he is in a show with three of his kids basically his nephew and..other kids

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As someone that's following Another what kind of parents do you think the Furuba characters made? Do you have any headcanons? (particularly for Tohru&Kyo, Yuki&Machi, Shigure&Akito and Hatsuharu&Rin)

Hi!! Thanks for the ask anon! To answer your question: yes! I have many, many headcanons.

General notes:

-All of the sohmas who were once under the curse feared that the curse wasn’t really broken when they first found out they were having children. Everyone of them went through a “I can’t have a child! I could pass on the curse” phase during the pregnancy. Their S.O. had to calm them down.


-Kyo was probably the most terrified of all the zodiac to having a child. He’s still pretty traumatized from the events he experienced as a child and an adolescent, and he was so, so, so scared that he would pass on his curse to his innocent child.

-It even gave him nightmares. He’d wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night and Tohru would calm him down

-Tohru was really supportive of him through it all. She knew Hajime was going to be totally fine and even if he somehow did get possessed by the curse she and Kyo would love him no matter what. That child was never ever gonna have the upbringing Kyo had.

-Tohru was unbelievably excited to find out she was pregnant. She cried tears of joy

-She cried again when she found out they were having a boy and said “I hope he’s just like Kyo-Kun!” and the thought of a little Kyo running around the house made her so happy she could burst.

-Kyo was made even more terrified when he found out it was a boy and desperately hoped the child was much more like Tohru in every way

-Kyo was just an anxious mess the entire time

-Kyo was doing everything for Tohru. She couldn’t start a task with Kyo around without him taking it away from her. “Kyo-kun I can do it-” “Sit down! You’re pregnant! What kind of man would I be if I let my pregnant wife do the dishes?!” and then he’d furiously wash the dishes.  

-This drove Tohru crazier than anything because she likes working and being busy. That being said, during the third trimester, she didn’t complain about it much lol

-When Tohru’s water broke they both screamed a lot.  

-When Tohru’s contractions started and she was in pain, Kyo nearly lost his mind

-She was only three weeks premature, but Kyo was convinced their son was going to be possessed

-Kyo was able to drive at this time so he drove her to the hospital

-His heart was beating SO FAST guys

-It was a relatively easy delivery and Kyo’s heart dropped when he saw the baby handed to Tohru

-As soon Kyo realized the baby wasn’t going to transform, he burst into hacking sobs. SOBS!

-He could NOT believe how beautiful his wife and child were. He immediately loved Hajime so, so, so much and promised he would live and die for him.

-Tohru was so delighted that Hajime looked like Kyo, but that still made Kyo feel weird and nervous

-Kyo called Shishou pretty immediately and obviously, he ran straight over since he’s Hajime’s only *real* grandparent. When Kyo showed him Hajime he quietly said “You’re a grandfather” and everyone was crying.  

-Literally, everybody loved Hajime and would die for him

-Kyo and Shishou were SO excited when he was old enough to start martial arts training

-Kyo and Shishou both brag about him being a natural

-Shishou DOTES on him. They love each other sm you guys

-Tohru is literally the perfect mother. She reads to him. Tells him he’s smart and kind and wonderful. He’s so supported and loved.

-They’re both SO proud of him because he’s smart and totally going to do big things

-Tohru cried when he left to go to high school at Kaibara. Kyo really misses him too, but he understood why he wanted to go there

-Hajime cried when he left the house on the car ride to Kinu’s house

-I wrote an entire fic on how Hajime found out about the curse (http://archiveofourown.org/works/10688817)

-I’m totally gonna write a fic about Tohru’s pregnancy now fuck


-Yuki was super chill about the pregnancy except for when he first found out and when Machi went into labor

-He worried about the curse coming back, but he was much more sensible about it than Kyo

-Yuki treated her like a princess and Machi let him without complaint

-The hired maids did most of the work because they’re both shit at housework anyway

-Yuki was scared to tell Ayame because…Ayame…

-Ayame flipped the fuck out and said it would be the most beautiful child second only to his precious Hibika (Chizuru hadn’t been born yet, so Mutsuki is actually third lol)

-Ayame dotes on his Nephew obvi

-When Machi found out Mutsuki was shiny like his father “…Will this be okay? No…I’m sure it’s better he’s like his father…” but she foresaw many a girl fighting over him and that he would be the cause of much bullying. The real curse of being a Sohma…

-The whole family is a bunch of spaced out idiots who are also geniuses

-Presented with a diaper…Machi/Yuki were a disaster. Tohru came to help often. They still sucked at it. They’d forget baby powder and stuff, and eventually, the nanny just did it. Yuki’s hella rich so they just did that during the diaper years.

-They were really supportive and loving however, but lacked some serious skills lol

-Likewise, Mutsuki is lacking a serious skill in cleaning haha

-The hired help is constantly -_-

-Machi and Yuki completely spoil Mutsuki, but Yuki was determined to teach him kindness

-Yuki would only get actually mad at Mutsuki if he did something unkind. Mutsuki teased a girl in elementary school and after the talking to his father gave him…NEVER AGAIN! Mutsuki’s naturally kind, but he took the lesson with him for life


-Haru was chill, but excited. Rin was a terrified mess

-Rin was Kyo 2.0 basically

-Haru only freaked out when he found out it was twins

-He freaked out for .2 seconds and then was like “neat…”


Haru: “lol probably”


Haru: “Everyone’s parents fuck them up it’s fiiiiiiine”

Rin: “YOU’RE THE WORST” *freaks out more*

-Haru at some point had to get serious about calming her ass down because it was gonna start affecting the pregnancy

-How the naming conversation went:

Rin: What should we name them?

Haru: *literally playing Kingdom Hearts right fucking now* *Stops, then looks her dead in the eye, completely fucking serious* Riku and Sora.

Rin: …

Haru: …

Rin: …I love it.

-Haru loves KH and he said it as a joke, but then actually really liked it. He thought “Land” and “Sky” for twins was great.

-Rin watches Haru play KH and she’s begrudgingly sucked in. She likes Riku because he’s cool like Haru and she likes Sora because he’s kind like Haru. She knew Haru was kidding, but kinda loved it and it stuck.

-Rin is the Strict Mom™ and Haru is Fun Dad™

-They all get along and love each other sm, but Riku is a momma’s boy and Sora is a daddy’s girl. Rin has a soft spot for Riku because he reminds her of Haru and Haru has a soft spot for Sora because she reminds him of Rin (looks wise)

-Haru and Riku can clash because they’re similar in a lot of ways.

-Sora’s just a love bug

-Riku would literally take a bullet for Sora

-Basically Haru and RIn are stupid in love and they have two stupid kids that love them a lot


-He’s literally the best husband/brother/father ever and he loves the women in his life sooooo much he could die

-He cried when he found out his wife was pregnant and just kept crying about it

-He just looks at Mina on the daily and cries about it. He’s a mess.

-He’s a world-renowned violinist and basically, he lives his dream every fucking day because he deserves it and that’s 100% what happened fight me

So, in conclusion, they’re all a bunch of traumatized losers/cinnamon rolls who love their loser children

Imagine your niece practicing her makeup skills on Chris.

A/N: I’m not on hiatus, per se. I’m just tired, so I haven’t been writing.

You could hear your niece giggling from your home office, where you sat reviewing a list from your agent of all the different roles you’d been offered. Movies, television shows, even a documentary. A few were requests from casting directors, asking if you’d like to come in and audition for the part. But a large number were confirmed roles- leading roles, from the directors themselves; no audition  required. It was interesting how a little time, a whole lot of experience, and a few awards changed your situation. You were considered a veteran of the Hollywood industry now, privy to all the leads and connections needed to succeed. The fact you could get a role without auditioning would’ve seemed absurd to your sixteen year old self, yet here you were- twenty-eight years old- with more than one leading role where you didn’t have to. It was a stark difference. You remembered having to beg for five minutes of their time, and now it was the opposite.

As empowered and elated as that made you feel, you were still as grounded as when you started out. Your best friend turned husband, Chris Evans, never allowed you to stray too far off the ground. In return, you offered him the same service. Together, you alleviated the disadvantages and troubles that came with your levels of fame. There had to be a constant reminder that fame wasn’t everything to keep the both of you unaffected, to prepare the both of you for the eventual step down from the pedestal Hollywood had placed the power couple: Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N. It was an inevitable move, an idea that had been perpetual since the two of you met. It may not have been time to call “checkmate” and win the game by retiring so you could focus on starting and raising a family, but the end game was in sight. And it would increase in its clarity whenever you had to babysit, be it your brother’s child or Chris’ sister’s children.

It was more often than not your brother’s five year old, Skye, seeing as you were living in Los Angeles and Carly lived in Boston. But it was also because both your brother and sister-in-law’s schedules were more hectic than yours and Chris’, which was saying a lot. One was a physicist, and the other an engineer; they’d been working on something confidential for the last four months that practically had them living in their laboratory. They were fortunate you were both on a break and half an hour away, otherwise they were either going to have to leave Skye at a daycare- which she hated, or have your parents babysit- which was difficult as that meant they were going to have to drive two and a half hours, back and forth, and back and forth. That was a total of ten hours that they couldn’t afford to lose, especially when the weekends were the only time they didn’t have to share the equipment with other staff members in their facility.

“Aunt Y/N.” You spun your office chair towards the door when you heard Skye’s voice; she stood in the doorway with Dodger by her side. You narrowed your eyes at her with a curious smile when you saw an eyeshadow brush in her hand. She had no makeup on her face and Dodger was as clean as you’d seen him after Chris gave him his shower yesterday, which meant only one thing. “Do you have any blue eyeshadow? ‘Cause Mommy doesn’t, I searched her whole bag.”

