. The car went back to the mansion and Leehan’s eyes moved to the afternoon sky above him.

'Oh, just wait till I show you all just how worthy I am’

This is gonna sound crazy to BBS fans but I had a dream where I went on a date with H2O Delirious.

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How do I even explain what happened or where to begin?

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I was somewhere at maybe comic-con or a gaming conventions no idea… But I can distinctly remember being with Delirious the whole time and his arm around me.(on either my waist or my shoulder) And the weirdest part of it all. He took his mask OFF and I saw his face… His REAL face, no clown make up!

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I was shocked to say the least and while I can’t remember his exact facial features he was indeed quite handsome…


Author: see-the-fandom-imagines
Warnings: none. maybe nightmares. but actually just pure fluff
Word Count: 3225
A/N: Belated Happy Birthday <3
Request: You were with him when he came out of the ice and since that day you helped him with all the new things and stood by his side all the time he needed someone. Steve slowly fell in love with you over this time and now is head over heels for you and one day he invites you over to his apartment, where he shyly tells you his feelings and feel the same so you kiss him and become his Girl ?

You were on your way over to Steve’s apartment. He had called you about half an hour ago, and since it was your day off, you had accepted.
After all it wasn’t the first time, you just visited him like this. After he had… well, woken up, you had spent most of your time together.
At first, because it had been your job. Fury had ordered you to support him to adjust to the 21st century, and to be there for him if he needed anything.

Captain Rogers?“, you asked to get the attention of the man that sat in front of you. He had stared straight ahead, obviously deep in thoughts.
Of course. It hadn’t been more than three hours since he had woken up, only to find himself in a completely different time.
Seventy years later, to be precise.

 It had to be very hard for him. Most likely more than you could ever imagine. 

Now he looked up at you, taking your outstretched hand and shaking it. You couldn’t help yourself, but noticing that he was, indeed, quite handsome.
„I’m Agent (f/n) (l/n). I am here to… help you.“ You tried a polite smile, and Steve nodded, letting go of your hand. 

„Steve Rogers. But I’m sure you already knew that, huh.“
Not sure if this had been supposed to be a joke, you looked to the ground to hide your smile.
„I may have overheard it somewhere“, you answered, earning a tired chuckle from Steve.
„Come“, you started. „I’ll show you to your new apartment.“

Steve stood up, and only now you realized how impressive he actually was. Standing upright in front of you, he seemed like a completely different guy, than sitting with sagging shoulders on a chair. Suddenly you felt very small compared to the super soldier. 

But only a second later you noticed, that he seemed lost, tired, and you couldn’t help yourself but pity him in this moment.
Determined to change all that, you gave him an encouraging smile and gestured him to follow you.

You turned at a traffic light and checked your watch. It would maybe take another twenty minutes for you to arrive, if the traffic wouldn’t clear up in some sort of miracle.

As you stopped your car again at a line that was so long, you couldn’t quite make out the cause for it, you took out your phone and wrote a quick message to Steve, telling him that you wouldn’t make it on time. He answered almost immediately, and you smiled softly, as you remembered the time you had introduced him to his first cellphone.

Good morning“, you greeted him, a smile playing around the corners of your lips, as Steve opened the door for you.
„Good morning“, he answered, before following you inside the living room. He had known you were coming, and you had told him you had a surprise for him. Well, something like that.

Please, sit down“, he offered, and you sat down on his couch, placing your bag on the small couch table. Steve sat next to you, and looked at you expectantly. In the past days you two had gotten quite comfortable with each other. Given that you were one of the few people Steve knew in this century, and he knew that you could trust him, of course. 

Furthermore you had grown to like him. He was polite, he was kind, he was funny. And you felt the strong urge to be there for him, and do your best to help him find his place in this century.
„So?“, he finally asked. „What’s my surprise?“
You stiffled a laugh, as you pulled something out of your bag.
A cellphone.
„Today“, you said and handed him the phone, „You’re going to learn all about cellphones.“

Steve took a deep breath and looked at the phone in his hand. „Well, I’ve heard of them, thanks to the magical box over there“, he smiled, pointing at the TV.
You rolled your eyes, but couldn’t hide your own smile, as you shook your head. „Given the fact that I had to teach you how to use the remote control properly, I’d be quiet if I were you“, you joked, taking the phone back from him.
„I thought for your first cell, we start with something a little older, and don’t start directly through with a smartphone. Even though we can do that as well.“
Steve looked at you and blinked.
 „I wouldn’t have anything against a smart phone. Why again is this one not as smart as the other one?“
You laughed, and pulled your own phone out of your pocket, positioning it next to the old Nokia you had brought Steve.
„This“, you said, and held up yours, „is a smartphone. It has direct access to the internet and you can download all kinds of applications to-“
„Okay, let’s start with the other one“, Steve interrupted you, and you smiled.
„Okay, I’ll remember it for later“, you answered, and placed your phone back in your bag, taking the other phone in your hand instead. 

„It works mostly like telephones back in the 1940′s. You dial a number, then you press the green button here“, you pointed at the call button, „and wait until the person you wanted to call picks up. If you want to end the call you press the red button, and you have hung up. I have saved a few numbers already in your address book. That, you can open, by just pressing this button here. Alright?“
Steve looked at you, before taking the phone out of your hand, directing his gaze towards the phone.
He didn’t answer, but simply pressed a few buttons, looking extremely concentrated.
Suddenly your own phone began to vibrate, and already knowing who was calling you fished it out of your bag.
As expected, the display read ‘Steve’.
You smiled and picked up the phone, holding it to your ear. Steve did the same.
„Easy, right?“, you smiled whereupon he nodded.
„I think I got that.“ He hung up again, and you, too, set your phone aside. 

„Okay, next lesson: Texting.“
„Texting“, Steve repeated, lifting his eyebrows. 
„Yes“, you answered, moving closer to him, to be able to see the display. „It’s like writing a letter – or a telegram – only a lot faster.“ 
„I think I’ve seen that on TV“, he thought and you nodded. 
„That is very possible.“

„Let me guess“, Steve started, „I open it with the little letter button?“
You nodded. „You’re a natural, Steve.“
He shook his head, ignoring your sarcastic commentary, but smiled nevertheless. 

„And now?“
„Now“, you started, and pointed at the display, „you click here, to choose a contact, or write a telephone number. And after you have done this, you can type your message inside this field underneath. Once you’re finished you press the button in the middle to send, and within a second your message will have arrived.“ 

Without realising it, you had moved so close towards him, that his arm was now touching yours, and as you looked up to see if he had understood you found your face a lot closer to his, than what would count as professional working distance.
Not that you would mind, but Steve blushed slightly, whereupon you, also slightly embarrassed, moved back to where you sat before. 

„And that was Cellphone 101.“

Smiling slightly at the memory you scrolled up on your phone, until you found the very first text message Steve had written in his entire life. It had arrived only shortly after you had went home that day, leaving you smiling for the rest of the evening. 

'Dear (y/n)’, it read. 'I wanted to thank you a lot for teaching me with such patience. I really appreciate your effort and I am looking forward to meeting you again tomorrow. I always enjoy our time together.
'Sincerely yours, Steve.’

You had wondered how long it had taken him to write this message. Considering, that he managed to write punctuation marks, and capital letters, you were sure that he had worked on this for quite a while.

Teaching him to text had been one of the more difficult parts.
Texting, and the internet.

Okay, Steve, ready for the biggest invention of the past seventy years?“
Steve took a deep breath, and looked at the laptop you had placed in front of him.
„I think so“, he said, and you picked up the laptop to position it on your knees. 

You hesitated a second, but then you shifted and positioned yourself closer next to him, so that you could feel your leg slightly brushing his. Trying your best to ignore the soft tingling that you felt every time his knee touched yours, you turned the laptop slightly towards him. 

„I’m sorry“, you said, noticing the faint blush on his cheeks, as you pressed the power button. „But it’s easier for you to see like this.“
Steve just shook his head. „No, you don’t have to be sorry“, he said, and for a moment you thought he’d move away from you, but he only turned his gaze onto the screen, watching the PC start.

„Technology really has come far…“, he realized in awe, causing you to chuckle.
„Says the genetically modified super soldier.“
Finally you could feel him relax next to you, as he smiled down at you and shook his head, smirking slightly.

„Okay“, you said, before he could respond anything. „See this?“, you asked him and pointed at the small picture that marked the internet browser.
„Step One“, you said taking his hand and positioning it on the touch pad. 

He didn’t object to your touch and you had to suppress a smile.
You enjoyed it far too much to be him this close. 