“Yeah,” you tried not to laugh as you got to your feet, holding out your hand for her to take. She looked up at you, grinning happily. “Where’s Uncle Chris?” You asked her as you took her down the hall to the master bedroom with Dodger following behind the two of you.

“In the living room,” she giggled. “But you can’t see him yet,” she quickly added. “I’m not finished, I need the blue eyeshadow first.” You nodded, pressing your lips together to suppress laughter. You loved it when Erica entrusted her makeup bag with Skye; Chris not so much. But he loved Skye so he allowed her to do whatever she wanted with his face.

“How’s this?” You passed her your single NARS eyeshadow in ‘Outremer’; the brightest, truest blue you had in your makeup collection. You hardly ever wore it, the only time being at the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ premiere to show your solidarity to your husband. It seemed fitting then for Skye to use it on Captain America himself.

“It’s perfect!” She jumped excitedly then took it from you and sprinted out of the room. “Uncle Chris, I found it!” You chuckled softly, giving Dodger’s head a quick scratch before he followed Skye back into the living room.

You went back to your office to turn off your laptop and put your papers away so you could give Skye some time to finish doing Chris’ makeup. You’d been pushed out of the room before because she wasn’t done, so you decided to wait until she came for you. Five minutes probably past before she came running back to find you, grabbing your hand and pulling you behind her. You snorted, choked on your own spit, then burst out laughing when you saw Chris’ face.

It was obviously a Captain America inspired look, and for a five year old- she was very good, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t hilarious. Bright blue and flaming red eyeshadow blended perfectly on his lids; cherry red lipstick accentuating his acutely shaped lips; a nice, thick coat of mascara further lengthening his already long lashes. She even used bronzer and highlight, which was pretty amazing for a five year old. At five, you didn’t even recognize the existence of makeup let alone be able to apply it. If Skye attention span lasted long enough, perhaps she had a future as a makeup artist. But you were confident it wouldn’t because three days ago, she was an aspiring Olympic gymnast who Chris had to help flip on the trampoline.

“Oh, just beautiful, baby,” you teased.

“I don’t wike it,” he quoted his nephew, pouting.

“What do you think, Aunt Y/N?” Skye asked, giggling herself. You could tell from her tone that this wasn’t a serious effort, that she only did all that to make fun of Chris because that was basically their relationship. “Doesn’t Uncle Chris look pretty? I think he- Ahhh!” She shrieked with laughter when he jumped to his feet, grabbing her from behind. “Uncle Chris, noooo!” She laughed when he threw her over her shoulder, walking her towards the backyard. “Help, Aunt Y/N!” She cried out, choking on her laughter. “He’s going to throw me in the pool!”

“No he’s not,” you chuckled.

“Yes I am,” Chris nodded, poking Skye’s side. “I told her I would if you laughed because that means she did a terrible job and deserves to be punished. Didn’t I say that, Skye?” She shook her head vigorously as she continued to giggle. “I did and we shook on it, so into the pool you’ll go.”

“Oh no, no no no,” you ran ahead, stopping him with a hand on his chest. You tried not to laugh when you got a closer look of his face, but you couldn’t help yourself. “She doesn’t have a change of clothes, you’re not going to throw her into the pool. Put her down,” you instructed him and he squinted evilly at you before doing what you’d asked of him.

“Ha ha,” Skye stuck her tongue out at Chris. “I don’t have a change of clothes.”

“Alright,” you chuckled. “Don’t provoke him,” you covered Skye’s face with your hands then gently pushed her in the direction of the couch. “Go watch some TV while I help Uncle Chris remove this masterpiece from his face.” Chris let you take his hand. “We’re going to have pizza for lunch, so don’t sneak a snack while we’re gone.”

“Pizza!” Skye cheered, making the two of you smile.

“Hey kid,” Chris called out to her as you led him towards the hall so you could take him to the master bedroom; she turned to him with raised brows. “Don’t think this is over ‘cause I’m going to get you back. Aunt Y/N can’t be here to protect you twenty-four-seven.”

“Nope, but she’ll be here to protect me until Mommy and Daddy come pick me up.” She was so adorably smug that Chris couldn’t help but lose his intimidating composure. He shook his head, chuckling as the two of you disappeared around the corner and down the hallway.

“Are you still hoping for a girl when we eventually try for a baby?”

“Are you kidding me? Of course I am,” he smiled and pulled his hand from yours, wrapping an arm around you when you laughed. “How else am I meant to look pretty if I don’t have a daughter to do my makeup for me?”

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Enough | Life After George

Anon Request: Sebastian and reader with his adopted son.

Warnings: fluff, father!seb

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It wasn’t long after Sebastian and (Y/N) married that he wanted to revisit the subject of starting a family. He knew she wasn’t as open to the idea of adoption as he was–she was afraid of not being able to see herself as a parent, not know how to interact with the child, and was terrified of not being able to love them as though it was her own. Upon learning she could never have kids, there had been a lingering hole in her chest where a parenting void could never be truly filled, so she thought.

A couple years into their marriage, Sebastian and (Y/N) began to be exposed to their friends and family members starting their own families. From babysitting friends’ kids to playing with their nephews, (Y/N) felt the void begin to fill and she realized that it was possible to love a child as her own; sure she wouldn’t have the experience of carrying them around within her or the rewarding experience of child birth, but she could love and raise a child as if it were her own.

She remembered Sebastian’s comment about adopting a child from Romania and began looking into the waiting period and the process they would have to go through. It wasn’t until their third Christmas as husband and wife that she brought the idea to him. It was a couple weeks before the actual holiday and (Y/N) was rummaging through the kitchen, getting things ready for them to make Christmas cookies together, and Sebastian was lying on the couch watching ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ (Y/N) had looked up at the screen when Mary was telling George she was pregnant. Slowly, Sebastian’s lips curled downward in disappointment. 

“What’s wrong?” she asked while dropping the dishtowel and walking over to where her husband sat. With a soft sigh, she sat down across his lap and he spoke.

“Nothing,” he began. “I know we’ve discussed it before and I understand that you’re afraid you won’t be a good parent, but I know you’ll be an incredible mother.”

“Seb, do you want to start a family?” she asked him as he pushed himself up to a seated position rather than lying on his back.

“I don’t want to push you into something you feel uncomfortable in. I know it’s going to be hard, not having a kid of our own, and I know you said you think you’d feel distant or cold but, I…I don’t know,” he sighed as he looked up at the woman smiling down at him.

“Seb,” she sighed again, “do you want to start a family?”

“Yes,” he finally replied with a straightforward answer.

“Good,” she smiled while standing up, pacing into the kitchen, grabbing a packet of papers, and making her way back to him. “Sign these and then we are officially approved by an adoption agency that would allow us to adopt a baby from Romania.” At first he didn’t believe her. He hesitantly picked up the packet and rolled his eyes at her bluntness. It wasn’t until he read the label on the manila folder that he realized she was telling the truth.

“We’re going to adopt a baby?” he asked as he placed the packet on the couch and rushed to hug his wife.

“Merry Christmas,” she smiled as he lifted her from the floor and spun her around.

Before the New Year, Sebastian had booked a flight to Romania during the following February, and was excited to show (Y/N) his birthplace–the place that would always be home. When the time came for them to find a child they wanted to adopt, their plans changed. Initially they planned on adopting a baby, but when they learned of a young boy around age two who lost his parents shortly after being born and who had been bounced around from foster family to foster family, Sebastian insisted that was the child they were meant to help.

When they first brought the boy, George, back to what would be his new home, there were more issues than neither (Y/N) nor Sebastian had expected. When George couldn’t fall asleep because of the time change, Sebastian was there beside him, whispering Romanian lullabies in his ear, and when George had nightmares, Sebastian was at his side to silence his fears. (Y/N) was glad to have the boy in her life, but her fears had been confirmed. She felt useless, as though she wasn’t enough to be a mother to this child. The boy only spoke his native tongue and besides the pet names Sebastian called her, (Y/N) was illiterate. She knew Sebastian wasn’t speaking strictly Romanian to exclude her, but it still felt as though she wasn’t an adequate parent to George.

For the first three months of having George in their lives, Sebastian hadn’t had a reason to leave the house, but that period of bliss would soon be up for him. Soon he would be on his way to China or Spain or Brazil to promote another movie, which meant soon it would only be George and (Y/N) at home. The first week alone with their son was the hardest week of (Y/N)’s life. She had been granted paid leave from work–equivalent to maternity leave–and was enacting that leave during the months that Sebastian would be gone. 

(Y/N) took George to the park but he didn’t stray far from her side. The whole time he wandered around wherever she sat or stood and then she realized he couldn’t communicate with the other kids. Then next day she she George stayed inside and tossed a ball back and forth–this proved more effective in bringing him joy, but whenever he tried to talk to her, her heart sunk at the realization that she couldn’t say anything back, but it didn’t stop her from trying. She smiled at him, hugged him, told him that he was such a good ball player, and continued to speak as though he understood her, but George did the same. It wasn’t until the end of that first week that (Y/N) decided to at least teach George the basics of English. For the next few years until George was school aged, he would learn more and more English and, in return, him and his father would be able to teach his mother more and more Romanian.

It took a while for George to adjust to his new life, but after the constant reassurance that there wasn’t any way (Y/N) or Sebastian could imagine allowing anyone to take him from them, he felt safe for the first time in a long time. When the couple first adopted him, they were on the same page about not forcing the poor child to call them ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ right off the bat. George called his adoptive parents by their first names until about five or six months into living with them. 

(Y/N) and George had just finished a language lesson and she could tell he wanted to move around. He had been patient with these lessons for the past two months and both mother and son could tell it was paying off. 

“Park,” he would call out with a smile. “Parc mama, te rog.”

“Now in English,” (Y/N) cooed as she grabbed a light coat for George and her umbrella.

“Park, please, mama.”

“Awesome job!” she said while squatting down and extending her hand for a high five. George ignored her intention and rushed to her. He collided with her chest and wrapped his arms as far as they would go around her body.

“Te iubesc, mama–uh, I love you, Mommy.” It wasn’t until she had him wrapped in her arms that she realized he had just called her ‘mom’ three times in the past minute.

“Te iubesc, George,” she responded as best as she could in his native language before looking down into the smiling chocolate eyes of the child she called ‘son.’

Sebastian’s first encounter as being addressed as a parent was just as exciting and spontaneous. A week or so after he got back from working, the two Stan boys had been inseparable. One night as (Y/N) was making George’s bed up for him to go to sleep, Sebastian was running around the house, carrying George in his arms so that the boy could pretend he was an airplane. 

“It’s time for the little airplane to land,” (Y/N) called through the house as Sebastian and George spun in circles and ran through the kitchen.

“What do you say, bud?” Sebastian asked him.

“Higher, Daddy, higher!” George shouted and squealed. Again, first it wasn’t noticed through the noise and joy, but once Sebastian flopped George into the bed and exclaimed he had crash-landed, the boy crawled under his sheets and smiled up at Sebastian. He took each of his father’s cheeks in his hands and said, “goodnight, Daddy. Tată noapte bună. I love you.”

“Goodnight, Georgie. I love you too,” Sebastian responded before kissing his son’s head.

Life with George had been an incredible journey that both Sebastian and (Y/N) were thoroughly enjoying, but when George started school, the bullying began again as well. He had learned a lot in the three years he’d been in America with his adoptive parents, expanded his linguistic abilities, and was an incredibly gifted child, but it didn’t stop the other kids from tormenting him about his heritage. (Y/N) and Sebastian never kept George’s adoption a secret. He had vivid memories of his family before them and would frequently ask questions about his other parents. He understood that the people in his nightmares were gone and that the parents that comforted afterward had saved him from a life of the torture he experienced bouncing around from house to house, and (Y/N) and Sebastian were glad that they decided to not exclude that part of George’s life from him. They also made it apparent to the young boy that being different is a good thing and that his adoptive father was also from Constanta, Romania. 

Prior to starting school, George hadn’t realized that being adopted was a bad thing. 

Sebastian and (Y/N) were waiting at home to hear from George about his first week of school when the poor boy came in the front door crying. Upon seeing his parents, the tears spilled even heavier from his eyes.

“What happened?” (Y/N) gasped while jumping from her position on the couch and crouching down in front of her son. He didn’t hesitate to run to her and throw his arms around her.

“They said–” he sniffed and hurried his head against her chest. “They said you and Daddy were going to leave me too.”

“Who said that?” Sebastian snapped as he also rushed toward George.

“The kids at school! They said you didn’t love me and you were going to leave me–”

“George, sweetie, you’re okay,” (Y/N) cooed while rocking the six-year-old back and forth.

“Mommy and I love you so much, we don’t know what we would do without you,” Sebastian said as his son wriggled toward him while still in his mother’s arms.

“We love you so much we traveled across the world to find you,” (Y/N) said.

“And we would have traveled around the world a hundred times over if it meant finding you. We would never let anything happen to you.”

“But they said–”

“I don’t care what they said,” (Y/N) said while looking George in the eye as he transferred into Sebastian’s arms. “Those kids aren’t important. What they say doesn’t matter because they will never be able to understand how much your Dad and I love you, George.”


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His son is sixteen when he discovers volleyball, and Yuuri couldn’t be more happy when he does.

Lev has always been a tall boy, would have been gawky if he hadn’t been an enthusiastic member of their family of athletes. So while he isn’t exactly gawky, the way his peers are during puberty, he has always been a little intimidating. It didn’t make him many friends in school, though that was combated somewhat by his almost terrifying friendliness.

He’s drawn in so many people, and he has more acquaintances that Yuuri wonders sometimes how he keeps track of them all, but so few true friends that it breaks Yuuri’s heart. He spends most of his time trying to figure out where he fits in, and what he likes.

There’s no doubt in Victor’s mind that if Lev really wanted, he could be a top figure skater. He’s got the physique and the command over his body that it requires, despite his impressive height. That’s largely because he spends so much time working out with the rest of them.

Unfortunately, there’s no doubt in Yuuri’s mind that no matter how much Lev loves skating– and he does, he adores it –it’s not what he wants to do with his life. Even if he hadn’t said anything himself, which he has, Lev skates like someone who loves skating for what it is, rather than as a competitive sport. He skates lazily, for fun rather than for practice. His jumps are crisp and clean, much to his sister’s dismay more often than not, but Lev doesn’t feel the music in his bones the way the rest of them do. He’s always been buzzing with energy rather than humming with it.

But when he comes home from school in his third year at middle school, clutching a volleyball with a blinding smile and a hopeful glint in his eye Yuuri’s never seen before, he can feel his heart soar.

He knows next to nothing about volleyball, to be completely honest; he had no idea that tall, lithe players were at an advantage in a way that they weren’t in a lot of other sports. He’d never have thought to suggest it to Lev, but the way he lights up when Yuuri agrees to watch a match with him before his Dad, sister, and Uncle Yuri get home makes him wonder exactly why not.

It’s too late in the school year for Lev to gain anything from joining his school’s volleyball team, but Yuuri and Victor promise to help him however he needs. Alisa is a little more skeptical, telling Yuuri that “You’ve heard about it, but I’ve seen how the kids at school treat him, Dad. I’m not sure volleyball is going to be the way to fix it.”

Still, she supports her brother and works out with him and their parents. Yurio whips Lev’s arms and core into shape when he isn’t busy training himself. Yuuri would never let Yurio hear him say it, but his spartan upper body training (“because a good spiker needs to be flexible, dummy”) reminds Yuuri a lot of Lilia.

It’s not uncommon, nowadays, for Yuuri, Victor, and Alisa to come home from a competition to find Yurio, Otabek, and Lev in the backyard, practicing Lev’s admittedly powerful spikes. The rest of them join in when they can, playing friendly three on three games with no real semblance of rules.

Yuuri asked Lev once how his uncles were able to help him practice so much. To his complete surprise, it was mostly Otabek.

“Uncle Beka has a friend who plays volleyball.” Lev sounds excited to be able to talk about his uncle’s friend. “He’s my age and he has a friend who’s a lot like Uncle Yuri–”

“Wait, slow down Lev.” Yuuri smiles at his son’s enthusiasm. “How did Otabek meet him?”

Lev shrugs. “He won’t say but Uncle Yuri says it’s from one of those aesthetic blogs he loves so much and when I found out about volleyball he reached out to this guy because he knew he played and Uncle Beka is famous on Instagram so the guy was really happy to help!”

It takes Yuuri a moment to decipher the rambling, as it always does, but once he does, he resists the urge to chuckle. It’s an awkward way to help, since it would have been much easier to just get some books, but awkward, well-meaning help always has been Otabek’s style.

“Your uncle hasn’t let you meet this boy in person, right?” Yuuri trusts Otabek and Yuri, but he has to double check; the internet can be a wonderland, but it can also be a dangerous place.

Lev shakes his head. “I’ve talked to him a few times through DMs and Uncle Beka’s facetime though! He’s a lot like you! And he has this friend who sounds exactly like Uncle Yuri, it’s so weird! And they even act the same, too! But they live all the way in Miyagi and they’re still in school too so they wouldn’t be able to come visit anyway. They said they’d be joining a volleyball team in high school too, so maybe I’ll be able to play against them–”

Aaaand he’s lost him. Yuuri smiles fondly, infinitely happy that Lev has finally found something he loves doing enough to ramble on about. For the rest of them it’s always been ice skating, but Yuuri knows Lev has always been destined for different things.

There’s only a month before Lev goes on vacation, and then he’ll be a high school student. It’s hard to believe when it feels like no time at all has passed since the night they brought the kids home. But now Alisa is about to graduate high school and Lev is about to start and yeah, it really has been fourteen years.

Yuuri is looking forward to a lifetime more, especially now that everything is falling into place.

~Two Months Earlier~

“Ooh, how pretty!” Tadashi snaps a picture of the rose in the neighbor’s yard from a few different angles, then he put his phone right under his friend’s nose. “Tsukki, look!”

Tsukki rolls his eyes, but glances at the photos. “They’re alright.”

Which is Tsukishima-speak for those are fantastic, great job Yamaguchi, and Tadashi beams, opening his editing app and putting a few filters over the image to give it a dreamy quality before posting it.

The notification icon blinks red at him, showing that he has…


Nine hundred and seventy two new followers, seven thousand seven hundred and seventy six likes, and two thousand nine hundred sixteen comments.

Tadashi nearly drops his phone when he finally gets to the bottom of today’s notifications, seeing what sparked all this. There, in stark black print, is the notification that started it all.

@altin_beka started following you. 6h

@russian_ice_tiger started following you. 1h

“Tsu… Tsukki?” Tadashi asks, feeling faint, “Can you punch me in the face? Please? I think I’m dreaming.”

The fact that Tsukki just blinks at him in confusion instead attests to how close they are, because Tadashi knows he wouldn’t hesitate with most other people. “Yamaguchi. I’m only going to ask this once. What the hell?”

Tadashi shoves the phone into Tsukki’s face, feeling a little hysterical. “Otabek Altin followed me! Yuri Plisetsky too! Why? Why would they even know I exist? How did they find my account? Tsukki, who am I?”

Tsukki blinks again, looking annoyed. Then he sighs his trademarked you moron sigh and Tadashi gratefully feels a little less like he’s in a dream.  