„Click the right button here twice to open it.“
Steve did as told, and not much later the browser window opened. „And basically“, you said, „you’re in the internet now.“
Steve raised an eyebrow. „Seems slightly empty.“
„Oh, you’ll see“, you started. „Okay, use the touch pad and click on the address bar. That is this thing up here. And now“, you smiled, handing the laptop over to him, „type in ’www.google.com’.“
Slowly you spelled it out for him, before pressing the Enter-key. Immediately the well-known logo popped up. „And now, you can search for anything you want.“
Steve furled his brows. „For anything I want?“
You shrugged. „Well, yeah. Anything. Try your name.“
Looking down at you with faint skepticism in his eyes, he turned back to the screen, slowly typing in his name. 

'Steven Grant Rogers’.

He pressed enter and instantly the site opened, revealing old photos from him in his uniform, historical articles, a Wikipedia page, and lots more.
You looked up at him, and saw him scanning the screen. His eyes moved quickly, taking in the pictures and the headlines, and you could feel him tense next to you, the muscles on his jaw hardening. 

'Well, that was a horrible idea’, you thought for yourself, gently placing a hand on his forearm to calm him down.

The traffic jam had dissolved at last, making it finally possible for you to continue driving. In a few minutes you would arrive. Well, if you managed to find a parking spot.
Taking a deep breath, you remembered how you had to tried to distract Steve after the internet incident to cheer him up again.
And this hadn’t been the only time he had been like this. Even if he didn’t like to admit it, he seemed to suffer a lot. Of course he did. Of course it was difficult for him. And you only wanted to help him.

Hey, Steve“, you spoke into your phone, heading down the sidewalk in the direction of Steve’s apartment.
You had actually didn’t plan to visit him today, for it was one of your free days, but you had decided to go for a walk, and not much later you had found yourself not far from his apartment.
„It’s me. I am not far from you, and wanted to ask if you fancy a walk? Of course I understand if you don’t. Everybody needs a day off of me from time to time“, you joked, and waited for Steve to respond.

His answer came slowly, prudent.
„Uhm, I actually just came from running. I don’t think I can make it. I’m sorry.“ 

You furled your brows. He had often came from running before you had arrived. You knew that he went out every morning, and you knew that he probably did this to distract himself.
„Steve?“, you asked, not able to hide the worry in your tone. „Are you alright?“

Again silence at the other end of the phone.
„Of course I am“, he answered, but it didn’t convince you. „Just a little tired.“

„Steven Grant Rogers“, you spoke into the telephone, speeding up your pace. „Don’t you dare lie to me. I am coming over right now, and you better open up.“
And with these words you had hung up on him, and went as fast as you could over to his apartment.

No five minutes later you knocked at his door, and for a second you were actually scared he maybe would not open. But then you could hear him moving behind the door, opening it, to reveal the tall, blond, super soldier. And he looked incredibly tired.
Your expression turned to worry, as he looked down at you, obviously avoiding your gaze.
„Steve“, you said, looking up to him and sighed. „You look terrible.“
Steve chuckled dryly, and went back to the living room, where he let himself fall down onto the couch.
„Thanks“, he answered and massaged his temples.
Not waiting for him to ask you in, you followed him and closed the door behind you, before sitting down next to him, gently placing your hand on his forearm. 

„What’s wrong?“, you asked, and watched him running a hand over his face.
„I’m just tired“, he sighed, leaning back on the couch and turning his head towards you. He seemed to think carefully, before finally speaking up. „I couldn’t sleep the past nights.“
You furled your brows, shifting slightly to get a better look at him. „Like, not at all?“, you asked, scolding yourself for not realizing this earlier.
Steve sighed. „I slept a little“, he said, before averting his gaze once again and looking up at the ceiling. „But…“

But what?“, you insisted, sliding your hand, that had still rested on his arm, down his wrist, and taking his hand in yours, squeezing it gently.
Immediately Steve opened his eyes again, looking at your intertwined fingers, obviously thinking how far he could trust you. 

„I have nightmares“, he finally said, returning the pressure of your hand. „Sometimes the same, sometimes different. Mostly of the war. Losing everybody all over again. Bucky, Peggy…“, he made a small pause before finishing his sentence. „…Sometimes you.“
Startled you could do nothing for a moment than stare at him. He was scared of losing you?
Not saying anything, you shifted again, now also leaning back on the couch, so that your head rested next to his. You still held his hand, as you turned your face towards his.
„I’m sorry“, you whispered, even though you knew how stupid this must have sounded, before admitting something you had never told anyone else before.
„I have them, too.“

Now Steve turned his head as well. „You do?“
Slowly you nodded. „I think that comes with the job.“ For a moment you just sat there, gazing into each others eyes, while realising that you understood each other completely. 