“Isn’t that the old skater guy whose life you stalk? Maybe he just finally noticed it and threw you a bone.” Tsukki slowly pushes the phone away from his face.

Tadashi spends the next few minutes staring at it in disbelief, much to Tsukki’s irritation. That isn’t ideal, because it hurts Tadashi’s chest when Tsukki is upset with him, but he can’t help being preoccupied.

He really does drop it when a DM comes in from Otabek, asking bluntly if Tadashi will teach him the basics of volleyball for his nephew.

Dylan Strome imagine

Think about an overgrown child taking care of small children.

The collective term for ‘nieces and nephews’ is nibling. I think that’s adorable.

requested: kinda

for: @starrygirl2014 

warnings: little kiddies getting hurt (scraped knee)

words: 1.2 k words

Originally posted by dallas41chicago88

“No! Absolutely not!”

Your older siblings had asked you to babysit for the weekend since they and their spouses wanted to go to a special couples retreat. Apparently they got it cheaper since they booked a double package which left you to take care of them. Your boyfriend Dylan on the other hand did not approve.

“I don’t even know how to take care of a goldfish, why would you trust me with a toddler?”

You just sighed. How hard could it be to take care of five small children and one giant child?

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Young Justice Rec Fics Part 1

This is getting really long so I’m splitting it into a couple post.

If we might be getting a season 3, all the amazing fanfics need to be placed out in honor! This will be out in random order.

Let’s start with the series first. The stories will either be from fanfiction.net or achieveofourown.org

Mainline- By Kazyre- A series of stories starting with It all Started Fairly Normal (http://archiveofourown.org/series/55841) (2 out of 3 completed, Birdflash, Summary:  When Wally doesn’t show up at the cave one day for training, Dick immediately knows something happened to his best friend. The League is called in to help once they do find him. As well as the entire speedster family.)

Shy Little Speedster- By SunnyDonna A 2 story series that starts with Not Enough (http://archiveofourown.org/series/55518) (CompletedSummary: Barry Allen grew up as an orphan. When he meets Iris Allen, he finds himself thrilled to meet her family, despite her own uneasiness on the matter. When Barry meets Wally, he’s appalled at the way his father treats him.For Wally, he’s never been enough. He’s not enough for his mother, who chooses his father over him. He’s not enough for his father, who wanted more in a son. He’s not enough for the kids at school, who tease him and are mean to him. He grows to wish he could be like the Flash, who’s well liked by all, who’s enough of a hero for Central and the world. Who’s fast enough to be there for everyone.But for Barry and Iris, Wally seems to be just enough.

The Fedora Verse- By itsxandy- A long story that isn’t done, is completely amazing, is on character a lot, and has a lot of characters that weren’t in YJ, but make it so much better because they’re in the comics. Also did I mention that Wally’s not a hero? (http://archiveofourown.org/series/25530) (WIP) Summary: Wally West is the newest, fastest thief in Central City. His biggest offense so far? Making crime look this good.

Dick Grayson: Murder Victim-By CanaryCry- A 2 part story that is still a WIP, Birdflash. (WIP) (http://archiveofourown.org/series/44833)

Summary: Shortly after the events of Auld Acquaintance, the Joker leads Batman and Robin on what was supposed to be a wild goose chase, nothing more. Instead, Robin is brutally murdered at the hands of the clown. Two years later, a new vigilante appears in Gotham. One part crime lord, one part homicidal Batman, the Red Hood is willing to go to drastic lengths to achieve his goals and have his revenge on the man who murdered him and the father who failed to avenge him.

Flashlight- By Kazyre- Technically it’s just a 1 chapter story, but there is a bunch of one-shots that didn’t get into the story, put into another chapter area. (HalBarry, Barry is raising Wally, WIP)(http://archiveofourown.org/series/297782Summary: When Iris dies suddenly, leaving Barry to raise their three-year-old nephew by himself, Hal Jordan steps up to help out his best friend. Years pass, friendship grows into something much more, and somehow the three of them become a family. Story will span Wally’s life from age three all the way to the formation of the Team - will be mostly humor and fluff.

Vampire BatFam- by Slytherin_Fox- A quite long series of one-shots about what if the Batfam was vamps, and a lot of Birdflash. (WIP) (http://archiveofourown.org/series/331042Summary: Basically what happens when I begin imagining things with the BatFam being made up of Vampires…..It will be mostly Birdflash and the stories are NOT written in chronological order.

Young Justice Expanded Universe- By MiriB- Only the first story is up, but they plan to get the next one up soon, technically Spitfire. (WIP) (http://archiveofourown.org/series/377644) Summary: Wally didn’t die when the chrysalis’ energy attacked him. His family thought he did. His friends thought he did. Even he thought he did. But Bart didn’t. Bart knew what really happened.

Today’s Lesson Is…- By Seito (completed) (http://archiveofourown.org/series/22682) Summary: Being a new team isn’t easy. Not when you have your own rogue gallery and getting kidnapped all the time. It’s just one lesson at a time.

Wally the Flash or Kid Flash- By Dragonfire13 (It’s me!:D ) (Birdflash, a bunch of 1-shots, and a chapter story that isn’t finished) (WIP) (http://archiveofourown.org/series/319235) Summary: Wally didn’t die when he ‘ceased’. Instead he was transported into a different dimension, trying (and failing), to find a way home before become a hero once more as the Flash. He helped start the Justice League and now he could have a chance at going home. Will he take it?

I’m sure there are other series out there, but these are just the one’s I’ve read. Part 2 is going of completed chapter and 1-shot stories that I’ve read.

Light a Candle in the Window

(A “Foundations” Christmas Special)


“Foundations” Series: Part one, two, three (you’ll want to read these first if you want to get the universe we’re in)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: Everything else in your lives may change, but Christmas will always be on December 25, and he will always want to spend it with you. 

Note: This is 100% @letsgiggletogether‘s fault. BASICALLY we made a deal and to get her to write the super adorable fluffy thing she’s posting right now (it’s literally so beautiful i’m going to be crying about it for the rest of my life GO READ IT FIRST BECAUSE IT’S BETTER AND SO AMAZING) I had to agree to write this garbage. (lmao remember when I was done with the foundations-verse??? WE’RE BACK KIDS WATCH OUT IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE)

ps this is somehow both a prequel and a sequel and i apologize

Word Count: 3,088


Your family had always been something of a mess.

Sasha, you twin sister, was probably (definitely) the most put together of all of you. Your mother hadn’t been the same since your dad had passed away, and it had fallen to the two of you to make sure that she took care of herself. The holidays were particularly difficult to get through.

For the longest time, all any of you had was each other, three strong (if somewhat broken) women, trying to find joy in anything they could.

Your mom didn’t like December. Your dad had passed away in December.

She always collapsed into herself for the entire month, so you and Sasha would take on the responsibility of taking care of her. You always came home for the holidays, making sure she had food (Sasha’s job) and getting her out of the house (your job). It was a routine, a scheduled family rough-patch each and every year where you’d spend Christmas in her small apartment and try to pretend that you weren’t just trying to get through the goddamn day.

When Lin first came into your life, it all started changing.

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Coming Home

Destiel Teenager Christmas AU. Warnings: Anti John Winchester, Child Abuse (mentioned)

It’s a miracle they have kept up their correspondence, but it is one Dean is thankful for. It’s kept him sane.

Through all of Dad’s drinking, the moving, the different schools, through Sam’s hungry cries, he’s always had the letters to cling to.

Every time they moved unexpectedly, he sent another, explaining it to Cas so he could reach out to him at the right address again.

Cas and his family never moved away. They’re still in Lawrence.

They’re still here, on this 22nd of December, when two boys stumble tiredly along the road.

Dean used to think he could take it all, but that horrible night a week ago was the last straw.

Dad hit Sam.

Dean has grown long accustomed to the punches. But Dad has never – did never hurt Sam. Until that night.

And he just knew he had to get him out of there. And the only place to go –

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skyfallscotland  asked:

Zachwen prompt: Zach is filling in for Zara for a few weeks and Owen's so intrigued by Claire's hot nephew that's just shown up on the island that he keeps making up ridiculous excuses that requires her assistant to come over to the raptor enclosure. Bonus points for raptor interaction! (I feel like this feels way longer than a Drabble, oops. But pweeeease? 😇)

This did indeed go on longer than I thought, oh my god I hope it’s not too awful!

Zach breathed in deeply as the sea breeze lifted his hair and kissed his brow. A few weeks on an Island in Central America is exactly what he needed – the house was becoming unbearable, his parents snipping and passive aggressive behaviour had become all the more intolerable as they finalised their divorce. He was just glad Gray was missing most of it - away on a camp for gifted kids, Gray had been excitedly writing home about everything he was getting up to.

Climbing out of the boat that was sent to collect him from the mainland, Zach took in the lush green forests and crystal clear waters that surrounded the jetty. Perfect he smiled to himself.

“Perfect” Owen growled as the stain spread across his shirt. Just perfect. He peeled the shirt off his torso and glared at it. He was still holding his soaked shirt and glowering at it as though it was personally his shirts fault that he hadn’t done washing for almost 4 weeks and had nothing else to wear when Claire pulled up in front of him.

“Let me guess - It’s hot” Claire called sarcastically, climbing down from the driver seat of her car, quotation marks practically appearing in the air after the words.

“Well yeah, but also I spilled my coke”

“This is Zach” Claire gestured behind her at the youth who was unfolding himself from her car. “My nephew and Zara’s replacement for the next few weeks”

“He- Um where’s your shirt?”

Owen grinned at the lanky guy who smiled shyly back… “It got stained” he stated, his eyes roving over the newcomer. Zach blushed lightly, the faintest of pink staining his cheeks under the scrutiny.

Zach turned to survey the training pen and surrounding areas. He snuck peeks at Owen out of the corner of his eyes. Tanned, tall and just this side of scruffy - Owen seemed completely at ease in his own skin, his pants riding low on his hips and a dark blonde trail of feathery hair dissecting his abs and blooming to a fine pelt across pecs rounded with muscle.

Owen strode over to an outdoor shower and wrenched the taps on, washing the sticky coke from his shirt and wringing it out. “Righto” he said, pulling the wet shirt over his head “. Claire snorted indelicately. “It’s transparent Owen, you may as well have left it off.” Owen winked at Zach causing the younger man to miss a step on his way up to the catwalk.

Claire followed Zach up the steps. “Just show me the new raptor drill and we’ll be out of your hair”

Over the next few weeks, there were an alarming number of issues that Owen just couldn’t handle by himself. There was the time his ‘tech went dark’. Zach had taken Larry out to the pen only to discover that what Owen meant was that his laptop wouldn’t turn on. “It was important” Owen insisted, “I have reports to send in”. Zach tried not to laugh as Larry pushed the power button with an exasperated look on his face.

A few days after the ‘tech issue’ Owen barged into the control room demanding to know if something was shorting out the raptors implants.

“The implants are fine Owen” Claire cast an eye over the former marine “Is that a clean shirt?”

Owen had been inconspicuously eyeballing the consoles and the people behind them. “Yeah, it happens sometimes” he murmured distractedly. “Why don’t you have someone come out to the pen with the scanners so that we can be sure?”

“What’s wrong with the portable scanner you have?”

“They’re um, faulty”

“Faulty how?”

“Just faulty!”

When Zach and Claire had trekked out to the cage, the portable scanner had a suspicious dent in its side – roughly the size of size 12 boot. Zach looked curiously at Owen and was gratified when he found him staring openly while Claire inspected the ‘faulty’ scanner. Zach was suddenly dry mouthed and swigged from a water bottle he had with him. Owen fixated on the younger man’s mouth, his own lips twitching when Zach licked a droplet of water from the corner of his mouth.

Then there was the time Owen called Claire out to the site insisting that since Masrati was concerned about the well-being of the animals, he needed her to personally inspect his girls with her own eyeballs.

“Naturally you’ll have to bring Zara, so that she can take down anything you think is important”



“Zach, not Zara, she’s away remember?”

“Oh right, of course – I forgot”

“Did you now” Claire sounded suspicious, even over the satellite comms they used to reach that quadrant of the island.

Owen was up on the catwalk when Zach and Claire pulled up. He called them onto the connecting railings, lining the raptors up as best he could once they were in place. He ran them through the basic commands, his eyes never leaving Blue’s as he put them through their paces.

“They look great Owen” Claire huffed “I’ve been out here more in the past three weeks than the entire time you’ve been here”

“Yeah well…” Owen ran a hand through his hair and his eyes darted to Zach before settling on the waiting raptors.

“If you have other places to be, you could have Zach finish up here”

“Uh-huh, could I?”

“Yeah, I’ll bring him back to the main park when we’re done”

“I don’t mind” Zach blurted out

“I’ll just bet you don’t” muttered Claire. “Okay, okay - Owen, be careful with my nephew”

This request earned Claire a withering stare

‘I am always careful with my girls” Lust-struck though he may be, Owen never let anything cloud his judgement with the raptors”

Zach stepped closer to Owen as Claire high-tailed it to her car. Owen’s voice was clear and commanding, leaving no room for disobedience. The raptors followed his prompts, running as a pack and reacting as a unit. Zach inhaled sharply as Owen finished up and turned to him, squinting slightly against the glare. His shirt was unbuttoned at the neck, allowing Zach a peek-a-boo view of a tanned chest.

“What are their names?”

Owen pointed out his girls as they broke ranks and chased each other around the pen “This here is Delta, Charlie and Echo. And that’s Blue – she’s the beta”

“Who’s the Alpha?”

“You’re looking at him kid”

Owen allowed himself a brief moment of staring, wondering if the skin smoothed over that jawline was as smooth as it looked. Zach squirmed slightly under the scrutiny. “How does that work?” Owen clattered down the steps, indicating for Zach to follow.

“We’re a family unit, I imprint on them when they’re born and we train as four parts of a whole”

“Like a wolf pack, or…?”

“Kinda… here”

Owen opened the door to his shack and stepped inside. He pulled Zach through until they were standing in front of the mirror over Owen’s dresser. He moved behind Zach and stepped up until his chest brushed lightly against Zach’ shoulder blades.

“It’s all about the command” He placed his hands on Zach’s shoulders and lowered his mouth to Zach’s ear. His eyes locked onto Zach’s in the reflection – never wavering. Zach coloured slightly, flushing warm as Owen lowered his voice.

“Imagine you’re standing in front of the girls. You need them to know that you are always in charge. You have to command with conviction – if you hesitate, even for a second the Alpha status goes into question and you lose control”

Zach swallowed nervously and nodded, not trusting his voice not to squeak if he tried to speak.

“It’s a relationship, it’s about trust – but it is also about control. The two go hand in hand.”

“Trust and control” Zach repeated leaning back into Owen’s torso.

“Mmmhmm… Do you want to go back?”


“No?” Owen’s gaze grew heated “Are you sure?”

“Very” Zach’s voice was hoarse with desire “I trust you to keep your control”

Owen laughed, a throaty chuckle that betrayed his own struggle with the heat coursing through his body.

“After all, you are the Alpha”

gabbieconklin  asked:

Hi~ I was wondering if you could do MC babysitting a kid with the bæ (RFA guys and Jaehee ^_^) and the RFA's reaction to them being asked where babies come from. I have no idea how I thought of this. Please tho lol I can only imagine...

<ahhh this is a really really cute idea, honestly babies plus the RFA is just too much cuteness in itself. thank you for the request darling!!> 


  • “Wait we’re what?”
  • “We’re babysitting my little nephew!”
  • “I thought we were playing LOLOL!”
  • as soon as your little nephew came through the door you could barely get your hands on him, all he wanted was Yoosung
  • Yoosung turned red, but always included you in whatever the two of them were doing
  • it was about time for you three to wind down, your nephew was spending the night so you decided to watch a movie
  • “Hey, Uncle Yoosung?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Where do babies come from?”
  • he turned red real quick
  • “W-Well, uh, b-babies they come from…the stork. Yeah, the stork!”
  • he was so proud with pulling that one out of no where
  • you laughed as Yoosung told your nephew “the story of the stork”, ending up with the two of them passing out
  • you definitely took photos of them and sent them to the RFA

Jaehee Kang:

  • “A tiny child? Here? Now?”
  • “Yes, Jaehee, my mom’s dropping off my little 5 year old sister.”
  • “I need to baby proof this place!”
  • after 5 hours of baby proofing, your little sister came over and fell in love with Jaehee
  • “Hands off her, girlie, Auntie Jaehee’s all mine!”
  • Jaehee swore she melted once you called her Auntie Jaehee (even tho she wasn’t your sisters aunt just roll with it okay its supposed to be cute!!)
  • at the end of the day, Jaehee sat with your sister on her lap, as she asked her questions about life
  • “Hey, Auntie Jaehee, where do babies come from?”
  • “…oh dear lord Jesus.”
  • you heard her mutter prayers as you laughed from the other room
  • “You’re too young to know that, little lady, but you’ll learn one day.”
  • from then on, whenever your sister saw Jaehee she asked if she was old enough to know where babies came from, and Jaehee always told her no


  • “You want me, to help you babysit your niece?” 
  • “Yes!”
  • “I’m not good with kids!”
  • “You’ll be fine!!”
  • next thing you know, your niece showed up, and was very shy of Zen at first
  • “Aunt MC, that guy over there’s really cute…”
  • “Yeah, I know, and that guy over there is Uncle Zen, why don’t you go talk with him and I’ll get the three of us a snack, alright?”
  • she slowly nodded her head as she shyly made her way to Zen
  • when you came back with some pretzel sticks, grapes, and juice pouches you saw Zen singing along to her favorite cartoon show as she sloppily braided his hair
  • as she got more comfortable, she began asking questions
  • “Uncle Zen, where do babies come from?” 
  • “Oh boy..uh, babies come from the heavens. They’re a gift from god!” 
  • You could see Zen sweating as he tried to explain that god just made women pregnant and that’s how babies were born
  • she said she understood and believed him, she didn’t cause she asked you privately 5 minutes later if what Zen said was true
  • “Of course it is, Uncle Zen speaks only the truth, you know!”

Jumin Han:

  • “Will this child abuse my Elizabeth?”
  • “Jumin!”
  • “What? It’s a valid question!”
  • when your best friend dropped off her son, Jumin scooped up Elizabeth and put her into her cage
  • “I’m sorry princess, it won’t be long.”
  • your best friend’s son tried so hard to talk to Jumin, but he was so out of his norm he didn’t know what to do
  • once you left for a bit to go to the bathroom, you came back to Jumin finally sitting on the ground with the boy, playing legos with him while talking with him
  • “Hey, Uncle Jumin?”
  • “Yes?”
  • “Where do babies come from?”
  • he instantly turned pale, eyes nearly coming out of his sockets before you started giggling, causing him to clear his throat and roll up his sleeves
  • “You know, babies come from the baby factory..”
  • you literally laughed, really Jumin…a baby factory
  • the little boy was intrigued, causing Jumin to pull an entire elaborate story about how babies are made in factories before being given to a mommy and a daddy to take care of
  • once your best friend came and picked up her son, you began to laugh
  • “That’s the first time I ever heard of a baby factory, darling.”
  • “Well..maybe we should stop by the place sometime? I’m sure they’ve got something special for the two of us..”