In this moment, no words were needed.

You know what?“, you finally spoke up, sitting back up again. Steve followed you with his gaze, and lifted an eyebrow.
„You go to sleep now. And you know what I will do? I will be here, the whole time, until you wake up.“

Smiling you got out of your car. Steve had actually managed to sleep several hours, and the whole time you had waited for him, reading one of the few books he had in his shelf, working, and watching him sleep. And remembering how peaceful he had looked, you couldn’t help yourself but smile.

„Good morning“, you said, as Steve opened the door for you, letting you inside. It had become some sort of routine for you, to sit down on his couch and place your bag in front of it.
As Steve sat next to you you raised your eyebrows at him „So?“, you asked. „You wanted to talk to me?“

Steve shifted a bit, looking thoroughly uncomfortable.
Gradually you, too, started to feel uneasy, wondering what made him look this anxious.

„So, what is it?“, you tried again, as he didn’t speak and tried to keep up your smile.
Steve wet his lips and took a deep breath.
Almost hesitating he stretched out his arm, to take your hand in his, squeezing it slightly. 

„(Y/n)“, he started, searching for the right words. „I wanted to thank you for…everything and…“
He interrupted himself, grimacing as he turned his gaze away from you. 

You squeezed his hand in return and moved  a little closer to him.
„You can tell me, Steve.“
Steve shook his head. „It’s just… I have had this conversation about a thousand times in my mind, and now where we finally have it, I can’t seem to find the right words.“

He looked past you, thinking for a second, before he turned his gaze back to you, looking into your eyes. 

„(Y/n)“, he tried again, this time not averting his gaze. „In the past weeks, you have been there for me at all times. And even though I know it was only a job for you…“

You interrupted him. „It was not only a job for me, Steve. Don’t ever think that.“

Steve smiled and took another deep breath, looking at least a little more confident now.
„However. I think…“, a small blush started to cover his cheeks. „No, I know. I fell in love with you (y/n).“
He looked at you expectantly, and seemed as if a huge weight had just been lifted of his shoulders. 

For a moment you could do nothing but stare at him, your mouth slightly agape. 

„I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have-“, he started and let go of your hand, but you shook your head.
„No“, you said, taking his hand back in yours. „You should.“
And with these words you leaned forward, to softly press your lips against his. Without hesitating Steve returned the kiss, and you closed your eyes, concentrating on nothing but his gentle touch, that sent shivers all throughout your body.

„I have fallen for you from the first second I saw you“, you whispered, your eyes still closed, while you enjoyed every second of the feeling of his lips carefully brushing yours.

„Oh god, I love you“, Steve murmured, before placing his free hand in your hair and closing the distance between your faces once more, until his soft lips finally met yours again.

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“I suppose we do.” The man uttered, still uncertain of everything, the young man wasn’t good with long-term relationships, at all, he was good with wenches or ladies looking for a one-night stand, the Stark wasn’t looking for something that lasted, I suppose his mind is still of a youngling who just wants to enjoy life.

But on the bright side, it could’ve been worse, Catelyn’s pretty easy on the eyes, and she’s willing to put up with his brashness, something that cannot be said by the ones most close to him. And she doesn’t seem nearly as uptight as her bitch sister or wimpy brother.

Well, since they’re going to stay together for the rest of their lives, he might as well be on good terms, so he gives her a small smirk, as he slowly approaches her.

“Do you like stallions, Cate-I mean-My lady?”

“I think if we are to be wed, you may call me Catelyn freely,” She told him, smiling demurely. He was quite handsome, in truth he was indeed very handsome, and all of Lysa’s whispers that Northmen were ugly brutes more beast than man were surely disproved by this lordly man before her. She found herself staring at his arms which were large and muscular, before she gathered herself and smiled at him once more.

“Stallions?” She asked, “I like riding greatly, though my horse is a mare, I find I like all horses. Of course, my Uncle insisted since I was small that I not ride side-saddle and–” She paused, believing herself to be talking too much. “Do you like riding? There are many places to ride in the grounds….?”