  • “You’re trusting me to help you watch your little niece?”
  • “Uh, yeah. You seem like you’d be good with kids, since you practically act like one every day.”
  • “HEY-then again that’s true..”
  • the instant your niece walked in, Seven took her from your hands and she fell in love with him
  • “Auntie MC, can I marry Uncle Seven?~”
  • “Sorry darling but he’s already taken, you can’t have him.”
  • after throwing a temper tantrum since she couldn’t have Seven, you calmed her down by putting on one of her favorite movies, then let her use your makeup on Seven
  • “Hey Uncle Seven?”
  • “Yeah sweetheart?”
  • “Where do babies come from?”
  • “You’re way too young to know that honey.”
  • “But Uncle Sev-”
  • “Nope, you’re too young!”
  • you laughed, telling her that once she was old enough he’d tell her
  • “You know what? No, I’ll tell you now.”
  • you panicked, seeing the smirk on his face
  • “When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much-”
  • “They hold hands, kiss, and bam! There’s a baby!!” 
  • you interjected, making Seven laugh before he gave you a kiss
  • when you let go, you looked at your niece who’s in shock
  • you groaned, as Seven laughed
  • “Yes, but now it takes 9 months before the baby arrives, you can’t use Amazon Prime on this delivery.” 
  • ..and that’s how your niece basically made you and Seven start a family.

<gahh this one was so super cute to do! I loved it, and honestly seven’s was my favorite HAH! thank you for the request, darling! hope you enjoyed!♡>

Class 1-A + Baby (AU):

Class 1-A is in left in charge of a baby. A baby. A baby whose quirk has recently manifested, and don’t ask why they’re left in charge of a baby, maybe a teacher’s babysitter cancelled last minute and they had no other choice.

Maybe, it’s Present Mic’s niece/nephew who recently acquired their quirk ability.

Whatever, the baby is put in their care because school is cut for half a day, and the teachers remember hey, we’ve got a school filled with super capable budding heroes. If they can handle these insane tests and villains that seem to attack them every other day they can babysit for a few hours while their teachers do some last minute paperwork.

I don’t know who’s the primary caretaker, maybe it’s Iida and Momo being president and class-president. It’s actually going easy for them; the baby’s well-mannered, quiet, and everyone’s helping really. Eraserhead and All Might aren’t too far away, still on campus, in case something happens.

But inevitably, something does happens. It’s nap time, and the baby fucking vanishes because the baby’s like Kitty Pyre and can go through walls. Or the baby has some kind of energy balls that makes it a very destructive quirk. Babies can have quirks. Present Mic made his parents and the doctor’s ears bleed when he was born.

Whatever, the baby goes missing, and everyone’s freaking out. Seriously, everyone’s freaking out because it’s a baby, and anything can happen.

Except for Bakugou. Katsuki Bakugou. He didn’t immediately go back to the dormitories. He went to study, then training, and he was on his way back when he heard something rustling in the bushes (actually screaming). He goes and investigates, and look right here, there’s a freaking baby bawling its eyes out.

Bakugou has no idea what to do. I like to headcanon he has tons of cousins, maybe three or four, and is acquainted with kids. But he really sucks at it. So he ends up cussing, “WHO THE FUCK LOSES A GODDAMN BABY, LIKE WHAT THE SHIT, WHOSE FUCKING BABY IS THIS. GOD SMELLS LIKE ASSWIPE TARTS.”

Izuku and Kirishima can hear his voice. He’s got a very recognizable voice, and they’re running in that direction. They’ve been looking for the baby too, and by time they get there they’re stunned to see the baby clinging to Bakugou’s sleeves and laughing while he stands there with this snarling, boiling, entirely combustable What the fuck is this shit expression on his face. The baby is perfectly content.

It doesn’t take them long to explain the situation, and Bakugou is just done, “You’re all goddamn idiots, you know that, GIVE ME THE FUCKING KID.”

Basically, he shows everyone up by changing diapers, feeding the baby, playing with the baby, DIE YOU SHITHEAD MONSTER-YEAH, KICK ITS CAVITY FILELD TEETH IN, DIE FUCKS DIE, and the baby adores the shit outta him. And it’s a really bizarre scene that no one actually questions because at least they’ve found the baby and the baby’s safe.

Izuku knows this to an extent. He’s seen him with his younger cousins. He can be protective when he wants to.

It’s close to night, and the baby’s parent comes to pick them up. Everyone goes to say goodbye, except Katsuki because after the kid fell asleep he handed it off to Ochako and went to his room. But lets say he’s passing through the kitchen and hears the baby starting to fuss.

“Baku! Baku!” They whine in their parent’s arms, “Baku! Die! Die!”

“Yeah, yeah, ya’ little shit.” He calls out to them, “Get yourself pottytrained so I don’t have to clean up sloppy ass diapers every five minutes next time.”

“Next time, Kacchan?” Ochako giggles.

Weird, strange, and 1000% adorable. And many of them have taken pictures on the sly. It’s another side of Bakugou they never imagined to see, and they really don’t mind seeing it now.

Jungkook - The Little Things

A/N: Why can I only write Jungkook well? It just shows who my ultimate is I guess.

word count: 2,826

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The apartment is not as quiet as it normally is on a Tuesday morning. You weren’t expecting your brother to come by so suddenly and ask you to take care of your two year old nephew for the day. He probably shouldn’t have come to you as the first person to take care of his child but you can’t just say no to your older brother.

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Altaïr sent to live with his cousins Ezio, Connor, and Desmond in North America after a traumatic experience at home in Israel.

traumatic like his best friend Malik got shot and killed by Israelites right in front of him because they thought he and Malik were Palestinians? Is that what kind of traumatic experience you’re asking for cause I’ll fucking do that.

Cause yeah I can see that happening and if he had relatives in America I don’t know why his parents wouldn’t realize how fucked it was and need to get out. It’d take a while though cause visas are hard to get a hold of. Also Altair was shot too but he didn’t die, but he’s still healing when his parents send him to America on a ‘trip’ to visit his distant relatives and he can’t speak English and everything is really confusing and intimidating because again can’t speak English, can't read English.

His cousins all kinda live closish together around NYC too and Desmond is the oldest (he’s like in his late twenties, Altair is the youngest yes I’m going backwards for ages fucking fight me Altair is like 16) and actually the closest relative Altair has as a second cousin (Ezio and Connor are like 3-4th cousins) so he’s staying with Desmond. THANKFULLY Desmond knows Arabic (he’s super rusty though) and a little bit of Hebrew, both of which Altair speaks fluently.

So Desmond now has this fucking teenage kid staying with his while his parents are back home getting all the documentation for them sorted with the help of Ezio and Connor’s dad (cause hell yeah Giovanni and Haytham GET SHIT DONE!) and Altair is fucked up hard core mentally. Like nightmare constantly, he doesn’t talk a lot and he’s still in a cast and has stitches on his face cause shrapnel cut open his fucking mouth so its all scarred and shit. But Des is super understanding even though Altair basically has PTSD and flinches all the time and Desmond is just :T about it

also Desmond is married and he’s got to also deal with the fact that he’s got a wife and kid on the way and Lucy has no idea what to do with Altair. He doesn’t like the food she cooks, he doesn’t talk to her, he doesn’t look at her, he just kinda sits by himself and is basically stressing her out cause she has no idea what she did but she’s pretty sure he hates her. And that stresses Desmond out too but he has to figure it out because shit can’t fly. Altair has to go to English classes and school too (his parents were very insistent about that) but Desmond lets him stay home a lot because he’s so freaked out he can’t move some days from PTSD and culture shock and Des just sits with him and they listen to old rock music which Altair actually really likes. Desmond also eventually sends Altair to counseling (against Umar’s wishes cause there is nothing wrong with my son >C) for what the hell happened, and sends him to one that speaks his language so he doesn’t feel super uncomfortable by trying to speak English which he still isn’t very good at.

Ezio and Connor are also around cause Desmond is like 'the cool uncle’ who has a house and a pool and two dogs and a hot wife (don’t tell him Ezio said that he’ll kick that kid’s ass (also Connor and Ezio are like upper high school age)) and a big screen TV with all the game systems ever made and lets them eat whatever they want (Des is also pretty well on he doesn’t tend bar he’s got a gig as a tech lead at some fortune 500 company of something he makes the monies and so does Lucy cause she’s a neurologist) and basically Desmond is cool. And obvs they see Altair a lot too and try and help him learn English, though only Connor is actually good at doing so cause Connor had to learn English as a second language too since his tribe speaks almost exclusively Mohawk and so did he until his mom died (agressive breast cancer they didn’t find in time) and they tracked down his dad since his grandma wasn’t fit to raise him (Clan mother remember?) since his dad was kinda MIA while he was growing up even though he and Ziio still talked and shit (probably fucked too OOOOOOOOOO!).

Anyway Ezio and Connor are like Altair’s only friends and they, along with his classes, help him learn English because neither of them speak Arabic. Des also has to have a long talk with Altair the first month or so he’s there cause like I said he’s stressing Lucy out and she’s like 5 months pregnant and doesn’t know what she did. And he’s gotta explain to Altair what he’s doing even if he doesn’t mean to. And that kinda jars Altair cause he actually really likes Lucy cause she’s always super nice to him, even if he doesn’t like her cooking (he’s not used to American cooking is really what it is, he eats the food but doesn’t… enjoy it you could say. He misses his mom’s cooking) she’s been trying to make more middle eastern foods to make him feel more comfortable and whenever he’s having one of his episodes and Desmond isn’t around she just does what Desmond does and puts on classic rock music and just kinda is around (though unlike Des Lucy can’t sit still and always is around doing stuff) and checks in on him. She’s also learned some Arabic so she can try and talk to him but he doesn’t even talk to her or look at her and Desmond tells him that and he makes a conscious effort after that to make sure Lucy knows he appreciates her and doesn’t hate her.

Lucy has her baby while Altair is staying with them too and Des is like 'you’re the baby sitter’ after Lucy is off her brief maternity leave (cause America sucks and has no paid maternity leave can you believe that bullshit?) and Altair’s just like 'how do I baby?’ but of course they don’t just leave him with it they show him what he’s supposed to do and how to warm up milk and change diapers and do the stuff they can’t do while they’re both at work (its the summer when Lucy has their son so Altair has nothing better to do, he’s still got no friends other than Connor and Ezio and now has this big fucking scar on his face from the stitches that kinda freaks everyone at school out) and Ezio and Connor come over to eat Desmond’s snack foods mainly and hang with Altair and obvs help him with the baby. Three teenagers and a baby: the next bit sitcom coming to abc!

Altair having to take care of his little nephew helps a lot with his recovery too. Like he’s still got PTSD and still gets some nightmares even months after the fact but his therapist has been helping and school helps keep his mind busy. But wow having to care for a tiny human being really puts shit in perspective cause now I have this little baby who needs me to be on so they don’t die or poop themselves or cry no baby don’t cry.

He stays with Desmond about a year, start to finish, before his parents and uncles get the visas all worked out and they can officially immigrate to America. Meaning Altair goes back to live with his parents but stops going to his therapist cause Umar’s still pissed about that but couldn’t do anything about it cause he was like thousands of miles away. But Altair still goes over to Lucy and Desmond's constantly after school and watches the baby cause he likes to and his parents don’t mind if he wants to and he does his school work. 

and yeah Altair recovers slowly from his traumatic experience the way people do through lots of love from people who care about him and being given a sort of purpose in looking after Desmond’s kid.

okay my heart is about to explode with feels I’m done, goodbye.


Taylor watched as Calvin petted Meredith. His hand made way through her thick gray fur as the purrs she emmitted filled the room. The overall image was breathtaking to Taylor. Mer was sprawled across his chest, something that not only caused her to look tiny but a little less threatening than usual. Her head bopped up and down along to Calvin’s breathing, breathing that was accelerated after his home workout.

“She loves you, you know? Probably almost as much as I do,” Taylor said, cutting through the sound of Meredith’s purrs.

“You think so?” he asked, a smile etched on his face.

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My reviews of episode 5x24 and 5x25

Episode 5x24 begins showing us, once again, the lengths Chin he’s willing to go to protect Kono. I am and I always be amazed by the relationship these two have, love that so, so much.

And I loved that Chin went to Steve to ask for advice… these two are always there to support each other (the scene in episode 1x11 when Steve asks Chin to help him to find out what happened to Doris will always be one of my favorite scenes).

Danny and Melissa… what can I say… she changed her name, what doesn’t change is that this relationship is meaningless and shallow. When Rachel texts Danny, Danny tells Melissa it’s something work related… when he doesn’t look, Melissa checks his phone, because I guess she was the only one allowed to hide her whole identity and past from him, with the result of almost getting him killed. I loved how Steve pointed all of this out, even if in a more diplomatic way.

Loved the scene where Kono is setting the last details for her wedding… oh, and hi, Catherine Bach, I have to tell you that my 6 year old nephew watches The Dukes of Hazzard and has a huge crush on Daisy!

“How did you and Adam meet?” - “Oh, um… work.” This made me laugh…. that’s definitely a way to put it, and absolutely accurate.

And how sweet Kono was, thinking about her mother and how much she wanted for her to be part of the preparations for the wedding…

About the scene in the car, when Danny asks Steve if he’ll bring a date to the wedding… I admit I dared to hope, for a moment, that Danny was going to break up with Melissa in this episode and he and Steve would have ended up being each other’s date for the wedding. I guess I’ll never learn to keep my hopes down. But something happened, since Melissa wasn’t at the wedding.

Anyway, I want to talk about Steve saying “I was with Catherine for a long time.” Well, in episode 3x24, when we met Billy for the first time, we got to know that he and Catherine had a relationship 5 years before, so 2 years before the pilot, and that before having a relationship with Billy, Catherine had a thing, like they love to call it, with Steve. So, we can say that Steve and Catherine know each other for, like, 8 years or more… Let me say that the fact that they willingly and gladly accepted to spend most of this time away from each other, that they didn’t build anything together, that it still feels like they are two strangers to each other… well, it’s very telling. As if we needed another clue about Steve and Catherine basically being marked with a neon sign that says they are not meant to be together and they’re so much better off without each other.

I wish they didn’t show us Danny trying to set Steve up… I remember he was against that idea when Ellie tried to set Steve up with one of her friends… he seemed jealous…

At least this scene made clear where Steve stands about Ellie. I like the thought of them being just friends… well, that’s not surprising of me for sure. I am and I will always be a McDanno shipper 100%, but I like Ellie and I think she could teach Catherine a lot about being a friend and a professional… you know, little things like not repeating “you owe me” like a broken record and constantly demanding to be repaid for every favor.

Now… the Danny/Rachel scene… let me say how much I enjoyed that cute line from Danny before Rachel drops her bombshell “I remember this… having a panic attack every time Grace got to the top of the monkey bars.”

What Rachel did… was awful. I’m sorry, but it was. For three years, she took a father away from his son and a son away from his father. For three years, she made Stan believe he was the father of that kid and for Charlie Stan is his dad. Yes, we saw Stan only in two episodes, but how not to be sorry for him, as well? In episode 2x15 we got to see how he was literally willing to die for Grace. He loves her like a daughter, even if she’s not his daughter. And he loves Charlie like a son, even if now he found out he’s not his son. He loves Rachel, to the point of forgiving her after she cheated on him. It must have been heartbreaking for him.

And what about the reasons behind Rachel’s choice? I have to say I don’t believe her when she says she did that because of Danny’s job. Yes, she said that she ended their marriage because of that. Then she got remarried but that didn’t prevent her to have an affair with Danny. And he was still a cop. She said she was ready to leave for New Jersey with Danny. And he was still a cop. So that wasn’t the problem, was it? Maybe she changed her mind because… well, Stan is a wealthy man… or maybe it was because that night Danny didn’t go to the airport, he chose to stay next to Steve… and maybe she couldn’t stand the idea of not being the most important person in Danny’s life.

Whatever is the reason behind her lie, it doesn’t change the fact that what she did was terribly wrong.

That been said, Charlie is a really sweet kid and I think this storyline could be a very emotional one, show us the kind of man Danny is… I want to think about it this way, as a chance for the Danny character and for Scott Caan to shine.

Of course I loved that Danny told everything to Steve, he knew he could unload all those emotions with him and that Steve was going to be there to support him and give him the right advice.

The actors that played Pelham and Leddy gave a really intense performance, kudos to them for that… and this storyline gave also led off to another good McDanno scene where Steve notice that something it’s going on Danny’s mind… and of course he’s right… he’s thinking about Charlie.

And then Danny goes to the hospital and Steve texts him… “Hang in there, buddy”.

What about the ending scene… My mind couldn’t help going back to the ending scene of episode 2x14, with Danny finally coming fully to terms with Charlie not being his baby, sending Stan a picture… “I don’t think a father should ever miss this”… I think that was the perfect ending to this storyline, but… what can I say? I’ll take all the emotions this twist can give me, and Danny and Charlie smiling at each other in this scene gave me the first one. Plus, Charlie liking fire trucks was a nice and sweet touch… because Danny’s father used to be a fireman.

I was so worried about this episode… but it actually turned out to be much better than I thought… and when I say this I’m talking about its impact on my emotions… it gave me a good kind of emotions.

Sadly I can’t say the same thing about episode 5x25. I was worried about it, yes, but I seriously hoped there was a good chance this could be the last episode for Catherine, the one where she and Steve finally parted their ways for good. Instead… it felt like it was out of an alternate universe where Catherine didn’t step on Steve’s trust and abandonment issues and on his feelings. I know he wasn’t in love with her, not her with him, but he loved her like a friend (even after her betrayal in season 3, when she kept from him for months that… hey, there was a man that wanted to kill his mother and got tortured by her instead…), he cared for her way more than she cared for him, he risked his life for her, almost got beheaded for going with her on that reckless mission… and the only thing she could do was call him after days, not even asking how he was, how badly he was injured… just telling him that she wasn’t coming back. Telling him, a while after that, that she found her place there.

So, in every Steve/Catherine scene of this episode I looked at Steve and I was like… “who are you, and what did you do to Steve?”

I didn’t expect him to be mad at her because anger… well, even that is a strong feeling, and Steve and Catherine and strong feelings are two whole different worlds… but they hugged… two times… they even kissed, even if it was only an awkward peck on the lips, then they stayed arm in arm when the wedding was about to begin, she kept touching his jacket… like nothing happened… and I was there, shaking my head no, I couldn’t believe that it was happening… and why? Why? The show did so great without her, Steve did so great without her! He didn’t mention her, not once, before 5x24… he only talked about her when Aunt Deb asked him, assuming he was talking about her when he said he risked his heart… he didn’t mention her, not even in that scene.

I think the writers defined through the years the kind of relationship these two always had… Starting from season 1, with Catherine saying things like “we never quite make it to dinner” or with both of them sharing this kind of dialogue “What do you need?” “Why can’t I just be calling to say hello?” “Theoretically, is possible, sure, but you never have before, and it seems like a really odd time to start.” “That is a fair point”. At that time they knew each other for at least 3 or 4 years… it’s telling, isn’t it? What about Steve telling Lori that Catherine is “an old friend” in season 2… telling to Danny, in season 3, “she’s not my girlfriend”. If they tried to make things more serious between them it was when season 4 started, probably after Catherine got kidnapped, but after Billy died we saw them progressively drifting away from each other… we even had Steve telling Jerry “I like to live alone”… then she left Hawaii… she said she found her place elsewhere… then stay there! 

I couldn’t believe my ears when Steve asked her how long she was going to stay after the wedding and she said ”how long you want me to stay?” So, she’s ready to leave behind those kids in Afghanistan, like she left behind Steve one year ago, if Steve wants her back. Well, such a good person she is! Can, please, please, Steve’s answer to that question be “I’ll take you to the airport as soon as the wedding is over?”

About her spending the last year in Afghanistan teaching those kids… I actually have some doubts. Why do I say this? Because Steve, a pluridecorated war hero, got threatened by that CIA guy and that Navy guy in 4x21, they told him he risked 10 years in prison, and yet Catherine is there, after all the rules she broke, free to get all the Navy intel that she wants… now, I read this interesting theory about her not being able to find Najib on her own and asking for Doris help, then agreeing to work for the CIA… that’s why she got a free pass with the Navy. It makes sense and, after all, she’s so much like Doris, isn’t she? Liar? Check. Manipulative? Check. Fake like a 3 dollar bill? Check.

I was surprised to see Danny not resenting Catherine for what she did to Steve, but then he said a lot of what he was really thinking, in the scene in the car… because he’s protective (and jealous?) of Steve. “Oh, ‘cause I don't help people in need? That’s what I do for a living. I do it every day. I just wouldn’t walk over my family members to do it.” Yes, Danny, thank you. That’s exactly what she did. She walked over Steve.

In this scene (and also in the one where they are on the copter), they are very snarky to each other, almost aggressive sometimes I’d say… I think that there is a lot of tension between them, that comes from them repressing what they feel for each other and I think that them holding up against each other how flawed their “relationships” with Melissa and Catherine are is a proof of that.

But I miss them being sweet to each other… we had a glimpse, a beautiful one, of that when Steve told Danny he’s proud of him… too bad that moment got interrupted by Catherine parading around (and, really, if two people are really attracted to each other, you can see that in their eyes… there’s no need for all that little show… unless it’s something fake).

And the copter scene, even with all the banter, even if with facts instead of words, showed once again that if Steve and Danny have to risk their lives, they do that together… always together… because they simply can’t stand the thought of living without each other. We saw that so clearly in episode 3x06, when Steve didn’t want to walk away from the risk of that bomb blowing up… we see it in this episode, again… with another bomb, by the way!

Another sweet thing - could sound silly but I found it to be sweet - is Danny telling Steve “dying would be better than looking at your bald head for the rest of my life”… once again one of them saying something that proves that they think they will spend the rest of their life together.

I loved all the Kono/Adam related scene… I loved how Adam stood up to Chin, telling him “I’m not going anywhere.” We found out not only that Adam is a good man, but that he’s willing to give up on everything he has for Kono. Wow.

And the way Kono and Adam look at each other, the way they say I love you to each other… it was wonderful… I wish we could have seen them getting married in this episode… hopefully we’ll get to see that in episode 6x01. 

The Chin/Gabriel scene… very, very intense… did Gabriel really not understand yet that Chin is a honest man, through and through? I loved this face to face… and I’m looking forward to see more of this new villain… and finding out if he will be a nemesis only to Chin or the whole team (even if they’re a family, so if you hurt one of them, you hurt them all).

So, yes, the Steve/Catherine scenes in this episode left me so sad and confused, but it’s one episode… and so far the whole story, 5 wonderful seasons of it, showed us so well what’s love and what’s not love… I need to hope and believe that the show will keep doing that.

I apologize for being so honest and direct with this review, but something I’m thankful for is that I’ve always felt like I could freely express my opinion and my love for McDanno, I’ve never felt judged by the writers for doing that, I’ve always felt like they thought that shipping Steve and Danny is just as normal as shipping a “classic” pairing made of a man and woman. 

And, Mr Lenkov, if you’re reading this… sorry I vented so much on the day of your birthday, I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I wish you a lot of happiness. Thank you for this season and, as I like to say, ad majora semper.

tonkola  asked:


This is all human cause there are children involved.

When Rebekah had come to him at sixteen, pregnant and kicked out of the family home, Klaus had known there wasn’t much else for him to do but step up and become the brother that she needed. He had made it clear though that he expected her to finish school, to be an active parent and to make sure that her priorities were straight once she had told him she wanted to keep the baby. It wasn’t just to prove to their parents that they could make it just fine out in the world without them but the giant fuck you that the two of them being successful in business and family life was something neither of the siblings could pass up.

Rebekah had graduated high school and was currently in her second year of community college. Usually she was the one who participated in Luke’s preschool functions but it was finals week and there was no way she could make it to the annual field day that the school was having. Thankfully all Klaus had to do was ensure Luke had the required towel and was sufficiently dressed and sunscreened when he dropped him off in the morning and then pick him back up three hours later when the event was over. THAT he could do. He had no plans to stay and be a volunteer, Rebekah had done enough of that over the school year that they weren’t going to be expecting him to.

Which was why he showed up in his business attire with Luke in tow at the front of the school with the other ninety or so parents and children waiting to be signed in for the day. It was double the usual amount of children being there at the time but Klaus was impressed with the way that the teachers and aides seemed to be checking to make sure kids had everything they needed, got the kids signed in, put the volunteers to work and had the kids parcelled into groups for the day. It went far smoother than anything he remembered from his school days or even business functions he’d attended.

“Ms. Caroline!” Luke called out, waving frantically at someone and Klaus turned his attention toward where his nephew was looking. 

Thank god he was wearing sunglasses because there was no way he could stop himself from looking the young woman over who was currently bent down, adding some more water bottles into a cooler. It had to be illegal to wear those shorts with those legs because Klaus couldn’t seem to stop staring at them until she turned around at the mention of her name and he noted the fact that she was wearing one of the school’s t-shirts designating her as either one of the teachers or assistants. Was it his fault that she seemed to fill that out really well too?

“Hi Luke,” Caroline greeted with a bright smile and then a hug as the little boy practically crashed into her arms. “You must be the infamous uncle that we’re always hearing about.”

“Klaus Mikaelson.” He offered his hand, wanting nothing more than to be able to touch her, to feel her skin and considering the situation they were currently in a handshake was going to have to do. For the moment anyway.

“Caroline Forbes. Luke’s teacher.” Klaus didn’t think he had ever seen someone smile quite like she did before though the one she had offered him was nothing like the one she had directed toward his nephew. The genuineness wasn’t quite there that time, it was more polite than anything, and he felt himself wanting to earn one of the other ones. “I hope Rebekah isn’t stressing too much. I remember finals week but she’s been working hard all year. She’s got this.”

“It’s her last one today but I am sure she’ll be delighted to hear that you’ve said that.” Klaus followed her over to the clipboard sign in, Luke skipping at his side.

“She’ll do great. You just need to sign him in here,” Caroline handed him the board and took Luke’s towel from him. “And you guys have already written his name on it so you’re ahead of the game. And I see you’ve brought a Baymax one.”

“Oooh! Oooh! Watch what we can do, Ms. Caroline!” Luke pulled on Klaus’ shirt and the two proceeded to do the handshake from the movie, earning another of those coveted smiles from her.

“You can go join Max’s group for today, Luke,” Caroline told the little boy who happily took off toward his best friend, leaving the two adults to finish up. “Pick up is at 11 and I’ll have him and a few of the others at the gate ready to go.”

“I’ll be volunteering, love,” Klaus told her, trying not to show his shock when he realized what he’d just said.

“Are you sure?” Caroline looked him over, no doubt noting the suit he was wearing that really wasn’t field day attire.

“There’s absolutely nothing else that I’d like to do today,” Klaus told her, even more surprised at how much he meant it.

Caroline handed him another clipboard and had him sign up on it as well before the gate was finally closed. “I’ll show you to your station then.”

“How long have you been teaching?” Klaus asked, as they headed toward the field that was already set up for the day, the children sitting in rows and eager to start the day.

“It’s my first year,” Caroline told him before stopping at the slip’n’slide. “So this will be yours to monitor. Do I have to explain how it works to you?”

“I remember this from my childhood, sweetheart, but thank you.” Klaus removed his jacket and hung it up on the fence behind him, noting that she had been watching him rather intently do that before looking away.

“There’s water in the white ice chest and popsicles in the green one. The kids will be going to those as stations but feel free to get one whenever you need one. We’re doing seven minute rotations and you won’t have kids for two of them,” Caroline told him. “Just wave one of us down if you need help but me and the other teachers plus the assistants will be moving around to oversee everything.”

Klaus nodded and watched her walk away, still grateful for the sunglasses he was wearing.

The first group of kids arrived at his station and stared at the slip’n’slide before looking at him. “What do we gotta do?” one of the boys asked and Klaus tried to explain it but they simply stared at him, not really understanding.

He didn’t think his instructions were all that difficult but he could see Caroline watching and figured that this was definitely a way to make a decent impression on her. Even if his dignity might be taking a nose dive.

“Like this,” Klaus told them and proceeded to run and then slide across the grass on the wet slip’n’slide, completely wetting his suit. He stood up at the end, the children were laughing and lining up to do the same, but it was Caroline’s reaction that he was focused on the most.

She was smiling, one of those genuine, beautiful ones that had been directed at Luke and Klaus felt his heart squeeze tightly at that, wanting more of them.

Three hours later and Klaus was thoroughly exhausted. His suit was definitely ruined from how often he’d needed to show the damn station but when Caroline slid her number over to him on a scrap of paper when he signed Luke out it was definitely worth it.